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Interior Design Checklist What is your approximate budget? What activities will happen in the room? eg.

Eating, watching !, reading, doing homework. Who uses the room? What ages? "ow o#ten is the room used? $t what time o# day? Is there access to other rooms or outside? Is additional access re%uired? $ny structural changes? &nock down or add any walls? $re any o# the #ollowing re%uired? 'lanning permission? (uilding )egulations? $re you happy with the existing #looring? $re you happy with the existing windows and window #rames? $re you happy with the existing interior and exterior doors? Do you want to change or add skirting boards, dado rails or picture rails? Is the heating ade%uate? Do radiators need adding? Changing? *r covering? Consider an open #ire or under+#loor heating. What direction do any windows #ace? Is there plenty o# natural light? $re the windows overlooked? Is there a nice view? $re the lighting #ixtures to be changed? What about the switches? $re there enough electric sockets in the room? $nd are they in the right place? What about a ! aerial? elephone or internet sockets? Is there a natural #ocal point or #eature already in the room, eg, a #ireplace? Does a #ocal point need to be created? Do you think the room is too small? oo large? oo dark? o tall? oo short? o narrow? oo wide?

Is there enough storage? What do you want to use any storage #or? Do you need to consider kids,pets and potential damage to #urniture or #urnishings? Is there anything about the room you really hate? Is there anything about the room you really love? What pieces o# existing #urniture, #looring, lighting, pictures or accessories do you want to keep? "ow do you want to #eel when you are in the room? What mood do you want to create?

Colour pre#erences.