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John Kerry Shares Our Values

John Kerry’s Plan Values George Bush’s Record

Supports quality education, good Valuing Families Family income falls 3 years in a row, 1.65
American jobs, improved child care,
million Americans lost jobs, 4.23 more
marriage between man and woman,
Americans living in poverty. Underfunded
with protection for all Americans from
“Leave No Child Behind” by $27 billion,
discrimination. Personally opposes
proposes removing 1.3 million children
abortion; will work across our
from after-school care and 365,000
differences to make abortion as rare as
children from child care.

Stewardship– Work with Dignity

Highest federal deficit in U.S. History ($422
Will reduce deficit by 50%, create jobs
billion). 1.65 million jobs lost – only
with tax incentives for adding U.S. jobs,
president in 75 years to lose jobs.
raise federal minimum wage, preserve
Unemployment up 28%, no increase in
tax cut for 98% of Americans
federal minimum wage.

Concern for the Poor and

Create good-paying jobs with tax Vulnerable
Reduced work training and educational
incentives, ensure that work pays by
opportunities for poor to get ahead, 4.3
increasing minimum wage, help families
million more Americans live in poverty, 13
rise out of poverty by preserving and
million American children in poverty, family
expanding affordable housing. Address
income falls 3 years in a row. Hunger and
homelessness, give tax credits for child
homelessness have risen across America.
care and community investments

Caring for the Sick- Health Care

5 million more Americans without health
Provide health care for all American
care - a record total of 45 million. Family
children, access for every American to
premiums grow by $3500, prescription
high quality, affordable plans, extend
drugs costs increase 3.5 times faster
care to 95% of Americans, lower family
inflation; Medicare costs up 17% for
premiums by $1,000 year
seniors in 1 year.

Hunger policy to eliminate hunger Feeding the Hungry

among children and the elderly. Hunger and food insecurity increased in
Sponsored Hunger to Harvest Bill to last 3 years, emergency food assistance
reduce hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa, requests increased by 17%, emergency
provide food and medicine and U.S. shelter assistance requests increased by
resources to global health, AIDS, 13%, more people needing food stamps left
education, agriculture, free market, and out, don’t get help.
debt relief.

Respect for the Environment Gutted Clean Air Act, allowing increased air
Protect air and water from mercury and
pollution. Supports roll back of Clean Water
arsenic, energy independence, clean,
Act; tried to allow increased arsenic in
safe parks, remove toxins from
drinking water. No reduced mercury
communities, enforce clean water
emissions until 2018. Blocks fuel efficiency
programs, protect public lands and
efforts; cuts funding for energy
national treasures

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