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1. 20 kids go to a frutera. They can each buy either a banana, a plum, or a coconut.

How many ways are there to do this? E 2. You have 3 different bracelets, 2 different necklaces, and 3 different rings. You wear one of each item. How many possible combinations of accessories can you wear? E 3. Of 4 pens and 7 pencils, you can choose 2 of each. How many combinations are there for you to choose? E 4. Alan, Barney, and Julianna go shopping. They spend $10 total on $1 pencils. Giving they each bought a nonnegative integer number of pencils, what is the number of ways they could have? 5. You have 5 different stuffed animals. How many ways are there to choose up to 3 of them to pack in your suitcase? EM 6. You have three rows of dots. The first row has 7 dots, the second has 5 dots, and the last has 3 dots. Every dot is connected to one on a different row. How many ways are there to do this? MH 7. In a 5x5 grid of Cupertino High, where the lower left corner is the classroom and the upper right corner is the cafeteria, Bili and Stephanie race for the enticing prospect of donuts. They start at the same time and can move one unit per second. Bili, being a man, will bump Stephanie out of the way if the two end up on the same point after t=0 seconds. However, if Bili and Stephanie reach the goal at the same time, Stephanies convincing sweet talk will allow her to buy donuts first. If Bilis path is RURURURURU, where R=right and U=up, then how many paths can Stephanie take to win the donuts? MH 8. A beneficiary gives teddy bears to an orphanage. He has 8 to give to 4 orphans. However, these orphans are abnormally nice because they can share a bear with at most one other orphan. (An orphan can share a bear and own another at the same time.) If each orphan needs at least 1 bear, how many ways can he give the bears? H 9. You color a 1x10 board in 2 different colors with the rule that no three adjacent squares can be the same color. How many ways are there to do this? H Complementary counting: (short section) 1. You have a row of 7 fruits, chosen from bananas, apples, and plums. In how many ways can you form your row of these 3 fruits, if there must be at least 1 plum? M 2. Ashish is getting old, and alas, he must pass on his inheritance of $24 (so little!) to his children, including Julianna, Meghal, and Bili. He decides that everyone should receive a distinct payment and Bili must receive the least inheritance and at most $3. How many ways can Ashish divide up the money? MH 3. Chung Min the Spider needs to weave a web. Her webs frame consists of 10 distinct points on a circle. She starts at one point and weaves a path, passing each point once and ending at some tenth point. (She does not end at the original point.) However, if any one string does not intersect at least two others in the web, the web will collapse under her. How many ways can she build a safe web? MH Probability: 1. What is the probability that if you draw five letters from a bag with the 26 letters of the alphabet (no repeats), they can be arranged to spell PLUMS? Assume that you do not replace the letters after you draw them. E 2. If the probability of a coin landing on heads is , what is the probability that if you toss it four times it will land on tails three of the times? E 3. Christopher the sailor decides to sail to the edge of the World. There is probability of 1/2 that he will be devoured by monsters underneath. The other probability leads to the world of Cakes, where he will be forced into a baking competition; he receives 5 materials to bake a cake with, out of 10 available. One ingredient is a plum. If plum is included, Barney will love it. If he does not, Barney has a probability of 1/4, to love the cake. If Barney loves Christopher's cake, he lives; otherwise, he dies. What is probability of death? E

4. The probability that Preetham brings a carton of plums for Meghal to MVMSC is 40%. If he brings plums, the probability that Meghal shows up is 95%. If he doesnt bring plums, the probability Meghal will show up is only 50%. What is the probability that Meghal will show up on any given day? EM 5. Julianna and Stephanie are given 5 true-or-false questions, with choices true, false, or "no answer", and Julianna chooses her answer before Stephanie. If Julianna chooses "true" on a question, Stephanie must choose "false", and such. If Julianna does not choose an answer, Stephanie has a choice of choosing either "true" or "false" with equal probability. What is the probability that Stephanie gets a better score? M 6. Stephanie needs to choose what kind of spread she wants with her Meghalbagel. However, she is forced to randomly choose because a troll is hiding somewhere and is hiding the names on the boxes. There are 3 possibilities: cream cheese, strawberry jam, and plum jam. The troll decides to be even trollier and hide one of these spreads without Stephanies knowing so that she actually only has 2 choices. She then randomly selects one of the two jams. What is the probability that Stephanie will still choose plum jam? M 7. Preetham and Bili are best friends. However, there are two people, Mahteerp and ilib look exactly like Preetham and Bili. The probability that Preetham and Bili will be together at any given time is 75%. The probability that Mahteerp and ilib will be together at any given time is 25%. Meghal sees two people walking together, but cannot tell if they are Preetham and Bili or Mahtreep and ilib. What is the probability that they are Preetham and Bili? M 8. Preetham cannot tolerate disorganization. Lately, somebody has been coming to his room and messing it up, and he wants to catch the culprit. The culprit comes for a span of 5 minutes, arriving between 12 and 1. Preetham arrives between 12 and 1 as well, and also stays for 5 minutes. What is the probability that he catches the culprit? M 9. Meghal has some normal quarters and some Bili coins, which have two heads. Meghal places 100 coins in a piggy bank and randomly chooses one coin. If the probability of getting a head is 85% and Meghal draws a head, what is the probability that she picked a Bili coin? MH 10. Meghal types the name Preetham five times, with an arbitrary number of es each time, ranging from 2 to 5, inclusive. What is the probability that the total numbe r of es she types is a multiple of 10? MH 11. Preetham keeps tossing a coin till he gets heads, and records the number of tries it takes him, call this number n. He then studies for n hours for his APUSH test. If he studies for k hours, he has a probability of (2^k-1)/(2^k) of acing the test. What is the probability that he will ace the test? H 12. Bili wants to cut his circular birthday cake using a straight knife. However, he is a bit drunk on meth and cannot cut properly, so he randomly slashes at the cake N times. What is the probability that he will cut the maximum number of pieces (in terms of N)? H 13. Christopher and Colin are standing on opposite corners of a NxN grid of hallways. Both people wish to reach the opposite corner in the least number of steps (2N steps). However, Colin, feeling murderous, will throw a throwing knife at Christopher and kill him due to his awesome aiming abilities (yeah sure Colin) if the two people are ever within eyesight of each other (a.k.a. in the same row or column). What is the probability that Christopher will reach the opposite corner alive? H P.S. The idea is simple but the computations are ridiculous. Just come up with a computable answer or at least a plan. Btw if youre interested the probability of me staying alive for N= 10 is 8.94687%. Hurray... Bonus: (Expected Value) 1. Julianna wants to guess Barneys 7-digit phone number, made of 0s 1s and 2s. If she already knows the first two digits of his phone number, and every time she guesses incorrectly Barney tells Julianna the next digit of his phone number, what is the expected number of guesses that Julianna will have to make before she guesses Barneys number?

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