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Product Overview - Knowble

(An Advacad Solutionss Initiative)

Strengthening Knowledge Ability


is a product from the house of Advacad Solutions with an attempt to enable children with exemplary mental power with the help of our well researched and proven methods. In Knowble, we are aiming to strengthen a childs ability of knowledge and to apply that knowledge while facing academic and day to day challenges in his/her life. In Knowble, we try to use some age-old methodologies which have lost their shine in course of social evolution. So, in a way we are bringing the past back to present. Our programmes and their implementation are structured in unconventional and a very playful manner, and thats one of the major reasons, how our programs enable a child in getting rid of any stress related to academic life and more over empower him/her to think out of the box. While designing these programs, our team has taken care of that, these programs dont add any additional burden to a child, who is already stressed with a bag weighing more than him/her. Knowble Programs are basically the Brain Power Enhancement Programs. These programmes have helped millions of children in various countries across the world to enhance their mental faculties Concentration, Rationalisation, Visualisation and Imagination, resulting in enhanced creativity levels.

Advacad Solutions
As the name suggests, Advacad Solutions is an organization dedicated to creating and providing Advanced Academic Solutions that are breakthrough innovations in various fields related to the field of Education. At Advacad, our Team shares the Vision of Being a Pioneer in using Technological Advancements in making Education of more interest and easy access to Students. Advacad Solutions is more focused on collaborating with academic institutions like schools, colleges or learning centers and delivering its programs to the Students. Advacad has developed a range of programs; which are designed specifically to help the Students to grow comprehensively in all dimensions of Knowledge, Intellect, Rational Thinking,

Creativity and Intelligence; and moreover enable them to become a better Human Being. Advacad Solutions is working on various avenues of Education where a gap needs to be filled between the delivered content and actual learning of a Student. These elements of Advacads Service Umbrella are termed as Academic Environments

There is nothing in this world, and even outside, that an empowered brain cannot achieve


-I Photographic Memory I-I Vedic Maths I-I Brain Yog I-I Abacus I-I Ambidexterity Development I-

All we are is a result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become Lord Buddha


Memory Enhancement
Can you recall what were you wearing the same day last year? Can you recall the list of all Mughal Emperors which you learned in history?

Was it tough for you to memorise the whole periodic table?

Boost up your Memory

How many countries you can enlist with their capitals?
Remember what you read, write and hear Remember names, numbers, bank a/c dates & anniversaries. Improve grades in Colleges, Competitions Memorize answers long phone numbers, Schools, long

If these questions sound tough, then what next we are introducing is only for you, and that is Knowble Photographic Memory. There were/are many things in your day to day life and studies, which you find tough to memorize or may be almost impossible to memorize. This very first module of KNOWBLE is solution for all those problems of yours. This module is moreover based on a three basic principles of MEMORY: Principal of Association, Imagination and Visualization. This science was first developed and used by Greeks . Today one can find application of this science in every theta of life. One of the best examples is, where millions of medical professionals learn millions of biological names, with some fun-filled methods. Wherever the quantity of information is enormous and the nature of information is abstract, then Knowbles Photographic Memory methods can be of great help.


Memorize Formulae Memorize History dates.


Vedic Maths
Can you multiply 456723 x 999999 in 8 seconds? Can you multiply 367234624975 x 11 in 12 seconds? Can you find squares of 35, 65, 115 and 905 in 14 seconds? Can you multiply 3242 x 4512 in 12 seconds? The much researched Knowble Programs for Brain Power Enhancement include the mathematical methodologies written and propounded in the thousands of years old Great Vedas. SPEED MATHS, straight from the Great Vedas, makes you excel in board and competitive exams by virtue of your unmatched SPEED & ACCURACY in answering complex Questions. The Great Vedas propound 16 Sutras of speed maths which are fun to learn. Be it SAT, GRE, Medical Entrance tests, CAT, XAT, MAT or IAS & other such competitive examinations, the students of Vedic Maths are bound to score more and more. Vedic Maths is not only about speed maths, it is a way of life, a philosophy, a technique by which one acquires: The power to arrive at 100% Correct decisions & answers Speedy thinking process which gets developed by constant practice of solving mathematical problems at a high speed.

Maths made by God Himself When a child appears in any competitive examination, then his/her labour, intelligence, concentration, exposure and all other factors become negligible. Only two factors keep him/her ahead of other competitors, and those two factors are: SPEED & ACCURACY.

Thats where Vedic Maths comes in picture.


Have you seen a child visualizing numbers as the way he visualize cartoons and graphics? Have you seen a child giving you the answers of any mathematics calculation as soon as you finish the question? Have you seen a child memorizing numbers in a flash? Have you seen a Maths Phobic child getting rid of his/her fear of Maths?

A tool which makes you a HUMAN CALCULATOR

Faster-than-calculator computation skills Immense improvement in concentration Helps in Development of left & right brain Better reflexes Great analytical & reasoning skills Speed reading & speed writing

Thats all is possible with this fabulous tool developed by Mesopotamians, 4500 years back, also known as First Man Made Computer. Students of Abacus actually add, subtract, multiply & divide numbers faster than someone using calculator. Once learnt, they retain this ability for their whole life. Abacus works on various fundamentals like Acupressure, Visualisation, Meditation and Ambidexterity. Thats how it helps in overall mental growth of a child. In Abacus, Maths is taken as a tool to develop various faculties of the childs brain. Abacus is taught to the students of age group 6 14 years, as thats the right age to learn this methodology and get benefits out of it.


Ambidexterity Development.
The brain has its left and right hemispheres. Each side of the brain has its own unique and special abilities. The right side of the brain is intuitive, while the left side of the brain is logical. Even though both hemispheres of the brain have independent functions, an individual benefits from the integration of the processing of information performed by each side. The hemisphere best suited to perform the processing of information; this allows an individual greater understanding and learning potential of the situation that initiated the brain processing information. Research has shown most people have a dominant side of the brain. Individuals who are predominately left sided tend to be more verbal, analytical, and problem solvers; while individuals who are predominately right sided tend to be arty, good with math, and are more visual in nature. Dominance goes into effect when thinking becomes increasingly more complex . Although each hemisphere has its own set of functions in information processing and thinking, research data supports the notion that these functions are not exclusive to one hemisphere.

Developing Both Hemispheres of Brain

A human being uses just 2-3% of his brain throughout his life; research has proved that efficiency level can be increased with the help of Ambidexterity A Few examples of Ambidextrous personalities: Amitabh Bachhan Mozart Albert Einstien Aurobindo Ghosh Mahatama Gandhi


. In Knowble Brain Yog, we have developed a few exercises based on Ancient Sciences like Yog, Acupressure, Japanese Brain Therapy and Ancient Greeek Therapy. Its a series of simple and enjoyable physical movements and exercises, which enhance the experience of Brain Power Enhancement for individuals of all age groups. These movements are designed to co-ordinate brain functions and minimize stress. They ensure supply of blood, oxygen, and electricity to not only the brain but also to the entire body. What is more, it induces a general feeling of contentment and happiness

Age Groups
Knowble Juniors: Grade II V (6 Levels) Abacus + Mnemonics + Ambidexterity Development + Brain Yog Knowble Seniors: Grade VI & onwards (3 Levels) Vedic Maths + Mnemonics + Ambidexterity Development + Brain Yog
Every Level takes 6-9 months

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