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{1700}{1766}- Uite-o pe Illia.|- Bun, Illia.
{2182}{2270}Eti norocos. Prima ta zi aici,|vezi una din legendele noastre.
{2274}{2317}- Cine e ea?|- O curv.
{2344}{2416}Dar nu are pre,|merge cu tine doar dac te place.
{2474}{2526}Unii lucreaz|iar alii noat.
{2530}{2590}Dac n-ai fi sclav, ai nota i tu.
{2685}{2715}Pzea c vin!
{2758}{2827}Grecul e grec|accept orice provocare!.
{2856}{2942}Uite un brbat! Voi ia de sus suntei cu toii nite sclavi.
{3428}{3464}Hey, Cpitane...
{3468}{3573}la de dup tine,|e om sau oarice?
{3589}{3633}Cere-i scuze.
{3799}{3864}Illia, sta e Tonio.|E din Corfu. E pe jumate italian.
{3868}{3921}We won't hold that against him.
{3931}{4009}I'm told you pick and choose.|Do I have a chance?
{4042}{4091}- Maybe.|- Tonight? 9:00?
{4095}{4155}At 9:00, the baker.
{4166}{4242}- 10:00?|- Sorry. 10:00, the fruit man.
{4256}{4309}- And the butcher?|- At 11:00.
{4331}{4385}- ls she kidding me?|- Oh, no.
{4389}{4498}Her life is perfectly organized.|She has arrangements with all those
{4502}{4589}- You like boat rides?|- Anything you say, my little bird.
{4654}{4701}Let's go!
{4829}{4936}Where is the American? The intellectual?|He should see this. Call Mr
. Thrace!
{4947}{5036}Mr. Thrace, they are calling you.|There is something amusing down th
{5040}{5110}Thank you very much. Goodbye.
{5410}{5489}There is the purity that was Greece!
{7574}{7649}Play, Taki. Play and never stop.
{8262}{8309}Thank you very much. Thank you.
{8485}{8544}- Here's a man who wants to pass.|- Thank you.
{8559}{8613}- Good evening.|- How do you do?
{8889}{8949}- Good night.|- Good evening.
{8970}{9041}- How did you know I was American?|- What you take?
{9062}{9093}Coffee, please.
{9154}{9218}- American coffee?|- Greek coffee!
{9299}{9353}- What is everybody drinking?|- Ouzo.
{9374}{9413}Is what men drink.
{10116}{10165}What are you looking at, friend?
{10194}{10232}I beg your pardon.
{10669}{10700}Thank you.
{13725}{13764}What are you applauding for?
{13768}{13826}You're making a mistake.|Your dance was beautiful.
{13830}{13885}If you threw money,|there'd have been a massacre.
{13889}{13931}Why are you angry? I was applauding.
{13935}{14011}You'd better go to a fancy cabaret,|or your mother will wear black
{14015}{14060}I don't like to be shaken!
{14064}{14115}I know you're big.
{14119}{14168}You're going to make me hit you!
{14357}{14441}Please! I don't want to fight with you.
{14446}{14513}I came here with love. I love you.
{14529}{14600}I love you, and I'm fighting with you.

{14626}{14693}Doesn't anyone here speak English?

{14700}{14739}- I do.|- lllia!
{14743}{14799}I speak English.
{14812}{14855}I was dancing, bothering no one...
{14859}{14930}and he applauds me as if I were a ballerina.
{14934}{15028}Would you please explain to him|that I loved his dance. I was appl
{15046}{15080}Careful, he's a brute.
{15084}{15148}Jorgo, he's an angel.
{15152}{15201}My most old client.
{15205}{15279}- I was enjoying, bothering no one--|- Shut up, now.
{15289}{15345}Jorgo is angry because you have applauded.
{15349}{15409}In Greece, when a man dances,|it's for himself.
{15413}{15515}It makes him feel better in his....|How you say in English?
{15528}{15581}- Soul.|- That's it.
{15589}{15628}It is for his soul.
{15632}{15706}He is angry|because you think he is an entertainer.
{15710}{15801}Come on, Jorgaki.|He applauded because he liked your dance.
{15805}{15872}- Shake hands and be friends.|- Go on.
{15946}{16001}All right, boys, back to your tables.
{16017}{16066}Go on. Go enjoy yourselves.
{16076}{16160}Would you please tell him|that I'm sorry about his nose.
{16166}{16276}- He's sorry he punched you in the nose.|- Wait till he sees his e
ye tomorrow.
{16294}{16352}He says,|"Wait to see tomorrow morning your eye."
{16356}{16434}I thought so.|Please have a drink with me. You too, sir.
{16438}{16486}- Okay.|- This is lllia.
{16490}{16557}- My name is Armathis.|- Everybody calls him Captain.
{16561}{16639}I'm very happy to meet you both,|and at the right moment.
{16644}{16705}- My name is Homer Thrace.|- Homer?
{16709}{16800}- My father loved everything Greek.|- A Grecophile.
{16804}{16874}- How well you speak English!|- Eight years in Brooklyn.
{16878}{16940}- Brooklyn? You're kidding.|- The Navy Yard.
{16944}{17000}Now I work in the yard here, in Piraeus.
{17004}{17045}- Beer.|- Two beers.
{17049}{17113}I would like three bires.
{17152}{17220}- You are rich?|- No, I'm very poor.
{17224}{17269}Hey, you are a writer?
{17296}{17376}- I was just making some notes.|- What you are?
{17396}{17453}Well, I'm an amateur philosopher.
{17496}{17536}You stay long in Greece?
{17540}{17613}Maybe. I'm looking for something in Greece.
{17674}{17741}- You won't laugh?|- Why? You look for something funny?
{17775}{17824}I came to Greece...
{17839}{17877}to find the truth.
{17934}{18036}Our world is unhappy.|Why? Where did it begin to go wrong?
{18044}{18094}Might not the traces be here?
{18114}{18206}No society ever reached the heights|that were attained by ancient
{18210}{18297}It was the cradle of culture.|It was a happy country.
{18302}{18374}What happened? What made it fall?
{18386}{18472}Historians don't satisfy me. Wars, politics....
{18481}{18550}Something's missing, something personal.
{18567}{18636}I want to walk where Aristotle walked.
{18654}{18721}Socrates.... I can't explain it.
{18730}{18814}I don't know.|I have a feeling I'll find something.
{18822}{18885}In the camera you look more beautiful.
{18902}{18949}Your nose is not so big.
{18969}{19001}Thank you.

{19018}{19118}It's certain that the old philosophers|often walked around this po

{19148}{19179}How thrilling!
{19186}{19287}Why, that means that Aristotle|might have stood on this very spot!
{19336}{19403}- Did you ever think of that, lllia?|- Every day.
{19424}{19497}I don't think lllia|would have much sympathy for Aristotle.
{19501}{19572}- His opinion of women was rather low.|- He was sick.
{19610}{19654}Aristotle, sick?
{19676}{19791}Your eye begins to be pink.|I go to see my friend's nose now.
{19814}{19874}- Very glad to meet you, Homer.|- Likewise.
{19883}{19913}You're very pretty.
{19917}{19986}- Homer. Bye, Captain.|- Bye, lllia.
{20054}{20153}- Light of my eyes!|- Who can dance like lllia?
{20253}{20294}The little fellow beat you up?
{20298}{20363}If I'd really hit him,|they'd close up the place.
{20447}{20522}- Hello, sister. So you are lllia.|- Hello, brother. I am lllia.
{20526}{20582}- Are you busy?|- I don't know.
{20586}{20617}All right, how much?
{20658}{20702}I make no prices.
{20713}{20761}- 60 drachmas?|- I'll give you 80.
{20821}{20862}60 drachmas will be fine.
{20866}{20949}- I offered 80.|- I don't care if you offered 180.
{20953}{21006}- Why?|- Because I don't like you.
{21010}{21124}- I don't make it a condition that you like me.|- I make it a cond
ition that I like you.
{21330}{21385}- ls she....|- She is.
{21413}{21452}How is it possible?
{21456}{21518}That lovely, gracious....
{21658}{21736}Captain, maybe that's what I'm looking for.
{21755}{21787}What luck!
{21841}{21886}The symbol of my quest.
{21894}{21936}The personification.
{21946}{22003}In her, the answer to the mystery.
{22025}{22118}The personal equation|of the fall of ancient Greece.
{22161}{22213}Sorry, miss. I'm terribly sorry.
{22217}{22284}It's not that you.... I think you're beautiful.
{22288}{22367}And I liked so much|what you did in that cafe.
{22405}{22473}I wanted so much to be with you.
{22552}{22592}But, I don't know.
{22616}{22651}I'm nervous.
{22677}{22721}And you are very nice.
{22745}{22787}If you don't mind...
{22826}{22890}- I'll just go now.|- I don't mind.
{22902}{22954}But first we smoke a cigarette.
{23050}{23119}You give me English cigarette, yes?
{23147}{23173}Of course.
{23820}{23859}Do you like music?
{24360}{24425}This is Greek. Bouzouki music.
{24482}{24529}Men like this music.
{24699}{24753}- You like?|- Yes...
{24773}{24804}and I like you.
{24808}{24863}- When your boat goes away?|- Tomorrow.
{24870}{24925}You will come back to Piraeus sometime?
{24935}{25014}- I don't know. Maybe.|- Then you come to see me.
{25024}{25084}I certainly will. The first....
{25100}{25174}The words of this song are beautiful.
{25315}{25380}"With such a moon, how can I sing?
{25482}{25565}"With such a moon,|how make away my sadness?

{25803}{25864}"Chase away your sadness, palikari."

{25868}{25945}"Palikari" is a strong young man.
{25954}{26023}"And together we go the moon."
{26635}{26744}- The Captain told me where you lived.|- I was sleeping. It's too
{26769}{26845}- I'm so excited.|- I'm sorry.
{26871}{26922}You are the beauty that was Greece.
{26939}{27037}- You are the reason I came to Greece.|- All right, come tomorrow.
{27198}{27262}Homer Thrace of Middletown, Connecticut.
{27287}{27329}This may be important.
{27357}{27390}Think clearly.
{27410}{27445}See clearly.
{27478}{27519}Be prepared.
{27993}{28022}Let's go.
{28113}{28178}- What's your hurry?|- You've got to go back to work.
{28182}{28263}- Thanks for worrying about me.|- Let's not be nasty now.
{28306}{28388}- I don't like you to look at your watch.|- Why not?
{28393}{28450}Because when we are together....
{28682}{28770}Usually when a man is ridiculous,|he doesn't know it.
{28779}{28885}But when he falls on his behind,|he knows it.
{28900}{28984}Of all people,|the ltalians are the most impulsive.
{28995}{29050}And my family...
{29054}{29111}is the most ltalian of them all.
{29115}{29206}- But you're half Greek.|- With you I am all ltalian.
{29226}{29302}My father came to Corfu for one day.|A baptism.
{29306}{29386}He took one look at Corfu and said,|"This is for me."
{29394}{29437}He never went back to ltaly.
{29442}{29506}I had an aunt. She went to the movies.
{29545}{29594}Rudolph Valentino.
{29598}{29685}She took one look at him and said,|"That's the man for me."
{29698}{29773}She never looked at another man.|She died an old maid.
{29777}{29853}I have the same blood.
{29866}{29963}I was going to tell you that I like you.|I feel good with you.
{29967}{30049}That I want you only for me,|that I don't want you to see other me
{30053}{30140}- Then you fell on your behind.|- I don't like to be laughed at.
{30144}{30208}I like you. But if you hurt me,|I'll hit you on the head.
{30212}{30292}- I'd bet you would.|- You'd win.
{30297}{30397}- Then I let go.|- Now we understand each other.
{30424}{30496}- lllia....|- That Sunday voice again.
{30510}{30553}All right. Let's go.
{30826}{30874}Where are you going?
{30878}{30958}- None of your business.|- I was just being friendly.
{30962}{31033}Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies.
{31210}{31296}- Listen, tomorrow is Sunday.|- I invite you to my house every Sun
{31300}{31350}- We'll have the whole day.|- Let me finish.
{31354}{31455}Every Sunday is open house|for my special friends.
{31460}{31539}And tomorrow is not an ordinary Sunday.
{31551}{31594}It's my birthday.
{31642}{31690}I've been looking everywhere.
{31743}{31821}- That's my friend Tonio.|- How do you do?
{31876}{31902}How do you do?
{31906}{31995}- You hurt your eye.|- You speak English!
{31999}{32043}I studied with record, two months.
{32047}{32098}I invite you both|to my open house tomorrow.
{32102}{32166}- The day after--|- No, the day after begins the festival.

{32170}{32197}What festival?
{32201}{32272}Theater. The Greek tragedy. I go every night.
{32277}{32319}You like the Greek tragedies?
{32324}{32387}It's the most beautiful thing there is.
{32394}{32433}I die!
{32610}{32647}How do you do?
{32794}{32833}You're a heathen!
{32837}{32927}Your grandfather, your father...
{32931}{33008}you, and the children to come.
{33280}{33339}Do I have to put on a skirt for you to stop?
{33343}{33406}Even then you wouldn't.
{33410}{33483}Because you are a mule.|Take this so I owe you nothing.
{33696}{33739}You love the ancient Greek theater!
{33743}{33790}- Are you follow me?|- I can't get over it.
{33794}{33839}- Are you follow me?|- Yes.
{33844}{33896}I don't like that you follow me.
{33900}{33980}If you like the Greek tragedy,|you like me. I mean....
{33986}{34045}I know every one|that was ever written. Almost.
{34054}{34093}I like you very much.
{34097}{34159}- Then may I ask you a question?|- Ask.
{34179}{34226}How did you become a....
{34232}{34304}- How did you get into your profession?|- One moment.
{34313}{34378}The only clients|that I permit to ask such questions-{34382}{34450}- I'm not a client!|- That's right, you are not.
{34461}{34537}You would have big problems|with your morals.
{34542}{34587}Also, your nose is too big.
{34599}{34648}That's a deal, no client.
{34704}{34746}How did you become a....
{34750}{34849}University boys,|I permit to ask me such questions.
{34854}{34957}We smoke cigarettes,|I make up for them sad stories.
{34961}{35062}They give me advices,|and all that is very sweet.
{35074}{35128}But they are University boys.
{35132}{35184}Not old boy scout...
{35199}{35234}with dirty eye.
{35246}{35320}I guess I deserved that.|I embarrassed you. I'm sorry.
{35324}{35360}You? Me?
{35437}{35494}- Say, that's French, isn't it?|- Yes.
{35502}{35541}It means don't be jerk.
{35587}{35656}French, English, Greek.
{35664}{35765}- ltalian, a little Spanish.|- That's extraordinary!
{35777}{35844}- Where did you learn all those languages?|- ln bed.
{35900}{35929}So long.
{36160}{36195}Hello, lllia.
{36246}{36337}You live a good life.|Fresh air. You make music.
{36350}{36398}People give you money.
{36402}{36464}Thank you. Goodbye.
{36469}{36537}Hey! Why you follow me?
{36549}{36614}- Because I want you to stop being....|- Why?
{36621}{36698}Because you are the whole world.|Beautiful and corrupt.
{36702}{36748}You are very crazy.
{36788}{36857}- Good day, lllia.|- Go away, Garbage.
{36861}{36906}You know who's in that car?
{36910}{36979}It's the boss. He wants to talk to you.
{37043}{37110}Don't say I said so.
{37114}{37178}I think he'd give you an apartment|at half price.
{37182}{37225}Tell him to drop dead.
{37251}{37342}No one has ever seen the boss's face.|He will reveal it to you.
{37394}{37461}I don't have to see his face.|I can spit anywhere.

{37532}{37594}You looking for a scar?

{37619}{37710}- ls he being disagreeable?|- He's just an errand boy.
{37946}{37993}Homer, you are wonderful.
{38050}{38096}Who's the man in the big car?
{38113}{38167}He owns all a street of apartments.
{38176}{38237}All the girls in the profession|live in these apartments.
{38241}{38327}- He oblige them to pay enormous rents.|- All the girls?
{38346}{38418}Except lllia, and he doesn't like that.
{38450}{38502}Because I am an independent.
{38506}{38551}It gives the other girls ideas.
{38555}{38647}-Good day.|-Good day.
{38675}{38717}Goodbye, Homer.
{38755}{38838}Something is very funny.|Mr. "No Face" and you.
{38845}{38911}You both want to put me out of business.
{38941}{39006}What will you have, sir?
{39117}{39158}Order one ouzo.
{39706}{39758}Happy birthday, and a hundred more.
{39762}{39786}Thank you.
{39790}{39886}- All this just for me?|- Strange, it's the first Sunday that....
{39890}{39950}- We're going to have a fight.|- Why?
{39954}{40052}Nobody's coming.|I told them you called off the party.
{40074}{40147}- And the reason?|- Because I want you for myself.
{40189}{40262}- Out!|- Make me get out.
{40274}{40367}Out! How dare you send my friends away?
{40383}{40440}I told you. No other man.
{40444}{40559}No other you.|Not if you were the last man in Piraeus.
{40575}{40642}I am the last man.
{40658}{40756}The best man, the handsomest man...
{40768}{40810}and the strongest.
{41058}{41133}Happy birthday! Many happy returns.
{41240}{41318}A hundred more, lllia.
{42794}{42894}You've been invited to lllia's open house?|That makes you very spe
{44656}{44731}I'm gonna report her!
{45056}{45096}Now we can eat.
{45158}{45206}Garbage forgot something!
{45210}{45253}- For me?|- No.
{45328}{45399}- Health, lllia.|- Health, little bird.
{45702}{45795}You know, I could have seen the boss's|face.
{45799}{45823}You should have.
{45827}{45946}- He's the marble merchant.|- Moron! He's the insurance broker.
{45950}{46010}If you really want to know who he is....
{46014}{46071}Whoever he is, he stinks.
{46103}{46134}Illia, I wanted-{46138}{46209}Is the American going to give you|the flowers or keep them?
{46213}{46279}This vice king.... Might he not hurt you?
{46307}{46367}He thinks that No Face would hurt lllia.
{46396}{46450}No, she has too many friends.
{46454}{46521}- They would tear his house down.|- Brick by brick.
{46535}{46607}Yet, I think I'll have a look at No Face|after the festival.
{46611}{46634}Good idea.
{46638}{46689}You want to see my new dress?
{46736}{46812}- lllia, what's playing tomorrow?|- Medea.
{46826}{46913}- lllia, how many times have you seen it?|- Fifteen.
{46919}{46955}That's extraordinary!
{46959}{47047}Especially when she has no idea|of what the play is about.
{47051}{47114}Whatever in the play is unpleasant,|she changes.

{47118}{47157}- How?|- ln her head.

{47161}{47219}She just rejects anything that to her is ugly.
{47223}{47271}You like my dress?
{47310}{47363}Listen to me, Homer.
{47367}{47473}If you promise not to interrupt,|I'll get her to tell the story of
{47477}{47558}- as lllia sees it. But you....|- I promise.
{47562}{47611}All right, go sit down.
{47651}{47750}Listen, I know how much you like|to hear lllia tell the stories...
{47754}{47818}- of the ancient tragedies--|- I'm ready.
{47827}{47897}Today, in honor of our American friend...
{47901}{47987}Illia is going to tell|the story of Medea in English.
{48018}{48088}- English is impossible.|- Please!
{48092}{48143}Is not possible.
{48567}{48674}Medea is a beautiful play,|but for you men, is not much compliment
{48686}{48758}The play is about|what a woman suffers for a man.
{48851}{48957}Once upon a time,|there was a princess from far away.
{48967}{49039}- Her name is Medea.|- That's the best one.
{49043}{49123}Beautiful, long black hair.
{49134}{49227}A Greek, he comes.|And right away, Medea crazy for him.
{49233}{49305}She will listen to nobody. She wants him.
{49312}{49393}She fights with her father,|her whole country.
{49410}{49493}Medea was very sweet,|but sometimes she has a bad temper.
{49502}{49593}Sweet? She was a vicious character.|She was a murderess.
{49606}{49689}Anyhow, she goes to Greece|to marry this man.
{49699}{49734}He is a prince.
{49738}{49805}His name is Jason.
{49826}{49919}She is good to him.|She gives him two beautiful children.
{49942}{49971}But he....
{49999}{50064}Right away,|with a blonde princess in Athens....
{50080}{50109}You know what.
{50189}{50275}This Jason is not even a gentleman|to tell Medea lies. No!
{50280}{50347}He says right to her face|that he wants that other blonde...
{50351}{50393}because she is a princess.
{50397}{50476}And Medea cries and says,|"l am a princess, too."
{50500}{50552}Beautiful, how she cries.
{50570}{50676}Everything she does for Jason.|Even she gives presents to the blon
{50680}{50737}She sends gifts that were poisoned.
{50746}{50818}But everybody says bad things about her.
{50832}{50880}They say she is a witch.
{50901}{50970}There are 12 rich ladies in beautiful dresses.
{50974}{51036}But they say bad things about her, too.
{51040}{51104}Twelve rich ladies? The Greek chorus?
{51121}{51164}And Medea cries.
{51181}{51244}I tell you, she breaks your heart.
{51275}{51310}She is afraid.
{51315}{51393}She takes the children and she hides them.
{51410}{51526}But in the end,|Jason sees how much Medea loves him...
{51530}{51595}and they get a wonderful chariot.
{51599}{51654}And she gets the children...
{51658}{51713}and they all go to the seashore.
{51717}{51802}No! The Greek tragedy!|She gives it a happy ending.
{51806}{51893}- She doesn't say Medea killed her children.|- She changed that, t
{51913}{51998}Illia's happy. She worked out a way|of living. Let her alone.
{52002}{52055}I make mistakes in my English?
{52073}{52125}Not at all.

{52129}{52188}Sometime I'd like to hear|you tell Oedipus Rex.

{52192}{52290}I don't like this story. Is very mean.|One thing is very nice.
{52294}{52353}Always Oedipus is talking about his mother.
{52357}{52448}I never saw such a good son|who loves so much his mother.
{52468}{52562}All right. I tell to my friends now|Oedipus Rex...
{52577}{52605}in Greek.
{52617}{52646}In Greek?
{52665}{52735}Once upon a time,|there was a Prince from Thebes.
{52739}{52846}It's impossible. A whore can't be happy.|A whorish world can't be
{52887}{52929}I'd like to reach her mind.
{52933}{52984}What do you want to put in her mind?
{52994}{53045}Reason, in place of fantasy.
{53058}{53116}Morality, instead of immorality.
{53136}{53196}I've got to educate her.
{53222}{53253}To transform her.
{53257}{53353}- Remember what happened to Pygmalion.|- I wouldn't make that mist
{53371}{53406}Illia is lovely.
{53410}{53479}But for me, she's not a woman,|she's an idea.
{53485}{53532}She's an outlaw! Yes!
{53536}{53606}Law must be re-established everywhere.|Don't you see, Captain?
{53610}{53671}I see you'll have black eyes all your life.
{53695}{53750}...but let's forget all those bad things.
{53754}{53849}They hurt his eyes, the poor thing.
{53858}{53938}But in the end he finds his family...
{53942}{54034}and they all go to the seashore.
{54082}{54176}- "And they all go to the seashore"?|- They always go to the seash
{54863}{54941}- Boris, Greece is capitalist country, no?|- Yes.
{55019}{55114}So how in capitalist country|they close up business to go to the t
{55124}{55170}This is explained in a chapter...
{55174}{55263}of Karl Marx's Contradictions In Capitalism.
{55320}{55385}There is lllia's bus to Athens.
{55395}{55446}Illia. Who is she? Joan of Arc?
{55450}{55527}She's got courage,|which some of us do not have.
{55536}{55613}She's doing fine.|What does she care about us?
{55617}{55691}She's got heart, which some of us don't.
{55695}{55779}Hello. What are you doing here, girls?
{55783}{55825}We're looking for husbands.
{55830}{55914}And I thought you came to talk to lllia.
{55932}{55977}It's a democracy, no?
{55981}{56049}We don't like you to associate with lllia.
{56059}{56105}She's a bad influence.
{56190}{56305}Hello, slaves. Hello, Garbage.|Careful, the garbage man!
{56494}{56530}- lllia!|- Not today.
{56578}{56645}- Adonis!|- I brought you some sandwiches.
{56776}{56829}Have a good time.
{56838}{56903}Kiss Medea for me.
{56944}{56976}Good trip.
{56983}{57056}- Are you courting me?|- Seriously.
{57071}{57109}Something else for you.
{57117}{57174}The stone seats in the theater are hard.
{57178}{57241}I'll sit on it and think of you.
{57453}{57529}- Homer! Where are you going?|- With you, if you don't mind.
{57533}{57599}- Wonderful.|- I want us to see Medea together.
{57603}{57636}That's nice.
{57729}{57796}All right, girls. Let's go.
{57826}{57872}I had a dream.

{57881}{57961}I married a man. He had a little money.

{57976}{58056}He was 94 years old.
{58060}{58108}What a relief.
{58220}{58294}Why are we running? We're early.|We're the first ones here.
{58298}{58365}If I'm not the first one here, I am late.
{60462}{60555}- But I tell you that Medea killed her children.|- Homer, don't be
{60559}{60595}But it's easy to....
{60830}{60868}She killed them.
{60991}{61089}Medea herself, does she not say,|"l killed my children"?
{61100}{61140}And you believe her?
{61225}{61280}You don't understand the women.
{61290}{61354}- Medea loves her husband, yes?|- Yes.
{61358}{61413}Her husband is interested|in another woman?
{61417}{61442}- Yes?|- Yes.
{61446}{61518}So she said to her husband|that she has killed her children...
{61522}{61581}to frighten him, to get him back.
{61585}{61613}- No!|- Yes.
{61617}{61686}She gets him back,|and everybody go away...
{61690}{61777}and everybody is happy|and they go to the seashore. And that's all
{61793}{61892}If I show you that everything|that was ever written about Medea...
{61896}{61937}talks of her killing her children....
{61941}{62002}If you ask 10 out of 10 people|who saw the play...
{62006}{62073}and they tell you it's true,|then by simple logic....
{62078}{62154}- You're a Greek, you should be logical.|- Why?
{62158}{62248}Because the greatest Greek of them all,|Aristotle, invented logic.
{62252}{62278}- He said--|- Who?
{62282}{62330}- Aristotle--|- Aristotle!
{62334}{62423}The one that the Captain said thinks|men are everything and women
are nothing?
{62427}{62486}I don't care what he said, Aristotle.
{62497}{62535}Look around you, lllia.
{62539}{62609}Greek art was the most harmonious|in the world.
{62643}{62679}What happened?
{62746}{62792}What happened to you?
{62854}{62905}All evil is disharmony.
{62954}{63016}You are in disharmony with yourself.
{63036}{63104}You have beauty, grace...
{63113}{63148}and you are....
{63159}{63265}I, American boy scout,|will bring you back to harmony.
{63270}{63330}Bring me back to Piraeus.|I want to go to sleep.
{63334}{63408}I'm fighting for your soul. Listen to me.
{63438}{63480}You make me unhappy.
{63484}{63538}If what you say|about the Greek tragedy is true...
{63542}{63612}- I don't like the Greek tragedy.|- lf you would only....
{63616}{63647}And I don't like you...
{63651}{63756}because before I met you,|I was crazy about the Greek tragedy.
{64086}{64143}Is lllia coming for a swim today?
{64427}{64480}Good day, Captain.
{64484}{64531}Hello, ladies. How are you, Despo?
{64535}{64594}- Terrible. Is lllia around?|- No.
{64781}{64840}Hello, Captain. Did you see lllia today?
{64849}{64900}Who is not looking for lllia, today?
{64906}{64978}Mr. Thrace, this is Despo, a friend of lllia's.
{64982}{65063}Mr. Thrace is a writer.
{65074}{65130}How do you do, darling?
{65154}{65210}You are friend of lllia. Tell her to help us.
{65214}{65269}Only for her the girls have respect.
{65273}{65341}If lllia talks to them, they will listen.

{65353}{65436}- Talk about what?|- lllia can make all the girls say no.
{65446}{65531}Then he would make rents not so expensive.
{65543}{65608}- Who?|- Mr. No Face.
{65677}{65754}Darling, you are a writer.
{65762}{65841}You write this in the newspaper?
{65872}{65933}180 drachmas we pay for rent.
{65968}{66008}And if a girl try to move out...
{66012}{66095}No Face make it|you don't move in anywhere else.
{66099}{66191}You write this in the newspaper?
{66251}{66324}- I'll see what I can do.|- Thank you, darling.
{66337}{66382}Captain, please tell lllia I was here.
{66386}{66434}- Yes, Despo.|- Bye.
{66481}{66534}There is some more research for you.
{66592}{66650}Captain, did you see lllia today?
{66658}{66701}Early this morning, briefly.
{66706}{66754}She was not in a very good mood.
{66855}{66921}Hello, my weakness.
{66925}{67009}- The most beautiful knee in Piraeus.|- Leave me alone. Bring me a
{67082}{67145}What's wrong?|Did Piraeus lose the soccer game?
{67149}{67193}I offer you my very own.
{67299}{67350}Hello, Captain, all.
{67390}{67421}No coffee.
{67534}{67591}- Stay far from me!|- lf you'll just-{67595}{67662}If you come,|I break that bottle on your head.
{67710}{67785}- She would, too, wouldn't she?|- Come, let's have a drink.
{67792}{67827}When she gets mad...
{67843}{67897}she certainly lights up, doesn't she?
{68118}{68185}He's improvising.|He's from Crete. They're good at it.
{68189}{68212}Two ouzo.
{68217}{68298}Illia has fire in eye
{68324}{68406}There is thunder in her hand
{68435}{68481}Don't look
{68485}{68520}Don't look at her
{68530}{68635}Or you will be struck blind
{68642}{68684}- What?|- "lllia has fire in her eyes.
{68688}{68745}"Don't look at her or she'll blind you."
{69062}{69132}Look darkly at all men
{69151}{69232}Give poison to them all
{69242}{69345}Refuse yourself to all men
{69358}{69434}Except your sweet
{69451}{69539}sweet Jorgaki
{69629}{69703}"She says no to everyone,|except her sweet Jorgaki."
{69787}{69878}I can't stand honest women
{69969}{70079}If ever I took a wife
{70096}{70226}I would want
{70230}{70301}the beautiful
{70305}{70346}the doll
{70350}{70458}the miraculous
{70606}{70649}"For him, no honest, no good women."
{70653}{70735}- What does that mean?|- Whenever he wanted love, he paid for it.
{70789}{70855}Bravo! You brought back lllia's smile.
{70950}{71009}Taki, God bless your hands.
{71048}{71105}Now that you feel better, may I join you?
{71109}{71140}You, go!

{71146}{71224}- I want to help you. I'm your friend.|- Don't help me. Be an enem
{71228}{71285}Why? Because I told you the truth?
{71305}{71410}If you don't go away, I'll call Jorgo|and he'll make you another d
irty eye.
{71422}{71483}Call him. I can tell him something.
{71487}{71549}His song was charming, but most revealing.
{71555}{71601}The truth can free him, too.
{71605}{71676}- Don't free him.|- He's a man with a deep problem.
{71680}{71703}Again, problems?
{71707}{71786}Yes, all his life he has associated|only with a certain kind of wo
{71790}{71818}- Know why?|- He likes-{71822}{71905}No. The real reason is|that he hates all women.
{71990}{72039}And I've no doubt where that stems from.
{72043}{72092}It's elementary psychiatry.
{72111}{72146}He hated his mother.
{72202}{72235}That's true?
{72250}{72288}You want tell him that?
{72319}{72352}It might help him.
{72370}{72402}You are right.
{72406}{72453}I think you must tell him.
{72502}{72543}come here, my little bird.
{72549}{72586}Pull up a chair.
{72668}{72734}Our friend, who is very educated...
{72754}{72786}has studied you.
{72802}{72833}Go on, Homer.
{72878}{72937}All your life, you have known only....
{73097}{73128}No other women.
{73178}{73228}Tell him why, Homer.
{73236}{73305}There's a profound inner reason.
{73372}{73431}By having relations only with such women...
{73485}{73549}you are obeying an irresistible need...
{73622}{73667}to degrade all women.
{73741}{73806}A subconscious revenge against all women.
{73918}{73957}Where does it come from?
{74032}{74059}You hated...
{74130}{74159}your mother.
{74328}{74367}Hold your hats!
{74475}{74505}You heard him!
{74535}{74598}He said I hated my mother!
{74662}{74697}Let him come!
{74714}{74754}He's a sucker for a left!
{74819}{74886}I don't know what he's saying,|but I don't like it!
{74939}{74981}Give him harmony!
{75158}{75188}What are you doing?
{75192}{75219}One moment.
{75223}{75274}Let me cut his throat, please.
{75322}{75396}And don't catch cold.
{75403}{75428}Thank you.
{75649}{75731}My mother. I put her on a throne!
{75735}{75801}"Little Madonna," I used to call her!
{75895}{75974}Why are you crying? You were a warrior.
{77076}{77134}Homer, go home.
{77178}{77206}I will.

{77222}{77260}You're barbarians.
{77273}{77344}You don't need a philosopher,|you need a missionary.
{77389}{77416}I'm leaving.
{77445}{77481}Bye-bye, Homer.
{78400}{78443}I'm sorry you're going home.
{78457}{78517}- Why?|- Because it's a defeat.
{78521}{78565}For you and for me, too.
{78579}{78650}- Have we met?|- You may call me Mr. Face.
{78682}{78721}I'm in real estate.
{78753}{78782}Mr. Face?
{78826}{78895}- And are your houses let only to girls?|- Yes.
{78912}{78980}I have a proposition to make.|May I sit down?
{79054}{79098}You needn't run away.
{79103}{79161}I, too, exist in the scheme of things.
{79168}{79196}You can't ignore me.
{79200}{79269}- I don't have to do business with you.|- Of course you do...
{79273}{79321}- and I'll tell you why.|- Why?
{79325}{79413}We both would like lllia to retire.
{79422}{79492}Of course, for entirely different reasons.
{79506}{79567}You can have an influence on her. I cannot.
{79580}{79660}So I have my reasons to offer you help,|and you to accept.
{79666}{79705}Accept what?
{79826}{79914}- You think you can buy lllia?|- No, I've tried that.
{79944}{80006}- Me?|- The money will be for lllia's time...
{80010}{80055}and her education.
{80082}{80118}I'll be damned.
{80130}{80209}If you prove to her|that your way of life is better than hers...
{80223}{80249}she'll admit it...
{80253}{80304}- and you'll have won.|- And you.
{80322}{80372}That's a secondary matter, isn't it?
{80376}{80441}For you, there is only one question:
{80445}{80529}are you more interested|that I should make no profits...
{80542}{80612}or are you more interested in saving lllia?
{80674}{80725}I hate your guts.
{80771}{80828}But I'm more interested in saving lllia.
{81244}{81289}What a wonderful song!
{81495}{81545}- Lend me 200 drachmas?|- No.
{81549}{81600}- Why?|- I have only 50 drachmas.
{81604}{81661}- I am missing 200 drachmas.|- Why?
{81710}{81765}Understand? For our boat tickets.
{81774}{81810}Where are we going?
{81891}{81925}Italy, of course.
{81931}{81972}What do we do in ltaly?
{81976}{82033}We eat spaghetti and we make love.
{82042}{82107}We see Napoli, we make love.
{82120}{82160}We make tourism...
{82170}{82206}we make love.
{82216}{82282}We say, "Good morning," we make love.
{82299}{82356}- You like that?|- Yes.
{82368}{82408}- We go?|- No.
{82438}{82481}Someday we will...
{82542}{82594}because everything you do pleases me.
{82606}{82653}The way you rinse that thing...
{82666}{82699}pleases me.
{82753}{82800}The way you walk pleases me.
{82849}{82906}The way you hang it up pleases me.
{82930}{83012}- The way I put out the light pleases you?|- Yes, that pleases me,

{83074}{83157}The way your shoulder fits into my hand...
{83182}{83220}pleases me.
{83256}{83362}The way your body goes with mine|pleases me.
{83817}{83885}- lllia--|- That Sunday voice again?
{83912}{83959}Someday, we'll talk about love.
{83963}{84023}Forbidden. Verboten!
{84043}{84097}You don't let me talk about love.
{84128}{84169}You take my tongue away.
{84229}{84254}Then shut up.
{84298}{84373}You know,|I have done many things in my life.
{84383}{84445}I'm not the one to talk about morality.
{84466}{84504}But tell me, lllia...
{84530}{84565}you like your life?
{84569}{84655}My life was fine before the missionary|and you came along.
{84675}{84718}I've thrown him out.
{84742}{84774}And now....
{84798}{84868}You'll never throw me out.
{87274}{87330}I said you to go home.
{87341}{87382}There's a boat leaving in two hours.
{87386}{87479}I have something to propose to you.|If you don't accept, I'll be o
n that boat.
{87483}{87525}Give me water.
{87850}{87904}Poor Homer, he comes in Greece...
{87908}{87982}and all the time he gets a dirty eye.
{88006}{88049}Come sit down.
{88053}{88113}Don't be afraid.
{88133}{88205}Illia, let me talk to you.
{88228}{88261}Are you happy?
{88270}{88301}I am happy.
{88309}{88361}- You like your life?|- I like my life.
{88365}{88431}- You like your work?|- I like my work!
{88450}{88505}And what if I prove to you|that you're not happy?
{88509}{88550}Cursed be the hour and the moment-{88554}{88640}No, you tell me,|exactly what is it that makes you happy?
{88681}{88753}The sun, he shines on me.|He makes me happy.
{88758}{88817}I eat a good fish, he makes me happy.
{88827}{88901}I touch you. If you feel good, I'm happy.
{88907}{88978}Everything sensual, everything physical.
{88994}{89061}You live by the Stoic|and Epicurean philosophies...
{89065}{89133}that came after the fall of Greece.|It's so clear.
{89137}{89169}Not to me.
{89196}{89228}How shall I tell you?
{89306}{89414}at one time, Greece was the greatest country|in the whole world.
{89418}{89452}It still is.
{89456}{89556}At the height of Greek glory,|there were three great men.
{89642}{89714}Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.
{89718}{89812}- I told you, this one I don't like.|- All three of them giants.
{89826}{89893}They gave their lives to the one question:
{89909}{89989}- What is happiness?|- Really? And what did they say?
{90001}{90110}They said that the true happiness|comes from the pleasure of the m
{90114}{90192}That the greatest happiness|is the joy of understanding.
{90262}{90347}I sat next to you in that amphitheater|when we went to see Medea.
{90351}{90437}I watched you,|your eyes were shining with happiness.

{90442}{90539}It's not important that you made a mistake|about the play. We'll t
alk about that.
{90545}{90571}But your....
{90575}{90649}Everything in you|was shining with pleasure.
{90762}{90804}Beauty that was Greece.
{90834}{90892}- Give me two weeks of your life.|- What?
{90930}{91013}I want every minute of two weeks.
{91017}{91093}You'll lose nothing by it.|I'll pay you for each minute.
{91103}{91169}If in the end of two weeks|you don't begin to think my way...
{91173}{91203}I'll disappear.
{91216}{91269}Why you want to do that for me?
{91278}{91322}You believe you can make me....
{91394}{91445}Maybe when I was a little girl.
{91483}{91564}I'll make you see a world|you never knew about. I'll-{91572}{91646}Can you make me somebody|who it is good to love?
{91698}{91737}You'll be reborn.
{91747}{91813}Illia, two little weeks.
{91999}{92042}I give you two weeks.
{94921}{95015}And lllia ate of the apple of wisdom,|and she knew shame.
{95385}{95441}- Good day, lllia.|- Good day, Spiro.
{95453}{95508}What will I do with all of those fish?
{95516}{95548}Last Sunday...
{95556}{95609}was dark and dreary.
{95627}{95678}We hoped this Sunday...
{95691}{95750}- you'd make a party.|- No, Spiro.
{95772}{95804}What should I do?
{95808}{95891}- Throw them back into the sea?|- Go on, put them in the fridge.
{96249}{96293}Come on, take it.
{96399}{96470}Tell me true. Is your life better this way?
{96481}{96574}Maybe it's not so much fun, but it's better.
{96585}{96653}This Homer, you sleep with him?
{96657}{96708}No, it's something else.
{96717}{96749}What else is there?
{96775}{96844}He believes in me. That I can be wonderful.
{96858}{96942}And I believe in him.|That's what else there is.
{96989}{97024}Goodbye, llliaki.
{97067}{97097}Come here.
{97390}{97422}Be well, Spiro.
{99585}{99645}From my window, I send kisses
{99649}{99753}one and two and three and four
{99786}{99825}And to the port come
{99829}{99945}one and two and three and four birds
{99979}{100019}I want to have
{100023}{100141}one and two and three and four sons
{100177}{100275}Who when they become men
{100279}{100337}will be the pride of Piraeus
{100378}{100460}If I search the world over
{100465}{100552}I'll find no other port
{100563}{100657}which has the magic
{100661}{100741}of my Port of Piraeus
{100775}{100855}When twilight comes
{100861}{100951}the port sings to me
{100962}{101057}And young men and echoes of song
{101061}{101144}fill my Port of Piraeus
{101686}{101768}No one goes by my door

{101772}{101843}for whom I don't feel love

{101882}{101963}And those to come tomorrow
{101967}{102037}fill my dreams at night
{102076}{102131}So, to the jewels around my throat
{102135}{102236}I add a charm to bring me luck
{102274}{102336}And now I'm ready to welcome
{102340}{102428}the stranger come from the port
{102473}{102557}If I search the whole world over
{102561}{102652}I'll find no other port
{102656}{102745}which has the magic
{102761}{102829}of my Port of Piraeus
{102871}{102949}When twilight comes
{102957}{103042}the port sings to me
{103053}{103145}And young men and echoes of song
{103156}{103228}fill my port of Piraeus
{105333}{105384}These blasted shoes.
{107000}{107052}The whole fleet is pulling in.
{107064}{107133}They've been at sea for 21 weeks.
{107138}{107184}Fine, be with you in a minute.
{107259}{107321}This is for the books and records.
{107430}{107457}That's very pretty.
{107461}{107530}That's my personal gift to lllia.|I paid for that myself.
{107549}{107584}It's still very pretty.
{107631}{107732}And now I would like to talk to you|about my personal gift to yo
{107745}{107800}How would you like a punch in the nose?
{107833}{107882}Is that your good deed for the day?
{107886}{107919}You're a cynical son of a-{107923}{107986}I'm not a boy scout. I'm a working man.
{108000}{108031}You're a skunk.
{108037}{108099}Look here, you're not a little boy anymore.
{108132}{108207}What's bothering you is not that I smell bad.
{108224}{108277}You're afraid that some of the smell...
{108281}{108325}might rub off on you.
{108329}{108367}You're damned right.
{108386}{108418}It's classic.
{108425}{108520}There shall always be people like you|who will be working for pe
ople like me.
{108525}{108559}And they scream about it.
{108603}{108638}Get her out!
{108642}{108708}Excuse me, there was no door to knock on.
{108715}{108767}Please, I am one of your tenants. The rents-{108771}{108843}- Get her out!|- They are too high. It's impossible.
{108850}{108913}Put yourself in our place. You couldn't-{108917}{108962}- Get her out!|- Bloodsucker!
{108981}{109033}Someday, I'll see you without those glasses.
{109037}{109093}Hide in dark corners, you whore.
{109097}{109173}That's what you are. You are a whore!
{109880}{109915}With two hands.
{110041}{110077}Bravo. Miraculous.
{110116}{110145}What is this...
{110157}{110217}a house or a bookstore?
{110225}{110264}It's my new house.
{110278}{110341}The happiest house in Piraeus.
{110375}{110433}- Despo, I died.|- Bite your tongue.
{110437}{110483}I died and I was born again.
{110502}{110545}- You've met Homer?|- Yes.
{110563}{110606}Is there nothing to drink?

{110621}{110653}Excuse me.
{110916}{110954}You must talk to the girls.
{110958}{111025}When the fleet leaves|we'll have a little money put aside.
{111029}{111108}With that reserve,|we could hold out and fight No Face.
{111117}{111160}Once and for all.
{111195}{111250}Why don't you forget that life?
{111254}{111306}You have to think of the future.
{111317}{111384}You're not 18 years old anymore.
{111388}{111436}I'm better than ever.
{111457}{111521}The older the chicken, the better the juice.
{111597}{111652}You'll stop working for two weeks.
{111657}{111701}Homer will pay you.
{111835}{111900}Homer! How did you know?
{111904}{111949}I like the reds.
{111955}{112006}- I have something else.|- No.
{112017}{112071}Hello, darling!
{112092}{112176}You know my friend Despo.|She speaks English better as l.
{112180}{112270}Very well he knows me.|We work both for the same man.
{112274}{112322}- What?|- The same man.
{112326}{112370}What are you talking about?
{112375}{112429}You died and you were born again?
{112433}{112485}Well, make a deep breath...
{112490}{112545}because you're going to die again.
{112561}{112638}- He works for No Face.|- Are you crazy?
{112642}{112684}I am crazy, darling.
{112697}{112730}It's not true.
{112735}{112815}Darling! It's not true|I see you just now with No Face?
{112824}{112865}It's not true you see me?
{112888}{112919}She's mad!
{112937}{112990}- She's dreaming.|- I dream?
{113028}{113112}How do I know|that present you have for lllia is a vase?
{113200}{113260}And in my dream, I see much money.
{113273}{113314}No Face money...
{113318}{113375}in yellow envelope in that pocket.
{113589}{113648}Show me what you have in that pocket.
{113673}{113741}I want to see what it is in that pocket.
{114073}{114133}Over the top!
{114197}{114223}Will you please-{114227}{114289}- "Happiness is the joy of understanding."|- Will you-{114293}{114337}"l think, therefore I am."
{114341}{114406}Descartes, French philosopher,|18th century.
{114444}{114544}"The Greek decline went fast|after the death of Alexander."
{114553}{114633}"To accept the bondage|under the oriental occupation...
{114637}{114702}"the Greeks began to live only for pleasure."
{114706}{114761}- Will you let me explain?|- I let you explain.
{114765}{114819}The money that you give me|comes from No Face?
{114823}{114884}- I'll start at the beginning.|- Does it come from No Face?
{114888}{114916}Yes, it did.
{114970}{115057}"Afghanistan is situated|on the borders of lran and Pakistan.
{115061}{115138}- "Population is...." I forgot!|- It's a misunderstanding.
{115142}{115249}"lceland is country very close to North Pole.|Climate very cold.
{115253}{115324}- Listen!|- "Greece is far from North Pole.
{115328}{115369}"Climate very hot."
{115377}{115445}"Many Shakespeare plots|come from Plutarch."
{115458}{115507}"The four great tragedies are...
{115511}{115591}"Othello, Macbeth, Hamlet and King Lear.

{115595}{115651}"But some critics prefer...

{115659}{115722}- "The Tempest!"|- Please.
{115771}{115821}What? No, not Picasso!
{115825}{115898}Monsieur Picasso, excuse me very much.
{115935}{115987}- Will you listen?|- You listen!
{115991}{116032}Calm down.
{116036}{116093}When you calm down,|you'll understand I'm your friend.
{116097}{116165}"A friend is one soul in two bodies."
{116171}{116251}And that, my friend, is Aristotle.
{116305}{116372}Come on, Despo. We have some work to do.
{116376}{116439}Now we go fix Mr. No Face.
{116444}{116490}- Will you please tell her--|- No.
{116494}{116545}Not once the fleet goes away.
{116549}{116609}Now! I swear to you...
{116613}{116690}those sailor boys will make like wolves.
{118731}{118770}Quickly, Mr. Lawyer.
{118785}{118816}Let's go.
{118971}{119000}Yes, sir?
{119036}{119125}I'm the lawyer of these girls.|I have come to pay their fines.
{119289}{119325}Here they come.
{119329}{119368}Isn't he handsome?
{119400}{119457}- Such a cute mustache!|- lsn't he adorable?
{119528}{119589}Your fines have been paid, you may go.
{119681}{119739}May I talk to my clients alone?
{119818}{119841}I'm listening.
{119845}{119905}- A big cut in the rents.|- All right.
{119911}{119997}From 180 drachmas|we'll bring it down to 170 drachmas.
{120001}{120066}The darling. Isn't he generous?
{120113}{120172}All right, 160 drachmas. Let's go.
{120373}{120397}What do you want?
{120401}{120520}I want you to know|that the good old days are over.
{120534}{120569}130 drachmas.
{120591}{120654}Little bird, 80 drachmas!
{120658}{120707}- Are you crazy?|- 80 drachmas!
{120713}{120821}- 120 drachmas. Last offer. I swear.|- 80 drachmas! Last offer.
I swear.
{120825}{120857}- 110 drachmas.|- 90 drachmas.
{120861}{120906}90 drachmas, it's a deal.
{122561}{122589}a rock.
{122596}{122626}He stays.
{122759}{122829}Homer, what did you do to Taki?
{122834}{122913}He's not a man. He's a catastrophe.
{122966}{123028}What happened? Captain?
{123036}{123117}He asked Taki if he could read music.|Taki said no.
{123128}{123188}He asked Taki, why does he not learn.
{123195}{123237}Taki said, "I'm too old."
{123242}{123303}So he told Taki, if he couldn't read music...
{123307}{123374}he was no real musician|and he never would be.
{123404}{123504}So Taki began to cry|and said he would never play again.
{123521}{123576}Homer, when will you learn?
{123597}{123665}- Where is Taki?|- He locked himself in the bathroom.
{123861}{123914}- Taki, come out.|- No.
{123918}{123980}Taki, open the door. I want to talk to you.
{123986}{124019}Leave me alone.
{124045}{124117}Nobody in Greece|plays the bouzouki like you.

{124125}{124185}- You play like an angel.|- Go away.

{124209}{124263}I'm ignorant. I'll never play again.
{124288}{124330}Taki, listen.
{124349}{124399}Those people who made up music notes...
{124403}{124505}they made them up so that they could|write down music, no?
{124543}{124654}You make music. They need the notes|to write down what you play.
{124658}{124708}If you don't play...
{124715}{124812}what can they do with their notes? Nothing.
{124822}{124854}Don't you see?
{125092}{125173}Can birds read music?
{125279}{125391}So should the birds stop singing?
{128097}{128138}Is he kidding, brother?
{129549}{129586}Watch it, boys!
{129846}{129883}Here we go!
{130147}{130183}You're beautiful...
{130197}{130232}but you're dumb.
{130236}{130278}I wanted to save you.
{130282}{130361}Why don't you save No Face?|He need it more than me.
{130367}{130413}Because you were the symbol.
{130417}{130461}Is not symbol. Is a woman.
{130465}{130531}Don't you think I know that, Romeo?
{130559}{130605}I've been dying to sleep with her.
{130625}{130680}Homer, is true?
{130713}{130753}From the first minute.
{130757}{130790}Is too late!
{130995}{131053}And now we all go to the seashore!
{131119}{131196}If anyone will save lllia, it will be Tonio.
{131208}{131240}Why Tonio?
{131244}{131312}Because with love, it's possible.
{131344}{131444}>> Napisy pobrane z <<|>>>>>>>> nowa wizja nap
isw <<<<<<<<