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Founded in 1992, DeVito/Verdi has been one of the most consistently recognized ad agencies for strategic and creative excellence. We have been named Best Small/Mid-Sized Ad Agency in the US by the American Association of Advertising Agencies for six years. This is a record no agency, large or small, has beaten. For the past 19 years, we have consistently delivered outstanding creative results. Recent awards include: Cannes Gold, Silver and Bronze Lions; ADDYs Best of Show (8 Gold, 3 Silver), ANDY World Championship; One Show; Clio; Mercury Radio Award; International Automotive; BMA; Retail Advertising Conference Best of Show Award; Festivals Award Grand Winner; Pollies Gold and Silver; Voted Best Public Service Agency of the year; Advertising Age Best Print Ad of the Year; MPA/Kelly Finalist Best Print Campaign in the country; Midas; American Advertising Association; OBIES; ICON. DeVito/Verdi is independently owned by co-founders Ellis Verdi, President, and Sal DeVito, Executive Creative Director. The agency is not afliated with any holding company or larger agency network; we feel that our independence offers our clients greater accountability and the highest quality work. (All compensation that comes into the agency stays here and is put to work for our clients benet.) We are business people rst and foremost, and our work in communications is therefore a craft. This craft will be judged as best of class by our clients. DeVito/Verdi operates with a bias for action with the responsibility to lead clients to achieve their goals. DeVito/Verdi is a full-service agency. We have a broad range of core competencies, all provided by in-house, onpremises staff. These include: Strategic Planning & Research Account Management Creative Services Media Planning & Buying Digital Services Direct Response Promotions Broadcast Production Print Production- includes collateral & direct mail



CREATIVE PHILOSOPHY. This agency also believes that revealing a truth -- about either the product, the service or customer is one of the most critical attributes for success. Our creative process is geared toward seeking and uncovering these truths. A truth resonates with the target customer and creates an immediate bond; it is usually straightforward, easily understood and often arresting. UNIQUE CREATIVE PROCESS. The agency has a built-in competitive system, where all creative teams compete against each other on every assignment for every account in the agency (from national campaigns to small space print ads). Thus, we do not assign a single group or creative team to any one business. Management insures necessary consistency and all participate. This system supports the natural ebb and ow of creative excellence and, as a result, the agency delivers a consistently higher quality product. It has for years. Further, the company is known for hiring a number of creative people out of school. Sal DeVito has been teaching the top advertising class at the School of Visual Arts for the past 25 years (he sees everyones book at one point or another). As a result, every year he selects two or three of his top students to come work at the agency (this is our secret sauce). This approach further ensures that consistently fresh approaches emerge even in the most tested timelines. CLIENTS SONY KOHLS DAFFYS PEPSI/SOBE MACYS GREY GOOSE VODKA FOR EYES OPTICAL U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE HOTWIRE.COM CARMAX AUTO SUPERSTORES HBO/CINEMAX ECAMPUS.COM CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL EMPIRE CHICKEN DUANE READE DRUG STORES DRUNK DRIVING THESTREET.COM REEBOK KEEPER SPRINGS BOTTLED WATER



DeVito/Verdi DIGITAL utilizes in-house digital strategy, media, analytics, social media, promotion, mobile and research functions to produce quick, results-oriented work. Our clients often call us a stealth agency. Known for our pinpoint accuracy we consistently meet and surpass client expectations, every time nailing an assignment ranging from global interactive campaigns to building client digital ecosystems. Our method is simple. We believe that modules of smart, cross-disciplined employees, dedicated to one project at a time, are capable of delivering big ideas and bigger results without the red-tape and bureaucracy that weighs down most agencies. For each project we take on, we put together a small engagement team assembled from our pool of creative, strategy, media and production experts to best execute the project at hand. Every member of the team is engaged with all aspects of the project on a daily basis; this way our clients can quickly receive answers they need from anyone on the team. Philosophy It is our rm belief that brands are built with the following: A clear and focused Value Proposition that is emotionally relevant and rationally compelling to the target. A consistency in applying the Value Proposition over time and at the right level of engagement to break through and create connection. A commitment to integration. There is no silver bullet creative execution or a deployment of singled medium that creates brand equity and value, but a zealous commitment to the message in all touch points.


The strength of our integrated planning process lies in three areas: First, senior members on our staff are highly experienced in designing integrated contact plans for clients such as USMC, FEMA, Medco, Converse, Motorola, AT&T , HSBC, Sony, VW, Fidelity Investments and McDonalds. Second, we have perfected a process but believe that its strength lies in our ability to customize it for you. Third, its underpinnings lie rmly in quantitative and qualitative data. Below is a brief description of our process. Digital Boot Camp. Immersive and collaborative working sessions with our clients, the focus of which is three-fold: a. Immerse the team in the business plan, consumer, competitive environment and marketing strategy to set a collective mindspace and clear articulation of objectives. b. Undertake a collaborative brainstorming session around initial thinking to ensure we capture the groups collective wisdom and initial thinking, accelerating the ideation process and creating group ownership. c. Develop a strong team working dynamic and create open communication ow, critical to the development of best idea wins mentality and ensuring efciency of execution. Digital EcoSystem. More than a creative brief to develop communications tactics, we use a Digital EcoSystem model framework that focuses rst on the Value Proposition and moves toward a more comprehensive digital messaging architecture. It also provides the opportunity to dene Brand Character and Attributes to provide more clarity around how to create communication. This will be the document used by the team to develop the core idea, shape creative execution and lead development of integrated marketing strategy. Ideation Platforms. It is crucial that a brand-centric and consumer compelling idea be created that can live as a complete thought across all digital touchpoints. We call these Idea Platforms. As part of the agencys internal concepting process, we invite our clients to be involved in initial concept exercises that are execution agnostic, which allow the focus to stay on the core of the idea, based on the approved brief, and not on subjective executional elements. This ensures we nd ideas with legs and the value of an idea isnt lost due to tactical bias.

INDUSTRY BRAND EXPERIENCE Category Hospitals Insurance Beverage Client

UPMC, Memorial Sloan Kettering Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, The Hartford, Geico Southern Comfort, Guinness, Ocean Spray, Silk Soy Milk AOL, Budget Travel, NBC Networks, MSNBC, The History Channel Diamond Trading Company/Debeers, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Verizon Wireless, Staples McDonalds, Subway, Boston Market HSBC, Fidelity, Merril Lynch, Citizens Bank, The Hartford, Harris Direct, Ameritrade,, Accor, Royal Caribbean, Travelocity, Orbitz, Colonial Williamsburg, Tourism New Zealand, Tourism Australia, Tourism Mexico, JetBlue US Open Tennis, US Open Series Harvard Business School Volkswagen Volkswagen Dealers Jiffy Lube Talbots

Media Properties Retailer Fast Food

Financial Services Travel/Hotels: Sports Education/universities Automotive Automotive Dealers Automotive aftermarket Apparel/clothing

David Song Director of Digital Services David recently comes to DeVito/Verdi having founded Rosie Labs, an independent digital shop with clients such as Sony Entertainment, Sony Corporate, Orbitz, Blowsh and Lambda Legal. Davids talents stretch across multiple disciplines. He started his career at Arnold Worldwide eventually rising to SVP/Group Director running all the web-based accounts of the agency. He helped build Fidelity Investments into a digital marketing leader and created the rst VW online campaign that allowed users to buy cars online. More recently David has held senior roles at Hill Holliday, JWT, and MMB NY. Leading advertising strategies for HSBC, Subway, L.L.Bean, AOL, Verizon Wireless, USTA and American Red Cross. Lauren Reddy Digital Client Services Clients see Lauren as a one-stop-shop for marketing, able to provide creative feedback, production timelines, and marketing effectiveness for a campaign in a single conversation. Her background is both media and account, crafting marketing strategies for clients such as Vanguard, Starz, Victorias Secret, and Pepsi, giving her big brand experience combined with a love for a small, fast-paced business environment. She currently overseas the digital account and media teams at DeVito/Verdi. Dr. Urvashi Pitre Digital Research and Analytics Over the past 20 years, Urvashi has become an expert in research and analytics. She has built a strong reputation for using data to drive revenue and optimization. In a number of senior agency roles within agencies such as IMC2, JWT, RAPP, and Targetbase. Urvashis specialties include complex statistical analytics such as predictive modeling, media-optimization, segmentation, Life-time value, data-driven CRM, web analytics, and customizing KPIs to ensure a common measuring stick across all endeavors. Her experience includes brands such as USMC, FEMA,, Direct Buy, Lambda Legal, Toyota, HSBC, Hyatt, and Royal Caribbean.

While many know DeVito/Verdi for creative excellence over the years working with clients such as Sony, BMW, Kohls, Grey Goose Vodka, Canon, and many others-- we are now bringing big ideas to the digital world. We are now promoting a more effective use of digital communications as the new way to go-to-market and to engage and delight customers. From what weve seen however, most digital agencies lack the creative repower to optimize this engagement in the digital space. This is where DEVITO/VERDI DIGITAL can play a major role. Here are a few recent examples on the following pages:

-- Back to school campaign to drive online and ofine sales Gold Toe asked us to create a campaign that would drive online and ofine sales during the back to school season for both and their preferred retailers. Using digital media strategically to drive purchase conversions at either purchase point while providing measurable performance data. We developed a microsite that enabled users to learn about Gold Toe, nd their local store, and allowed them to purchase online. The digital campaign was set up to track performance on the following, allowing us to measure overall success: Purchases on, Clicks to online retail partner sites, Searches for retail stores selling Gold Toe. Click here to see the digital banner in action:










-- Creating a new national underwear brand from scratch - for Millennials. Gildan is a giant in wholesale apparel, yet an unknown brand to the consumer world. This is their rst effort to go up against the likes of Hanesbrands and Fruit of the Loom. We initiated a consumer research phase that drove our strategy: appeal to Millennials with an apparel brand they can call their own (Gildan is not the brand of basic apparel your Mom used to buy for you). Integrated campaign: strategic branding, package design, digital/social media plan, television, print, in-store merchandising, PR, guerilla, as well as trade sell-in.

KoHls Department Stores - Spring Marketing Campaign We created an integrated, national campaign to increase engagement and capitalize on the shopping haul video phenomenon seen on YouTube. Partnered with Olympic athletes to promote Kohls low prices simultaneously on national television and Facebook.

Lindsey Vonns Shop to Win 2012 Commercial Facebook: Hauls of Fame Contest - Consumers were invited to create and submit their own personal haul video - Visitors could view each athletes haul video directly on Facebook for inspiration - Shop to Win: users submitted their own haul video to Facebook for a chance to win; winners were also announced through Facebook.

Lindsey Vonns Kohls Haul


-- Growing categories with leader brands Sony research showed that consumer awareness of key verticles was low, viewing it as just a consumer electronics powerhouse. It became increasingly our challenge to rebrand and redesign Sony Corporates image across a variety of online and ofine executions, including social media based platforms. We implemented the creative solution of leveraging the XMB icons representing the various Sony divisions as the building blocks for this Sony united effort. We used this concept across music, gaming, lm, and other Sony united efforts to form images including the Facebook like thumb, Bob Dylan, Priest in 3D title art, LittleBigPlanet2s Sackboy hero, and the Sony brand message of make.believe across multiple online and ofine media touch points. The campaign produced a 200% lift in Facebook page likes, tens of thousands of program participations 1 million new likes in 3 months and a creative concept that was adopted by other Sony divisions

Duane Reade Drugstores Digital Circular Duane Reade, the iconic New York City drug store (253 locations) has been printing millions of its weekly circular called The Duane Reader. It is vital to its business, yet many times it falls out of the newspaper or is simply left on the doorstep. The new digital circular we created for Duane Reade allows customers to get the circular anytime, anywhere they want taking a photo of a special by visual code they see on wild postings throughout New York City and texting it to Duane Reade. In about two minutes, the digital version of the circular is emailed to their cell phone. DaFFys ClotHing Stores Texting FasHion We came up with the idea of staging a street-level publicity event that blended window-shopping and a live fashion show to create interaction from hundreds of passers-by for an entire day and night. Models in the window were ready to try on any items in the new fashion range. They then asked the public at street level to text a special number for each model, asking them to try on and then take off a particular item. Each message was projected onto the store window, allowing everyone in the huge crowd to follow the conversation, while the models themselves, each used a phone to interact with people on the street.


DaFFys 5otH Anniversary Banner/Facebook Notice The best banner ads all have one thing in common: they engage the viewer. To celebrate Daffys 50th birthday, we staged a publicity event and invited the public to attend a huge party. To get consumers engaged, we created a banner where people would have to blow out a birthday candle on their screen to get more information. We also repurposed the creative execution to work as a Facebook page. As expected, the click through rates have been much higher than the industry standard.

Legal Sea Foods Restaurants FoursQuare gumball For our Legal Sea Foods Restaurants client, we wanted to create a unique way for customers to engage in the brand and be rewarded for doing so while also promoting their presence at the restaurant to others. Our idea was to place a typical gumball machine in Legal Sea Foods where social media users can digitally check in to the restaurant using their smart phone and Foursquare to receive instant gratication in the form of a gumball. This works so well because its new technology in a very familiar format so it is easily and quickly adopted and it understands that the right small enticement can overcome inertia to get people to sign in.

MeiJer Mobile Marketing Program Gas Alert Meijer stores sells gas and wanted to create some goodwill for their customers and the communities in their business area. Recently, as gas prices were uctuating wildly, we helped Meijer develop use of a text-messaging program that alerts Meijer customers in advance of gas prices going up. Customers loved it and we were able to obtain major PR buzz.

MeiJer HalloWeen Digital ProJection Despite its popularity in many markets, Meijer struggled to attract consumers located in key mid-west metro markets such as Chicago. To let customers know that Meijer was Halloween Headquarters, we transformed the city into a virtual version of Sleepy Hollow, complete with a running of the Headless Horseman. We drove a customized van throughout the city projecting a digital image of the Headless Horseman along the sides of buildings. We posted Wanted posters around the city instructing consumers to use their mobile phones to catch the Horseman by texting He Rides to a special number. Among those who participated, one winner was chosen to collect a $1,000 reward. That night we received hundreds of text messages and grabbed the attention of local media outlets when several nightly newscasters reported on our campaign.


MeiJer Stores Staycation With the current economy, Americans have been increasingly taking non-travel reliant vacations. We capitalized on this idea by creating the Meijer Staycation. The integrated campaign initially looks like a travel ad, but customers are surprised to nd out about the potential for a great home-improvement project. Executional elements: direct mail, in-store, website, blog, tabs, circulars, iPhone app.

DaFFys Peep SHoW We drew Times Square trafc into the new Daffys Store by communicating the off-price retailers high fashion, low price position. Creating a peep show enabled us to show customers what %80 off REALLY looks like.

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