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Pioneering the Next Generation of Business Intelligence

Unleashing the power of data in your business.
Looker brings BI into the modern era with an agile, browser-based platform for exploring data of any sizeno matter how gigantic. As straightforward to use as the web itself, Looker introduces anyone in your organization to a curiosity-driven approach to on-demand analytics.
Instead of dumbing down BI, Looker makes the most of the smartest data people in your organization. In fact, its a bit like putting a data analyst inside everyones browser. With Looker, your data team can enable direct exploration of detailed data, negotiated by a modern modeling language thats quick for them to learn. The result is high-resolution insights, accessible by everyone and providing business value throughout your organization. By unlocking the value of data and socializing analytics, Looker breeds a culture of inquisitive people. So everyone in your organization can pursue insights, develop intuition about data, leverage the unpredictability of results, and nd answers to rapidly evolving questions. Theres no waiting for predetermined reports. Data is available at the moment of decisionbuilding condence, driving collaboration, and accelerating progress. User empowerment is also about rapid deployment: Looker users can be exploring data within hoursnot weeks or months.

Looker empowers business users to explore data directly.

Looker leverages your smartest data people.

Looker adds value to your data investments.

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Looker Fuels the Business Users Curiosity.

Discovery-driven organizations are successful because they empower their entire workforce to ask questions and back their choices with hard data. Whether its your marketing person trying to segment customers or your operations manager exploring issues in capacity, Looker drives curiosity. With Looker, an easy-to-use browsing experience opens up full BI functionality on any analytical or transactional databasefrom small data to very big dataputting data discovery in the hands of the people who are responsible for business results. They can build and share reports on the y, so other functional groups can benet from the questions theyre asking and the knowledge theyve created. Lookers intuitive approach to data discovery makes the spread of a curiosity-driven culture both efcient and effective.

The Looker BI Platform allows our entire organization to easily dig deep into our data and collaborate on insights that are actionable and critical to our success.
Suresh DP Duddi, Vice President of Engineering, Simply Hired

Data discovery
Curiosity-driven experience of all your business data, from a single application Browser-based interface and customizable dashboards, available on any device Ability to move quickly from wide-angle to extreme detail views, and to drill down on any chart Powerful data tools, such as pivoting, contextual ltering, sequencing, and cohort tiering Ad hoc query-builder for exploration of any model Wide set of visualizations, including scatter, table, bar, and line charts

Sharing and collaboration

Time- and activity-based email subscriptions User bookmarks, shareable via URLs Real-time integration with Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, and other business applications, including your own custom applications Manual export in csv, text, or JSON

With Looker, anyone in your organization can access high-resolution insights.


Looker Empowers Your Smartest Data People.

Your organization worked hard to hire super-smart data analysts and data scientists. Looker liberates them from traditional inefciencies. Instead of being caught up in endless cycles of creating and rening reports based on (sometimes poorly conceived) user requests, they have new ways to contribute, focusing on high-value lines of questioning and sharing their intelligence across the business. With Lookers powerful language, LookML, your data analysts can build web-based tools for self-service data explorationessentially packaging their genius into mini-applications that the rest of the company can use. The LookML syntax simplies the development of complex analytical models for any organization, while enhancing the capabilities of SQL. Theres no need to expend time and resources coding queries on an ad hoc basis or setting up complex BI software platforms. Your data people can create dimensions, metrics, and additional views or incorporate new database tablesadapting analytics as quickly as your organization demands.

Whats great about Looker is that we can pass down what we learn to people who may not be familiar with even what SQL is or what an analytics service does.
Colin Zima, Head of Data Science, HotelTonight

Data modeling
Powerful LookML modeling language Browser-based IDE for agile modeling, development, and embellishment GitHub integration for collaborative development by small and large analyst teams Model generator and SQL tool for increased efciencies and in-browser development Full web services API and application SDK for building custom applications or integrating intoanother BI workow

Management and administration

In-app user management and comprehensive permissioning Live integration with any SQL database, such as MPP, in-memory, and columnar systems, as well as with Hadoop via SQL interfaces such as Hive

Database connection management tools Advanced monitoring of sharing and reporting activities, so data doesnt go where it shouldnt

Your data analysts can use LookML to create mini-applications that add power and efficiencies to data exploration.

Looker Maximizes Your Data Infrastructure Investment.

The new generation of analytic database technology is all about detail. Looker leverages this giant shift in analytical computing capability by exploiting the power and capabilities of your underlying analytics databaseMPP, in-memory, and columnar systemsanything that speaks SQL. Architected to be 100% in-database, Looker provides direct real-time access to the entire dataset, maximizing the last mile of data to your end usersin the most intelligent way. The entire Looker platform can be distributed on our infrastructure or yourswhether managed on premise or in the cloud. Its packaged in a lightweight .jar le (like .zip for Java apps), so implementation is fast and requires very few resources.

Installation and support

Connections with any SQL databasesuch as PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Vertica, Redshift, Netezza, Hive, and Pivotal/Greenplum and settings for external applications

Lightweight installationLinux, Java, and Git Unlimited upgrades and maintenance Unlimited analytical support via in-application chat

The entire Looker team has been incredibly supportive and collaborative with my team, responsive to all of our questions and to anything that we needed fixed. We love Looker.
Michelle Lam, CE O and Founder, True&Co

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About Looker
Looker is an inventive software company thats pioneering the next generation of business intelligence (BI). We believe that businesses can only thrive when data is consistently dened and easily accessible across the entire organization. Looker is creating true discovery-driven businesses and unleashing the power of their data, one customer at a time. Looker is based in Santa Cruz, CA |

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