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Guide to Federal Government Agencies

In: Your Rights | comment : 2 Within a federal system, Government Agencies are generally established by national government or state government. These federal agencies are in charge to oversee and govern particular functions generally related to intelligence, defense etc. CIA: tands for !entral Intelligence Agency. This group is responsible for international intelligence gathering, as "ell as the spread of democracy,

not shoving it do"n their throats# Washington, $.!. %&'() (*+,+''' -e" .or/ !ity %2+2) &**,''2& !hicago %(+2) (*(,201' 2os Angelos %2+() 322,31&* 4oston %3+&) (*5,*03* 6iami %('*) 55*,(3*1 7ouston %&+() 220,2&(0 t. 2ouis %(+5) 32+,30'2 $on8t as/ me "hat they need offices in the 9. . for# DOD: tands for $epartment :f $efense these are the boys "ho rent office space in the pentagon# They are the armed forces, here to protect us from the vile armies of other nations# ;entagon %2'2) *5*,3&'' DARPA: tands for $efense Advanced <esearch ;ro=ects Agency. These are the boys "ho ma/e "eapons for the military. They are very up on particle beam "eapons, lasers, missle trac/ing, and even biocybernetics %the direct interfacing of man and machine, imaging hac/ing as fast as you can thin/ about it# This has potential). Arlington, >A %2'2) 305,(''& NSA:

tands for -ational ecurity Agency. These are the brain boys, the thin/ tan/s for the the military. If you have nightmares, these people arie the ones "ho should be starring. They are the govt. !omputer and telecom e?perts. %('+) 311,3(++ DOJ: tands for $epartment :f @ustice this is the court system, ho"ever i do not agree "ith their idea of =ustice %"hat do you e?pect fro a man "ho thin/s g. Gordon liddy is coolA). Washington, $.!. %2'2) 3((,2''' F I: tands for Bederal 4ureau :f Investigations. These are the nosey people in the "orld "ho bust in doors. 4elieve it or not, most of them /no" nothing about "hat they do since their college degrees are in economics and accounting and the li/e. Bran/ly, these guys don8t scare me# They are pretty dumb, and are totally out of their class "hen it comes to computers. Washington, $.!. %2'2) (25,(''' %a side note: loo/ at a touch tone pad. (25 either spells CB4I8 :< CBAG8. I "onder if someone in the telco has a sense of humorA) D!A: tands for $rug Dnforcement Agency. If you "a/e up one morning and their is someone digging in your Cgarden8 it is them. They don8t li/e you to en=oy yourself, or engage in a little recreational soaring# Washington, $.!. %2'2) 3((,+250 DOS: tands for $epartment :f tate. When you hac/ the russian computer, they aren8t pleased, one of t"o groups "ill /noc/ at your door. The telco or the state department. "#! $G : @ust is a group of guys "ho are very good liars and very good at reading people. They /eep "atch from the embassy# Washington, $.!. %2'2) 3**,5''' DO": tands for $epartment :f Treasury thro" a"ay the color ?ero? machine "hen these people /noc/, since they don8t li/e you passing bad bills. They /eep trac/ and print all the money in the country %e?cept for a fe" friends of mine "ho#) Washington, $.!. %2'2) *33,2''' Secret Service: Bor the most part, the secret service protects the president %that8s "hy "e have lost a fe"), grabs counterfeiters, and used to bust mobsters. Washington, $.!. %2'2) *(*,*&'1 %note: do the initials Css8 mean much to those of you up on the -aEisAAAA)

ureau o% Alcohol& "o'acco& And Firearms: Bran/ly, I could do "ithout these do,gooders. They enforce all la"s pertaining to alcohol, tobacco, and firearms %if it "asn8t obvious). Washington, $.!. %2'2) *33,&*++ IRS: tands for Internal <evenue ervice. ArgF The ta? manF The only thing is, their computer "ould be the ultimate hac/. Thin/ about it# Washington, $.!. %2'2) *33,*''' This concludes list of Bederal Government Agencies.