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RETURN to an Order of the Honourable The HOllse of Commons,

dllted 18 April 1861 i- for,
to the Sheriff or Sub-sheriff of the County of Donegal, and from or to any
Resident Magistrate, Officer of Constabulary, or Relieving Officer, and from
or to the C'hief or Under Secretary for Ireland, with reference to a recent
EJECTMBNT of the LANns of Derryveagh, in that County."
(M,. Scully.)
Ordered, by The House of Commons, to be Printed,
14 May 1861.
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No. 1.
Correspondence with the Chief or Under Secretary
- p. 3
Constabulary Correspondence
- p. 11
Poor Law Correspondence _
- p. 18
I 3 ]
- No. 1. -
COpy of CORRESPONDENCE with tbe Chief or UDder for Ireland, with
reference to a recent EJECTMENT of the LANDS of Derryveagh, County of
The Under Secretary to J. G. Adair, Esq.
Sir, . Castle, 2 February 1861.
I AM directed by the Lord Lieut\lnant to t ransmit herewith copy of a Police
Report, which has been received through tbe Inspector General of Constabulary,
r elative to affording protection to your herd ; also a copy of the Constabulary
Code, cODtaining the conditions on which police protection is supplied in private
11Ouses; and I am desired to state that his Excellency apprehends there must be
some mistake in the case, and that it will be necessary tbat the men be accom-
modated in conformity with the regulat ions, and I s. per night paid for each
man so long as you wi sh the post to be retained.
John George Adair, Esq., J.P.,
Glen veogb, Letterkenny.
I am, &C.
(signed) Thos. A. Larcom.
' 1.etterkellny,24 January 1861.
I N reference to file 29, November 1860, I beO' to state, thll t I have made inquiry, and have
reason to apprehend that Dougald Rankin's tKJr. Adair's herd at Glenvengh) life wuuld be
in danger, should the protection of the police be withdrawn frolD- him. 1 beg to annex a
copy of an information sworn by Rankin on the 30th ulti mo, be rare John Stewart , Esq., J.P.,
at Gnrtan, by which it appears 11e bas reason to apprehend that violence would be used
towards him if he had not the protection of the police.
I have only to add, that the party stationed a.t Mr. Adair's eottage are constantly COlU-
plaining of baying no firing, and informed me that Mr. Adair told them he would supply
them with none, whi ch, I think, is the very least he should do, as they are protectinO' his
servanto and property, and fot, which he pays [lothing. :;I
(signed) John Corr,
J, Macmahon, Esq., County 2 S, I. C.
GlenveaO'h CottnO'e, 24 December 1861.
I D EO to state, that I and three sub-constables have sent 11ere for the proteclion of
MI'. Adair's property and senants. Since we came here we hnve endured great hardship,
cutti ng timber for fuel, and we are allowed none. I spoke to Mr. Adair on the 20th iustant
to provide us with fuel aud li ght, which he declined to give us. He has also refused to
all ow us to cut timber. It is, therefore. impo8sible 'for us to do without fire; have to
patrol the mountains during the day, and return at night to a damp cold house, with our
clothing wet, ourselves fatigued from cold and want of food, having no fire to cook our
v ictuals or dry our clothing. Under these circulllstances, I the county inspector will
call on Mr. Adair to provide us with fuel and light agreeable to section 10:11 (.I f the Code,
or have our grievance:;; redressed.
James MCLain, COllstabl
(Su\;mitt.d.) .
Jolw CurT,
, J, Macmahon, Esq.
26 December 1860.
Letterkenny, 28 1860.
RBTURNED to the Sub I nspector for report.. With reference to file above quoted, in
the event of the being wit hdrawn from Glenvertgh Lodge, do you consider Dugald
Rankin, Mr. Adair s present manager, WOlll d be in danger?
Sub Inspector Corr. (signed) J, IJfal:maholl, C.l.
A 2
P etty Sessions, District of Church Hill,
County of Donegal.
THE. information of Dugald Rankin, of Glellveigh, who saith on oath, that t am shepherd
t 6 John G. Adair, Esq., at Glenveigb, and employed taking care of his sheep. I knew the
late James Murray ; he was caretaket' for Mr. Adair, at he was found murdered
ill the mountains on the 1:>th day of November last. [ gave evtdence touching his murder
and lodged informa.tions against certain parties, whom I bel ieved to be concerned in
murder. For doinlS this, I believe my life is in dnnger. I have been told by respectable
persons to leave the employment of Mr. Adair, and go home, or I would my life or
words to that effect. I have, therefore, reuson to llelieve my life to be in danger. '
Taken before me this 30th day of December 1860, at LouO'hveiah
. I d 0 0 '
. m t Ie sal . county.
.. (signed) John Stewart, J. P.
(sig'ned) R. P earson,
Clerk of Petty Se .. ions.
WHEN persons receive such protection, they will ue required to provide the men with
lodging, bedding, and fuel, and to pay tor each mun a sum not exceeding 1 s. pel' niaht,
unless otherwi se directed by Government. Men employed nt this duly will be subject to
the officer of the district in which they al'e placed, and to aU tbe regulations of the fOl'ce.
J. G. Adair, Esq., to the Under Secretary.
Sir, Bell egrove, B ... lIybri ttas, 8 February 186!.
Y OUR communication of the 2d has been forwarded to me here, toget.her with
copies constabulary reports. In reply, I beg to state, for the information of his
Excellency, that from the fi rst I have direct ed the men stationed at Glenveagh
Lodge to he supplied with the same fue l aff my own servants ; I can get no better
within eigb.t miles. 1 not prevented them cutting wood, as may be seen from
the great number of trees cut. The murder of my st eward hM been followed by
a seri es of outrages. The Rev. Mr. Matul'i n's offices. with whom I was a guest,
\vere burned down; upward of 100 of my sbeep bave been maliciously made away
'with; and inasmuch as I am now haTing ejectments sei:vecl on the inhabitants of
the district in wbich these crinles have been committed, I have the fulle3t cou-
viction that still further crimes will be perpetrated, if not I(uarded against.
The affidavit of Dugald llilnkin, my shepherd, a Crown witness, you have be-
fore you. I am prepared to make a simi1ar one from my own information. Under
these circumstances, I think I am entitled to demand from the Government. pro-
tection for the lives of my servant and my property.
I refuse to pay for the police required for this duty. I leave to tbe Government
the respon. ihility of withdrawing that prot.ection; m,d this di stinct declaration,
that I am prepared to make oatb, t hat] believe tbat, over a di st ri ct of 90 square
miles, my property, neither I nor any servant of mine could stand unarmed with-
out the certainty of injury, and no property unguarded without the certainty of
destruction, and th.t tLi s is the general opinion of those best informed in the
district. .
TI,is state .of things bas not been brought about by any act of minc, no tenant
having been ever evicted by me ; no mountain commonage taken from the
people. . .
I desire to add, tbat in tbe steps I am now taking I shall be a large peculllary
loser, fully 200 I. per annum for several years, as the lands from which these
people are evicted must remain waste. . .
'] hat in the increased number and wages of my ser vants, consequent on lblS state
of tmngs, 1 am a loser to an equal extent. .
. That these crimes have prevented my letting my mountain property, for which,
to a large extent, parties were actually in treaty; and I am compeiled to pay in-
. eome tax for this. . .
The course I have taken is dictated solely by a seuse of duty. I incur personal
'I'isk, pecuniary loss, and popular odium.
I must leave it to the Government and the public, to COli sider whether, this state
of things is. creditable, and whetber I am to be compell ed to go back" to the first
stage of sOCIety, to defend my own property and life' by my own armed retainers.
The Under Secretary,
the Castle.
I have, &c.
(.igned) John G. Adair.
Tbe Under Secretary to J. G':'Adair, Esq.
Sir, , ' Dublin Castle, 12 Februar'y 1861.
. HAVING laid before the Lord Lieutenant your letter of tbe 8th instant, relating
to the protection to your herd, I am directed to observe, that while his Excellency
does not question your perfect right to'dispose of 'your property, and the tenants
which occupy it, in such lVay as you may be authorised by law to do, his Excel-
lency nevertheless feels it his duty to call your attention to the very serious
r esponsibility which will attach to so extensive an operation as you appear to
contemplate, by the simultaneous eviction of 50 families from their buildings, and
to the results which may arise from its being carried into effect.
In regard to the police protection party now in' your I Lodge at for
the safety of Dugald Rankin, the herel , I am directed, to state, that, as a IjrowR
witness, his Excellency is prepared to direct his support in the nearest constabulary
barrack; and that as it is for your own service alone Ite remains in the lodge,
llis Excellency trusts you will reel tbat there is no ground for exempting you from
the payment of t he established quota of the expense.
, I am, &C.
John G. Adair, Esq. (signed) ' Thomas A. La,com.
Bellegrove, Ballytrittas.
REPORT from J. Considine, Esq., R.M.
Londonderry, 14 February 186l.
I BEG to submit the annexed file of papers for instructions (GIenveagh being
outside my distri ct), respecting whicb, and in reply, I have written to 8ub-
Inspector ' Corr this day.
(signed) J. Considine, R. M.
Letterkenny, Il 1861.
I lIA.VE to inform YOIl that Mr. Adai r is to serve ejectments on aU the
-tenants, say about 50 families, s9me day this or next week; and as there may be a sefl ?us
breach of tbe peace on the occasion, may I requc:st to know if you wuuld attend .by gettmg
doe notice of the tlay' in the absence of Mr. Dillon; I can have 40 men for lhlS duty, or
.rome if j'OU think it',;eces81'1ry. I beg to for.""ard you a copy of an information lodged by
Mr. Adair before the Inspecto\' General on thI S, !)uuJecl. ,
(sgned) J ohn Carr,
J, Considine, Esq., R.M. 2 S. 1. C.
P. S.-Please let me hear from you in reply to this communication as soon as possible.
C OUNTY of DONEGAl, to wit.
, "
JODN .1. ADAIR, of Glenveagh, in the county of Donegal, Esquire, came befo:e
H('ilfy .Wa':lker Thompson, Esq., Assistant Inspector of lind aJustlce
Qfthe peace for Ireland, and made oath as f0)10W::: that about to serve occu-
.piers Estate, in the county of Donegal, with ejectments, and tha,t be
249. ' A 3 be\Jeves
"be1ieves the life of the bnilifi' who will be employed to serve same \."ill be in daofYcr if
he iR not protected or accompanied by a party of police, and that such notices be
'served Juring the present week. ,
Sworn before nl t> , Ihis 4th of February, in the year 1861: at the Constabulal'Y
Office, Dublin easl le.
H. TV. 1'/tOmpson,
J. P. f"r Irehmd at lara,
(signed) Jolm G. Adair.
R EPOUT from J . Considine, Esq., R. M.
Londonderry, 16 February 1861.
I BEa to state, I attended wi th Sub Inspector COlT and party of the con-
.stabulary at Glenyeagh on yesterday. tbe 15th illst..'1.nt, agreea.bly with the annexed
all<l iustl'uctions. The ejectment copies were sf>rved by Adai r's
.gamekeepeI, Kerr, "ithout the least hindrance being offered by the tenantry.
(signed) J aB. C01lsidille, R. ' f.
J. G. Adair, Esq., to tI,e Under Secretary.
I AM in receipt of yom .. of the 12th instant, and beg to state, for the inform ....
tivn of his Excellency, that I was informed and understoud the police were
plnced at Glenveagh, in consequence of the murder of manager, the destl'llc.
tion of my sheep, and tbe attempt to burn out myself, for the protection of the
remaining servants and propert), under the circumstances a duty, as it seems to
me, of Government.
Dugald Rankin, my herd, cau perhaps be seduced or compelled to leave Lis
duties and my strvice, and to remain at the nearest police station fiye and n half
miles away ; but whether this course would be creditabl e or expedient, it is for you
to consider.
Should Government fail in t h'eir dUty r.o protect my property and the lives of
my servants, warned as they are, I must only take all the step" in my power to
. do so; but I must decl ine to pay Government for that duty, and I lenve to them
. the responsibility of withdrawing a legitimate protection.
I beg you will convey to his Excellency, thnt it is with the deepest pain and
regret I have most reluctantly come to the resolution to evict the p'eople of Derry-
veagh, a resolution which I some time ago communicated to you.
It is one involving great risk, suffering, odium, and loss, and which I wuuld
most gladly relinquish, could I have any guarantee or hope from Government or
the a.uthoriti es for the protection of my 1ife, my sel' vnnts, or my pro-
perty ; but I must recall to his Excellency' s memory, that, in addition to the
crimes above enumerated, a previous proprietor of my estat.c ( Mr. IVl arshall),' was
a few years ago mnl'dered ; that I was myself attacked by an arme. l party ou the
very spot where my manager was murdered; t hat upwards of 600 of my sheep
have been destroyed; and that in not one single instance have the perpetrators
been brought to justice, or their gnilty intentions frustrated by the action of
, Government, '
I hale Dot evicted a tenant j I have tal<en no mountain commOTJage from the
peopl e; and I have not one single complaint' against me as a. landlord.
I cannot suppose that his Excellency would lldvise lhat I should subj ect myself,
my servants, or my property, to a repet iti un of these cri meA, by leaving things as
they are : be would surely not suggest that I should abandon my property to
these people.
Law establishes the principle, in cases of mali cions inj ury to property, that the
distri ct be made responsible; does t.he addition of murder do away with the
r esponsibility?
1 request you will assure hi s Excellency that I would with heartfelt pleasure
.abDJIdon llly intention of evict ing these people coul d t he Government suggest to
me any other means of snfety for myself or my servants, or could they assure me
of tbat protection wbich I believe it is their first duty to afford, and wbich hitherto
they have so entirely failed in doing-failed with such sad consequences. But in
the absence of this, I cannot hesit.te to do at any risk and cost what their failure
and tbe state of the country makes my duty to myself and to society.
I have, &c.
Bellegrove, Ballybrittas, 16 February 1861.
(signed) John G. Adair.
THE Under Secretary to J. G. Adair, Esq.
Sir, Dublin Castle, 18 February 1861.
REFERRING to your letter of the 16th iustant, relating to the protection required
for your servants and property at Glenveigh, I am directed bv the Lord Lieutenant
to acquaint you, that your communicHtion has been forwarded to Mr. Dillon, R. M"
with instructions that it may be laid before the magistrates at Cburch-hill, request-
ing their consideration of the number of men the ,tate of the district may require
for its protection, and the district on which they recommend that the charge should
be levi ed . .
John G. Adair, Esq.,
Bellegrove, Ballybrittas.
I am, &c.
(signed) Thos. A. Larcom.
T. A. Dil/on, Esq., R. M., to the Under Secretary.
County of Donegal,
LetterkeDuy, 17 March 186l.
I HAVE beard that Mr. Adair has iutimated to the sub-sheriff of this county
thnt he purposes putting out, some time within the next 10 days, about
.50 families from out of the lands of Derryveagh, near where James Murray was
murdered, and that the sheriff intends calling upon me and a very large force of
police to protect him while evicting those people, and giving Mr. Adair posses-
sion: I have also been informed that all the bouses on the lands in question are
to be thrown down by the sheriff and his assistants.
. May 1 beg to be informed if it is my duty, and that of the police, to stand by
and give protection whilst the houses a,'e being levelled. .
To the Under Secretary, .
Dublin Castle.
(signed) Tlteouald A. Dillon, R. M_
T. A. Dillon, Esq., R. M., to the Under Secretary.
County of Donegal, .
Letterkenny, 23 March J 86l.
IN returning the annexed Ie, I have to report, for the information of the Lord
Lieutenant, that I attended the assizes at Lifford, and met there the different
magistrates wbo were the owners of property adjoining the Glenveagh district.
I also attended the Church-hill petty sessions on the 14tb instant: 1 there met
Mr. Stewart, J. P., and Mr. Chambers, J. P., and we agreed that I should write
and name a day to the different proprietors to meet at Letterkellny on this day.
I also wrote a letter to Mr. Adair, J . P., snd a circular to the different magistrates,
copies of ,vhich I send; also copy of . the resolurions passed by them, to which
Mr. Adair bas protested; be denied in the strongest manner that he ever asked for
an extrs force of police, and tbat he looks to the. Government for the protec-
tion of the lives of his servants, and that he consider> it is the duty of tbe
249. A 4 Government
to protect "ithout bis for it; in fact he was
very stl lf, :and hmted that If he dld not get the protectIOn so required, that the
case' would be brought before Parliament. The county inspector and sub.illspecto'
attended the meeting; tho for mer satisfactorily replied to auy questions as to
poli ce force put to him by the magistmtes.
(signcd) Theobald A. Dillon, lUt.
The Undel' Secretary, &0. &c. &c.,
Castie, Dublin.
Sir, LeUcrkcnny, 15 March 1861.
YOUR official comrr..llniclltion t,) the Undr. r Secretary" datc,d lO,tll ,ultimo, has, IJY his
Exct'lleucy 's oJ'r.Itr, been sent t o me to lay befure the Church-hdl for the pur-
pose of' l1scertuinillg theil' opinioll as to the nnmber of police the f)f the GlellYeagh
local ity may require for the protection oryont property alld the lives of' your servants, and
the district on whidl they recommend that the expense or charge tlws incurred shoul d be
levied. Hnvi llg nttended the Chnrch-hill petty sessions on yesterday, and met there
MI'. Stewart and .l\-1r. Chambl!TS, justices of the peace, they requested t hat 1 should write to
the different landlords who hud p topelty adjoining or near your locality, requestiuo- their attend-
ance at the cour1 house nt Letlel'kellDY, ut 12 o' clock, all Satunlny, the 23d for the
purpose of tonsidering and replying to the communication fr om Government on this sub-
ject, which J shnll Ihen lay before them. I give you this cllrly intitllfllion, in order that,.
should ),ou del!nl fil, vou may be pleased to attend this mectir.g; and alll,
Sir, &c.
John G. Adair, Esq., (signed) ')'. A. Dilloll, R.'!H.
Bellegrove, Ballybli ttas.
Sir, Lcttcrkrnny, 1 5 March 186 J.
AN applicati(l n l1aving brt:n mnde by Mr, Adni r to the Lord Lieutenant for police pro-
tection of his property, and the lives of his servants there, that. application
l1as been sent roe th rougll tbe Unrler Secretury, for the pur pose of luy illg it lJefore the
Chulch-hill mogistl'ate!", to (1scertain their view of the nu mbel' of pulice the state of that
dist l'ict may require for its proleetioll, and the di Rtrict on which t hey recommend that the
chnrge be It!vied. I attended accordingly at the petty sessions at 011 yesterday,
and there met ?ttl'. Stewart of Garton, and Mr. Chambers of Forhall ,justices of the pence,
and laid the Government fi le before them, when they agreed that I should write to the
different land lorrl s who have propert y in the Glenveagh locality, requesti ng their attendance
at the court-house at Letterkenny, at 12 o' clock, on ::;aturdaYI the 23d instant, for the pur-
pose of considerin
and replying t o tbe communicat ion from Government, which I shall
then place befc're tbem. I give you this early intima.tion, in order that, ;;hould you deem fit,.
you ' may be pleased to attend the meeting.
I am, &c.
Colonel Humfrey.
W. Fenwick, J . P.
Chas. Stewart, J. P .
A. Hastings, J . P.
J. Stewart, J. P.
G. S. Fenton, J.P.
J. Chambers, J .I'.
(signeri ) T. A. Dillon, R.M.
W s, t he undersigned usually attendulIT the
having property in the d is trict,- ::>
Letterkennv, 23 March 1861-
petty ses.-;ions of Church-hill, or
H:lVing met this day at Let terkenny, to conc;ider a. correspondence Letwcen John George
Adda u., Esq" and Government, witu reference to the necebsit ...... of pl'otecting fort.:e for hllDself
an selvanls at Glenveagh, and reference bei no- made to us for allocating the eXIJense on
portion the district, we have to report oOm opinion i viz., we consider .the number of
police llOW statIoned at Glenveagh may be so strengthened ft'om olhE'r as be
all purposes of protection; and as the outrages complained of llave, m. o.ur OpinIOn,
hom .unconnecten with nny matter having relation 10 the adjolllmg estates
(hitherto. now 10 a of perfect tranquillity), we consider thut the expense of
'extra. polIce, If tbe necel:lo<;j lty should arise, should be levied off the Poor Law clectornl dIS-
trict of Gartan, comprising the Derryveagh <lnd Gartan property, or the count y !It large j
.the causes above stated, we are I)f opinion that it would be an act of the greatest m
Justice to levy aoy part of such expense off any other property in the district.
(signed) William Fentciclt, Chainnan.
B. J . Humfrey, J. P.
Chas. Stewart, J . P.
A. Hastings, J . P;
J olm S tewart, J.P. '
G. Spence Fenton, J . P.
J uhn Chambers, J. P.
Letterkennv, 23 March 186l.
I PROTES1' agains.t the foregoing resolution, unanswe':ed, as some of the facts stated are
not correct, as a reference to the county inspector will prove.
Willi alll F.:mwick, Chairman. (fligned) Jolin G. Adait, J.P.
S. J. C"ooksl!ank, Esq., to the Under Secretary.
Sir, . Donegal, 2 April 1861.
I Ai\! ndvlsed that should I attend Mr. Adair's evictions without a very lal'ge
force it will certainly lead to riot, and perhaps loss of life. I harl forwarded to
the county inspectol' a requi sition for 200 of the constabulary, but from a com-
mnnication received from bim yesterduy, I find he can only provide 150 mell .
On talking over this matte\' with some of the maglstrates
they are of opinion
I should apply for military, and 1 am certain the attendance of 30 soldiers will
have a good effect, and enable me to execute the babere without a breach of the
peace. I have tberefore to reguest t bat one ofticer and 30 rank and file be ordered
to meet me at Lough Barrow, on Monday, the 8th instant, at 12 o'clock, in aid of
the civil power. If the party leave Dublin by rail ou Friday morning t hey will
reach Strabane at 4 o'clock, wait there that night, march next day to Letter-
kenny, a distance of 14 Iri sh miles, rest there Sunday, and meet me a.nd the con-
stabulary early on Monday. As it is likely the force will be employed Mouday
and Tuesday. and part of Wednesday, I would suggest fur YOUl' consideration the
prudence, if not necegsity, of the soldier:) being provided with tents, as it will be .
impossible in a mountnin country such as Glenveagh to ~ t for them accommoda-
tion for the night; and after remaining 80me time under arms they could not march
hack to Letterkenuy, nearly 10 Irish miles, ana return the next day.
I have to request your immediate and particular attention to this matter, as the
eviction of so many persuns will cause much and serious excitement.
Please let me heal' from you in reply by return of post. Direct , Post-office.
Donegal, and after to morrow evening to Lifford, Strabane.
Sir Thomas Larcom, K.C.D.
&c. &c. &c.
I remain, &c.
(signed) Samuel J ohn Oroolcshank,
Under Sheriff, County Donegal.
The Under Secretary to S. J. Crookshank, Esq.
Sir, Dublin Castle, 3 April 186 1.
I AM directed by the Lord Lieutenant to acknowledge the receipt of your letter
of the 2d instant, relat ive to the force required to preserve tbe public peace, while
executing writs of habere on the property of M". Adair; and I am desired to
acquaint you that steps will be taken to bring together the full numher of consta-
bulary (2UO) wbicb you have call ed for.
There would, bowever, be considerable difficulty in moving troops, witbout
tents, &c., and bis Excellency prefers the employment of constabulary on the
occasion referred to.
Samuel J. Crookshank, Esq.,
Under Sheriff, Donegal.
I am, &c.
(signed) Thomas A. Larcom.
. T. A. DiiZon, Esq., n."" to the Under Secretary.
County of Donegal, Letterkenny,
. 11 April 1861.
I HAVE to report, for the information-of the Lord Lieutenant, that I attended
the sheriff with 200 men of the constahulary, uuder tbe command of Suhlnspectors
Henry Corr and Griffim, . and we proceeded to Lougb Barrow and t he lands of
249. B Derryveagh.
Derryveaglo, the property of John G. Adair, Esq., when the sheriff commenccd
executing the babere. On the 8th, 9th, and 10th instant, there were 47 families
comprising 244 persons, evicted. There was no bIeach of the peace, and th;
people conducted tbemselves calmly and quietly, and witnessed the most of their
honses levelled. Four famili es were readmitted as tenants until the 1st November
next, and six were readmitted as caretakers. Some are about to emigrate, but the
most of them say t bey will go into the workhouse.
The Under Secretary, Castle, Dublin.
(signed) Tlteob. A. Dillon, R. M.
S. J. Crooks'.ank, Esq., to the Under Secretary.
Sir, Lifford, 23 April 1861.
] 1' reply to your communication of 20th instant, 1 have to state that I did not
retrun copies of the requisitions forwarded to me for the attendance of military
and constabuh,), on the Derryveagh evictions, but beg with great respect to refer
to my original 1'equisitions to you ,mcl the county inspector of constabulary,
which are, no doubt, filed in your respective offices. The only document or
notice I received was the writ of habere, which was dehv.,ed to me on tbe
19th of III arch, and was returnable on the 20th of April instant.
For the informatiou of Government I send the following statement of the facts
of tbe case, as far as I was officially engaged in the business.
Aftcr I received the writ, I forwanl ed to the county inspector a requisition
for the attendance of three officers and 150 of the constabulary at Lough Barrow
on the 8th of April iustant, and by the following post I received a reply from
him, informing me the force I required would meet me at the time and place
mentioned in my requisition. Acting on the advice of the local magistrates of
the county, 1 forwarded a second requisition to the county inspector to augment
the number to 200 men, to which he replied that in consequence of a great
number of his men being eng1lgOlI au the census, he could not give me the
number I required. and d v i ~ e d an application to Government.
I subsequently had an interview with several local magistrates, to whom I
stated what had t<>.ken place, and asked their advice, when, taking into con-
sideratiou the peculiar circumstances of the case, the number of persons to be
evicted, and the excitement likely to be attendallt tbereon, they advised me,
as a matter of prudence, to apply for military; and, accordingly, I did apply,
through you, for the attendance of one officer and 30 rank and file. In your
reply you stated you had laid my letter before his Excellency the Lord Lieu-
tenant, who, t>lking into consideration the difficnlty (I would say, tbe impossibility)
of getting accommodation for the force in so very remote and mountainous a.
district, recommeDded the duty being performed by t he constabulary; and that
an order was issued for the number I required. On the 8th of April three officers
and 200 of the constabulary met me at Lough Barrow and remained with
me that day, as also on the 9th and 10th of April, during which period I was
occupied in the several evictions, which I am happy to say were executed without
a breach of the peace or any appearance of ri ot or disturbance whatever.
I remain, &c.
Sir Thomas Larcom, K.C.B.
(signed) Sam. Jno. Crookshank,
Under Sheriff, County Donegal.
&c. &e. &c.
Dublin Castle.
Chief Secretnry's'Omce, Dublin Castle,
__ . ,_ 10 May 1861.
- No. 2.-
ence to a recent EJECTM'ENT of the LANDS of Dcrryveaglt, in the County of
D onegal.
1.- Copy ofInformation of Mr. Adair.
County ot Donegal to Wit .
J OHN G. ADAIR, of Glenveagh, in the county of Donegal, Esq., came before me,
Henry. ~ l k e r Thompson, Esq., Assi,tant Inspector General of Constabulary,
and ~ JustICe of tbe peace for Ireland, and made oath as foll ows: That informant
is abollt to serve occupiers on the Derryveagh estate, in the county of Donegal,
with ej ectments, and that he believes the life of the baiWf who will be employed
to serve same will be in danger if he is not protected or accompanied by a party
of police, and that such notices will be served during the present week.
Sworn before me this 4th day of February, in
tbe year 1861, at the Constabulary Office,
Dubliu Castle.
(signed) H. W. Thompson,
J . P. for Ireland at large.
2. - The Inspector General to the County Inspector.
Constabulary Office, Dublin Castle,
4 February 1861.
THE annexed information having been made by Mr. Adair, of Glomeagh, the
county inspector will direct such protection to be given to th9 bailiffs wbo serve
the ejectments as may be required.
H. J. B ,.ownrigg.
3.- The County Inspector to Sub-Inspector Corr.
Lettorkenny, 8 February 1861.
TnANSMIITEn for the information and guidance of Sub-Inspectol' Corr, who
will be pleased to attend Mr. Adair's bailiffs with the disposable force of his
di strict, while engaged in serving the ejectments l'eferred to, p reviously reporting
to t110 resident magistrate the day this duty is to be perfol'med, and the arrange-
ments he has made, and respectfully requesting hi s attendance.
(signed) T . JIIfacmahon.
4.-The Sub-Inspector to Captain Considine, Re,ident Magistrate.
Letterkenny, I I February 1861.
I HAVE to inform you that Mr. Adair is to serve ejectments on all t he Derry-
veagh tenants (say about 50 families) some day this or next week, and, as there
mny be a. serious breach of the peace on the occasion, may I request to know if
you would attend, by getting due notice of the day, in tbe absence of Mr. Dill on.
I can have 40 men for tbis duty, or more if you think i t necessary. I beg to for-
ward you a copy of an information lodged by Mr. Adair before the Inspector
(signed) J ohn Corr, s. I.
B 2
5.-The Sub-Inspector, to Captain Considine, Resident Magistrate.
Letterkenny, 14 February 186!.
As Mr. Adau"s man requires the protection of the constabulary, on Saturday
next, while serving notices to quit on al l the tenants nt Del'l'yveagh, on which I
have already communicated with you; may I l'equcst your a.ttendance on
the occasion, as it is probable some breach of the pence may occur, tltrough the
excitement of so many families being about to be evicted. I will attend at eight
o'clock a. m. on SMurday, with 40 men, and shall expect your reply.
(signed) .John Co", ,, s.1.
6.-Sub-Inspector to Inspector General.
Letterkenuy, 17 Febrtlory IS6 !.
I HAVE to report, that on yesterday I proceeded to the above-named lands
(Derryveagh) with a force of 42 men of the constabulary, and protecte.d Mr.
Adair' s man while serving about 46 families with ejectment procesBes, which he
succeeded in doing, without the slightest opposition. Mr. Considine, It . M., was
also in attendance.
(signed) John C01'-I', S. 1.
7:-Constable M'Lain to Sub-Inspector.
Glenveagh Cottage, 17 February 186 l.
I HAVE to state that Mr. Adair has cnuscd 46 of his tenants to be served wi th
ejectment summonses, from the COllrt of Common PlpRs, on the Derr'yycagh estate.
"I understand that those tenants will be evicted in 1 he course of three if
no defence is taken by them aga.inst the complaint. ! of opinion that when
those tenants are evicted, that they will be <Iriven to desperation lIgainst Mr.
Adair, and his property, and his Scoteh servants. I believe that all have paid
their rent up to November Inst, except one 01' two ; a number of those tenants
are in poor circumst::mces, as some of them nre old, and u1Ifit to to
a foreign land; other families are young, and unfit to enrn n living by labour.
Under these circumstances, I coosidel' the only course open to them is to enter
the workhouse as pa.upers.
(signed) .Ta","s lV'Laill, COllst ll ble.
8.-Sub-Inspectol' to Inspector General (forwanl inp; the pl'ecc(ling) .
. Letterkenny, 19 Felmlary 186l.
I BEG to submit this communication, in that the Inspector General may
know how ma"t.ters stand between l\fr. Adair and hi,S tenants at Del'ry'leagh.
(signed) J ohn COl.,. , s. I.
g.-Under Sheriff to County Inspector.
Dear Sir, Lifford,28 March 186 !.
I HAVE received the writ of habere, issued by l\fr. Adair against bis tenants,
the execution of which will, in my lead to very unpl easant work.
I bud a long cODversation on Saturda.y wi Lh General Larcom, who is aware of
the business ; and he directed the attendauce of Dillon, R. M. I hHye there-
fore to request tbat you will order three offi cers and 150 of the constabulary to
meet: me at Loughbarrow on 1I10nday morning, the 8th of April next, at I I o'clock
a. m., to proceed with me thence, in aid of the civil power.. The force will likely
be required au Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday, and should be prepared
accordingly. I hope to be in Letterkenny on the 7th of April, and would lIke to
see you. I hope Mr. Dinon will be there also on same day, as I have written to
request he will meet me tbere. I bave fixed Loughbarrow the place of meeting
on tbe suggestion of Mr. Corr, wbo is well aCCJ,uainteci witb the locality.
Yours, &c.
(signed) S. J. Orooh,hank.
I D.-County Inspector to Inspector General (forwarding the preceding).
Lettcrkeuny, 29 March l86l.
I BEG to submit the attached requisition from the uncleI' sheriff of the count'"
l'equiring a force of three officers and 150 men to meet him at
on the 8th of April, to pl'otecc him while execnting rm ht\bcl'e, &c. As the
8tb of April is lixed for collecting the cenSlls return., 10 ussemMa so large a
force. and to prevent tbat duty from being inteITlIpted, I fear I shall have to draw
men from nenrly every station in the county.
(signed) 1'. Macmahon.
I I.-Inspector General to the Government (forwarding preoecling).
(si gned) H: J.
12.-Minute of Government to In. pector General.
(Immediate.) 30 March 186 1.
UNDER these circumstances the 8th i!; a. peculinl'ly inconvenient day for the
protection of the sherift". I have written to Mr. Dillon, R. M., and perhaps if iti.
representeil to the sheriff, be will be able to postpone the day.
T. A. L.
13.-I nspector General to County Inspector (forwarding preceding) .
Constabulary Office, Dublin Castle,
311 !\larch 1861.
ADVBRTING to the f!.'Jinute of Government on the annexed fi le, the connty
"inspector is requested to commlmicate with the and, if possible, POSt-
pone tbe day for exocuting the habere.
(signed) H. J. Browmigij .
14.-Under Sheriff to County Inspector.
My dear Sir, Lifford. 30 March 1861.
I HAVE had a conversation with several of the magistrates of the county }'elati y('
to Mr. Adair's habere, the execution of which, 1 greatly fear, is likely to cause
much excitement. 1 think it is my duty to prevent, by means in my power.
anything like a breach of the peace taking place during the evictiolls, and which ca.u
only be accomplished by baving on tbe ground such a force as Illust keep down
all excitement and prevent trouble; and for thi s purpose it will be l)rudent to
increase the Dumber of constabulary ordered on this duty from 150 to 200 men,
and beg you wi ll make arrangements for Lavmg that Ilumber (200) to meet me
on the 8th of April. In my opinion prevent ion is always the best cure, and by
having n. large and overpowering force, I trust we will be able to perform the
clut)' without anything unpleas\lllt taking place. Please di.rect your reply to me
.to DOIl', where I bope to be on Monday or Tuesday next.
Yours, &c.
,. (signed) Samuel J. C,ooh-shank.
- ---------
B 3
15.-Under Sheriff to County I nspector.
My dear Sir, Litford, 31 March 186 !.
I BEG t() ackuowledO'e the receipt of your communication forwarded to me by
an express. In would indeed be happy to .meet your convenience,
and postpone the execution of Mr . Admr s habere until after the 22d instant;
but, unlortunately, the writ wi ll be out of date ou the 20th instant, which prevents
my putting off the business; added to tlus, Mr. Ad.If presses me to have the
writ put into force with as little delay as possible. .
YOUl'S, &c.
(sign"d) S. J . Crooks/wlllf. .
I G.- Under Sheriff to County Inspector.
Dear Sir, Letterkenny, I Aprill 8Gl.
I RECEIVED yours of yesterday this morning in. Stranorhu, a.nd came on here in
hopes of meeting' you, Lut was disappointed to find you ahsent. I am strongly
advised not to attempt the execution under n force of 200 men of the constabulary,
and, as you cannot, und('l' existing circumstances, give me that number of the
local constabulary of the county, I must beg that you will without delay apply to
the General to send down 50 of the from Dublin, so as to
meet the constttbulnl'Y of the county on the 8th instant, agreea.bly to my
ti Oil to you. This cau easi ly be done if the men leave Dublin by on Friday
next, They will arrive at Strabane, same day, at 4 o'clock p. m., remain there
that night, nnd reach Lettel'kenny the following day; rest in Letterkc.>nny on
Sunday, and proceed to on May I your
pa.rticular and immediate attention to this lllatter, as I fear the execution of the
habere will lead to great excitement and trouble.
Yours, &c.
(signed) SIIIII. J. Crookshank.
17. -County Illspector to Inspector General (forwarding the two preceding).
Letterkenny, 2 :\ pril 18G l.
ON receipt of the foregoing ( Inspector General's) Mi uute of 30th March, I lost
no time in communicating to t.he sub sheriff at Lifford Minutes of the Govern-
ment and the Inspector Genern.l, at the same time requesting he would be good
enough to postpone the execution of the habere unti l the 22d instant, when the
census duty would be compl eted; and in reply, I received the attached letter of
the 31Rt ulti mo. Again, I wrote to him to Stranorlnr, where 1 knew he would
be next da.y, begging a to Il ny day after the 8th instant, otherwise
I feared, under the ci rcumstances, the Government would have to pln.ce military
at hiA disposal, as it would be difticult to assemble 200 (' onstabnlary for three
days, &c.; when he came in here, during my absence on duty, and left for me the
attached letter of yesterday's day. I seml herewi th a return exhibiting the force
of the county, and how employed. I can calculate on having 150 mell available
without interrupting the census duty, and leavi ng the men so engaged for any
emergency that ma.y arise in their respective sub-districts. Considering the
tance, th ree clays at Derryveagb, on the part of the men there engaged, will
in\'olve nearly a week's absence from quarters; about 50 men only can be
moduted at Cburch-hill and the neighbouring barracks, and the remainder of the
force will have to come in here each night, a. distance from the scene of about
15 mil es. I do not entirely share in tbe shel'ifi"s apprehensions as to resistance,
but of COUl'se in all cases of this kind, precautionary measures are
and I should say tbat one da.y ougbt to be sufficient for executing the Labere,
unless delay is occasioned by prostrating bouses.
(signed) T. ,"'lacmalLOn.
l 8.-Inspector General to Government.
3 April 1861.
H. J. Brownrigg.
19.;-Minute of Government to Inspector General.
3 April 186 I.
IT will be advisable to supply the full 200 by drafts from the reserve or other
(signed) T. A. L.
20.-Inspector General to County Inspector.
3 April 1861.
THE county inspector will send two officers, three head constables, and 160
constables and sub-constables.
H. J. Brownrigg.
3 Aprill86I.
Direct t.he county illspector of Roscommon to send one he.d const.ble and 20
constables and sub-constables to Letterkenny . .
Direct the county inspector of Leitrim to send one head constablp. and 17 con-
stables and sub-constables to Letterkenny.
The above detachments should arrive at Letterkenny on the 7thinstant.
(signed) H. J. Brownrigg.
21.-Sub-Inspector Henry to County Inspector.
Letterkenny, 11 April 186 I.
I BEG to report, th.t in compliance with your order, I proceeded, on the 8th,
9th, and 10th instant, in command of a force of one sub-inspector and 200 men,
accompanied by T. A. Dillon, Esq., R. M. , to Loughbarrow and Derryveagh, to
protect Mr. Crookshank, the sub-sheriff, while executing a writ of habere au the
property of Mr. Adair. There were 47 families, comprising 244 persons, evicted.
Many of their houses were levelled; there was no. breach of the peace; the pos-
session was quietly given up.
I have much pleasIll'e in being able to report, that the conduct of tbe men under
my command was excellent, and tbat tbey performed this onerous duty with
steadiness aud alacrity. The detachments from Roscommon and Leitrim re-
spectively, under bead-const.bles Vaugbau and Moore, togetber with a portion of
thi s county force (who were obliged to return to Letterkenny eacb nigbt, tbere
being no accommodation for tbem in the county) , were' dispensed 'with by tbe sheriI!'
on tbe third day, and they left on that morning for tbeir respective quarters.
(signed) William Htmry.
22. -County Inspector to Inspector General.
Letterkenny, 11 April 1861.
Submitted.- THE sheriff called on me to express hi s seuse of the exemplary
conduct and effidencyof botb officers and men while engaged with him on this
arduous and, harassmg duty; he requested me to convey to the Inspector General
hi.s approbation in strong terms.
I send the "Londonderry St.udard," which contains the first accou.ut of the
evictions that has yet appeared.
(signed) T. Macmahon.
23.-Sub.Inspector Corr to T. A. Dillon, Esq., n. M.
Letterkenny, 3 April 1861.
I HAVE to report that Gri erson, Mr. manager, ca.lIed here to-day, de . .
manding an escort to protect tell all Saturday next, from Kil macrenan to
Glenveagh Lodge, which he is to brmg from another county, to level all the
houses at Derryveagh. Those men will certainly cause great excitement in the
county and a serious breach of the peace may take place. Under the circum.
may I request that you will be plensed to attend here on that day.
Grierson wil1 be here on Friday next, to swear an information tbat the lives of.
those persons will be in danger if not protected by a huge force.
(signed) John Corr, s.1.
24.-Sub. lnspector Curro to Inspector Gellera!.
(Immediate.) Letterkenn)" 3 Apri l 186 \.
I HAVE to report that Grierson, Mr. Adair's muuager, cnlled upon me to-day,
to give protection t o 10 men OJ} Saturday next, f"om Kilmacrenan to Glenveagli
Lodge, a distance of about 12 miles; those men lI e is bringing from another
county, for the purpose of levelling all the houses at Del'ryveagh on the 8th
instant; and as their nppearauce will, I am sure
cause great excitement in the
county, and perhaps a scriolls breach of the pence, under the circumslallces, I
wrote a communication to Dillon, R. M., a copy of which I attach, requesting .
his attendance here 011 that day.
(signed) J ohn Co,.r, S. r.
25-Inspector General to Government (forwarding preceding).
SUBMITTED for instructions.
4 April 1861.
(signed) H . J. Brownrigg.
26.-Minute of Government to Inspector General.
. '. 4 April 1861. to be lodged before the magistrate. he wi ll act in the '
of hIS own discretion, under the existing circumstances, at the time.
(signed) T. A. L.
27.-Inspector General to County I nspector.
SEN'r to the Connty Inspector.
4 April 1861.
(signed) II. J. Brownrigg.
28.-T. A. Dillon, Esq., R. M ., to Sub Inspector Corr.
Donega], 4 April] 861.
1:- reply to your communication of yesterday'S date, I have to inform you that
I will not be a party to a/fording those men protection on Saturday, for the fol
lowmg :--The county will be suffiCiently excited on Monday, without
augmentmg It any previous proceedinge; and the force going on Monday will
be ample protectIOn, aud they can accompany them and let them remain safely at
L etterkenn:r, and it will save the necessity of protection at the Lodge on Saturday
mght and ::iunday. However, sbould any otuer magi strate differ in opinion from
me, .of COurse be can act otherwise. I shall be at Letterkenny on Friday '
Theobald A. DiUo", n. ) 1.
29.-Suh-Inspector Carr t o Inspect or GeneraL
Letterkenoy, 11 April 186!.
THE men referred to came in here under escort from Derryyeagh on last night,
and left. early this morning for Strabane; no breach of the peace occurred.
John COrl', s. I.
30.- Sub-Inspector Carr to Inspector General .
Letterkenny, 11 April 1861.
I HAVB to report that in compliance with a. requisition r eceived from Mr.
Dillon, R.M. , dated 9th instant, constable MCSherry of Churchill Station sent on
yesterday morning a constabulary party of 10 men to Derryveagh to protect
Adam Grierson, Mr. Adair's manager, while driving and impounding any stock
that he might find trespassing on the mountains from which the tenants were
This duty was performed without any trouble. Grierson lodged an information
before Mr. Dillon, that his life would be in danger if he did not get the required
J ohn Carr.
(Copy of cirder.)
31. -T. A. Dillen, Esq., R. M., to Constable M' Sher"J'
I DIRECT and empower you, const&ble to give Mr. Adam Grierson,
agent to Mr. Adair, and his men protection while clearing the mountain of all
stock trespassing where the owners are unknown. and protection t o the men while
impounding those that their owners cannot be found .
Given under my hand this 9th day of April 1861.
Theobald A. Dillon, R.M.
County of Donegal-District of Letterkennv-Sub-District of Church-bill-Barony of Kilmacrenan-Parisb of
. Gar tll n- Townland!l of Derryveagh- P oor Law Union. Letterkenny_
Number of Persons
Re admi tted into Possession,

.As Care-
takers .
3, Husbands
- <
30 Wives
- -
3 5
, ..
22 17
Other Inmates 13 Other Inmates 2
---- ------
- 24<
31 28
Number of lao uses from which the above were evicted (6
Number of such houses unroofed or Jevelled - 28
Number ofdiatinct families evicted 47
Number of distinct families Te-admitte(l 83 tenants - 4
Requisition or ,varrant-b
} Samuel Crookshank, Esq.,
whom signed _ -: Sub-Sheriff.
Constabulary, 8 Sub- Inspectors, 200 Men.

Was due noti ce aened on tbe}
Relieving Officer? e..nd the Yes, 23 March 1861.
data? :. - - -
Name and Residence of tbe}John G. Adair, Esq.,
Landlord evicting - - - BellgroTe, Ba1lybrittas.
Nature of leg'!Ll proces.I,. or}Habere.
other authonty for eVicting
Extent in Statute Acres of the whole of the FarmS} 11 602
from which the Tenants have been evicted J
Ditto of the Farms to which any of them have been'\ 1,046
r e-admitted as Tenants - - J
El:tent of the l argest Farm from which ejected 2,863
Ditto, smallest 2
If the Property is in Chancery, state so, giving tD.e name
of the Proprietor.
. " LetterkennYI 11 Aprill S61.
, I HAVE to report tllat on the 8th, 9th, &. loth days of April instant, I proceeded to
Derryveagh witb the above force (Sub-Inspector Henry in charge), a.nd there protected the
Sub-Shenff while evicti no- 47 fall lilies.
This "duty was without the slightest opposition.
The most of the poor people must go into the poorhouse; the-others emigrate to America
I have only to add, that four families are l' e-admitted as tenants until 1st of Novernbe;
next, and six as curetakers,
. 'Jhe Inspector General.
(signed) John Corr,
Second Sub-Inspector.
- No.3. -
to any Relieving Officer, with reference to a recent EJECTMENT of the LANIlS
of Derryveagh, in the County of D onegal.
(No. 9082-'61.)
N OTICE.-To be on the Relieving Officer of the Electoral Division
of previous to the execution of Habere, Decree, &c.,
pursuant to the statute lIth & 12th Viet., cap. 47.
Jobn George Adair and Thomas Cook French against Patrick Bradley,
and others.
'WHEREAS there issued forth of Her Maj esty's Court of Common Pleas in
Ire-Iand, and under the seal thereof, Her Majesty's writ of Habere facies pos-
Ifssionem in this cause, directed \0 the Sheriff of the county of Donegal, bearing
t est the 19th day of March, in the year of our Lord 1861, and returnable illto
said COllrt on the 25th day of April, whereby the said sheriff was commanded that
he should del iver to tbe plaintiff his possession of, and in all that and those town-
lands of Derryveagh, comprising the tOlVnlands of Maghemashanagan, Cloggin,
Castletown, Wanentown, Altinadague, Ardatur, Shrubaugarrow, Staghall, and
Ardatur, in the bmony of Kilmacrenan and county of Donegal : Now, I , Adam
Grierson, of Glenveagh, in the county of Donegal, agent to J ohn George Adair
and Thomas Cooke French, the owners of the said lands in the said above-recited
writ mentioned, do hereby, pursuant to the statnte in such case made and pro-
vided, give you notice that I ,viii, after the expiration of 48 hours after the delivery
of this notice, proceed to have said recited writ executed; and I hereby give you
llotice that the said lands and premises, of which possession is so to be tal, en as
aforesaid, are in t he parish of Garton, barony of Ki lmacrenan, and the several
townlands above lllentioned and electoral division of Gartan, in the county of
Dated this 23d day of March 1861.
To the Relieving Officer of the said
Electoral Division of Galtan.
Poor Law Commission Office,
Dublin, 26 April 1861.
(signed) A dam Grierson,
Agent to the Owners of the said Lands.
B. Banks,
Chief Clerk.
COpy 01. all R .. ........ 11__ .... N-.'"
.. "- " tM -..- or Solo-
oIooril' of ... c.-o., of r.- _ to ..,
1IoeoioIo.. 0&- 01. C ..... 1 .,.. or
--.0--'."" 1.-..... 1hoa.w .. U ...
... / _ ! ... ,Ac ... _
a. .... DT of .IM l.uM J Do") tM.

cw....I,lr 'noo li_oIC " " .. -.....
'4 MdY 18(1,.
Under 3