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Dear Mr. Gilhooley, Thank you very much for offering me the position of Marketing Manager with Hatfield Industries. It was a difficult decision to make, but, I have accepted a position with another company. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to interview me and to share information on the opportunity and your company. Again, thank you for your consideration. Katherine Markstone

A. Answers the next questions:

302West 45th Street New York Dear Mr.Chang This letter is to complain about service I recently received from your Good quality Products store customer service representative named Mr.Jaffee I called on March 1st ,2010 to find out how to deal with a problem Ive had with [product or service]. After I had been on hold for several minutes, [Representative Name] came on the line. I had to explain my problem to him several times because he did not seem to be listening and therefore asked me the same questions repeatedly. [Representative Name] put me on hold for several minutes, and then returned to say he could not help me. Needless to say, I was quite frustrated. I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed. Because I do not want to spend any more time on this problem, I am [returning or cancelling] [product or service] immediately, and I expect a full refund. I will be informing my friends and family about this experience. Sincerely, [Your Name]

a. For you, what type of letter is it? Why? b. What is the purpose of this letter? c. For whom did Ms. Markstone write this letter?

B.- Put a circle in the correct answers : A.1. Ms. Markstones purpose letter was to.. that she could not accept the job .

a. thank

b. make knowing

c. refuse

d. refusing

B.2. She couldnt accept the job position because she a position in another company.. a. had traveled b .had already accepted c. was fired d. wanted to apply for

C.3.Katherine Markstone is an.. for the position. a. Supervisor chief b. employee - boss c. applicant - Marketing Manager

D.4. Mr. Gilhooley was who . Markstone in Hatfield Industry. a. employed b. fired c. attended d. interviewed

E.5. Hatfield Industry was the company where Markstone . . a. applied b. worked c. was hired d. working

Isanti (United States ) First February An affordable husband to sell .It includes fishing and housing equipment ,jeans, two shirts ,a labrador ,and two pounds of meat for the goat . Sheryl Weidall , 23 years old, she cant stand her husband : he never stays at home. When he wasnt fishing, he was hunting, playing basketball ,playing soccer or golf. While she was taking care of the children at home She published an announce in a news paper of Minnesota. The announce, unfortunately , was published the same day of her husbands birthday. The first call was from an interested woman .Her husband found the business so rarely. In the tenth call ,he was madly rabid. Some men called to propose his wife to supplant him when he had left Turning this event .

Use the sample complaint below to draft a complaint letter or e-mail. You can also copy and paste your complaint into a company's "Contact Us" form. When filing a complaint, keep these things in mind:

Remain calm. The person who can help didn't cause the problem. Don't use an angry, threatening or sarcastic tone. State exactly what you want done about the problem.

Document each step, and keep copies. Start with the seller first. You can resolve many problems by calling a company's toll free number. Even on the phone, you should know the details of the complaint. You can use the sample letter below to jot down a few notes before you call. If necessary, ask to speak to a manager. If that doesn't work, send a letter or e-mail to the manufacturer's national headquarters or consumer affairs office. Some experts suggest that a letter is the most effective method for contacting a company. If e-mails and phone calls don't work, try the old fashioned way. If the problem still isn't resolved, try your local consumer protection agency, Better Business Bureau or other helpful organization. If all else fails, consider filing a small claims suit or hiring an attorney.

Complaint Letter Sample Complaint E-mail Sample Remember to: describe purchase include the name of product, serial number include the date and place of purchase state problem

Your Address Your City, State, Zip Code (Your e-mail address if sending via e-mail) Date Name of Contact Person (if available) Title (if available) Company Name Consumer Complaint Division (if you have no specific contact) Street Address City, State, Zip Code Dear (Contact Person): Re: (account number, if applicable) On (date), I (bought, leased, rented, or had repaired) a (name of the product, with serial or model number or service performed) at (location, date and other important details of the transaction). Unfortunately, your product (or service) has not performed well (or the service was inadequate) because (state the problem). I am disappointed because (explain the problem: for example, the product does not work properly, the service was not performed correctly, I was billed the wrong amount, something was not disclosed clearly or was misrepresented, etc.). To resolve the problem, I would appreciate your (state the specific action you want money back, charge card credit, repair, exchange, etc.). Enclosed are copies (do not send originals) of my records (include receipts, guarantees, warranties, canceled checks, contracts, model and serial numbers, and any other documents). I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem and will wait until (set a time limit) before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau. Please contact me at the above address or by phone at (home and/or office numbers with area code). Sincerely, Your name Enclosure(s)

Put the words in the right order:

Salesman Garage sale Credit card Bargain Sold Customer .......... ............... ................... .........................

........................ ......................... .........................

give history ask for specific action allow time for action state how you can be reached enclose copies of documents (but never send originals)

Your Name Your Address Your City, State Zip Code Your Phone Number Date

Airline Name Airline Address Airline City, State Zip Code

Dear Airline Name, This letter is generated from a recent troubling experience I had while traveling on your airline. On date, I traveled on flight number from originating city to destination city. When I reached the baggage claim, I discovered after a minutes waited wait, that my luggage was lost. I immediately contacted baggage claim who told me that I could be sure that my luggage would arrive on the next plane. That was more than time since luggage has been lost.

I was told that I should expect compensation within days from the date that you received my claim form. It has been days since claim form received. I have spent hours filling out forms and on the phone begging for a resolution. I absolutely cannot keep this up and upon receipt of this letter I expect immediate compensation. Many items lost during this flight were irreplaceable. I have attached a list of items lost along with what I feel to be fair market replacement costs. Please contact me at the phone number above to discuss the compensation necessary to right this wrong. Sincerely,

Your Name Your Name Your Address Your City, State Zip Code Your Phone Number Your Email Address Company Name Company Address Company City, State Zip Code Day, Date To whom it may concern: On date, I brought my car, make & model, to be repaired. My car would not start very early in the morning and had been towed to your repair shop. I was told around 9:00 a.m. that someone would contact me after lunch with an estimate. No one called so I had to call. I was then told that you were unable to even look at my car that day but would do so the next morning. On date, by lunchtime I still had not received at call or estimate. Once again I called and was told someone would call me before the end of the day. The end of the day came and still no call. At this point your shop had my car for two days and I still did not know when it would be looked at or when I'd receive an estimate. The following morning I called again and was assured repeatedly that my car would be looked at that day. The day went by with no call, no estimate. At this point I was three days without a car, I'd received no communication from your shop other than when it was initiated by myself. I was desperate at this point and very disappointed. Of course, I had my car towed to another repair shop the very next morning. I'm writing you this letter to make you aware of the severe lack of communication in your shop. I would not have been so upset at the delay in repairing my car had someone had the courtesy to just keep me informed. The not knowing and wondering was frustrating and showed little respect for my time and money. As this car was my only mode of transportation, it was crippling for me to be without a car for that length of time. I also incurred an additional cost of having my car towed twice. At this point, an apology will not undo the damage done. However, I fully expect your shop to reimburse me for the cost of the additional tow. Please send me $dollar amt as soon as possible at the above address. I have attached the additional tow receipt along with this letter. If you have any questions, please call me at the number I have listed above.

Thanks in advance, Handwritten Signature Typed Name

Samantha Harbinson 1220 Water Way Dr. Indianapolis, IN, 71233 714-336-1484 8/15/2009 Hotel Name Hotel Address Hotel City, State Zip Code To whom it may concern: My name is Samantha Harbinson and I frequently travel throughout the year as I am a sales representative for the company I work for. While traveling, I usually always seek to stay at the Hotel Name. I do so because in the past, your employees exemplify outstanding customer service. However, that last time I stayed at the Hotel Name, I was highly disappointed and unsure if I will ever stay at another Hotel Name again. During my stay in City, State, hotel room #, on Date through Date, my stay at the Hotel Name was rocky from the on-set. From check-in to check-out I experienced numerous problems that I just cannot let go untold. When I first walked up to the desk to check-in the woman behind the desk was on the phone. I waited patiently for over 20 minutes for her to even acknowledge I was even there. When she did get off the phone, I overheard her say to the person on the other line "Honey, I gotta go. This old lady is giving me dirty looks!" I assure you I did not give her dirty looks, I was just looking at her to see if she was going to give me some kind of instructions like 'just a minute, I'll be right with you'. Forty minutes later I finally inserted my key card into the lock of my room door. I was immediately knocked back from the sight and smell of the room. Obviously she put me in a room that had not yet been cleaned but this room was not just dirty, it was horrendous! It took another 30 minutes for her to change me over to a different room. Mind you that there were not any other customers that she attended to during this time and it was after 4:00 pm. I let all this go and set about preparing for bed as I had a very early breakfast meeting the following morning. However, little did I know that my problems had just begun? Several rooms on my floor were extremely loud through-out the entire night. When I tried to complain to the Front Desk the next morning, I was told that there was nothing that they could do about it. This nightly noise continued for 3 of the 5 days of my stay. While this in itself is intolerable, every day of my stay I had to go to the front desk and inquire why my room had not been cleaned during the day while I was out. Each day they told me that they were going to get to me soon. This is by no means is an exhaustive list of the poor customer service I during this stay. This stay at Hotel Name was costly and it is unacceptable to be treated in this manner. I hope that this is a one-time experience that I will never have to endure again. However, I feel compelled to make my complaint known if for no other reason than I do not wish to see anyone else go through an experience such as this. Please respond with how you have handled this issue and how I can be sure this will never happen to me again. Sincerely, Samantha Harbinson

Useful Expressions Acknowledging receipt of a complaint letter Thank you for your letter of regarding / concerning / in connection with I refer to your letter of about / relating to Apology for the error or fault We must apologise for We sincerely apologise for Please accept our apologies for I would like to apologise for the error made by our company in (verb+ing) Accepting the Complaint We agree that the usual high standards of our products / services were not met in this instance. A short explanation of the fault Introductory phrase As a result of our investigation, we found that... (Not: After our investigation...) Causes The error was caused by / was due to Apparently, the problem was the result of / resulted from The cause of / reason for the mistake was Effects As a result This led to Consequently Solutions We have modified / changed our ... We have implemented a system to... To prevent re-occurrences we have set up a verification procedure. Assurances We assure you that this will not happen again.

Investigation to be made We are currently investigating the cause of ... We will investigate the cause of... Proposal to settle the difficulty As a gesture of our regret, we are prepared to / we are willing to / we would like to To show goodwill, we will An offer to take goods back, make a replacement, give a discount etc. We have dispatched the new items by express courier. They should arrive by Monday, 4 July 2011. To show our goodwill, we would like to offer you a 5% discount on your next order with us. Regret at dissatisfaction While we can understand your frustration, ... We understand how disappointing it can be when your expectations are not met. Rejecting responsibility for the problem leading to the complaint I regret to inform you that I am afraid that Unfortunately, I must point out that Reasons for the rejection This is because the guarantee period has expired. This is due to the fact that the guarantee period has expired. If a third party (another person or organisation) is to blame, direct the complainer to that party

We therefore suggest that you contact... A concluding paragraph aiming at retaining the goodwill of the customer We look forward to receiving your further orders, and assure you that they will be filled correctly / promptly.

Everlong Batteries 171 Choi Hung Road Hung Hon, Hong Kong Tel/Fax 2235 2449 30 Jun 2011 Mr J Wong Purchasing Officer Fortune Goods 317 Orchard Road Singapore Dear Mr Wong Order No. 2639/L Please accept our apologies for the error made by our company in filling your order no. 2639/L dated Monday, 27 June 2011. You ordered 12,000 size Ultra super-long-life premium batteries, but our dispatch office sent 1,200. This was due to a typing error. The balance of 10,800 batteries was dispatched by express courier to your store this morning and will arrive by Friday, 8 July 2011. Since we value your business, we would like to offer you a 10% discount off your next order with us. We look forward to receiving your further orders and assure you that they will be filled correctly. Yours sincerely David Choi David Choi Distributions Manager

Everlong Batteries 171 Choi Hung Road Hung Hon, Hong Kong Tel/Fax (852) 2235 2449 30 Jun 2011 Mr J Wong Purchasing Officer Fortune Goods 317 Orchard Road Singapore Dear Mr Wong Order No. 2639/L Thank you for your letter of Monday, 27 June 2011 regarding your order no. 2639/L. We understand that this is a difficult situation for you. We have investigated the situation, and found that you ordered 12,00 size Ultra super-long-life premium batteries. Please see the enclosed copy of your order form. Our dispatch office therefore sent 1,200. If you need the remaining batteries urgently, the balance of 10,800 batteries can be dispatched today by express courier to your store and would arrive by Friday, 8 July 2011. Please phone me at the number given above if you would like to order these batteries. We look forward to receiving your further orders. Yours sincerely David Choi David Choi Distributions Manager Encl: - Order Form No. 2639/L

Telephone company complaining letter D e a r S ir . I a

m w ri ti n g t h is le tt e r t o c o m p la i n i n t h e st r o n g e st te r m s a b o u t t h e p o o

r s e r v ic e t h at I r e c ei v e d fr o m y o u r c o m p a n y . W e si g n e d u p t o y o u r te

le p h o n e a n d i n te r n et s e r v ic e p a c k a g e t w o m o n t h s a g o b e c a u s e y o

u r a d v e rt is i n g s u g g e st t h at y o u a r e b et te r t h a n T el c o .I n a d d it i o n , y o

u p r o m is e t o d e al w it h p r o b le m s q u ic k l y a n d e ff ic ie n tl y ,s o m et h i n g t h at T

el c o w e r e u n a b le o r u n w il li n g t o d o . H o w e v e r ,i n t h e fi rs t m o n t h o f s e

r v ic e y o u m a n a g e d t o c a u s e m e t o l o s e t w o d a y s w o rt h o f b u si n e s s b

e c a u s e o f p o o r a d m i n is tr at i o n . T h e m ai n p r o b le m w a s t h at y o u f ai le d

t o p r o v i d e m e w it h t h e c o rr e ct n u m b e r 9 3 6 8 2 9 7 6 ,t h at y o u h a d p r o m is

e d w h e n I c o m p le te d t h e c o n tr a ct . T h is p h o n e n u m b e r w a s a n e st a b li s h

e d b u si n e s s li n e w h ic h I h a d b e e n u si n g f o r t h e la st t h r e e y e a rs . O b v i

o u sl y t h is m e a n t t h at m y cl ie n ts w e r e u n a b le t o c o n ta ct m e a n d it c o st m e m a

n y h o u rs o f p h o n e c al ls t o r e s o l v e t h e m at te r w it h y o u r s u p p o rt c e n tr e

.I w o u l d a p p r e ci at e it if t h is si t u at i o n c o u l d b e r e s o l v e d a n d a s u b st a

n ti al r e b at e o ff e r e d o n m y fi rs t t h r e e m o n t h s a c c o u n t. I l o o k f o r w a r

d t o h e a ri n g y o u s o o n . Y o u r f ai t h f u ll y A n d r e w H a r d y

Useful expressions for writing a complaint letter I I a sh moul d wlik ri e ti to n kn g ow t wh o at e x p r e s s m y s tr o n g d

y o u i n t e n d y o u a

is s a ti s f a c ti o n w it h

r e g o i n g t o d o a b o u t t h i s .

I am wri tin g to co mp lai n ab out

We were extremely disappointed with was not what we had been led to expect I Th do e nt se wa e s wh

Your attitude is deceitful. negligent.

so y ba yo d u tha t It wa Its s hig not h up tim to e sta yo nd u ard did so me thi ng It didnt work / was out of use We were appalled to find We were thoroughly disgusted with I am not going to accept put up with this ... let this go. Un les s , we sh all tak e ma tter s furt her I should warn you that

We expect a letter of explanation a substantial refund

Useful expressions for refusing an invitation Informal Letter: Opening Remark: Thanks for the invitation, but / Thanks for inviting me to but Im afraid I can go/ I am not sure .. , Unfortunately, I cant go because, Id like to go, but... Closing Remarks: I hope we can get together some other time/ I m really sorry, we-ll miss it

Punctuation: CAPITAL LETTER. Use capital letter for: - pronoun I, - the first word in a sentence, - the days of the week or months, - peoples names, - countries and cities, - Nationalities and monuments.


Su bor Example Sentences din ati ng Co nju cti on


...b Th eca ere use wa of. s .. flo odi ... ng ...s Th bec bec Sentences Example o aus e aus that e doc e ... tor of the ... ope hea due rate vy to d ... so rai in tha n. ord ... t er.. he Th d . cou ere u ld wa e sav s e flo t his odi o pati ng ent' bec t s aus h life e . ( hea no vy f co rai a mm n c a fell t) all nig t Th ht. h e a doc Du t tor e ope to rate the hea ...a d in vy s ord rai er n l to the o sav re n e wa g his s pati flo a ent' odi s s ng. . life . . Th . ere ... wa sin s ce.. flo . odi ng du e

- Do you know what does bargain mean? - In your country, Is usual to ask for a bargain? - Do you know anyone who often asks for a bargain ? - Are you a bargain driver? Why?

- Mr. Lyon enters to Andrews the best appliances store...

Mr.Lyon: Good afternoon ,sir . Clerk: Good afternoon , Can I help you with something ? Mr.Lyon : Yes ,you can . Yesterday , I bought a camera in your store ,however; this appliance didnt work as you said. Clerk: I understand .Can you tell me what is the main problem with it? Mr.Lyon : Well, you said that this camera could take around 200 pictures ,also you say that it could record 5 videos of one hour and thirty minutes each one; however , the last thing didnt do. It just recorded 40 minutes ! then ,its screen showed a phrase which said completed record. Clerk : Do you have your camera ? And the instructions ? Mr. Lyon : Yes , I carry both of them . Clerk : Let me see...Here , the instructors mention that this camera could record for 1 hour and 30 each video . Maybe you recorded for more than an hour . Can you show me what you have recorded ? Mr.Lyon : Yes ,It is. Can you see the time of record ? It says 40 minutes! And when I want to continue recording, the screen shows this: complete record . Clerk: Yes, I see. I really apologize for this inconvenient .I can bring you another camera Which works well.

Mr.Lyon: Yes, that could be better. But you can show me a record with it . Clerk : Of course! Actually ,it has a record in it the lat s like 2 hours ,also it is able to ...

What do you think when you read this phrase The customer is always right ?

Note: (These cause-effect phrases are all followed by noun phrases; i.e. 'the heavy rain'.) ('Because' is followed by a verb phrase, 'heavy rain fell all night'.)

Grammar Note: Don't use 'Because' as the first word in a sentence: it's bad style. There are a number of alternatives. You can use: - 'Due to...'; e.g. 'Due to the heavy rain there was flooding..' - 'As...'; e.g. 'As there was heavy rain, there was flooding.'

USEFUL EXPRESSION FOR BUYING AND SELLING Clerks questions Customers answers Giving prices of the item

1. Ma y/

Y Ok es ay,

Can , that I hel p I' 'll d be li $...

you k wit ? 2. e h to tax. -

Wh b at

u The

can y y're I do ... in for - Ais you I'm le ? loo Tw 3. kin o. Is g -

th for O.k er ... . e s o -

NIt's o $....

m , et I'

hi m n g I c a n h el p y o j u st b r o w si n g

Customers questions

Clerks answers

Customers answers

1. Excuse me. Do you work here? (Can you help me?) 2. Can I ask you something?

Yes, I do. How can I help you? Of course/ Sure /Yes, you can.

- Can you tell me the price of...? - Where is the...?

1. Where are the pencils? 2. How much is/ are this /these mirror( s)? 3. How much does this cost? 4. Do you have any tshirts? 5. That comes to $26.59. 6. That will be $17.48.

- They're on the second shelf. - It's $19.95./Th ey are $20.05 each.

- Okay, thanks. - Okay. I'll take it. - How about this one? - That's too expensive. - Large.

-That one is - Your change $5.00. - What size? Medium or large? - Here's $17.50. Keep the change. is $3.41 - Thank you/ Thanks

W Clerk: h Did you find everything you needed? e n Did you find what you were looking y for? o Did you find everything okay? u c Will that be all (for today)? h e Is that everything? c (Will there be) anything else? k o u t /l e a v e t h e s t o r e :

Customer: That's all for today. That's it. Thanks.

When you check out/leave the store: Clerk: Customer:

Did you find everything you needed? Did you find what you were looking for? Did you find everything okay? Will that be all (for today)? Is that everything?

That's all for today. That's it. Thanks.

(Will there be) anything else?

When you enter the store/start a conversation with the clerk:

What a customer might respond: Yes. I'm looking for ________________. Do you have any ___________ (s)? Can you tell me where the ___________is/are? When you check out/leave the store: Clerk: Did you find everything you needed? Did you find what you were looking for? Did you find everything okay? Will that be all (for today)? Is that everything? (Will there be) anything else? Customer: That's all for today. That's it. Thanks.

Conversation Practice
1. Pretend you are buying something from a store. 2. Role play a conversation between a clerk (A) and a customer (B). 3. Ask for help in finding the item you want to buy. 4. Find out price and any other information you need. 4. Pay for the item at the checkout counter.

Complete the next conversation : In a

A: May I help you? B: Yes, do you have any brooms? A: Yes, they're over there by the wall. B: Thank you. B: How much is this sweater? / are these sandals? A: It's $.......... / They're $............. A: Is that all for today? B: Yes, I think so. A: That comes to $........... B: Here you are. A: Thanks.

Sample letter of complaint

66 Trees Lounge, Bemworth, Devon CG4 5HZ 14 September 2002 Alltours, 342 Rich Road Bemworth Devon VF7 6JK

Dear Sir/Madam, My husband and I have just returned from one of your special city tours in Amsterdam (August 31 September 10) and I am writing to complain about the holiday we were given. To begin with, the hotel was not at all what we had been led to expect from your brochure. You advertise air-conditioned rooms with mini bar and private bathroom, but what we got was a tiny room with none of the promised appliances. The room only had a washbasin and we had to share the sanitary installations with five other parties on our floor. The temperature was 90 every day, so you can imagine the comforts of a room with nothing but the cold water tub for cooling. As for the hotel staff, whenever we called down to the reception there was simply no one around. There did not even seem to be any cleaning staff since our beds were made once during the whole of our stay. Added to all this, the tourist guide included in your offer had fallen ill shortly before we arrived and there was obviously nobody in charge to organise a suitable substitute. After five days a courier tuned up who spoke only fragmentary English and we had difficulties understanding only half of what he said. As you will realise, we are highly dissatisfied with the holiday your company provided and we do not see why we should put up with it. We expect a letter of explanation as well as a substantial refund of our money. Unless this is forthcoming, we shall have to take matters a step further. Yours faithfully, (Mrs J Smith)

Format of a letter of complaint Introduction: Reason for writing. Exact details of the day (s) (time, place, etc.) [explain the situation] Development: Details of problems. Deal with each major problem in a new paragraph. [complain, express your dissatisfaction] Conclusion: What you expect from the company. [ask that something be done ]

Mind that a letter of complaint is a formal letter, so you need to write in formal language dont be rude! For further information, see also: complaint letter templates another sample letter

Think of a holiday you had where not everything went as you had expected. Write a similar letter of complaint.

Tanya Brown Project Manager Alpha Projects Limited New Jersey To: Mr. Ronald Olsen General Manager-Claims Good Insurance Company New Jersey 10th March, 2009.

Ref: Formal Complaint Letter Dear Mr. Olsen, Please treat this letter as a formal complaint against your Department, for not settlingmy Car Insurance Claim, bearing reference number 2345 ABC. I met with Mr. Wolfe who is handling my case several times and submitted all the necessary papers. Though I get assurances that everything is in order and I should begetting my cheque soon, nothing has materialized for the past one month. I regret to inform you that I have never had to face such problems in all my previous dealings with you. I request you to kindly look into the matter and settle my claim at the earliest. I am enclosing a copy of all the documents I had submitted earlier for your perusal. Thanking You, Sincerely, Tanya Brown

From: Kate Money 98, Park Street New Jersey To: Mr. Inder Kumar Manager Taste of India Restaurant New Jersey 17th March, 2008.

Ref: Sub-standard Food Dear Mr. Kumar, I and my family had visited your restaurant on 16th March to celebrate my sons promotion. Unfortunately, the sub-standard food served in your restaurant really dampened our spirits. The dinner started off in a very disappointing way when we were served some tasteless lukewarm fluid which was passed off as Chicken Sweet-corn soup. The starters we ordered were dripping with oil, though we had specifically requested for fat-free food. The Main Course tasted equally pathetic. Though we had ordered an assortment of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes, they all seemed to taste the same. The only redeeming feature that evening was the courteous Service and the friendly manner in which your waiters patiently heard our numerous complaints. I hope in future the quality of your food is able to match up to the quality of your service. Best Wishes, Kate Money

Fro m:

Phil Ma sse y 67, Par k Vie w Ap art me nts

Bir min gha m


Ms. Tan ya Pott er 66, Par k Vie w Ap art me nts

Bir min gha m 9th Feb

ruar y, 200 9.

Ref : Dis turb ing Noi se Lev els

Dea r Ms. Pott er, I a m w ri ti n g to in f o r m y o u a b o ut th e in c o n v e ni e n

c e w e ar e fa ci n g b e c a u s e o f th e e xt re m el y lo u d m u si c y o u pl a y in y o u r a p ar t m e nt . W

e c o ul d h a v e p ut u p w it h it if it w a s a o n et i m e o c c u rr e n c e, b ut , I a m s o rr y to s a y, th at it

h a s b e e n h a p p e ni n g o n a re g ul ar b a si s. T h o u g h w e re s p e ct y o u r ri g ht to e nj o y, I h a

v e to re m in d y o u th at it is c a u si n g a g re at d e al o f di st u r b a n c e to u s. I h o p e y o u u n d er st

a n d o u r p re di c a m e nt a n d re d u c e th e v ol u m e, s o th at w e c a n c o nt in u e to li v e in a m o re a m

ic a bl e m a n n er .

T h a n ki n g Y o u,

Sin cer ely,

Ms. Pav ana Chi kod

J al a n

d h a r C it y, A d a rs h N a g a r, J al a n d h a r1 4 4 0 0 8 D e c e m b e r 1 6, 2 0 1 1

M r.

F a d i J a s p al

Cu sto me r Ser vic e Off icer

Bes t Ele ctr oni cs

Na kod ar, Jal and har 141 310

De ar Mr. Jas pal, I p u

r c h a s e d a n ai rc o n d it i o n i n g u n it fr o m y o u r st o r e la st w e e k w h ic h I w o

u l d li k e t o c o m p la i n a b o u t. T h e u n it w a s i n st al le d b y y o u r te c h n ic ia n t

h e d a y a ft e r I b o u g h t t h e it e m . I b e g a n u si n g t h e u n it i m m e d ia te l y a n

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a n d I h o p e f o r y o u r p r o m p t a ct i o n R e s p e ct f u ll y,

M s. P a v a n a C h i

k o d i

Phi l Ma sse y

- Did you ever complain about a bad service? Why? - Did you receive any compensation for the damage? - What way of communication did you use to explain your complain?

Read the next letter: 1. Put a check in the correct statement: What is the main idea of this letter? ....... Mr. and Mrs. Fords letter was to complain about the bad treat of the receptionist. ...... They wrote this letter to congratulate the agency for its service. ...... Mr. and Mrs. Ford complained about receiving a bad service during their vacation in Italy from the beginning to the end .

2.Macth the columns according to the text .

D e a r S According to the text... i r - Mr. and Mrs. Ford stayed.... , - They couldnt enjoy the scenery

of the famous street s of Italy... - They stayed in a room... W - The hotel didnt have cable TV e and... - In brief, Mr. and Mrs. Fords a r vacation was really horrible so.....

... because of the bad weather. ... that had uncomfortable furniture and offered a terrible view . ... good service from the receptionist as they expected . ... they wrote this letter to receive and appropriate compensation ... at the five star Hotel .

w r 3. Circle the write answer: i t a. Mr. and Mrs. Ford were ...... who wrote this complaining letter . i n 1. the receptionists 2.The directors of this travel agency 3.the customers g t o

b. They traveled to .......... for their........... . 2. Italy vacation 3.Italy- company reunion 4.Egypt

1. Japan- holidays c job

o mc. They were very........... to receive an ............... service during their vacation. p l 1.happy- comfortable 2. sad bad 3.dissapointed- bad 4. angry a inappropriate i n d. ............... of this letter was to receive a compensation for the troubles and a b o 1.The idea u t o u r v a c a t i o n i n I t a l

inconveniences happened. 2. The message 3.The way 4. The purpose

e d . A s a c o n s e q u e n c e , w e c o u l d n ' t s t r o l l a n d e n j o y t h e s c e n e r y o f

t i f u l a n t i q u e V e n e t i a n f u r n i t u r e . O u r r o o m o n l y h a d a n u n c o m f o r t a b

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e t o a s k f o r o u r mChristmas box" redirects here. For the genus of shrubs, see Sarcococca. o n Boxing Day e y b a c k d u e t o a l l
Observed by some members and former members of the Commonwealth of Nations


Bank holiday / Public holiday


26 December - Bank or public holiday (or 28 December - public holiday only)

Related St. Stephen's Day

t to h e

t r Boxing Day is a bank or public holiday that occurs on 26 December, or the first o or second weekday after Christmas Day, depending on national or regional laws. u It is observed in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and b some other Commonwealth nations. In Ireland, it is recognized as St l Stephen's Day or the Day of the Wren (Irish: L an Dreoiln). In South Africa, e s Boxing Day was renamed Day of Goodwill in 1994. a 26 December is celebrated as The Second Day of Christmas in most European n countries. d

Although the same legislation the Bank Holidays Act 1871 originally
i established the bank holidays throughout the UK, the day after Christmas was n defined as Boxing Day in England, Scotland and Wales, and the feast day of St c Stephen in Ireland.[1] A 'substitute bank holiday in place of 26 December' is only o n v e n i e

possible in Northern Ireland, reflecting the legal difference in that St. Stephen's Day does not automatically shift to the Monday in the same way as Boxing Day. In Canada, Boxing Day is listed in the Canada Labour Code as an optional holiday. Only the province of Ontario has made it a statutory holiday where all workers receive time off with pay.[2] Contents [hide]

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[edit] Etymology The exact etymology of the term "boxing" is unclear and there are several competing theories, none of which is definitive.[3] The tradition has long included giving money and other gifts to those who were needy and in service positions. The European tradition has been dated to the Middle Ages, but the exact origin is unknown and there are some claims that it goes back to the late Roman/early Christian era; metal boxes placed outside churches were used to collect special offerings tied to the Feast of Saint Stephen.[4] In the UK, it is a custom for tradesmen to collect "Christmas boxes" of money or presents on the first weekday after Christmas as thanks for good service throughout the year.[5] This is mentioned in Samuel Pepys' diary entry for 19 December 1663;[6] This custom is linked to an older English tradition: in exchange for ensuring that wealthy landowners' Christmases ran smoothly, their servants were allowed to take the 26th off to visit their families. The employers gave each servant a box containing gifts and bonuses (and sometimes leftover food). [edit] Date Boxing Day is a secular holiday that is traditionally celebrated on 26 December, the day after Christmas Day, which is also St. Stephen's Day, a religious holiday.[7][8][9] However, when 26 December falls on a Sunday, Boxing Day in many places is moved to 27 December. In the UK, where Boxing Day is a bank holiday, if Boxing Day falls on a Saturday, a substitute bank holiday is given on the following Monday, but if Boxing Day falls on a Sunday which means that Christmas Day, another bank holiday, fell on a Saturday then the Statutory Holiday for Christmas is moved to Monday 27 December and the Statutory Holiday for Boxing Day is moved to Tuesday 28 December.[1]

In Scotland, Boxing Day has been specified as an additional bank holiday since 1974,[10] by Royal Proclamation under the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971.[11] In Ireland when it was part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland the Bank Holidays Act 1871 established the feast day of St Stephen as a non-movable public holiday on 26 December. Since the Irish War of Independence, the name "Boxing Day" is used only by the authorities in Northern Ireland, which remains part of the UK. There, Boxing Day is a movable public holiday in line with the rest of the UK. In the Australian state of South Australia, 26 December is a public holiday known as Proclamation Day and Boxing Day is not normally a public holiday.[12] In some Canadian provinces, Boxing Day is a statutory holiday[13] that is always celebrated on 26 December. In Canadian provinces where Boxing Day is a statutory holiday, and it falls on a Saturday or Sunday, compensation days are given in the following week.[13] [edit] Shopping

Boxing Day crowds shopping at the Toronto Eaton Centre in Canada In Britain,[14] Canada,[15] New Zealand and some states of Australia,[16] Boxing Day is primarily known as a shopping holiday, much like the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. It is a time where shops have sales, often with dramatic price decreases. For many merchants, Boxing Day has become the day of the year with the greatest revenue. In the UK in 2009 it was estimated that up to 12 million shoppers appeared at the sales (a rise of almost 20% compared to 2008, although this was also affected by the fact that the VAT would revert to 17.5% from 1 January).[17] Many retailers open very early (typically 5 am or even earlier) and offer doorbuster deals and loss leaders to draw people to their stores. It is not uncommon for long queues to form early in the morning of 26 December, hours before the opening of shops holding the big sales, especially at big-box consumer electronics retailers.[15] Many stores have a limited quantity of big draw or deeply discounted items.[18] Because of the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds, many choose to stay home and avoid the hectic shopping experience. The local media often cover the event, mentioning how early the shoppers began queueing up, providing video of shoppers queueing and later leaving with their purchased items.[19] The Boxing Day sales have the potential for customer stampedes, injuries and even fatalities.[20] As a result, many retailers have implemented practices aimed at controlling large numbers of shoppers, most whom are typically irate due to the cold (or, in Australia and New Zealand, hot) weather, and anxious for bargains. They may limit entrances, restrict the number of patrons in a store at a time, provide tickets to people at the head of the queue to guarantee them a hot ticket item, and canvass queued-up shoppers to inform them of inventory limitations.[18] In recent years, retailers have expanded deals to "Boxing Week." While Boxing Day is 26 December, many retailers who hold Boxing Day Sales will run the sales for several days before or after 26 December, often up to New Year's Eve. Notably, in the recession of late 2008, a record number of retailers were holding early promotions

due to a weak economy.[21] Canada's Boxing Day has often been compared with the American Super Saturday, the Saturday before Christmas. In 2009, a number of major Canadian retailers had their own Black Friday promotions to discourage shoppers from crossing the border.[22] In some areas of Canada, particularly in Atlantic Canada and parts of Northern Ontario (including Sault Ste. Marie[23]), most retailers are prohibited from opening on Boxing Day, either by provincial law or municipal bylaw. In these areas, sales otherwise scheduled for 26 December are moved to the 27th.[24][25] In Ireland, since 1902, most stores remain closed on St. Stephen's Day, as with Christmas Day. In 2009, some stores decided to open on this day, breaking a 107-yearold tradition. Some stores have also started their January sales on this day. but most start them in early December.

[edit] Cyber Boxing Day

The online version of Boxing Day has been referred to as "Cyber Boxing Day". In the UK in 2008, Boxing Day was the busiest online shopping day of the year.[26] In 2009, many retailers with both online and High Street stores launched their online sales on Christmas Eve and their High Street sales on Boxing Day.[27] [edit] Sport

Traditional Boxing day hunt meet in Keswick (England) 1962 The association of Boxing Day with sport in early village celebrations has led to the folk etymology that Boxing Day traditionally is associated with boxing, although the word box can mean a gift or gratuity, especially one given at Christmas, especially in Britain. In African Commonwealth nations, particularly, Ghana, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, and Tanzania, prize fighting contests are held on Boxing Day.[28] This practice has also been followed for decades in Guyana and Italy.[28] In England, Scotland and Northern Ireland it is traditional for the Premier League, Scottish Premier League and Irish Premier League respectively, as well as the lower divisions and Rugby Football leagues, to hold a full programme of football and Rugby matches on Boxing Day. Traditionally, matches on Boxing Day are played against local rivals. This was originally to avoid teams and their fans having to travel a long distance to an away game on the day after Christmas Day. It also makes the day an important one in the sporting calendar. In horse racing, there is the King George VI Chase at Kempton Park Racecourse in Surrey. It is the second most prestigious chase in England, after the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Boxing Day is a popular day in the UK and US for mounted fox hunters. Despite fox hunting being banned by the Hunting Act in 2004, Boxing Day remains the biggest hunt of the year for most hunts in the UK by use of scent drag trails instead of live game.

Australia holds the first day of the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the start to the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. The IIHF World U20 Championship (ice hockey) typically begins on 26 December. In Canada, the tournament is one of the largest sporting events of the year, often drawing comparisons to the Super Bowl in the US. The NHL tends to have close to a full slate of games (11 were played in 2010), following the league-wide days off given for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The Spengler Cup (ice hockey) also begins on 26 December in Davos, Switzerland, and includes HC Davos, Team Canada, and other top European Hockey teams. [edit] See also