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HR Policies of Creamy Waffles co.

Recruitment will be based on the Personnel Strength of each department approved annually by the Executive committee. Once potential employees have been shortlisted by the HR section for interviews, the departmental manager will also be involved in the interview of such employees along with the HR section. The budget will set out the expected present strength at the commencement of the financial year and changes during the year in the form of addition and redundancies. The Executive Committee will approve the strength of each department. All vacancies shall be advertises in National Newspapers, Website and on Print media. The management may, at any time, create or abolish any post either temporary or regular. All vacancies shall be made strictly in accordance with the job criteria, given in COC. All posts shall be filled through the recommendation of a Recruitment / Selection Committee. The constitution of Recruitment / Selection Committee for Faculty and Staff will be as follow. i. Executive Committee Members ii. Head of concern department iii. Manager HR iv. Project Manager

Employment against a post shall be offered to the candidate scoring the highest points. If a candidate does not accept the offer or does not join for duty within the given period, the management may, at his exclusive desicion, extend the date of acceptance / joining or offer the employment against the said post to the candidate next in line or readvertise the post. An employee shall be entitled to salary for the day he/she reports for duty only if he /she reports for duty before noon.


If, at any stage, it is discovered that the person appointed had obtained appointment on the basis of forged/bogus documents or through deceit by any means, the appointment shall be considered to be void ab initio and he/she shall be liable to refund all amounts received from the Institute as a consequence of appointment in addition to such other action as may be taken against him/her under the law.

An employee , on recruitment, shall be on probation for a period of six months, after which the management may: Extend his probation; or Confirm his employment; or Terminate his employment

At joining, new employee will be welcomed by HR and joining report will be received by him/her. He will be informed about the policies & regulations of the Institute and his job description as per COC. He will be visited to all departments to get the familiarity to the institute and its structure.


The Institute imparts training under the supervision of skilled people. In consideration thereof the employee will sign contract document to the effect that the employee will serve the Institute for the decided period.

All employees are required to observe the prescribed office timings. 1st Shift (Morning) From 8:00 AM To 04:00 PM Break Time (01:00 PM To 02:00 PM) 2nd Shift (Evening) From 4:00 PM To 12:00 AM Break Time (08:00 PM To 09:00 PM)

3rd Shift (Night) From 12:00 AM To 08:00 AM Break Time (04:00 AM To 05:00 AM)


Employees attendance will be managed by card swapping machine in daily Attendance on arrival and departure at Main Gate. Employee will be considered late if he/she comes after the set timings. No relaxation is given for late arrival, unless special permission is taken from the higher authority. Daily attendance detail will be forwarded to HR section for the record of attendance after 15 minutes of every shift. HR Personnel will prepare the daily attendance report in view of intimation of employees approved leaves, late arrival information, absent etc. At the end of the month, a complete attendance record of all employees will be maintained with HR. For exit during the duty hours an employee is required to show gate pass duly approved by his/her concerned Head of the department and HR Section. The duration of gate pass is below 01:30 hours. Gate pass duly approved by HOD should be submitted before one hour of the departure time except in emergency case. HR Section will record the timings and sent to Manager HR for approval. After getting approval, gate pass will be sent at Main Gate to Time Keeper.

Whenever a leave is required a Leave Application Form (LA Form) will be filled out by the employee. Once filled, the employee will submit the LA Form to the Head of the Department or his designate for approval. After approval, employee will submit the filled and duly signed LA Form to HR to indicate the leave balance due. The HR shall stamp and initial the balance due column and forward for approval to Manager HR and Principal. After subsequent approval from Manager HR and Principal, the HR will update the leave record and place the application in the personal file. The following Institute leaves will be allowed:

Casual Leave & Sick Leaves

15 casual and 15 sick leaves shall be allowed to all employees including and non-faculty staff in one calendar year. And casual leaves shall not be more than 5 consecutive days. Weekends days will be sandwiched if leaves are availed before as well as after Saturday & Sunday.

Substitute/Compensatory Leave
All employees required to work on Sundays, weekly off days, or Gazette holidays other than Eid, shall be entitled to an equivalent number of days and if not availed shall lapse but will not be encashable . EID holidays shall be substituted by double number of days off.


Maternity Leave
Paid maternity leaves equal to 8 months shall be allowed to female staff. Such leaves shall only be allowed twice during the job duration otherwise such leaves shall be unpaid. Its depend on the employee whether she wants to take leaves or not. And when she want to start leaves she have a right on this.

Gazette Holiday
All holidays listed in Pakistan Civil Services Gazette are to be allowed. Local holidays are not allowed in operational areas.

Leave Without Pay

Extraordinary leave without pay shall be granted upon the approval of HR Manager in circumstances compelling long absence from duty. The maximum period of leave without pay shall not exceed 2 months.

Leave Encashment
Leave Encashment shall not be allowed under any circumstances to any employee including Staff and non-staff.

Privileged Leaves
Privileged Leaves shall not be allowed under any circumstances to any employee including Staff and non-staff.

Short Leave/Full Day Leave

Short Leaves shall consist of 3 hours and above than 3 hours shall be treated as half leave. All the employees are entitled to have a short leave or full day leave in case of emergency or due to other problem. The employees will be required to fill a Short Leave Application Form and this form shall be approved by the department head. In case of absence of department head he will get it approved by a senior person within his/her department and give the same to the HR. Three short leaves are equivalent to one day casual leave and will be deducted from casual leave balance. 02 half days will be treated as 1 casual leave.

The Management may fix monthly Emoluments of an employee, on recruitment, at any lump sum amount, within the pay range applicable to the grade of such employee, which shall include: Basic Salary; House Rent Allowance; Utilities



On every fourth week of the month, HR personnel will calculate the payroll after processing the casual/medical leaves, deduction of unauthorized leaves/absence or approved leave without pay; withhold salary or process unpaid salary etc. The complete salary sheet duly signed by HR personnel as well as Manger HR will be forwarded to Accounts & Finance Department for the disbursement of salary.


Increment may be granted to employees in accordance with their terms of appointment and upon recommendation being made by the Head of Department in annual personal job evaluation meeting. Increment will be normally given annually on the authority of the Board of Directors. It will be the management decision whether the increments shall have a retrospective effect or prospective effect. Minimum of 10% increment shall be allowed in one calendar year, however depending upon the recommendations made by the Evaluation Committee/Academic Committee it may be given in Double or more. Policies and procedures regarding increments of Staff and non-staff shall be as under

Annual Personal Job Evaluation meeting shall be held in first week of every December. HOD for non staff, Manager HR shall recommend for the faculty staff for annual increments recommendations. Minimum twelve months of services shall be required in order to be recommended in the annual meeting. Board of Directors shall finalize the increment recommendations. Employees Increment Form will be prepared in respect of increment given to each employee. This form will specify from which date the increment is sanctioned and the employee profile will be updated by entering the increment letter in the permanent file of the employee.



Advances against salary may be given in approved cases which are as follows: Staff which has completed one year service with the company is eligible to apply for the advance against salary. It is the decision of the management to issue advance to staff against their salaries with a maximum limit up to one month average salary (for the last 12 months) and deductible maximum within 12 equal installments. New advance will only be paid after clearance of the all previous advances. Advances should be applied within 10 to 20 th of every month. In case of any emergency, on written request of the employee the management may allow extension in the deduction period or number of installments. Salary advances shall be allowed against the current month salary @ 75% of the previous month salary payable after 20th of the current month. The employee will fill up the Bill Payment Request Form (BPR), obtain the approval of the departmental head and submit it to the HR Section. The HR Section will approve the BPR after ensuring that the advance requested is as per the Institute Policy. The HR Section will forward the BPR to the Accounts Department for processing as described in the Cash and Bank Manual. The HR Section will deduct the advances from the employees salary when calculating the payroll at the end of the month.


Loans may be granted to employees as per approval by the Executive Committee of the Company. The following criterion is to be adopted which depends on the availability of funds: Seniority First come basis Deduction in 12 months equal installments Applications for loans will be sent by the employees to the HR section after obtaining approval by Department Head. The HR section will check the employee record from the Employee Card File. The HR section will note the loans, if any, where loan limits have been prescribed. If the employee qualifies for a loan, the HR section will draw up a loan agreement in duplicate which will signed by the employee. The General Ledger Account Loans to employee will be debited.


In case the loan is repaid by the employee before the due date of payment, the cash section will intimate HR section so that the payroll to be calculated does not include any deduction in respect of loan thereof. This will also update the employee profile and this information will be entered into the personal file of the employee.

Payroll Deductions
Monthly deductions to be made from the salaries of employees in respect of income tax, loans & advances etc. shall be calculated by the HR sections at the time of the basic employee data of each employee or whenever a change occurs therein. Deductions to be made in respect of employees advances and loans will be entered at the same time as the advance/loan is given and its basic data is processed.



The promotion cannot be claimed as a matter of right. The Management may promote any employee based upon his/her performance. The promotion of Staff will be in accordance to the prescribed guidelines.


All employees of the Institute are liable to transfer to any other department of the Institute.


TA/DA (Travelling & Dearness Allowance)

All faculty members are required to have valid passport/travel documents at all time of international travel. The Institute shall be responsible for providing transport to fulfill all professional obligations. However, it is recommended that company transport be used as a priority. Any exceptions must be pre-approved by department head. In case of extreme personal or professional emergency departmental head will held responsible and take decisions, without the approval of departmental head, the expenses can be accept by the company. In the absence of department head Institute reserves the right to accept or rejects the expense.


Use of personal transport for work is expectable and recommended over public transport, taxis, or rent a car. The company requires the following discipline for the approval of reimbursement against that usage. Every employee of company is entitled to amounts for his official trip as given. Travelling and Daily Allowances for meals shall be treated as the amount for Daily Allowances for the Meals. In addition to the above amount proposed for the Travelling Daily Allowances shall be considered as the upper limit for all relevant expenditures and shall not be treated as the entitlement.


Medical expenses shall be paid in accordance with the prescribed Service Rules of the Company that are as follows: Eligible employees are authorized to claim the reimbursement of Medical Expense subject to a maximum annual amount of 30% of salary, on production of actual receipts for doctor prescriptions, medical tests and medicines. Maximum not exceeding Rs. 100,000 per 2 years.

One time only maternity or major medical allowance of up to Rs. 20,000/- maximum for the staff. Employees completing period of 12 months of job are eligible to claim the medical expenses. Medical expenses can be claimed for the immediate family i.e. employee himself and his/her dependents i.e. wife, children, and parents. Medical Leaves shall be fully paid upon Medical emergency suffered, by any employee on duty.


Unsatisfactory job performance, misconduct, habitual lateness, absenteeism, failure to comply with policies and procedures or any other breaches of employer. Employee relationship may result in disciplinary action. Depending upon the circumstances, employees may be subject to the following reprimand or disciplinary actions:

If an employee falls below the normal or acceptable requirements as specified in the Human Resources Manual, coaching and counseling by his supervisor should take place as soon as practicable to prevent the situation from deteriorating to a more serious one, or becoming a habit. The supervisor or the Head of Department should, first of all, find out what causes such behaviors, and assist the employee to rectify the shortcomings.

Verbal Warning
If no improvement is made by the employee after coaching and counseling, a verbal warning must be given to him. The areas for improvement and the consequences of failure to make improvement within a specified period of time should be clearly explained to the employee. The warning should be recorded in a memo, acknowledged by the Head of Department and a copy of which should be sent to the Human Resources Department for retention in the employee's personal file. A verbal warning should be given to employee in the first instance of a minor offence.

Written Warning
If there is no improvement after the verbal warning has been given, a written warning must be given to the employee by HR. The written warning should state the following: any past warning or action taken for similar violations; the details on disciplinary action being taken; the expectations or improvements required of the employee; and the future disciplinary action which will be taken against the employee if the offence is repeated within a specified period of time.


Depending on the situation, the warning may be given by Human Resources Department. The warning letter must be explained clearly to the employee. A copy of the written warning should be kept in the employee's personal file. Improvement by an employee after disciplinary action should be noted in the employee's personal file. The Head of Department or supervisor must constantly monitor the performance of the employee to ensure that he maintains a satisfactory performance over a specified period. A written warning should be given to the employee in the first instance of a more serious offence or after repeated minor offences.

Suspension of Employment
Company may suspend the employment of an employee for a period not exceeding 14 days for investigation of any serious offence that could lead to summary dismissal. However, where the investigation is of a criminal nature and proper criminal proceedings cannot be concluded within 14 days, the suspension may be extended till the conclusion of the criminal proceedings. During the suspension period, the employee will be paid salary as normal and will be given an opportunity to state his case. During the hearing of the case, he may be accompanied by a colleague if he so wishes.

An employee will be dismissed after verbal and written warnings have been given and if no improvement is made. The Human Resources Department will confirm the termination of employment whether by notice/payment without and work out the required compensation in compliance with the Contract of Appointment. Details of the policy for Dismissal are provided in the Section of Termination.

An employee may appeal against suspension, dismissal with notice or summary dismissal to the Head of Human Resources Department within seven days after the disciplinary action is taken. Meeting(s) with the parties concerned will be held until a decision is reached. The management will deliver the decision to the employee and confirm it in writing.



The policy of grievance provides a proper channel to employees to voice out their grievances and to settle their grievances. All grievances shall be handled independently and treated in strictest confidence. Grievances which are made anonymously shall not be handled. Through grievance process, employees are provided a fair treatment / hearing by the management of concerning any grievances. Employees have the right to channel their grievances to the HR department and in case of grievance against the HR. If an employee feels that he has been treated unfairly or his grievance requires the attention of management, he can raise his grievance through signed letter to HR. HR or its designate committee shall review and examine the case and decide whether any meeting with the employee and/ or other relevant parties is required so as to obtain further information or better understanding of the case. Having reviewed and evaluated all the facts relating to the grievance, the committee will shall come to the conclusion. A written report including findings, recommendations and conclusion will be forwarded to HOD for information and information. After getting the approval, the aggrieved employee shall duly be advised of the views/decisions of the Committee and Director as well as any follow up actions, if warranted, via HR. The written report will be filed in the personal file of employee for record. In the case of a grievance lodges to the Director or HR, if n employee is not satisfied with the decision made by the committee and Principal, he may appeal to the Chairman. The Chairman shall render the final resolution to the employee. This represents the final decision.



In case of resignation or termination, the employee will not leave the company until the company issues formal acceptance of resignation and clearance. When an employee resigns. He has to serve 10 days notice or pay as per clause mentioned in his Contract of Appointment. Same is for employee who is terminated owing to any reason. The employee will complete the Handing Over / Taking Over and submit the Clearance Certificate duly signed by the following departments before final payment is made to the outgoing employee: User Department (i.e. the employees Department) HR & Admin Accounts & Payroll Department MIS The concerned official of these departments will ensure that any sums receivable or assets in the custody of the outgoing employee have been accounted for properly. The sum recoverable in respect of such employee will be mentioned on the certificate. In case, any sum is finally recoverable from the employee, the employee will deposit the sum with the Cashier in the Accounts and Finance Department. The HR Department will be furnished with Clearance Certificate after circulation through the respective departments to prepare the final settlement of the employee based on the observations made by the respective departments on the Clearance Certificate. The HR department will obtain the identity card etc. from the employee. The Clearance Certificate after completion by the HR Department will be forwarded to Accounts & Finance Department with the record of the attendance of employee.