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Authored by, for, through and of the all, in the light of truth, by Katherine of Gaia The Game to End

All NAMES The answer is so simple, at first glance you won't believe it; promise. After a literal lifetime of being duped and committing fraud since only three days after my live birth/re entry to this realm, ! was dealing in stolen property. ! was using something that never belonged to me because it was sold willingly, if un"nowingly and unwittingly, by my parents. They even got a receipt of my being sold into slavery called a #!$T% &'$T!(!&AT'. At that point, ! was no longer free in their world of commerce; ! was a slave, cargo, salvage etc. and, more simply, chattel. The )atican has pulled off this ruse with astonishing ease but when the first and original sin was created by them, *+*, -A+&T*, of ./01, there were guys running around "illing anyone who might dare challenge the church and the self proclaimed 2god2 on earth called the 3ope. The bitch of it is we bought it, if unwillingly at first. As time marched on as time in the now always does, it got easier to control the slaves with trin"ets and baubles actually getting other humans to help them and help them we did. 4ou see, in ./01, 3ope #oniface the )!!! declared that all T!T5'- and 3$63'$T4 on, over and under the earth to now belong to the %654 $6,A+ ',3!$'. !n short, the %654 -''/-'A. Gosh darn if anyone decided to even thin" about challenging that, what with all the fear, death, mayhem and hell they wrote into their self written boo" called the #uy bull. 7ith that much fear running about, it wasn't too hard to enforce especially at a spear point, a sword or as in now, gunpoint. This game has always been about free will choice, pure and simple. Tagging along with that is the universal law of honour that none shall brea", not even the 2bad guys2. This is the one 2rule to ring them all2. Tol"ien almost had it right, 8ust bac"wards. (unny how everything in this whirled is 8ust that; bac"wards as if in a holographic mirror. That would only be if that were so and, 9uite fran"ly, it is. -o, now with the church literally ruling the hearts and mineds of men, the 8ob was fairly simple and they ad8usted the game as consciousness rose slowly li"e a phoeni: from the flame. 4up, they almost had us but the ruse is up and the one thread to unravel their #a'al worshipping robes are shredding now. %ow do ! "now this; 'asy, ! live these words, not 8ust utter them. %ere was the 9uandary however. %ow did they trap us if free will choice is paramount and mandatory; Again, an easy answer. Through our own sleepy consent of course. 6ver the centuries, it got harder to "ill with impunity. !n the past, li"e now, humans consented to war because the ego says so. !t's the old divide and con9uer routine and they used that to perfection. The 3apal bull of

./01 made the entire world a corporation in one fell swoop with this, the first of three ':press Trusts. 7e consented to go to their schools, read their written wor"s and live by their rules by de sine. They even erased the real history of man and gave us a brand new one. Than"fully, the -umerians left a lot of stuff for us carefully tuc"ed away li"e another bit of truth called the +ag %ammadi. There were many bits of truth scattered all across the world but ! thin" one of the best cover ups was the changing of the hieroglyphs in 'gypt to throw the scent off. %onestly, you have to be a literal 2blood2 hound to figure this one out and it does re9uire an incredible leap of faith. This is about completely changing everything that was carefully bred and programmed into the people of the world. This is about finally understanding that everything we thought was true was, in fact, fabricated to suit the needs of a very few that retained the truth to use for their own gains. The ongoing and wholesale slaughter we witnessed was all by design and we happily, being controlled by fear, did their bidding for them. +ice gig for the string pullers and puppet masters with us as the useful puppets. %ere is the irony in all of this and it has been staring us in the face for millennia. They literally, not figuratively made real puppets out of us all. There is more truth in the story of 3inocchio than would meet the eye. !t's all fantasy right; Truth be "nown, fantasy is the last place anyone would loo" but really, given the factious nature of the corporate law world; it's a perfect place to hide the mirror. -o, bac" to the puppet analogy. ! promise you, your ego won't let you believe this but ! suggest you pay very close attention and see if you can see between the veils. Those with no or lesser egos will find this rather enlightening. They needed us to believe and consent to being their puppets and they did that through the process ! wrote in the first paragraph of this. 7hat ! am giving you in this document is the "ey, the last one, to freedom but actually, it is you clinging to the chains of your own slavery if you can only see it and simply let go. #et you can't. 4ou have their things, their illusions, their +A,' that you thin" is yours, you have their fictional money created in debt yet you chase it every day with all your might. 4es, they have you right where your ego wants you. !mprisonment and you wal"ed in their cell and closed the door behind you because ! "now you're all too scared to let go. They made you cling to a +A,' because your parents gave you it. 4es, they did but they also sold it for things li"e baby bonus, child benefits etc. 6ne days' interest on your bond would cover the lifetimes worth they 2give2 you bac". Great deal huh; 4et, you will continue to use their ban" accounts and they are T%'!$-. That's why they can sei<e them which is my reason for showing

people how to get them to do that.

! even had to bribe my old ban" to sei<e my accounts. 4up, they too" the bait and sei<ed the accounts and thus the fictional debt. 6h yes, !'ve been a very busy being standing my ground in truth and honour and guess what; The universe provides if you let the divine plan go to wor". %ey, the math is already perfect, we made it that way. +ow, imagine you're a ventrilo9uist for a moment with the puppet on your lap. 3ut a +A,' tag on it with the #irth &orticated +A,' on that tag. This is the visual to ma"e e:plaining this very simplest of truths that ! "now the old world order was desperate to hide. To e:plain how many roads ! too" to get here boggles even myself when ! ta"e the time to actually thin" about it but the overall picture is crystal clear. This is where the real leap of faith and trust in the *niverse/&reator comes in. !f you can see this, trust in yourself, get ready for the clic" of clic"s. 4ou, the living being have to animate the puppet to ma"e it appear to be tal"ing and you learn to throw your voice 8ust li"e the corporate world wants you to. 4ou became a master at ma"ing your puppet spea", almost to the point where it ta"es on your complete personality right down to all the G6)'$+,'+T != they ma"e you believe is you. !f you actually noticed, the #irth &ertificate actually says right on it 2not to be used for identification purposes2 yet try and get a passport without it. ,ost don't reali<e this but with a passport it states that you're the bearer, not the +A,'. The older ones anyway li"e my old #ritish 3assport >oinder. %ell, they even put a picture of the puppet in the !='s that loo" e:actly li"e you but they too cannot tal" until 46* animate it. They're literally ban"ing on it fol"s since there is a -*$'T4 #6+= attached to you that ma"es them scads of money. ! will say again to remind everyone that the #6+= is theirs, not yours so don't bother chasing it li"e many fools do. Truth? there is no remedy in commerce, their 2legal fiction2 system etc. because T%'4 didn't design it to benefit you, it was for themselves. #y using their fiction debt notes we empower them and give life and energy to the corruption and they use your ego and greed to "eep it that way. 7or"s a treat. They got you chasing it right; -o, how to solve this dilemma because right now panic sets in with 2 but how will ! survive;2 ! refer to that as the drive through mentality, instant gratification and oh no, the world ends tomorrow scenario. !t's very difficult for 2',3564''-2 to get this and to get out of the system because the companies they wor" for are slaves to the game.

This is the reason why middle class had to be destroyed because small business owners, being the ma8ority class, had to be dismantled with bo: stores and warehouse shopping. (or those of us that made our way through life owning our own means of survival can see this truth easier since they answer to no one but themselves. ! never collected one dime from the guys that wor"ed in contract under me because ! don't get paid to collect T%'!$ ta:es for them. They have their own slaves for that demeaning 8ob but it 2pays2 well if you li"e getting debt for payment and helping T%', to enslave your friends and family ali"e. %ere's the clic" and tric" for freedom but !'m still betting you won't get it. ! live this tal" not 8ust wal" it. !f you need proof, that'll be your ego tal"ing but suffice it say the proof is the fact that you're getting this from me. =on't be thin"ing you're 8ust going to get out of the system and still e:pect their benefits because you won't. 4ep, you actually have to stand on your own two feet and ta"e the mittens with strings off. #ac" to the puppet to finish this. !'ll use a 2court room2 scenario to drive this puppet home. -o, you're standing there in front of one of their 3riests of #a'al and they want you to -7'A$ on their rule boo"; the buy bull. 3roblem is, they "eep calling the +A,' and you're not tal"ing, they're tal"ing to your 2puppet2. !t's only when you choose to animate T%'!$ puppet that they have you &65= in fraud, dishonour and insanity since birth. !t's ama<ing that this puppet loo"s e:actly li"e you, shares a similar sounding name that you dare not even utter but it cannot tal" by itself, you have to do the tal"ing for it if you &6+-'+T to giving them an A&T. They 8ust made you #'5!')' you were the puppet and they had us in complete dishonour since the day the +A,' was $'G!-T'$'=. ! will as" you this. =oes a puppet "now how to answer mail, answer the phone or tal" without you holding it; +ot at all so best that you give the puppet bac", get over the fact that you were pawned and get on with your life in freedom. %ow would you li"e to get rid of all 2debts2 without doing a thing; Told you it was simple but you still can't fathom this ultimate of truths can you; 7hen you respond to anything what are you doing; 5et's ta"e a closer listen shall we; Try this way instead; $e -pawned. -ounds the same with a whole different meaning doesn't it. 7hat is the purpose of salmon wor"ing their way bac" upstream to deposit their spawn; At the ends of their lives they come bac" to put new life into the river they come from and that is what you do every time you re spawned to the +A,'; you give it life and all T%'4 need to beat their slaves who are really fraudulent and dishonourable criminals. That is how these controllers stay in honour and "eep you in dishonour ad infinitum. As a result of this truth ! have reclaimed my >*$!-=!&T!6+ over their >*$!- (!&T!6+. #ut you say to

me that in the legal aspects of contracts, you have to respond in / days or the contract @not landA they offer is ac9uiesced to; -orry, ! don't follow their fictional laws designed by them to "eep me trapped by my own dishonour thin"ing they're real... Again, what happens in 8uris fiction, -TA4- in 8uris fiction and ! will not surrender my living flesh to a court lower than my own sovereign one. #esides, !'m real, not 3innochioette. ,aybe !'m luc"y being born the way ! was having never been the name and was only polite in my use of it while ! tried to figure out why ! was wrong about me. Turns out ! was wrong about being wrong and the universe gave me a gift to be able to see this truth. ! sure hope you can but !'m still betting you won't. !n closing !'ll 8ust say this....,ort gauge @death wageA...! got no stin"ing mortgage, tal" to the puppet or in common spea"...tal" to the hand with the puppet on it. -o glaringly simple but !'ll also bet the mighty gurus will scoff as they try to get their #6+=- and actually thin" there are real courts. Truth be "nown; !f we truly "new unconditional love, we would never need them in the first place...right children; 'verything ! needed to learn ! learned in "indergarten with sharing, laughter, creativity, friendships, teamwor", common goals but most of all ! learned how to love 8ust for the sa"e of love...!n the meantime, en8oy your puppet acts, you're putting on 9uite a show and illusion for your masters and they are loving you in a completely different way....that's odd, feels more li"e rape. #een there in more ways than one and it was always the &$67+ doing it....go figure...much love, Katherine of Gaia. p.s. sounds nothing li"e my puppets +A,' eh;....tossed that bro"en piece of their shit in the dump where it belongs....done...easy peasy....B buc"s says you still don't grasp this....leggo your ego, then you might.