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GENS N' ROSES USE YOUR WLLUSION 1 CHIL WAR [YEARS YESTERDAYS KNOCKEY’ ON HEAVEN'S DOOR CHT IN THE RING SHOTGUN BLUES BREAKDOWN PRETTY TIED UP (THE PERILS OF ROCK N' ROLL DECADENCE) LOCOMOTIVE COMPLICITY) SO FINE ESTRANGED YOU COULD BE MINE DON'T CRY (ALT. LYRICS) MY WORLD 9p" | ee ISBN O- ae ba=2 a i 3939) il 02501194 ho b | GUNS ROSES ——USBYOUR ILLUSION Management: Doug Goldstein/Big F D Entertainment, Inc Edited by Steve Gorenberg, Kerry O'Brien, Andy Aledort and Jon Chappell Music Engraving by W.R. Music Production Manager: Danial Rosenbaum ‘Art Direton: Kerstin Fairbend Director OF Music: Mark Philips Cover Painting: Mark Kostabi \SBN: 0-89524-687-2 Copyright © 1991 Cherry Lane Music Company, Inc. Intornatonal Copyright Secured All Rights Rosorved Apion. Nope he enon nay bawondic on chaser sen, arian aylom ‘nouns, crv, nears phoacapying touring arunn thot he per wrtienpremaann a he ener Ingontearuud seactrosa :PrntLlsenalng Divison, Cherry Lana Music Company, P. Bon #30, Pon Chester, NY 10572 (Care ag been thant tne he esp any copyrighted aural contires in thi text The pubohers welcome any ‘lomatan tat wl enable lomoreeby, w esosequert sddons avyircareclo orited force Se USEYOUR