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Using MS WORD only, type answers for all 15 questions and drop it in Assignment 1 Drop Box on ANGEL.

What are the five most important tasks of an operating system?

-manages hardware -runs applications -manages software resources of the system - set of functions which may use to perform specific tasks - facilitate networking, and manage files
What is the difference between a process and a program?

Program is a binary which can be executed. A process is a running instance of the program.
What is the UNIX / Linux philosophy?

The Unix philosophy emphasizes building short, simple, clear, modular, and extendable code that can be easily maintained and repurposed by developers other than its creators.
What Linux command do you use to change the name or location of a file?

To change name: Rename example.txt newexample.txt To change location: mv file.txt newfile/

Name the three most common Linux command shells.

-find -ssh l username -sort name.txt -ls -cd..

Why are shells better suited than C programs for some tasks?

Shell scripts faster to write on command line. Shell dont require compilation the way a C program does. Shell script usually easier and faster to write.
What command will allow you to see your shell environment?

echo $shell or echo $0

What command will change your shell? What command will allow you to see all the shells available? In which directory are shells stored? cshs for change shell cat etc/shells/ see avaliable shells etc directory that shells stored

What command will display all of the meta-characters? What meta-character will clear the screen? What meta-character will kill a process?

stty -a <ctrl> l to clear screen <ctrl> U to kill process

What are the attributes that every file has?

-Archive -Hidden -System -Read-Only -Encrypted -Indexed -Compressed

What is the purpose of groups?

To control access to the system's files, directories, and peripherals

Name three ways (commands) to create a file. What command will change a files name?

touch filename or cat > newfile.txt or echo this will appear in file > filename To change files name: mv oldfilename newfilename
In a bash shell, which command will change your shell prompt? Still in the bash shell, what file would you edit to permanently change your shell prompt?

a) PS1="[\u@\h:\W, \@, \d]> " #custom prompt options b) To change your prompt when using bash, we edit ~/.bashrc file

What is the command to change a directories permissions for all of the files in the directory that will give the user read, write and execute permissions, the group read permission and others execute permission?

chmod -rw-r--r-- 777 dir

In a bash shell, how can you manually set the terminal to xterm?

.cshrc setenv TERM xterm .profile TERM = xterm