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Protist Part 1 Notes Helminth are macroscopic multicellular eoticukatic worms Lack digestive system Lacking or reduced locomotion

ion Reduced nervous syststem and life cycles are complex Intermediate hosts are often needed to support larvai 3 groups of helminthes estodes!tapeworms "rematodes!flukes Nematodes!roundworms estodes #ll tape worms lack digestive systems so they must gain nutrients from host #ll posess the same general $ody plan %chinococcus granulosus &orm into hydatid cyst with scolex head "aenia "aenia sef taginita is the $eef tapeworm "aneia solium is the pork tapework attle and swine serve as the intermediate hosts Hmans living in close proximity to livestock Have the highest incidence of infection attle and swine $ecame infected $y eating contaminated vertarian Humans ingest cysticerci in raw undercooked meat' #dults attatch to the intestinal epithelium (ost individuals shed proglottids without experiencing symptoms )lockage of the intestine can occur if the tapeworm is large "horoughloy cooking or free*ing meat is the easiest method of prevention "ermatodes &lukes are flat+ leaf shaped worms ,ral and ventral suckers ena$levae attatchment to host tissues to o$tain nutrients' -eographical distri$ution is limited -rouped according to the site in the ody the parasiti*e Larvae reproduce asexually in small forming cercaride )lood &lukes. /chistosoma ausative agent of schistosomiasis Humans are the principal definitive host 3 geographically limited species infect humans

/' mansahi! found in carri$ea$ 0ene*uela )ra*il #ra$ia and #frica / haemoto$ium!found only in #frica and india /' 1aponicum! found in china "aiwan+ the phillipines rarely in 1apan ercariae $orrow through the skin of humanswho contact contaminated water Larvae mature and mate in circulatory system %gges move to the intestines 2ermatitis may occur at the site where the cercaiae entered Infections can $ecome chronic and fatal "he female lives ina groove on the ventral surface of the male schistsome'