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[ Fr.Sunil De Silva - 11.12.2013 ]

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His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranji !" !e #rc!$is!o% o& Colom$o and also 'residen o& !e Ca !olic (is!o%s) Con&erence in Sri *an+a ,C(CS*-" %resided o.e !er /i ! !e o !er (is!o%s a !e 'ress Con&erence !eld on 11 ! Decem$er 2013 a !e (is!o%s) Con&erence Secre aria " a (orella" Colom$o 00" on !e occasion o& issue o& !e '#S12R#* *E11ER" i led 3 1o/ards !e Reconcilia ion and re$uildin. o& our 4a ion5. 6elcomin. !e re%resen a ives o& !e Media" His Eminence Cardinal Malcolm said !a !e Ca !olic (is!o%s in Sri *an+a !ave issued communi7u8s o !e Ca !olic &ai !&ul in !is coun r9 &or !eir re&lec ion and .uidance. : /as 2; 9ears a.o" in 1;0<" !a a 'as oral *e er /as issued" i led 3 1o/ards re$uildin. o& !e Sri *an+an 4a ion5. His *ords!i% (is!o% =alence Mendis" Secre ar9 >eneral o& !e C(CS*" His *ords!i% (is!o% =ianne9 Fernando (is!o% o& ?and9" His *ords!i% ?in.lse9 S/am%illai (is!o% o& 1rincomalee and !e re%resen a ive o& !e Major Reli.ious Ca !olic ions %ar ici%a ed a !e 'ress Con&erence His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranji !" said !a !e !ad re7ues ed 'residen Ma!inda

Raja%a+sa o $loc+ !e loo%!oles !rou.! /!ic! &undamen alis reli.ious .rou%s cre% in o !e coun r9 o &ul&ill !eir in eres s. He said man9 suc! .rou%s used (2: *a/s o se u% es a$lis!men s in Sri *an+a and en.a.e in conversions. @1!e Ca !olic C!urc! does no $elieve in usin. various .i& s and $ri$es o conver %eo%le and /e !ave made our S ance clear o all o !er reli.ious leaders" includin. !e (udd!is mon+s"@ !e said. 1!e Cardinal said &undamen alis reli.ious .rou%s /ere a !indrance o !e !armon9 $e /een various reli.ious .rou%s. @6e canno a&&ord o dama.e reli.ious !armon9 a a ime /!en e !nic !armon9 is also !rea ened"@ !e added. 1!e Ca !olic C!urc! in Sri *an+a also ur.ed !e 1amil 4a ional #lliance ,14#- and !e .overnmen o .o &or a dialo.ue in order o come u% /i ! a /or+a$le solu ion o !e na ional issue. 1!e c!urc! !ad ur.ed &or a dialo.ue in i s A'as oral *e erA o& !e Ca !olic (is!o%sA Con&erence" Sri *an+a" /!ic! /as in roduced as a documen in /!ic! !e Ca !olic C!urc! in Sri *an+a used o communica e i s s and on various issues. His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranji ! /!o in roduced !is documen o !e media 9es erda9 said i did no ma er /!e !er !e dialo.ue $e /een !e .overnmen and !e 14# oo+ %lace /i !in !e %ro%osed 'arliamen ar9 Selec Commi ee or as a direc ne.o ia ion /i ! 'residen Ma!inda Raja%a+sa. 1!e Ca !olic (is!o%sA Con&erence also s ressed !e need o a%%oin a civilian .overnor o !e 4or !ern 'rovince and o rea !e council similar o !e res o& !e %rovincial councils. 1!e (is!o%s are also o& !e o%inion !a !ere s!ould $e a mec!anism o %ro$e various !a%%enin.s /i ! re.ard o !e /ar. His *ords!i% (is!o% =alence Mendis Secre ar9 >eneral o& !e C(CS*" said !a !e las 'as oral *e er !i.!li.! ed several areas o& concern and also made %er inen %ro%osals o ameliora e !e condi ions crea ed $9 !e $urnin. social issues o& !a ime. Some o& !ese %ro%osals /ere ac ed u%on" $u man9 remained unim%lemen ed or /en un!eeded. 1oda9 !e (is!o%s are res%ondin. o !e %resen si ua ion and %lacin. $e&ore !e %eo%le man9 im%or an ma ers &or !eir elucida ion. 1!is" !e (is!o%s !ave done a& er dee% s ud9 o& !e vi al issues !a en.a.e our a en ion and !us need o $e addressed in a res%onsi$le manner i& /e are o move &or/ard as a uni ed na ion. 1!e $i$lical $asis &or !e curren 'as oral *e er is derived &rom BesusA o/n /ordsC @ :& an9one /is!es o $e m9 disci%le" le !im den9 !imsel& and a+e u% !is cross and &ollo/ me.@ Hol9 Mo !er !e C!urc! eac!es us !e im%or ance o& $ein. alive o !e reali ies surroundin. us" since !a is !e /a9 o .ive rue /i ness o our &ai !. : /as also ur.ed !a all !uman ri.! s viola ions !a !ad a+en %lace durin. !e insurrec ions o& 1;D1" 1;0DE0; and also durin. !e /ar $e %ro$ed. @# local mec!anism is a mus in order o %reven an9 in erna ional in erven ion as !a is !e las !in. !e

coun r9 needs.5 His Eminence Cardinal Malcolm said. His Eminence added !a in 1;0< !e (is!o%s !ad %oin ed ou !a unless /e as ci iFens o& !is coun r9 learn o se le issues amon. ourselves !rou.! dialo.ue and in a s%iri o& ma.nanimi 9" &orei.n in er&erence /as sure o arise. 2$servin. !a curren rends !ave $orne ou !e validi 9 o& !e (is!o%sA &ears and !e su$s ance o& !eir /arnin.s" His Eminence said !a /e mus &irml9 s and a.ains all &orms o& meddlin. $9 o !er coun ries in our in ernal a&&airs. # !e same ime" o&course" /e mus remain .enuinel9 commi ed o resolvin. our %ro$lems usin. our o/n means. @6e can &ind a decen /a9 ou o& our %ro$lems"@ !e Cardinal said. @6e !ave !e in elli.ence" !e ca%aci 9 and !e s%iri ual s ren. ! &or i " $ac+ed $9 a common reli.ious !eri a.e. #%ar &rom !a " /e arc also a/are o& /!a &orei.n in erven ions !ave done in o !er coun ries. 1!ere" !e %ro$lems in !ose coun ries s ill remain unresolved. So" i is u% o us o learn o coeGis as $ro !ers and sis ers. : is onl9 !en !a /e can /ard o&& an9 over ures $9 ou side %ar ies.@ : /as also s ressed !a !ere s!ould $e /o-/a9 ra&&ic /!en i came o se lin. in !e 4or ! and else/!ere in !e coun r9. : /as !ere&ore !i.!li.! ed $9 !e (is!o%s !a an9one in !e Sou ! /!o /is!ed o live in !e 4or ! s!ould $e allo/ed o do so and vice versa. Ho/ever" !e Cardinal said &orce&ul se lemen s in !e 4or ! /ould lead o &ur !er %ro$lems.

His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranji ! addressin. !e 'ress Con&erence

His *ords!i% (is!o% =alence Mendis" Secre ar9 >eneral o& !e C(CS* addressin. !e 'ress Con&erence

His *ords!i% (is!o% =ianne9 Fernando (is!o% o& ?and9 addressin. !e 'ress Con&erence

His *ords!i% ?in.lse9 S/am%illai (is!o% o& 1rincomalee addressin. !e 'ress Con&erence

[ '!o os $9 #ji ! 'erera ]

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