Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : Welcome to ETCon 2 Tony

: hi all E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : Please make yourself comfortable. We will be starting in less than 10 minutes. Jason West : Hi this is Jason.... shellterrell : Hello everyone! Kirsten Winkler : Hi everybody Anton_Kunin : Good afternoon everyone! Pablo_Pittaluga : Hello everybody this is Pablo from Argentina, new to the whole thing... Arkady_Zilberman : Hi everybody, happy to be here Kirsten Winkler : hello Anton, glad you made it here :) Anton_Kunin : My pleasure! E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : Hi Kirsten. Please accept the video control. Geoffrey_Smith : Hello Kevin_Chen : Hi this is Kevin Chen E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : Kirsten --- you can speak now :) E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : Welcome Kevin E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : Welcome Jason E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : yes, we can see you :) Kevin_Chen : Hi Kirsten -- thanks for having us Jason_West : Hi. Can I test video and mic Emma_Watson : Hi, Emma here. My first e-conference! E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : yes. Let me give you the controls. E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : please click on Allow - Jason E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : yup Emma_Watson : yes Arkady_Zilberman : yes Anton_Kunin : Yes Kevin_Chen : We can hear you Pablo_Pittaluga : yes E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : let us test with Kevin too? shellterrell : yes Kevin_Chen : Sure E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : please click on Allow Stephen_Jones : Hello everybody. Jason_West : Hi everyone, nice to meet you all! Geoffrey_Smith : Hi I have no mic or video but I can hear and see you all Kirsten Winkler : no sound for kevin :( E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : Hi Kevin. your voice - is low :( Arkady_Zilberman : please speak louder E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : that is better Arkady_Zilberman : it is better Page 1 of 19

Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : Is Bernard in here? Kirsten Winkler : here is still low shellterrell : Will we be using #etcon as the Twitter hashtag for this event? Arkady_Zilberman : speak louder if you can Kirsten Winkler : thanks shelly Arkady_Zilberman : that's great Kirsten Winkler : yes, we will #etcon Anton_Kunin : Yes, speak up, please! Kunal_Sarin : Hello Everyone Jason_West : Hey Shell, I can't believe you're not on twitter :-) panyam_satyanarayana_varma : hello t E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : ok let us give it back to Kirsten then? Kirsten Winkler : nice you came m Kevin_Chen : Sounds great -- sure just : :-) Aniya : Hi folks :) E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : Hi Kirsten. just unstop the mic and then stop it again Bernardooo : buenos dias to everybody :-) Kirsten Winkler : Bernhard is here now E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : this way, we will at least see you :) Kirsten Winkler : me? E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : yes Geoffrey_Smith : Has this conference started???? Valentina_Dodge : Hello and warm greetings from the south of italy E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : ok. we have 1 minute to start Kirsten Winkler : did you test Bernhard? Bernardooo : no Kirsten Winkler : let's do that and then start E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : we can hear you but not see Diane_E__Williams : Hello, I am at an MIT library in Cambridge, MA now E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : do you have a webcam? Kevin_Chen : I can hear you panyam_satyanarayana_varma : i can hear u Kunal_Sarin : I can hear as well E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : i can hear you, but probably not see ramnarayan : hello Kirsten Winkler : can hear you fine Geoffrey_Smith : I can here someone as well shellterrell : Your sound is great Jason_West : I can hear you too Centigua : Your voice is very clear! E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : ok fine. Page 2 of 19

Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 Aniya : I can hear, however that ws.. Pablo_Pittaluga : sounds good but no image E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : Bernard, do you have a webcam? Kirsten Winkler : do you have a cam? Bernardooo : yes Valentina_Dodge : Nice to see so many fellow twitters ;-) E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : select using the gear like icon below kirsten's image E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : follow the red pointer Kunal_Sarin : yes, it was crystal clear... Bernardooo's voice shellterrell : Hello Aniya Kirsten Winkler : hi sis :) Aniya : Oh no, not Shelly the pug again lol E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : click on it and then select your webcam device E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : yup, here you are Kirsten Winkler : I can see him :) E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : can you speak please :) Anton_Kunin : Yes Arkady_Zilberman : yes Valentina_Dodge : yes E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : yes, perfect Kevin_Chen : yes Diane_E__Williams : Yes Jason_West : yes Kunal_Sarin : Yes, perfect Emma_Watson : yes Aniya : Yes loud and clear Pablo_Pittaluga : yes and see you too Bernardooo : excellent Geoffrey_Smith : very loud and clear Bernardooo : :-) ramnarayan : yes what is the session basically about? Karenne_Sylvester : yes E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : so, should we start? E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : Kirsten? Kirsten Winkler : yes Kunal_Sarin : Yes, lets start shellterrell : yes Valentina_Dodge : (hi Karenne!) Bernardooo : yep E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : ok. all yours E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : unmute the mic, stop the video and we will never loose you E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : even with the connections in france :) Page 3 of 19

Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 Karenne_Sylvester : hi Valentina ;-) ChinaMike : yes Geoffrey_Smith : and Belgium Valentina_Dodge : Nice to meet you (all) here ramnarayan : i can see the joker E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : I think we can start now. Right? Arkady_Zilberman : yes Tony : can i have a mic Kirsten Winkler : I can't click on the presos ramnarayan : yes Kirsten Winkler : I'd like to put mine up Geoffrey_Smith : please do, life is too short and the queues are mqny!!! E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : now Pablo_Pittaluga : that's OK Kirsten Winkler : thanks Marisa_Constantinides : Hello everyone shellterrell : Hello Marisa! Kirsten Winkler : don't play with it Marisa_Constantinides : can't stacafe for long am in a rather noisy Karenne_Sylvester : hi shell, marisa, aniya, everyone - what do you do to check mike and is tis necessary Emma_Watson : There's an echo... shellterrell : Hello Karenne! Marisa_Constantinides : hi shelly Dr__Aldrin_P__Antivola : yes E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : i can hear fine Marisa_Constantinides : karenne Geoffrey_Smith : yes panyam_satyanarayana_varma : s ramnarayan : what is crowd sourcing? Marisa_Constantinides : aniya! Aniya : Hi Marisa dear ;) MissShonah : Hi all :-) shellterrell : Hi Shonah! MissShonah : Hey Shelly! Centigua : Hi MissShohah! Aniya : Pay attention to the teacher you lot, stop chatting already.. ;) MissShonah : Hello :-) shellterrell : There you go ruining are fun, Aniya! just : good Aniya : Shonah don't press buttons this time lol Page 4 of 19

Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : we will hide the right side chat flap, if anyone wants, they can open it by clicking on the side arrow MissShonah : Promise I won't Ms Aniya-already in the corner! Aniya : Behave Shelly E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : kirsten, you can stop your video for better audio quality shellterrell : I live in Aniya's corner! Marisa_Constantinides : i am just a lurker today Dr__Aldrin_P__Antivola : audio was lost here shellterrell : Interesting I have seen these roles in online communities Kevin_Chen : (I'm having some problems viewing the ppt... sorry to mention this ) panyam_satyanarayana_varma : is this on tribes or global E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : it is the pdf Kevin_Chen : (sorry, maybe it' s me being in China...) panyam_satyanarayana_varma : all companies are having leaders shellterrell : I think many different areas have created communities such as nings & discussion group there are leaders there ChinaMike : businesspeople find it difficult to be educational leaders. ramnarayan : is tribe is the synonym of community panyam_satyanarayana_varma : in what sense the exposure leads ramnarayan : s tribe the synonym of community? Kunal_Sarin : Yes @ ramnarayan Jason_West : yes it is ramnarayan : ok shellterrell : It can change a person shellterrell : but like you said not always Aniya : Depends on the person ;) panyam_satyanarayana_varma : leadership always fights are involved shellterrell : Could change person in positive ways through self reflection ramnarayan : brought together to achieve a common goal maani_vatsa : idea...!!~ shellterrell : good point! Valentina_Dodge : does don't "change it" mean don't change main focus and community aim but still allow room for shift and dynamism? ramnarayan : but confusion arises because of crowd sourcing shellterrell : I like the 1st hand insight, believe this is a definite plus ramnarayan : will crowdsourcing affect decision making mam? ramnarayan : is crowd sourced content reliable? E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : questions? MissShonah : Thanks Kirsten-interesting E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : later or after Jason? Page 5 of 19

Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 panyam_satyanarayana_varma : thanks Pablo_Pittaluga : I liked it very much Valentina_Dodge : thanks Kirsten Jason_West : okay shellterrell : Thanks Kirsten! ramnarayan : thanks Arkady_Zilberman : let's do it at the end ramnarayan : hi panyam_satyanarayana_varma : fine MissShonah : Hi Jason panyam_satyanarayana_varma : s ChinaMike : Excellemt introduction Kirsten, Thanks! Bernardooo : yes MissShonah : Loud and clear Kevin_Chen : Thanks Kirsten, Hi Jason Emma_Watson : fine Karenne_Sylvester : Thanks Kirsten. When you are calling for educational leaders am a bit confused you mean ceos of the companies? We have numerous thought leaders in our profession. Aniya : yes Valentina_Dodge : hi Jason, loud and clear Kirsten Winkler : thanks everybody for your kind feedback Kirsten Winkler : did you like it m? panyam_satyanarayana_varma : yes ramnarayan : yes nice ppt kirsten Marty_Nostrala : Hi this is Marty here shellterrell : Good topic MissShonah : Hi Marty Kirsten Winkler : Karenne, I don't think that the CEO does always have to be the leader...but silent thought leaders as you say are silent and exposure requires more than silence and concentration on thoughts ramnarayan : community is basically for networks and gathering info as we are social animals panyam_satyanarayana_varma : going on line is time saving Kirsten Winkler : not bad at all :) panyam_satyanarayana_varma : in going to ofice or for less expenditures fro companies Aniya : Oh social animals, i like that lol ramnarayan : thanks aniya Aniya : yw Marty_Nostrala : The good leader is the one who knows how to empower other people panyam_satyanarayana_varma : leader is one whoom visualizatiion is needed Marty_Nostrala : The quantity and quality of our conversations pretty much define our community ChinaMike : This could also be a function of the fact that during this time the average American Page 6 of 19

Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 worked more and more women entered the work force. shellterrell : Yes thats a good point, but in some communities even online some ppl put themselves above others based on credentials, etc Aniya : Too tr ue Shelly! Kirsten Winkler : do you see that good or bad? Aniya : ..but then they bite the dust...(sometimes) and don't like it.. MissShonah : Definitely Shelly Kirsten Winkler : ;) MissShonah : However only a subjective opnion from those who put themselves above others... shellterrell : LOL! People are generally good! Aniya : apart from you Shelly lol Kirsten Winkler : I want to believe in that, too :) E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : people are generally good and selfish :) MissShonah : More often than not people are good :-) Aubrey : exactly Aniya : On the whole yes Anton_Kunin : Well, it's the same in professional communities: imagine you work at a language school - there are always those who have higher credentials and are more respected, and there are those with less Anton_Kunin : experience and that are less respected. Kirsten Winkler : true Anton but this is in the normal cycle shellterrell : of course you get some really wild characters online & they get quite angry & you have a prob when they scare others out of the community. I guess these would be considered "cyber bullies" Valentina_Dodge : would the lack of visual cues on online communities actually increase the "good" factor in that it becomes more tangible, archived and ppl make more an effort? MissShonah : Why should people be less respected due to "credentials" - shouldn't they be respected due to what they have to offer (may not come from a piece of paper!?). Kirsten Winkler : and not everybody wants "more" than being a happy teacher or member Aniya : sometime people with less credentials are more res pected Aniya : Agree Shonah!!! Anton_Kunin : Yes Miss Shonah, absolutely! I totally agree with you! MissShonah : :-) shellterrell : Great point MissShonah, plus I'm more interested in real life experiences & their passion shellterrell : Aniya I respect many ppl who ppl have actually asked me why I talk to them they are nobodies but who gets to decide this? Aniya : depends what and how people transmit online Karenne_Sylvester : sorry Kirsten I wasn't talking about silence. thought leader is a seth godin term for one whose wisdom is respected and passed on to others. Page 7 of 19

Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 Aniya : a nobody is probably a better person anyway.. shellterrell : Very nice chart Stephen_Jones : I agree. MissShonah : Exactly - Shelly - as long as people are passionate about what they do-who knows what pieces of paper they have... Aniya : Nice stuff, original! MissShonah : Like the ad! shellterrell : Nice ad! Aniya : passion says it all Shonah shellterrell : Amazing feedback! MissShonah : What a wonderful response! MissShonah : That has given me goose bumps! E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : good presentation Pablo_Pittaluga : excellent Karenne_Sylvester : how do you manage the text bar, it keeps jumping. can't read properly MissShonah : Thanks Jason!Great ideas :-) Bernardooo : nice presentation - congrats! Kirsten Winkler : great Jason Kevin_Chen : Thanks Jason Karenne_Sylvester : good stuff jason Pablo_Pittaluga : can I have this recorded please? Aniya : Thank you :) shellterrell : Excellent presentation! Really enjoyed the visuals! Centigua : Thank you. A really nice presentation! Valentina_Dodge : Thanks Jason, interesting talk E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : i think Bernard ChinaMike : I would suggest that what you are doing is finding free or willing roll-players or game players rather than doing crowdsourcing Bernardooo : ok - how? ;-) Emma_Watson : Thank you. Very interesting presentation, and great table! Centigua : you sound like a nice guy! shellterrell : Emotion superceeds technical Arkady_Zilberman : Great presentation! MissShonah : Oh!Like that Shelly - and agree Bernardooo : how do i enable my presentation? Aniya : yes, better being human ;) Aniya : yes Emma_Watson : ys E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : yes Anton_Kunin : Yes MissShonah : yes :-) Page 8 of 19

Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 Jason_West : yes Arkady_Zilberman : yes Kevin_Chen : yes Marty_Nostrala : yup shellterrell : yes :-) ChinaMike : Thanks Jason. Valentina_Dodge : Yes Bernardooo -perfect Kirsten Winkler : Jason, you have a talent building up stories ramnarayan : how old is it? Jason_West : Thanks Kirsten :-) E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : kirsten could you also come up on skype please. a quick word to do. Kirsten Winkler : just a second Kirsten Winkler : I'll come Jason_West : Thanks Chinemike Anton_Kunin : Busuu was lauched in May 2008, Ramnarayan. MissShonah : Great presentation Jason-thanks Kirsten Winkler : ambassadors is a good word! ramnarayan : thanks anton Aayush_Jain : very nice ppt Jason_West : Thanks Shona Aubrey : right.. Centigua : Hi Aubrey! Aubrey : hi ladies MissShonah : Don't have schools in France, do you, Jason (you would be a great boss!!:->)! Kirsten Winkler : @MissShonah working on it ;) Aubrey : well said..i do agree Jason_West : I don't sadly :-) Centigua : I agree MissShonah Jason would! MissShonah : I'm patient! Jason_West : I'very anit-boss ramnarayan : yes Jason_West : sorry, 'anti-boss' MissShonah : You would be an inspirational person to work with - is that better way to put it! Aubrey : wow Aubrey : oww? Jason_West : Thanks a lot! I hope I would be. I like to look at things a bit differently. Better listen to Mr Busuu now eh? :-) Emma_Watson : Are you familiar with the community translation forum on Kirsten Winkler : exactly, in translation no creativity is required Centigua : BTW Shonah, I hadn't realised you were in France.... shellterrell : I think thats very beneficial to have people translate ramnarayan : thanks busuu:) Page 9 of 19

Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 MissShonah : Thanks Bernard :-) shellterrell : If not organized crowdsourcing can lead to loss of people I think E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : after kevin and wiziq presentation Kirsten Winkler : thank you! E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : thanks. Pablo_Pittaluga : interesting panyam_satyanarayana_varma : thanks Kevin_Chen : That was great --- thanks Bernard shellterrell : thank you for the presentation Bernard Aniya : nice presentation, thanks :) Aubrey : very nice..thanks Emma_Watson : Thank Jason_West : Thanks Bernhard! Bernardooo : you are welcome - thanks for the nice feedback Bernardooo : :-) Arkady_Zilberman : Very innovative and brilliant! ramnarayan : what about Jason? Valentina_Dodge : Thanks Bernhard - nice to find out more about your company and experience Emma_Watson : yes Aniya : yes ramnarayan : yes Arkady_Zilberman : yes Kirsten Winkler : yes Bernardooo : yes MissShonah : YEs shellterrell : Glad to hear the name pronounced. All this time I kept calling it italk e Pablo_Pittaluga : yes but not very loud Emma_Watson : quite quet Aubrey : too low Valentina_Dodge : a bit quiet thanks! Aniya : Just turn you audio up, i did ;) Emma_Watson : mine's on maximum! Aubrey : its already inmax volume.. Aniya : lol Aniya : say no more then.. Valentina_Dodge : already on max and still :-( Aubrey : did he say Hongkong E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : shanghai Aubrey : a ok..thanks ..still my neighbor Aniya : i'm not on max audio yet and can hear very clearly ramnarayan : there is no professional training in ITALKI Page 10 of 19

Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 ramnarayan : is that so? Aubrey : you are near to him LOL Kirsten Winkler : well, both Aniya : I'm in Italy so not really.. Kirsten Winkler : on the market place also pro teachers offer their services Aubrey : LOl Aubrey : so quick.. ChinaMike : Kevin you say everything is created by the crowd. I have seen materials from publishers. Do you try to eliminate this kind of content from your site? Victoria_Talk : Hong Kong registered company Team based in Shanghai Aubrey : ow..thanks for that... Kirsten Winkler : great job then Aubrey : those are essentials.. shellterrell : thats a good point I hadn't thought about on communities I'm involved in shellterrell : Maybe I should give these communities more slack Karenne_Sylvester : good question China Mike - how do you make sure that illegal copying of material does not turn up on your sites? E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : Amen! Karenne_Sylvester : Wikipedia works because it has a very clear non-profit model , many people work together to create something new. The question for companies expecting the same sort of wiki response, is where is the Karenne_Sylvester : model? A company cannot expect the same sort of response, can it? Kirsten Winkler : vin MissShonah : Very interesting thanks Kevin Kirsten Winkler : thanks a lot kevin Bernardooo : great presentation - down to the point! Pablo_Pittaluga : very much interesting shellterrell : Thank you Kevin ChinaMike : Don't tell Pearsons Publishing stockholders about the free language materials! Jason_West : Thanks Kevin! Pablo_Pittaluga : sadly the audio was low Valentina_Dodge : thanks Kevin, yes very succinct and useful Jason_West : I heard you Kevin! Emma_Watson : Thank you, Kevin. Marty_Nostrala : Thanks MissShonah : Hi! ChinaMike : Lots of different perspectives! Thanks Kevin. Emma_Watson : I hope that's a typo on this slide...! Kirsten Winkler : I'm sure we will Jason_West : LOL Aubrey : wow... Page 11 of 19

Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 MissShonah : Nice analogy! Valentina_Dodge : Twitter seems to have helped with crowd submitting solution and ideas to problems broadcast by in-crowd groups Aubrey : I agree LOL MissShonah : Oh!Yes @Valentina-and in short time frames! Valentina_Dodge : @MissShonah at speed of tweet, instant - quite incredible sometimes shellterrell : I just saw site yesterday @Valentina & @Shonah where you can submit ? on Twitter and others will answer Jason_West : I agree. Are social networkers less religiously inclined? :-) MissShonah : @Shelly-really?! Kirsten Winkler : it's a big market in fact ;) Kirsten Winkler : @Jason Kevin_Chen : Hi Chinamike -- we do get (bad) people uploading materials to our site sometimes -- we delete those as soon as we find them. Our users also flag this material for us too. ChinaMike : Thanks Kevin. I thought so. shellterrell : Wow! 5 years is a long time that is dedication by members MissShonah : @Kirsten - those that are religiously inclined are a big market as social networkers? Pablo_Pittaluga : thanks to all sorry I have to go Kirsten Winkler : yes, they are @MissShonah Kirsten Winkler : they are connected by one idea and learder - there is no bigger leader than in religion MissShonah : Thank you @Kirsten-just wanted to clarify... shellterrell : And Google connects to them by allowing users to use Google ID very smart Kunal_Sarin : you dont need ID for search results Kevin_Chen : Hi Karenne -- I agree. I think the real issue is less about who does it, it's more about the license. If it is Creative Commons -- then the materials don't belong to anyone (or rather everyone) . ChinaMike : I think North Koreans would disagree Kirsten. Kirsten Winkler : fair enough ;) @ChinaMike Kunal_Sarin : Yes Kevin, Scribd is trying to deal with these issues Karenne_Sylvester : Hi Kevin, wasn't talking about creative commons materials but more the copyrighted materials loaded up behind community walls - hard for the publishers to track down but dangerous for community owners Kunal_Sarin : Totally agree with you here on eBay and Amazon here @ Vikram Karenne_Sylvester : like yourselves as once they find them they can sue you. How can you make sure this doesn't happen - see it across the blogosphere all the time. Kunal_Sarin : Nobody's gonna sue community owner if some user uploaded copyrighted content Karenne_Sylvester : Kunal, why not? Who gets put in jail if you steal something but leave it in your friend's house? Kevin_Chen : It is definitely an issue, Karenne. Kunal -- people do get sued (youtube for example). It's the site owner's responsibility. The hard part for language site is also less well known languages shellterrell : They may not sue but they could cause a lot of hassle for the community and make group Page 12 of 19

Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 look quite bad so no one else joins Kirsten Winkler : and bad publicity always spreads quickly Valentina_Dodge : community owner is responsible for having community guidelines and reporting types of "abuse" that would fall under that shellterrell : For example I wont download certain items fr one site bcuz they allowed copyright material to be published fr friend who tweeted it therefore I fear using any materials on their site shown as opensour Kunal_Sarin : See, more appropriate example here would be if I steal something and hide it in a public place (where everyone has access to) so will the government authority incharge of that place be sued? tiris_k_cheeran : thank u shellterrell : Thank you for presentation MissShonah : Engaging Vikrama - thanks :-) Jason_West : Thanks Vikrama! Kevin_Chen : Thanks Vik shellterrell : Thanks Vikrama Kunal_Sarin : Agree with you @ shell terrell Valentina_Dodge : Thanks Vik E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : Welcome Miss Shonah, Kevin, Shely, Jason, Valentina Aniya : Thanks Kunal_Sarin : Thanks Vikrama, it was nice specially the examples... ;) Bernardooo : thanks vik shellterrell : Yes Vikrama I liked your interesting anecdotes as well Sam : to Kevin and Bernard: do you find there is a certain "critical mass" of users you need before crowdsourcing translations actually works? panyam_satyanarayana_varma : good ChinaMike : What is the thread that connects all these presentations?? Could I ask the participants? E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : all presenters can speak Arkady_Zilberman : may i ask Kevin a question? Kevin_Chen : I'll type my answer out -Kevin_Chen : (just afraid that my sound isn't working well) Bernardooo : ok E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : ok Kunal_Sarin : Yes, good question @ Sam Bernardooo : Kevin you wanna go first? tiris_k_cheeran : i like to be an online teacher. can you suggest some tips to be successful. Kevin_Chen : My answer is yes --- sort of... Kevin_Chen : that's mealy mouthed I know shellterrell : For any in the panel: How do you balance teacher community and student community Page 13 of 19

Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 needs because they are in the same forum & often disagree on services? Kevin_Chen : It depends on speed and quality E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : kevin you could write on the whiteboard if you want Kevin_Chen : The bigger your community and the more active it is -- clearely the translations will work more qucikly Bernardooo : I absolutely agree - you need a critical mass in order to progress quickly and have good quality Bernardooo : otherwise better contract a translation service Kevin_Chen : If you have a "high tolerance" for poor translations or slow translations, you can work with a very small community Bernardooo : ;-) E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : i think it is important to grow sustainably too E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : you have to balance the quantity and quality Kevin_Chen : You want to get Spanish right, but maybe you won't pay for Greek (no offense to any Greek users) E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : ha ha Arkady_Zilberman : Question to Kevin: You mentioned that learning a language is similar to learning playing an instrument, i.e. it is a physical skill, right? Then please elaborate on the question why it is not common Sam : Thanks for the answers! Kevin_Chen : Arkady -- the analogy I was trying to make was that learning a language isn't just a matter of reading books and studying hard. Valentina_Dodge : Jason, would you say wih recent developments 6 years is no too long for this ? Kevin_Chen : There is an element of learning how to listen, or just understanding how people talk naturally Valentina_Dodge : sorry now to long in present state of internet, 2.0? shellterrell : I didnt call all that Vikrama & would like to know more on lean engineering Karenne_Sylvester : Kunal - that works with youtube and wikipedia, those are open spaces. most of these learning communities are not open spaces, they require passwords and logins. therefore like houses. Kevin_Chen : I guess the example I often give is this: People in China study English starting at a relatively early age. They get 6-8 years of English instruction. Arkady_Zilberman : Kirsten, may I ask my question because in chat format it was misunderstood. E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : yes, we will give you the control :) shellterrell : Sorry I meant I didnt catch all you said Vikrama E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : after jason ChinaMike : But when you begin to standardize materials production (like cars) you find that creativity goes plummeting. Mass production is the enemy of creativity in many ways. Kirsten Winkler : sure Arkady Kevin_Chen : After that many years of language instruction -- they are still unable to communicate. They actually call it 哑巴英文 -- mute English Page 14 of 19

Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 Kevin_Chen : I don't think learning a language is exactly like learning an instrument -- only that it seems unbelievable to me know to think that I studied French for 3 years, without having ever spoken to E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : where is the Phil Crosby or Juran of Online Education? Kevin_Chen : a native French speaker who was not my teacher. What's a language for if not communication? Valentina_Dodge : perhaps Jason/Kirsten the crowd is now giving the direction more than the "leader"? Karenne_Sylvester : I would also like to ask a question about direction Jason, is the material enough without good quality teaches? Aniya : probably not karenne Karenne_Sylvester : How do you find quality teachers to teach quality lessons if everything is free. E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : I think for education - trusting professional teachers is one of the best ways to ensure quality at a decent quantity shellterrell : Kevin how do you manage needs of multiple crowds or communities on one site? Kunal_Sarin : agree @ Teacher Kevin_Chen : @shellterrell not well Valentina_Dodge : Thanks Kirsten, leader guiding is important sure Kevin_Chen : heh -- just joking. It's hard. It can be chaotic Bernardooo : yes Bernardooo : of course E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : Bernard - do peole prefer professional content or community content? Bernardooo : ;-) E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : what is your experience? Bernardooo : listening Bernardooo : :-) E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : you have microphone on Arkady_Zilberman : broadcasting a problem to a crowd incorporates a trap: it precludes the innovation since innovation is something not known to the public. E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : er) : you have microphone on Arkady_Zilberman : broadcasting a probl Karenne_Sylvester : Thanks Jason - but how do you maintain the students interest - students can become poorly motivated when they feel they're not learning - or don't have a guide. Kevin_Chen : We just try our best to make sure to moderate, listen to people in the community, try to address their concerns... I guess the usual stuff Aniya : A lot of students seem to like community content as it's free! Karenne_Sylvester : Hi Aniya, yes - the students like it but the teachers? Kevin_Chen : (only partly!) shellterrell : Kevin: I appreciate the humor because I have seen this as a problem on many sites and forums filled with complaints from both ends so on 1 hand you want people to engage but no control Page 15 of 19

Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 isabelle_amicamia : hi from amicamia.. Kirsten Winkler : Vikrama could you extend session time by 5 or 10 min pls? Kunal_Sarin : If you ask me, I would go with professional content but community content always ads Kevin_Chen : whoa... E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : @kirsten - done! Karenne_Sylvester : I participate in many, many groups and see very little active participation Kevin_Chen : I have to say at italki, we're more agnostic Valentina_Dodge : Question for Kevin when it's possible: Kevin spoke about "balance" and the statistics showed how from 2007 to 2009 this changed - what were the key elements , how did italki do that? (in a nutshell;-) Kirsten Winkler : thanks! Aniya : Well Karenne I'm not fussy, have done both ;) Kevin_Chen : I'll be honest -- we don' tknow what is the best way to learn a language. E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : jason ... do you want to answer that? Kevin_Chen : I suspect that is a personal question for people. Some people are more visual. Somepeople learn very well just talking to people in bar Aniya : doing everything is a good balance :) E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : we have 10 mts. Bernardooo : I absolutely agree - everybody has to make its own choice Aniya : you get to see things from both sides.. Kevin_Chen : My personal experience is that Westerners tend to be very good at speaking -- weaker at writing E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : I think the problem is to look for the best method in the first place shellterrell : Thank you presenters for sharing your experiences! Kevin_Chen : Asian students are much better at writing, they are more disciplined at memoriazastion -but they are less open and willing to make mistakes when they speak E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : People should be left with exposures and let them pick the one that influences them most Kirsten Winkler : thanks Shelly for coming and engaging the discussion Karenne_Sylvester : Aniya, you're very much an exception. I know very few teachers willing to work for free - what about within your colleagues MissShonah : Ditto @shellterrell has been very interesting afternoon :-) shellterrell : Thanks Kirsten for a tech diff free session! Gr8 forum! Arkady_Zilberman : Traditional methods have failed - that is the conclcusion of a few scientist. Should we look for a new method tha would be based on a new infrmation? Kevin_Chen : So my experience is that there are national differences. And there are differernces with also which langauges --- Chinese, Japanese, etc. are much more memory intensive especially in terms of writing Kunal_Sarin : agree with you Kevin Kirsten Winkler : I figured that out myself @Kevin shellterrell : very good advice Jason not to worry about mistakes Page 16 of 19

Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 Karenne_Sylvester : Excellent, Jason° E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : next question? MissShonah : Great response Jason! E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : we probably have time for two i guess.... isabelle_amicamia : bye for now. Jonathan_Jenkins : I can see that there is huge potential for this industry. I also see that many of the leaders in the industry are visionaries and have a deep sense of mission. How do you balance your mission of affor Aniya : Well Kirsten has done it too, don't know about others, but good experience too Arkady_Zilberman : The main thing that it is a sobconscious process and not information, so nogrammar and no-memroization approach is probably the best appropach to follow? Karenne_Sylvester : Perhaps Jason you could talk about pay MissShonah : Mistakes are big inhibitors - must break those boundaries shellterrell : I agree Aniya! Aniya : should have the opportunity to an education not just people with money Jonathan_Jenkins : How do you balance your mission of affordable global education through the internet with the need to generate revenue, which will determine your long-term viability? E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : do you think students treat free content seriously? shellterrell : Very true Kirsten Karenne_Sylvester : I know Kirsten, Shonah and Aniya do - but let's face it - how many would do this long term Kevin_Chen : @shellterrell In terms of how italki shifted to a more balanced community base -- that was done partly just from our marketing efforts. Aniya : Depends your outlook on life and other things etc., E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : do students consider free content seriously? shellterrell : From my experience I KNOW students take materials in free class very free & use them Kevin_Chen : @jonathan_jenkins -- I think our attitude towards free content comes partly from the fact that our business model isn't based on content shellterrell : Very useful... sorry...typo MissShonah : From free classes I have done - yes definitely...and they appreciate the lessons too Aniya : all part of the game really I mean how much time do we Tweet, we don't get paid fot that either.. Kirsten Winkler : but I don't lose Valentina_Dodge : @Kevin, thanks that was what I thought (it was my ? too) Aniya : me neither ;) Kirsten Winkler : if they take my free stuff shellterrell : Good point Aniya Aniya : Kirsten's my sis lol Valentina_Dodge : ads --ugggh! Aniya : and Shelly is the other one (worse luck) Kevin_Chen : For us -- our business model is from connecting teachers and students. We're also trying to connect online schools and students. Page 17 of 19

Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 Arkady_Zilberman : broadcasting the problem to a crowd has an trap, since it contradicts the concept of innovation, which is something unknown to the public. Can you elaborate on this? MissShonah : Exactly Aniya - re twitter! Aniya : lmao ;) shellterrell : Jason, very interesting free content not really free Jonathan_Jenkins : thx shellterrell : Aniya, I'll deal with you on Twitter! LOL E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : Kirsten do you want to give a concluding note? E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : or should we extend the time? Kirsten Winkler : yes, a very short one ;) shellterrell : And online learning is new for many they need to get comfortable with the experience Aniya : extend it's getting exciting now lol Kirsten Winkler : agreed! Kunal_Sarin : lol... True@ Aniya shellterrell : Good point Bernard Kevin_Chen : I totally agree with Bernado Kirsten Winkler : yes, very much agree Karenne_Sylvester : This makes sense Kevin_Chen : There is no reason to think that everything will move to one model (or one company) Aniya : free can equal paid after.. shellterrell : Yes Bernado and sometimes people will join many language communities for different courses E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : is there a danger that strong communities can brand the whole web app particularly Kirsten Winkler : I think we will have a diversity* Karenne_Sylvester : Aniya ... twitter is fun... we don't twitter with our students ;-) Kevin_Chen : The opportunity is definitely big E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : for instance, at it is almost become an english language and online teaching community? E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : and most people think that is all there is to wiziq Aniya : have some student followers...i think they check my spelling though lol Kunal_Sarin : lol Kevin_Chen : the one point I would add to that is that there is a huge market of people who simply can't get access -- and they are just getting connected Karenne_Sylvester : Yes - but you don't communicate directly with them -- 80%or more is with other teachers - your peers, right E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : does anyone want to learn anything other than another language? E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : :) Aniya : anyone someone you know me, all aboard ha ha MissShonah : @E-teachers Not at the moment :-) E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : ok kirsten do you want to conclude now? Page 18 of 19

Chat Transcript ETCon 02 Communities and the Power of Crowdsourcing August 27 2009 shellterrell : I've attended as well as taught online classes and I do take classes aside from language classes Jason_West : Very true Kevin....and the format of the materials/courses needs to be the lowest common denominator can be a guide. Aniya : Thanks to you all :) shellterrell : I think students do want to learn other materials than just language, but language very popular MissShonah : Great afternoon,great chat too!Big Thanks :-) MissShonah : Great afternoon,great chat too!Big Thanks :-) shellterrell : Thanks again! Can we save the whiteboard Kevin_Chen : Definitely Thanks Wiziq MissShonah : Yehhhhh! Anton_Kunin : Yes, I do study things other than languages on EduFire! Even though it is true that 95% of EduFire is about languages. Kunal_Sarin : Yes, it was great. Thanks to all of you. Valentina_Dodge : @ E_Teachers_Academy - I work with teachers and they want to learn about learning and web tools so there re many types of communities ;-) E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : Thank you Kevin E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : Bernard E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : and Jason Karenne_Sylvester : Thanks, very enjoyable shellterrell : Can we save the chat? E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : it was a privilege and pleasure to meet you guys Valentina_Dodge : Thank you all, very interesting and well done! Jason_West : Thanks everyone, a blast! E_Teachers_Academy(Teacher) : thank you so much - personally from Vikrama Dhiman Bernardooo : thanks a lot for this very interesting discussion - was a pleasure! ChinaMike : WiziQ Thanks!!!!! Aniya : nice classroom, it didn't crash ;) shellterrell : Thank you so much! Valentina_Dodge : @shellterrell WiZiQ generates link if they've been recroding! Arkady_Zilberman : Excellent idea! Page 19 of 19