Client Case Study

Yoosk Public Engagement Platform

The Embassy in Vietnam is recognised as one of the leading practitioners in the emerging field of digital diplomacy. Yoosk was commissioned to deliver a groundbreaking online public diplomacy project connecting the wider Vietnamese public with leading UK public figures, celebrities and experts. The resulting dialogue between cultures received widespread media attention and internal recognition.

Client: British Embassy Hanoi.

Embassy needs:

3. Drive traffic to the site by partnering with the 1. Build understanding of Britain and its achieve- established web news provider ments among the wider Vietnamese public. 2. Create greater awareness of key foreign policy themes, including climate change, education and open government. 3. Promote the UK as an open, diverse society where different opinions can be freely expressed.

1.Translate the yoosk platform into Vietnamese and register a Vietnamese domain name.

4. Target readers of other relevant news sites, web communities and university websites, to gather questions on specific themes.

Over a twelve week period, 53,335 people visited the Yoosk Vietnam website, 142 questions were asked, 88 of which were answered. In addition to visitors to the Yoosk and Vietnamnet sites, content generated by the project was published in a wide range of Vietnamese online news sites:

2. Target public figures in the UK who have expertise in the theme areas chosen by the Embassy:
David Miliband Foreign Secretary on British Foreign Policy. Jo Swinson Liberal Democrat MP and youngest member of the House of commons. Ambrose Evans Pritchard Financial Editor Daily Telegraph on the Global Financial Crisis. Chris Mullins Labour MP on Open Government. Curtis Davies Aston Villa Footballer on the English Premier League.

A search for Yoosk returns several thousand results, a significant number of which are original articles and blog posts. VietnamNet featured ten interviews with UK leaders, attracting hundreds of thousands of visits. The BBC also featured the Foreign Secretary’s interview.

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