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A brand new perspective

Brand Addition is passionate.

Passionate about our industry, our own brand

and the brands of our customers.

We believe the possibilities for well chosen

merchandise to successfully promote brands,
products and services are endless.

Through this brochure, we want to share

this passion by providing an insight into our
organisation, to engage you in what we believe
is a vital ingredient of a good marketing mix.

And of course, we hope the next time you

think promotional merchandise, you’ll think
Brand Addition. 01
Promotional merchandise There’s something very An estimated 2,000 companies
special about promotional in the UK alone can put a
merchandise. logo on a product but there
aren’t many that put in the
The act of giving and time and creative thought
receiving is highly emotive; that Brand Addition do.
it makes you and the
person you’re giving to feel Applying a logo and making
good. That’s why we think sure it adheres to brand
Our customers give us a brief and promotional merchandise is
such a valuable tool – what
guidelines is of course
important, and we do it well,
we give them a merchandise solution other marketing activity can
stir such emotion?
but before that you need to
choose the right product.
that can help communicate, promote, More to the point, what other We provide targeted
relate, reward or even amuse. activity puts your brand, quite
literally in the hands of the
merchandise that speaks to
our customers’ audience. It’s
people you want to engage their criteria that defines what
with. That’s why creating we propose – they give us
the right product ideas is so a brief and we’ll give them a
important. merchandise solution that can
help communicate, promote,
relate, reward or even amuse.

Merchandise can be
powerfully evocative but it
needs to be used intelligently
and at Brand Addition we
think we know how.

02 03
Introducing Brand Addition Brand Addition is a division
of 4imprint Group plc. The
We believe in investing in our
people and we have grown A market leader in the design,
group has established itself
globally as a market leader
because we’re remarkably
nimble and have retained our sourcing, personalisation and
in the design, sourcing,
personalisation and
personality and enthusiasm
for business both existing
distribution of promotional
distribution of promotional
merchandise. We employ
and new. merchandise.
over 700 staff through
operations in the UK, Ireland,
Germany, France, North
America and China.

We are always cautious when

talking about size as we
want our customers to work
with us for who we are and
what we do for them and not
because of how big we are.
Size, or more importantly the
infrastructure we have in place
to support our customers, can
make a difference.

04 05
Introducing Brand Addition We work with a diverse Working with such a diverse
customer base across many group means our own
continued industry sectors. education never stops.

Some customers are small We continue to learn more

businesses looking to build about our industry, what
their brand and educate works and what doesn’t. The
their audience. Others are knowledge we’ve gained and
multinational blue-chip the effects we’ve witnessed
Honest advice which saves our corporations looking to use
merchandise to differentiate,
can be shared as honest
advice which saves our
customers time, money and delivers reinforce or redefine their
commercial messages.
customers time, money and
delivers maximum impact.
maximum impact.

06 07
The wow factor Branding is more important Our teams of experts are
today than ever. For your experienced at working with
brand to be successful, it some of the most demanding
needs to run through every brands, creating merchandise
element of your business and that perfectly reflects the
communications. And that giver’s values and excites the
includes merchandise. receiver.

At Brand Addition, we
know that merchandise can
help build strong, lasting
relationships with your
audience. So it’s important
that it fits your brand perfectly.
This doesn’t just mean
matching colour-palettes,
typeface and logo, but
understanding the subtleties
of your brand message.

We know that merchandise can help

build strong, lasting relationships
with your audience. So it’s important
that it fits your brand perfectly.

08 09
What makes Brand Addition different? There are many promotional Creativity Procurement
companies all over Europe, all Our design team is The effective management
of whom appear to offer similar comprised of experts in brand and leveraging of our supply
products from glossy catalogues management, photography, chain is vital to our success;
all promising the best service product, graphic, web and after all, fundamentally our
at the best price, so why do the literature design. role is to source, buy and
world’s biggest brands choose personalise products in the
Brand Addition? This exceptional mix of most cost effective way.
skills enables us to better
understand our customers’ Our buying team is committed
brands and translate them to the continuous search for
into creative and relevant new concepts, styles and
product ideas which generate techniques from the most
maximum impact. reliable and cost effective
sources. Our UK & German
We believe the ongoing buying teams are supported
investment in this resource by our office in China
has been one of the most which focuses on price,
significant factors in our quality control and supplier
successful acquisition of new, compliance.
and retention of existing,
customers. With a Group spend in excess
of £100 million per year we
are confident that the industry
supply chain works harder for
us, and the advantages this
brings are passed on.

So what does that mean for

our customers? Better value,
faster lead-times and cutting
edge ideas.

We don’t cut corners though.

We have a clear focus on
ethical working practices and
exercise industry-leading
vendor controls enabling us to
responsibly deliver excellent
all round service; but not at
the expense of others.

10 11
What makes Brand Addition different? Global reach Account management In-house production and
Over the last five years we Maintaining consistent high branding
continued have observed an increased standards of customer service The Group’s in-house
desire on the part of our relies on our ability to attract, production site in Blackpool,
customers (both existing and develop, motivate and retain co-ordinates the manufacture
potential) to source, supply high calibre employees. and branding of over 100
and distribute promotional million products per annum.
products on a global basis as At Brand Addition our Many products are stocked
they strive to leverage cost Account Management or manufactured to order in
savings and gain consistency teams are respected for their the UK, and are available for
of brand identity. knowledge and experience immediate personalisation.
of working with world-class Some can even be branded
With operations in the brands. This expertise has to order within three days
UK, Ireland, Germany, evolved through many years providing us with the ability
France and North America, of delivering exceptional to offer competitive prices at
and partnerships with service. short lead times.
trusted regional suppliers,
Brand Addition is ideally We hope to enjoy successful This capability really is a
placed to effectively satisfy long-term relationships with luxury that our clients can
this need. Our experience our clients and our Account take advantage of. Not
of managing multi-region Managers are trained and only do we control the
contracts has furnished us directed to provide the best process from start to finish
with invaluable knowledge advice possible that we can, (guaranteeing your delivery
and skills to manage this even if that is not always on time), it’s a ‘get out of
requirement. aligned with our short-term jail card’ to help meet those
commercial goals. This unexpected requirements.
approach has ensured an
impeccable record of client

12 13
What makes Brand Addition different? Stock management, Technology
fulfilment and logistics Brand Addition hosts
continued We stock over 10,000 over 50 fully transactional
pre-branded product lines e-catalogues where our
in our dedicated 24,000m3 customers can search and
warehouse and fulfilment order their products online
centre in Manchester. with ease and efficiency.
Orders are picked, packed
and shipped around the Our website architecture
Our UK site is complemented by world and we’re currently
processing an average of
can be tailored to accurately
reflect customers’ corporate
warehouse and fulfilment facilities in 12,000 orders per month. identity, is highly secure
and can be free-standing,
Germany and the US, bringing Europe Our UK site is complemented
by warehouse and fulfilment
intranet-linked or integrated
with sophisticated customer-
and the Americas within easy reach. facilities in Germany and
the US, bringing Europe and
owned procurement platforms
such as ARIBA or SAP
In all we ship to over 120 countries. the Americas within easy
reach. In all we ship to over

120 countries.

As well as dispatching orders

for products we provide,
we can also co-pack with
materials provided by our
customers or other third

14 15
Our planet, our plan Client organisations are We’re often asked to supply There’s a lot of talk about We’re asking ourselves four
increasingly demanding that recycled goods, and we being green these days key questions:
partners and suppliers meet can. But we also challenge but not enough action.
their standards of Corporate conventions and work with Brand Addition is committed Climate Change
and Social Responsibility. our clients to supply goods to minimising the pressures What can we do to minimise
Brand Addition meets their that satisfy the ‘green criteria’.* that our commercial activities our carbon footprint,
standards and has set place on our planet. We emissions and waste as an
standards of its own too. The facts speak for themselves have pledged our support operation and how can we
ISO 9001 certified since 2000. to the UN Global Compact influence our supply chain?
We believe we must all seek ISO 14001 certified since 2004. and have initiated a series of
to be good corporate citizens Signatory of the UN Global programmes that offer choice Sustainability
and because our reputation Compact since 2006. to our customers and improve What can we do to encourage
and that of our customers the way we do business. the use of sustainable
relies on what we do, we’ve *many recycled products are materials for the production
established a culture of social, manufactured in the Far East, where We don’t expect to change of promotional merchandise?
economic and environmental the impact of the long distance the world with our actions,
responsibility which is integral freight negates the benefit of using
recycled materials.
but we do hope to set an Fair Trade
to achieving our commercial example that we’re proud of. How can we ensure that our
goals. We have commercial goals as supply chain complies to
all companies do, but we are international standards of
mindful to be conscientious in operation in relation to ethical
our approach as a business trading?
and as individuals.
Healthy Humanity
How can we ensure that the
residents of our planet do not
feel the negative affects of
There’s a lot of talk about being our actions?

green these days but not enough

action. Brand Addition is committed
to minimising the pressures that our
commercial activities place on
our planet.

16 17
Meet (some of) the team

Experience counts. As does

creativity, drive and ambition.
The Brand Addition team
is made up of some of the
industry’s most experienced

Our skills are spread through

the many specialist areas of
our business, but what makes David Landes Phil Morgan Russell Coulston Helen Brennan Simon Brothers
the difference is when we European Sales and General Manager Head of Creative Services Procurement Manager New Business Director
combine our skills to offer our Marketing Director High standards Creativity Knowledgeable Passionate
customers the best possible Trustworthy
We define ourselves by the Good customer service is Creativity is not the sole The experience and exposure By meeting new and potential
quality of the people we a product of the culture preserve of the creative of the Brand Addition team to clients all the time I get a
employ – your company can that we’ve developed at department and nor should so many different scenarios unique insight into how
trust us with its promotional Brand Addition. We invest in it be. Brand Addition is full means that we understand we’re perceived. Impressive
merchandise needs. We the people that we employ of creative minds, applying the industry’s supply chain. scale and capability is a
won’t simply supply you with so that our customers can their own personal approach Our position means that common perception, as is
the cheapest or the quickest have the confidence derived to the challenges that they what we don’t already know, knowledge and creativity;
product – we’ll go out of our from working with a team of encounter each and every people tell us, as it pays to but what pleases me most is
way to supply you with the experienced professionals day. Sure we can be creative keep the industry leader in when people recognise the
best solution. We believe that who are encouraged to think in the traditional sense, our the loop. passion that we have. We’re
by giving you the best advice as well as act. Our customers ability to produce creative a group that love what we
for your business, we will also can rely on us to embody the solutions for our clients earns helen.brennan@ do, that’s partly why we do it
benefit in the longer term. same standards that they rave reviews, but creativity so well and I think our clients
would expect from their own in the context of how we recognise that’s unique.
david.landes@ employees. approach even the simplest of tasks is evident in all aspects simon.brothers@
We also recognise that of our organisation’s activities.
even the best made plans,
sometimes can’t prevent russell.coulston@
errors happening. In my
opinion this is often the true
test of our standards and
customer service. It’s the
commitment of the team in
dealing with these problems
which engenders such loyalty
from our customers.


18 19
Our details Brand Addition is part of the 4imprint group of
companies. A group of companies dedicated
to the provision of world class promotional
merchandise solutions.

The group is listed on the London Stock

Exchange and is made up of three harmonious
divisions; corporate sales, direct marketing
and trade.

To find out more about how Brand Addition

can help you give us a call or visit

Brand Addition
Trafford Wharf Road
Manchester UK
M17 1DD
+44 (0)870 240 6626

Brand Addition
Unit G2 Calmount Park
Calmount Road
Dublin 12
+353 (1)460 0961

Plus our group offices:

London, UK
Hagen, Germany
Paris, France
Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA
Hong Kong & Shanghai, China

For more information, visit

Brand Addition is the new name for 4imprint
Corporate Sales – our aim is to help small
and large businesses promote their brand or
message using well placed, well timed and well
sourced promotional merchandise.

Brand Addition
Trafford Wharf Road
M17 1DD
+44 (0)870 240 6626