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22nd $ul", 2013

I8 @anagement 8iD$ 2013 Distinguished Visiting Professor Lecture Cultural Linguistics, English as an International Language, and World Englishes Professor Farzad Sharifian from Monash ni!ersit", #ustralia 8ren+$ M NeN 2o6tNare
Professor Farzard Sharifian &ssociate /ean (Research Training), Faculty of &rts /irector4 anguage and Society Centre !ditor4 International Journal of Language and Culture )5ohn 6en1amins Publishing!ditor (With Professor Ning Yu): Cognitive Linguistic Studies in Cultural Contexts )5ohn 6en1amins PublishingI8 @anagement 8iD$ NonKLro6it 2oI#tion$ P.3

Vin Ngn ng hc trn trng knh mi ton th cn b ca Vin cc nh nghi!n c"# cc nghi!n c"# $inh % hc %i!n cao hc g&n 'a (#an tm )*n tham +, b#-i th#.*t tr/nh c#0a 123 4ar5ar+ 2hari6ian 1im )7c ca 8r#ng tm Ngn ng % 9: hi ;Lang#age an+ 2ociet. <entre= ca >?i hc @ona$h % thnh %i!n Ai )Bng bi!n tCD ca 8?D ch E#7c t* %F Ngn ng % VGn hHa ;InternationaI Jo#rnaI o6 Lang#age an+ <#It#re=3

Lecture% Cultural Linguistics and Embodiment: Cultural Conceptualization of internal body parts across cultures Venue% Vietnamese Institute of Linguistics - 9 Kim Ma Thuong Str., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam &ime% 10am 1!am "information on the #or$sho% in the afternoon #i&& 'e announce( (uring the &ecture )SV*+ ngoc.(inh,monash.e(u or -an&t$,hcmu%.e(u.-n Vietnam IL 20th 24th July 2013

About Professor Sharifian Professor Farzad Sharifian is a linguist with a multidisciplinary background in cognitive science, anthropology and education. He has made significant contributions to the development of Cultural inguistics as an interdisciplinary area of research. He has received multiple awards for his research, teaching, and postgraduate supervision, including the !dith Cowan "niversity#s $esearch %edal and the &ward for !'cellence in !arly Career $esearch of the (ear, Faculty of &rts, %onash "niversity )*++,-. He was a Post./octoral Fellow of the &ustralian $esearch Council at the "niversity of 0estern &ustralia before 1oining %onash "niversity in *++2. He has widely published in many international 1ournals and edited books. $ecently, he has been awarded a prestigious Humboldt Fellowship for !'perienced $esearchers by the &le'ander von Humboldt Foundation, 3ermany.

23rd $ul", 2013 Lecture% Applied Cultural Linguistics: What is cultural linguistics? And how Cultural Linguistics has been applied to studies of World Englishes, Intercultural Communication, and eaching English as an International Language Venue% Hanoi .ni-ersit/ of Languages an( Internationa& Stu(ies ' *ham Van 0ong str., Dich Vong Hau #ar(, 1au 2ia/ (ist, Ha 3oi, Vietnam &ime% 10am 1!am "information on the #or$sho% in the afternoon #i&& 'e announce( (uring the &ecture4 )SV*+ ngoc.(inh,monash.e(u or -an&t$,hcmu%.e(u.-n VNU