An Account of the Late Surprizing Appearance of the Lights Seen in the Air, on the Sixth of March Last; With

an Attempt to Explain the Principal Phaenomena thereof; As It Was Laid before the Royal Society by Edmund Halley, J. V. D. Savilian Professor of Geom. Oxon, and Reg. Soc. Secr Author(s): Edmund Halley Source: Philosophical Transactions (1683-1775), Vol. 29 (1714 - 1716), pp. 406-428 Published by: The Royal Society Stable URL: . Accessed: 19/11/2013 07:24
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19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . This content downloaded from on Tue.''-NE. 0 0XX / \XtX b This content downloaded from 164. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .219 on Tue.8.

Xs it u2as laid betore tlse Royal Socicty by Edtnund ElalleyXJ V D. TheDeliresof the Soriet} havingnvith me tlle forceof Commandsi l lEatl nordeclinethe Task : onty premif1ng that ifs xndelivering tlle Etioloayof a MacZ ter fo uncommotz. Secr.>n This content downloaded from 164. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . Savilian >rofegor of Gcom o-xon) v7ad Reg Soc. vrere pleafed to fignify their Defires to me. H E Royal Soviety .8.Z.219 on Tue. thatl -ould draw up a general Reationof the Fa2 and explain more at tollera4 largefomeConceptions of mineT had propoSeri to them aboutitfiasSeeming to fomeof thcmto:-render a ble Folutson ofthe veryfirange andfi3rprizing-thxnceneas vllereof.lzaving recelved Accounts from j[.or fromthe tjetrers of fiuch.maynotbe unacceptable to theCurious > and may perhapsexcite £hE SotiXs 0ff fonle moreable PMetearolegff to a morefatlsfadoryEnquiry4Tlle AcZ coUft of (llis Appatance take as follows (. wztb a Attextpt toexp^14in therPrinciwpaz Ph<z nomena tAvereof. of tlle unufiual I ights which haveof iare appeared in tlleSeavens.>JZ. ne:7er beforefeenby 2nyfelf. verymany Parts of Great Btita. norfulX ly dcScribed by gny eicherof the Ancicatsor^NIodernsp I fa21voanEwer tlleirExpedEation or my own Defiress yerwtshoped a goodHi!loryof tlle-Fa#3 dedLced partly tI1eunitoxm ReRations of creuilZle PerSons.215.

reftmb-ling (heLattera W lail& others.maysreil comprchend afterwhat manner it appearedSome sikeno cd-st to thatRepreSentation of Glor wheewtth our Pain£° c-rs in Churches furround theHolyttame of God.219 on Tue. EXparts of theHea^7en andScarce tenDegrees hlghJthe Edges xvllereof wereringed with a reddifl} Yetiowlike as if theMoon hadbeen11id behind ic. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . there arolevery longs lumlinous RaysorStreaks perpendicular to aheHorizon} fomeof whichfeem'd nearlvto aScend to the ZenithO Prefently afrer.thy obServing no Ruleor Orderin their irting -Manzr of thefeRays{ecnling to concur near theZenitllg fiorm¢dtllerea Corora.t- out of what feemed a dasky Cloud.noaslzereno+v there. diftilgusSht withireaks aI£ernaX 1iyliightand-obGruret andha¢sng inths4 miuale a space lqfsbright thantllereA. thatreddi Cloud was fwiftly propagated alon$ eheNorthern Fiorlzoninrethe ?s.8.ea£chedRwf thereof * And iomQ thereverc tLaat thoughtit likeer to that tremulous Ligh.wrould haveit to be-liketheFlame snan-Oven reverke vatedands roulsng ag3lMth. 0t11er$ to thofie radiating Starrs wherewith the Brealls of the Z-nights of t1lemoftNobltOrder of -^lle Crterareadornede Many compared-it to the twoncave of t1<e great CpaIAF Of oSt PA#!'S ChgrA. and lmmcdsat-ely fortl] its Rays aftertshefamemanner frotn all karrs. or ltnage which drew theAttention of allSpedatorsj whoaccording to their teveral Concep° tionsmade verycliffieting ReSemblauces thereof. to expreSs as well the Alotton as Figure tIzereofw fexWt This content downloaded from rhe N.: W and itill fartller WeAerly.buty xvhich conlpared eogethers thofe thatfas*t it nor.

but as to Times continued feldomers Nor oftner was Nor feemed again illorter but whicll Rill.Nor didit keepin rllefame Placc -. to Minutes. others like trutlcateConesor Cttlinders.thatat firft Gght theymigllt weil be caken for fuch. which arofe from ali Parts of tlle Nortlzlern zSemicircIcof the Horiton. likeereda Cones. nonv rlzere. pure nzorc . at OUt out Form. Weemed to meet together not mucll above the Head of Caor or the NOrtilern twin9 and vllere foon difappeared aScending defcribitzg Vapour appeared was no After over.219 on Tue. fo muchreSembled tl1e long Tailsof Comets. and and to thofe itand as tile MQRof themSelves and died a\ ayO means tlleywould fometimes fcem to runtogether} and werefix'damong tlleStarss whiSll otllerwith a very-perceptible Tranflation movedfromE:aIt to (VeRtJnder t11e Pole. others. tlle tlle tSra Inspetssof tllis Corosa we have been fiill) witlzout now now firft any oftner longer of the of order and now a was feena little to the Stortllwards of rlle SZeniths but by degrees declining towards tilt :Sout11 the long Strs of Llght. tAgains fome of ttleSe llays svould continlle viElblefor much Some greater feem'd feveral part. 3u& {hew'd have little when Motion.215. bywhich it This content downloaded from 164. toarlfe now did tiley would at that they end to or Size. contrary totheMotionof the Heavets. ordinary £ more once than fame Sky: and them fcrene were a11 of thc in a Pointupwards. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . herel proceed emerge time luminous Radii like tlle former perpendiculariy. forxshela firltic began to appear. or Place.8.

Hithertolam forced tO relate theObServations of o thersswherein Xfearmany verymaterial Circumfiances maybeomitted : andailuredly t amnotalittleconcern'd thatI had noNotice of tlliS Matter. which arofe from This content downloaded from 164. theLight feemed Womewhatfironger andbrighter.andmuch as it is wllen theMoon thepreci{e Bafl part of theSorxzon aCcending obliquclyX foasto leavethe. un leSs ehat intheNorth of SglJnd andinSaotland.we imme diatelyranto tlle Windows. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . wllicllhapucd to regard theSobth andSogtbWeJZ Q9arter.8. SQ that the fimailer Stars were{Earce to bef&en.215. eillbetteenNineand Ten of tlzeClock. we regardedthe Beavens with attention) we perceived a very thin Vapour to parS before us. beingat thatTimeat a Friendis HouSey andnoways fuEpediing what paR witbout Doors ButuponthefirPt Infbrmation of the thing.fiplzere. there is found serylittleDiSerencc intlleDe fcription from whatappbared aeLordots andOxfordw . feemed tO fubfide andfettlingon t11e Horizen formed the Refemblance of a verybrigllt Creps¢0cslaTbat tlliS was theStateof tlliS Phjnogeson in tllt firl Hoaxrs is abundantly confirmed by tlle unanimous Con fentandconcurring TeRimony of feveral veryworthy Perfons nowaysenclined tQ dtCEiY@ For bytheLetters wehavereceived from almoR alltheextream Parts of rhe Kingdom.219 on Tue.andfoon perceitd thatthoughthe Skywassery clears yet it wastinged witha firange fortof Light.Z enlthaboutXS or woDegrees t-o *the Northward FSut the fwiftnefs@-wlererith it procees fr dBd of four Days old appears after Twilighr And whilfl.

vaniffied tn a little timeywhilkot-hen.undulating Motion to a confiderable Height. Xpply'd eheI£ Place*lkt at the-}imetime. sir. -that theVo-pourwe faw. vifible before orafter. coneiguous tO This content downloaded from 164. not exadly ered toward the tdrtex butfbnlethingv declining to ehe South) whichaScendtag by a quickand --veryklong appwajance. atinterl7als very nuarly equal e allof them in theirAfceut ?roducit a liketranz fientNibbela By tllis partKular-we werefirLl aGured. wher-e beingoppofite to the Sm th&y were teepeR immer0iizthe Coneof the Eiatths>-ShadowY nor were they.the fanwwas again andagainrepeated. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . as we gR. beewe&n ehe\ andN. rbrough all thc rit of thQ hrtherniIOtlZDDs iX. buefbr-fevcral Minutes tllat we regardet it.215.219 on Tue. witlwuthelpof tlzo>Salns Beasaso forthefe Nxbevglx didnotdi(iover themfelves in -any orher partof tlzelr pAage. whatever it were. the Reprefentation of a verybrigkt SSght. ourof whichthereatofe Beansof Ligh-t. but only between the^ SotAEa#} a-nd S. EQm theNorthWeffi the Horizon. VV.became confipicutus by ts own propersLight.thefeWtaves of Vapour (if I maybe allowed to ue tltE Word)regularly Succeedlng -one anothers and.8. Whereas the contrary muR havehawenedw had theyborrowed tlleirLighc from rheSut Wethenmadei1 tlie haRwatot}ld tO * pltX where there isa free Profped of theNorthern Httonv Beiag cometheres not much paPl Tenof thtClocks we founds on thle WeRern Side. th¢ ae unc=taino Intervals.-aboytEx or fevencimes in a Minute.

andmade along for Places their kept thefe over-it.and hitherro fromall that we ha57e diSerent LAminx or two of Shape the into felf it lladfathioned whoSe tO ehefaidincludedi fud to appear orWhLXithRS-treaRs £olumns imall Numberof Som theone rea-ching aXld tl:eElori£on. colleEted was which Light oftlle Nteiglzbourhood the from quite Form a on Iight hadnowput it. Ilillcoatinacd ateSpace. in -BattleF of Mets And s ff X This content downloaded from 164. longafterthis. OLo fiell fron eheUpper9 the Ur2der firon thereheyaroWe they nade luca aslApr AiLerativls fudden but bytheir theCoXflieQs wellbctakerto reSeluble asmight -pwarance. denly.etXer2-to vnere difappearing saltanel$7 whichLaRnina to ttle otiler.215. have eafilsr a Manmight the Sky fo light.8. thatI believe thercofB by theEleXp Print anordinary read Sight.219 on Tue.wllich wefawa great Space. degrees lxmi7a Xby End of the upper witlltheEndof theotherthatwas cloFed andat length an intermedt its foas tQ «Ut Up Qn theNortllflde under opento the EaS.thenverylow CSix Cogssi in itSandparticularly clearly proceeding manifeRly Blacknefs thegreat in theNorth. further wasfl what andexpeEting bentdownwards.andthe otherabout Degrees time. o tllatx^e coud norjudgewhe tOO quck forthe JEye. parallel ina Pof1tion Iying Streaks.. tllemextended werebut ill terminated Th-ey Edges each ^Tere and E# North the to E. by 1f. No. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . ehe from felves ornine eight about broad.. Forthe abo:7e deXibed. at ehisfurpriziog Whil(twe food aAonifhed the Nortllern to scome.tlleundermoR a Degree about fouror 6veDegrees high.

215. Cllo) aS yet wre can no waysdeternline tllen* I3u. thatif theSituation thereof among the peared as quickas if a Curtainhad beendrawn over tllem: Ner were tlleyof anydetermined Figures blltboth This content downloaded from 164. which arebutoftlle FiftllMagnitude . andunacquasnted with what wa.frcym theN. did noteSacethe fmaller onesin the-Tail.s Circalmpolar . nsin.uthicll wtcre undoubtedly verygreaE.8.thereof.NF W.e DiSerence of Longitgie is ztellkno-wn. or tllatfc)llowed sc. for Example. andwhich feemed toreach upto theZenith orbeyond it.arp at the Top.butbriglzter. [uch was tlleextream Rarity andPerfipicuity of theMatter whereZ of it con&{teds This fingleBeamwas fo far temarkabie aboveall tllofethar fora greatwhilebefore hadpreceeded it. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . as tllisPhztlomcq non foundall tllofe-tllat areskill'd in the ()bServation >f rlleEJeavens unprepared. or n?ery near it. lStiot longa-fter this.Sta£shadat tllefamelnAant beenaccurately noted. Thiswascarried withan eqSuable andnotvery IlowMoX tion.where it diSappeared. fromabove the aforefald two La.. lik a Spevr. vgho.219 on Tue. E. by its diverftas atpes concerning the Diflance and Heigilt in Shape andSizemightproperly be compared tOfmall Clouds illumsnated bythefullMoon.intothe. ardpaffilng fuccelElvely overalltlle Stars of theLittleBear. there arofe a verygreat P7ra?widal Figure. we might be enaabledthereby with fome ccreainty to Lond-onandOxford. fiill keeping in a perpendicular Situati on.where it arofe. whofeSideswereinclinedtO eachotherwithanAngle of about fouror &ve Degrees.

but repeatedPhs of it no longerworth we tlleaxght the fameSpeEtacle. now wlrolly of a reducedit felfto tile lteGemlzlance wholeSpedracle Horizons on tlle Nortllern CrepS0cXl#M etlXng very bright and higheRunderthe Pole it felfs fo asto bebrighteft whenceit fpreadbotll Ways. and nothing It being now paRElet7en new oSeringit felfto ourView. black peareda very Horigone lt of the SphereW£ oSby Cxrcle lefl:er but was nor fos to tllC Eye like a darkClouda I eemed hrougll it Stars appeared tI e fnzall forby the TeleScope vrere vney hoz7iosr utual. irxtothe N. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . whichconveniently YVindows. E and /from allereapv in rlle middle vllerGof. of a Segment the were it as Space. and therefore taken thofeObServations to tlleintenttl at by comparing of Places the DiSerence Momentin diflcant in the Wame how i tlzole:Py mayfe£veto determine thetrazimgths arefromus.conrodering clcarlyt1]an xnere tcRc49 Wr2tiUforwe our Ls. UXndertllis.5sel This content downloaded from 164. Wllerefore to bearthe Chill of the night-Air to my Houfe I madehaPeto my upper being retllrned enoughregardthe-N. fabdio.w:a upoa vllis as a B4vfs 3hud %711ile Tl1AY D 5ve1. E.8.s andthento nore at the End of Meridiatls theViSerence of what tile exadt situation pretifiely OfeveryhalfEIour in tlleSky. N. andparticu« remarkable at that time appearS fo eminent of ehofevery taltP9ramids larly tlzeAz.sxtAs likely to be feenfurtlleRr abovethe reft. and foon foundthat the two Lang to the Horizonyof which we llave parallel or Streaks s and the d}lappeared had beenfpeakitag. Partsof iIcaven.215. rawids of theClock. W.219 on Tue.

but bexng -fenGble -llow inEafficient fucha serbalDefcription of a tllingWo extraordinary andun known maybe tO moRReadersI havethought Xt to annexa Figure exhibiting thatpart.and the rifing of stheMoon: but forabovetwo This content downloaded from 164. onlyfome timesforvery-Ihort Intervals. whicll theSun hadlongpasIt.cular Appearance of EtREtWtO Lamin xvJlicl1 f faw at landox between tbe HorizonsAnd above tilis-tbere w-ere feenfomeRudiments ofa mucb 13rger Segment. Hitlle-rto 1 haveendeaveured by Words to reprete£lt wllatl faw. but-ended snthatvery Pointwherehe thenwas: whereas in the true North. butthiswastfo exceeding faitst andunceF tainthatI cou}d make noproper eRtmate thereofw I was veiry de&rous tohav$ feen how tllis Pllxnomenofs would endX andattended it Etiill.ofbyt1.. theLiglzc remained un-cllan ged andIN itS fullLuRr-e.J But-onethingXaINuri myfelf. that -this Zris likeFigu-re did bynomeans owe itS Origine to theSunXs 03eams-:¢for thatabout Tllree in theMorning theSun being in theMiddle between tlleP<ortll andlialt our3grora+.near Three in theMor ning. t}le Lightfeem'dto undulateand fiparkle. ^as if newFllellladbeen ca(Eon a Fire. notunlike the rifsng-of vaporous Smoak out of -a greatBlazewhen agicated.1> Hours togetherit lsd nomanner of Change in it<S Appeax rance.215.norDiminution norEncrea{e ofligilt.had not follow'd<him. witll an1nter57al of dark Skybetween.219 on Tue.1is Attendance and Watchxngf siz. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .Hoursof Tenand Eleven: moreefoeciallv bersl+e t.8.

fituated noUs to theEye. and a-s were -feen of them three ina Moment.G. occupied marked and theirfudden byv next tO E. thefame bethat Partof theSpa£e F. Columns little white. and tweerstheewoStreaks offomewvililR Motion. theircoming at a time.ic as if all thatesot{kLlghtthat had{heo7'd andblack. andnowhere andNorthwe{t OnlyatibeeweentlleWeft to vlleHorizonjthere adjoining elSe. and included the Eaft. fomelumiv time.L. At fotheywentaway wasin-Ranta-neous. and YEef. Thefedid notmllch fo as tWO 0t yet but came fucce«lvely. prefcnted IhewthemSell7es liketbeLamin. all togeeller.the Skywas fo unufalally This content downloaded from 164. afterthe famemanne£ conical aroSe asaefrR. which J E C the SpaceD a B at E.G. twoStreaks.215.out of a BrightneSs Beamsas M.8. at vllefanae others intheAir Battlesfougilt thatfancy'd of thofe Conception fuddenaroWe of CD. in Colour themfelves G. outof tlzereryclear in themean at as in tlle Scheme and figured Spots. CDat itS Noro on. theStreak weSoodlooking YVhilR the Unde£ with joyned and downward.219 on Tue. thefel7eral time likewife. Ff F. bent End thern B. there aboutthe middle from Lalkly Ligilt greater of a palewhitiffi ly a Coneor Obelisk fromEaR moving asff whIch yerfeen? anywellad thatl tranila was reylularX fufficiently Motion a to We09svitll there-difsppeared.N. ttd to X.G. inthc North That daric that Partof theHeavens. And {tillkeptcpenat theotherEndtowards Sky. intothoWe colledred then lladbeen felfbefore.andehevaniShing very irregular tO the gaveoccaGon timeemerged. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . F.

which however frIghtful andamazing irmight feem to thesulgar Beholder. we havemadethisltort Recapitulation as annex'dtos andexplicative of.8. nzucl] tlze fame wonderful Plnomena wereSeen. thatisaboveOneFlundred anclForty Yearsagos in theReignof Qlleen Elizabeth. Eyew witneSes of fufficient creditJ for tWO NightsfuccelEve ty. with aImofi a11 tlle fameCircumftancWsas now Nor This content downloaded from 164. andam-lzeartily forryI can afay no moreas tO the firft andmoR futprizing Part thercof.215. the Scheme. fince eventheEyeof no one f1ngle C)bSerters wasfufficient to foliowit in tbe Suddennefs andFrequency of itS AlteZ ratlons. wizt on the s4thand Isth of Novem6er tllat Year. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . finceit xs certain it hath not llappengd to anyremarkable Degree in thisParc of Englvad fince I wasborn. And ehac wemigilttilE bettev be ulider(tood in wilat follows. forI thenfhouldhavecontemplated prolr3is orglis allthe Several Sorts of Mcteors I remetnber to llavehie thertoheard or rdad of This wastheontyone l had notasyetSeen.219 on Tue. would havebeen tO me a moA agrecable andwiM'd for Spedcacle .fllens as we aretolt by theHiRorians of thoSe timeS. CJmbde andStow.rransferred to tbelnterSedrioll of theEIorizon andMeri dianunder thePole.nor is theIike recorded in theEnglip) Snnals-fincerile Yearof ourLord x574. ThusfarI haveattempted to defcrtbe whatwasfeen. wbich could bynomeans becontrived to anEwer the wonderfisl «Variety thisPhtnomenon atforded. andof which I began to deXpair.

try in rlle t3Xli of Medicine GestnasProfeffior by Coraelixs Frif* tlle lMatlleX of Lotai>. about the Xme cxaAlyupon theChange.219 on Tue.iesabobieAo fpeXS regerxntxr.8. E. in a 13i(courSe matzexan. vif |2ft arcxs o.Jg Solis Ndm ifstlGo a pt[iA *.Atld XSS4Y of Stow ontlle7t1MofONfaber rbeTettimony Xy7yi that in thc\Tear uJe learnw fromforeignfiutilors viz on the X3rA tnBrabv7ftf ^!-iterepeated the famesPas . andfeenanddeCcrtbeu and^8thof 3eptember of FeJr. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .icre wob alterr4XtibgsfiJecxrsleo&. sixxRXflX2ses birabila Fromhencetss naw ca2§verforf factaznorbees nit4eft Wr t egr SciesMSS Ur&@e txrtstaz eminentes. fialares rJ2gi$.er Asto tlleother tle g¢idv7t haz-rande theicarethe itords of Gem$4¢A>inxj Chafs alterixs tobisdpparsit vofiftfiJJ gagi<g8e f d tativ tatne7} f dtim dS fFXCC#ti. in Fritilli eJZ Ctix' voaverfJ gdriesfl per JleWtoriz {peciemperegrtnam.andSonof G2nma verfity of thel'rodigics lle wvrore ECe. OEtobreis 6'4Sxdws matis fornsa.215. DAYS after Year t 57<* in tne {:ame of Septeen. AIv#JenJa7 f t4tbxs y exsxr0es q44t3X>verJetnX tares.lenX 5xam veleratates wertagixe tnotxJqxe 7nitore tt xs nor a lico.ndido felf menttoned fouraiready tt ali tElefe remarkables tws Ageof theMoon ti4.qtharto er ztllivir¢s glarinsi.*. EraJfhir rvdior$m nXtX This content downloaded from 164. rllus ill-l5odingPrognollicksfi Txmes afterieveral of thoWe that 11e tworoaa Csp0td -and tlle defc-ribes very properly pafilx F?wla (as he callsit) of FebrBAre faw in the Cbvfinx azzlWr ti§s H/?is etfianwis bnorisnJgagrvre decxnqxe J^4rgsff te nz videbJtsr 4: -dwniqge ad tuertive7n parte sJ<g¢e 4 BsreJ prggratxm axtedvi-dgretr hxtYeaBs bil q roxteger#nt borgpJti$. iale#bantxrZ'ntisCe} & Xtg.2X.

of This content downloaded from 164.hate the Autilority of Xirael MzJZlirs * (hinifelf a good rlzefe ChJfawJta. Ths thoalittle infiricur o t7hatwe latelyxZf andappeariw to the Notthatards lbor : of Roff andFwress is no-where{hidto IX3YX bSen tSfervedi¢ EezzX. Andflncethell fbrabove8s YearXs} wc haveno Accout1t $ FuJ1^ rsecelirlsy ciced a11 the faitlter LigbcsoOf a1I thinehoxve?cr no cneis nzentoned i* our^innals re h57e beenfeenin Egzads nor lrxany ot!1cr placethat t-can teCAutoe tlle oon being near rlle Al. ARronomer. as lle likewife fiilesrilem.MaRIon. de Comct.219 on Tue. The frS of the{Wes andsmoR acnfiderableg fell on t1le Sery am& 9ay of E -q0nttl Wit11 ours wzz.215.*vere feen by iL}i*nfelfllo lefsghan fe^7en eimes within theSpace of twelve cur. ver.\z7bOgives iC EheName of Ss4rora Batelis.8.*en all over htes andweiideScribed by (y+rEs In hisPhPa4ktS. and Iilil more fanzous for having 31ad the honourto be tlle great Zbpler's Tutor in the Sciences) thatat BEnxnin the Country of Wirte§rg in Geravys Msontlls. wastllat of elleYear I62Xs on wt:tPtr the ^M #. over whichtheLigllt{eemed £0 ie. t lJ?of SeptDera26th of Dece7wb£t and t f5thof they then appeare: srxSgssda rlleExchof Marahs and srasattetlded with mucllthefame CircutmRancess whictl fior Brevity s fak I omit.i 58t. Andagain thefame tllings were fecnin a very extraordinary manner on the gthof AWril and toth of ¢f Septer3Der muSneWds han7e beenmorc eonXidelsble than End. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . fuchvvasthenegledofcurious matters in theSe<ays Tlle nextin order £h2t we ktarof. eetssber bllosving: bllt xna eSs degrec}on the 6tAof Spr. Iib.

X707and in theYears thattlleAir. Fh.arefotrletimesf Eartll.8. in the Siwy. we learnthat in the fameYear x7o7} publiShed /Z. times wllen it cut in tllE 92 failing it £nay not be obServedsas happens. orten feen at {ometimes andb ehat it fhouldbc fo 57ery wellbethatwayaccoua feldotllat others.Qls Romor fometlling the Ame and againontlle^dof F>&rbary Copenhagen: Appear tllerefilchanother obServed AJtronorner -excellent of whichyer he onZ cwonfiderable. Lighthasbeen feeta I tllar : to the RoyalSoclet communicated Lordthip eigllteeaMontllstllis fort of vllan in little moreit feemsa no lefs tllanfive times.No 3to Graaf. BUt the at Berli Rircho fame was feen that Night by Mr.2l. rarsSed T t t -- This content downloaded from 164. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . bothon ehew4thof 9^an#Xr7? andx8th of FiErxary> at of this kind svas feen by M. ? Ber!i>4 Andin thelXelZvs3ev vflto sn I7X0.215. thisPhgnometo produce diEpoWed thatmany it beprobable non: forthough witll great latersals. or conclude [lencewenlayreaGonably and but feldom thougll orboth. of tllefe . or incloudy\Veather. Rline: yet Moon orbright time.219 on Tue.Rp vheMatereal mightbe mo(lprobably ox Water tvasthcVapour wrhatiirAoccurr'd pQarances. Gotfrind andlallcd tlzeretill paR above too Miles fromCopexhdges. but mucllmore ly faw the Beginning) Glouds interpofing. rll one of 1orc add another Ten at Night To theSe Londona littlE beforeMidniglltbfeennear I:Sllration. Wherefore whatcannot xonat calling aboutand confidexing ted for. tweentheNinthandTenthof Agf x 708 by rlleRiglzt llis and bJ7 ReverendYhilipLord Biihopof Hereford. ence.

\hen it is not in futiicienE Quantity.-fage bgrending it. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .tiley trsiglzt weJl betiloughtto get fromvilence a Tindrurewhich might dirpofetilem tO ffiinein the Nigilt.219 on Tue. nor fud den enough tO {hake its Surface5 or to openit felf a Pafz . Ithaving inthisiaftbeen vifible frotntlle We!} SieofSsldro tlleConfinesof 0:anl PnlJndon the JEaS (nordo sr* ytt know its ILiaaits on cllat fiide)exten dsg overat leaft£01Xrty llegrnes of Longitude . and in aXlPJaces exilsbiting at tIle ainX tiOu ths ^me x^onderous CircumRances. and in t by tlaeEruption ofthe pentVapourrilrougil vilePores of tile Earth.vstl) of w1e iind the Aitapours of Gunspst*g6t.mabout fiRy Degreesover aln)oLl ail the A.?crEpiration of thatVa?ourS wllicil being inc1wded andutan£inq vent tnag£> iLarittlule} fio.of Earthttla[es} or ro be aSeded by t5<e ..>art of rlleEarthE filrfat*e Ehat canbe hus accoun ted {or. if in Svme of rdeie T:litances andparticuxatiytllis zvhereofwe erea. as intormed bf rl Publick NewtsNow this S5 a spACa much aco ide to l3e {haken ar any one Ttme w <Zac grea-e 47e ure Topof £11e Receiver thougil exhauRed: the Experiment of whiclu I fawveryneatly perf6rmed byMr.8. Wbite§* Keeper of EsolMsM in Oxfird Norffiould I feekforanyother(auSe clla-n this. elleAppatance had not beenken overa much greater i. and a Tendency cont£ary to that of Gravity. when heatedin Maraos tO {htne in the Darkg andaCcend to the Tllefe whicll wemight beallowed tO fuppofe producecX This content downloaded from 164. Andas vilefeVapoursarefuddenly produced lzytlle Fall of Water upontile nitroc fuSpllurous FiresunderGround.

to adap-4ed Particlgss skrexedor Nrlate of c£rtain culation rlleyareto enter.arifefrom Iome bur Kindof-Atomsf like t11e of orllers whilft Magner.weffiall are tley a$ trein. Suchare meeting Bodies1 Wolid of tllemoI} tllePores ly permFate or hEarGlaSs of luterpofstion the from withnotObRacle Efux dog bya perpetuai Goldit felf TheSe ble oreven ntarrllePotesof tie the parts of theGloS on the ElorifineSteelduRc1r Thvnrenvxng zon of a Rit Sphere: Steel.219 on Tue.weareforced ons of theEartil Nature.4l «tnet on a Plane. upon acontsnuedgentte knocking on the unw themfilv confbrin of the Plain. of Tendencyenterinat thefamesart^ witha courrary i and by a paSs tbeyfreeJywthich tlle Stoneythrougll aa as wictz Sidess all on it filrrollnd hindof-Circlllation the of of folueDiamerers to the Diflance Atmofpbereo iXave tO llAVt recourfe orWaters. feen. tl concerned of the Atoms Circulation or expofed to view) by placingthe Poles of a SrreGlJ SpbPti.fflvia.we Motions quick and{urprizitlgly wonderful t-hoWewhtfs Atomsfree thetneticaX E.215. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . vilePores the CWrZefian how fuScienr: enquiring xvithout i:Sur Pbznomena Several the luaybe foranXering f pothe/is comprv & thebeteer nnay of tlle «gnet : thattheFadit of tile to exhibieel e tnanner endeavour hended.willlsydegrees derfids tO This content downloaded from 164. TtlistiltNg dS! Cartes tile CirS of Mypothrs tile by [51<) Lib ZihitoJoph. eo otherfortsof Egvia of a muchmore (ubtile about bring CQ adaprcd fieem more tnay perhaps and whicil to explain has endeavoured 13ody. (Priarip.

incluwing one tile tro: ourn)ratller xv: the Serael(for fo and not otherwtSe includes SbeZl Poresof t: pervading Matterfrcely la. clesdo impinge andtilolee it appears Now by manyandreryevidentArguments rllatourGlobe Qf FAtth iS no o£heralianone greatMagof my an Invention net.219 on Tue.unuer forceandin into greater Quantity 1n entring it to tlleSur.Parts} thecirculspolar it On from theanefide. tuallyperfbrmed This content downloaded from 164.E1 fromthe as theyare remoter cronked nzore more2n-d on ?artiveryfcw if any of theSe Word) ufeth& (if ! mlafi veryobliquely.*ecs fiorty CCurves xnto the¢nfBlves tlleywillform orAr. how this cs-cceding may appear wirllmore the Magner how it permeates and 1it%7 particularly Bto Gor l. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .215. our Figure * as: of tlzeStc>ne for that Apparatgs and by the Eerrellx readilsbe Soriety Hence it in tlle RtcJ¢tory of tlle Rayal Purpofe fubtile Matterre:7ol^?es.8. -tllePVortnernsand * ilill of theMagne of the Variation rllechanges mayexp'tata ikttte theReCult Pllrpofe ticalNeedle)bllt tO ourprefent the fameiort of tllatWC mayfuppote 0uffiCes firne Xt to beperpeZ fineMatter anexceedinXg of fuch Girculatioll Krelw in iche obServe aswte in elzefameDi{latlce paXouragaxn its DireRionl)cing with a like Force. svhivhftabrile may Fole} into it nearits Southern andentring tllF Earxbs Som intothe Ether. and orleltler fide}from fiveleg. and emergirlg thefameobtqueAngles: whiifiin the theother.face obliqlle Polee9 atldwitllall n)QEe andnzere andas may truly repref\ents. frons to . or (sf I maybe allowedtoalledge as the other tile.

xxas repeated offi£en ro rhe lar perpendicu tlwqariy >ka-Xcr or lucid of [le Vapour of tlle unznous 3eamS orStr fo perpendicb Llne ereded. andforfomeofthe moR treating feenanyxvherc . as xvhythefeLightsarerarely otherwiSe that we hear of. we mayreadilv-Xa1+ beingallowedmes I rllinI.arlyuponelzeStarfice ay v1lX>re tn of anEyeplaced Horizen tAee in a Sa. as appears andnot farfrom tbatof Norgay. lDhis . Eart:s Suriz Fortltata+tay tO ere& of thPtiobe arillapptar . ro be Att gitS t3 sr9 \ri l appAar arRigl-*r ered*ed vlzyLane *9i1aC 11er¢of: :3iSt a<y Som ?sain tisat to perpendXcu¢ar pvopofitio£]> Sph. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . l>. arldGroenZAndg. :caX tAXn famel^phea t}s.215. inA. vllePoleof the Wvrifd.ent)and to us as yet unktlcown.FortlleNsagneXcal moreh and morefo of of our Meridisal areto the WeRward Agev hy Gvoerlzd.!demoxiftra<ee Superdeics.t*s a vry pr>try b snthQ * ffiould*b.Sss as EaXf. full Necdle tllis Year cabServed. we harelSv34(t> Appearances d theIlrange formany a Caure tO ACCoUNtf-o^difiicult of.219 on Tue. of thce tlle lTariation twelsTo tothe\ilefE: at Lsndoa E)egrees crea pofition lhc t}ze rifiseg :byoccaSoned tllat Sighr. ¢t ns This content downloaded from 164.of produU lbecapable d.8.eland inelais -Poles. v greater fronz of Lights perhaps -D*ooree cng a i-ma11 te> ortie gkeatvr -llclecicy of StSMow Mat of thw I8enEry clle Xvia of a§ we t-Cs the laale a?anner tion: afEer emtt Bodiesby a Rrong atzd q-ulekFridrion Elefifresk t< brt of Liglltthis feems Ligllrin the Dark: to uYhuh llavea greatAiEnity. near cIfebut in the Nortll<andne^?erX : as alfowllyvlley the Equator are feca frequently rlough xxearQr tllan in Mornra7.

215. ct ( l >7as di@^ This content downloaded from the(:oncollrfe of manyof thofe Beamsarifing very 11 jghout of the circumgacent Regions. And finceit iS agreedbyall our Accounts tllat tllis CorvaJ was tiiagedjwithvariousColours. X.androbe>1luAra tedbythediredc Beams oft1zvun : whence it miglltcome t0 paSs thatthisfirSCoronJ feencoloured andmucll brghterhan -whatappeared afrerwards in fomePSaces.8.and meetingnear the ca1t11: the siJ wllereofthey cotlfililed mixlng andinterfering one w^7itil anothers and thereby occafion. J11D ic Nvs11 be eally l1]1CACrROOD !l3[ [l1}S Oron*zvas act onemd tI:ze ianc in alJFiacesJ bur waJ of thcEerrella as theyarefurtller fromitS Poles Hence-alfo it is manifeI} lzowtllatwonderful C4rona tllat Wtas feen £0 the Southwards of the Krtex. X s 8u 1< sx aSgonedowr mu ll lowerunder rh e He Szon Eief. 'tiS more thanprobabie that theie<Vapourswerecarried up tO fucha HeightXasto wic.oftbeSlladowtofthe Eartll. Earth's Srfacej becaute it appeared in ths er>&Pofirion Andwllereas in thisAppeatance (andperleapinallothers of ehe Kind)thoSe 13esIns wllicllarotenear tllt w and [Yr#> as L. furtheft fromthePerpendiculars toatards theSotxth. in the B¢gianing of tlleNsgllt7 andfe veryremarkable for it'S tremulous andvibrating Lsghtg gfasproduced. ftl. ing a muchllronger butuncertain tavering Light.219 on Tue.. where the Sighrtiereof was morethanoncerepeated. xvhiiti tllofein tlle Airthweere diredS*y uprlght t t11e cauSe thereofmay well be explained by vlae Oblsquityof the kwagnctical Curvess making RillobtalSer Angleswith the Meridians sx7ere on orll fides inclinitJg t L i. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .

219 on Tue.. by reafon othersyes :further Whil(t by theTninterce?ted of them-being goodpart DiRanceX only: wou1o of the Eartil. and all other 53orders the 9ara11c1 as in a ttter. C5tb<rs to repreSent bytheVulgar fuppoSed aathe fornzer.feen Sp:4rr. meet to tlle Axisof Vition LinesparalleJ the thoScRays wllisll aroSe higheRabos7e Wherefore the Eye} [cemedto terminate in Earthandwerenearelnt acute. firniffiesus-with a of StbGe . as it feemsto me. aa t3m*s By wh. fome This content downloaded from 164. andbecauSe hew theirpointed theNameof Sswordse ha^7e gorten orizonJ ttleir the otllezway.fon Cufpsfufficiently Beams. tO COnVerggE tO a Point. and have been for that te.8. tilucdfor^. m-b-8R cTWats of the tarth (thol?g4}) proYe the diur]al Roration by tbe taken is generatly whlcht at preSent.^ and the mere remoreand {laorterw mans) thc one overtakngthe QhCf they SQUt. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . and tallc1E biggeft t7 W. bca matter which ) ForthofeENeams/ cobe paS diSpure Learaed corat btXc difsppear.andperhaps to the parallel as if cutofFwithPlains terminate utould thefel}ave or Cylinders: Cones llke trurlcate andTowerson tO look like the Battlements been taken nzannere after die--ancient tbe Wallsof CitiCS fortiXed great of t-lieir oi. of the Con^7exity terpo1leion of eheir Shottnef$ Tops.Jorne tleto thataf the Heavensv concrary 5W7eRs from Eaft-to twitkefTs of therz}as lzeingneare0. did]or prefently up to a Foi¢t arld 'Q' t> Msrt1t*et a fenfible cf them hadrnofL time. But by -theRules of PerfpeAive. as we fee in PiduresSidesolught of firtight Walks.215.Next the MAotion evident&>rgumeflt to n-cw and. So lzigh norrifsng fromafar.^a flot^^cr.

> a Quantity of lumnousVapour badbeencarrfied upinto theEtleroutof tllePores of theEarth} elleCauSe of its EtErvefcence at lengtll abating.8.eir oreat Number} fheving thenxilves and difappearing wsthowl: anyc8ruer. becauie.t of theEaltll Surface. withoutdoubc.: arr" I This content downloaded from 164. Andafter tlle fame manner as rlleStarstllat gO nearthe Senicb. and e soStras ilower as tlleywere furtlleroA Nor arewte to tkinkit firanges if afterfo grea.d tit. t} old on theRiglt I*cn.E ismetimes to drimandpulhallote anthe]efr} anuu. they fpreadHorizonrally overa large Trad. and form tlloWe tWtO bright L4mif xvlzxcll vre havedeScriled. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . io tlleSe luminous Rays woulci feemtO recede faRerfromEaStO Weftsas theirBaWes were nearer the Eyeof tile Sped.or perhaps the Matter thercof confumed i thefe Ulaviaflouldat lengtll fubfide. andvahofE Edgesbeingturn'd to us vere capaD ble t0 Ctntt rO much Light tllatwe migllt rcadby tllemo l chooSe>to calltheml4hnin. pafi ov-er thaKe VerticalCircle3 xvhicllborderon tlle Meridians mucll fwifterthan tllofe Starswllichare more diftant tllercfrom. ttlough tlleywerebut tilin.taior.Atld sYbiJA tllis uminousMaeter dropr do-wn frotn theUpper 'iate to the unelerthe many lirtlewnhite Columns werefortned be-r-vecn tLlem byitS Defcen onlyvifblefortl.219 on Tue.215.e Moment of tllcirFallF [llefe by theSwifitleX ztitllwthich they vansnled ar. exllibiced a veryodd Appearence.citllerwllollyleft bellindfi ot elSefollowed with but part of irsVeocsty and therelnote couldnor lvat[eemto recedeandmove tlle contrary Way.

tlle Mag netical Atoms. Entia 7Z0a efe temere n q Je aD0f: ursJI. txz. here as this kltteor.letical Msatter for thispurpofe. I have follos5cd thecidAxio*. or ratller may fometimes carry Witll themoutof theBowels of tlleEarrtl a {ortof Atoms proper to produce Lightin the Etllerv f anfwer tbat we arenotas yet informed of any otherKirnds of ]?gsiaof terreRrial Matter which may{erve forourpurb pofe. if I mayfo callit. \sVllat n*y be theConfititution of theSe Comerical Vapours3 nve lnlal3itantsof the Earth can knowbut littlt. f it fhallbyanybe thougllt a 11ard Suppofitiotl that1 Sutne the via of tlzeMag.ate mwltiplicvad neat LaRll beg this Occafton tG meNt. I publiJllid in No (3SGf tC(¢ 12> fa¢ioSs T^itW Thar (tuppofing the Ea>tA to be sotlcave.NSttAts aS \tears fince.219 on Tue.xvhicll in certain Ca{esmay themfel^7es become luminous. atld tllofe of Water 11ighly rarified intoVa pour.8. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . if thisbe not. ButwIzates?er may be c1ze <aute thxreof. of theScllools.Nardo weEnd any tning likeit in xvllat wefeeof the(:eleRial Bodies..etpecialiy ir \N7e cculd by anymeans llaszecome at t:[le DiFances tllereof. unlefs it betlleE-tRtia projeded out of rlleESodies of Cometsto a va-R Height. ankl tO gO of intoTailsof a Scarce conceivable Lengtll. andwhich feemby a Fis rentrifuga tO flywithan incredibJe Swift ne{itheCenters both oftl e SUnandComet. feldom is Geen but in ehepoiat Regions oftheWorld. lean?e on 1SX uu X witb This content downloaded from 164. and tlzaF mokrt contnonly inthe* inter Months.215. than thofe we11ave here confidered. andonly tIat theyareevidently excited bytheHeat oftheSun § v.tOn.

s feen uhereinthis AppearaAace fregutfarS ? may of tlle two E:(luInoxes the Ti-n3c-s nor farfirom fone Atre¢zEion beow to wllileforthe Curiouss k vrorth xn tize Montasof Septeggvtatld Os2nher on the Heavens again bappen. traordinary tlle may af0ord gorlooSe andlbcing of ourEvrth. Ehe Cartenc fa-confifRs. COR]C F 1 1\7 Z S u?as it FrJl* 0D 3 46#te } 8:. and in caSe laid dosvn rhat l have Ilere by tlle Ptlethod to olzrerves che Di of Exasiinels. thatthe C!ircutmIlance. wllence give Pafiage parts And if iUC in the hrR Paperof this Tra>X.8. 19 Nov 2013 07:24:27 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .Tllis feems tllis ourMetevr whereof Matter tiz.5809 that it sSa.i tSj 9 la XteO8. maydeterninejwithfomedegr-ee whichwc cant>carce c writlolut rtlercof anceand Hei-gl^r tO gtiy j2it C.215.and therefore vilan towar:ls maybe a reafon to thefeVapaurs.J4Gioa: wilat A7itilin us. Corof tE1e thethicknefs Spheroidw of a Flat Figure of tIze lefs of the Globe. But Lightsarealways givensvhytheSe uponthisConccittllatlit ^7ilt Rrefs tO laynomore l de{ire Lrear} it haViNg beennotedthatsntlle YearsX575 and .posrd} as"t conGdetably Parts in tbe PrZat xerr9 to naore sikely the endeavour it {houldnet. Ihould be tllus incloWed a MediBm feenill t3 tead.onclufon. /. by oneconflderable voured RotationbetngneceSarily of itS dlurnal becauSe bEarth..219 on Tue. *Os This content downloaded from 164.that!Rome to fuppofe beallowed may swe hinderbut ihould on veryrareandexmayfi of vlis lucidSubRance andpenetzate througll tranfiude Occaftons.