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January 2005

San Francisco/Northern California Chapter

By David Mills

This media business tax seminar is for professionals in the broadcast, film and video business. Whether you own your business or freelance, even a little, this tax seminar will give you many tax tips that can help you know what to expect this year while preparing your returns. This seminar will also offer you tips on how to run your business more efficiently. Jim CPA, JIM SPALDING Spalding will set you straight in Photo by Robert Mohr © this Media Business Tax Seminar that is being held at the Bay Area Video Coalition, 2727 Mariposa, SF, on Thursday, January 27th from 7-9 p.m. Jim Spalding, CPA & MS Tax, Principal of Spalding & Company is the former Treasurer of the National Television Academy, SF/Nor Cal Chapter, former Board Member of the Film Arts Foundation, former CFO, San Francisco Bay Area Film/Tape Council, former VP & CFO, One Pass Film & Video, Inc., Former CFO of KQED Inc. and Audit Supervisor for Ernst & Young. Jim is also a BAVC-recommended accountant. There will be media networking to kick it off at 7 p.m. with light refreshments. At 7:30 p.m., Jim will lead a

Was it worth it? That’s the question that can be asked of Northern California television stations after the guilty verdicts and death penalty decision in the Scott Peterson murder case. In the trial’s aftermath, news executives say the widespread coverage was justified. Media AP Photo 7/29/04 critics argue it wasn’t. The Al Golub, Pool ratings provide an unclear picture. On Dec. 13, a San Mateo County jury recommended Peterson be given the death sentence for the murder of his wife, Laci, and their unborn son. A judge will sentence Peterson on Feb. 25. The jury’s decision ended months of intense coverage on the Peterson case. More than 800 press credentials were issued for the trial and many stations set up camps outside the courthouse. Some dedicated two reporters and two crews to the story every day. When the jury’s guilty verdicts were read on Nov. 12, most Bay Area and Sacramento stations covered the courtroom drama live throughout that afternoon. They stuck with the same strategy on Dec. 13. Most news directors contacted by Off Camera did not respond to questions about the legitimacy of the coverage. ABC7’s Kevin Keeshan and CBS5’s Dan Rosenheim did, both saying the coverage was proper. “Every day we gave the story the amount of coverage warranted by what happened inside and outside of the courtroom,” said Keeshan. However, media critics say Northern California TV stations — as well as radio stations and newspapers — gave the story extensive coverage because of its “emotional resonance” — not because it was newsworthy. “News corporations that claim they can’t afford to cover Sacramento or city hall or pay for investigative reporting... camped in San Mateo with millions of dollars worth of satellite and microwave trucks,” said John McManus of Grade The News. “The precious resource of the public’s attention was squandered on something that really doesn’t matter.” continued on page 2

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Awards Entry Deadline Fri. January 14th Emmy Awards - Entr y Deadline - Fri. Januar y 14th
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The Academy office has received the first entry in this year’s competition: “Ghana Road,” in the “Entertainment Program” category. It aired on KITV 4, Honolulu and was produced by Lewis Communications and Motorsports TV Productions. New member Bill Maloney is the executive producer. Bill used the $10 off coupon he received when he attended the Academy’s Hawaii membership mixer in December. The Emmy Entry Deadline is FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2005. The “Call for Entries,” entry and membership forms can be found at www.emmysf.tv or call 650-3417786. Be sure to get your entries and memberships in by the 14th.


would have been dismissed as just another hard luck story going The verdict and death down,” he said. penalty stories dominated TV Rosenheim and Keeshan newscasts on those days. Most vehemently deny that accusation. stations devoted at least the “A” “Race was not a factor one way block to the story, if not more. or another in deciding whether to On Dec. 13, other stories were cover the story the way we did,” pushed deeper into the newssaid Keeshan. “I believe a key casts. The takeover of PeopleSoft factor was the advocacy of the by Oracle was virtually the only family. We saw the same thing in other Bay Area story that was the Xiana Fairchild case.” covered in package form. The Was the story something the Photo AP ©2004 evidence of water in rocks on public clamored for? The ratings, Mars was given vo-sot treatDean Smith (left), NBC11 photographer, clears gear at least in the short term, are ment. The new director of the from a tent near the San Mateo County Courthouse. inconclusive. state’s stem cell oversight On Dec. 13, the ratings for Bay Chronicle photo by Penni Gladstone committee, the vote recount in Area newscasts were within the Ohio and the nominee for Health and Human Services normal range for a Monday. Secretary were either short stories or not covered at all. CBS5’s 5 p.m. news received a 3.3 rating that day, “The news media squeezed off the front page and compared to a 3.9 on Monday, Dec. 6, and a 2.8 on first segments of newscasts what we need to know in a Monday, Dec. 20. season of elections, financial crises and international ABC7’s 5:30 p.m. news garnered a 5.3 on Dec. 13, wars,” said McManus. compared to a 6.8 the week before and a 5.2 the week Keeshan and Rosenheim disagreed, saying other after. stories were not short-changed. NBC11’s 5 p.m. news earned a 1.7 on Dec. 13, “We had more than enough reporters and photogracompared to a 2.4 on Dec. 6 and a 2.1 on Dec. 20. phers to cover the major stories of the day,” said KRON’s 5 p.m. news got a 2.4 on verdict day, comKeeshan. pared to a 2.5 the week before and a 1.9 the week after. So, why was the Peterson trial given such extensive KTVU’s 6 p.m. news received a 3.1 on Dec. 13, coverage when there are dozens of murder trials being compared to a 2.5 and a 2.4 on the other two weeks. conducted at any given time in Northern California? The ratings during the verdict’s live coverage beThe NAACP and other groups have been critical of tween 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Dec. 13 ranged from a 0.9 crime coverage in the past, saying tragedies involving on KRON to a 3.6 on ABC7. upper-class, white families are covered far more extenIn this age of competing 24 hour cable news netsively than other cases. McManus agrees. works that feed on sensational crimes and turn partici“I think there’s little question that had this happened pants into overnight celebrities, you can be sure this is a to a black or Hispanic woman in a poor neighborhood, it debate that is far from over.
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By Bob Goldberger

The weather changed as if on cue when word came down the jury had reached a verdict. News crews pulled on overcoats and fired up portable propane heaters beneath the broadcast tents across from the Redwood City courthouse that had come to be known as “Camp Laci.” The wind chill must have dropped 15 degrees in less than an hour on November 12, which turned out to be a bad omen for Scott Peterson. The jury found him guilty of killing his wife Laci and unborn son, as some legal pundits on site predicted. But nobody anticipated the scene developing outside of court. Homes and businesses around Redwood City began emptying that Friday afternoon as “spectators” gathered in the cordoned-off street in front of Camp Laci to hear the verdict firsthand. They called friends on cell phones: “Do you see me? I’m on FOX. Right now! I’m standing behind Greta Van Susteren.” They laid odds: “No way they find him guilty. I’ll bet you they let him go. Loser buys dinner tonight.” But mostly, they cheered when

they heard the verdict on their portable radios and TV’s. It’s the celebrating that took most journalists by surprise. Not when it actually happened; by then, it had become clear to everybody what the predominant mood of the crowd was. But leading up to the verdict, I don’t think anybody had a firm grasp of how angry locals were Photo AP ©2004 at Scott Peterson, and how worried they were that their trial would end up as “another O.J.” One gawker told me his mother on the East Coast began heckling him as deliberations dragged on and jurors were replaced, saying, “You folks in California won’t convict anybody, will you?” Certainly many had followed the evidence closely and cheered purely because they felt justice was being served. But a surprising number of people brought up O.J. Simpson as they hung around for hours after the verdict, trying to extend their five minutes of background TV fame into a full fifteen.
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Off Camera, January 2005, page 2

By Keith Sanders


The HDV format now allows consumers low-cost access to high definition video production. Sony just introduced the world’s first HDV 1080i camcorder. The HDR-FX1 Handycam features three 1/3-inch, 16:9 CCDs and can record on easy-to-find DV tapes. The HDR-FX1 uses an i.LINK (IEEE 1394) DV interface for digital video/audio communication between camcorders, digital VTRs and PCs. The 3.5 inch SwivelScreen hybrid LCD offers 250,000 pixels (the highest resolution of any consumer camcorder LCD) for 1 accurate viewing under bright lighting conditions. The HDR-FX1 is available for less than $3,000. Sony has also developed Vegas 5, HDV editing software that uses the same workflow as the userfriendly DV format. Vegas developers also want to allow users to edit HD footage on a minimal system, even a notebook. A trial version is available on the Sony Vegas Web site http://mediasoftware.sonypictures.com/ download/. 2 Vegas 5 is designed to work with a capture tool designed by CineForm called ConnectHD. This applet works in the higher-resolution 1080i/60 format used in Sony ’s new consumer camcorder. It allows you to effortlessly move footage from camcorder to hard drive, converting the frames to the CineForm codec on the way. A Beta version is available from CineForm’s site www.cineform.com/products/ DownloadCHDBetaDone.htm. Unfortunately at this point there’s no ubiquitous 4 medium (such as DVD) onto which HDV products can be distributed. Even so, the Sony Vegas team emphasizes existing media can be used until advanced DVD formats such as Blu-ray and HD DVD become practical. Sony ’s Director of Engineering for Media Software Dave Hill said, “Right now, we think that the ideal delivery scenario for HDV is either projection or web delivery over a corporate network. Actually, both of those fit nicely with Windows Media – HDV projects encoded to Window Media look and sound amazingly good.” The appeal of HDV is that 6 is a low-cost format for it shooting and editing compressed high definition video. Sony’s Vegas 5 mimics the DV workflow of home NLE systems. Sony’s new HDR-FX1 camcorder is a highdefinition version of their successful PD-150 line of DV camcorders. Thanks to Sony, consumers can now produce high-definition video at low-cost.

HD 2004 at the Film Arts Foundation, photo Robert Mohr ©

This year high definition video editing and playback goes mainstream. Learn how everything’s changed ABC at the Fourth Annual San Francisco HD Seminar! To date, the panelists include filmmaker (and Apple beta tester) Brett Shapiro, who’s begun finishing the visual effects on his HD production “The Chocolate Curse.” Footage from this 40-minute fantasy has been featured in the Apple Pro Training manual. Dave Van Hoy from Advanced Systems Group will speak about HD workflow and show a new HD DVD authoring system. Paul Supplee from Total Media Group will discuss past projects and uses of HD in the corporate world. Steve Manke, Executive Producer from American Media Group, 3 will speak about uncompressed HD production. A rep from Adobe Systems will show their suite of HD software solutions. Panelists will relate their experiences with HD and take questions. Then attendees will move to breakout tables to witness demonstrations of uncompressed HD editing, consumer HDV editing, HD DVD authoring, HD videography & corporate success stories in HD. Snacks & door prizes will be provided including an Adobe Video Collection Pro software bundle. 5 The event takes place on Thursday Feb. 10 from 7-9:30pm at KQED 9, 2601 Mariposa in SF. The cost is $20 for NATAS & Film Arts Foundation members & $25 for non-members. The last two HD Seminars sold out so RSVP early to hd@emmysf.tv or call (650) 341-7786.

8 Keith Sanders is owner of Perfect Pitch TV and is the NATAS vice president for San Jose.

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San Francisco NATAS member and documentary filmmaker Larry Laverty (with Don’t Blink Productions in Oakland) is producing a feature-length piece exploring the lives of numerous Bay Area World War II Veterans. With more than a thousand of these veterans passing away nationwide each day and the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II coming up this year, the 9 piece is capturing the lives of these men and women at a very critical time. Time, obviously, is of the essence. We all wish Larry the best of luck in his exciting and important endeavor.



Photo Robert Mohr ©2004

For the second year in a row, the Christmas bonus at KRON 4 News in San Francisco was layoffs. Last year, the casualties included 19-year veteran reporter and anchor Emerald Yeh. December 2004 brought the announcement of a 10% cut in staffing, according to KRON insiders (management is not confirming specific numbers). This time, the damage is almost entirely behind the scenes, with videotape editors feeling the brunt of the layoffs. Reporter Jesse Gary appears to be the only on-air personality whose contract is not being renewed. The personnel cuts are part of KRON’s continuing effort to reduce costs after losing the NBC affiliation January 1, 2002, shortly after Young Broadcasting bought the station from the heirs of the San Francisco Chronicle. Paying off the debt from the three-quarter billion dollar purchase price is proving difficult on an independent TV station’s revenue stream. Under new General Manager Mark Antonitis, KRON remains focused primarily on local news. In fact, accompanying the announcement of layoffs, was another announcement that KRON is expanding its weekday newscasts by an extra hour and a half. Beginning January third, the 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. morning newscast will last until 10 a.m. KRON is also bringing back the 4 p.m. half hour newscast it dropped nearly two years ago. Insiders say the staff is worried about how they will manage to produce more news with 10% fewer people, but others say KRON had more editors than any other station in the market, so the cutbacks may just bring them in line with the competition.

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discussion on media business taxes for company owners and workers, broadcast professionals, film and video freelancers and independent filmmakers. Topics will include What is new from 2004 tax law changes How to start up your business What is the difference between independent contractor (1099’d) and employee (W-2’d) Limited liability and incorporation What is deductible on your return and where Production entity Income forecast method, grant accounting Sales tax for production entities We will open the floor up for Q & A. The admission charge is $10 for NATAS and BAVC members, $25 for non-members. There is a limited seating capacity for this event, so please RSVP ASAP to tax@emmysf.tv or call (650) 341-7786. This is a co-production of the National Television Academy and the Bay Area Video Coalition

Maui’s own Jazz Alley TV, the award winning and longest running Jazz, Blues and World Music TV series has been selected to air on BET Jazz, the Jazz Channel every Saturday for another three years. Creator, host and director, Kenneth K. Martinez Burgmaier is honored and excited on the three year deal with the network. “We have some wonderful entertaining World premiere TV Specials to share with our loyal and growing audience,” including The 33rd annual Ukulele Festival from Honolulu, MauiFEST Hawaii from Hana and Molokai and Bonnie Raitt and Robert Cray-Live on Maui. Jazz Alley TV has been on the air for nearly 15 years and has been honored with several industry awards and has won the Billboard Music Awards two times as a TV series. Jazz Alley TV is also aired to more than 80 countries through the International Broadcasting Bureau-Voice of America-WorldNet TV, and now in Spanish to Latin America countries. Jazz Alley TV is seen in Africa, China, Brazil and many other countries throughout the world.

One of the Bay Area’s most plum on-air assignments is opening up. Mike Rowe is leaving as co-host of CBS5’s Evening Magazine at the end of March. CBS5 officials say Rowe is leaving “on his own accord.” Station officials won’t say where Rowe is headed and he couldn’t be reached for comment. CBS5 has launched a search for a new co-host for Malou Nubla. She’s been on Evening Magazine since 1999.

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Vince Casalaina

Ric Stewart Beth Rimbey Rick Bacigalupi Photo by Robert Mohr ©2004 www.mohrproductions.com

Jeff Belbin

In the midst of all this screening, there By Cynthia Zeiden was a TV Trivia contest held. A group of On Friday, December 10th at the UCSF Cole incredible prizes were given away to the Hall Auditorium, NATAS held its second annual winners. Thank you to all who donated gifts Holiday Showcase Party, this year with partand food to this event! Thanks to Denise ners UCSF and American Women in ComWilliams at Grass Valley Products, munications (AWIC). There was an extraorThomson Broadcast & Media Solutions dinary food spread including pizza, cake, wine for donating four RCA Lyra MP3 players. Cynthia Zeiden and much more. There was a very nice Thanks to Sharper Image for donating a Trivia Contest turnout of people from different groups and Multi-CD Stereo System and two $100 gift the variety of programs screened was very certificates. And also thanks to NATAS interesting: Governor Ginnelle Elliot for acquiring the Vince Casalaina screened his “America Sharper Image donations. Thanks to Cup Video,” Ric Stewart screened part of his KTVU’s “Toy Test” and NATAS Governor pilot episode of the series “Raw Music,” Lynn Sharon Navaril for the wonderful toy Friedman, Special Projects Editor and Beth donations. Thanks to Akimbo Systems Rimbey, Investigative Producer of KGO News and NATAS South Bay Vice President Keith screened part of their investigative report Sanders for the mugs, shirts and popcorn. And, finally, about the corruption going on in San Francisco’s City thanks to Carmelina’s Taqueria at UCSF for the freshParks. Rick Bacigalupi screened part of his documenmade salsa and chips. This is definitely the season for tary, “A Lot in Common.” Helynna Brooke and Jeff giving! Belbin screened a trailer from their upcoming series, Our next screening party will be the Summer Show“Open Mic Showcase.” Finally, Cynthia Zeiden case Party tentatively at Dolby Labs in June 2005. You screened on behalf of Dale Djerassi, Bo Boudart and Steve Michelson of Lobitos Creek Ranch a trailer for the are all welcome to show your work, at any stage of development, at these events. Happy Holidays! documentary, “Oil on Ice.” Finally, she also screened a trailer for her documentary, “Safe Haven in China: The Untold History of the Jews.”


Pamela Young, Shari Shima, Stuart Ishikawa-group watching eating & watching winners tape-Marty Schlesinger & Sid Milburn

19 members of the Hawaii chapter brought their holiday cheer and appetites to Sidestreet Inn on Pearl Harbor Day (December 7th) to view the long-awaited winners tape from the 2004 Emmy Awards. Regional vice president Pamela Young passed out Emmy entry booklets, discount coupons and fried rice to current and prospective members.

“Even though entries are going to be judged in a different market this year, it was really valuable to see what our peers consider quality work,” says KITV Promotions Director Marty Schlesinger. “It’s good to see the work that’s being done on the mainland in order to judge how you’d stand in competition,” says photographer Rex Von Arnswaldt. The Hawaii market has about 35 active members.

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Viacom is in the regulatory phase of buying KOVR-TV (CBS affiliate) in Sacramento from Sinclair Broadcasting group. The purchase will give Viacom Television Stations Group its ninth duopoly, and Sacramento its first network owned TV station. Viacom owns the CBS network as well as UPN station KMAX-TV 34 in Sacramento. The purchase will give CBS a powerful presence in northern California, considering it owns two stations in San Francisco as well— KPIX CBS 5 and KBHK UPN 44. That means CBS will have duopolies in both the 6th largest and 19th largest markets. Viacom is paying Sinclair $285 million for KOVR. ”Acquiring KOVR is a terrific addition to our group,” said Fred Reynolds, President and CEO of Viacom Television Stations Group. “Sacramento is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country, and the acquisition of this CBS station will significantly enhance our presence in this very attractive market.” ABC owns KGO (ABC 7) in San Francisco, and NBC owns KNTV (NBC 11) in San Jose, but neither owns a property in Sacramento.

Photo AP ©2004 continued from page 2

Four weeks later, we were all back at Camp Laci again, for the penalty verdict. Once again, the crowd gathered, but the pack wasn’t as dense this time. Some either were too busy on a Monday afternoon to break away, or had soaked up enough of the courthouse scene the last time. The question hanging in the air: how will they react this time? Will they cheer a death sentence? Will they heckle life in prison? A mob of news cameras circled a group in the middle of the crowd to catch their spontaneous response as the news broke over their radio. The recommendation for execution brought scattered applause and a couple of cheers, but the realization quickly set in that they were actually applauding death, even if it was well-deserved. Or maybe they just felt selfconscious celebrating alone. In either case, the ovation lasted only a few seconds this time, and the crowd dispersed more quickly than before. Even the prospect of making one last Hitchcock behind Dan Abrams couldn’t counter the empty feeling that there truly were no winners on this day. An innocent woman and her unborn child were still dead. Nothing would ever change that.

After 8 years as KTVU’s Director of Publicity, Kenny Wardell is going back to radio. Kenny’s new job as of January 1st is Marketing and Promotions Director for KCBS 740 Radio in San Francisco. Cesar Chavez, KTVU Creative Services Director, said that “Kenny was instrumental in coordinating our publicity efforts, special events and getting the word out on all the great things happening at both KTVU FOX 2 and Action 36 Cable 6. Kenny not only launched and maintained our successful Ticket Tuesday promotion on Mornings on 2, he also managed the station’s speakers bureau, coordinated the Lesher Speakers Series and publicity efforts for the Chinese New Years Parade. He also contributed to the Race to the Recall, Fourth of July and the “Gimme the Mike” projects.” Kenny can be reached at KCBS All News 740: Kenny.Wardell@infinitybroadcasting.com (415) 765-4000

Virgil Hammond owner/operator of Black forest Company, Carson City, NV has just added CINECOACH production systems. A 30’ coach with executive quarter and equipment bay. Perfect for TV commercials, music video and reality show production. For rental information contact Virgil at (818) 563-3946



Off Camera, January 2005, page 6

Two reporters depart KTVU FOX 2’s “Mornings on 2,” business reporter, Pam Cook and general assignment reporter Kim Yonenaka. Kim wants to stay at home with her 18 month baby. Sheryl Wyrostok to account executive, UPN Bay Area (KBHK San Francisco) Sales from General Sales Manager, KFOG Radio. Angela Lindsay to Account Executive, CBS 5 (KPIX San Francisco) from same title, KRON, San Francisco


San Francisco - Jan. 10th
One of the immortal bard’s most frequently performed works gets a first-rate cinematic treatment here, via director Michael Radford (IL POSTINO). Al Pacino is virtually unrecognizable as Shylock, bringing an oldworld gravitas to the role and clearly inspiring the rest of the cast to match his intensity. They succeed, and the result is riveting, rousing entertainment. Even if one is familiar with the play in advance, this is whiteknuckle suspense and swooning romance all the way through. A 16th-century Venetian sea merchant (Jeremy Irons), devoted to a young lord (Joseph Fiennes), owes a debt for “a pound of flesh” to the anguished Jewish moneylender Shylock. Lovingly filmed in Venice, the film looks great, with settings and costumes all sporting a dusky, lived-in look that matches the subdued, naturalistic interpretation of the dialogue. Lynn Collins is excellent and ethereal as Portia, and her love scenes with Fiennes have an alchemical power that lifts them to dizzyingly mythic romantic heights. Vague homoerotic content and the grim realities of Jewish oppression are not shied away from here, which lends the film further richness and complexity. With the play’s rich array of dramatic and comedic elements all perfectly in tune, MERCHANT OF VENICE earns its place as the first truly great Shakespeare film of the 21st century. Starring: Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Joseph Fiennes & Lynn Collins. Directed By: Michael Radford. Written by: William Shakespeare & Michael Radford. The Delancey Street Screening Room is located at 600 Embarcadero, San Francisco, between Brannon and Townsend, enter through iron gate. Refreshments & Networking 7 p.m., movie 7:30 p.m. Seating limited to first 146 to arrive.

KNOW YOUR NEWS TRIVIA NIGHT Wednesday, Jan 19th 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
607 Front Street
(Cross Street: Jackson Street)

San Francisco, CA 94111

Are you the smartest person in your newsroom? Prove it! Form two to three person teams from your station. Or just come and form a team at the party. $20 per person includes, contest, refreshments, beer or wine. (no host bar for other drinks) membership not required, bring your friends!

Categories are: names in the news, industry insider, politics, grab bag Great Prizes plus a trophy for your newsroom
added bonus NorCal RTNDA Annual Meeting & Board Election

Sacramento - Jan. 15th
Meet Mark Baggs in the lobby of the Regal Theatres at Natomas Marketplace, 3561 Truxel Road, Sacramento (Off I-80) at 11:30 a.m. Pick the hottest movie playing. CINEMA CLUB is a FREE first run monthly screening for NATAS, DGA and AWRT members who may bring a guest. San Francisco- 2nd Monday, Sacramento - 3rd Saturday

This will be a night to remember. Don’t miss it!
team & individual reservations: trivia@norcalrtnda.com or call 650-341-9978 Radio-Television News Directors Association of Northern California

Off Camera, January 2005, page 7

It took only 30 minutes to grab anything and everything we could, so long as it fit into one suitcase. Within two hours of the call we were on a plane headed for Tokyo and from there on to Thailand. A producer and myself, two 1 suitcases and one video phone packed neatly insides a hard gray case. Seventeen hours later we arrived at the stoke of midnight, the city sleeping and 3 recovering from the massive toll to its south and across the Indian Ocean.

By Adam Housley

Photo Fox News ©2004

This is the height of tourist season in this region of the world. To equate the number of people that come here, imagine tsunami’s like these hitting the Caribbean Sea. Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, The Maldives, India 2 and other areas filled with tourists from all over the world, hit hard by waves as high as 35 feet. Most had no warning because there is no warning system for the Indian Ocean region, only Pacific 4 Ocean nations. Because of this, the death toll now approaches 25,000 and expected to rise considerably as more bodies wash ashore and rescue workers get into more remote regions. Along the coastlines of these countries and islands, bodies of people and animals are strewn about, some

piled amongst rubble swept into stacks from seas that pounded these areas just 24 hours ago. Relief efforts are underway and hospitals in Bangkok and other major cities have dedicated areas to treat the wounded and dying. The quake was felt as far away as the eastern coast of Africa. Three months ago scientists warned of the Tsunami danger in this Indian Ocean region. American officials also frantically tried to warn Asian nations after the Sunday morning quake, but their efforts while honorable, did little to save the lives of people who had no idea a wall of water was coming their way.


Adam Housley is a correspondent for FOX NEWS and a NATAS governor.

Send your news items to: offcamera@emmysf.tv

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Entry Deadline 14th Emmy Entr y Deadline - Jan 14th