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Selecting a Hindu Matrimonial Site with the True Spirit of a Brahmin Brahma Satyam Jagan Mithya---The Upanishad First,

it is important to understand that the great way of life called Hinduism is the oldest tradition of searching the truth. All religions are same and common at the basic idea. All holy books are just different perspectives of attaining the ultimate truth, or the moksha (enlightenment). n some religions, the interpretation of enlightenment is in knowing the truths of heaven. !o, the books all teach the same one idea. "his also makes sense when you reali#e that truth cannot be dual. "ruth cannot be fractional. t has to be one and complete to be true. "here are no two truths, or three truths, or four truths. The sacred vow Hinduism is the oldest religion. t is a treasure of knowledge and mother of all other religions. t is also a friend to other religions. $any people from across the world seek refuge in the understanding of Hinduism. A wedding ceremony holds a very special space in the Hindu way of life. %ne has to commit in front of the sacred fire amidst the chanting of the sacred mantras. t is a dense e&perience. 'ou need to find the partner who can share the density of a beautiful life. (ook for a good Hindu matrimonial site. Understanding the Brahman "he )rahmin is the highest position in the Hindu religion. However, there are certain important aspects to understand. "he original meaning implied in the *edas and the +panishads state that ,)rahman- is a glorious state of mind, achieved through meditation. n the early stages, the meditation practice evolved into certain families who were masters of chanting mantras. "hey were the first )rahmins, because they were able to attain the state of )rahman. "he descendents of the families still carry the )rahmin tradition. A true )rahmin is wise and tolerant. .ust carrying a surname and not following the /uest to )rahman does not make one true. (ook at the Brahman matrimony website to find your partner in the /uest. Blocking the abusive "he Hindu matrimonial site must have the right steps to identify and block the people who lie in a matrimony site. "hese are not good people because they are keen to corrupt the holy sanctity of a wedding. "he site must have a strong anti0abuse policy in place to deal with such people. "he Brahman matrimony site should be the place of confidence and trust. (ook at the different sections of the website to find whether you like the user e&perience. f your intuition says that this is a good site, feel sure to register as a member.