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February 2004

National Television Academy

ff San Francisco/Northern California


A media business tax
A busy news year has produced the
seminar for professionals
highest number of Emmy entries in two
in the broadcast, film and
video business is on tap
As of Jan. 31, 702 entries for the Emmy 2003 competi-
this month.
tion had reached the Television Academy’s Northern
California office. Even with the usual number of disqualifi- Whether you own a
cations for duplication and other problems, the entries will business or freelance,
be the most since the hey-days of the early 1980s. even a little, this tax
The number is 80 more than last year’s 622 entries and seminar will give you
higher than the 643 entries in 200 and 649 entries in 1999. many tax tips that can
“We’re pleased,” said chapter president David Mills. “It help you while preparing
shows the Emmys are an exciting and viable competition.” your returns. The semi-
Mills credited the increase to a stronger economy and a nar will also offer tips on
busy news year that included presidential politics, the war how to run your business
in Iraq and the California recall election. more efficiently.
The most competitive category is “light news feature” Jim Spalding will set you straight in the Media Busi-
with 43 entries. It’s followed by “serious news feature” with ness Tax Seminar, which is being held at the Bay Area
41. Tied for third are “general news reporting,” “specialized Video Coalition, 2727 Mariposa St., San Francisco, on
reporting,” “cultural affairs segment” and “camera news” Thursday, Feb. 19, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
with 24 each. “Breaking news” brought in a healthy 23 Spalding (CPA & MS tax, principal of Spalding &
entries. continued on page 2 Company) is the treasurer of the National Television
Academy’s Northern California Chapter. Spalding is also a

NATIONAL STUDENT BAVC-recommended accountant.

There will be media networking with light refreshments

to kick off the seminar. At 7:30 p.m., Spalding will lead a
discussion on media business taxes for company owners
and workers, broadcast professionals, film and video
Due to the freelancers and independent filmmakers.
technical difficulties Topics will include:
people have When do you have to declare income?
encountered, the When do you have to register as a business?
National Television
How do you write off equipment?
Academy will be
What are 2003 tax return filing requirements and
extending the
deadline for entries options?
for the National Questions will also be taken.
Student Television The admission charge is $10 for NATAS, BAVC and
Awards to Saturday, February 14, 2004. The awards are BAWIFT members, $20 for non-members. There is a
for high school media students, complete information limited seating capacity for this event, so please RSVP
available at ASAP to or call (650) 341-7786.
Off Camera, February 2004, page 1
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Eleven television
stations entered the “best The National Television Academy is looking for nomina-
newscast, large market.”
tions for this year’s Governors’ Award.
The newly created “best
The Northern California Board of Governors will review
newscast, medium
the nominations at its Feb. 14 meeting. The board will vote
market” for Fresno,
on finalists for the award at its March meeting, then take a
Hawaii and Reno gar-
nered seven entries. The final ballot at its April meeting.
one disappointment was The Governors’ Award is presented at the chapter’s
the “best newscast, small annual Emmy awards ceremony in May. The award honors
market” for Salinas- t-v industry employees for a lifetime of work in the busi-
Monterey, Chico-Redding ness. Last year’s recipient was ABC-7 reporter Rigo
and Eureka. That has Chacon.
only two entries. “Daytime newscast” received eight The chapter is also looking for people to serve as
entries. officers on the board. These positions will be selected by
No new entries will be accepted, but changes (such as the board at its April meeting. The positions include presi-
adding or deleting a name) can be made until March 31. dent, vice president, secretary and treasurer.
Those requests will incur a $25 processing fee. To nominate someone for the Governors’ Award or for a
The complete list of Emmy entries is posted at board position, contact the Academy office at (650) 341- You should check your entries for com- 7786.
pleteness, spelling errors, fees paid, etc.

Nominations will be announced on April 22. The 2004
Emmy show will be held on Saturday, May 22, at the
Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.
Awards chairman Javier Valencia reminded t-v industry
employees there is still work ahead.
“This year’s increase in Emmy entries shows people The Northern California
continue to trust the Television Academy to judge their Board of Governors this
work fairly,” Valencia said. “But, in order for the process to month will consider
work well, we must all be willing to serve as peer judges for starting a mentoring
the record number of entries that will be coming into our program for its members.
chapter from stations throughout the country.” The board will vote at its Feb. 21 meeting on the
proposal to hook up less experienced television profession-


als with more experienced ones within the chapter.
If approved, the project would start April 1. For the first
year, it will connect t-v industry employees in Reno with
FOR GRANTS mentors in Sacramento and the Bay Area. The mentors
and mentorees would exchange emails, videos and other
Television Academy members in Northern California, communications through the end of this year. If the pro-
Reno and Hawaii have until March 1 to apply for the gram is successful, it will be expanded to other regions
chapter’s mid-career grants. next year.
The NATAS Northern California chapter is awarding four Board member Heather Searles and Reno representa-
$500 grants to members, one for each of four geographi- tive Terri Russell are co-ordinating the effort. Russell will
cal areas. The regions are San Francisco Bay Area, identify chapter
Sacramento-Fresno-Modesto, San Jose-Salinas-Monterey,
and Hawaii-Reno-Chico-Redding-Eureka. Grant recipients
must live or work in one of those regions and must have RENO STATION NAMES
worked full-time in the television industry for at least five
years, including the past year.
The grants are paid directly to an educational institution
for courses designed to upgrade the skills of television pro- Gina Martini has been promoted from
fessionals. Classes such as those teaching Avid editing, Pro Assistant ND to News Director for KTVN
Tools, or After Effects are eligible for the grants. Reno (CBS). Gina replaces Michelle
Applications are available online at or Loftin, who was named Promotion
by calling the NATAS offices at (650) 341-7786. Manager at KTVN.

Off Camera, February 2004, page 2

“High definition” has arrived He said there are 350 hours of
and there’s no turning back. original programs being broadcast
That’s the message a packed on television in high definition
house heard at a forum on “h-d” every week now.
sponsored by The Television “We are at the precipice. We
Academy and the Film Arts have no place to go but up,”
Foundation. Walker said.
More than 50 people packed Walker said it’s a “digital jungle”
the FAF’s new offices in San in the broadcasting world right now
Francisco on Jan. 29 to hear three because there are so many
speakers talk about current choices and so many formats.
technology and where “h-d” is However, he told the audience
Photos © Robert Mohr 2004 to stay with the h-d wave because
headed. (415-647-6647)
“How exciting it is for us to see “change favors the astute mind.”
h-d finally start to happen,” said Kim Salyer of Video Arts,
a post-production house in San Francisco. Gary Meyer of Industrial
Light and Magic finished off
Salyer kicked off the two-
the session by talking about
hour seminar by telling the
the h-d technology used on
audience he first saw high
the past three “Star Wars”
definition technology a
decade ago. He has watched
Meyer said “Episode 1”
as cameras, editing decks
had only one shot with high
and other equipment have
definition technology.
slowly, and sometimes
“Episode 2” was filled with h-d production as Meyer and
painfully, made the switch.
“We’ve been like the guys in the tower,” Salyer said. other ILM technicians dealt with different h-d prototype
“We could see the forest fire, see it coming, but we didn’t equipment thrown their way. Meyer said “Episode 2”
know what to do.” contained 1,700 source tapes, 9,800 elements loaded to
He said his office is seeing all sorts of technology and computer graphics and 1.3 million frames of imagery.
sometimes trying to convert video or other sources into h-d “Episode 3,” which is still in production, is even more h-
formats can be difficult. d intensive.
“Right now, it’s a little weird,” he said. “We are always pushing the envelope,” Meyer said. “It’s
Salyer added h-d photography is “rich” and “beautiful.” part of being on the fire line.”
He backed it up by showing h-d clips and a music video Meyer ended his segment by aweing the crowd with an
converted into high definition. 8-minute presentation of scenes from “Episode 2.”
Some Thank You’s:
Russ Walker of
*Videofax & eMotion Studios - HDCAM decks
Panasonic Broadcasting gave
*Panasonic - D-5 deck
the audience a sweeping view
*Texas Instruments - 2K DLP Cinema Projector
of the products now available
*Harold Milligan projectionist
for h-d venues.
*Apple Computer - HDTV editing equipment
He noted 2003 was a
*Brett Shapiro - HDTV editing demo - clips from his film
“milestone year” because it
“The Chocolate Curse.”
marked the first time more consumers purchased h-d sets
*Oz Publishing - “Definitions” HD Sourcebooks
than standard televisions.
*Snader & Associates – refreshment sponsors
The Hawaii Audubon Society named KION/KCBA HIRES
KITV 4 News anchor Gary Sprinkle as Rosa Linda Roman joins KION/
its Journalist of the Year. Audubon KCBA in Monterey/Salinas as Main
officials pointed to Sprinkle’s coverage Anchor. She anchors the 5pm,
of environmental, conservation and 5:30pm, 6:30pm & 7pm shows on
wildlife issues. They acknowledged that KION and the 10pm show on KCBA.
Sprinkle’s series “Pacific Adventures” is Rosa Linda moves from KSAZ-
part of the Department of Education’s Fox 10 in Phoenix
curriculum. Sprinkle’s Emmy Award winning “Pacific Denise Clodjeaux was just
Adventures” is a series of half-hour specials. He takes named news director, she is from
viewers around the Pacific to look at adventures and the KTNV in Las Vegas.
environment. Off Camera, February 2004, page 3
FCC The Television Academy’s Northern California chapter is
once again offering two $3,000 college scholarships to
KRON-TV was fined $27,500 by the Federal Communi- broadcasting students who have at least one year of
cations Commission for a live segment on its morning college remaining.
news in which a male stage performer’s genitals were The Peter Marino Scholarship is for television produc-
accidentally shown. tion and the Shelly Fay Scholarship is for videography.
The fine was the maximum allowed and only the
second ever leveled by the FCC for a television broadcast.
The penalty was announced on Jan. 27, the same day
the FCC also fined Clear Channel Communications
$755,000 for a series of sexually explicit broadcasts that
were aired on four Florida radio stations.
In KRON’s case, the incident happened on Oct. 4, 2002
while two performers for “Puppetry of the Penis” were
being interviewed. During the live segment, a camera This year, Digital Media Academy (DMA) is helping
accidentally showed the genitals of one performer for less promote the awards and will be offering a free course to
than one second. one of our scholarship winners.
The show’s anchors and station management repeat- The Digital Media Academy
edly apologized after the incident. However, FCC commis- is a nationally recog-
sioners said the San Francisco-based independent station nized immersion program, offering week-long digital media
should have anticipated such a display could occur and courses in summer 2004 at Stanford University.
should have taken steps to avoid it. DMA offers 25 courses in varying skill levels in the
After the fine was issued, KRON General Manager areas of digital video/film editing and production, game
Dino Dinovitz apologized again and said his station would design, 3-D modeling and animation, web design, digital
pay the penalty. imaging and publishing.
The day after the fine, Congress started hearings on a Courses are open to students and professionals looking
proposal to strengthened laws against indecent program- to broaden their skills. Instructors are experts in their fields
ming on radio and television. Among the recommendations and include New York School of Visual Arts’ Steve Adler as
is sharply increasing the fines that can be leveled against well as veteran ABC producer and best-selling Final Cut
broadcasting companies. Pro author Tom Wolsky.
An average student-to-instructor ratio of 7 to 1 allows
Christopher Flynn joins CBS 5/
for plenty of individual attention. DMA uniquely offers
UPN BAY AREA as Local Sales
Stanford Continuing Studies credit along with on-campus
Manager of the Duopoly Business
housing and dining. By week’s end, attendees leave with
Development Team, he was a KPIX
impressive projects, new creative tools, newfound friend-
account executive.
Brian Hall, videographer /editor ships and a concrete sense of accomplishment.
for the sales production department of marketing/ creative Deadline for the scholarship application is Thursday,
services at CBS 5/UPN Bay Area. Brian comes from KICU April 1. For more information and applications, visit
as a promotions producer. and click on “foundation.”
Renee Luoni is a new account executive at CBS 5.
She was the Director of Development for San Francisco
Theological Seminary. Renee was also the President/ ABC-7 has promoted two of its
Owner of Morningstar Media and an Account Executive at employees to management
KTVU. positions.
Marla Tellez joins Evening Magazine, CBS 5, as a Mimi Kwan was named last
month as the San Francisco
producer. Marla is from KION in Salinas, she was a
reporter and prior to that, CBS 5 Evening Magazine as an station’s director of public affairs. Kwan started working at
Associate Producer. ABC-7 in 1997 as a production assistant.
Mark Baggs is promoted to Studio In addition, Laura Kutch was promoted to community
Operations Supervisor CBS 5 from relations manager.
technical director. We failed to mention last month that
CBS 5 Weekend Early Edition and ABC 7’s new political reporter, Mark
UPN Bay Area Weekend Early Edition, Matthews was most recently from KGTV
co-anchor Sydnie Kohara is promoted to in San Diego
weekday, Eyewitness News Early Edition
Off Camera, January 2004, page 4
The Butterfly Effect,
THE DREAMERS: An Science Fiction/Fantasy
American college and Thriller, 1 hour 53
student, Matthew (Pitt), minutes
pursuing his education MPAA Rating: R for
abroad in Paris in 1968 violence, sexual content,
becomes friends with a language and brief drug
French brother, use.
Guillaume (Garrel), and A young man (Kutcher)
sister, Danielle (Green), struggling with the
through a shared love of psychological effects of
the cinema, while the sublimated childhood
May, 1968 Paris student memories devises a
riots (which eventually technique of traveling
shut down most of the back in time to inhabit
French government) are his childhood body, but
happening in the back- he finds that every trip
ground. back has unintended
Starring: Michael Pitt, Louis Garrel, Eva Green, Jean- results on his present self, leading him to travel back again
Pierre Kalfon & Jean-Pierre Leaud. and again, trying to repair the damage that he’s only
Directed By: Bernardo Bertolucci making worse and worse.
Written by: Gilbert Adair. Starring: Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart, Eldon Henson,
Produced by: Jeremy Thomas Eric Stoltz & Ethan Suplee.
MPAA Rating: NC17 2 hours, 10 minutes Directed by: Eric Bress & J. Mackye Gruber.
Official Movie Site: Written by: Eric Bress & J. Mackye Gruber. Produced by: J.C. Spink, Chris Bender, A.J. Dix &
Anthony Rhulen.
This is a special PRIVATE screening at the Delancey Official Movie Site:
Street Screening Room, 600 The Embarcadero, San Fran-
Meet vice president George Franco in the lobby of the
cisco. Refreshments & Networking 7 p.m., movie 7:30 p.m.
Regal Theatres at Natomas Marketplace, 3561 Truxel
Seating limited to first 146 to arrive. The CINEMA CLUB is
Road, Sacramento (Off I80). First showing check theatre
a FREE first run monthly screening (second Monday) for
for exact start time. FREE to NATAS members who may
NATAS, DGA and AWRT members who may bring a guest.
bring a guest.


by Michael Jackson, Media Academy HS, Oakland, CA
The future of television just got brighter. High school Park and the mall. It really was the best of business and
teachers and students from across the country treked to pleasure.
Universal City for the first National Television Network If this sounds like a commercial, it should be. I couldn’t
conference in southern California. I saw the future, as a afford to take students to this conference but will find a way
working teacher at the new Media Academy High School in for next year. These conferences are fantastic for
Oakland, CA. Participating in two sessions as a Teacher teambuilding and motivating students into staffs with
Ambassador for the RTNDF (Radio Television News professionally oriented goals. Fifteen of my kids had just
Directors Foundation) attended the national convention for JEA in DC in Novem-
I felt first hand the energy, intelligence and desire to ber, raising the entire amount with grants they wrote
make a difference in the audiences of students and teach- themselves, and that experience has shown benefits in the
ers. Industry pros gave great advice on a wide variety of classroom every day since. And with the help of NATASand
topics around content, formats, technology, and tricks of RTNDF the trend in broadcast journalism can only be on a
the trades. I went to sessions and learned something new highly productive upward curve.
and improved in every session. The kids had fun; the My only reget is that this time the Media Academy had
teachers had fun; the industry pros had fun. What a no more funds we could access for bringing students this
concept. USC was the site for sessions and the Hilton time around. We have already started the fundraising for
Hotel in Universal City was home base for networking and next year.
living la loca vida in LA, next door to Universal City Theme
Off Camera, January 2004, page 5
One morning in 1972 KPIX General By William Hazelwood came from a white Marin County judge
Manager Bill Osterhaus took me to who said he watched to learn more about
breakfast at a small diner on Union multi-ethnic Americans and the issues
Street near Van Ness Avenue around the that brought them into his courtroom.
corner from the original KPIX studios. One night in 1984, a number of us
After asking how my internship was “multi-cultural broadcast veterans”
going, Bill explained the FCC was now found ourselves in a control room run-
requiring local stations to produce origi- ning a prime-time general audience
nal prime time programming for children newscast. It happened while I was in the
and under-represented minority commu- studio, directing the nightly news pro-
nities. Bill ended our breakfast with the gram at KQED. I looked at the bank of
announcement that I had six weeks to camera monitors in front of me and saw
develop, staff and launch a prime time news anchor Belva Davis. To my left
multicultural series. He left it to me to was the show’s producer Bill Whitaker,
figure out the details. I was thrilled and on my right was technical director Will
petrified. Washington, and hovering behind us
Tim Ayers, Wayne Cain, Jim Crum, was Pricilla Scott, the production as-
Jerry Ben Dickson, John sistant. It was probably the first time a
Goldhammer, Len Schlosser, Dick principally all-black staff produced a
Scott and too many others to mention major market, prime-time newscast.
provided mentoring and support. Con- Apparently, one Bay Area broadcasting
sequently, “All Together Now” came into “first” helped spawn another.
being and went on to present some of Available information about some
the most diverse cultural programming Edwin Hawkins Singers. key members of the original All Together
ever seen in the Bay Area. We cranked Now production staff is as follows:
ATN presented one-act plays by
out 40 shows a year for more than six Teatro Campesino, outdoor concerts by *Belva Davis continues to anchor
seasons during a time when “live-on-air” The Oakland Symphony, The National the KQED news program, “This Week
or “live-to-tape” production with 2-inch Bunraku Puppet Theater of Japan and In Northern California.”
videotape machines was standard. Spe- *Ysabel Duran became a news an-
a poetry reading with Maya Angelou. chor for KRON-4.
cial effects were basic and post-produc-
ATN also produced a live ethnic art *Chris Chow went on to produce
tion time was precious. Some nights it
auction and a week-long r-v road trip to feature films in China
took a bag of fresh donuts to buy extra
explore life on Northern Californian In- *Sylvia Hernandez-Bellucci now
editing time after the 11 p.m. news.
dian reservations. works for Firemans Fund Insurance
ATN programs featured everything
In 1972, ATN won its first Emmy for *William Hazelwood teaches at
from a Filipino Bay Bridge painter to
Outstanding Achievement - Special Pro- San Francisco State and is chief execu-
performances by established and devel-
gramming - Culture. Viewer response tive officer of Sojourna Productions.
oping legends like B.B. King, Carlos
was as varied as the content. One letter
Santana, Bobby Hutcherson and The
THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS Stewart Heller, York Productions
OFFICERS: Adam Housley, Fox News
David Mills, KPIX, President Ashley James, KTOP(Publicity)
Lynn R Friedman, KGO, VP, SF Ronald Louie, KTVU
Keith Sanders, Perfect Pitch TV, VP, SJ Terry Lowry, LaCosse Productions
George Franco, KOVR, VP, Sacramento Deanne Moenster, KTVU
Erik Rosales, KGPE, VP, Fresno John Murray, JM Communications
David Ratto, ImageSync, VP, Reno Sharon Navratil, KTVU NORTHERN C ALIF
Pamela Young, KITV, VP, Hawaii John Odell, CCSF 4317 Camden Avenue
Michele Ball, KBWB, Secretary Ross Palombo, KRON San Mateo, CA 94403
James Spalding, Spalding & Co., Pat Patton,Young/KRON (Membership)
Treasurer (Finance) Terri Russell, KOLO
James Lautz, Tudor Communications Damian Trujillo, KNTV
Cynthia Zeiden, Zeiden Media (Activities) Javier Valencia, KRON (Awards)
GOVERNORS: Kira Vilanova, KDTV (Publicity)
Dan Adams, KXTV Stuart Yamane, Yamane Creative Svc
Dan Ashley, KGO Richard Zanardi, Notre Dame
John Catchings, Catchings & Assoc. Darryl Cohen, Cohen & Cooper (Legal)
(Museum) Linda Giannecchini, KQED (Museum)
Alison Gibson, Media Cool (Education) Darryl R Compton, NATAS
Off Camera, February 2004, page 6

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