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February 2006

San Francisco/Northern California Chapter

A record number of entries were submitted this year for the 2005 Emmy® Award competition. As of Feb. 1, 834 Emmy® entries were on the books, 112 more than last year’s 20-year high of 722. In addition, there were 1,802 individual entrants, up 259 from last year’s 1,543. Those numbers may decrease slightly after the Awards Committee’s Emmy® certification meeting on Feb. 12, where duplicates and disqualifications are discussed. The last day to add names or make other changes to entries is March 31. “This unexpected flood of Emmy® entries from our growing family of broadcasters in this region has raised the level of excitement around here,” said Stewart Heller, Emmy committee chairman. “This year’s Emmy® show is shaping up to be one of the greatest ever.” This year, the category with the most entries is News Feature Report – Serious with 44 competitors. Second is General News Reports with 31, followed by Arts/Entertainment – Program/ Special and Public/Current Affairs – Program/ Special with 28 each. News Feature Report – Light Series came in with 27 entries while Historic/Cultural – Feature Segment had 26.


Most categories saw an increase from last year. The noticeable exception was breaking news with 10 entries this year compared to 17 in 2004. The new categories of Station Excellence, News Excellence and Community Service have nine entries each. In the “best newscast” categories, there are 16 entries in the large market, eight in the medium market and 11 in the small market – all increases over last year. In the “best daytime newscast” categories, there were 11 entries in large market, one entry in medium market and seven entries in small market – again, all increases over last year. “I’m quite pleased with the strength of this year’s entries,” said David Mills, NATAS chapter president. “I’m delighted with the interest in the new categories as well as the participation by the medium and small market stations.” KPIX in San Francisco, leads the way again this year with 109 entries, the first station to have more than 100 entries in decades. Next is KNTV in San Jose with 91 entries, followed by KTVU in Oakland with 85, KRON in San Francisco with 49 and ABC7 in San continued on page 4 Francisco with 45.


A message from NATAS chapter president David Mills
A warm 2006 welcome to our new and returning members to The Northern California chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. For the third year in a row, we have more than 1,000 members. We also have more than 800 entries in this year’s Emmy® competition. Not only does this produce a Dave Mills vibrant chapter, it also gives us the resources to put together the various programs and services we offer. At the head of the list is this year’s Emmy® show. The Emmy® entries are being processed now. Our web site www.emmysf.tv has a list of the entries and entrants. You should check that list to make sure your entries are
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TAX SEMINAR 2/15, BA Wed. 2/15, BAVC
This media business tax seminar is for professionals in the broadcast, film and video business. Whether you own your business or freelance, even a little, this tax seminar will give you many tax tips that can help you know what to expect this year while preparing your returns. This seminar will also offer you tips on how to run your business more efficiently. Jim Spalding will set you straight in this Media BusiJim Spalding ness Tax Seminar that is being held at the Bay Area Video Coalition, 2727 Mariposa, SF, on Wednesday, February 15th from 7-9 p.m. Jim Spalding, CPA & MS Tax, Principal of Spalding & Company is the finance chair and former treasurer of the National Television Academy, SF/Nor Cal Chapter, former Board Member of the Film Arts Foundation, former CFO,
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correct. Nominations will be announced on April 20. The 2006 Emmy® show will be on Saturday, May 20, at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. As members, you will receive our monthly publication, Off Camera. It is e-mailed (or mailed) to you free of charge. You can also join one of our cinema clubs and receive notices of free movie showings. Your contact here is Lynn Friedman at ABC7 in San Francisco. The money received from membership fees, Emmy® Award entries and Emmy® show tickets is used not only to pay for the Emmy® show but also to fund four scholarships for college students. It also helps administer our “Mentor Match” program for TV industry employees in smaller markets as well as put on seminars such as the recent H-D panel discussion. We urge you to get involved in your NATAS chapter. There are a number of committees you can sign up for. There is also an election this spring for board members and chapter officers. We look forward to a prosperous and productive 2006.

The Changing Bay Area News Market

Wed. 2/8, ABC 7

(top row) McVay, Antonitis, Longinotti, Staab (lower row) Medina, Harvill, Luckoff, Fuller

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San Francisco Bay Area Film/Tape Council, former VP & CFO, One Pass Film & Video, Inc., former CFO of KQED Inc. and Audit Supervisor for Ernst & Young. Jim is also a BAVC-recommended accountant. There will be media networking to kick it off at 7 p.m. with light refreshments. At 7:30 p.m., Jim will lead a discussion and answer your questions on media business’ accounting requirements and taxes for company owners and workers, broadcast professionals, film and video freelancers and independent filmmakers. Topics will include: * What is new for 2005 tax filings for business and individuals? * How to start up your business.

NorCal RTNDA (Radio-Television News Directors Association of Northern California) invites you to join them for an evening with the General Managers to talk about “The Changing Bay Area News Market,” Wednesday evening February 8th from 7 to 9pm at the ABC Broadcast Center, 900 Front Street in San Francisco. The television panel will include: Tim McVay, Vice President and General Manager, KTVU Channel 2; Mark Antonitis, President and General Manager, KRON 4; Ron Longinotti, President and General Manager, KPIX CBS 5 and /KBHK UPN Bay Area; Valari Staab, President and General Manager, KGO-TV ABC 7; and Marcela Medina, Vice President and General Manager, KDTV Univision 14. Linda Sullivan, President and General Manager, KNTV NBC 11 is unable to attend due to the station’s Olympic coverage. Representing Radio Doug Harvill, Senior Vice President, Market Manager, CBS Radio and General Manager KCBS All News 740 & KFRC-FM. Mickey Luckoff, President and General Manager, KGO NewsTalk 810. JoAnne Wallace from KQED Public Radio is unable to attend. Former general manager and news director Harry Fuller, now the Executive Editor of c|net News.com will moderate the program. Reception and networking at 7pm will be followed by a short NorCal RTNDA annual meeting and board election. NorCal RTNDA members are free. Television Academy and other media organizations $5, non-members $10. RSVP to gm@norcalrtnda.com or call 650341-9978.

* What is the difference between independent contractor (1099) and employee (W-2)?

* Limited liability and incorporation. * What is deductible on your return and where? * What is a business entity, income forecast method, * Sales tax for production entities.
The admission charge is $10 for NATAS and BAVC members, $25 for non-members. There is a limited seating capacity for this event, so please RSVP to tax@emmysf.tv or call (650) 341-7786. grant accounting?


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Off Camera, February 2006, page 2

By Bob Goldberger The joint announcement by UPN and WB that they were both shutting down in 2006 and merging to form the new CW network shocked the broadcast industry. Not just because the two faltering networks had agreed to bury their fiercely competitive hatchets and join forces, but because somehow, they had managed to actually keep their secret plan a secret for two months. Nobody had even heard a rumor of the merger, not even the networks’ own affiliates. “I didn’t think I could be surprised by anything in this business anymore, but this surprised me,” says San Francisco’s WB20 (KBWB-TV) General Manager Bob Anderson. Anderson was at the annual programmer’s convention in Las Vegas when the announcement spread like wildfire across the convention floor. The agreement Bob Anderson means within a few months, WB 20 Anderson’s station will no longer be a WB affiliate. CBSowned and Tribune Broadcasting stations automatically get the new CW network affiliations, since CBS is UPN’s parent company, and Tribune currently owns the rights to the WB in most major markets. KBHK (UPN 44) in San Francisco is owned by CBS, which means Anderson’s KBWB will venture into the often treacherous waters of independence later this year. How did Anderson take the news? “I started buying programming right away. We’re already in pretty good shape, and everybody here is very excited. I’ve never seen this much excitement at the station.” But can the Bay Area’s shrinking television advertising market support a second English language independent station (KRON is the other)? Anderson says, “Well, it’s going to have to. We’re not going away, and nobody else is going away.” Certainly not KBHK. The station on the flip-side of this deal sees an opportunity to finally carry a real network that has a serious chance to grow its audience and establish itself as a competitor with a chance of taking on the “Big 4.” Steve Poitras, UPN Bay Area Station Manager says, ”UPN and Steve Poitras the WB both have a handful of UPN BayArea great shows that just aren’t working… Now, the strongest from both will land on one channel. KBHK will benefit with a new powerhouse lineup that will attract the Bay Area’s teen and young adult audiences like never before.” Poitras gives this sneak peak at what the new CW will look like in San Francisco: “Take Top Model, Veronica Mars, Everybody Hates Chris and WWE; add Gilmore Girls, Smallville, Supernatural and One Tree Hill; then add syndication hits The Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle, King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond, Will and Grace and South Park, and you have one major player in Bay Area television.” But Anderson says the merger finally gives KBWB the freedom it needs to become a major force in the Bay Area. As he sees it, “The WB is a declining network. We now have the opportunity to forge ahead and make our own future.” He’s not ready to reveal what the station’s programming schedule will be (the merger announcement was just a couple of weeks ago), but says “We’re almost there already. We’re still waiting to hear back on a few things, but we’re in great shape. We had a really good start,” from being at the programming convention when the news broke. Anderson also sees the loss of WB as an opportunity to substantially increase the station’s revenues, despite the financial tailspin KRON has been in since losing its NBC affiliation in 2002 and going independent. Anderson says the situations are completely different. “KRON was in a completely different situation. They had to replace highly rated NBC shows and pay for a very expensive news operation. We’re replacing much lower-rated WB programs, and we’re confident we can offer viewers shows they’re more interesting in watching during prime time. Add to that the fact that we get to sell all the avails instead of just a few per hour, and we’re in a great position.” KBWB was in the process of being sold when the announcement came. Anderson says the deal’s not off, but naturally has taken a step backward to the discussion/renegotiation stage since the landscape has changed so drastically. “Both sides still want the sale to go through, so I’m confident we’ll work everything out,” says Anderson. In the meantime, he says they’re moving forward. “We have really great people here who think outside the box, so they’re all really excited.”

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Off Camera, February 2006, page 3

continued from page 1 Entry tapes are stacked on shelves (Categories 1 to 15 shown here) for the Awards Committee Certification meeting. Then a ballot for each category is made by randomly sorting entries. They are then packed and shipped to other chapters to be judged.

By Bob Goldberger The freelance writers on the morning shift have been cut loose. One staff photographer was just let go. They’re not needed anymore, because KRON 4 in San Francisco is adding more traffic and weather to its five hour morning news show. A lot more. News Director Chris Lee admits one motivation for the change is budgetary, but he says it’s not the primary reason. “Everybody wants to look at everything we do at this station through the prism of cost-cutting, but that’s just not the case. This is all about making it as an independent station and distinguishing ourselves from the crowd (of morning news shows).” It’s still unclear how many minutes of each half hour will be devoted to traditional “news” stories, and how much will go to weather and traffic. Lee will only say, “We’re going to be doing a lot more weather and traffic than anybody else in the morning.” He also says rumors from disgruntled insiders that the news stories will not be updated between 5am and 10am are untrue, pointing out the staff writers are remaining. But the show will be different than any other morning newscast the Bay Area has seen before. Intentionally. “We’re trying to zig when everybody else is zagging,” Lee says. “We’re going to offer viewers something nobody else is offering. Something we know is very important to them at that time of day.” With San Francisco’s overnight People Meter rating system, the station will find out quickly if the Bay Area really is craving more traffic and weather in the morning, or if five solid hours of it is simply too much.

The Sacramento market had 114 entries, 11 more than last year. KXTV led the pack with 28 entries. Close behind was KCRA with 27 entries and KVIE with 27 entries, an increase of 20 from the year before. The Fresno market brought in 71 entries, only two less than last year’s record total. KFSN and KSEE tied for the lead with 20 entries each while KFTV was right behind with 19. Stations in Hawaii contributed 21 entries, four less than last year. KITV had the majority of those with 14. In the Salinas-Monterey region, there were 18 entries, three more than last year. KSBW brought in the most with eight entries. The Chico-Redding market had five entries, the same as last year. KHSL had four of those entries. The cable outlet sector had 45 entries, four more than 2004. Fox Sports Bay Area provided 24 of those entries. Emmy® nominations will be announced on April 20. The Emmy® 2006 show will be held Saturday, May 20, at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. This year’s show theme is “Breaking New Ground” – a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake with a modern twist. “The Emmy® Awards show this year is about change,” said Keith Sanders, Emmy® show producer. “Among other things, we will pay tribute to changes in new media technology on the Internet that have the potential to re-define broadcast television.” The list of entries can be viewed on the NATAS website at www.emmysf.tv All entrants should check the list to make sure their entries are correct. Special thanks to Joyce Wong and Linda Giannecchini for their help with the awards processing.

Malou Nubla has left KPIXTV in San Francisco, rather abruptly and mysteriously. Station management will only say Nubla left the station late last year, and that Brian Hackney and Liam Mayclem are now the only hosts of “Eye on the Bay,” CBS 5’s daily, locally produced half hour news and entertainment show. Nubla would not comment on her departure from KPIX but told Off Camera that she has Malou Nubla formed her own company (Malou Nubla Productions, Inc.) and plans on working with other production houses in creating new programming for broadcast and corporations in the Bay Area. Prior to joining CBS 5 in 2000, Nubla was best known as the traffic reporter for KRON 4 in San Francisco.

NOW - Check your entries on-line: www.emmysf.tv Last day to add or delete names on an entry-March 31st Emmy® Nominatons Announced-Thursday, April 20th Emmy® 2006 Awards Presentation-Saturday, May 20th Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco


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The news came quickly, and hit the staff of KHONTV in Honolulu like a ton of pineapples. Their new owner, SJL Broadcast Group, plans to automate news production and lay off as many as 35 full and part-time employees by the end of winter. The fallout was immediate at Hawaii’s #1 rated news station. KHON Senior Vice President and General Manager Rick Blangiardi resigned, saying in a letter distributed to staff members at 9am in mid-January, “I never intended to leave you, but regrettably, I do not share the same vision and approach to the television business as SJL. These differences make it impossible for me to serve you and SJL effectively.” SJL’s Broadcast Group Comptroller announced the staff cuts at 2pm the same day. The lay-offs were scheduled to take place in two waves, with the first being completed by the end of January, and the second sometime after the February sweeps. It appears the news department and sales staffs, for the most part, are being spared, with almost all of the cuts coming from the production staff. SJL has reportedly purchased an “Ignite” system that automates the on-air production of newscasts to the point where only one or two people are needed to put a show on the air. Sometimes referred to as a “control room in a box,” a director programs the entire newscast into a computer ahead of time, and then controls all cameras, audio, video playback, etc, single-handedly. Ironically the cutbacks come on the heels of what Broadcasting & Cable magazine reported as KHON’s best-performing year ever. The station reportedly had $19.5 million in gross revenue in 2004 under previous owner, Emmis Communications. SJL Broadcast CEO Sandy Benton says the company will tell employees about impending layoffs as quickly as possible so workers can make plans for their lives. “Hopefully, we’ll be great people to work for, for those who remain,” Benton said. “I know you can take strong stations and keep them strong and still be more efficient.” Given SJL’s track record within the industry of automating and cutting jobs quickly after acquiring a new station, most people at KHON-TV knew what was coming. Emmis certainly did. It has prepared a severance package for employees let go, as well as a “success bonus” of three months’ pay for everyone at its former FOX station.

Popular main anchor Joe Moore is remaining at KHON (his contract expires in 2009), but he admitted reservations about the station’s direction under new ownership. “I’m concerned about my colleagues but I’m also concerned about our ability to continue to provide the quality that we Joe Moore provide to this state,” Moore said. Moore has survived about half a dozen ownership changes at KHON, but says SJL is the first buyer “to walk in the door and announce mass, across-the-board firings.” But Chief Executive Officer George Lilly contends the result of automating and downsizing at SJL’s Mainland stations have resulted in higher ratings and increased revenues. “It’s not going to be easy to take this station (KHON) to a better level, but we will do our darn best,” said Lilly.

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Off Camera, February 2006, page 5

By Keith Sanders On January 24, 2006 the Walt Disney Company, distributor for all of Pixar’s animated feature films, announced a deal to acquire Pixar for about 7.4 Billion worth of Disney stock. Steve Jobs was the majority shareholder of Pixar. He’ll now be Disney’s largest shareholder. Jobs will also get a seat on Disney’s board. The deal must still be cleared by anti-trust regulators, but is expected to be approved. Until recently, Disney and Pixar had a tight relationship; Pixar made the movies, Disney distributed them. The partnership has been very profitable for both sides, generating over $3 billion at the box office. Yet the relationship had shown signs of discord as Jobs tried to negotiate a new contract with former Disney boss Michael Eisner. Last February Jobs publicly stated that Pixar was looking for a new distribution partner. Since then Eisner has been replaced by Robert Iger. The new president has been eager to patch things up. The sale was good for Disney, as their animation division is not what it used to be in its Lion King glory years. The sale was good for Jobs, as it leaves him in one of the most powerful positions in the movie business. But was it good for Pixar? I would argue that this acquisition is nothing less than a “palace coup” of the Disney animation department by Pixar CEO Steve Jobs, President Ed Catmull, and Vice President John Lassiter. Pixar employees will largely be protected by a detailed agreement. Pixar will be part of the Disney Animation Studios, but Ed Catmull will now be president of the combined Disney and Pixar groups. John Lassiter, who has directed most of Pixar’s movies, will be chief creative officer of the combined animation group and will advise other groups including Disney’s theme park division. The digital animation company will stay in Emeryville, with a sign at its gate that “shall not be altered” from Pixar, the agreement said. Iger stated “this investment significantly advances our strategic priorities, which include - first and foremost - delivering high-quality, compelling creative content to consumers, the application of new technology and global expansion to drive long-term shareholder value.” So what affect will this merger have on competitors? It can’t make Microsoft, Sony or Google happy. All of those players want to distribute movies online, and seeing Jobs, a key rival, as the major shareholder and Disney boardmember should make them nervous. What might give them a fullblown anxiety attack is the possibility of a merger between Apple Computer and Walt Disney Company. Last October, Iger and Jobs shared a stage at the California Theater in San Jose, where Jobs introduced the video iPod and said content would be available from Disney’s ABC television network. At the time, Iger joked about striking a deal with Apple, not Pixar (Bill Gates isn’t laughing). Jobs is rapidly turning Apple into a New Media entertainment company as his iTunes music store offers an expanding range of music videos, TV shows and movie trailers. Almost every week brings an announcement of a new content deal, one of the latest being with NBC Universal. A few weeks ago NBC’s “The Office” drew its largest audience ever in the 18-to-49-year-old demographic, which the network attributed to interest sparked by users downloading previous episodes on iTunes. The acquisition of Pixar by Disney should become final this summer, but it’s safe to say that Steve Jobs has already been crowned “King of New Media!”

Keith Sanders, is the NATAS vice president for San Jose and a video producer for San Jose State University. In addition to being our technology chair he also produces the Emmy® show. Send your technology stories to Keith.Sanders@sjsu.edu

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Eric Bradley to Account Executive, Duopoly New Business Team, CBS 5/UPN San Francisco Bay Area from receiving his MBA in General Management/Finance at the University of San Francisco. Cesar Chavez to Promotion Manager, CBS 5 (KPIX-TV) from same title, KTVU-TV. Steve Harris has been named Marketing and Creative Services director of KGUN-TV, the Journal Broadcast Group, Inc.’s ABC affiliated television station in Tucson, Ariz. Prior to his move to KGUN 9, Harris served as Creative Services Director at KOVR-TV 13 in Sacramento, Calif. During that time Harris was regional Promotion Supervisor for Sinclair Broadcasting Group. Kurt Johnson to Producer, CBS 5 Eyewitness News Early Edition at 5am from writer, same station. Tom Stienstra adds KOVR TV in Sacramento to the stations airing his show “The Great Outdoors with Tom Stienstra.” The show goes in to its second season on KBHK-TV and KPIX-TV in San Francisco. Will Tran becomes a video journalist for KRON 4 in San Francisco after freelancing at the station for the past year. Prior to that Will was at FOX5 in Las Vegas where he won an AP Award for Breaking News Coverage.

Liam Mayclem becomes a Correspondent and Co-host for the KPIX-TV magazine show “Eye on the Bay” in San Francisco from KRON 4 where he was a features/entertainment reporter. Ryan McKeel to Senior Writer, CBS 5 Eyewitness News (KPIX-TV San Francisco) from same station, writer. Greg Rando has been promoted to Promotion Manager at KTVU FOX 2 in the San Francisco Bay Area from Senior Writer/Producer same station. Amy Sabol to Account Executive, CBS 5 (KPIX-TV, San Francisco) from Senior Account Executive Corporate Partnerships, San Francisco 49ers.

Chris Lee is leaving KRON 4, Young Broadcasting owned independent station at the end of the February rating book. Chris was promoted to the News Director position last April. Chad Mallam to Senior Promotion Writer/Producer for CBS 5 (KPIX-TV, San Francisco) from Writer/Producer, same station.

Tim Sakaraha returns home and joins KTXL-TV in Sacramento as a reporter from KOCO-TV in Oklahoma City.

Julie Watts is the newest member of the KCRA 3 Weather Plus Team in Sacramento. In addition to weather and reporting on KCRA 3, she covers morning weather duties on the WB58 and NBC’s Weather Plus Network. Julie was previously at KGPE in Fresno. Rafer Weigel has been named the new Morning Reporter for KOVR/ KMAX in Sacramento, from his position as a freelance reporter at KUSI and sports journalist for the LA Times. Rafer began his duties in Sacramento this month.

Craig Marrs is the new GM of WHNT-TV, the New York Timesowned CBS affiliate in Huntsville, AL. Craig has been Station Manager of KRON-TV in San Francisco, but previously served as a ND at KWTV in Oklahoma City in the 70’s, worked for Magid as a consultant for ten years, and also served as President/ GM of Northwest Cable News.

Off Camera, February 2006, page 7

The NATAS Northern California Chapter has $2,000 burning a hole in our collective pocket. We’re looking for four members who want to better themselves with formal mid-career training. The only catch is, you must apply by March 1st. Each year, the chapter awards four $500 grants, one in each geographic area: San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose/Salinas-Monterey, Sacramento/Fresno-Modesto, and Chico-Redding/Eureka/Reno/Hawaii. To qualify, you must be an active, regional, or life member of the Northern California NATAS chapter, have worked full time for at least five years in some aspect of the television industry, and been employed in the industry within the previous year. Your grant request must be for formal instruction at a recognized or certified educational institution. The grant is paid directly to that institution on your behalf. If there’s more than one qualified applicant within a given region, that grant will be awarded by lottery. Last year’s grants were awarded to Keith Sanders, Perfect Pitch, San Francisco Bay Area and Jorge Velasquez, KCRA, Sacramento. If you have the time and desire to learn a new skill, NATAS has some money to help you. Applications are available on the NATAS website: www.emmysf.tv under the “Membership” section. In 2006, the National Television Academy will award a new category of the Emmy® Award for original programming created specifically for non-traditional viewing platforms, including computer, mobile phone, iPods, PSAs and similar devices. It will be given in recognition of creativity in editorial content and video production. For this award only in both the Daytime Emmy® Awards and the Sports Emmy® Awards, the entry deadline has been extended to March 1 and the eligibility period also has been extended for content created between Jan, 1, 2005 - March 1, 2006.

Entries must be postmarked by Friday, March 24, 2006. Entries postmarked by February 28 qualify for a lower entry fee. Judging will take place in May and June. The Awards Ceremony will be held on Monday, September 25, 2006 at the Marriott Marquis in New York City. More information on these awards is available at www.emmysf.tv. Click on NATAS National.

OFFICERS: David Mills, CBS 5, President Lynn R Friedman, ABC 7, VP, SF Keith Sanders, SJ State University, VP, SJ Dan Adams, KXTV 10, VP, Sacramento Nancy Osborne, ABC 30, VP, Fresno SAN FRANCSISCO Terri Russell, KOLO 8, VP, Reno CALIF ALIFORNIA NORTHERN CALIFORNIA Pamela Young, KITV 4, VP, Hawaii 4317 Camden Avenue Janice Edwards, NBC 11, Secretary San Mateo, CA 94403 Sharon Navratil, KTVU 2, Treasurer (650) 341-7786 F: (650) 372-0279 NATIONAL TRUSTEES: Linda Giannecchini, KQED 9 (Museum) Ronald Louie, KTVU 2 (Alt. Trustee) Alison Gibson, Media Cool (Education) Terry Lowry, LaCosse Productions Cynthia Zeiden, Zeiden Media (Activities) Tamar Maghdissian, KHSL 12 GOVERNORS: Deanne Moenster-Poitras, KTVU 2 Terri Amos, Cornerstone Prod. (Membership) John Murray, JM Communications Bob Anderson, WB20 John Odell, City College San Francisco Duncan Armstrong, NBC 8 Sheraz Sadiq, KQED 9 Dan Ashley, ABC 7 Javier Valencia, KRON 4 (Awards) Brian Avery, Avery Media COMMITTEE CHAIRS: (not listed above) Samuel Belilty, Univision 21 John Catchings, Catchings & Assoc. (Museum) John Burgess, KFTY 50 Darryl Cohen, Cohen & Cooper (Legal) Martin Christian, KVIE 6 James Spalding, Spalding & Co., (Finance) Thomas Drayton, Fox 40 Rick Zanardi, College of San Mateo (Marketing) Janice Edwards, NBC 11 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Deirdre Fitzpatrick, KCRA 3 Darryl R. Compton, NATAS Albert Garcia, Univision 19 Off Camera Bob Goldberger, ABC 7 Bob Goldberger, Editor Stewart Heller, York Productions Darryl Compton, Publisher Valeria Hernandez, Univision 14 Emmy® 2006 Awards Datebase www.emmysf.tv Robert Mohr, Photographer Justin Kanno, KOLO 8 Check your entries for errors and omissions Jack LiVolsi, WB20 (Marketing)

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