By Bob Goldberger

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences


March 2005

San Francisco/Northern California Chapter

5:00pm is becoming even more competitive in the San Francisco market, with the addition of weekend 5:00 newscasts on KGO ABC-7, and KTVU Ch.2 launching a brand new 5:00pm newscast Monday-Friday. KTVU Vice President and General Manager Tim McVay says they’ll launch their new show sometime in April, but have not yet settled on a specific date. They have settled on the anchor team, though, announcing to staff Feb. 25th that long-time Mornings on 2 anchor Frank Somerville and 10pm anchor Leslie Griffith will co-anchor the hourlong show. Mornings on 2 fans need not despair. McVay says Somerville will work a split shift, continuing to anchor in the morning, then returning each afternoon for the 5:00pm show. McVay says they have not decided yet who will co-anchor the noon news with Tori Campbell. continued on page 2

Join the “Fitness King of America” and NATAS Gold Circle members Jack and Elaine LaLanne at the DoubleTree Hotel at the Berkeley Marina on Tuesday, March 15th from 11:30 am to 2 pm with the Broadcast Legends. More information on page 8.

By Bob Goldberger

When Stacy Owen left KRON late last year, she had every intention of returning at the end of her maternity leave. After all, her 14th anniversary was coming up in May. Over the years, KRON had become her home, and the staff was like family. Working her way up from Headline News cut-in producer, to segment producer, to main show producer, to executive producer, to news director, it was hard to imagine working anywhere else. But in February, Owen stunned her staff by announcing she wasn’t coming back. ”It was a very difficult decision,” Owen told Off Camera, “especially because of my colleagues and relationships there. That made it particularly tough, but it was the right decision at the right time.” One of the first people she told was her assistant news director— now acting news director— Chris Lee. “No we weren’t expecting it, but it’s what she wanted. This was Stacy’s decision to be a fulltime mother.” Minutes after Owen told the KRON newsroom of her decision, the speculating began. Cynical news people always joke about politicians and high-level business executives who announce they’re resigning “to spend

How They Are Faring The First Six Months
By Sharon Navratil

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Mention ‘People Meters’ and you’ll receive all sorts of comments. This new technology is probably one of the most discussed topics in the news business today. People Meters were introduced in San Francisco last September 30th. They have caused some in the television business to question their accuracy. It was said that local TV stations and cable operators would have more influence in grabbing the advertising dollars by having the information of exactly who (gender/ age) was actually watching. There are 800 households in the San Francisco Bay Area that have agreed to participate in this program. Each member of a household must “log in” with their personal code every time they enter or leave the room. Nielsen believes that this is a far more accurate way to establish the demographics than the old diaries. But, is it? continued on page 3

Samuel Belilty, the news director at KFTV in Fresno, is the newest member of NATAS’ Northern California Board of Governors. The board selected Belilty at its February meeting. He fills the seat that opened up when Nancy Osborne, a reporter/anchor at KFSN, was promoted to vice president of the Fresno region. Belilty has been news director at Univision 21 since February 2002. Before that, he was creative services director and executive producer of KFTV’s morning news. Belilty began his career in 1990 as a reporter for Radio Caracas Television in Miami. Belilty has been nominated for three Emmys since coming to California. KFTV submitted the most Emmy entries (33) this year of any station in the Fresno market. Belilty lives in Fresno with his wife and two children.

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Total Living Network’s vice president of special services Dave Scott, KTLN general manager Debbie Fraser, and KTLN station manager Brian Avery receive award.

KTLN, the only San Francisco Bay area television station dedicated to Christian family programming, has been named Full Power Television Station of the Year by National Religious Broadcasters. To win the award, KTLN had to display innovative and creative programming through its daily schedule as well as “be a force for the Gospel in its coverage of local religious events, issues and stories,” said Gina Ebhardt, NRB membership director. KTLN General Manager Debbie Fraser is proud of the fact that the station, which has fewer than 15 employees, took an active part in a large number of community events in 2004. Jerry K. Rose, president and CEO of Christian Communications and founder of the Total Living Network, said KTLN “is a David in a Goliath market. “We are a specialty broadcaster filling a spiritual niche in the marketplace,” Rose added. “In a top 10 television market like San Francisco, it takes a lot of hard work and creative energy to get people to the set on a regular basis. We have both. The TLN/KTLN producing team and the dedicated, community minded team at KTLN gives us a distinct advantage.” KTLN received a Northern California Area Emmy award last year for their children and youth program “Every 15 minutes.”

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In both cases, the new shows are all about news presence and lead-in. “We’re committed to local news coverage and this is a continuation of that committment,” says McVay. For decades, KTVU had the top rated morning and late newscasts (10:00pm), but resisted adding evening newscasts, leaving that time period to syndicated and sports programming. But a few years ago, Ch. 2 added a half-hour 6:00pm newscast, which has undeniably suffered to some degree by a weak programming lead-in. McVay says adding a 5:00pm newscast is a logical progression. “We’re very pleased that our 6:00 news continues to grow, and this is a chance to go from strength into strength with news and have a bigger early evening presence.” KGO news director Kevin Keeshan gives a similar reason for adding 5:00pm shows on Saturday and Sunday. “We want our viewers to know ABC-7 news is there for them at five p.m. seven days a week,” says Keeshan. “People in the bay area are just as busy on weekends as they are during the week. With our 5:00pm news leading into ABC World News Tonight at 5:30, leading into our 6pm news, we’re providing viewers with a solid and consistent block of local, national and world news at the same time every night.” With early evening television viewing on weekends so low, KGO was able to pull in competitive ratings for its new show from the start. But weeknights can be a tougher nut to crack, since viewers tend to show more “loyalty” to a station, or at least display stronger viewing habits than on weekends. The big question facing Ch. 2 is, can they attract a large group of viewers right off the bat, since they’re coming to this party so late? Four other English-speaking stations have been producing 5pm newscasts in the San Francisco market for years. McVay knows it won’t be easy. “No question, the competition’s tough, but we’re ready to get in there and compete during this time period. We’re excited about it.” McVay says having anchors from the #1 morning show (Somerville) and #1 prime time newscast (Griffith) teaming up will give Ch. 2’s 5:00pm newscast a distinct advantage over other stations that have launched new shows. Employees within Ch. 2’s newsroom (who did not want their names used) are understandably concerned about producing another full hour of news without any signs of a comparable increase in staffing. But McVay says they don’t need to worry. “We’re adding extra staff,” he says. “This does allow us to bring in some additional staff, which will help our product in all time periods. But when you add a newscast, it also gives you a chance to utilize people you already have in place to their fullest.” One things for sure, sometime in April, whichever day it turns out to be, everybody in the TV news business in the bay area will flip over to Ch. 2 at 5:00pm to see their new competitor, and the following morning, they’ll all scour the Nielsen overnights to see how much of a splash it made with viewers.



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Preparations are moving forward for the westernflavored 2005 Emmy Awards. The annual show will be held Saturday, May 14, at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Nominations will be announced on Thursday, April 14 in locations throughout the chapter. This year, 722 entries were 2 submitted for the 2005 competition, the most entries in 20 years. The Emmy show will have a western theme this year, celebrating the “frontier” history of the region. Stations have been asked to submit short historical pieces as part of this theme. The “wild west” flavor will also be reflected in the set and entertainment segments. The show will have no host. Presenters will be introduced by an off-stage announcer. So far, the Emmy presenters include Barbara 4 Rodgers and John Kessler of CBS5 in San Francisco; Carolyn Tyler and Thuy Vu of ABC7 in San Francisco; Jan Wahl of KRON in San Francisco; Raj Mathai and T.J. Holmes, NBC11, San Jose; Deirdre Fitzpatrick of KCRA and Dan Adams of KXTV, both in Sacramento; Nancy Osborne of KFSN and David Ibarra of KFTV both in Fresno; and John Tyson and Terri Russell from KOLO in Reno.

And what about sweeps? Will they ever go away? The Networks still mostly debut their new programming in the months of February, May, November. Will the local stations respond by doing special reports or drop them? If you missed our other two people meter forums you just might want to catch ABC this one. Andy Smith, Nielsen account representative will participate with Young Broadcasting programming vice president Pat Patton and KTVU research director Pat Macholl along with others. It should prove to be a very lively discussion. AWRT is joining NATAS in this forum and we hope you will join us on March 24th at 7:00 pm at KRON-TV, 1001 Van Ness at O’Farrell in San Franciso. Light refreshments will be served. We hope to see you there. The event is FREE. Please RSVP to forum@emmysf.tv or call 650-341-7786.


Erik Rosales has been hired as a general assignment reporter at ABC7 in San Francisco. Rosales will be based in the station’s South Bay Bureau in San Jose. Before coming to the Bay Area, Rosales had been a anchor/reporter at KGPE in Fresno since 1997. Prior to that, he worked in television news in Texas and Los Angeles. 8 Rosales won a Northern California Emmy Award in 2003 for his live coverage of an officer shooting. He has served the Television Academy as a governor and Fresno vice president. Eric is married to DeAnne McQueen who is an anchor/reporter at KFSN.


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The Bay Area’s leading Spanishlanguage television station, KDTV Univision 14, celebrates its 30th anniversary as a local broadcaster on August 13. In advance of the big day, KDTV is planning a series of special programs, events and promotions. 5 “We look forward to sharing this special milestone occasion throughout the year with our viewers, clients and friends,” says Marcela Medina, vice president and general manager of Univision 14. “Our anniversary provides us with a unique opportunity to celebrate KDTV’s numerous achievements on behalf of our Hispanic community, and salute the bay area’s growing and dynamic Spanish-speaking population.” The first visible sign of the anniversary is a commemorative logo for all on-air station identification and print ad7 vertising. Next will be a special promotional announcement featuring the music of San José-based Grammy-winning artists Los Tigres del Norte, who recorded an exclusive anniversary tribute for the station. In January, KDTV featured a similar tribute with the legendary José Feliciano. KDTV is also planning a half-hour special featuring historical footage from the station’s archives and will chronicle the incredible growth of the bay area’s Hispanic population, which has doubled since the station debuted in 1975. 9 Throughout those years, KDTV has been the leading Spanish-language station in the bay area. According to the latest A.C. Nielsen ratings (November, 2004, Nielsen Station Hispanic Index), Univision 14 reaches more Bay Area Hispanics than any other station.



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more time with their family.” Now here was one of their own giving the same explanation. In other cases, the speculation is usually that the executive was pushed out the door. In this case, the speculation was that Owen had grown frustrated with KRON’s direction, or exhausted by the ever-expanding work load, or both. After all, during her first 11 years at Ch. 4, KRON was a powerhouse NBC affiliate that frequently won the ratings war while also receiving numerous awards for excellence in journalism. During her last three years, she steered the newsroom through the treacherous waters of nonaffiliation, adding several hours of news while simultaneously cutting the budget to compensate for the declining revenue of an independent television station. And all indications are the cost-cutting is not over. Several staff members tell Off Camera many experienced, higher paid employees have been told the station will let them out of their contracts should they decide it’s time to move on. Speculation was that Owen heard and saw what was happening during her absence, including the pre-Christmas lay-offs of a dozen news employees, and decided it was time to leave. Both Owen and Lee addressed the speculation: LEE: “I don’t know where that would be coming from. That’s not what Stacy told me, or anyone else in the newsroom, so I don’t know where that would come from. I don’t think there’s been any serious changes in the last three months that could have made her feel that way. Certainly we’ve had lots of changes during the last three years, but not during the last three months.” OWEN: “I have nothing but respect for the General Manager and Station Manager who have a tough task of keeping ratings up as an independent station. I have the utmost respect for them, and confidence in them, and nothing but good things to say about them as well as the entire station. My intention was always to come back. It had not crossed my mind to leave until the last few weeks of my maternity leave. That made the decision even tougher.” The only hitch is that Owen says she hasn’t retired. “I don’t see myself getting out of news. I’ll be back in the middle of it soon, maybe within just a couple of months.” She says her preference is to stay in the Bay Area, but realizes that’s not always possible in the news business. “(My husband and I) are open to moving if the right opportunity comes along. But it will have to be the right job at the right time.” Something that apparently, for whatever reason, KRON no longer was.

By Keith Sanders

DVCAM & mini-DV formats can reproduce CD quality audio, in either 2channel 16bit 48khz mode, or 4-channel 12bit 32khz mode. But unlike DV video, audio quality is dependent on a number of factors outside the camera. Improving audio quality means improving the signal-to-noise ratio. This proportion compares the voltage of an audio signal with the built-in noise of a given circuit. Here are some points to consider in order to run the cleanest, strongest signal through the least noisy circuit: Start with a clean audio signal by using a good external wired microphone with a fresh battery. Watch out for wireless microphones. They can record excellent sound but they’re subject to transmission interference and must always have fresh batteries in the transmitter AND receiver. Increase the signal voltage. Use a 2-channel mixer if your camera can input line levels. Connect your mics to the mixer and send the mixer audio LINE OUT to your camera. The strength of line level is about one volt, or one thousand times more powerful than mic level audio. Decrease the noise of the circuit. Use balanced XLR connectors from the mic to the mixer…and into the camera if possible. Unbalanced connectors will carry more noise and hum than balanced XLR connectors. ALWAYS monitor your audio. The way audio is recorded is also important. Record in DVCAM rather than mini-DV if you can. Unlike mini-DV it has the advantage of LOCKED AUDIO, which means the video and audio data rates are matched so there are no truncated bits at edit points (which take the form of pops and clicks). Digitize your media using the firewire interface, not analog connectors. This will keep your audio signal in the digital domain and eliminate any opportunity for analog hum and noise. Imperfect audio can still be sweetened with audio filtering tools in Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro. Avid Pro Tools LE can improve it even more. But no software will restore bad audio. Save time, and maybe save your project by recording high-quality DV audio in the first place.

Joe Vazquez joins CBS 5 as a reporter. Before joining KPIX Joe was worked WCAU in Philadelphia, where he reported and anchored for the last two years. Prior to that, he reported in Houston, San Antonio and Lubbock, Texas. Before becoming a reporter, Joe was an assignment editor in Texas, from 1987 to 1995. A graduate of the University of Houston with a degree in political science, Joe is married to Jenni, and they have a son Antonio.

San Jose Sharks announcer Randy Hahn has been hired to fill in as co-host for KPIX’s Evening Magazine show. Hahn started his duties on March 1. He replaced Mike Rowe, who left Evening Magazine to pursue other interests. KPIX officials said Hahn will cohost with Malou Nubla while a search for a permanent co-host continues. Hahn is also expected to fill in as a sports anchor at KPIX. He was the play-by-play announcer for the Sharks until the National Hockey League season was cancelled. Hahn is married to KPIX weathercaster, Roberta Gonzales.

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Celebrating a decade of Local Heroes for Black History Month at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. (From left) Union Bank of California Sr. Vice President Steve Johnson, producer Jim Yager, co-producer Rick Bacigalupi, and KQED President & CEO Jeff Clarke.

Pictured from left to right: Belva Davis, Martin Wyatt,
Barbara Rodgers, Jesse Gary, and Pam Moore. Standing in back, Sara Sidner. Photo: Terry Woodard

A public access television producer, a veteran educator, an east bay portrait artist, and a gospel youth choir director, are among the six local heroes profiled by producers Jim Yager and Rick Bacigalupi for the tenth anniversary of Union Bank of California/KQED TV’s Black History Month project. The landmark anniversary was celebrated in grand style at the Regency Ballroom, and featured entertainment from Beach Blanket Babylon, ACT, and the Oakland East Bay Symphony. Over the past decade nearly 70 of these Local Heroes have been honored. Each year, KQED, in partnership with Union Bank of California, selects from dozens of community nominations to highlight the extraordinary efforts of largely unsung leaders working throughout the Bay Area. “It has been a wonderful series to work on,” says producer Jim Yager. “We go out and meet these folks who are really in the trenches and making our community work. I think their commitment is what gives us all hope for the future.” “The opportunity to meet these amazing people doing such important work has been truly inspirational,” agrees co-producer Rick Bacigalupi. “Almost every story is worthy of a full-length documentary. The hardest part about the project is getting their stories across in such a short amount of time.” The producers have several Emmy Awards and nominations between them, and Yager is one of the recipients of the prestigious Peabody Award for work on KQED’s documentary, “The Castro,” which was broadcast nationally on PBS. The team has produced over 250 Local Hero profiles.

It was a great turn-out on February 19 at KPIX (CBS 5) in San Francisco for the Bay Area Black Journalists Association’s “Meet the Anchors” event. The most important number was 25—that’s how many students attended the three hour forum. BABJA hosted the event after a student member suggested bringing some of the bay area’s top African American news anchors and reporters together as a means of helping recruit and inspire more minority students. The gathering also gave BABJA a platform to promote its mentoring program. The top bay area talent who volunteered for the panel were sports anchor Martin Wyatt from ABC 7, KQED’s Belva Davis, Barbara Rodgers from CBS 5, Pam Moore from KRON 4, and Sara Sidner and Jesse Gary from KTVU Ch. 2.

If you’ve been wondering what Emerald Yeh is up to after leaving KRONTV a year ago, you’ll be happy to know she’s been quite busy. Emerald says she’s spent the past 12 months working on a documentary about children with alcoholic parents. “It was a labor of love toward raising public awareness,” she says. A few weeks ago the documentary fed out on satellite to every PBS station in the country, and she says at least 125 are planning to air it. San Jose’s KTEH already did. If you missed it, her website, www. lostchildhood.org, is selling DVDs and VHS copies at cost to help further public outreach.

Three $3,000 Scholarships
For college students in TV Production, Videography and Reporting entry deadline April 1st www.emmysf.tv

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By Keith Sanders

Photo by Robert Mohr © 2005

Paul Supplee of Total Media Group discussed innovative uses of HD technology in the corporate world, and presented a recent Neil Young HD production. Gene Fredericks, an HD consultant who filled in for Dave Van Hoy of Advanced Systems Group, demonstrated the importance of HD codecs. One corner of the studio appeared to be an HD camera showroom as Bob Lofland from Sony and VMI demonstrated the full line of Sony HD cameras, including the new HVR-Z1U HDV camcorder. Leigh Blicher, one of the founders of Videofax, demonstrated a Panasonic VariCam and talked about HD rentals for film and television. NATAS Governor John Murray and Academy Photographer Robert Mohr manned the video crew. National Trustee Cynthia Zeiden worked the NATAS table. Publicity Co-Chairs Deanne Moenster and Josh Springer created a highimpact flyer and led the promotional campaign. Adobe Systems and Sonic Solutions provided door prizes. KQED 9 staffing and equipment contributions were unprecedented and NATAS is thankful for their wholehearted participation.

KQED 9 was the venue for the Television Academy’s Fourth Annual San Francisco HD Seminar February 10th. The theme was “HD for Everyone” and almost everyone attended this event, which began with a generous selection of snacks provided by Snader & Associates. Academy President Dave Mills thanked KQED 9 President Jeff Clarke for hosting the event with the help of NATAS National Executive Committee member Linda Giannecchini. NATAS Regional VP Keith Sanders introduced HD panelists from all sectors of the industry. After initial introductions the event took on the look of a miniature trade show as attendees sampled the HD demonstrations lining the edge of KQED’s cavernous studio. Kristopher Koch of Sonic Solutions displayed the world’s first HD-DVD authoring system, HD Producer. Jacob Rosenberg of Formika Films showed an HD projection of Adobe Systems editing workflow and HD clips of his unreleased feature film. Returning panelist and Apple beta tester Brett Shapiro exhibited his HD film “The Chocolate Curse.” Apple Computer provided two G5 HD workstations.

Rigo Chacon’s scholarship program Abrazos and Books has gone big-time, thanks to a generous donation and the bay area’s unbelievable housing market. A private home, donated to his charity back in March, recently sold for $1.7 million dollars. “I can’t believe this good fortune,” Rigo said. “It’s a dream come true.” Rigo started Abrazos and Books back in 1991, while he was a reporter and south bay bureau chief for KGO ABC-7. That first year, he handed out $1,200 in scholarships to worthy college-bound students. This year, when he celebrates the charity’s 15th anniversary in July, Rigo anticipates awarding $58,000, bringing the total number of students helped with his program to 400. The big windfall came last summer when the Giannini family trust wanted to unload the family’s estate in San Mateo, named “Seven Oaks.” The vacant mansion needed extensive repairs and seismic upgrades, estimated to cost as much as $6 million. Trustees decided the best way to carry on the family’s charitable legacy would be to donate Seven Oaks to Abrazos and Books. Rigo put the 7150 square foot house on the market, and early this year, it sold for $1.7 million. The huge lump sum provides Abrazos and Books with an opportunity Rigo could barely imagine. “We won’t cut back on our regular fundraising each year,” Rigo says, “but now we also have an endowment, which provides seed money to expand Abrazos and Books and provide scholarships to students in other cities.” He says the first city he will add is Houston. Rigo Chacon retired from KGO-TV in October, 2003, but still files special reports for ABC 7, in addition to serving as the unpaid director of Abrazos and Books, running his own video production company, giving motivational speeches, and working in real estate. Rigo and Abrazos and Books are underwriting the NATAS $3,000 collegiate scholarship for reporting. The submission deadline is April 1st.

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San Francisco - Mar. 14th

Legendary KPIX photographer Les Keeney retired on Friday, February 25, after 31 years at CBS 5. Les began his career at KGO in 1968, back in the good old days of film. He moved to KPIX in August, 1973, decided he had found his home, and stayed there for 31 years. Les started as an engineer until minicams and microwave vans came along about 1977. He reminisces how the video camera was separate from the recorder back then, connected by a short co-ax or “10 pin” cable. He worked not only as a photographer and engineer, but also as a live truck and satellite truck operator. During his tenure, Les covered stories in England, Poland, Portugal, Japan, China and even Daly City. He wrote, “I’m going to miss the San Francisco press photographers. Unlike Los Angeles, we’re able to cover stories without getting into fist fights with each other. There’s a group of very talented photographers here and we actually help each other!” Les is known around KPIX as “Niner” for his Unit 9. The name “Unit Niner” was officially retired by KPIX with a special ceremony in the newsroom on his final day. Others helped him celebrate his retirement into the night at the Old Ship Saloon on Pacific Avenue following the 5pm newscast. Les is retiring to Colorado with his wife, Melody, and daughters, Brooke and Chloe.

Comedy, Drama and Science Fiction/Fantasy 1 hr. 37 min. Starting anew after the death of their mother, 9-year-old Anthony is ever practical, while his 7-year-old brother Damian uses imagination, fantasy, and faith to make sense of his confusing world. When a suitcase full of money falls out of the sky at Damian’s feet, it sets the boys on the adventure of a lifetime that leads them to realize that true wealth has nothing to do with money. MPAA Rating: PG for thematic elements, language, some peril and mild sensuality. Starring: James Nesbitt, Daisy Donovan, Alex Etel, Lewis McGibbon, Kolade Agboke Directed by: Danny Boyle Produced by: Andrew Hauptman, Graham Broadbent, Damian Jones More information: http://www2.foxsearchlight.com/millions/ The Delancey Street Screening Room is located at 600 Embarcadero, San Francisco, between Brannan and Townsend, enter through iron gate. Refreshments & Networking 7 p.m., movie 7:30 p.m. Seating limited to first 146 to arrive. FREE for NATAS members who may bring one guest. Mark your calendars for the Second Monday of each month for “Cinema Club.”

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“The Jack LaLanne Show” went on the air in 1951 live from the studios of KGO-TV on Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco. Jack has been on television ever since. The show moved to Los Angeles in 1956 and was syndicated nationally until 1970. You can still see reruns on ESPN Classic. Jack is the premier founder of the physical fitness movement in America today, leader of legions with his exercise and diet programs. You will recognize Jack and Elaine LaLanne today pushing the now famous infomercial for “Jack’s Power Juicer.” Jack and Elaine were inducted into the NATAS Silver Circle in 1991 and were the first Gold Circle recipients in 2002. They will be talking about the “good old television days” at the Broadcast Legends lunch on Tuesday, March 15th from 11:30am until 2pm at the Doubletree Hotel at the Berkeley Marina. Lunch is $30 for the Wharf deli plate or $35 for beef lasagna. Advanced tickets required. Reservation form at www.emmysf.tv or call 650-341-7786.


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