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March 2006

ff The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences San Francisco/Northern California Chapter

MENTO By Dan Adams
In the middle of winter, the way combining Monterey and Reno
Sacramento television stations with our Walnut Grove site gives
are covering and delivering us a wider look at what’s going on
weather is heating up. KCRA overall” says Jim Stimson,
(Channel 3, NBC) and KOVR (CBS KCRA’s assistant news director.
13) are battling it out with dueling During some storms this
Dopplers, while KXTV (News 10, winter, KCRA’s Doppler map has
ABC) is set to debut a new shown distinct areas of green,
weather/news service available via blue, and at times yellow and red
cell phone. well beyond the confined maps of
Calling it the most advanced its competitors.
Doppler in Northern California, KCRA (along with sister CBS 13, which continues to undergo a massive
station KQCA-58) has introduced Triple Doppler. KCRA 3 overhaul of its staff and on air look launched “CBS 13
Live Triple Doppler utilizes three live “sweeps” on a VIPIR” on December 31, just as the devastating New
screen that stretches well out into the Pacific and into the Year’s Eve storms hit Northern California. KOVR Chief
Nevada desert. One originates from the station’s exist- Forecaster Dave Bender says VIPIR, which stands for
ing Doppler at their Walnut Grove transmitter site, and Volumetric Imaging and Processing for Integrated Radar,
the other two are from the Nexrad radar systems in Reno allows them to pull up any Nexrad weather radar in the
and Monterey. country to provide street level views of current conditions
“Because sometimes the coast range blocks our and short term forecasts.
Doppler’s view of the Bay Area and the ocean and the For forecasts in the Sacramento market, Bender says
Sierra block our view of the eastern Sierra and Nevada, the CBS 13 system (which is also used by sister station
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Williams LaCuesta Pavini Adams Brice Torres Johns

The list of presenters is beginning to materialize for Monty Torres, a weeknight anchor at KMPH in
this year’s annual NATAS Northern California chapter’s Fresno.
Emmy show. Joe Hart, weeknight and Sarah Johns, weekend
Confirmed so far are: anchors at KRNV in Reno.
Rita Williams, a reporter for KTVU in Oakland who Esmerelda Montenegro, a weeknight anchor at
won her first Emmy® last year after more than 20 nomi- KSMS in Monterey.
nations. Melissa Cabral, a morning anchor at KHSL in Chico.
Lloyd LaCuesta, a long-time reporter, also at KTVU And Patranya Bhoolsuwan, an anchor at KRCR in
in Oakland and an inductee into the Silver Circle in 2004. Redding.
Jeanette Pavini, the consumer reporter at KPIX in More than 800 entries were submitted for this year’s
San Francisco. Emmy® competition, a record high for this chapter.
Dan Adams, a veteran reporter at KXTV in Sacra- Nominations will be announced on April 20th.
mento and an inductee in the 2005 Silver Circle. Entries can be checked by entrants on the NATAS web
Jennifer Brice, a weeknight anchor at KSEE in site at
Fresno. continued on page 2
Off Camera, March 2006, page 1
Thursday, March 30, Lunch
DoubleTree Hotel, Berkeley Marina

Montenegro Hart Cabral Bhoolsuwan

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The Emmy® show will be held on Saturday, May
20th, at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. The
three-hour show will be followed by a dinner-dance next
door at The Exploratorium.
The theme for this year’s show is “Breaking New
Ground”… a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the April
1906 San Francisco earthquake as well as the new
technology that is changing the television industry. With the popularity of the new George Clooney film
Formal invitations to the event will be mailed to all “Good Night and Good Luck,” we thought it would be a
NATAS members and entrants in April. good time to look back at Edward R. Murrow, the most
distinguished and renowned figure in the history of

FOUR American broadcast journalism. We will look back at his
reporting 57 straight nights of the German bombing of

$3,000 SCHOL
London in 1940, to television’s “See It Now” and the
ARSHIPS McCarthy hearings. We will listen to some audio of his
radio broadcasts, and video from his television days.
Application Deadline, April 1st Our special guest speaker is Richard
W. Jencks, former president of the CBS
Broadcast Group. Richard was the West
Coast Resident Attorney for CBS in the
1950s and later became president of the
News Group which oversaw CBS Televi-
sion Network, CBS Radio Network, CBS
owned TV Stations, CBS owned Radio
Stations, CBS News, and Cinema Center
Marino Fay Chacon Drayton Join us on Thursday, March 30th from 11:30 until 2
p.m. at the DoubleTree Hotel in the Berkeley Marina.
The San Francisco Northern California Chapter of the Lunch is served at noon with your choice of a Wharf Deli
National Television Academy annually presents $3,000 Plate (cold) $30 or freshly baked Beef Lasagne (hot) with
scholarships to collegiate students in the fields of televi- a separate salad course $35. Wine with lunch, coffee or
sion production (named for Peter Marino) and tea and dessert are included. Advance reservations
videography (named for Shelly Fay). Last year Rigo required. Form available at: Academy
Chacon and his wife Lucy added a reporting scholarship Office: 650-341-7786, e-mail:
from Abrazos and Books. This year a minority student
scholarship has been added, donated by Thomas
The 33rd Annual
Drayton of KTXL Fox 40 in Sacrmento.
Daytime Emmy®
College students having at least one year remaining
before graduation may apply. Awards come to the
Information and Applications can be found on our West Coast for the first
website at time on Friday, April
Winners will be presented scholarships at the May 28 on ABC at 8:00p.m.
20th Emmy® Award Ceremony at the Palace of from Hollywood’s’
Fine Arts in San Francisco. The applications must be Kodak Theatre.
postmarked by Saturday, April 1, 2006. The Academy
commissioned interna-
tionally renowned pop
artist Charles Fazzino
to commemorate the
Send your news items to: 2006 Daytime Emmy® Awards. Poster Size:
18x24". $25, signed
$40 click
on NATAS National.
Off Camera, March 2006, page 2
Live Doppler

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KMAX-31) utilizes the KPIX (CBS 5) Doppler radar site on
Mt. Vaca in Solano County and combines it with a Nexrad
site in Davis. Bender says the information is then
processed to the point that he is able to make forecasts
of pending events (such as a tornado) before the
weather service can, and he can forecast exactly where
and when the event will occur.
As for the December 31 storms, Bender says “It
gave us a great advantage.”
Having previously upgraded its Doppler system,
KXTV (News 10) is now devoting resources to alternative By Bob Goldberger
means of delivery. Meteorologist Patty Souza has jumped ship, from
By April, the station is expected to become the first mornings on KCRA, to main weekday weather anchor
in Northern California to begin broadcasting to video across the street at KXTV. The addition is the first big
enabled cell phones. For a monthly service fee of $1.99 talent coup for new Channel 10 news director Stacy
to $4.99, cell phone users will be able to subscribe to Owen. “Obviously, I’m thrilled,” Owen says. “Patty is an
weather forecasts and broadcasts, and eventually to incredible strength in this market,” having worked on
sports and news programming (originating from News Sacramento’s #1 morning show the past four years.
10). The weather reshuffle started
Stacy Owen, News 10 news director says, “This several months ago, when Emmy®
marks the beginning of people using their cell phones award winning meteorologist Elissa
like I-pods. It is connecting viewers in the most conve- Lynn told Owen she wanted to
nient way possible.” leave KXTV at the end of her con-
Called “News 10 Now,” the weather and news cell tract, to spend more time with her
phone updates will be updated every half hour. family and pursue other interests,
For now, the market may be slim. Only 10% of cell that may include teaching. “It was
phone users currently have video enabled phones, but really an unbelievable convergence
the number is growing. All major providers, except T- of events,” says Owen. “Elissa gave
Mobile, have reached agreement to provide News 10’s Elissa Lynn me an early heads up, so I gave
weather and news programs. (the rest of the staff) an early heads up. There was an
article in the paper, and after that, I got a call from
Patty’s agent, letting me know her deal was coming up in
HELICOPTER GOES HD a couple of months, was I interested? I said, of course.”
Then came the meetings and negotiations. “We had
good conversations about whether she would be a good
fit with the station, and whether this job was right for
her,” says Owen. But the deal wasn’t signed and an-
nounced until March 2nd. Fortunately for Souza, she had
already scheduled two post-sweep vacation days for
March 2nd and 3rd, so when her bosses received notice
she was joining the competition, they didn’t have to pull
her off the air. But, of course, she’s not returning to
Owen says Souza’s taking a few weeks off to decom-
press before joining KXTV on April 24th.

Northern California’s first high definition news camera is still superior to any other helicopter in the
helicopter hit bay area airwaves in February. KGO-TV area.”
(ABC 7) converted “Sky 7” to “Sky 7 HD” with a high Those who do watch KGO’s digital signal see most of
definition transmitter on the chopper, and an HD re- the newscast “letter boxed” on the sides until a live
ceiver on Mount Diablo. helicopter shot appears, which fills the entire 16 x 9
Vice president of news Kevin Keeshan says, “The screen. Says Keeshan, “It won’t be long before all of us
detail of the HD picture is amazing. Even if you don’t are broadcasting everything in HD. Our viewers know
have an HD television, the picture you get from our HD we’re on the forefront of this technological change.”

Off Camera, March 2006, page 3

Chris Lee left KRON 4 in San
Francisco at the end of February,
having submitted his resignation HA
the first day of the month. In an
It didn’t take long. In less than two months, eight of
email announcement to friends
nine department heads have departed KHON-TV in Hono-
and contemporaries, Lee ad-
lulu, Hawaii, after Montecito Broadcast Group LLC pur-
dressed his pressure-packed
chased the Fox affiliate. The latest casualties of cost-
tenure: ”I’m pleased to have
cutting are news director Ron Comings and his morning
some time to detoxify after 4+
executive producer, Wally Zimmermann.
years of constant layoffs,
Comings, who was let go at KXTV (Sacramento) after
downsizing and calculating at
ten years as news director, had only been in Hawaii a few
just what speed the sky is
months. He’s now taking over the helm at KLAS-TV in Las
falling. One day it will probably
be a great laugh to remember how, under my watch, Vegas. Former executive producer Lori Silva was pro-
KRON installed a video server and changed its moted to KHON news director.
newsgathering to 100% VJ—all in the same month!” As for Zimmermann, he’s been around the block a time
Off Camera posed five parting questions to Lee before or two, and knew his pink slip was coming, saying after his
he finished packing up his office. final show, ”It’s not out of context or out of the blue. They
OC: Did you resign on your own or under pressure? warned us that there were going to be cutbacks.”
Lee: I resigned. No pressure. I told Mark Massive cutbacks, in fact. Montecito announced in
(Antonitis, General Manager) I’d had enough. January it planned to cut as many as 35 positions as
Downsizing is no fun. it automates production of all newscasts and reduces
OC: Was there friction or any disagreement over the overhead. Staffing plans apparently did not include any
direction of the news department, its budget, or its executive producers. Promoting Silva took care of half
future? that problem. Laying off Zimmermann finished the job.
Lee: No, I like Mark and Craig (Marrs, former Zimmermann previously served seven years as news
Station Manager) very much, no kidding. We all agree director at KHON before running newsrooms in Detroit and
we’d like a bigger news budget, but the market won’t Green Bay, among others, then returning to Hawaii. At
support that. There’s no friction, just frustration. We 62, he’s a bit more philosophical about getting the axe
have some very good people. We’re trying some very than most layoff victims. “I’m a grownup. I understand.
unusual things. In a stronger economic climate, we It’s not as if they’re saying ‘You’re no good.’”
could pump more resources into the operation and really Unfortunately for the staff still remaining at KHON, they
increase the odds that all the good people doing unusual all know Zimmermann won’t be the final casualty of their
things would succeed. corporate cutbacks.
OC: So your departure from KRON is not another


chapter in cost-cutting?
Lee: No
OC: What impact do you think your absence will
have on KRON’s VJ movement?
Lee: My guess is, not too much. The organization’s
next task is really to learn to manage the VJs better. I
imagine I would have approached that in ways similar to
whoever comes next.
OC: Anything else you want to add about your
departure from KRON?”
Lee: I’d urge other stations not to install a video
server and switch to VJs in the same month.

A magic moment of television history when Gary

Radnich, Pam Moore, Tom Sinkovitz, Phil Matier,
and a hardy group of production workers bravely kept
KRON 4 on the air when the fire alarms went off during
the 9:00 News on Wednesday, February 1st. Floor
manager Mike Poe used his McGyver-like skill of cover-
ing up the fire alarm with padding and duct tape as
JOB BANK at Radnich described the action.

Off Camera, March 2006, page 4

By Keith Sanders

Photos by Robert Mohr © 2006

The panel of experts wasn’t afraid to (released in 2005). He also made major
mince words. Halfway through the discussion contributions to “Phantom Menace” as well as
a debate erupted about whether it would be “Attack of the Clones.” Fred talked about the
smarter to buy or rent an HD camcorder now nature of HD technology in film as opposed to
that some are available for less than $6K. broadcast television. He answered any and all
Both sides held their ground. The audience questions.
loved it. Outside the stage area, Bob Donlon
This year the 5th Annual San Francisco Gary Adock demonstrated an Adobe production workflow
HD Seminar was presented by Snader & using Premiere Pro 2.0 and the new Adobe
Associates, and was held at the Snader Creative Suite. Attendees enjoyed an exhibi-
Visual Solutions Expo in South San Fran- tion of high-resolution 3D weather graphics
cisco on February 1. The room quickly filled up from Dr. Andre Gueziec, President & CEO of
with more than 60 attendees. Triangle Software LLC.
President Dave Mills promoted NATAS Snader & Associates Marketing Manager
membership to the guests and thanked Kristen Pearce provided a delicious buffet
Snader for hosting the event. HD Seminar and beverages for the event. Snader also
Producer Keith Sanders introduced the provided the HD projection and sound system.
NATAS Photographer Robert Mohr directed a
Gary Adock from Panasonic screened HD Tim Smith
footage of the breakthrough HVX200 3-camera video shoot of the discussion with
camcorder that is able to record DVCPro HD the help of NATAS Governors Terri Amos and
images on flash cards. It’s the first non-HDV John Murray. Finance chair Jim Spalding
camcorder available for under $10K and it was talked to attendees about membership
there for all to see. Tim Smith from Canon opportunities.
showed an HD presentation about the innova- The partnership between NATAS and
tive XL2 HDV camcorder. Doug Mullin Snader & Associates reached an unprec-
discussed and displayed the new JVC HDV edented level at this event. Don’t be surprised
if the 6th Annual San Francisco HD Seminar is
Returning panelist Jacob Rosenberg
from Formica Films has edited the HD feature located here in 2007…the year that news
Jacob Rosenberg
“From Dust to Glory.” During the seminar he shows may changeover to HD. It looks prom-
played the HD short “Cactusflower” from his ising already!
laptop and described in detail how it was
created using an Adobe workflow.
Returning panelist Leigh Blicher is the
founder of VideoFax, a high-end HD rental
house. She explained how rentals can keep
overall costs down, and cautioned that there
was a lot of gear needed by an HD crew in
addition to the camcorder. However Gary
Adock from Panasonic countered that high- Leigh Blicher
quality HD productions can now be shot by Keith Sanders, is the
fairly inexpensive camcorders so it’s better to NATAS vice president for
buy. This debate among others gave the San Jose and a video
audience a good perspective on some critical producer for San Jose State
HD production issues. University.
In addition to being our
Once initial presentations were complete,
technology chair he also
surprise panelist Fred Meyers took his seat.
produces the Emmy® show.
He is the Principal Engineer at Industrial Light
Send your technology
& Magic and worked as the HD Supervisor for stories to
“Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith” Fred Meyer
Off Camera, March 2006, page 5
SEMINAR 3/22-23
Longtime KQED television
producer John Roszak passed
away February 13. He was 57
Tackling every- years old. Roszak worked
thing from iPods to more than three decades at
blogging, Chang- KQED, and was best known for
ing Channels: putting together the Friday
Braving the New night “This week in Northern
World of Byte- California” round table talk
Sized Media is a show, now in its 17th season.
professional conver- But that was just one of his
sation on the future countless accomplishments
of the media and John Roszak
both in front of the camera and
entertainment behind the scenes.
industries. The Roszak started as a radio
two-day symposium announcer/operator at KQED-
will be hosted by FM in 1974, and quickly
transitioned into TV, reporting
and producing art segments on
Evening Edition, a nightly news
program hosted by Belva
But many believe he shined
brightest in his local, serious
documentary work, which
included several segments on
AIDS for the national “McNeil-
Lehrer NewsHour” show.
Peter Casey, Executive Producer and Co-creator of Other documentaries focused
“Frasier” and 2002 SFSU alumnus of the year. Featuring on a wide range of topics, from
four distinguished panels, the event marks the 60th following the money of the
Anniversary of the founding of the Broadcast and Buck Trust in Marin, to redevel-
Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) Department opment in Oakland.
at San Francisco State University, and welcomes Roszak was also a founder of
students, faculty and media professionals from through- the producers’ unit of
out California to weigh in with high-profile panelists on NABET and served as a shop
the currents of a swiftly moving industry. Panelists steward. He leaves behind no
include Brent Stranathan, Vice President, Broadcast dependents— KQED was his
Distribution, CBS, Inc., William Randolph Hearst III, family. Co-workers
David Sacks, Senior Vice President Current Television say Roszak was irreplaceable,
Programs, Warner Bros. Television, Jack Angel, noted and is dearly missed.
voice of animated films and television (Toy Story, Finding
Nemo), and Charles Stockley, Sound Designer (Lord of
the Rings, the game), Electronic Arts.
The symposium starts on Wednesday, March 22nd at
Lots of changes at KPIX CBS 5:
2 pm in McKenna Theatre with keynote speaker Shelly
Carla Duke to Technical Director, from same title at
Palmer, Chairman, Advanced Media committee of
NATAS, and President and Creative Director Palmer
Kerwin Hudson to Executive Producer for Sports,
Advanced Media, followed by a panel discussion on “The
from Kansas City as a Sports Producer.
Distribution Revolution.”
Sultan Mirza to Creative Services Department as a
Thursday, March 23rd starts at 9:30 am in Studio
Writer/Producer/Editor from the same position at WJLA-
One of the Creative Arts building with “Changing Media,
TV in Washington, D.C.
Changing Careers: Reflections on the Art of Success.”
Jim Parker to Internet Director. Jim has managed
Followed by “The Newscast of 2015: How Technology
KGW-TV’s website for more than four years.
May Change the Definition of News” or” Making a Game
The site was named the best local television web site in
of It: The Convergence of Broadcast and Electronic
the country by Editor-Publisher magazine two years ago.
Games into a New Entertainment Medium” in Studio 2.
Prior to KGW, Jim was an Executive Producer at the Fox
The Broadcasting Alumni lunch follows from 1 to 3pm
O&O in Philadelphia. He has also been a medium market
at the Seven Hills Conference Center on Campus.
News Director.
Registration is $25 for Media Professionals and $10
Sahaar Rezaie to Sales New Business Development
for students. The Alumni lunch has separate registation
Team from manager with Tully’s Coffee and The Culver
of $35.
Group, Walnut Creek.
Additional information and registration at:
Peter Saiers to Executive Producer, Late News from
Producer, 11pm news.
Off Camera, March 2006, page 6

Photos by Robert Mohr © 2006

KTVU 2 KRON 4 ABC 7 CBS 5 Univision 14 KCBS-AM KGO-AM

The 2nd floor lunch room at the ABC Broadcast Center in San
Francisco was the setting on Wednesday, February 8th for “Meet the
General Managers, sponsored by NorCal RTNDA and the TV Academy.
C|Net Executive Editor Harry Fuller was the moderator
for the evening. Harry is a former GM (KPIX) and News Director (KPIX/
KGO) and Europe Executive Producer for CNBC.
NBC 11 General Manager Linda Sullivan was unable to attend due
to the Olympic coverage.

Off Camera, March 2006, page 7


Jim Spalding, CPA & MS

Tax of Spalding & Co. gave
his annual Tax Seminar for
Media Professionals on
Wednesday, February 15th at
BAVC in San Francisco.
Those gathered got an Photos by Robert Mohr © 2006
update on 2005 tax changes.
What you need to start up
your own company and the
difference between Indepen-
dent Contractor vs Employee
were just a few of topics
Jim is the TV Academy
Finance Chair and handles
the judging ballots for our
annual Emmy ® Awards.
Contact Jim at 415-337-
6799 or

David Mills, CBS 5, President
Lynn R Friedman, ABC 7, VP, SF
Keith Sanders, SJ State University, VP, SJ
Dan Adams, KXTV 10, VP, Sacramento
Nancy Osborne, ABC 30, VP, Fresno SAN FRANCSISCO
Terri Russell, KOLO 8, VP, Reno NORTHERN C ALIF
Pamela Young, KITV 4, VP, Hawaii 4317 Camden Avenue
Janice Edwards, NBC 11, Secretary San Mateo, CA 94403
Sharon Navratil, KTVU 2, Treasurer (650) 341-7786 F: (650) 372-0279
Linda Giannecchini, KQED 9 (Museum) Ronald Louie, KTVU 2 (Alt. Trustee)
Alison Gibson, Media Cool (Education) Terry Lowry, LaCosse Productions
Cynthia Zeiden, Zeiden Media (Activities) Tamar Maghdissian, KHSL 12
GOVERNORS: Deanne Moenster-Poitras, KTVU 2
Terri Amos, Cornerstone Prod. (Membership) John Murray, JM Communications
Bob Anderson, WB20 John Odell, City College San Francisco
Duncan Armstrong, NBC 8 Sheraz Sadiq, KQED 9
Dan Ashley, ABC 7 Javier Valencia, KRON 4 (Awards)
Brian Avery, Avery Media COMMITTEE CHAIRS: (not listed above)
Samuel Belilty, Univision 21 John Catchings, Catchings & Assoc. (Museum)
John Burgess, KFTY 50 Darryl Cohen, Cohen & Cooper (Legal)
Martin Christian, KVIE 6 James Spalding, Spalding & Co., (Finance)
Thomas Drayton, Fox 40 Rick Zanardi, College of San Mateo (Marketing)
Deirdre Fitzpatrick, KCRA 3 Darryl R. Compton, NATAS
Albert Garcia, Univision 19
Off Camera
Bob Goldberger, ABC 7
Stewart Heller, York Productions Bob Goldberger, Editor
Darryl Compton, Publisher
Valeria Hernandez, Univision 14
Justin Kanno, KOLO 8 Robert Mohr, Photographer
Jack LiVolsi, WB20 (Marketing)
Off Camera, March 2006, page 8