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May 2005

ff The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences San Francisco/Northern California Chapter



Terry Lowry and Fred LaCosse announce

nominations at San Francisco party.

More than 200 entries will be competing for with three nominations. KCBA/KION in Salinas
golden statues in 49 categories at the Emmy 2005 also had three nominations. FSN Bay Area led the
show. cable sector with 10 nominations.
Nominations were announced on April 14th at KRON’s Brian Hackney was the individual
parties in San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, leader with six nominations. Hackney has one of
Reno and Fresno. The list of Emmy nominations is the most diverse set of nominations in chapter
also on the NATAS web site at history. He was nominated as a weathercaster in
The Emmy recipients will be announced at two categories as well as a general news reporter,
Emmy 2005 on May 14th at the Palace of Fine a news anchor, a science reporter and a documen-
Arts in San Francisco. This year’s theme is The tary reporter. Hackney is guaranteed at least one
Wild Wild West. A pre-show reception begins at 4 Emmy statue as he’s the only nominee in the “best
p.m. with the show starting at 5 p.m. A dinner- weathercaster” category. That is also the only
dance celebration follows at about 8:00pm, at The category with only one nominee.
Exploratorium next door, with the band, “Full Wayne Freedman of KGO, Don Hardy of
Motion.” NBC11, Glen Kuiper of FSN Bay Area and Craig
Tickets are $90 for Academy members and Amzeen of Maloof Sports & Entertainment re-
$100 for non-members. You can get more informa- ceived four nominations each.
tion on the NATAS web site or by calling the Acad- The most competitive category is “best news-
emy office at (650) 341-7786. cast, large market” with 14 nominations. Next is
CBS5 in San Francisco had the most nomina- “best daytime newscast, large market” with nine
tions with 28, followed closely by NBC11 in San nominees.
Jose with 26 nominations. KRON 4 in San Fran- There are seven nominees in the “best news-
cisco was next with 18. cast, medium market” — four from Fresno, two
In Sacramento, KCRA had the most nomina- from Reno and one from Hawaii. In the “best
tions with 12. In Fresno, KSEE led the way with six newscast, small market” there are four nominees
nominations. In Reno, KTVN had the most nomi- — three from Salinas and one from Chico.
nations with three. In Hawaii, it was KITV on top continued on page 4
Off Camera, May 2005, page 1
The San Francisco
Bay Area Press Photog-
raphers Association
honored NBC11 with
four top awards at its
31st annual awards
ceremony. The big
winner, for the second
year, was NBC11’s
Brad Williams, who
took home the Ken
McLaughlin Award and
Trophy for “Television
Brad Williams
Photographer of the
Steve Poitras Stephanie Adrouny Kevin Keeshan
“We have long held that we have among the best
photojournalists in the business,” said Linda Sullivan,
What’s it like to work in the
President and General Manager of NBC11.
broadcast industry?
”(These) awards proved it once again.”
Dozens of TV and radio hopefuls
NBC11’s other winners:
got the chance to find out at NATAS’
· Kent Wilhoite, Award of Excellence for Television
annual Meet The Pros.
Spot News, “Strip Mall Fire”
The event was held April 27 at
· Don Hardy, First Place for Television General News,
the KPIX studios in San Francisco.
“Wine Crop”
The gathering was co-sponsored by
· Dean Smith, Award of Excellence for Television
Sal Castaneda American Women in Radio & Televi-
Features, “Death by Caltrain”
sion as well as the Radio & Televi-
More than 175 news photographers as well as photo-
sion News Directors Association.
journalism students in the greater San Francisco Bay
Several dozen students and
Area and Sacramento areas submitted about 5,000
other guests heard from people
images and tapes for consideration in this year’s compe-
who work in television and radio.
tition. Some $10,000 in cash and prizes were awarded.
They also got some one-on-one
time to sit down at tables with the
The panelists participating were:
Julie Chin, KGO-AM assistant news

Photo by Robert Mohr

Mahelda Rodriguez director; Sal Castaneda, KTVU
traffic reporter; Steve Poitras,
UPN Bay Area station manager;
© 2005
Kevin Keeshan; ABC7 news
director; Mahelda Rodriguez,
KDTV executive producer; Dante
Betteo, KCSM executive producer;
Doug Sovern, KCBS radio re-
porter; Erik Nordby, KGO-AM Gold and Silver Circle members joined the Broadcast
producer; Ernie Rizzuti, KDTV Legends on March 15th at the DoubleTree Hotel in the
general sales manager; Joe Berkeley Marina for lunch with Jack & Elaine LaLanne.
ErnieRizzuti Vasquez, CBS5 reporter; and Jack & Elaine, members of all three groups, gave a
Stephanie Adrouny, ABC7 execu- motivational talk about health and fitness as well as
Photo by Robert Mohr
tive producer. remembering the good old days of live
© 2005 television at KGO. His exercise shows
can still be seen on TV, along with his
famous “jucier” infomercial.
Diane Paskerian, Legend and
Silver Circle member took time to have
her photo taken with Jack.
Erik Nordby Julie Chin Doug Sovern
Off Camera, May 2005, page 2
Chris Lee has been
named the News
Director of KRON 4 in
San Francisco. Lee is a
Bay Area native who
joined KRON as Execu-
tive Producer in 2001, KRON 4 is teaming up again this month with
was promoted to Albertsons to bring the Bay Area exclusive live coverage
Assistant News Director of the world’s largest footrace, Bay to Breakers. The
then Acting News unique 7.46 mile race takes place Sunday, May 15th.
Director in November KRON 4 will devote 2 ½ hours of airtime to broadcast the
of 2004 when Stacy race and accompanying antics live for all those in the bay
Owen left on maternity area who can’t make it into the city to experience Bay to
leave, and continued in Breakers in person.
that position after General Manager Mark Antonitis says, “We are very
Stacey decided not to excited to broadcast and participate in the infamous
return. Albertsons Bay to BreakersABCevent.” The program will
1 include live footage from cameras stationed throughout
KRON 4 President and General Manager Mark the race course, from the start in the Financial District to
Antonitis says, “We’re thrilled to have Chris leading the the Hayes Street hill, Golden Gate Park, and the party at
KRON 4 News Department during these challenging the polo grounds. And for those race participants who
times. Chris’s many years of experience in journalism, can’t watch the race live, the coverage will be rebroad-
operations, and new technologies will continue to serve cast on KRON 4 the same night from 6:30PM to 9:00PM.
KRON 4 News well.”
Chris started in radio in Santa Barbara, then moved
on to television news reporting in Monterey and Provi-
dence, R.I., before moving behind the scenes as 6:00pm
producer at KGO-TV in San Francisco
2 in 1983. Five
years later, he moved overseas to manage the Christian
Science Monitor’s television bureau in London, and RAKES-IN
earned a business degree from the London School of Last month during a rundown of how San Francisco TV
Economics. He eventually moved to Boston with The stations were doing, Off Camera noted that while NBC11
Monitor, before returning to the Bay Area with KRON wasn’t winning any newscasts outright, it was doing well in
four years ago. many key demographics. Well, it turns out KNTV has been
The Academy Board of Governors wish Chris the best scoring high in the 25-54 demo for some time. The
of luck in one of the most challenging new management NBC11 News at 11:00 won the April Nielsen book in adults
positions in the country. 25-54, and has won that demo at 11pm every month since
4 the introduction of People Meters in October, 2004.


5 Here’s the April Nielsen ratings, rolling average, 11:00pm
Monday-Sunday (Adults 25-54):
NIGHT ON KNTV 2.4 (9 share)
KGO 1.9 (7 share)
KPIX 2.0 (7 share)
KRON 0.6 (2 share)
Beginning Friday, May 6, Stations covet demographic ratings because for the most
to coincide with the season premiere of California part, advertisers buy the demos more than the total ratings.
Connected, KQED Public Television 9 will alter its Friday They view adults between the ages of 25 to 54 as having the
evening lineup. The new schedule broadens the range largest disposable income, and just as importantly, as being
of public affairs programs airing the
7 key decision makers in how that family income will be
6 on Friday nights and spent.
places more emphasis on local and statewide current
affairs. The new Friday night lineup is: Ratings in key demos are currency for TV stations,
6:00-7:00pm The Newshour With Jim Lehrer making this victory worth much more than just bragging
7:00-7:30pm Nightly Business Report rights for NBC11.
7:30-8:00pm This Week in Northern California
8:00-8:30pm Washington Week
8:30-9:00pm California Connected
California Connected, hosted by Lisa McRee and
produced through a unique collaboration between KCET-
Los Angeles, KPBS-San Diego,8 KQED-San Francisco and 9
KVIE-Sacramento, is a statewide weekly news magazine
program. Locally produced, This Week in Northern
California, is hosted by Belva Davis, and is celebrating
its 15th season.
Off Camera, May 2005, page 3
continued from page 1

Photo by Robert Mohr © 2005
There were six cat-
egories with no nomi-
nees if you want to make
note for next year —
Daily newscast, medium
market; Daily newscast,
small market; Commer-
cial announcement; On-
camera, sports; Camera
news, same day; and
technical achievement.
Following is a list of
all the nominees:

For Outstanding Achivement In:



KCRA 3 Reports at 5 pm, KCRA
Dan Weiser, News Director; James Stimson, Assistant The Ten O’Clock News, KTVU
News Director; Kirsten Wolff, Executive Producer; Ed Chapuis, News Director; Michael Kelly, Executive
Cameryn Beck, Producer; Lois Hart, Dave Walker, Producer; Rita Chan, Producer; Angie Morefield,
Anchors Director; Leslie Griffith, Dennis Richmond, Anchors
Noticias Univision 14 A las Seis, KDTV Noticias 19 Univision, KUVS
Sandra Thomas, News Director; Mahelda Rodriguez, Pedro Calderon, News Director/Anchor;
Executive Producer; Vicenta Jauregui, News Producer Janette Luviano, Assistant News Director;
ABC7 News at 6, KGO Rene Sanchez, Producer; Adriana Varela, Anchor;
Kevin Keeshan, News Director; Stephanie Adrouny, Cesar Narvaez, Technical Director
Executive Producer; Bill Green, Producer; Jonathan News 10 at 11:00, KXTV
Baxter, Director; Dan Ashley, Pete Wilson, Anchors; Ron Comings, News Director
Martin Wyatt, Sports Director; Greg DeRego,
Managing Editor; Lucille Clark, News Writer EVENING NEWSCAST - MEDIUM MARKET
The Bay Area at 11 pm, KNTV Action News Live at 5, KFSN
Jim Sanders, Vice President of News; Joel Davis, News Director; S. Jeffrey Cardinale,
Kathy Hostetter, Executive Producer; Jake Milstein, Executive Producer; Bryan Lenocker, Producer;
Producer; Allen Denton, Lisa Kim, Anchors; Warren Armstrong, Nancy Osborne, Anchor; Dale
John Farley, Weather Anchor; Raj Mathai, Sports Yurong, Anchor/Reporter; DeAnna McQueen, Reporter
Anchor/Director Action News Live at 11, KFSN
Eyewitness News at 5, KPIX Joel Davis, News Director; Marquese Brown,
Dan Rosenheim, News Director Producer; Warren Armstrong, Anchor;
Eyewitness News at 6:30, KPIX DeAnna McQueen, Reporter
Dan Rosenheim, News Director; Mia Zuckerkandel, Noticias 21 - 6:00 pm, KFTV
Producer Samuel Belilty, News Director; Sandy Sirias,
Eyewitness News at 11, KPIX Producer; David Ibarra, Anchor/Reporter;
Dan Rosenheim, News Director; Peter Saiers, Sayra Vazquez, Anchor/Reporters
Producer 10 pm Newscast, KHNL
KRON 4 News at 9 pm, KRON Sue Levine, News Director; Rich Meiers, Senior
Stacy Owen, News Director; Chris Archer, Executive Producer
Producer; Curtis Sparrer, Producer; Fred Bushardt, KOLO News Channel 8 @ 5:00, KOLO
Director Jack Bowe, News Director; Kevin Bennett, Producer;
KRON 4 News at 11 pm, KRON Tad Dunbar, Terri Hendry, Anchors; Kelly Frank,
Stacy Owen, News Director; Mike Sterling, Producer; Assignment Editor
Mark Burnette, Director; Brian Hackney, Pam KSEE 11 pm News, KSEE
Moore, Anchors Michael Espinoza, News Director; Nick Trujillo,
Noticiero 48 Telemundo a las 6, KSTS Executive Producer; Ron Edens, Producer;
Jonathan Ruiz, News Director; Carolina Nunez, Mike Hartman, Managing Editor; Kellye Galbraith,
Producer; Raul Ayrala, Managing Editor Editor; Sheldon Gajarian, Assignment Manager
KTVU Channel 2 News @ Six, KTVU Channel 2 News at 5, KTVN
Ed Chapuis, News Director; Janice Gin, Associate News Jason Pasco, News Director; Kellene Stockwell,
Director; Claudia Lombana, Producer; Producer; Dave Ratto, Director
continued on page 5
Angie Morefield, Director
Off Camera, May 2005, page 4
George Garbuca, Monte Francis Fresno Party Sam Belilty, Nancy Osborne, David Ibarra

continued from page 4

Morning News, KTVU
Melinda Tichelaar, Executive Producer;
KCBA 10 pm Show, KCBA
Liz Briggs Farrell, Producer; Pam Cook, Mark Curtis,
Denise Clodjeaux, News Director;
Anchors; Sal Castaneda, Traffic Reporter; Matt Wills,
Michael Edgecomb, Producer; Jodi Jones,
Brian Speciale, Anchors
Mornings on Two, KTVU
11 pm Show, KION
Melinda Tichelaar, Executive Producer; Liz Briggs
Denise Clodjeaux, News Director
Farrell, Alicia Dlugosh, Producers; Stephanie Kelmar,
5 pm News at NCN, KNVN
Segment Producer; Nabila Aslai, Assistant Producer;
John “Scott” Howard, News Director
Jennifer Jolly, Reporter; Sal Castaneda, Traffic
KSBW Action News at Six, KSBW
Reporter; Donna Behrens, Sunny Hampton,
Lawton Dodd, News Director; Kelly Duffy, Assistant
Matt Wills, Writers; Cathy Ortiz, Editor;
News Director; Ben Bamsey, Producer; Dave Mora,
Miranda Coykendall, Assignment Editor
Steve Roxier, Directors
No Entries
KCRA 3 Reports at 6 am, KCRA
Dan Weiser, News Director; James Stimson, Assistant DAYSIDE NEWSCAST - SMALL MARKET
News Director; Gretchen Littlejohn, Executive No Entries
Producer; Carolyn Thomas, Producer;
Deirdre Fitzpatrick, Walt Gray, Anchors BREAKING NEWS STORY
ABC-7 Morning News, KGO Walnut Creek Pipe Explosion, KGO
Leetha Yee, Executive Producer; Karen Wulferdinger, Stephanie Adrouny, Executive Producer;
Producer; Jerry Sandy, Director; Elizabeth Bermudez, Karen Wulferdinger, Producer; Marti Hanzlik,
Kristen Sze, Eric Thomas, Anchors; Janelle Wang, Director; Cheryl Jennings, Anchor; Gary Schultz,
Reporter; Joel Bartlett, Meteorologist; Joe McConnell, Technical Director; Paul Zaro, Photographer
Traffic Reporter; Stan Burford, Helicopter Traffic Yosemite Climbers, KGO
Reporter; Christine Ni, Writer; Gary Schultz, Wayne Freedman, Reporter; Paul Zaro, Photographer
Technical Director Brush Fire, KRON
Morning News, KMAX Ross Palombo, Reporter
Ron Jones, Anchor
Jim Sanders, Vice President of News; Kirsten Chiala, Firefighters Under Fire, KGO
Executive Producer; John Peck, Producer; Beth Rimbey, Producer; Lynn R Friedman, Editor
Brent Cannon, Laura Garcia-Cannon, Anchors; Found Innocent, KNTV
Scott McGrew, Business Reporter; Kellie Onaga, Dana Nachman, Producer; Donald Hardy, Editor
Arlene Sison-Handa, Writers; Michelle Toy, GENERAL NEWS REPORTS
Assignment Editor Lt. Ballard Funeral, KNTV
Bay Area Today at 10, KNTV Traci Grant, Reporter; Kent Wilhoite, Photographer
Kristi Lawley, Producer; Brent Cannon, Stanford Prison Experiment, KPIX
Laura Garcia-Cannon, Anchors; Jonas Tichenor, Tony Russomanno, Producer/Reporter
Reporter; Kellie Onaga, Writer Weapons of Mass Deception, KRON
Early Edition, KPIX Brian Hackney, Producer/Reporter
Angie Sheets, Executive Producer; Kelly Peterson, Marines, KTVU
Producer; Mike Bruce, Director; Eric Elliott, Weather Rita Williams, Reporter; Sid Farhang, Photographer
Producer; John Kessler, Sydnie Kohora, Anchors; Michael Cerruti, Editor
Roberta Gonzales, Weather; Liza Batallones, Traffic Storm Cleanup, KXTV
Reporter George Warren, Reporter
Weekend Early Edition, KPIX
David Mills, Producer; Ron Jones, Anchor; Jeanette
Pavini, Bill Schechner, Associate Producer/Reporters

continued on page 6
Off Camera, May 2005, page 5
continued from page 5
Spoons, KGO
Wayne Freedman, Reporter
Plunderers of Pebble, KION/KCBA
Brian Speciale, Reporter/Editor; Keith Wells,
Berkeley Slang, KNTV
Christine Nubla, Reporter; Brad Williams,
Boy Named Mary, KRON
Vic Lee, Reporter; Stan Drury, Photographer; Jim Joy,


Vaticano Series, KFTV
Samuel Belilty, Producer/Writer/Talent;
Carlos Gaviria, Photographer/Editor
Attack Ads, KPIX Sacramento Nomination Party
Mike Sugerman, Reporter; Tony Welch, Camera/Editor
Matt Skryja, Reporter; Kevin Mahan, Photographer
NEWS FEATURE - SERIOUS California Connected: Entry Point,
Rude Awakening, KCRA California Public Television
Lynsey Paulo, Reporter Marley Klaus, Executive Producer; Deborah Clark,
H2 Lights, KGMB Senior Producer; Lisa McRee, Host
Jacqueline McLean, Reporter Hard Time, KOVR/McNally Temple Associates
Rats in Restaurants, KGMB Ray McNally, Director
Jacqueline McLean, Reporter Horror to Hope: Rwanda After Genocide, KPIX
Black Market Bears, KGO Stephanie Danford, Producer; Dana King,
Beth Rimbey, Producer Correspondent; Cecil Houston, Photographer; Wayne
Judy Droz Keyes at the Democratic National Philippo, Director; Mark Baggs, Technical Director
Convention, KGO Farming the Seas, KQED
Mark Matthews, Reporter Steve Cowan, Producer/Director/Writer/Editor
Soldier Portraits, KNTV Echoes of War, KRON
Garvin Thomas, Reporter; Donald Hardy, Editor Jim Swanson, Executive Producer; Ken Swartz,
Producer; Belva Davis, Narrator; Steve Whyte, Editor
Homeless on Heroin, KPIX Brian Hackney, Producer/Reporter; Craig Franklin,
Mike Sugerman, Reporter; Les Keeney, Christopher Photographer; Jim Joy, Editor
Mistrot, Richard Villaroman, Photojournalists
How Aaron Hull Slipped Through the Cracks, KPIX INVESTIGATIVE REPORT
John Lobertini, Reporter; Joe Riordan, Photojournalist AWOL in the Park, KGO
Brown vs. Board of Education - 50 Years Later, KRON Beth Rimbey, Producer/Writer; Lynn R Friedman, Editor
Noel Cisneros, Reporter; Craig Franklin, Food Stamp Fraud, KPIX
Photographer; Christa Collins, Editor John Lobertini, Producer
Three Strikes: A Criminal Crisis, KSEE
Monte Francis, Reporter; Justin C. Davis,
Manute Bol: A True Warrior, FSN Bay Area
George A. Garnica, Photographers
Sean Maddison, Producer/Director Of Photography/
SPECIALIZED REPORTS Editor; Glen Kuiper, Talent
The Tech Report, KNTV Past is Prologue, FSN Bay Area/Atomic Productions, Inc.
Scott Budman, Reporter Danny Angotti, Producer; Charlie Channel,
Consumer Watch, KPIX Phillip Warnecke, Performers; Dennis Warsen,
Stephanie Danford, Producer; Jeanette Pavini, Camera; Matt Ruby, Editor
Reporter/Producer; Richard Villaroman, Photographer; Shoeshine Boxer, KPIX
Paul Morrill, Editor Mike Harris, Producer; Dennis O’Donnell, Reporter
Environmental Beat Reporting, KPIX The Alamo, KXTV/Maloof Sports & Entertainment
Tony Russomanno, Environmental Reporter Craig Amazeen, Producer/Writer; Chris Murray, Editor
Brian Hackney - Science Editor, KRON My Hometown: Chris Webber, KXTV/Maloof Sports &
Brian Hackney, Science Editor Entertainment
Contact 4 Consumer Composite, KRON Craig Amazeen, Producer/Writer; Scott Monaco,
Sandy Lee, Executive Producer; Abby Sterling, Associate Producer, Chris Murray, Editor
Producer; Joe Ducey, Reporter; Stan Drury, Storm of Adversity, KXTV/Maloof Sports & Entertainment
Photographer; Jim Joy, Editor Craig Amazeen, Producer/Writer; Chris Murray, Editor
About Face, KTXL
Thomas Drayton, Reporter; Tom Long, Photographer continued on page 7
Off Camera, May 2005, page 6
continued from page 6
The Bay Area Black Aces, FSN Bay Area
Ted Griggs, Executive Producer; Seth Magalaner,
Kevin Eck, Coordinating Producers; Meredith Stroupe,
Associate Producer; Dave Benzer, Director of Photogra-
phy; Dan Friedman, Editor; Rico DeSandre, Associate
Oakland A’s Pregame Show: Bay Bridge Series 2004,
FSN Bay Area
Ted Griggs, Executive Producer; D’Aulaire Louwerse,
Producer; Devon Ferris, Coordinating Producer;
Amy Gutierrez, Segment Producer; Glen Kuiper,
Big Sur Marathon Special, KCBA/KION The Hidden Dangers of Paintball, KOVR
John Freeman, Producer/Director Kurtis Ming, Reporter
High School Sports Focus, KICU Evening Magazine: What It Takes to Put on a Game, KPIX
Brodie Brazil, Reporter; Ric Shiraki, Chief Videographer John Corey, Producer
Road to Athens, KNTV Kids and Guns: Triggering Danger, KSEE
Jim Sanders, Amy Wentworth, Executive Producers; Faith Sidlow, Reporter; Justin C. Davis,
Dana Nachman, Producer; Donald Hardy, Director; Photographer/Editor
Jan Boyd, Segment Producer; Craig Fierro, Field
Producer; Raj Mathai, Sports Director; Kent Wilhoite, EDUCATION/INSTRUCTIONAL/INFORMATIONAL PROGRAM
Senior Photographer; John Chiala, Ruben L. Martinez, Pacific Adventures: Kodiak, KITV
Mark Villarreal, Brad Williams, Photographers; Garrett Sprinkle, Producer/Director; Sonny Ahuna,
Barton Bishoff, Editor Videographer
Telemundo Deportivo Edicion Raiders, KSTS Profiles of Excellence, KGO
Ramon Diaz, Victor Valverde, Producers Mimi Kwan, Producer; Martin Wyatt, Host;
Dan Friedman, Editor
SPORTS LIVE BROADCAST Bay Area Backroads: California Ranch, KRON
Avalanche vs. Sharks: Patrick Marleau Hat Trick, Michael Rosenthal, Producer/Writer
FSN Bay Area Bay Area Backroads: Mendocino Coast Adventures, KRON
Ted Griggs, Executive Producer; D’Aulaire Louwerse, Eunice Louie, Producer
Producer; Joe Washington, Coordinating Producer;
Randy Hahn, Play-by-Play Talent; Glen Kuiper, Sideline CHILDREN/YOUTH SEGMENT
Talent; Frank Albin, Director IPO: Investing Pays Off: What in the World?,
Rivalry Renewed: Kings vs. Lakers, KXTV/ Foster City TV/Networth TV Productions
Maloof Sports & Entertainment Pam Krueger, Producer
Craig Amazeen, Executive Producer/Producer; One Day in March, KTVN
Michael Oddino, Producer/Director Sherrie Cerutti, Producer/Photographer; Dave Ratto,
Director/Photographer; Bryan Evans, Photographer;
CULTURAL AFFAIRS SEGMENT John Cruz, Post-production Assistant
Evening Magazine: The Downtown Farm, KPIX Take a Look Around, KTVU
James Reid, Producer David Gurien, Producer; Leslie Griffith, Reporter
Evening Magazine: Fatty, KPIX Torment High: The Bully Factor, KTXL
Dave Stoelk, Producer Thomas Drayton, Reporter; Tom Long, Photographer
Bay Area Backroads: Sebastopol Art, KRON
Michael Rosenthal, Producer/Writer; Brian Cardello, CHILDREN/YOUTH PROGRAM
Photographer; Jack Uhalde, Photographer; Out of Bounds, KICU
David Vandergriff, Editor Brodie Brazil, Host; Ric Shiraki, Chief Videographer
Lifesteps: Bouncing Back, KQED/Heartland Media
CULTURAL AFFAIRS PROGRAM Jim Watson, Producer/Director
Common Ground: The Minority Vote, KCRA Stir TV: Episode # 1, KTSF
Millicent Ozdaglar, Producer; Pamela Wu, Host David Baker, Executive Producer; Ashley Hathaway,
Monterey Bay Aquarium: A California Treasure Turns 20, Series Producer
Tim Hazen, Producer/Writer/Photographer/Editor ENTERTAINMENT SEGMENT
LatinEyes, KRON/LatinEyes Media, Inc. S.U.T.N. Parallel/Parallel, KBHK/
Andres Pruna, Executive Producer Double Dutch Bus Productions
Seabiscuit, The Legend Begins in San Francisco, KRON Sean Becker, Segment Producer/Director
Jim Swanson, Executive Producer; Ken Swartz, The Kid Can Play, KCRA
Producer; Belva Davis, Narrator; Steve Whyte, Editor Jorge Velasquez, Photojournalist
A Beautiful Blend: Mixed Race in America, KVIE Evening Magazine: The Weekend Warriors, KPIX
Pat McConahay, Producer; Martin Christian, Amanda Hencmann, Producer
Videographer Spark!: Power to the Peaceful (Michael Franti),
On the Shoulders of Giants, NASA-TV/ KQED/Bay Area Video Coalition
Ames Video Production Group Mark Rinehart, Segment Producer/Camera
Edward Schilling, Producer continued on page 8
Off Camera, May 2005, page 7
continued from page 7

In Wine Country: Cool Kitchen, KNTV
Mary Orlin, Producer; Mary Babbitt, Host; Mark Oltz,
Photographer/Editor Linda Bulgo for-
Tech Now!: 300th Show, KNTV merly Snow White of
Scott McGrew, Executive Producer; Scott Budman, Beach Blanket Babylon
Host; Barton Bishoff, Creative Director; writes and sings country
Bobee Padilla, Graphic Design music. She has a CD
Spark!: Fusion, KQED/Bay Area Video Coalition out called Linda Bulgo
Pam Rorke Levy, Series Producer; Lori Halloran, Country. She is a
Segment Producer; Jennifer Maytorena Taylor, former Miss San Fran-
Segment Producer; Mark Rinehart, Segment Producer/ cisco and was seen on
Camera; Amy Miller, June Mesina Ouellette, UPN’s SUTN show. Linda
Associate Producers will be performing at
Emmy 2005
Common Ground: 8 Voices, KCRA/Hearst-Argyle TV
Jay Rudin, Writer/Photographer/Editor PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT
Every Vote Counts, KCRA A Teenager Like Me, KCRA
Jorge Velasquez, Photojournalist Jay Rudin, Producer/Photographer/Editor
Firefighter Kids Camp, KOVR Your Best, KCRA
Kurtis Ming, Reporter/Writer; Damien Espinoza, Andrew Fowler, Producer; Patrick Hugunin,
Photographer/Editor Photographer/Editor
Therese Gamba, Executive Producer;
Newsroom on Access S.F., Access San Francisco
Melissa Crawford, Producer/Writer; Donna Wilhelm,
Rod Laughridge, Producer
Graphic Artist; Brad Welles, Sound Designer
California Connected: Can California Be Governed?,
Hinds Hospice PSA, KTFF
California Public Television
Maria Christina Zeiss, Producer; Jason Ramirez,
Marley Klaus, Executive Producer
Associate Producer
Beyond the Headlines: Youth & Steroids, KGO
Homeland Security Series, KTVN
Maggie Baxter, Executive Producer; Mimi Kwan, Bryan Evans, Producer; John Cruz, Photographer
Executive Producer/Producer; Laura Kutch, Producer;
Cheryl Jennings, Anchor; Mike Shumann, Reporter; COMMERCIAL ANNOUNCMENT AREA:
Marti Hanzlik, Director; Lisa Phelan, Art Director/
Graphics Producer; Steve Kushman, Editor COMMERCIAL ANNOUNCEMENT
The Real Deal with Jeanette Pavini, KBHK No Nominations
Ed Nieto, Producer; Jeanette Pavini, Host/Reporter PROMOTION AREAS:
Students Rising Above Special, KRON
Javier Valencia, Executive Producer; Wendy Tokuda, PROMOTION NEWS
Producer/Talent; Antenor Arenas, Associate Producer; Noticias 21 Cops America Cover, KFTV
Noel Cisneros, Catherine Heenan, Reporters; Andres E. Sanchez, Promotion Manager
Alex Jonsson, Editor Hear My Voice, KNTV
On the Front Line: Gangs, Guns & Violence, KVIE Vera Edgerton, Senior Promotion Producer
Kelly B. Huston, Producer/Writer A Soldier’s Story, KNTV
Vera Edgerton, Senior Promotion Producer
2004 Pet Telethon, KOVR Samantha Swartz, Senior Promotion Producer;
Diana Penna, Producer/Host; Dave Bender, Host; Pat Cilia, Assistant Design Director
Frank Luna, Director; Tami Walker, Production Fallen Priests, KRON
Manager; Abigail Trott, Associate Producer; Ericka Wingerter, Producer/Writer
Joyce Mitchell, Line Producer; Kathyanne Thompson, The Wedding Crasher, KRON
Technical Director; Dennis Marin, Kathleen Newell, Michael Smith, Promotions Producer
Photojournalists; Clarissa Resultan, Senior Videotape
Chinese New Year Parade, KTVU Olympians, KNTV
Jim Haman, Executive Producer/Producer; Jeff Green, Vera Edgerton, Senior Promotion Producer
Director; Ben Fong Torres, Julie Haener, Hosts; Sheri Seabiscuit: The Legend Begins in San Francisco,
Johnson, Writer; Steve Shlisky, Editor KRON
Gimme the Mike!, KTVU Mollie Wagner, Producer/Writer; Bryan Johnson,
Jim Haman, Executive Producer/Producer; Jeff Green, Broadcast Designer
Director; Deanne Moenster, Design Director; The Greatest Fights of All Time!, KTXL
Michele J. Harris, Writer; Scott Singer, Music Director; Ari Pitchenik, Producer/Writer/Editor
Robert Erdiakoff, Lighting Director; Steve Shlisky,
Editor; Mark Metzler, Engineer in Charge
continued on page 9
Off Camera, May 2005, page 8
continued from page 8

UPN Bay Area Station Image, KBHK
Rafael A. Figueroa, Producer; Rob Genolio, Producer;
Pat Cilia, Assistant Design Director
10pm Block Promo: 6 Degrees of “Friends” &
“Spin City”, KICU
Joon Hee Lim, Producer/Writer/Editor;
David Kaminsky, Design Director
Illuminating, KNTV
Jim Monroe, Vice President Creative Services;
Matthew Winks, Producer
Summer Image 04, KPIX Emmy 2005 music, back by popluar demand Musical
Jerry Wagley, Producer; Pat Cilia, Assistant Design Director Scott Singer and dancing with Full Motion.
Something’s Coming: Name Change, KQCA Freedman Composite, KGO
Andrew Fowler, Director/Writer; Jay Rudin, Wayne Freedman, Writer
Photographer/Editor Running Horse, KNTV
KRON4 Morning News: News, Weather, Traffic . . . Marla Miller, Writer
Personality, KRON Sugerman Composite, KPIX
Jeffrey Weinstock, Creative Services Director; Mike Sugerman, Writer
Ericka Wingerter, Producer
Pamela Young, Writer
ON CAMERA TALENT - ANCHORS Evening Magazine: Slattery Composite, KPIX
Goodrich Composite, KPIX Margaret M. Slattery, Writer
Juliette Goodrich, Anchor Evening Magazine: Stoelk Composite, KPIX
Hackney Composite, KRON Dave Stoelk, Writer
Brian Hackney, Anchor
Julie Haener, Anchor No Nominations


Freedman Composite, KGO Bollini Composite, KFTY
Wayne Freedman, Reporter Chris Bollini, Videographer
Bob on the Loose, KNTV Hardy Composite, KNTV
Bob Redell, Reporter Donald Hardy, Photographer
Ming Composite, KOVR
Kurtis Ming, Reporter
Mendoza Composite, KGO
Ramos Composite:, KPIX
Abraham Mendoza, Photographer
Manuel Ramos, Reporter
Oltz Composite, KNTV
Tony Russomanno Reports, KPIX
Mark Oltz, Photographer
Tony Russomanno, Reporter
McCuaig Composite, KTVU
Hackney Composite, KRON
Brian Hackney, Meteorologist
Hi-Tech Shirts, KNTV
ON CAMERA TALENT - SPORTS Barton Bishoff, Editor
No Nominations Beeper Egg Hunt, KRON
Lisa M. Kessler, Editor
San Francisco Giants Baseball Announcers, George A. Garnica, Editor
FSN Bay Area Cerruti Composite, KTVU
Duane Kuiper, Play-by-Play Talent; Mike Krokow, Michael Cerruti, Editor
Color Talent; Bip Roberts, Sideline Talent
Golden State Warriors Basketball Announcer, EDITING NEWS - UNLIMITED
FSN Bay Area Bollini Composite, KFTY
Glen Kuiper, Sideline Talent Chris Bollini, Editor
Berkeley Slang, KNTV
ON CAMERA TALENT - PROGRAM Brad Williams, Editor
Tallant Composite:, KBWB Three Strikes, KSEE
Shane Tallant, Host Justin C. Davis, Editor
Fitzpatrick Composite:, KCRA Fight for Boxing, KUVS
Deirdre Fitzpatrick, Host Felix N. Mendoza III, Editor
Garcia Composite, KUVS
Albert Garcia, Editor continued on page 10
Off Camera, May 2005, page 9
continued from page 9

EDITING - PROGRAM Dinner wines

Hugunin Composite, KCRA for Emmy 2005
Patrick Hugunin, Editor provided by
Oltz Composite, KNTV
Mark Oltz, Editor
The All New Nutcracker, KTVU
Steve Shlisky, Editor

33rd Ukulele Festival, KITV/Jazz Alley TV-Maui
Reflection Films
Kenneth K. Martinez-Burgmaier, Audio Engineer
SBC Park: Behind the Scenes, KNTV
John Chiala, Audio Engineer
Coastal Clash, KQED
Paul James Zahnley, Re-Recording Mixer
The Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Parade,
WINNERS By Alison Gibson, Education Chair
Mark Metzler, Stephen Thomas, Audio Engineers
The National Television Academy, San Francisco/
DIRECTION Northern California Chapter, is pleased to announce the
Adza Composite, FSN Bay Area winners of three $3,000 scholarships in the area of
Thomas Adza, Director television production, videography, and for the first time,
Lynch Composite, FSN Bay Area reporting.
Jim Lynch, Director Alison Victor from San Francisco State University
A Journey of Purpose - AIDS/Lifecycle 3, KBHK successfully competed for the Peter J. Marino Production
Gerard Cahill, Director award. Erin Hudson from Stanford University took the
Songs of the Season, KRON/GraceCom Media Ministry Shelly Fay Videography award. And the first Abrazos &
Robert J. Hartnett, Director Books/Rigo Chacon Reporting award went to Ling Liu of
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. The winners
GRAPHIC DESIGN will be honored at the annual Emmy Awards on May 14
In Wine Country Graphic Package, KNTV at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco.
Heather Azim, Graphic Designer The scholarships are named after individuals who
Olympians / Road to Athens, KNTV have made significant contributions to the Television
Bobee Padilla, Designer/Animator Academy. Sheldon “Shelly” Fay was a multi-talented
Sutter Health Present: Your Health, KPIX/KCRA/ television professional who worked in the San Francisco
The Idea Factory Bay Area for more than 25 years. He was a Producer,
Peter Holmes, Designer Director, Photographer and Film Editor who began his
Emmy 2004 / The First Time, Peninsula TV 26/ career at KPIX-TV in 1962. From 1964-1970, he served
Foster City TV/NATAS as Vice President of Mendelson Productions, and eventu-
Deanne Moenster, Art Director/Designer; ally formed his own production company. In 1976, Shelly
Gabriel Nansen, Designer returned to KPIX-TV where he worked on “Evening
Magazine,” “Impact,” “All Together Now,” “SuperKids,”
SET DESIGN and/or LIGHTING and “Hot Streaks” until his death in 1990.
Giants / A’s / Warriors Headshot Composite, Peter J. Marino was a stalwart member of the San
FSN Bay Area Francisco/Northern California Chapter of the Television
Tom Pellack, Jim Iacona, Set/Lighting Designers; Academy. He served as Governor, Officer, and Chair of
Jennifer Franklin, Adam Joiner, Associate Set several committees, including Scholarship (which he co-
Designers founded), and Membership. A native of San Francisco,
The KCRA 3 Experience, KCRA Peter was well known for his public relations exploits and
James Stimson, Designer as a music and video producer. He was associated with
several Dick Clark musical television productions, was a
principal in a Bay Area audio recording studio, and
Road to Athens, KNTV
represented several major recording companies during
Laurence Scott, Composer
his colorful career.
Coastal Clash, KQED
Multiple Emmy award-winning television reporter
Chris Shiflett, Composer/Performer
Rigo Chacon and his wife, Lucy, offer the first Abrazos
TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT & Books Reporting scholarship to an outstanding student
No Nominations who aspires in the field of television reporting. The
Chacons founded Abrazos & Books Scholarship Pro-
gram which grew out of the devastation of the 1985
earthquake in Mexico City when Mr. Chacon was sent
there to report on the disaster. That money helped build
homes and classrooms and has grown to assist hundreds
of students in Mexico and the United States.

Off Camera, May 2005, page 10

Jennifer Mitchell has been
promoted to Web Manager for ABC 7,
KGO-TV/DT. In her new role, Ms.
Mitchell oversees the daily operations
of the station’s website,, supervises two web producers, and
works on strategic marketing initiatives for the site. Prior
to her recent promotion, Ms. Mitchell was the Senior Web
Writer/Producer for the website.
And Deb Kabasakalis joins ABC 7 as weekend
5:00pm news producer. Deb was previously a freelance
and staff producer at KRON 4 News.
Eddie Alexander moves from ENG/
Editor at KRON 4 to ENG/Editor at CBS
5 (KPIX) Eyewitness News. Nora
Ventura makes the same move from
In this corner, CSI on CBS (KPIX). In this corner, The
4 to 5 as an account executive.
Apprentice, on NBC (KNTV), battling it out for number
one at 9:00pm. And the winner is: Selena… ¡Vive! On
Maureen Naylor is the new Weekend Evening
Univision (KDTV)?
Anchor at KFSN (ABC O&O) in Fresno, CA. Maureen
That’s right, on Thursday, April 7, Spanish language
moves from Chico, CA where she was the Evening
viewers showed their clout in the Bay Area by pushing
Anchor at KNVN/KHSL. Maureen started her broadcasting
the star-studded memorial concert honoring the late
career at KCOY in Santa Maria, CA and is an honors
Tejano music queen, Selena, to the number one spot
graduate with a double major in Journalism and History
among some key demographics for more than three
from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.
hours. And they did it on what is traditionally the highest
Meteorologist Eileen Javora has rated night of English language TV viewing—Thursday.
joined the KCRA 3 Weather Team. According to the Nielsen Station Index (NSI),
Prior to coming to Sacramento, Selena… ¡Vive! was KDTV’s second highest rated show
Eileen most recently worked for ever, with a 4.1 average between 8:00pm and 11:15pm.
WBBH, the NBC affiliate in Fort But the demo break-out was the real win for KDTV:
Myers, Florida and is no stranger to
• Selena… ¡Vive! was the highest rated program all
covering severe weather. While at
WBBH, Eileen played an integral part in the station’s day among Men 18-34 and the second highest-rated
hurricane tracking coverage, covering last summer’s four program all day among Women 18-34.
major hurricanes sweeping across the state. • In the 9-10pm time period, Selena… ¡Vive! averaged
a greater Adult 18-34 audience than “The Apprentice”
Daryl Hawks joins KNTV NBC11 in San Jose as the and “CSI”.
new Weekend Sports anchor. • In the 10-11pm time period, Selena… ¡Vive! aver-
aged greater audience in Adults 25-54 than KTVU’s “10

ALOHA O’Clock News” and “Without A Trace” on KPIX/CBS.
Featured artists included Thalía, Alejandra Guzmán,
Paulina Rubio, Gloria Estefan, Kumbia Kings, Los Dinos,
Lots of staff changes in Hawaii. Here they are, by
Bobby Pulido, Montez de Durango, Ana Gabriel, Graciela
Beltrán, Pepe Aguilar, Ana Bárbara, Soraya, Fey, Aleks
Syntek and The Barrio Boyz.

KHNL- 10pm producer Rich Meiers has been pro-
moted to Executive Producer.
Kurt Weller replaces Rich as 10pm producer.
Serena Thomas moves from weekend producer and
assignment desk to 6pm producer. APTRA V P
KGMB- Police reporter Louise Kim McCoy has left Roberta Gonzales,
the station to explore other opportunities. weather anchor for KPIX
KITV- Justin Fujioka replaces Kathy Muneno as CBS 5 was elected executive
weathercaster. Kathy has left the station. vice president of APTRA
Weekend sportscaster Dan Meisenzahl has moved (Associated Press Television-
to morning news reporter. Radio Association of Califor-
Former sports reporter Rob DeMello is now the week- nia and Nevada) during the
end sports anchor. group’s 58th annual conven-
Weekend assignment manager and morning reporter tion in San Jose on April 9th.
Kehau Fernandez is leaving to become an associate in APTRA holds seminars and
a real estate company. an annual awards competi-
Trish Young and Shayne Enright join KITV as tion for Associated Press
associate producers. member stations.
Off Camera, May 2005, page 11
Your future starts here.
NAB 2005 drew 97,000
attendees and 700 exhibitors to By Keith Sanders
Las Vegas during six days in
April. There was far too much
going on to cover more than
just one area of interest…low
cost HD cameras, software &
Ron Wells, Sales Manager
at VMI in Sunnyvale took a look
at new pro-sumer HD
camcorders. He remarked, “HDV
is no longer the only way to go when you want to shoot low-cost HD.”
As a matter of fact, the only HDV camera shown was the Sony
HVRZ1U (which VMI pre-
miered at a NATAS HD
Seminar in February). This
$4,900 unit is backward
compatible with the DVCAM
format and offers smart
viewfinder focusing and
zooming features not yet seen
in higher end models.
HD production software doesn’t cost much more than the
The JVC GYHD100 standard definition software it replaces. Adobe Systems
features uncompressed 720i offered some tantalizing hints at what Premiere 7.0 will look
signal output, interchangeable like, with improved timeline nesting, color correction and real
lenses, a IEEE 1394 bus time playback. Apple Computer’s Final Cut Studio showed
interface and a patented focus how one suite of video productivity software can work with
assist function that exaggerates DV, SD & HD seamlessly. The bundle consists of Final Cut
picture detail. It will be available Pro 5, Soundtrack Pro (audio editing), Motion 2 (anima-
in the summer for about tion) and DVD Studio Pro (authoring). Another popular
$6,300. production bundle is the Vegas + DVD Production Suite.
which combines Vegas® 6, DVD Architect™ 3, and Dolby
Panasonic’s AGHVX200 Digital® AC-3. This bundle lets you edit and process DV,
can shoot in DVCPRO HD, HDV, and SD/HD-SDI in real-time, manipulate audio with
DVCPRO 50 & DVCPRO/DV unparalleled precision, and author DVDs
formats. The DVCPRO HD The theme for NAB 2005 was “Your Future Starts Here.” There
format has a video bit rate of were a number of exhibits and pavilions to prove the point. NAB-HD
100Mbps, 4 channels of provided a hands-on look at everything that goes into putting together
uncompressed audio and full a functioning digital TV station…from capture, to editing, to delivery.
4:2:2 color sampling. The P2 NextGen Home explored future end-user experiences with consumer
flash card option offers tape- electronics. The 5.1 Pavilion showcased surround sound products
less and drive-less capture with superior resistance to vibration, impact from leading companies. The Satellite Business & Technology
and temperature change. This camera will be sold in Q4 for under Pavilion exhibited content delivery technologies in the areas of
$10,000. satellite, fiber and wireless broadband.
More complete show information is available at


… GOES TO... Nominating Committee chair Stewart Heller is looking for NATAS
members who would like to serve on the Board of Governors. The
KQED Interactive has received three prestigious board meets on the second Saturday of each month from 10 am until
Webby nominations this year. Called the “Oscars of the noon. Each Governor also serves on board committees that do the
Internet,” the Webby is the leading international award work of the chapter. Governors serve a two year term starting on
honoring excellence in Web design, functionality and June 15th. Members from outside the Bay Area are enouraged to run
creativity. Webbys are judged by leading web experts, for the board. You can attend the meeting by calling a toll free 800
business figures, luminaries, visionaries and creative number.
celebrities. If you are interested in learning more about the Board of Gover-
Winners will be announced online on May 3, 2005 at a nors, contact Stewart at 510-816-2974 or
gala event in New York City.
Off Camera, May 2005, page 12
RIDING RAILS IN CHINA San Francisco - May 9th

The words “hip” and “original” were generously

tossed around the packed Dolby Laboratories Theater in
San Francisco on March 23rd after the debut screening of
award-winning D3 Productions, Inc.’s most recent docu-
mentary, Riding Rails in China.
The 110-minute program - the second of D3 Produc-
tions’ series of feature-length travel adventures - follows
two young Americans, Nick and Chris, on their first trip
to China. From the Great Wall to the Pearl River Delta,
they ride through the country’s changing landscape on
good old Chinese locomotives. They stop en route to
meet locals in traditional neighborhoods, eager university
students, entrepreneurial southern farmers, and
hardworking migrant laborers.
The screening, coupled with D3 Productions’ 8th
anniversary party, was a proud moment for the D3 team,
including owner and Executive Producer Duffy Wang,
DP/editor Alex Chiang, Producer Alison Gibson, and “Winter Solstice” Drama 1 hr. 33 min. Landscape
Associate Producers Anna-Sophie Loewenberg and gardener Jim Winters is a quiet craftsman, a soft-
Nicole Marsh. Even the Dolby Facilities Manager Tom spoken man who prefers an orderly life. His family,
Bruchs—who has obviously seen countless films— however, is anything but orderly. Older son Gabe is
described it as a completely new genre. Bruchs said he planning his escape to Florida, leaving behind any
felt as though he was traveling with Nick and Chris to a shot at a stable future with his girlfriend. Younger son
far-away place without having to step-out of his control Pete has retreated into a private world of anger, drift
room, and without the stiff format that characterizes and disappointment. Jim struggles watching his sons
many travel documentaries. Others called it “trendy and make choices he views as disastrous compromises. It
engaging,” and described it as a reality-type show is only when he meets his new neighbor, Molly, that
without the forced drama, and with much more depth. Jim finds a way to deal with his own life and his
Audience members included longtime D3 associates, family’s future. MPAA Rating: R for language.
as well as representatives from many local TV stations, Starring: Allison Janney, Anthony LaPaglia,
including KCSM, KQED, WB20, CBS-5 and ABC-7. En- Aaron Stanford, Mark Webber, Ron Livingston
couraged by all the positive feedback, Executive Pro- Director & Screenwriter: Josh Sternfeld
ducer Duffy Wang is now in the process of making Produced by: John M. Limotte, John Limotte,
syndication decisions and getting the film on the air. Doug Bernheim
The first of Wang’s travel documentaries, Tibet Diary, Website:
is currently airing nationwide on PBS stations. In addition
to travel specials, D3 Productions devotedly produces its The Delancey Street Screening Room is located
weekly magazine series Inside China and documentary at 600 Embarcadero, San Francisco, between Brannan
series Land of the Dragon to offer PBS viewers a deeper and Townsend, enter through iron gate. Refresh-
understanding of the daily lives, culture, fine art and ments & Networking 7 p.m., movie 7:30 p.m. Seat-
history of the Han Chinese and China’s many ethnic ing limited to first 146 to arrive. FREE for NATAS
minorities. Through these varied genres, D3 Productions members who may bring one guest.
offers a timely and authoritative look at the rapidly Mark your calendars for the Second Monday of
changing face of China, a complex society that is increas- each month for “Cinema Club.”
ingly impacting our own.
Off Camera, May 2005, page 13

David Mills, KPIX, President
Lynn R Friedman, KGO, VP, SF
Keith Sanders, Perfect Pitch TV, VP, SJ
Dan Adams, KXTV, VP, Sacramento NORTHERN C ALIF
Nancy Osborne, KFSN, VP, Fresno 4317 Camden Avenue
Terri Russell, KOLO, VP, Reno San Mateo, CA 94403
Pamela Young, KITV, VP, Hawaii (650) 341-7786 F: (650) 372-0279
Terry Lowry, LaCosse Productions, Secretary
John Murray, JM Communications
Alison Gibson, Media Cool (Education) John Odell, CCSF
Cynthia Zeiden, Zeiden Media (Activities) Pam Schoen, KTXL
Heather Searles, ITVS
GOVERNORS: Josh Springer, KCSM (Publicity)
Bob Anderson, KBWB Javier Valencia, KRON (Awards)
Dan Ashley, KGO Stuart Yamane, Yamane Creative Svc.
Brian Avery, KTLN Richard Zanardi, Notre Dame Univ.
Samuel Belilty, KFTV
John Burgess, KFTY/KVIQ COMMITTEE CHAIRS: (not listed above)
John Catchings, Catchings & Assoc. Darryl Cohen, Cohen & Cooper (Legal)
(Museum) Linda Giannecchini, KQED (Museum)
Janice Edwards, KNTV Deanne Moenster, KTVU (Publicity)
Ginnelle Elliott, KPIX (Membership) James Spalding, Spalding & Co., (Finance)
Albert Garcia, KUVS Darryl R. Compton, NATAS
Bob Goldberger, KGO
Stewart Heller, York Productions
Off Camera
Valeria Hernandez, KDTV
Adam Housley, Fox News Bob Goldberger, Editor
Justin Kanno, KOLO Darryl Compton, Publisher
Ronald Louie, KTVU (Alt. Trustee) Robert Mohr, Photographer
Off Camera, May 2005, page 14