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Title of Intervention: POSSE: Predict, Organize, Search, Summarize, Evaluate Purpose: To increase reading comprehension for students with

mild disabilities, specifically learning disabilities, through the use of collaborative group process. This intervention is based on three instructional assumptions: 1) knowledge is a social and cultural construction; 2) higher mental functions have their origins in social and dialogic interactions; and ) higher mental functions develop in problem!solving activity as adults provide guidance and support in children"s #ones of pro$imal development. Age/Grade evel: %rades 1!& !ormat: Check all that apply 'ndividual (yads )mall %roup *hole +lass

"aterials #eeded: ,-)). strategy sheet and cue cards with language stems to prompt self! talk corresponding to a specific reading strategy !re$uenc% / &uration: /!0/ minutes, 0 times per week over a 1 week period Intervention Script: Guide students in prediction stage: 222221. ,lace prediction stage cue cards on the table in view of group members. +ue card prompts: 34y prediction is556 3'"m remembering that5..6 222222. 7ssist students in brainstorming relevant information based on what they know about the passage"s topics. 3*hat do you think the passage is likely to be about86 3*hat clues from the passage helped you make that topic prediction86 22222 . 9ecord group"s brainstormed ideas and predictions on a ,-)). strategy sheet including :uestions generated about the passage. Guide students in organizing stage

222220. ,lace organi#ing stage cue cards on table in view of the group. +ue card prompts: 3-nce category of ideas might be5.6 22222;. 7ssist students to prepare for reading by organi#ing brainstormed ideas into a semantic map. 3(o you see any ideas that go together86 3*hat can those ideas be called86 222221. 9ecord group"s details and category labels in the 3organi#e6 portion of the ,-)). strategy sheet. 22222<. 9eview semantic map and discuss what new information has been learned. Guide students in search/summarize stage 22222&. (esignate group leader to read a section of the passage or have someone else read it. 22222=. ,lace search>summari#e cue cards on table in view of group. +ue card prompts: 3' think the main idea is5.6 3This paragraph was about5.6 222221/. ?ave group leader summari#e section of the passage by stating the main idea. 2222211. 9ecord the main idea in one of the circles of the map in the search>summari#e portion of the ,-)). strategy sheet. 2222212. ?ave group leader complete the summari#ation process by asking group members :uestions about the main idea. 222221 . 9ecord the details provided in answer to the leader"s :uestion on the blank lines of the map in the search>summari#e portion of the ,-)). strategy sheet. 9epeat steps !10 for additional paragraphs in a section Guide students in evaluating stage: Compare, Clarify, Predict 2222210. ,lace evaluate!compare cue cards on table in view of group

+ue card prompt: 3' think we did>did not predict this idea.6 222221;. 7ssist group leader in comparing and discussing semantic maps generated in the organi#e and search>summari#e stages. 2222211. ,lace evaluate!clarify cue cards on table in view of the group. +ue card prompt: 3's everything clear86 222221<. 7ssist group leader in clarifying by asking for :uestions about any unfamiliar vocabulary or unclear information and by posing any :uestions not answered by the author of the te$t. 222221&. ,lace evaluate!predict cue cards on table in view of group. +ue card prompt: 3' predict the author will talk ne$t about56 222221=. 7ssist group leader in gathering predictions about the ne$t section of the te$t. &ata 'ollection: +@4 ma#e tasks to measure reading comprehension administered weekly. (eferences: .nglert, +.)., Tarrant, A.B., 4ariage, T.C., D -$er, T. E1==0). Besson talk as the work of reading groups: The effectiveness of two interventions. Journal of Learning Disa ilities, 2< E ), 11;!1&; 'ompiled )%: 9. (iane 4oyer