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June 2007

San Francisco/Northern California Chapter


By Bob Goldberger

Photos © 2007 MerrittGrooms.com

The theme for the 36 Annual Northern California Area Emmy® Awards was set early and repeated often during the ceremony at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, when the presenters of the very first award announced, “We have two winners.” We heard some variation of that phrase 18 times during the May 12th ceremony (two of those times, the announcement was three winners). A major change in judging this year had the expected result: many more Spanish language entries were deemed Emmy®-worthy now that the people judging them actually speak the language. In previous years, Spanish language entries were at the mercy of English speaking judges who relied on translations or interpreters. This time around,

judged by true television “peers,” Spanish language awards increased to 14 (from just one last year). KUVS (Univision 19) in Sacramento ended up with eight winners, the third highest of all stations, topped only by KNTV (NBC 11) and KPIX (CBS 5) in San Francisco. KNTV led all stations with 14 winning entries, followed by KPIX with ten. It also was a good night for Hawaii stations. KITV (ABC 4), KGMB (CBS 9) and KHET (PBS 11) walked away celebrating two wins each. Best newscast statues went to KNTV and KPIX for large market, KSEE (NBC 24) and KFSN (ABC 30) in Fresno for medium market, and KSBW (NBC 9) in Monterey for smaller market.
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By Keith Sanders, Emmy® Show Producer

Photos © 2007 MerrittGrooms.com & Marty Sohl

The 36th Northern California Area Emmy® Awards took on a cosmopolitan tone as America’s top political satirist Will Durst took the stage with America’s most beloved politician, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. Each man approached an opposing podium as if to begin a debate. But all the audience heard was good political humor, San Francisco style. Host Durst also did an opening monologue and presented the final awards of the show to the delight of everyone. Presenters from all regions of the chapter maintained a swift pace by giving away 80 Emmy® awards in less than three hours. The show never slowed down from Musical Director Michael Hatfield’s melodious introduction, to Jack La Lanne’s Emmy® Exercise Minute video, to the “Voices of God” (Terry Lowry and Fred LaCosse) when they ended the ceremony by calling everyone to dinner. It was no accident that this show moved. It started with Governor and Design Director Deanne Moenster-Poitras’ ingenious two-podium design of a set built by John Mayne. Separate podiums allowed presenters to announce the winners at one, while Emmy® Guardians Paulette Bleam and Doug Johnson handed out awards at the other. The back-stage crew had the timing of a Swiss watch. Governors Samuel Belilty and Annika Wood made sure all presenters took the stage in a timely manner. Stage Assistant Terry Adams worked tirelessly behind the curtains to make sure the presenters were given the correct envelope, a most critical job. San Francisco Vice President and Awards Chair Javier Valencia and Membership Chair Brian Avery handed out the actual personalized

Emmy® awards to each recipient after their speech. Stage Manager Rick Warren was exceptional as he controlled the action backstage with the help of Governor Tamar Sarkissian and Stage Assistant Joanne Jung Wohlers. Governor and serial Emmy® award winner Wayne Freedman even stood in for the presenters during rehearsal so the crew could run through mock presentations. Governor Wayne Philippo called the shots as Director of the show. Former Governor and Production Manager John Murray worked tirelessly to make sure the technical quality was perfect. Governor and Technical Coordinator Gary Schultz made numerous suggestions to keep the show sounding great. Governor Alison Gibson produced the vital Scholarship presentation with the help of Stanford student Alana Dong. Governor and After Party Producer Terri Maria Amos organized the Knight’s Catering menu and worked with Lance LeDrew of Glow Lighting to set up the ambience. She arranged for the return of the band Masterpiece and worked with Governor Deanne Moenster-Poitras on the beautiful decorations and floral centerpieces by Floradora Designs and Carolyn Compton. President Lynn R Friedman led the Emmy® Event Committee and was a vigilant time-cutter wherever possible. By the numbers, 15 presenters gave out a record 80 Emmy® awards in 176 minutes in front of a record audience of 700. But numbers alone don’t define a show or make it memorable. The people do. To everyone who helped out this year…Thank You. The Emmy® show wouldn’t be possible without you!

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ABC 7 News VP, Kevin Keeshan accepts for Valari Staab

NBC 11 Asst. ND, Mark Neerman accepts for Jim Sanders

KDTV 14 EP, Mahelda Rodriguez

The three premium Station Awards went to KGO (ABC 7) in San Francisco for Station Excellence, KNTV for News Excellence (both repeat winners from last year), and KDTV (Univision 14) in San Francisco as well as KOVR (CBS 13) in Sacramento for Community Service. Emmy® awards, however, are rewarded to individuals, not stations, and there were some stand-out winners worth highlighting. Three people took home three statues each: Anna Werner and Jeff Harris from KPIX and Gerson Sanchez from KDTV. One of the biggest upsets of the night had to be when neither Wayne Freedman nor Mike Sugerman won the News Writing Emmy® award. KNTV reporter Noelle Walker seemed genuinely surprised as she acknowledged them both for setting the bar so high during her acceptance speech. Sugerman did walk away with an award for On Camera Reporting, while Freedman’s unprecedented string of 15 consecutive years winning at least one statue (47 total) ended. Chapter President Lynn R Friedman also presented the Board of Governors’ Service Medallion to Trustee, Activities Chair and Past President Cynthia Zeiden. In the end, out of 930 total entries in 63 different categories, 257 were nominated but only 80 were chosen as winners, 192 statues to 162 individuals, roughly the same percentage as past years. For all those who came up empty this year, there truly is always next year. Following is complete list of Emmy® Award recipients:
SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT: STATION AWARDS STATION EXCELLENCE KGO Station Excellence Valari Staab, President and General Manager NEWS EXCELLENCE NBC11 Covering the Bay Area and Beyond, KNTV James Sanders, Vice President of News COMMUNITY SERVICE Cien Años Después ¿Estamos Preparados?, KDTV 14 Mahelda Rodriguez, Producer CBS 13/CW 31 Cares, KOVR 13 Diana Penna, Dir., Special Community Projects

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NBC 11 Bay Area Today News Team

KSEE 24 4 PM News Team Photos © 2007 MerrittGrooms.com & Marty Sohl

NEWS PROGRAMMING NEWSCAST DAYTIME-LARGER MARKET NBC11 News: The Bay Area Today at 10 AM 08/17/06, KNTV NBC 11 Kristi Lawley, Producer; Brent Cannon and Laura Garcia-Cannon, Anchors; Mike Inouye, Traffic Anchor; Craig Herrera, WeatherPlus Meteorologist; Lisa Bernard, Reporter; Kellie Onaga, Writer NEWSCAST DAYTIME-MEDIUM MARKET KSEE News at 4 PM, KSEE 24 Larry Johnson, Producer; Dean Schiro, Director; Jon Brent and Alex Delgado, Anchors; Matt Skryja, Reporter; Mike Hartman, Managing Editor; George A. Garnica, Photographer

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NEWSCAST DAYTIME-SMALLER MARKET KSBW Action News Midday, KSBW 8 Lawton Dodd, News Director; Kelly Duffy, Executive Producer; Shelley Harr, Producer; James Kimbrell, Director NEWSCAST EVENING-LARGER MARKET CBS 5 5PM News, KPIX CBS 5 Kelly Peterson, Producer; Molly McCrea, Medical Producer; Jarrett McPeek, Director; Don McKinney, Technical Director; Ken Bastida and Juliette Goodrich, Anchors; Billy Poon, Weather Producer; Samantha Mohr, Meteorologist; John Lobertini and Manuel Ramos, Reporters; Dr. Kim Mulvihill, Medical Reporter; Robert Moonan, Photojournalist; Ryan McKeel, Writer; Leona Wong, Senior Assignment Editor; Michael Konczal, Assignment Editor NEWSCAST EVENING-MEDIUM MARKET Action News at Six, KFSN ABC 30 Tracey Watkowski, News Director; Ann Marie Oliveira, Producer; Warren Armstrong and Nancy Osborne, Anchors; Maureen Naylor, Reporter; Richard Harmelink, Photojournalist BREAKING NEWS Officer Shot, KNTV NBC11 Marina Perelman, Producer; Scott Budman, Anchor Oakland Driveby Shooting, KPIX CBS 5 Manuel Ramos, Reporter; Robert Moonan, Photographer GENERAL ASSIGNMENT REPORT Horses Training Doctors, KNTV NBC 11 Marianne Favro, Reporter/Producer The Degrading Picture, KUVS 19 Santiago Lucero, Reporter; Miguel Solorio, Photographer/Editor CONTINUING COVERAGE Cien Años Después ¿Estamos Preparados?, KDTV 14 Flavio Lacayo, Reporter CBS 5 Investigates: Deportation, KPIX CBS 5 Jeff Harris, Executive Producer; Julie Christensen and Anna Werner, Producers; Abby Sterling, Investigative Producer INVESTIGATIVE REPORT Call Kurtis Investigates: Medical Mistakes, State Failures, KOVR CBS 13 Kurtis Ming, Producer/Reporter; Dennis Lopez, Photojournalist; Peter Roney, Editor They Stole My Home, KUVS 19 Tatiana Bedoya, Producer/Reporter; Anthony Cisneros, Photographer/Editor; Felix N. Mendoza III, Editor FEATURE NEWS REPORT - LIGHT Free Land, KOVR CBS 13 Kurtis Ming, Producer/Reporter; Mike Lowry, Photojournalist; Peter Roney, Editor Pepe’s Inspirational Beat, KUVS 19 Christian Anguiano, Producer/Photographer; Pedro Calderon, Producer/Writer; Felix N. Mendoza III, Producer/Editor Austin’s Inspiration, KXTV 10 Tom Whitaker, Producer FEATURE NEWS REPORT - LIGHT SERIES Whale Science, KITV 4 Garrett Sprinkle, Reporter; Sonny Ahuna, Videographer Queens of the Night, KUVS 19 Mariana Castorena, Producer/Photographer/Editor FEATURE NEWS REPORT- SERIOUS Holy Hostel, KNTV NBC 11 Jeremy Carroll and Noelle Walker, Producers Burned Kid, KUVS 19 Santiago Lucero, Reporter; Miguel Solorio, Photographer FEATURE NEWS REPORT - SERIOUS SERIES Unabomber, KPIX CBS 5 Jeff Harris, Executive Producer; Anna Werner, Producer; Alexander Gurevich, Investigative Producer John Doe 133, KUVS 19 Carlos H. Sanchez, Reporter continued on page 5

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KSBW 8 Shelley Harr & James Kimbrell

KFSN 30 News Team

CBS 5 5 PM News Team

NBC 11 Scott Budman & Marina Perelman

CBS 5 Manny Ramos & Robert Moonan Photos © 2007 Marty Sohl

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CBS 5 “I” Team

NBC 11 In Wine Country KICU 36 Anna Kagarakis, Alforde Joaquin,

Darren & Brodie Brazil

KTVU 2 Parade Team

Fox Sports Net Bay Area Photos © 2007 MerrittGrooms.com & Marty Sohl

continued from page 4 SPECIALIZED REPORTS Investigate This, KPIX CBS 5 Jeff Harris, Executive Producer; Alexander Gurevich and Abby Sterling, Investigative Producers; Anna Werner, Investigative Reporter Mas Cerca de Usted, KUVS 19 Pablo Espinoza, Producer/Reporter; Alberto Garcia, Photojournalist/Editor NEWS AND PROGRAM SPECIALTY DOCUMENTARY The Bridge So Far - A Suspense Story, KQED 9, Professional Engineers in California Government, David L. Brown Productions David L. Brown, Producer/Director ARTS/ENTERTAINMENT-FEATURE/SEGMENT In Wine Country: Cork Factory, KNTV NBC 11 Mary Orlin, Executive Producer, Mark Oltz; Creative Director; Mary Babbitt, Host ARTS/ENTERTAINMENT-PROGRAM/SPECIAL Truly California #203: Mighty Warriors of Comedy, KQED 9, Hatest Grits Kibi Anderson, Producer CHILDREN/YOUTH-FEATURE/SEGMENT Spirit Scholarship, KBCW, Annabelle Productions Robert Braunstein, Executive Producer; Amy Calderone and Kevin Thom, Reporters; Mark Kocina, Chief Photographer Mack Family - Coach Bordelon, KICU 36 Anna Kagarakis, Segment Producer; Alforde M. Joaquin, Videographer/Editor CHILDREN/YOUTH-PROGRAM/SPECIAL High School Sports Focus, KICU 36 Alforde M. Joaquin, Field Director; Brodie Brazil, Host; Anna Kagarakis, Reporter; Robert Enriquez, Videographer; Darren Brazil, Editor EDUCATION-FEATURE/SEGMENT The Gift of Education, KNTV NBC 11 Laura Garcia-Cannon, Reporter EDUCATION-PROGRAM/SPECIAL Eye on the Bay: On San Francisco Bay, KPIX CBS 5 James Reid, Senior Producer; Karl Norberg, Producer; Brian Hackney, Host; Colleen Kessler, Editor HISTORICAL/CULTURAL-FEATURE/SEGMENT Spark: Binh Danh, New Memories of an Old War, KQED 9, Bay Area Video Coalition Dan Krauss, Segment Producer Esparto, KUVS 19 Anthony Cisneros, Producer/Photographer HISTORICAL/CULTURAL-PROGRAM/SPECIAL Fishbowl, KHET 11, Thousand Cranes Filmworks, Inc. Linda Barry and Eleanor Nakama-Mitsunaga, Producers; Kayo Hatta, Producer/Director/Writer SPORTS-FEATURE/SEGMENT True Warrior, KGMB 9 Steve T. Uyehara, Reporter/Writer; Mike Cherry, Photographer; John Allen III, Editor SPORTS-REGULARLY SCHEDULED Bonds 715 - Making History, KTVU 2 Pete Lupetti, Producer; Mark Ibanez, Host; Joe Fonzi, Fred R. Inglis and Rita Williams, Reporters; Tony Hodrick, Photographer; Ron Acker and Steve Shlisky, Editors SPORTING EVENT/GAME Giants vs Arizona: Winn and Alou Come Through, FSN Bay Area Ted Griggs, Executive Producer; Joe Washington, Coordinating Producer; Jeff Kuiper, Producer; Jim Lynch, Director; Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow, Talent PUBLIC/CURRENT AFFAIRS-FEATURE/SEGMENT California Connected: Sacramento Levees, KVIE 6 Joe Angier, Producer; Craig Miller, Correspondent

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PUBLIC/CURRENT AFFAIRS-PROGRAM/SPECIAL Natural Heroes, KRCB, GreenTreks Network, Inc. Valerie A. Landes, Series Producer INTERVIEW/DISCUSSION-FEATURE/SEGMENT Swisher Unscripted, KICU 36 Brodie Brazil, Talent; Darren Brazil, Editor INTERVIEW/DISCUSSION-PROGRAM/SPECIAL Check, Please! Bay Area - Show # 204, KQED 9 Tina Salter, Series Producer; Carol Gancia and June Mesina Ouellette, Associate Producers; Katherine Russell, Director; Leslie Sbrocco, Host SPECIAL EVENT COVERAGE Chinese New Year Parade, KTVU 2 Jim Haman, Executive Producer/Producer; Jeff Green, Director; KQED 9 Check, Please! Bay Area Ben Fong Torres and Julie Haener, Hosts; Robert Handa, Reporter; Sheri Bernstein, Writer; Mark Metzler, Engineer in Charge; Don Thompson, Engineering Manager; Deanne Moenster, Design Director; Michael Krajac and Steve Shlisky, Editors SPOT ANNOUNCEMENTS COMMUNITY/PUBLIC SERVICE Univision / Telefutura in the Community: Valores Hispanos, KDTV 14 Gerson Sanchez, Producer/Photographer/Editor Mobsters, KNTV NBC 11, BBDO West Jim Lesser, Executive Creative Director PROMOTION-NEWS PROMO-SINGLE SPOT En Vivo y Directo: Nuevo Espacio Informativo, KFSF 66 Gerson Sanchez, Producer Great Quake “A Centennial Morning,” KPIX CBS 5 Sultan Mirza, Producer/Writer/Editor PROMOTION-NEWS PROMO-CAMPAIGN ABC7News.com Web Services Campaign, KGO ABC 7 Jack Poorman, Producer/Writer/Editor CBS 5 Sultan Mirza PROMOTION-PROGRAM-SINGLE SPOT Comedy “Lineup”, KBWB Your TV 20 John Civiletti, Producer; Brian Dennis, Art Direction KFSF 66 Telefuture-KMW: Como tu Ninguna, KFSF 66 Gerson Sanchez Gerson Sanchez, Producer Dudes Getting Yelled At, KICU 36 Drew Gough, Producer/Writer/Editor; David Kaminsky, Graphic Designer PROMOTION-PROGRAM-CAMPAIGN Simpsons Superfan, KBHK UPN 44 Trish Herrera, Producer/Writer/Editor; Rob Genolio, Creative Director; Steven Squire, Graphic Designer COMMERCIAL DirecTV Brand Campaign, Various, BBDO West CBS 5 Jim Lesser, Executive Creative Director Mike Sugerman Nightlight, KTVU 2, PG&E, Venables Bell & Partners Allan Ng, Executive Producer CRAFT ACHIEVEMENT CBS 5 ON-CAMERA TALENT-ANCHOR-SPORTS-REPORTER Liam Mayclem The Uncelebrated Athlete, KXTV 10 Ryan Yamamoto, Sports Reporter ON-CAMERA TALENT-ANCHOR-WEATHER Farley Composite, KNTV NBC 11 John Farley, Chief Meteorologist ON-CAMERA TALENT-REPORTER Mike Sugerman Reports, KPIX CBS 5 Mike Sugerman, Reporter ON-CAMERA TALENT-SPORTS PLAY-BY-PLAY/ANALYST Golden State Warriors Basketball Announcers, FSN Bay Area Bob Fitzgerald, Glen Kuiper and Matt Steinmetz, Talent ON-CAMERA TALENT-PROGRAM HOST/MODERATOR Best of “Eye on the Bay,” KPIX CBS 5 Liam Mayclem, Host Photos © 2007 MerrittGrooms.com & Marty Sohl continued on page 7

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Directors Duffy Wang & Kate Schermerhorn

Photographers Carlos Gaviria & Tom Whitaker

Audio Ken Burgmaier

Music Belinda Takahaski

DIRECTOR Sketching the Silk Road, KFTL, D3 Productions, Inc. Duffy Wang, Director Seeking 1906, KQED 9, Luna Park Productions Kate Schermerhorn, Director WRITER-NEWS Walker Composite, KNTV NBC 11 Noelle Walker, Writer WRITER-PROGRAM The Search for Shangri-La, KITV 4 Pamela Young, Writer PHOTOGRAPHER-NEWS-WITHIN 24 HOURS Pike Composite, KGMB 9 Richard Pike, Photojournalist PHOTOGRAPHER-NEWS-NO TIME LIMIT Maya Tanka, KFTV 21 Carlos Gaviria, Photographer Perspiration, Inspiration, and Determination, KXTV 10 Tom Whitaker, Photographer PHOTOGRAPHER-PROGRAM Oltz Composite, KNTV NBC 11 Mark Oltz, Photographer EDITOR-NEWS-NO TIME LIMIT Carroll Composite, KNTV NBC 11 Jeremy Carroll, Editor EDITOR-PROGRAM Drum Composite, KNTV NBC 11 Jonathan Drum, Editor AUDIO Kiho’Alu (Loosen the Key) Keola Beamer, KHET 11, Jazz Alley TVMaui Reflection Films Ken K. Martinez Burgmaier, Audio Engineer GRAPHIC ARTS-GRAPHICS & ANIMATION-NEWS South Bay Home, KNTV NBC 11 Bobee Padilla, Graphic Design GRAPHIC ARTS-GRAPHICS & ANIMATION-PROGRAM The Bridge So Far - A Suspense Story, KQED 9, Professional Engineers in California Government, David L. Brown Productions Charlie Canfield, Animator; Rick Pepper, Graphic Artist GRAPHIC ARTS-SET DESIGN FSN Bay Area Hero Shots, FSN Bay Area Jim Iacona, Tom Pellack and Richard Americo Tomassini, Set Designers LIGHTING FSN Bay Area Hero Shots, FSN Bay Area Jim Iacona, Tom Pellack and Richard Americo Tomassini, Lighting Designers MUSICAL COMPOSITION/ARRANGEMENT Indie’s Great Teddy Bear Hunt, Marin’s Public Access 26, Juno Baby Belinda Takahashi, Ph.D., Composer TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT Outside with Sam, KPIX CBS 5 Zack Heene, Photographer and Tech Operator

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KUVS 19 Team Photos © 2007 MerrittGrooms.com & Marty Sohl

Emmy® Stretch with Jack LaLanne

Off Camera, June 2007, page 7

The annual May “sweeps” period ended with two Bay Area TV stations sending out releases claiming bragging rights as #1, and our review of the Nielsen ratings they provided shows they’re both correct. KTVU (Fox 2) in Oakland and KGO (ABC 7) in San Francisco both ended the May book in different top spots. KTVU won mornings and prime time news (10:00 p.m.), while KGO won at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 p.m. Both wins apply to total households as well as the key 25-54 year olds demo coveted most by advertisers. And probably most important to both stations, each added additional viewers in that key demo to their winning evening newscasts, while their competition all lost viewers. KGO ended the month #1 from sign on to sign off, while KTVU had the most total news viewers in the demo (278,000 total viewers when you add up all 7.5 hours of its news, compared with 196,000 total 25 – 64 year olds throughout KGO’s 7 hours of news). Here are a few of the key numbers from A.C. Nielsen: Mornings: 5:00-9:00 a.m. (25-54 Demographic) KTVU - 121,000 viewers KNTV - 71,000 viewers KGO - 46,000 viewers KRON- 40,000 viewers KPIX - 35,000 viewers (Note: This comparison includes the 3 network morning news shows as well, but KTVU easily won the purely local 5-7am hours as well.) 5:00 p.m. News (Total Households) KGO – 4.1 rating KPIX – 2.4 rating KNTV- 1.7 rating KTVU- 1.2 rating KRON- 0.7 rating 6:00 p.m. News (Total Households) KGO – 4.2 rating KPIX – 2.1 rating KNTV- 1.6 rating KTVU- 1.5 rating KRON- 1.3 rating 10:00 p.m. News (25-54 Demographic) KTVU – 3.3 Rating, 97,000 viewers (Note: KTVU provided only demo numbers and KGO provided only household numbers for the 10pm and 11pm time period, so we could not compare them head to head.) 11:00 p.m. News (Total Households) KGO – 3.9 rating KPIX – 3.6 rating KNTV- 2.4 rating KRON- 1.1 rating


By Michael Isip

I am extremely proud to announce that KQED’S Check, Please Bay Area has won the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Local Television Show!

Series Producer Tina Salter and Host Leslie Sbrocco were on hand at the event in New York City to accept this national honor. The other nominees were KNTV’s In Wine Country and KRON’s Bay Café. The James Beard Foundation Awards, held each spring, honor professionals in the food and beverage industry for their achievements. The Awards are the culinary industry’s most prestigious recognition program. Jacques Pepin, for example, has been recognized numerous times, including for Lifetime Achievement. Congratulations to Kurt Mendelsohn, Tina Salter, Leslie Sbrocco, as well as the rest of the KQED production team and every one else in departments across the station which make this series possible. This is truly wonderful news.

JOB BANK at www.emmysf.tv

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By Bob Goldberger

You’ve heard him called humble, affable, and hard working. World News anchor Charles Gibson built a reputation during his years on Good Morning America as one of the true “good guys” of the broadcast news industry. There was narry a negative word from a co-worker, and when ABC asked him to work a split shift many nights to also anchor live evening magazine shows, he burned the candle at both ends without a single public complaint. What was left out of those descriptions was the fact that Charles Gibson is a top journalist, and has been for decades. That’s the side that’s finally being showcased on World News, and the side that was immmediately evident to everyone at KGO TV (ABC 7) during the two days he anchored World News live from San Francisco. Don’t get me wrong, the work horse attitude is still there. After flying cross country the first day and anchoring World News from KGO’s rooftop his first evening in town, Gibson schmoozed with the station’s top managers over dinner (he only halfjokingly told the staff, and the San Francisco Chronicle, his primary reason for taking World News on the road is to “suck up to the affiliates”), followed by a station-wide breakfast bright and early the next morning, followed by interviews for a story

on Bay Area business for that night’s newscast, followed by anchoring World News live again with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop, followed by another plane ride to Seattle, where he started the process all over again. Over breakfast at KGO, Gibson mostly talked about his favorite subject, journalism: upcoming election coverage, global warming and the like. But his sense of humor was never far below the surface, pointing out the station treated him to a much fancier dinner the night before. He told everybody to please call him Charlie, “It’s Charles on the air, Charlie everywhere else.” And while complimenting the news staff over the previous night’s reports, Gibson said the station only needs to “figure out how to solve its problem with the weather department.” His good friend Spencer Christian laughed the hardest at the good-natured dig. The two worked together for years on GMA, and have remained close since Spencer left to do weather in San Francisco. The rest of the Bay Area had an opportunity to enjoy their banter in the afternoon when Spencer interviewed Charlie on The View from the Bay. In the end, Gibson’s visit gave the rest of the country the opportunity to see a bit more of the Bay Area, and people at KGO the opportunity to see the many sides of Charlie.

Thomas E. Fanella, president and chief executive officer of the KTEH Foundation for 19 years, the parent company of San Jose public television station KTEH and Central Coast public television station KCAH has passed away. The stations recently merged with KQED in San Francisco forming Northern California Public Broadcasting. Fanella held the post of executive vice president for Television Broadcasting. Prior to his move to the West Coast in 1988, Fanella served as chief operating officer for QED Enterprises and vice president for Marketing for Metropolitan Pittsburgh Public Broadcasting. During the period 1975-1984, Fanella served as vice president for Marketing at his hometown public television station, WCNY, in Syracuse, New York. For the past year Mr. Fanella had been battling cancer. He died on May 29, 2007 at the age of 60. Fanella is survived by his wife, Susan Hayes.

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Kibi Anderson, Lynn R Friedman, David Brown Story & Photo by: Cynthia E. Zeiden

We had a blast again at the Emmy® Showcase at Dolby Labs Screening Room. First we screened the Emmy® Recipient Best Historical/Cultural Program/Special: Mighty Warriors of Comedy, KQED/ 57 minutes: Mighty Warriors of Comedy is a rousing introduction to one of the most devastatingly funny comedy troupes of the past decade, the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors (18MMW), an audacious Asian-American sketch comedy troupe hailing from San Francisco, and now trying to break into TV and movies in LA. But most people in mainstream America have never heard of them. Why? Is it simply because they haven’t enjoyed break-out success past the confines of their San Francisco home, or their primarily Asian-American fan base? Or is their brand of humor simply not accessible to an average American audience? Or could it be that the current Hollywood machine would never give an Asian American troupe the big break they need, to see if they could indeed cross over? Or, are they simply not that funny? Mighty Warriors of Comedy allows you to judge for yourself. The documentary provides an entertaining glimpse into the world of the Warriors and an eye-opening exploration of why a troupe like the Warriors, no matter how funny, may never achieve mainstream popularity. Utilizing a combination of personal interviews and live concert footage, the documentary traces the struggle that the fringe artist faces, and how that battle is complicated further by cultural identification. Then we had a Q&A session with the producer, Kibi Anderson. She said the comedy troupe is now split between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Next, we screened the Emmy® Recipient Best Documentary: A Bridge So Far-A Suspense Story: a documentary news special on the wild and troubled history of the new east span of the San FranciscoOakland Bay Bridge. The film is produced and directed by Brisbane filmmaker David L. Brown and is

sponsored by the Professional Engineers in California Government. Addressing what State Senator Tom McClintock calls “one of the great fiascos of the 20th and 21st centuries in California history,” this documentary finds both the humor and the drama in that story. During the 16 years since the Loma Prieta earthquake collapsed a section of the east span of the Bay Bridge, numerous delays, setbacks, and reversals have left its replacement literally up in the air. Even today with a design finally selected, no one knows what the project will eventually cost or when it will be finished. This is a matter of great concern. Seismologists lay the odds at 67% that another major earthquake, possibly on the scale of the 1906 disaster, will shake the Bay Area at any time during the next three decades. The Bay Bridge is one of the nation’s major transportation arteries and is especially vital for California’s economy. Will the replacement span for the Bay Bridge be finished before the next Big One strikes? Until it is, the State will remain “in suspense.” Filmmaker David L. Brown (“Surfing For Life,” “Bound by the Wind”) tells the story of the Bay Bridge fiasco with a light-hearted touch. The film, including never-before-seen archival footage and humorous animation, tells the story behind the headlines of the now $6.2 billion project. Actor Geoff Hoyle hosts the show. After the screening we had a Q&A session with the show producer, David L. Brown. You can order your own copy of these award winning programs by going to their web sites: “Mighty Warriors of Comedy” http://catalog.asianamericanmedia.org/film/249 “The Bridge So Far-A Suspense Story” http://www.thebridgesofar.com/order.htm

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By Bob Redell

What follows is a random collection of thoughts and observations from the week I covered Conan O’Brien’s visit to San Francisco. Conan’s visit to San Francisco couldn’t have been timed better from his point of view. He was able to visit the newest member of his family. His sister who lives in San Rafael had given birth a week or so earlier. His Late Night show taped at 4:00 each afternoon to a full house. People lucky enough to get free tickets lined up hours earlier outside the Orpheum. About 15 minutes till show time, one of the writers warmed up the audience. One night, they had the crowd record different kinds of applause and laughter for editing purposes (i.e. light chuckle that progresses into roaring laughter, etc.) The band would then play for a good 5-10 minutes. The producers seamlessly transitioned into the taping once they felt the crowd was juiced enough (at least, that was my sense.) They went completely nuts when Conan walked out across a mockup of the Golden Gate Bridge that was the centerpiece of the set at the Orpheum. It was like a rock concert; took a good minute to get the audience to chill. I’m not sure how well that

energy translated to the tube. You would’ve never known it watching Conan’s first show in San Francisco, especially considering his energy, but he was actually sick with a stomach bug that first night. We know this because he told everyone who shook his hand to wash afterwards. The downside of being the star of the show: can’t call in sick. Surprisingly, nothing about the show was set in stone. During many of the commercial breaks, Conan and his writers huddled for last minute ideas / changes to the scripts or guest interviews. It was lots of work for the cue card guys who had to rapidly make changes. By the way, they’re both named Steve and both are left handed. After the show each night, fans waited outside the stage door to get autographs from Conan, Max Weinberg and other members of the band. One night, the show sent out Jerry Ruck, the Conan look-a-like from Martinez. The fans fell for it for a good 8 seconds. Suckers! So, what happened to that Golden Gate Bridge? The show did not scrap it. Instead, word is they kept it and sent it back to New York (as if Manhattan needs another bridge.)


Off Camera, June 2007, page 11

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OFFICERS: Lynn R Friedman, ABC 7, President Javier Valencia, KRON 4, VP, SF (Awards) Thomas Drayton, Fox 40, VP, Sacramento Nancy Osborne, ABC 30, VP, Fresno Terri Russell, KOLO 8, VP, Reno SAN FRANCISCO Duncan Armstrong, NBC 8, VP, Hawaii CALIF ALIFORNIA NORTHERN CALIFORNIA Tamar Sarkissian, Freelance, VP, Sm. Mkts. Keith Sanders, SJ State University, Secretary 4317 Camden Avenue San Mateo, CA 94403 Sharon Navratil, KTVU 2, Treasurer David Mills, CBS 5, Past President (Alt. Trustee) NATIONAL TRUSTEES: Kym McNicholas, Freelance Linda Giannecchini, KQED 9 (Museum) Deanne Moenster-Poitras, KTVU 2 Alison Gibson, Media Cool (Education) Jeanette Pavini, CBS 5 Cynthia Zeiden, Zeiden Media (Activities) Wayne Philippo, CBS 5 GOVERNORS: Sheraz Sadiq, KQED 9 Dan Adams, KXTV 10 Tamar Sarkissian, Freelance Terri Maria Amos, Independent Gary Schultz, ABC 7 Brian Avery, Avery Media (Membership) Annika Wood, Independent Samuel Belilty, Univision 21 Pamela Young, KITV 4 John Burgess, KFTY 50 COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Joe Cherubini, KRON 4 John Catchings, Catchings & Assoc.(Museum) Martin Christian, KVIE 6 Darryl Cohen, Cohen & Cooper (Legal) Christopher Conybeare, Univ. of Hawaii David Perry, David Perry & Assoc. (Marketing) Janice Edwards, NBC 11 James Spalding, Spalding & Co. (Finance) Wayne Freedman, ABC 7 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Alberto Garcia, Univision 19 Darryl R. Compton, NATAS Bob Goldberger, ABC 7 Justin Kanno, KOLO 8 Off Camera Ronald Louie, KTVU 2 Bob Goldberger, Editor Terry Lowry, LaCosse Productions Darryl R. Compton, Publisher Danny McGuire, Spirit Productions

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