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ESL Quiz
Activity Time: 10 30 Minutes Introduction: There are a number of ways quizzes can be used in the classroom. This quiz has been designed as an end of class activity. I have found that students find this activity a fun way to wind down a busy class. It offers a good way to practice listening skills and quick thinking in English. Game: Before I start I usually assign teams. After this you can ask teams to choose a buzzer noise i.e and animal noise etc. Then you can ask the questions one at a time and the first team to buzz gets to give their answer. This can become a bit noisy depending on the group, so you can also just ask each group in turn. The following quizzes are broken up into four different sections: Science, Geography, Sports and Music. This allows you to give each team a category choice. This game can be used alongside ESL activity Bomb which you can find at the following link: Alternative quiz ideas: Materials needed: Post-it notes or small pieces of paper. Method : 1. Give each student a post-it or a piece of paper. Ask them to write down one question and the answer underneath. 2. Collect all the pieces from team A in one pile and another pile for team Bs. 3. Students can also assign points to the questions. Higher points for more difficult questions etc. (This is a usual way of practicing writing questions ect)



Lower Intermediate Quiz

SCIENCE: Who was the first human to land on the moon? How many legs do butterflies have? What is the largest mammal in the world? What is the nearest star to Earth? Neil Armstrong 6 The blue whale The Sun

GEOGRAPHY: What is the longest river in the world? What is the biggest desert in the world? What is the highest mountain in the world? What is the capital of Ireland? What is the capital of Northern Ireland? SPORTS: Where were the 2012 Olympic games held? Who won the Euro cup in 2012? Where was golf invented? Which of the following is not an extreme sport? London/England Spain Scotland Gymnastics Rock Climbing Skateboarding Dirt Biking The river Nile The Sahara desert Mount Everest Dublin Belfast

MUSIC: What is female singer called from the group 'The Black Eyed Peas'? Who sang The lazy song? What country is Justin Bieber from? What year did Michael Jackson die? Fergie Bruno Mars Canada 2009

Intermediate Quiz
SCIENCE: Name the second planet from the Sun What is the center of an atom called? What is the chemical symbol for gold? Is the planet Neptune bigger than Earth? Venus A nucleus Au Yes

GEOGRAPHY: Cairo is the capital of which country? What is the largest country in the world? What is the largest river in the British Isles What is the biggest state in the USA? Eygpt Russia The River Shannon (Ireland) Alaska

SPORTS: Muhammad Ali took part in what sport? In what sport would you use the word Par Name two sports played on a court. How many holes are in a bowling ball? Boxing Golf Tennis, Basketball Etc. 3

MUSIC: Music performed by a large group of instruments is called what? Reggae music was first played in which country? Name two members of the Beatles. Orchestra Jamaica Paul McCartney John Lennon Ringo Star George Harrison Michael Jackson

What singer is known as The King of pop



Upper intermediate Quiz

SCIENCE: Earth is located in which galaxy? What planet is known as the red planet? Which famous scientist introduced the idea of natural selection? Animals that eat both plants and other animals are known as what? The Milky Way Galaxy Mars Charles Darwin Omnivores

GEOGRAPHY: What is the name of the largest ocean on earth? What south American country has the largest land mass? The Pacific Ocean Brazil Australia The landmass of which of the following continents is the least? Finland Helsinki is the capital city of which country?

SPORTS: Which country invented basketball? Which color is the centre of the target in archery? Does a snooker table have four, six or eight pockets? What is the longest race in the Olympics called? England Gold 6 Marathon

MUSIC: Name a wind instrument. How many pieces of music did Mozart write before he died?

Flute, saxophone etc. 60 600 6,000 Elvis Presley Bruno Mars

Which singer was known as The King? Which singer sings Grenade?