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Dear Sponsor, SIUE Mini-Baja Team is building its first ever vehicle to enter the Societ of !

utomotive Engineers Mini-Baja off-road recreational vehicle competition in "une #$$%& Baja S!E simulates real-'orld engineering design projects and their related challenges& Students must function as a team to not onl design, build, test, promote, and race a vehicle 'ithin the limits of the rules, but also to generate financial support for their project and manage their educational priorities& The team needs our generous support to ma(e its dream come true& Sponsorship in mone , materials, and)or technical assistance 'ould be ver much appreciated& The vehicle 'ill be seen man places throughout the SIUE campus including the Engineering *pen +ouse, campus tours, and in universit publications& The vehicle 'ill also be displa ed man different places from St& ,ouis to -e' .or( over the ne/t ear& !lso, 'e hope to be featured in man local ne's reports& .our generous sponsorship 'ould be highlighted b 0 .our name)compan name on Mini-Baja sponsorship list .our name)compan name on Mini-Baja 'ebsite .our name)compan name displa ed on the Mini-Baja vehicle .our name)compan name in meeting announcements and promotional materials .ou) our compan receive a certificate to post in our place of business .ou) our compan receive1s2 recognition from SIUE Mini-Baja Team and the SIUE School of Engineering Than( ou for becoming one of our generous sponsors&

Miles Music( SIUE Mini Baja Team 4aptain 1#672 787-89:$

Dr& Tongele -& Tongele, 3h&D& SIUE 5acult !dvisor 1;6%2 ;<$-#%#$



What is Baja SAE? Baja S!E is an off-road vehicle design competition& The S!E is an organi>ation of automa(ers dedicated to advancing automotive engineering 'orld'ide& *ver the course of one ear each team creates a reduced-scale off-road 1Mini Baja2 vehicle to be tested against schools throughout !merica but also against schools from other countries& What is our mission? ?e are a dedicated group of students 'ho 'ant to build upon the theories learned from traditional education b forming a team to plan, design, fund, build, test, and race an offroad vehicle& ?e plan on ta(ing the team from conception to the #$$% Baja S!E Mid'est @egional Title& Even though the group is in its infanc , 'e plan on ma(ing the competition part of engineering tradition at Southern Illinois Universit Ed'ardsville& What is Cougar Baja? Baja SIUE is a student organi>ation from Southern Illinois Universit Ed'ardsville dedicated to enhancing our education through hands on application& Throughout the ear our engineering and managerial s(ills 'ill be put to the test& ,ed solel b students 'e 'ill be counted on to design, machine, fabricate, and finance our Mini Baja vehicle& Ta(ing our education outside of the classroom promotes team'or( and e/perience that cannot be gained other'ise& What kind of competition is this? The S!E Mini Baja is held annuall throughout the United States and internationall & The competition is comprised of three regional competitions in different locations each ear& ?e 'ill be attending the Mid'est competition held in @ochester, -e' .or(, 'here 6:$ universit teams assemble to compete in a variet of static and d namic events& Static events include Design, Design @eport, 4ost, 4ost @eport, and 3resentation& D namic events include !cceleration, Traction, Maneuverabilit , @oc( 4ra'l, Mud Bog, and Endurance& The competition is held under the direction of major supporters such as the Societ of !utomotive Engineers, Briggs A Stratton, and Tim(en and gains media attention at the national level&

Benefits of Sponsoring Cougar Baja? Most contributions to the team 'hether monetar or material ma be ta/ deductible to the e/tent allo'able b la'& Sponsors ma receive local and national attention through countless opportunities for e/posure such as logo placement on vehicle, hauler, apparel, team 'ebpage, ne'sletters, as 'ell as 'ord-of-mouth& .our support demonstrates our commitment to providing aspiring engineers 'ith real 'orld hands-on e/perience as the prepare to enter the 'or( force& The uniBue opportunit to help a start-up program allo's our organi>ation to be a cornerstone of the beginning of engineering tradition at SIUE& !s 4ougar Baja continues to gro' our support 'ill undoubtedl be recogni>ed as the foundation of promising futures for man SIUE engineering students to come& In addition to the S!E Mini Baja Mid'est 4ompetition, our logo 'ill be vie'ed at all public appearances b the 4ougar Baja team& The team plans to enter man car club sho' throughout the region as 'ell as hopefull being featured in man media outlets& !lso, the car 'ill be displa ed at the Engineering Building for all visitors to see including the 3revie' SIUE and Engineering *pen +ouse da s& Most importantl this project 'ould not be possible 'ithout the generous contributions from our sponsors& The biggest hurdle 'e face is raising enough monetar , material, and service support& .our contributions 'ill allo' our creativit and ingenuit to be concentrated on the design and build phases of our project& Donors 'ill receive progress reports as 'ell as opportunities to sho' the public our support b 'a of presentations, business advertisement, and team appearances& If ou 'ish to sponsor our team please fill out the attached form& 5or more information or if ou have Buestions please do not hesitate to call us at 1;6%2 ;<$#%#$&

?e plan to ma(e a real impression at this earCs competition and our support 'ould help ma(e our dream become a realit &

2007-2008 Estimated Budget

2007 Cougar Baja e!e"s of Support

#iamond $%&000-up'
o o o o o o 4ompan mentioned on 4ougar Baja 'ebsite Updates via 4ougar Baja electronic ne'sletter 4ompan name on vehicle and hauler 4ompan name on apparel Invitation to demo da and opportunit to drive vehicle Team visit 'ith vehicle

("atinum $%)00-%***'
o o o o o 4ompan mentioned on 4ougar Baja 'ebsite Updates via 4ougar Baja electronic ne'sletter 4ompan name on vehicle and hauler 4ompan name on apparel Invitation to demo da and opportunit to drive vehicle

+o"d $%,00-%-**'
o o o o 4ompan mentioned on 4ougar Baja 'ebsite Updates via 4ougar Baja electronic ne'sletter 4ompan name on vehicle and hauler 4ompan name on apparel

Si"!er $%&00-%2**'
o 4ompan mentioned on 4ougar Baja 'ebsite o Updates via 4ougar Baja electronic ne'sletter o 4ompan name on vehicle and hauler DIf an compan 'ishes to donate more than E#$$$ a deal ma be struc( to consider them the 3rimar donor, and the car ma be painted in the colors of their compan and a compan logo 'ill be placed on top of the car& ..A"" monetar/0 materia"0 and ser!ice donations are great"/ appreciated1 5eel free to contact an one of us0 Miles Music( Team 4aptain mmusic(=siue&edu Ethan Mi(esell Team Treasuser emi(ese=siue&edu Dr& Tongele -& Tongele 5acult !dvisor tteala(=siue&edu

1#672 787-89:$

1;6%2 9#$-<:;%

1;6%2 ;<$-#%#$

Donation Form I would like to secure the following Sponsorship opportunity:

Diamond Platinum !old Sil$er Parts&'a(or&Shop )ime *ther +,-.///////////0 1*-P,+2/////////0 ,DD3.SS/////////0 1I)24 S),).4 5IP////// P6*+./////////// 7,8////////////0 .-,I'///////////0
3eturn this form with donations to: Dr0 )ongele +0 )ongele 1ougar 9a:a 7aculty ,d$isor Southern Illinois ;ni$ersity .dwards$ille P0*0 9o< 1=0# .dwards$ille4 I' 6%0%# >61=? 6#0-%=%0 ttealak@siue0edu

$1000-up $600-$ $"00-$# $100-$%

Please make checks paya(le to: S,. -ini 9a:a SI;. 7oundation