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INTRODUCTION GROUPS OBJECTIVES We expect: 1. To get high mark 2. Make a good teamwork 3. Finish this assignment on time 4.

Know more about business 5. Can use for our lesson 6. Know more about business of Ayamas 7. Comlplete assignment in correct way

COMPANYS / BUSINESS PROFILE BACKGROUND Ayamas operates in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) requirements and has a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and ISO 9001:2000 systems in place within its Quality Management System (QMS) that ensures food safety and consistent high quality products. E- supply Halal chicken meat to KFC, Pizza Hut and Rasamas restaurants across Malaysia, as well as providing our very own products at our flagship chain retail outlets, KedaiAyamas. Our products include: The Ayamas Food Corporation SdnBhd (AFCSB) has a processing plant located in Port Klang, Selangor. Operating since 1989, AFCSB plant processes live broilers and produces further processed chicken products. The plant has an onsite ISO/IEC 17025 accredited microbiology laboratory. The Ayamas processing plant was the first to receive the Veterinary Health Mark (VHM) logo from the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) in Malaysia. We are fully equipped with a fully integrated product development and sensory evaluation facility, and with this Ayamasis capable of conducting up to date Research & Development activities. Our Research and Development team is made up of qualified, trained, and experienced food technologists that are constantly improving on the quality of our products. This team also works on improving current products and innovating new products to meet our consumers expectations

COMPETITORS The Group faces competition from various competitors which include other private and public listed companies. Players in the industry compete on the basis of product quality, pricing, range of products, marketing strength and financial backing. The Group is one of the key players in the poultry processing industry and the Ayamas brand is one of the leading local brand. Despite such competitive advantage which Ayamas Group has in the poultry processing industry, no assurance can be given that the Group will be able to maintain its favourable position in the market or its competitive advantage in the future. Ramly Burger Sdn. Bhd. Mukmin Brand Sdn. Bhd.

COMPANYS / BUSINESS COPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBLITIES (CSR) Community Over the years they have extended both their hands as well as their hearts to help those in need. During the year, some of their community related initiatives included. Projek Penyayang KFC has been a fixture in their coporate social responsibility for thelast 14 years.They continued with the tradition by giving out KFC to the less fortunate,elderly and orphanaged throughout Malaysia every quarter.Over 7800 people in over 150 homes benefited from this programme.

Environment KFCH is dedicated towards exploring ways in which they can reduce their important on the environment without compromising operational standards or shareholder value. Environmental waste water management efforts during the year included: Wastewater Treatment Initiatives . The waste water treatment plant at Ayamas Port Klang was setup and treats the finaldischarge water in compliance with the DOE Standard B of discharge. This plant hasbeen upgraded numerous times for an estimated cost pf RM5 million. It operates usingtwo main wastewater treatment processes Continuous Processor and the SequentialBatch Reactor (SBR) Process.

Market place

Halal compliance is integral to the success and expansion of their Group and brands. Corporate Social Responsibilty in the marketplace initiative include product impact Management, customer support for the youth, building, suppliers as partners business relationships, consistent best practices and standards management is establishing of respectful consumer environment. World Halal Forum (WHF) . They participate in the forum which speakers from all areas of Halal industryparticipating in.KFCHs participation was in the for of sponsorship and productshowcase.

ADMIN & HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT TOTAL NUMBERS OF EMPLOYEES & POSITION Board of Directors Chairman Deputy Chairman Managing Director Independent Non Executive Director Non Independent Non Executive Director

Senior Management Director Intergrated Poultry & Food Manufacturing Managing Director Director Finance & Human Resources Senior Vice President Finance Director Legal & Corporate Service

Head of Division Senior General Manager General Manager Vice President

Shariah Advisory Council

Company Secretaries Chief Executive Officer

Auditors Internal Audit


COMMUNICATION PROCESS In Ayamas the communication process are set in a pattern that the information goes through higher level to lower level. Firstly the information comes to the branch manager then pass to restaurent manager, restaurant manager to shift manager and shift manager to crew members. The role of team members is to contribute towards the goal of Organization they just need to follow the orders and if they have any suggestion they can give in the meetings organised by the team leaders or by the head manager.

Communication between staff and customers

Communication between staff and customers is main part there. In restaurant mostly women attend the customers. The staff is well trainded and experienced. If the staff members are happy with there work environment then they can serve the customer well. Manager should also encourage members to deal with customers to aviod any gender basic. The communication becomes better by creating a positive climate. The employees should try to understand the problems of customers. New employees also try to learn from old employees. Communication between managers and staff members

This communcation can be better if the meetings are held at once in a week

TRAINING ACTIVITIES How AYAMAS trains their employees: Goods and Sevices. AYAMAS produce halal product in Malaysia and other country.AYAMAS produce quality goods.They learn and teach employees whether under department marketing or the works at restaurant how to serve customer nicely. Taking Order They teach employees how to take order from customer until their workers know how to taking order very well. Cleaning Windows Teach workers cleaning windows to make sure the restaurant keep clean to encourage more customers for coming and to make employees more disciplined when do their works. Cleaning Lobby and Kitchen Make sure their employees always keep clean the kitchen and lobby. Suggested Selling Their teach employees how to talks to customer clearly and nicely.Always suggest selling to customers so that can improve confident level of employees and encourage more customers. Teamwork Always make sure their work in team and always practice to be team apart.

FINANCIAL COMPESATION AND BENEFITS OFFERED There is some example of salary to employees. Wages/salary Safety and Healthy Officer:From RM2000 Assistant Retail Manager Trainee:From RM1300 Full Time Team Members: From RM900 Part Time Members: From RM 4.33/hour Overtime wages is provided Uniforms clothes is provided Free training Medical facilities to employees Year holiday,EPF.SOCSO is provided. Other facilities such as toilet,muslim place to pray,and food.

COMMENTS AND RECOMMENDATION This is some comments for AYAMAS Admin and Human Department.The compensation provided to employees.Firstly thanks to AYAMAS Cooperation because provide more chance to people to work with them.The benefits provide to employees is good.The facilities provided also perfect to make employees more comfortable to work with them. The communication between staff and customers and manager and staff is also good. The staff has been trained by the manager on how to comunicate with customers. They must serve the customers well and happily. The trainig activities gives by the manager is good foor the company. It is because the company teach the staff on how to take order. In addition, thye manager teach all the staff to work in a team. The manager give many benefits to all the staff such as medical facilities and a holiday. This make all the staff feel happy and happy to work with the company. I am thinking that it is good if AYAMAS open more restaurant in Malaysia whether in supermarket or outside to make people easy to go to the AYAMAS restaurant to eat.

MARKETING & OPERATIONAL (PRODUCTION) DEPARTMENT TARGET MARKET Definition A specific group of consumer at which a company aims its products and services.

Ayamas product readily available where such places as many shops and supermarkets are marketing the product such as Giant Supermarket, Tesco, Econsave, Mini Market and the other restaurant.

Expected the target market is RM 100,000.00

Business owner thought it was enough to market their product or services to everybody regardless male or female and all ages. Everybody love to eat chicken.

People who has lower income also can eat Ayamas because it is not too expensive.





+ chicken rice + carbonated drink

RM9.57 (M) RM13.05 (L) RM15.66 (XL)

We cook our product well above the minimum temperature recommended by WHO.We have developed standard procedure that would minimize risk.

DISTRIBUTION In this era of globalization,all things can be done easily with the creation of advanced technology that makes business more quickly.InAyamas customer can access to the product by social network,advertisementand etc. Social network. Customer can book Ayamas products via websites such as facebook,twitter and also blog. With this social network,customer will get more information about Ayamas product. Besides that,the customer can give suggestion or complaint in the social network to improve their services. Futhermore,Ayamas also can introduce their products through brochure and advertisement in radio and television.Often,the company will make promotions on certain days especially on festival days.

PROMOTION In order to market their products, Ayamas advertise their products through mass media. Among the media used are television, radio, magazines, internet and newspapers to promote their products worldwide. Ayamas also paticipated in exhibition, exposition and fair locally and internationally. The purpose is to inform, persuade, attract and influence customers to buy their current or latest products. Besides using television to advertise their sales promotions to appear constantly they used Media Prima Network, TV3 as a platform to broadcast their cook show series Mmm Sedapnya Bersama Ayamas that were shot entirely on locations in Italy during spring and filmed in different scenic locations.. Hosted by celebrity Chef Wan, also well known as a famous chef in Malaysia the cook show series was about simple and easy-to cook-new recipes Chef Wan has created using Ayamas. They also have their own official website, even customers are informed about their organisation, sales promotions, delivery menu and others information needed.Online ordering is now available, customers can save on their phone bills. 30 minutes delivery guaranteed or free roaster voucher. The customers can keep on track about their latest productsin just one click!

Ayamas also had participated in exhibition and fairsglobally like Mihas 2011, announced its entry into the personal care and health beverage industry with the launch of its first line of essences.

Other than that, Ayamas organised a roadshows and meet up session with Chef Wan besides cooking contests held as the roadshows activities. These roadshows demonstrate new recipes using Ayamas products as main ingredients.

OPERATIONAL PROCESS Poultry integration

Ayamas Food Corporation Bhd is Malaysia's foremost poultry integrator and its operations consists of breeder farms and hatchery, feedmills, poultry farms, contract broiler farming and processing and further processing plants. The Ayamas operations supply whole chicken and cut chicken parts and further processed chicken products to the domestic market as well as to export markets such as Singapore, Bangladesh, Brunei, Hong Kong and the Middle East.

The Processing System

The Processing System is housed in two separate Ayamas processing plants located in Port Klang and Bukit Mertajam to ensure Halal standards are kept along the processing of the poultries. Post-slaughtered birds are then Only live birds are allowed to be processed, first going through the pre-slaughter process of checked by special Halal Checkers to ensure proper slaughtering and are dead before undergoing the subsequent process to maintain freshness and ease de-feathering procedure

stunning the birds with a 32-volt electric current as approved by the National Fatwa Council 1988

The chickens are eviscerated and the The birds are chilled to between 0-4 deg C to prohibit bacterial growth, machine cut to optimise handling, packed and stored in cold rooms before being delivered to customers using customised chilled trucks. internal organs and external physical appearance will be checked by specially trained workers and personnel from the Department of Veterinary Services to ascertain the absence of any diseases, failing which the chicken will be discarded

COMMENTS & RECOMMENDATIONS Here is the comment about the marketing and operational department. The target market is at Supermarket that many people shopping at there. The target is about RM 100000.00. All ages can buy this product either male or female. Lower income can also buy because Ayamas product is not too expesive. The product that entered the market is such as fried chicken. Besides, there is a fresh chicken with many size. Customers can order this product at Ayamas Website or social web like Facebook fanpage. Ayamas Corperation always make promotion on the festival day so that the company will inform about that to people. There are many ways to make promotion. One of them is by using advertisemet in television or radio. Ayamas also make a contest and call a chef to join them. The process to make Ayamas product is long. First the company will buy the healthy chicken from the company. As the chicken reach at factory, the chicken will be process to make ayamas product. I am thinking that Ayamas Company must always make a contest and always call a chef for the event. This will attract people to come and buy the Ayamass product that time.

CONCLUSION GROUPS OBJECTIVE ARCHIEVE -we achieve our group objective 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. We make a good teamwork We finish the assignment on time We know more about business We use it in our lesson We know more about ayamas We complete assignment in correct way

LEARNING EXPERIENCE 1. Learn how to make a report from business or company 2. Discuss about marketing and operational (production) department 3. How to do the assignment in teamwork 4. Understand about business profile and achievement 5. How to make a promote for the businessproduct 6. The social responsibility of business