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Getting it on the bed An Erotic Story Last night I had barely snuggled into bed, when I felt my father's penis poking me in the tummy. I giggled when I felt it. Daddy doesn't usually get a hard-on until he has snuggled up to me for a while. I wondered what had made Daddy so horny, but I didn't dwell on it. I was just grateful that he was. That meant I could have that much more fun. I grabbed my father's cock and stroked it; making Daddy groan. "Don't tease your father Melodie," said Momma. "He's had a 'hard' day." We all giggled at the joke. Daddy's prick jumped in my hand, when he did. Once I managed to stop giggling, I said, "Yes Momma," and lowered my head to where I could put my mouth on Daddy's cock. It is big and nasty looking, but I like it. I remember the first time I saw Momma sucking on Daddy's cock. It looked so obscene, but Momma seemed to enjoy making Daddy feel so good that for a while I was jealous. Until Momma let me try it, anyway. Now, the big knob on Daddy's cock STILL looks obscene, but that makes it even MORE exciting. At first, the thought of putting your mouth on the thing that a man pees out of, seemed gross to me. Now, that's one of the things that turns me on the most. But I'm getting ahead of myself. As I said, I put my mouth on Daddy's cock; bringing yet another groan from him. This time, Momma didn't admonish me, as she could tell I was just getting started. After licking around the swollen head, I popped the big head in my mouth. I could barely get my mouth around it, but I managed somehow. Pursing my lips, I sucked and then slid my mouth off. I could tell that feeling me sucking, and the stimulation of my lips rubbing on the head of his prick was getting to Daddy. He wouldn't last long tonight. Trying to get in as much fun as possible, I slid my mouth back over Daddy's cock, and swallowed as much of it as I could. I was careful to keep my teeth out of the way, as I tried to force as much of my father's prick into my mouth as I could take. At the same time, I wriggled my tongue, and licked the tube on the bottom. I knew it wouldn't be long before Daddy filled my mouth with sperm. From the feeling, it would be quite a load. Daddy must have been working it up all day long. All the while, I was vaguely aware of Momma watching closely, to make sure I did it right. Momma doesn't mind if I suck Daddy off, just as long as I don't get it on the bed. I'm getting pretty good now, so I don't worry much about that any more. Still, this time was different. I don't know what got Daddy so excited, but when he came, it was a gusher! Wow!

The first squirt almost filled my mouth up, and from then on it was one big struggle to keep up; as Daddy spasmed time after time; filling my mouth with squirt after thick sticky squirt of gooey cum. I had to swallow as fast as I could, just to keep up. Even so, it was a struggle. Somehow I managed. After five or six immense squirts, Daddy's powerful ejaculations slowed down to just spurts and then dribbles. Finally I was able to enjoy the taste of Daddy's cum on my tongue, before I had to swallow it. Once he slowed down to just a trickle, I popped my mouth off Daddy's prick for just a second, to get the few stray drops that had been forced out when he was cumming so violently. I licked my lips, and then managed to get Daddy's prick back in my mouth before another drop managed to escape. As I said, I'm getting to be pretty good now. I managed to get every drop of daddy's sperm, without getting any on the bed. I could tell Momma was proud of me. Actually, I was pretty proud of myself. Not many girls my age can take all of their father's cum in their mouths without wasting some, or worse-yet, getting it on the bed. Now that Daddy had gotten off (so to speak) I suckled on his shrinking penis like a calf sucks on a cow's teat. I knew that Daddy liked this almost as much as he liked cumming in my mouth, and I didn't want to disappoint him. Besides, I didn't want to waste any of his cum either. There were a few drops of it still inside his prick, and I ran my tongue along the tube underneath; stripping out each last sticky drop, until there was nothing left. Daddy's cock didn't go all the way down, like it usually did though. Especially after squirting so much cum in my mouth, this was quite unusual. I wondered if this meant I was going to get an extra treat tonight. Well, I was. What a treat! "Uh, Melodie," said Daddy, trying to extract his now halfhard prick from my mouth. I wouldn't let him. No WAY was I letting Daddy go until his prick was properly limp and shrunk. I love my Daddy. "Uh, Melodie, you'd better let go," repeated Daddy. "I've got to pee." HA! If Daddy thought THAT would stop me, he didn't know his little girl. I looked over Daddy at Momma, and gave her a wink. Then I settled down to sucking Daddy's cock in earnest. If Daddy had to pee, then he was going to have to do it in my mouth. He did. I was hoping I was as good as I thought I was. If I wasn't, Momma would REALLY give me heck for getting piss on the sheets. Cum was bad enough. Besides, Daddy had warned me. If I goofed this up, I would be in real trouble. On the other hand, if I succeeded, I knew both Momma AND Daddy would be proud of me. I barely had time to reflect on this, when the first squirt of piss entered my mouth. Daddy was trying to hold back, and I was able to take the first squirt easily. The smell of ammonia was strong, and almost made me feel like vomiting, but it was too late to back out. If I had, Daddy would have made a big mess of the bed, and I would never have heard the end of it.

I swallowed, and managed to get it down. The first squirt is always the worst. My stomach was just starting to rebel, and I almost threw up, when Daddy lost control. Oh SHIT! It was like I had stuck my head under a faucet, and turned it on full blast. No WAY could I keep up by even swallowing as fast as I could. I jammed my face down on Daddy's cock; forcing it into the back of my mouth, and let Daddy pee down my throat. At the same time, I was fighting to keep the mouthful of piss I already had from escaping my pursed lips. Somehow I managed it. With his prick buried in the back of my mouth, Daddy's urine poured down my throat in a steady stream, forced down by the pressure in his bladder. If I could just hold my breath long enough, I knew I had it made. I did. . . Just barely. After what seemed like an eternity, Daddy's pissing slowed to a stream then just a trickle, and finally just occasional jerks of piss in my mouth, while I swallowed the remainder I had been holding. I did it! After Daddy's pee stopped flowing, I nursed on his prick until it was soft, and barely big enough to fit in my mouth. For my efforts, I was rewarded by a sweet sticky drop or two of cum, that Daddy hadn't managed to squirt before he had to pee. Who says there are no rewards for good deeds? "Ooooh THANK you Honey," said Daddy. "You really didn't have to do that." "Oh yes I did," I thought, as I snuggled up to my father. As I said, I love my Daddy. If it made HIM feel good to pee in my mouth, then it made ME feel good. Besides that, hearing Daddy call me "Honey" always makes me feel gushy inside. Momma got up from her side of the bed, and snuggled in behind me. Daddy turned over, and I snuggled up to him. Like that, we all went to sleep, spoon fashion. Me with a tummy full of my father's pee (and cum too) and a hand wrapped around his semi-erect prick. I knew Daddy couldn't have cum again so soon even if we both had wanted to, but I also knew he liked feeling my hand holding his prick, even if he WASN'T horny any more. I felt slightly bloated with Daddy's pee; (NOW I knew why Daddy had been so horny.) but wasn't inclined to get up from my comfortable position between my parents. It felt too good. Like I had reached around Daddy, and was holding his prick, Momma had reached around me, and had her middle finger up my slit bringing me twinges of pleasure. She wasn't really masturbating me, (Just like I wasn't jacking Daddy off.) Momma was just soothing the slight sexual itch I had gotten from knowing I had gotten Daddy off. Did I say I loved my mother too? I do. It was about two hours later (I think.) when I woke up again. Sometime during the night, we had all rolled over; and my back was to Daddy this time. A big hairy arm was wrapped around me, and my Momma's full butt was pushed into my over-full tummy. Still, it wasn't as bad as earlier.

While snuggled up to me, Daddy's prick had become erect in his sleep. It was poking me in the back; so I shifted up a little and reached behind me to slide it between my legs. That was a mistake. At least, if the idea was to get comfortable and go back to sleep, it was a mistake. Otherwise. . . Well, you can probably guess what happened next. By now, the tummy full of Daddy's pee was getting to MY bladder, making me itch and stimulating me, just like it had Daddy. When I felt my father's thick cock sliding between my legs, it almost made me explode with sexual excitement. I felt my pussy get wet with lubrication, and I started sliding back and forth against my father's cock. Of course, this made Daddy get even harder; exciting me even more. I guess my mother felt my excited copulating motions against Daddy, and it woke her up too. Turning to face us, Momma reached down between my legs where her husband's penis was sliding. "You'd better watch out," she warned me. "If you keep this up, your father is going to cum, and he'll get it all over the bed." Oh shit. Momma was right. Still, I didn't want to stop; and looked at her with pleading in my eyes. Daddy IS Momma's husband, and I love them both. Momma sighed. With me around, she doesn't get much sex any more. This isn't all bad though. Daddy likes sex about three or four times a day, while Momma is happy with once or twice a week. Still, seeing me sucking Daddy off, and then that incredible scene where I drank his pee, must have been quite sexually stimulating, even to her. On the other hand, if it was exciting to Momma, you can imagine how I felt, since I was the one who did it. Momma grabbed Daddy's cock, and bent the tip up a little. "Here," she said, "try it now." I did. Lifting up a little, then pushing back, I felt the head of Daddy's cock slip into the entrance to my hole. Then, with a little pressure, the rest of the enormous cylinder started to slide inside me. I blinked back a tear, as I felt myself stretch. Daddy is so big, it always hurts a little, the first time he slides it in me. Still, with my lubrication and the pre-cum seeping from the head of his prick, it WOULD go in, whether it hurt or not. Five seconds later, I felt the head of my father's penis bump up against my womb, while I felt as stuffed as a turkey. Even with the slight pain of being overstretched, I couldn't believe how good it felt. Momma had to caution me to slow down, or I would just jack Daddy off with my tight little snatch, before I managed to cum myself. She was right. I slowed my frantic squirming until I was just sliding comfortably up and down on Daddy's prick; getting closer and closer to the biggest orgasm of my life. Daddy moaned in his sleep; grabbed me by the titties, and jammed his prick up hard inside me. I wondered what kind of wetdream he was having. For sure MY night was wet-dream quality. OOOH, it felt good!

It didn't take me as long as it usually did. Before I knew it, my body was being wracked with spasms, and my cunny was squeezing and milking on Daddy's prick like a giant squeezing the last drop out of a toothpaste-tube. I almost bit Momma's shoulder, as I jerked and thrashed in her comforting arms. Just about the time I was coming down from my orgasm, Daddy started his. I guess the feel of his little girl's tight little slit squeezing and clamping on his prick was too much. . . Even if he WAS asleep. Suddenly, I felt even fuller than before, as Daddy jammed every inch of his prick that he could up inside me. I felt like he was trying to force his prick right up inside my womb, like some of those silly stories you read. I almost wished it could happen, but it was almost as good as if he had. My little cunny was flooded with squirt after squirt of Daddy's potent sperm, as my father did his best to leave as much as possible in his little girl's womb. God was that sexy. Feeling your father squirt his seed right up against your womb. Well, I didn't actually feel the squirts. (They say you can't.) But I DID feel his prick expand each time, and he jammed the swollen member up inside me with each pulse. So it FELT like I was registering each incestuous squirt. Boy did that feel good. Even the slight possibility of pregnancy was more of a thrill than a scare. Daddy isn't really TRYING to get me pregnant, but neither I, nor he, nor especially my mother, would be all that disappointed if I woke up one morning and found that my pants were too tight. Still, I suppose it's not really a good idea. I mean, after all: He's my own father. You aren't supposed to have babies by your own father, are you? Yeah, right. Even the fact that I was so young, we weren't sure about me getting pregnant. That's why Momma had gotten me the diaphragm. So that Daddy's sperm didn't end up where it didn't belong. Even with that, you couldn't be sure. When I got older, Momma told me I would have to go on the pill. For now, I could enjoy having Daddy's sperm inside me. Anyway, I finally stopped shuddering from my climax, and Momma reached down one last time to run her finger along the base of Daddy's cock; forcing the last sticky drop of my father's sperm up inside my quietly accepting vagina. "You'd better not take it out," she whispered to me. "If you leave it in, you'll keep from getting it on the bed." I giggled to myself. I knew Momma wasn't as worried about me getting Daddy's sperm on the bed as she pretended to be. It wasn't all THAT hard to wash clothes. Momma just liked the idea of her little girl lying there all night long with her husband's sperm soaking in the little girl's vagina, up next to her fertile young womb. Momma is almost as perverted as I am. Did I mention that I love my mother? Momma started giggling too, then we both drifted back to sleep; me with a belly full of Daddy's pee, and both ends stuffed full of his cum. Such sexy dreams I had, you wouldn't believe. This had been the first time in a long time that Daddy hadn't woken up when he found himself fucking me in the middle of the night. 5

Such a sexy thought, to have your father fuck you and cum in you, and never know it. I giggled one last time before falling asleep. I hoped Daddy's prick didn't slip out in the night and get his cum all over the bed. I giggled again. The next thing I knew it was early morning, and I HAD to get up. If I didn't, I would have "gotten it on the bed" for real. BIG time. GOD, did I have to pee. Too bad I couldn't pee in Daddy's mouth, and he could then recycle it again, and pee in mine over and over. Such a sexy, nasty thought. Golly it felt good to let that load go though. It seemed a shame to wash out Daddy's cum, though I couldn't help it. I ran a finger through my pissstream, and even tasted it, before cleaning up. I washed and showered and cleaned all the nasty smells off me. Sometimes it was sexy to be a nasty little girl playing with pee, and sometimes it was better to be a sweet innocent sweetsmelling little girl for Daddy to love. I felt that this morning was one to be sweet and wholesome, after being a nasty little slut last night. I crawled back into bed, just as my parents crawled out. I was disappointed. I had hoped to at least see Daddy and Momma make love. (And maybe even get in a little myself.) Oh well. I had gotten quite a lot, the previous night. Momma went straight to the kitchen, and started breakfast, while Daddy duplicated me, and took a shower. When he got back, he found his little girl lying spreadeagled on the bed; her middle finger jammed up her snatch, straining to reach an orgasm that just wouldn't come. After having Daddy, it's just so HARD to do it myself any more. Daddy took pity on me. (Or maybe he was as horny as I was.) I was barely aware of Daddy returning from the shower; still dripping; when I felt a warm slippery body on top of mine, and a big beautiful hunk of manhood sliding up inside me. Daddy had just climbed on top of me, and shoved it in! I loved it. As I mentioned before, it HURTS a little, when Daddy first slides up inside me, but such a delicious hurt. After the first twinges though, it was all pleasure. Daddy may (or may not) have known he fucked me the previous night; but there was no doubt in either of our minds that he was fucking me now! This was no leisurely screw either. This was one slam-bang glorious fuck! Cock in cunt, man and woman. (OK, girl!) What a glorious sensation to feel the man you love, loving you. To feel his thickness growing inside you, as he prepares to send part of himself to join part of you, and try to create a new life that is part of both of you. Even though the chance is slight, just knowing there IS a chance, is unbelievably thrilling. I don't know WHAT I'll do, when I have to go on the pill. Oh well, I'll worry about that later. Daddy was just grunting; in the final throes of thrusting, before filling my womb with jet after jet of his precious seed, when Momma came in. She had been about to call us to breakfast, when she found us in the middle of a rousing fuck. 6

"Now you be careful," she admonished my father. "Remember, she's just a little girl, and she's not on the pill." Daddy's thrusts became harder, and he seemed to get bigger inside me, at the very thought. "Not only that," continued Momma, "her period was just last week." This reminder of my possible fertility, was too much for Daddy. Doing his best to "Be careful," Daddy pushed up inside me as hard as he could; sending jet after viscous jet of potent baby-making cum squirting against my womb. After all, we both wanted to be sure he got it in ME, and didn't "waste" any, by getting it on the bed. Momma's reminder wasn't really necessary, as my father is just as aware as she is, about my possible fertility. And Daddy would do anything to keep from hurting me, by pulling out when there was even a slight chance. No wonder I love my father so much. Momma waited; watching while first Daddy got off by filling my tummy with squirt after squirt of incestuous seed, and then I did. Feeling Daddy implanting his precious sperm in my womb, was enough to get me off too. Barely in time. Daddy was already starting to wilt inside me, when I gasped and grunted to MY orgasm; milking each precious drop of fatherly cum up inside my tight little baby-hole where it belonged. Momma watched, as Daddy extracted his still-dripping penis from her daughter's tight little cunny. "You DO have your diaphragm?" she asked me pointedly; looking at the sperm dripping out of my crack and Daddy's penis, and threatening to make a mess of the bed. Oh shit! I looked at the bedstand, where the rubber cup was lying forlornly. "Uh. Right here, Momma," I said; showing it to her, and blushing at the same time. Hurriedly, I grabbed Daddy's prick, and squeezed the last drop of cum off the end into it. At the same time, I tilted my bottom up, so I didn't drip on the bed until I managed to use the rubber cup to catch the dribbles; before pushing it up inside me, so Daddy's sperm wouldn't leak out. After all, as I said before, Momma doesn't mind if I fuck Daddy, or "Get it on the bed", as long as I don't get it on the bed. <Giggle> After that, we had breakfast; and I got dressed and went to school. The teacher wondered why I was so antsy that day. Well, wouldn't YOU be a little squirmy, if you knew that millions of your father's sperm were wriggling their way up inside your womb, one of them getting you pregnant with your own father's baby? Thank goodness I didn't waste any, and get it on the bed!

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