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Maples ESM Technologies Pvt Limited., Chennai

Control of Records


This procedure is applicable for controlling the quality-related records. Records are the special type of docu ent! "hich pro#ides e#idence to the confor ity to require ents and for the effecti#e operation of the $%&.

2.0 ".0

Responsi ilit!
%anage ent Representati#e '%R(

3.1 Document Identification

)#ery $uality Docu ent carries *-digit identification. The first + digits indicate the Depart ent! e.g. %R for %ar,eting! TR for Training! etc. The -rd digit indicates the nature of docu ent. P. Procedure O. Process %ap /. /or 0. 0uideline The last - digits are a serial no for identification. 1hen changes to a docu ent are incorporated and a ne" re#ision is released! softcopies in the I&O 2334 Public /older are replaced. If hard copies are held by any of the staff! these are ta,en bac, and the ne" ones are issued. The Docu ent Circulation Register for hard copies '$D/33-( is updated. The #ersion of a docu ent is indicated as a "hole nu ber follo"ed by a single place deci al nu ber. The "hole nu ber indicates the 56ersion nu ber7 and the deci al indicates the 5Re#ision nu ber.7 This nu ber is gi#en in the footer in all the docu ents. The #ersion nu ber is changed "hen there is a a8or change to a docu ent for at or content. The re#ision nu ber is updated "hen there is a inor change such as spelling! colu n "idth! etc.


$oc#ment Storage
The Docu ents are the needs 9ard Copy :::: aintained as both hard and &oft copies depending on

/or Internal ;se only

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6ersion 4.3


Maples ESM Technologies Pvt Limited., Chennai

Control of Records

The records are also aintained as soft copies in the Central Public /older I&O 2334. The files can be accessed as read only by any e ployee of %aples. The for s can be do"nloaded for use. The odification rights are a#ailable "ith the %R. These files are controlled soft-copies! and only the latest #ersions of the docu ents are stored in the ! at any point of ti e. <ny file that is obsolete is ta,en a"ay fro this folder! and o#ed to an obsolete folder! "hich is not accessible to the e ployees. The hard copies are filled such that the latest record e=ists on the top >?astin-first-out@ The files A folders shall be identified by the na e of the record it contains. If records are aintained in softcopy! then the directory and files shall be suitably na ed.

1.% Retention Periods and $isposition


The retention period of quality records shall be reflected in the Docu ent %aster ?ist. The ini u retention period shall be si= onths fro the date of generation. The retention period of quality records is respecti#e procedure. entioned in the

+. The retention period custo er.

ay be changed as contractually agreed "ith the the

-. The quality records shall be disposed after obtaining the per ission fro identified on the folder.

%R. 9o"e#er if records are required for reference in future that shall be suitably


Docu ent aster list '$D/334( Docu ent Change Request Cu < end ent ?og '$D/33+( Docu ent circulation register '$D/33-(


'S( Reference
I&O 2334.+333 Clause B.+.B Control of Records

/or Internal ;se only

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6ersion 4.3