Online Application FormJoint CSIR-UGC Test for JRF and Eligibility For ect!res"ip# $ET - %%-&%-%'&()Co!ncil of Scientific * Ind!strial Researc" - +R, Gro!p# E-amination Unit.

1. RollNo(To be filled by Office Only)

2. Application No.

3. Applied For 4. Subject 5. Exam Centre 6. Meduim of NE Exam!A" applicable# : 01 - JRF : 6 - ENG - ENGINEERING SCIENCES : 11 - HYD - HYDERABAD : 02-ENGLISH

$. Candidate Name 8. Sex %. Fat&er'Mot&er'(u"band Name )*. +ate ,f -irt& )). A.e A" ,n *)/*$/2*)3 )2. Cate.or0 )3. 1&0"icall0'2i"uall0 (andicape!1('2(# )4. 3f 2(4 +o 5ou 6ant Scribe7" (elp

: J UMA MAHESH : MALE : FATHER -> D LAKSHMANNA : 08-07-1988 : 24 Y 11 M 2! D : SC : NA : NA

)5. 6rite 0our name and complete Mailin. Addre"". Name: J UMA MAHESH Addre"": H"N#:20-B G$RA CAM$USGACHIB#%LI INDIRA NAGARHYDERABAD HYDERABAD &000!2 ANDHRA $RADESH Signature of Candidate ------

Cit0: 1in: State:

)6. 1ermanent Addre"" Name Addre"" )$. Email : J UMA MAHESH : H"N#:20-B G$RA CAM$USGACHIB#%LI INDIRA NAGARHYDERABAD &000!2 State : ANDHRA $RADESH : '()()*+,*,*)-./.01().-"23( Cit0 : HYDERABAD 1in :

" %a*e )ub'itted only one a&&lication for t%i) te)t. Na'e of t%e 5an5ranc% Code /'ount in 9igure(R). +e." furt%er declare t%at " fulfill all condition) of eligibility regarding /ge li'it)1 3ducational 4ualification) etc.<lease do not staple t"e "ard copy of t"e Application form * enclos!res4 .f Appearin."N3 )ub'itted a&&lication for' duly )igned 2it% recent &a))&ort )i?e 5lac./01'2' 23. Controller of 3xa'ination1 3xa'ination :nit1 6u'an Re)ource De*elo&'ent .ree : B"TECH" )Candidates enrolled for 34Sc4 or "a5ing completed &'6%6( years of 7!alifying e-amination as gi5en in col!mn &/# may apply !nder Res!lt A8aited 9RA: category.ibrary /*enue1 $u)a1 Ne2 Del%i-11DD1! on or before DE-DF-!D13 (1D-DF-!D13 for re'ote area)).$.aited 2*.RA.) C&allan +ate : : : : INDIAN BANK 24 100 145085201! 5ranc%+City >ournal No. )%." %a*e enclo)ed t%e atte)ted co&ie) of certificate of being SC+ST+O5C+$6+76 ($%y)ically or 7i)ually %andica&&ed)1 ()tri-e 2%ic% i) not a&&licable). C&allan +etail." under)tand t%at 'y a&&lication 2ill be re8ected )u''arily if found inco'&lete+ineligible1 and no corre)&ondence 2ill be entertained by CS"R in t%i) regard.rade (d) #ar-) Obtained (.EC ARATIO$ "1 J U3A 3A+ES+1 %ereby declare t%at all )tate'ent) 'ade in t%i) a&&lication are true1 co'&lete andcorrect to t%e be)t of 'y -no2ledge and belief and in t%e e*ent of any of t%e infor'ation being found fal)e or incorrector any ineligibility being detected before or after t%e te)t 'y candidature i) liable to be cancelled and action initiatedagain)t 'e.1 and centre code 2%ic% )%ould reac% to t%e Sr. Speciali@ationA !a# Speciali@ation Code : 604 TECHN#L#GY 24!a# Bni=er"it0'3n"titute Code !b# Bni=er"it0'3n"titute Name !b# Speciali@ation Subject Name : C#M$UTER SCIENCE AND INF#RMATI#N : 999 : JNTUA .aited) !c# Mar> .@ 2%ite &%otogra&% along 2it% a co&y of original c%allan (fee de&o)it recei&t) 'eant for CS"R(3xa'ination :nit) 2it% re4uired certificate()) by :. 9ualif0in.C. in Final Exam !a# 5ear . /'ount in <ord(R)." al)o declare t%at " %a*e ne*er been con*icted by any court of la2.aited# !b# +i=i"ion : FIRST CLASS : N# : NA : NA : NA :0 /&&lication No0 &(.) $%one :HYDERABAD : 001687487 : #NE HUNDRED : 8!74878&21 Signature of /&&licant $ote0$lea)e )end %ard co&y of t%i) ON. Date0$lace0 Signature of t%e Candidate.T /</"T3D a) =NO= 25.f 1a""in.rou&1 CS"R Co'&lex1 . Category Only: Not /&&licable 9or (ou a) (ou %a*e entered R3S:.+ordinary $o)t only1 a) notified in t%e 3'&loy'ent Ne2)+<eb)ite by arranging your o2n en*elo& (ABC11B) )u&er)cribing your )ub8ect code1 a&&lication no. &re)cribed fort%e te)t. : 2009 !!." declare t%at " %a*e gone t%roug% t%e condition) attac%ed to N3T and )%all abide by t%e )a'e. "f enrolled in #S-$%D &rogra' (a) (ear of enroll'ent (b) (ear of &a))ing bac%elor degree (c) Di*i)ion+.)8. <i=e detail of Final Exam :e"ult !3f not :e"ult A.) : N# : NA !3f :e"ult A. 3f :e"ult A. 5ear .btained !?# : 69"!4 4 2). ATTESTATIO$9For .

el"i-&&''&% ../01'2' G && .C'6 )/7 $).ecember# %'&(: )0 .E$G G &(. G '%-E$G IS+.3': 39/ +/<+-3=>&?@11?A 9Application for Joint CSIR-UGC Test for JRF= S 9$ET:# .6+ 83--39. 3/ .e5elopment Gro!p CSIR Comple-#opposite Instit!te of +otel 3anagement# ibrary A5en!e <!sa# $e8 ./1 )77:+.+>. To# Sr4 Controller of E-aminations E-amination Unit# +!man Reso!rce .

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