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Ernest Amaechi Onwuzulike

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Dated: 18Th December,2013 Dear Mr. Amaury Mallet ; RE: APPLICATION FOR EXPERIENCED SUPPLY CHAIN POSITION First of all, please accept my best wishes for the season and welcome! Since you are reportedly visiting Lagos in search for quality candidates for a cement company and undoubtedly have a limited time,I wanted to take the time to write to you about my candidacy. y profile is that of a highly e!perienced Supply "hain professional with a long and e!tensive background in a significantly diverse collection of companies within the petroleum, F" # and telecom industries. $ne of the numerous professional accomplishments that I achieved was the development of a supplier management and pre%qualification system for the petroleum industry known as the &ipe' (oint )ualification System *&()S+ for which I consulted and operated. ,he &igerian -etroleum .!change *&I-.'+, which is /ointly funded by the international oil companies *I$"s+ and &&-", was set up to provide for the standardi0ation of contracts and tenders in the oil and gas industry.In the process, we saved the industry about 12 3illion per annum, through e!pedited and transparent contracting. ,he system helped to instill greater transparency and accountability as well as facilitating significant reductions in processing costs and time4 the consequence was re% inventing investor confidence. Following the e!piry of my contract, I write to inquire about the possibility of e!tending these benefits to your client5s company. 6 keen communicator with integrity and honed problem solving and analytical abilities with a record of saving formidable amounts of money for reputed blue chip, multinational companies through leading edge procurement and logistics strategies. My applicable background and experience allow me to largely mitigate any "learning curve" and in so doing be a net contributor sooner rather than later

Another of my strengths is the result of building credibility with the customer base with which I work having spent a career being ethical and honest. I further possess the following academic and professional qualifications: B.Sc. P.G.Dip, M.Sc and MBA. and am a member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply. 6 copy of my resume is enclosed for your perusal. Should you wish to schedule a meeting, or if I may provide you with any additional information to assist you in considering my offer, please do not hesitate to contact me at 7879:77;:97 or at onwu0uam< I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience and may contact you in the ne!t few days to follow up my correspondence. Thank you for your consideration and the opportunity for a further discussion of the applicability of my skills to your organization.


Ernest A. Onwuzulike
Enclosure: Resume