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Ethics Assignment On

Wikileaks & Ethics

Submitted to: Prof. Pathik Variya

By: Hunny Goyal (14) Jagrut Patel (28) Parth Shah (44) Nilay Thakkar (51)

What is Wikileaks?
WikiLeaks is a multi-jurisdictional public service designed to protect whistleblowers, journalists and activists who have sensitive materials to communicate to the public. Since July 2007, we have worked across the globe to obtain, publish and defend such materials, and, also, to fight in the legal and political spheres for the broader principles on which their work is based: the integrity of their common historical record and the rights of all peoples to create new history. They believe that transparency in government activities leads to reduced corruption, better government and stronger democracies. All governments can benefit from increased scrutiny by the world community, as well as their own people. They believe this scrutiny requires information. Historically that information has been costly - in terms of human life and human rights.

Information Leakage Process:

About Our Project:

Our Project theme is centered about the different ethical views which are incorporated in the business ethics & how this views influencing the whole world & their subjects. Large amount of private information is disseminating around the world without barrier that for whom is that sort of information is most important. Relevance of the Information and their effects on the peoples around the world is will be the discussion issue in this assignment. For analyzing this information effect around the world & what can its transparency leads to will be most described the various cases of Wikileaks around the world which is prima facie of how the information is collected around the world & through leakage of that information in front of the public, how it affect the government, Organizations & MNCs which are involved in that particular issue. We are going to take case studies which are disseminated by Wikileaks like Pentagon Papers, Afghan War Diary & similarly various others which shook that country where it had happened. We are going to apply various modern ethical views like: Utilitarian Approach Ethics Virtue Approach Information Ethics Approach Kantian View

As we all know that in ethics, there is not a clear demarcation as right & wrong, we are going to stick to the basics of presenting the different approaches to the case studies & how these approaches behave on such case studies.

Work Distribution:
As being the group of 4, we have decided to distribute our task somewhat equally comprises of Data gathering, Content filtering, Analysis & Compilation of data. We have decided to find out 2 sets of papers describing about the Wikileaks & their activities in different cases & analyze the papers. After that, Conclusion on those 4 papers were being drawn from 4 of us summary is prepared. After summary, we will discuss about the papers which we have distributed and after necessary adjustments & modifications compiling of the whole papers will be carried out. Along with this, 4 different approaches were also divided among us to study about it using various cases & main points will be drawn out of it in our final report section.

Work Done:
Data Collections of 8 study papers about ethics & Wikileaks. Studying about its commencement, Flow of information, working system & their principles of operation. Understanding about how leakage of information takes place in the Wikileaks & how the anonymity is being maintained with the use of the advance technologies.

Future work:
Selection & division of various cases of Wikileaks. Application of Different Approaches on Wikileaks cases & analyzing the different perspectives according to different views. Report formation & compilation after analysis.