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Website Testing Checklist prior to Hosting - (Sample Checklist) Check Mark ( ) the ppropriate Col!

mn "es #/


Check Point / Defect Statement Checks for $!nctionalit% of &inks (Checks aime' at all links in the (ebsite)

1. 2. 3. . #.

Internal links wherever present, are functioning or not? External links wherever present, are functioning or not? Mail to links wherever present, are opening the mailbox or not? !hether an" orphan pages are present or not? !hether an" broken links are present or not? Checks for $!nctionalit% ) *ntegrit% of Data +ntr% $orms


!hether fiel% level checks carrie% out like checks for length, special characters, numerical characters etc.? !hether fiel% level vali%ation carrie% out like checks for uni'ue recor%s, %ate vali%ation etc.? !hether functional checks carrie% out like )reate, Mo%if", *iew an% +elete are functioning properl"? !hether checks for error han%ling for wrong inputs or actions carrie% out like proper error messages are getting %ispla"e% or not? !hether checks for optional an% man%ator" fiel%s carrie% out like a man%ator" fiel% shoul% not be left blank an% an optional shoul% allow the user to skip the fiel%. $!nctionalit% Checks for Cookies (Checks aime' at enabling cookies ) ho( to clear them)






!hether cookies are enable% accor%ing to the re'uirement of the pro.ect? $!nctionalit% Checks for Web *n'e,ing (Checks aime' at ens!ring that the (ebsite is searchable in -ariet% of (a%s)

12. 13. 1 .

!hether Meta tags are present or not? !hether /"ntax of html are vali% or not? !hether 0rames are 1k or not? $!nctionalit% Checks for Databases

(Checks aime' at ens!ring correct f!nctionalit% of the 'atabase ) not its content ) (ith a

foc!s on the o!tp!t errors) 1#. checks for %atabase for its %ata integrit" carrie% out like an" missing or wrong %ata present in the %atabase or not? !hether checks for %atabase for 1utput Errors carrie% out like an" errors in writing, rea%ing or e%iting operations present in the %atabase or not? .sabilit% Checks for #a-igation (Checks aime' at ens!ring proper !ser na-igation (ithin a page/ bet(een -ario!s !ser interface controls like b!ttons/ bo,es/ lists/ (in'o(s etc.) 1&. 1(. 1,. !hether 2avigation through Mouse is proper or not? !hether 2avigation through 3ab is proper or not? !hether main features are accessible from the 4ome page 5 Main page !hether 4ot 6e"s, )ontrol 6e"s for menus or actions are present or not?



.sabilit% Checks for Content (Checks aime' at ens!ring the a-ailabilit% of information on the (ebsite that is tr!e ) is free from errors that ma% be either grammatic or spelling mistakes) 21. !hether )ontent has been checke% for mistakes in spelling an% grammar or not? !hether content has been checke% for being the latest 7 obsolete information has been %elete% or not?


.sabilit% Checks for 0eneral 23.


!hether page appearance is proper without an" overlapping, missing information? !hether color, font an% si8es are as per the stan%ar% or not? !hether all frames are getting %ispla"e% or not? !hether la"out an% %esign of ever" part of the website is consistent or not? Checks for Ser-er *nterfaces

2 . 2#. 2$.


)ommunication among web server, application server an% +atabase server !hether compatibilit" among server har%ware, /oftware, network connections is proper or not? !hether %atabase compatibilit" has been checke% for its eas" portabilit" to an" other %atabase.



Checks for Client si'e Compatibilit% 3-. !hether checks have been performe% for operation on platforms like !in%ows2---, 23, 9nix, :inux, /olaris, Macintosh etc.? !hether checks have been performe% for proper function with browsers like Internet Explorer 2etscape 2avigator 3.x 7 above? !hether loa%ing of images 7 graphics is proper? !hether text an% alignment is proper %uring printing? !hether colors of text, foregroun% an% backgroun% are rea%able 7 proper %uring printing? !hether scalabilit" to fit on the %esire% paper si8e is proper? 0or example, it shoul% be possible to print in ; , ;3 or :etter si8e etc. Performance relate' Checks for Connection spee' 3$. !hether connection spee% is measure% in 1 . , 2(.(, 33.$, #$.$, I/+2, )able an% +/:? !hether proper timeout is provi%e% to search or not? !hether incorrect messages are getting %ispla"e% 7 %ata loss is not there? Performance relate' Checks for .sers &oa' 3(. !hether loa% re'uirements have been estimate% as per user re'uirements or not? !hether application is able to withstan% the peak loa%s or not? !hether application is able to accept large amount of %ata from the users or not? !hether application or s"stem crashes un%er stress con%itions or not? !hether an" error in /oftware, 4ar%ware or Memor" like :eakage, overwrite observe% or not? !hether the application remains available for 2 4rs, & %a"s a week or not? !hether this aspect has been checke% with %ifferent timings? !hether %owntime has been measure% when application went %own %ue to continuous use? !hether a%e'uate memor" or %isk space has been provi%e% to the application to sustain continuous usage? Sec!rit% relate' Checks $. &. !hether a user is able to enter the application with Invali% login? !hether a limit of maximum 3 tries for an invali% login provi%e% or not?


32. 33. 3 .



3,. -.





(. ,.

!hether log files are maintaine% or not? !hether access to server scripts authentication provi%e% or not?

Ho( to !se the

bo-e Checklist1

1< !e recor% the con%itions or observe% results b" marking a checkmark in either of the 2 = %ata columns against various check points or %efect statements on the checklist. 2< ; checkmark in the 2"es3 column against an item in%icates that the checkpoint or the %efect statement is 3rue. 3< ; checkmark in the 2#/ 3 column against an item in%icates that the checkpoint or the %efect statement is not applicable. < 3he checklist can be customi8e% 7 a%%itional columns like >)omments? etc. ma" be a%%e% which coul% provi%e useful assistance %uring anal"sis.