(Insert Client / Project Name Here) Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) A.

General Information
Information to be provided in this section gives a specific name to the project as well as pertinent information about the personnel involved.

Project Name: Client: Prepared by: Version:

Date: Modification Date: Authorized by:

Overview B. Responsibilities
The requirements traceability matrix will be maintained by the project manager or designee; however, input to the table may be required from other team members. Document the responsibilities in this section and indicate who has primary responsibility for maintaining the RTM.

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Requirements Traceability Matrix C. Description of Matrix Fields
Develop a matrix to trace the requirements back to the project objectives identified in the Baseline Project Plan (BPP), the project requirements mentioned in the System Requirements Statement (SRS), and forward through the remainder of the project life cycle phases. Place a copy of the matrix as an Appendix in the SRS, the System Design Specification (SDS), etc. Expand the matrix in each phase to show traceability of deliverables to the requirements and vice versa. The requirements traceability matrix should contain the following fields: A unique identification number containing the general category of the requirement (e.g., HRMN) and a number assigned in ascending order (e.g., 1.0; 1.1; 1.2). Priority (Each requirement needs to be given a priority on a scale from 1 to 5. 1 = critical, 5 = nice to have if you can get around to it.) A brief requirement statement / phrase. Requirement source (BPP, SRS, SDS etc.)*. SRS source*. SDS source*. Program Module containing the requirement. Test Specification containing the requirement test (In your BPP update that accompanies your SDS)*. Test Case number(s) where requirement is to be tested (In your Implementation deliverables)*. Verification of successful testing of requirements (In your Implementation deliverables)*. Modification field. If requirement was changed, eliminated, or replaced, indicate disposition and authority for modification. * Note: Each field should specify the page number in the document where this is referenced, the initials of the team member responsible for this section, and a check mark if it is completed. See example next page.

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Client / Project Name Requirements Traceability Matrix

Unique Number

Priorit y


Source of Requirement

System Requirement Spec.

System Design Spec.

Program Module

Test Spec.

Test Case(s)

Successful Test Verification

Modification of Requirement


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