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Name: Course: 1. What region is Ibalon written? a. Ifugao b. Bicol c. Kalinga d. Tanay 2.

According to Tuazon, a heroic story will not be considered epic unless it is written. True or false? a. True b. Fase c. Can’t be determined d. None of the above 3. What literary standard is evident in the author of Ibalon's own way in narrating the story? a. Style b. Suggestiveness c. Artistry d. Universality 4. What is the correct order of the 3 mighty warriors of Ibalon? a. Handiong , Bantong, Baltog b. Handiong, Baltog , Bantong c. Bantong, Handiong, Bantog d. Baltog, Handiong, Bantong 5. Epic's common theme are: a. Love and heroism b. Bravery and heroism c. Bravery and love d. Love and sacrifice 6. What is the cause of lam-ang's death? a. Betrayal of Ines Kannoyan b. Killed by the Igorots c. Eaten by the Berkakan d. Disease acquired in the Amburayan River 7. Who is Ines Kannoyan? a. Friend of Bugan b. Main character in the epic Ulalim c. Beloved of Handion d. Beloved of Lam-ang 8. In what age lam-ang fought the igorots?

Schedule: Date: a. 8 Months b. 9 Months c. 10 Months d. 11 Months 9. What are the 2 pets of Lam-ang? a. rooster and goat b. goat and dog c. dog and rooster d. rooster and bird 10. Where does the epic Biag ni Lam-ang written? a. Bicol b. Ifugao c. Panay d. Ilocos 11. It is an epic depicting the struggle of two main character for their love. a. Hinilawod b. Ulalim c. Ibalon d. Tuwaang 12. The Ulalim is an epic poem of what people? a. Ifugao b. Bikolano c. Kalinga d. Ilokano 13. Who is the hero in the Ulalim epic? a. Banna b. Baltog c. Handyong d. Lam-ang 14. Who were the two main character of the Ulalim? a. Hudhud and Alim b. Indarapatra and Sulayman c. Banna and Laggunwa d. Handyong and Baltog 15. The ulalim epic is about ? a. The 3 heroes who came from Botavara to settla the region

who is the main character of the epic? a. Visayas c. Kalinga b. Dumalo 17. ARMM 20. Alunsina c. The adventure of the hero and his amorous relationship with her maiden 16. 3 d. 1 b. Where did the Epic of Hudhud became popular? a. The 2 heroes who decided to stop the rivalry of their parents to have a peaceful life c. The extra-ordinary guy who embarked challenges to find justice for his father d. Mindanao d. In Hudhud. Aliguyon GOD BLESS YOU! . Who is the sister of Pumbakahayon? a. Alunsina c. Ifugao d. Bohol 19. 2 c. Indarapatra d.b. 4 18. Bugan d. Luzon b. Pumbakhayon b. The duel between Aliguyon and Pumbakhayon lasted how many years? a. Aginaya b. Who proposed the epic of Hudhud? a. Bicol c.