Secret Societies Then & Now Part II: The Missing Links

Previously, I wrote a long chronological article of the history of over a dozen of Secret Societies including high level political cliques. Today, time merits an evaluation of the missing links. What I meant by this is simple. There are time periods, groups, and individuals that I haven't mention before or I need to elaborate on in their compositions. This is more information than I've done in

my previous work. It's certainly indeed time to discover about these organizations in order to grasp and crystallize further comprehension of Secret Societies in general. For eons, Secret Societies have fascinated the human mind.
They arose an inquisitive mindset in us in order for us human beings to piece together the big picture behind world events. One easy way for folks to understand the agenda of Secret order is allow them to learn about the Illuminati. Even Rosicrucians like H. Spencer Lewis Ph.D. believed that the Order of the Illuminati came about in 1203 B.C. in ancient Egypt (from his "Rosicrucian, Questions and Answers, with Complete History"). The Rosicrucian order’s history is important since they are a meeting point between the time of the Templars and the Freemasons. The Rosicurcians believed in alchemy, occult tenets, and that evolution was a key part of human development. In other words, some of the Rosicurcians were naturalists. Naturalism believes that all truth is based in Nature (this philosophy denies the existence of God, although some Rosicrucians believe in the existence of God). Freemasons would readily support Evolution (even an Islamic counterpart to Masonry called the Ikhwan as-Safa or the Brethen of Purity). The Brethen of Purity was born in Basra around the time of the Abbasids (with their scientific views closely similar to those of Charles Darwin. Charles‘ father was another Freemason named Robert). Freemason Erasmus Darwin, who is the grandfather of Charles Darwin, believed that all was formed by chance involving a single common ancestor according to the dictates of nature. Erasmus wrote these tenets in his book entitled, “Zoonomia.” That’s Darwinian Evolution. Many people use disinformation about the origin of the group, but here are some facts on the real Bavarian Illuminati. Adam Weishaupt, the occultist Kolmer, and others created the Illuminati to rebel against mainstream religion and the monarchy of Europe in May 1, 1776. His group is called the

Order of the Perfectibilists. Weishaupt wanted the public image of philanthropy and charity as an excuse to gain more recruits. Many German educators, Masons, and some Protestants joined its ranks. Adam lied and said that his group represented true Christianity. The Illuminati had oaths and degrees like the Minverals or novice, Illuminatus Minor, etc. Weishaupt was the head of the group and issued spies all over Europe to spread his dogma. Weishaupt held the title of Rex and under that was Illuminatus Major (which were the top level circle of initiates). The secret police of the Order killed anyone who tried to inform the authorities about the conspiracy. This band was known as the “Insinuating Brethren” and had as its insignia an all-seeing eye. Code names were common in the group like Weishaupt called himself Spartacus. Other members of the Bavarian Illuminati there were called Cato, Marius, Brutus, Pythagoras, Socrates, and Hannibal. Weishaupt based his pyramidal order as similar to the Jesuits since he was trained by them (and died in good graces with the Vatican before he died). Doctors, musicians, lawyers, ministers, politicians were apart of it. In the Bavarian Illuminati's peak, its membership reached hundreds of people at least. Some of the occultists and elite at that time worshipped Reason (or Nature) as God which is heresy. Von Knigge allowed German and French people to join Weishaupt's movement. The two leaders of German Freemasonry, Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick and Prince Karl of Hesse, joined the Order, thus bringing the whole of German Freemasonry under the control of the Illuminati for a time. Numerous Illuminati Lodges existed in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Authors and great researchers believe that the Illuminati's influence spread into the French Revolution. French Count Honore Gabriel Mirabeau was a new disciple of the Illuminati. His recruits were Duke of Orleans, Brissot, Condorcet, Petion, Sieyes, and others (which are Jesuit-trained folks or Freemasons) were leaders of the French Revolution. The Duke of Orleans was the leader of the Grand Orient in Paris and was a key Illuminatus according to some scholars. The Illuminati's offshoots via the Grand Orient lodges controlled the Jacobin Club houses in Paris (according to John Robison's "Proofs of a Conspiracy") to mobilize the Revolution. It's definitely true that Illuminati principles of hatred of the monarchy, the bashing of mainstream religion,

the promise of an Utopian society are bedrocks of the French Revolution. Freemason
Cagliostro admitted under the Inquisition that Freemasons were planning revolutions all across Europe according to Harun Yahya. The Jacobins involved in the Franch Revolution hated religion and wanted to organize a worship of “Reason” throughout France. The Bavarian government banned the Illuminati by 1784. People found collections of original papers and correspondence of the Illuminati were found at the houses of Zwack and Baron Bassus. In 1788, after the suppression of Illuminism in Bavaria, Karl Bahrdt and Baron von Knigge attempted to revive it under the name of the German Union (according to the book, "The History of Germany" by Wolfgang Menzel), which soon came to control the book selling and publishing business in the German lands. However, it was not until 1810 that the Order was revived in what is now Germany, this time under the name of the Tugendbund. The League of the Just is another offshoot of the Bavarian Illuminati that according to authors commissioned Karl Marx to write the Communist Manifesto in 1848. The League changed its named after that into the Communist League. As James H. Billington, a respected scholar, who is now the Librarian of Congress, illustrates in his exhaustively documented 1980 study called "Fire in the Minds of Men: The Origins of the Revolutionary Faith," it is from “Bavarian Illuminism” that “the modern revolutionary tradition” descends. Billington believes that the Revolutionary mindset (like fire in the minds of men) that has been related to the revolutionary components of the Bavarian Illuminati influenced Fabian Socialism, Bolshevism, other Utopian movements, and other movements. Many of these Revolutions were created by these secret orders like Freemasonry, the Jesuits, etc. The Revolutionary spirit seeks to revive the time of what esoterics believe was the Golden Age (or the time of Atlantis. That Golden Age was and is embraced by the occult Mysteries openly. The recreation of Lost Atlantis has been promoted by occultists for centuries. According to Fritz Springmeier, this Golden Age consists of a socialist communistic type of Utopia). According to one source:

“…The epic of King Arthur is the story of a creation of a terrestrial paradise, a paradise that was destroyed by sin. It is also a story of a longed-for redemption, the hope that some miracle could restore the

Perfect World that [Lucifer's] Sin had destroyed….” -The Grail Code p. 32

Secret Societies exist now. Washington D.C.'s Capitol building is even possessed of a Masonic cornerstone via a Masonic rituals. In Freemasonry, Jah-Bul-ON is praised as the "Lost Word" or a secret name of God in the Royal Arch Degree. The problem is that Bul comes from Ba'al and On is the name of Osiris (these names aren't related to Almighty God at all). A 3 headed deity is blasphemous for a Christian to worship. Some in Masonry deny that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God and accept human godhood. J.D. Buck, M.D., another Masonic writer of

importance, in his book Symbolism of Mystic Masonry wrote in Pg. 57 that: "In the early Church as in the secret doctrine, there was not one Christ for the world but a potential Christ in every man. Theologians first made a fetish of the impersonal, Omnipresent divinity; and then tore the Christos from the hearts of all humanity in order to Deify Jesus; that they might have a God-Man particularly their own." Hiram Abiff in Masonry has a Mystery Religion according to Freemason W. L. Wilmshusrt: “…It matters nothing whether the prototype be one whose historic actuality and identity can be demonstrated, or whether he can be regarded only as legendary or mythical; the point being not to teach a merely historical fact, but to enforce a spiritual principle. In Egypt the prototype was Osiris, who was slain by his malignant brother Typhon, but whose mangled limbs were collected in a coffer from which he emerged reintegrated and divinized. In Greece the prototype was Bacchus, who was torn to pieces by the Titans. Baldur in Scandinavia and Mithra in Græco-Roman Europe were similar prototypes. In Masonry the prototype is Hiram Abiff, who met his death as the result

of a conspiracy by a crowd of workmen of whom there were three principal ruffians….” (The Meaning of Masonry, by W.L. Wilmshurst, [1922], Chapter IV: The Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem). We know Masonry is based of secrecy and using deception unto
Blue Lodge. A 32nd Degree Freemason Ralph Anderson admits that the hidden symbolism of Masonry exists:

"...Masonry may be defined as a system of symbols, a collection of allegories, and a pictorial form which veils and hides a truth so general and universal that man cannot live without it. An allegory is a story which is susceptible of Two meanings; and Outer One which captivates the fancy and engrosses the attention, and an Inner One which conveys to initiate some basic, cosmic and human truth by which a man hides or veils and inner spiritual reality. The Masonic Temple work abounds with such symbols, and through them is Revealed to the intelligent Mason the story of his own progress and also the history of the race of men..." (Arcana Workshops, A New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and of Cognate Instituted Mysteries: Their Rites, Literature and History, pp. 3-4; The Spirit of Masonry, Kent, England: Lucis [originally named Lucifer, but was changed because of public pressure], Press Limited, 1957, pp. 28-29). 33rd Degree Freemason Albert Pike believes that only the high level Masons have a right to know all of the real secrets of Freemasonry:

“…The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explanation is reserved for the Adepts, the [true] Princes of Masonry…” -Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma; Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, p. 819

The Merovingians and the Knights Templar
The Merovingians come from the Salian Franks. These Franks lived in the coastal areas above the Rhine in the Northern Netherlands. The Franks in general came about as Germanic peoples, especially form the 200's A.D. The Salian Franks or the Salii conquered Gaul later on. Acting as a loose confederation, they negotiated with Roman authority. They formed Salic Law to promote family bonds and decreed that an individual has no right to protection in the case he is not part of a family. The Salian Frank Chlodio expanded their territory into northern France by the 420's A.D. Childeric expanded their territory further and Clovis I was the first major Merovingian King. He lived from ca. 466 A.D. to 511 A.D. He converted to Catholic Christianity. Clovis I is credited with unifying the nation of France or what was once Gaul. His son Theuderic, Choldomer, Childerbert, and Clotaire after his death ruled separate political units in the Kingdoms of Rheims, Orleans, Paris, and Soissons. His Merovingian dynasty ceased in 751 A.D. Pepin the Short replaced Childeric III to start up the Carolingian monarchy. The greatest Carolingian monarch was Charlemagne, who was crowned Emperor by Pope Leo III at Rome in 800. Charlemange tried to promoted literacy and education in his Empire. Typically in this dynasty sons ruled after their fathers died. The Carolingians were the first dynasty to rule Germany and were related by marriage to all the others. The Carolingians were Franks. Frankish Kingdoms had a hierarchy that was similar to feudalism. Immediately beneath the Frankish king in the military hierarchy were the leudes or sworn followers of the king. They could be Gallo-Romans or Franks, laymen or clergy. As time went on the Kings of France were related to Kings all over Europe (like England, Spain, Germany, Italy, etc.). For example, Huge Capet is the son of the Duke of France and his mother was Hedwige of Saxony (she was the daughter of German King Henry the Fowler). Some occultists have found Druid connections with Freemasonry. The Druid Circle of Universal Bond is a famous modern Druid group. Druidism influenced Freemasonry on many levels. Both Wicca and Masonry have 3 degrees of initiation first, each have a sharp instrument on the chest in new members, both have the love of occult symbolism, each say "So mote it be," and each have a Grand Master in their Lodge or coven.

The Knights Templars had many Merovingians in them. The Knights Templar’s overt goal was to protect pilgrims and become international bankers. Their covert goal was to rule the Earth for the Pope in

Solomon’s Temple. Ironically, Freemasonry would desire the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple to this very day.
The Knights Temple lived in Western Europe mostly. Even back then, Althurian stories and Grail legends were commonplace in Europe. Gildas, who was a 6th century monk, work about King Arthur. The 9th century author, Nennius, believed to be a more credible source of British history, published 'the Historia Brittonum' where he mentions King Arthur's twelve battles, and links the winning of the battle at Badon Hill to King Arthur "who killed 940 Saxons in one day." The Holy Grail has many meanings from the chalice that Jesus Christ supposedly drunk from during the Last Supper, wisdom, the lapis exillis (or the stone from Lucifer’s crown falling into Earth according to 33rd Degree Freemason Manly P. Hall), and the sacred feminine. Some believe that the King Arthur story is a representation of the prelude to the arrival of the Antichrist. The reason is that in legend, Arthur was to return in the future to set the world right. The Antichrist will claim to be set the world correct again, but he is a grave deceiver. The Scottish House of Stuart has a famous history. The House of Stuart is a famous European royal House. It was founded by Robert II of Scotland. The Stewarts became monarchs of the Kingdom of Scotland in the late 14th century. Their ancestors are from Brittany and they held the title of High Steward of Scotland since the 12th century. Their ancestor Alan FitzFlaad came to Great Britain from Brittany a little after the Norman conquest. This was after arriving by route of Norman England. Some believe that Alan was a Breton or Norman. He was in a good relationship with the ruling House of Normandy monarchy Henry I of England. It was the great-grandson of Alan named Walter FitzAlan who became the first hereditary High Steward of Scotland, while his brother William's family would go on to become Earls of Arundel. They acquired tons of land in the 1600's from the British Isles, Ireland, and some claims in the Kingdom of France. In total, nine Stuart monarchs ruled just Scotland from 1371 until 1603. After this there was a Union of the Crowns under James VI & I who had become the senior genealogical claimant to all of the holdings of the extinct House of Tudor. Thus there were five Stuart monarchs who ruled both England and Scotland as well as Ireland (although the Stuart era was interrupted by an interregnum lasting from 1649-1660, as a result of the English Civil War). The most famous House of Stuart King was King James I of England. His mother was the controversial Mary, Queen of Scotland. King James was the King of England, and Ireland from 1603 to 1625. King James I wasn't perfect, but peace and low taxation existed in his reign. King James lived in the peak of the Jacobean Era. He authorized the existed of the King James Version of the Bible, which is a very accurate Bible to this day. It was published in 1611. There was a draft to create a new version of the Bible during the reign of Queen Elizabeth (who reigned from 1558 to 1603). The draft begins by saying that: “….An act for the

reducinge of diversities of Bibles now extant in the Englishe tongue to one setled vulgar translated from the originall."

After the Hampton Conference of January of 1604, the idea for the KJV was created. In the 2nd day of the Conference, Puritan Dr. John Rainolds (1549-1607) called for a new translation of the Bible. The creators of the KJV were extremely scholarly men. Dr. Lancelot Andrews help create the King James Bible. Dr. Andrews mastered 15 languages. Dr. William Bedwell was another translator of the KJV. He new Arabic manuscripts, he studied in Cambridge, and other things. He also began a Persian dictionary which is among Archbishop Laud's manuscripts, still preserved in the Bodleian Library at Oxford today. Dr. Miles Smith was an expert in Hebrew, Chaldee, Syriac, and Arabic. Dr. Smith went through the Greek and Latin early church leaders and made annotations on them all. Even John Bois was an expert in Hebrew and Greek. He studied at his father's knee, and at the age of 5, he read the whole Bible in Hebrew. He could write Hebrew in a clear and elegant style by age of six. Dr. William Goode was a translator at the translator committee. Goode was a scholar and knew German, French, Hebrew, and Greek. Mr. Goode in his sermon on the Last Supper (which was published by the Westiminster Reformed Press) said that “liquor is the devil’s drink of deception…” The KJV has also been called the Authorized version. Some of the modern Bible are blatantly error prone. Many of the modern translators like Wescott and Hort, Bruce Metzger, Cardinal Martini, and Eugene Nida held to apostate views that were heretical. Kenneth Taylor was a translator of the Living Bible Translation Committee. The NIV or the New International Version has been blatantly influenced by a Jesuit priest named Carlo M. Martini (who is a teacher of New Age ideas). Martini believes in a “Cosmic Christ“ and his universal presence in all religions. Like

New agers, he believe in the deificaiton of humans: “….The deification

which is the aim of all religious life takes place. During a recent trip to India I was struck by the yearning for the divine that pervades the whole of Hindu culture. It gives rise to extraordinary religious forms and extremely meaningful prayers. I wondered: What is authentic in this longing to fuse with the divine dominating the spirituality of hundreds of millions of human beings, so that they bear hardship, privation, exhausting pilgrimages, in search of this ecstasy?” (In The Thick Of His Ministry, Carlo M. Martini, page 42). There is a New Age connection to Freemasonry, since New Agers believe that Masons can assist in the development of the New Age in the world. New Ager Benjamin Crème admitted that: “…Through the Masonic tradition and certain esoteric groups, will come the process of initiation. In this coming age millions of people will take the first and second initiation through these transformed and purified institutions.” (Benjamin Crème, The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, pg. 84; The Tara Press, London, 1980). So, Crème wants the New Age tradition to use Freemasons to transform people in our generation to accept his teachings on the New Age Movement. The publishers of the Living Bible had to rewrite the Living Bible since Mr. Taylor

put profanity in that Bible. There are role models for religious people and all people. One is William Carey. Carey was born in poverty and he went into junior school. At age 12, Carey learned Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, and Dutch on his own. He launched Christian schools in Asia at Serampore, India. Carey even translated the Bible into 6 languages and the New Testament into 29 other languages. He inspired the British Parliament to permit missionary work or spreading the Gospel in India (which was once illegal). William Carey opposed slavery and boycotted sugar because sugar from the West Indies was produced with slave labor. He even supported the Americans in the War of Independence against Britain. Carey worked with others to get infanticide banned in India by 1802. He even fought against women being burned alive, child prostitution, slavery, and the caste system. He was a pioneer for freedom toward women and other human beings like those suffering from leprosy.

The death of Princess Diana has been extremely controversial. Some believe that it was an accident and others believe that he was murder by intelligence agencies like MI6 (or even Prince Philip) for her disapproval of her relationship with Dodi Fayed. Prince Philip is a known population control advocate and said bigoted comments before. “Lady Die” is a film by Chris Everard that is probably the best documentary on the view that Princess Diana was murdered. Her sons are Prince William and Harry. William is in the spotlight more as a member of the Order of the Garter like his father Prince Charles.

The House of Stuart ended its Monarchy in England, because people accused the Stuart of promoting Ecumenicalism with Rome. That is why the Glorious Revolution overthrew the pro-Catholic James II in favor of his son-in-law and his daughter, William and Mary. King James I on the other hand rejected the doctrines of the Vatican and especially the Jesuits. Compromises on religious liberty issues didn't exist in that time (in the 15th to 18th centuries) until well into the 19th century. The Jacobite Movement even supported the Stuart since some of the Stuarts were pro-Catholic. Today, the current British Royal family descends from the House of Stuart in the Count Palatine cadet branch of the House of Stuart. Princess Diana is known as related to the House of Stuart as well. Diana was the youngest daughter of John Spencer, Viscount Althorp, later the 8th Earl Spencer, and his first wife, Frances, Viscountess Althorp (formerly the Honourable Frances Burke Roche, and later Frances Shand Kydd). She was born at Park House, Sandringham in Norfolk, England on 1 July 1961 at 6.45 in the evening. She is a descendant of King James II of England and is a descendant of King Charles II of England. She is related to the Spencers (who are allies of the British Royal Family). On her mother's side, Diana was Irish and Scottish, as well as a descendant of American heiress Frances Work, her mother's grandmother and namesake, from whom the considerable Burke Roche fortune was derived. These groups have occult symbolism like the All Seeing Eye before the Bavarian Illuminati or Freemasonry were invented. Nicholas Hager's "The Secret Founding of America" exposed the Masonic/Rosicrucian links to some early Americans. Hager believed that the 1607 Jamestown settlement was an occult operation (and was apart of Sir Francis Bacon's plan to set up America as the New Atlantis). Today, the Merovingian bloodline in America and Europe are working in consort with the Vatican in promoting the European Union (which is nothing more than a brainchild of the European bloodlines and the Vatican in trying to create a reviled Roman Empire or an European superstate). Today, the EU is trying to get the Lisbon Treaty based in Ireland, which has components that blatantly violate the sovereignty of Ireland.

The Constantianian Order
There are other high level Vatican knighthoods that few know about. One is the Sacred Military

Constantinian Order of Saint George. Troy

was the first researcher who brought this information to the forefront in the alternative media. Its 2 major branches are the Franco-

Neapolitan branch and the Hispano-Neapolitan branch. According to Troy, their stated goal is to continue the war on terror to fight against Muslims (which they call “infidels“). The fight against Muslims, Jews, and Christians (especially if they are conservative) have been a real agenda of the new world order for centuries. Now, the leader of the Franco-Neapolitan branch is French Jesuit Albert Cardinal Vanhoye. The leader of the Hispano-Neapolitan branch is named Infante Carlos or the Duke of Calabria. There has always been big connection between high level Freemasonry and these very powerful Papal Knighthoods. For example, Prince Michael of Kent is the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons. Prince Michael is the Duke of Kent’s brother. The Duke of Kent is the head or the Grand Master of the UGLE. The Duke of Kent’s wife (Katherine) and their son Lord Nicholas Windsor are Roman Catholics. Michael’s wife is not only a Roman Catholic. She is the senior Dame of the British and Irish Delegation of the Franco-Neapolitan branch of the Constantinian Order. She is also a Dame of the SMOM within the Order’s British Association. Prince Michael of Kent is the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II of the UK (the Queen is apart of the Order of the Garter and the Sovereign of the Order of St. John. These group are high level British Royal orders). The Saxe-Coburg Gotha’s ancestor was Ernst II. Back then, Duke Ernst II was the protector and inheritor of Adam Weishaupt (who formed his Bavarian Illuminati group. The Illuminati wanted to use enlightenment principles to create an utopian new world order system. Weishaupt‘s group was banished by the Bavarian government in 1782). The Knights of Malta predate the Order of St. John. The Archbishop of Cantebury is even a Papal Knight of Francis I. Jacob Rothschild is the Knight of the Queen's Order of the British Empire and the Order of merit. The Queen defers to the Pope, so the Rothschilds are directly related to European Knighthoods (these Knighthoods are allies of the Papal Knights of Malta. Even Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush received the Knight of Malta award of the Order of Merit). Author F. Tupper Saussy in his

book, “Rulers of Evil” found that the Rothschilds bore the title of “Guardians of the Vatican Treasury.” Pat Buchannan is a famous Knight of Malta that worked with
someone that was apart of the CIA's Operation Mockingbird Program (this program was about the CIA controlling the US media). The Duke of Kent's brother, the Duke of Gloucester, is the Grand Prior of the Knights of St John (or Most Venerable Order of St John). He is also the First Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Lodge of Royal Arch Masons of England. The Pope defers to the Jesuit

Superior General. Even King Abdullah of Jordan was Jesuit trained from Georgetown University. 2 members of the House of Saud (with the names of Governor of Mecca Prince Khalid al Faisal & Prince Bandar bin Khalid) are members of the Papal Order of Francis I. The PLO opened their Vatican Office in 1994. There is the Jesuit-trained Shimon Peres with support of the Vatican as well. In 1993, Shimon Peres deeded the Temple Mount to the Vatican (after the Olso Accord). Shimon Peres has been knighted into the British Queen's Orders of Saints Michael & George.
Barry Chamish and other write assign Peres with the label of Sabbeteans, because they act in the interest of the Vatican more so than in the interest of regular Jewish people. In fact, it would be the same apostate Labor Zionists (who are mostly Ashkenazi Jewish people) that aided Hitler’s Nazi Empire during WWII, they harmed Sephardic Jewish children with dangerous radiation, and they still hold mighty influence in Israel today. Numerous leaders in Israel are notorious Freemasons (ironically, Freemasonry respects the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah is a Mystery school teaching that the Torah have hidden codes. Some of the dogma of the Kabbalah originated from ancient Babylon. That is why that there are similarities between Romanism and the ancient Babylonian religion), not only allies of Papal Knighthood. Hence, these Jewish and Arabic puppets are subservient to the Vatican, while the Middle East is in chaos right now. These puppets (both Jewish & Arabic human beings) are utilized to facilitate the new world order (whose headquarters is desired to be in the Middle East among many individuals). He had ties with Le Cerle and was involved in various CIA coups (in Iran

at 1953, in Brazil in 1964, and in Chile in 1973). He would meet with John Paul II and Vernon would support the overthrow of the Sandinista government of Honduras. He spoke fluent languages of German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and Chinese. He was an aide of Pilgrim Society member Averell Harriman. Lord Inge is the President of the Pilgrim Society (Inge is member of the Privy Council and the Order of the Garter). Inge is the non-executive chairman of the mercenary firm Aegis Defence Services. Aegis has been awarded a $293 million contract for Iraq in 2004. In 2004 he was made a Privy Councillor. Walters attended Pan American conferences. The Pilgrim Society is a very powerful order that rules much of the Anglo-American establishment. It was created in 1902 .Queen Elizabeth II is the Patroness of world Freemasonry and the patron of the Pilgrim Society as well. He was a co-founder of the secret group called 61. He was a great promoter of the Cold War hysteria (when both sides were funded by the same people in the Vatican, the Pilgrim Society international bankers, and the rest of the global elite). Papal agents Tony Blair and Hugo Chavez have called for a new world order as well. Hugo Chavez
is nothing more than a pro-Vatican “left wing” controlled opposition to the establishment like George W. Bush was definitely a pro-Vatican “neo-conservative” controlled opposition. When you eliminate the smokescreen, you see that the real players are found in the Vatican/Jesuit network (with their Knighthoods, etc.) and various elite bloodlines spanning thousands of years (from ancient Babylon & Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, the Merovingians, the Monarchs, and today). That is why over a dozen Presidents (even the current President of Barack Obama) are related to European Royalty. There are also Vatican groups such as the Knights of Columbus, Opus Dei, the Order of St. George, the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, the House of Savoy's Order of Sts Maurice & Lazarus, the Teutonic Knights, and the Knights of St. Gregory with mighty power as well. For example, Roman Catholic and Knight of St. Gregory member Rupert Murdoch is the billionaire owner of News Corporation. He is the biggest media mogul in the planet Earth today. Even the Order of the Golden Fleece is still very potent now. The Queen is apart of the Saxe-Coburg Gotha family with family members being Roman Catholics.

This I.H.S. symbol is found in the Jesuit World Headquarters as found in Rome, Italy. This picture above is from the World Jesuit headquarters. On the top left and right parts of this image shows nests. According to the Eye of the Phoenix documentary, this nests shows a growing Phoenix. The Phoenix according to Manly P. Hall represents resurrection and a Christ-like figure. According to Chris Pinto, the Phoenix represents the false Christ of the new Aquarian Age.

These Papal Knighthoods as proven by Troy rule over many Jewish and Arabic leaders in the Middle East as well. For example, the Arabic man of Nadhmi Auchi is not only a Papal member of the Royal Order of Francis I. He is also an Iraqi-British billionare businessman man who is worth at least UK £2.15 billion. Mainstream newspapers claim that Auchi had links with Saddam Hussein’s old government. French President Nicolas Sarkozy has meet up with the Syrian President AlBasshad. Al-Basshad is another Knight of the Order of Francis I. Troy says that he is associated with the Constantinian Order. Ex-President of Lebanon Emile Lahood invested into the Vatican-loyal Constantinian Order (of the Franco-Neapolitan Branch).

Vernon Walters is a Roman Catholic Knight of Malta (including Jesuit educated from Stonyhurst College in the UK) and one of the most powerful American military leaders of the 20th century. He had ties with Le Cerle and was involved in various CIA coups (in Iran at 1953, in Brazil in 1964, and in Chile in 1973). He would meet with John Paul II and Vernon would support the overthrow of the Sandinista government of Honduras. He spoke fluent languages of German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and Chinese. He was an aide of Pilgrim Society member Averell Harriman. Lord Inge is the President of the Pilgrim Society (Inge is member of the Privy Council and the Order of the Garter). Inge is the non-executive chairman of the mercenary firm Aegis Defence Services. Aegis has been awarded a $293 million contract for Iraq in 2004. In 2004 he was made a Privy Councillor. Walters attended Pan American conferences. The Pilgrim Society is a very powerful order that rules much of the Anglo-American establishment. It was created in 1902 .Queen Elizabeth II is the Patroness of world Freemasonry and the patron of the Pilgrim Society as well. He was a co-founder of the secret group called 61. He was a great promoter of the Cold War hysteria (when both sides were funded by the same people in the Vatican, the Pilgrim Society international bankers, and the rest of the global elite).

Le Cerle is a famous Papal group that desires the building of a European continent. Henry Kissinger is working with Pope Benedict XVI to promote the new world order agenda. The Order of the Golden Fleece mainly is consisted of Royals from
around the globe (like King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, and SMOM King Juan Carlos of Spain). These organizations have links to world political power, world finance, world media, and other spheres of influence. Bill Clinton is a famous Jesuit-Georgetown University trained person. He was given the Rhodes Scholarship as well when Cecil Rhodes based his group upon the Jesuit Order. Others people refuse to expose the Pilgrim Society. Lord Inge is the President of the Pilgrim Society. The Chairman of the Pilgrim Society is Chairman is Sir Robert Worcester KBE

DL. Many of their leaders in times past were leaders of the Federal Reserve. Pilgrims today include Sandra Day O’Connor, David Rockefeller, Edmund Leopold Rothschild, Henry Kissinger, and Paul A. Volcker. The Order of the Garter is a British group whose members are chosen by Queen Elizabeth II. Today, the Chancellor of the Order of the Garter is the very powerful Peter Carrington since 1994. Carrington was a Bilderberg Chairman from 1990 to 1994. Their members include Prince Charles, Prince William, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, and others. In closing,

David Hunt wrote that: "Moreover, the pope has thousands of secret agents worldwide. They include Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, and others. The Vatican's Intelligence Service and its field resources are second to none." (A Woman Rides the Beast, Dave Hunt, (Eugene, Oregon: Harvest House Publishers, 1994) p. 87)

The Reece Committee exposed about the Technocracy (or the scientific control of society at the expense of liberty). Technocracy is about social engineering by the state. The ruling class who support technocracy believe that the common person can't rule themselves and an elite class

of people must control the masses. Throughout human elite, this conflict of control have existed. In other words, one part of the technocracy is allowing the state to use social scientists to manipulate and control societies (via using Foundations to control our educational systems). The General Education Board which is a pro-Rockefeller Foundation), Fred Gates admitted in 1904 that his agenda was to maintain a docile population not improve society. Fred Gates said that: "...In our dreams, we have limitless resources and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present educational conventions fade form our minds, and unhampered by traditions, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk! We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into Philosophers or men of learning, or men of science. We have not to raise up form among them authors, editors, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians, nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of whom we have an ample supply." These foundations admit that certain social engineers are intentionally dumbing down the education of Americans (Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt wrote a book about this issue). Unfortunately, some view public education as a means to indoctrinate children to the state's perspective with the claim they should control their lives instead of a child's parents. John Taylor Gatto is an expert and he saw the problems in the mainstream educational system. "The Underground History of American Education" is the sum of Gatto's research. The Behavioral Science Teach Education Study was created in 1969 (and it was funded by the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare). It describes much of what is happening now in 2009. It says that in the future, political choices will be limited, people in America will be more hedonistic (who are conditioned to get bread and circuses to keep social dissension and disruption to a minimum), and a small elite will pretty much dictate the lives of American society. The study predicted that in the future, few individuals will be able to maintain control over their opinion. Most will be pawns of competing opinion molders according to the 1969 study as well. Ironically, wealthy elitists (especially the Rockefeller family using foundations to fund social scientists as early as the 1920's) have used social scientists to get that study's predictions fulfilled. That is that the Reece Committee (Norman Dodd was apart of this Committee in 1953 as a researcher) exposed how tax-exempt foundations influence propaganda, international affairs, and education in the world.The Reece Committee in 1954 produced its findings about the influence of tax-exempt foundations in the field of education. It was chaired by Carroll B. Reece. The reports briefly mentions their influence in the field of politics, propaganda, social sciences, and international affairs (These groups include the Rockefeller, Ford, and Carnegie Foundations). Of course, the mainstream media and John D. Rockefeller the 3rd smeared the Reece Committee as totally inaccurate. Yet, especially in the 21st century the Committee was closer to the truth than what the Rockefeller would have people believe. The Committee found that these foundations and those controlling them wanted to create world governance via the use of propaganda and social engineering. They proved this by citing the President's Commission on Higher Education, which was published in 1947. This President's Committee found that the goal of social engineering programs were apart of the elite agenda to have world government (which the President's Committee was in favor of). In 1932, the president of the cited report states, "In speed of transportation and communication and in economic interdependence, the nations of the globe are already one world; the task is to secure recognition and acceptance of this oneness in the thinking of the people, as that the concept of one world may be realized psychologically, socially and in good time politically. It is this task in particular that challenges our scholars and teachers to lead the way toward a new way of thinking. There is an urgent need for a program for world citizenship that can be made a part of every person's general education. It will take social science and social engineering to solve the problems of human relations. Our people must learn to respect the need for special knowledge and technical training in this field as they have come to defer to the expert in physics, chemistry, medicine, and other sciences." [emphasis added] (p. 483) Rockefeller Foundation, Max Mason, stated that "The social sciences... will concern

themselves with the rationalization of social control..." Rene A. Wormser is the author of the book called, "Foundations: Their Power and Influence." He served as counsel for the Committee. He believes that interlocking arrangement of foundations and agencies would be dangerous in society. The Reece Committee exposed how the CFR is involved in the Rockefeller Foundation's promotion of social sciences. John D. Rockefeller the 3rd denies promoting world government. He's a liar since John Rockefeller recently in his 2005 Memoirs recently supported a one world entity. If there is any doubt as to the Rockefeller family commitment to globalism and world government, take a look at the words of David Rockefeller on page 405 of his Memoirs, "Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

The Jesuit/Masonry connection
Today, one lie being promoting in the alternative media is that there are no connections between the Vatican and Freemasonry. That's a lie for many reasons. Many Catholics then and now have been Freemasons. Morin (who is an innovator of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry) is a Roman Catholic. High level Freemason King Frederick of Prussia harbored the Jesuits in the late 1700's. Both the Vatican and Masonry have components (from the mass, the mitre, the Double headed eagle, the Consitutions of the Masons plus the Jesuits, the occultism, etc.) come from the same ancient Babylonian Mysteries that is so commonly found in today's New Age Movement. Ironically, HP Blavatsky wrote that: "It is curious to note too that most of the

bodies which work these, such as the Ancient and Accepted Scotish Rite, the Rite of

Avignon, the Order of the Temple, Fesslor's Rite, the 'Grand Council of the Emperors of the East and West Sovereign Prince Masons', ect., etc., are nearly all offsprings of the sons of Ignatius Loyola. The Baron Hundt, Chevalier Ramsey, Tschoudy, Zinnendorf, and numerous others, who founded the grades in these rites, worked under instructions from the General of the Jesuits...." (Isis Unveiled, H.P.Blavatsky, (Los Angeles, Ca: The Theosohy Company, 1968; org published in 1977). p. 390). If there was no connection, why would Jesuit Edmund
Walsh become friends with 33rd Degree Freemason Douglas MacArthur. Why would the Jesuits work with many Freemasons to construct Vatican II. If the Masons and Jesuits weren't allies, Walsh would have nothing to do with MacArthur at all since he was very intelligence to realize that he was a Mason. During the French Revolution, Freemason Voltaire was a friend of the Jesuit Poree. The Jesuits were key in agitating the French Revolution and educating some of the leading Revolutionaries. 33rd Degree Freemason Robert Schuller is one of the biggest allies and supporters of the Vatican including the Jesuit Order today. Both the Jesuits and Freemasons have a Constitution , both historically were involved in Revolutions, both have ties to the international bankers, both have occult symbolism from skulls to owls, both groups have similar logos (from the INRI, etc.), both claim to be biblical (but they dogma including their actions exposes them as unbiblical), both have military titles in their leadership (like General and Grand Commander), and both are related to the ancient Mysteries from the ancient world. The truth is that the highest levels of these organizations collaborate in attempting to create the new world order. The Jesuit's influence far extend beyond the 19th century as this forum and other places have exposed. Both cliques ought to be exposed without any reservations at all. Not to mention that legitimate dissent with Romanist false doctrines have nothing to do with bigotry. Catholic Churches regularly have the Double headed Eagle and even the All Seeing Eye. These emblems are from Masonry. Freemasons (like Robert Schuller) and the Jesuits regularly promote the prophetic doctrine of Jesuit futurism. Jesuit futurism was created by the Jesuit Francisco Ribera in his 1585 page commentary on the book of Revelation. He died soon in 1591. Jesuit futurism (which was loved by Jesuit priest Manuel De Lacunza) is the belief that there is a pre-rapture tribulation with the Antichrist coming to rule in 7 years. The heresy of Preterism also was created by the Jesuit priest named Alcasar. Preterism is the lie that most if not all prophecies of the Bible are fulfilled by 70 A.D. (with Nero being the Antichrist), except for the coming of Jesus Christ. This is easily refuted since the Gospel isn’t preached to all humans yet, there is no Antichrist ruling the whole world according to Revelation 13:7, the fig tree or Israel wasn’t an independent nation back in 70 A.D., and there is not a great Tribulation now that risks the whole Earth‘s existence as said by Jesus Christ from Matthew 24:22. Now, Preterism is used as an

excuse to be complacent and other New Agers (in the mean time) like Preterist Benjamin Crème are promoting their false Maitreya false Christ. This false Christ is
taught to be the Christ for all people and religions, but he isn‘t. The Scriptures and many in the early Chruch taught the Antichrist will exist and the Church will be in the Tribulation (to be raptured at the end of it). In our generation, Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled all of the time. It’s a great time to be alive, but we certainly have a responsibility to repent and follow God’s will.

This is an old drawing describing the Jesuit Order. Notice that there is a double headed eagle (or the Phoenix) close the top of the drawing. Masonry accepts the Eagle motiff as well. There are letters of HOROSCOPIVM CATHO LICVM SOCIET. IRSV SICVT OLIVA FRV CTIFERAIN DOMO DEI on the image. It celebrates the 100th year anniversary of the invention of the Order of the Jesuits in 1640.

Both the Vatican and Freemasonry use the letters of INRI on their logos. The Masonic leader Napoleon III even worked with the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church when he was the head of the French government. These real disinformationists ignore that the Vatican, the Jesuits, the SMOMs, the Constantinian Order, and other various Papal Knighthoods (including the Pilgrim Society, the Knights of St. John, Le Cerle, etc.) have far superior geo-political power than the Labor Zionists (even though the Labor Zionists have been involved in evil.

Some of them are linked with the Vatican as proven by Barry Chamish and others). Now, this along with the Jesuits today had a headquarters with an Italian Scottish Rite Lodge (among other links) prove conclusively a Vatican/Masonic link. The Masonic link of,+Marples+04-06.pdf

cites the following:

"....On August 27, 1761, a man by the name of Etienne (Stephen) Morin was issued a patent, supposedly, by two competing French Grand Lodges permitting him to confer the Blue Lodge degrees and with some provisions in that patent authorized by a French Grand Consistory also charged him to spread and multiply the degrees of the "Rite of Perfection," and "to create Inspectors in all places where the degrees were not yet established." Some historians have asserted that Morin was Jewish; however the late Henry C. Clausen, 33° states that Morin was Roman Catholic as were most of these , French Masons. Inspector Morin's authority was cancelled by the Grand Lodge of France on August 17, 1766. He died in Jamaica, in 1771...." The German Noble and ex-Jesuit mentioned that:

“…The Jesuit Order, therefore, stands before us as the embodiment of a system which aims at temporal political domination through temporal political means, embellished by religion, which assigns to the head of the Catholic religion - the Roman Pope - the role of a temporal overlord, and under shelter of the Pope-King, and using him as an instrument, desires itself to attain the dominion over the whole world." (Fourth Years a Jesuit, Count von Hoensbroech, translated by Alice Zimmern,) New York. Cassell and Company, Ltd., 1911) Vol. II, p. 430). The Late Rev. Alexander Hislop related the following on Masonry: "It is admitted that the secret system of Freemasonry was originally founded on the Mysteries of the Egyptian Isis, the goddess-mother, or wife of Osiris. But what could have led to the union of a Masonic body with these Mysteries, had they not had particular reference to architecture, and had the god who was worshiped in them not been celebrated for his success in perfecting the arts of fortification and building? Now, if such were the case, considering the relation in which, as we have already seen, Egypt stood to Babylon, who would naturally be looked up to there as the great patron of the Masonic art?"

The Protocols of Elders of Zion hoax
Texe Marrs supports the palgarized "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" as an excuse to blame Jewish people collectively for the evils in the world. He sells the Protocols as a book to buy in his website. I believe in free speech, but him promoting that book outlines his character. A number of researchers and authors have all categorized it as a “FORGERY." Here is how the Steigers sum up “The Protocols” on page 374 of their 539-page paperback book “Conspiracies and Secret Societies: The Complete Dossier” (2006; Visible Ink Press): “‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’, it would seem, is an amalgam of PLAGIARIZED political pamphlets, FICTIONAL documents, and various inflammatory works – many of which in their original context did NOT even concern themselves with Jews but were attacks on JESUITS.” (All emphasis is mine.) On page 372 of the same book they state: “In the opinions of some researchers, ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ may truly be the ‘Mother of All Anti-Semite Conspiracies’. No matter how often the work is proved to be a FORGERY, some conspiracy theorists will continue to cite the ‘Protocols’ as proof that an international group of Jewish bankers is plotting to take over the world.” Brrad and Sherry Steiger wrote about Liberty Lobby and the old Spotlight newspaper (which promotes anti-Semitism). The Protocols have been exploited by the Nazis as an excuse to commit genocide against about 6 million Jewish people during the Holocaust. Also, thousands of Jewish people were persecuted or killed in Tsarist Russia because of these Protocols. In the early 20th century, the Russian Tsar's secret police or the Okhrana formed the Protocols. This hoax accused Jewish people of running governments in Europe and America in order to form their world government plan. The

Protocols classified Jewish elders as represented themselves as evil in the document, and explained to each other how they were going to destroy ‘Gentile [read: Christian] civilization.’ The Tsar's people wanted to prevent a Revolution since the poor in Russia lived harshly. It became a best seller in Europe and America despite it being a hoax. in 1921 Phillip Graves from the Times of London published a front-page demonstration that it was a cut-and-paste job from three works of fiction, but especially from Maurice Joly’s Dialogues in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu. Joly's book

was a political analysis of Napoleon III’s repressive regime that had absolutely nothing to do with Jews, one way or another. In order to show this, Graves put excerpts from Joly’s Dialogues in Hell and from The Protocols side by side so that readers of the Times could see that they were practically identical. The Protocols
contradicted themselves since how are they going to promote capitalism and want to destroy it. Also, if only Jewish people were in on world government, why did they stop the savagery of the Russian pogroms and the Nazi's Final Solution. This is similar to the slander of Jewish people being implicated in the Black Death (during the Middle Ages) and them being slaughtered for it. The Black Death was a plague epidemic originating probably in Central Asia which then spread to China, India, Egypt, all of Asia Minor, and reached Europe by 1346 or so. Texe Marrs even supports the words of the bigot Mahathir Mohammed, the former prime minister of Malaysia saying that Jewish people invented human rights and democracy (plus that Jews rule the world by proxy). The fact is that there is nothing wrong with human rights and equality at all. The old Tsarist hoax, The Protocols of Zion, is a bestseller in the Muslim world (and elsewhere) today. Consider only that state-owned Egyptian TV recently created a 40-part series entitled Horseman Without a Horse that has been viewed all over the world, and which is a dramatization of The Protocols of Zion.

The Drefyus Affair framing
There is the Dreyfus Affair. Alfred Dreyfus was convicted in 1894. This affair was that an innocent Jewish Captain named Alfred Dreyfus was falsely accused of treason in France. He was jailed in an

island for a long time and then his name was cleared. He was imprisoned in Devil's Island, which was a dangerous, horrible location. Eric Jon Phelps said that The Assumptionists and the Jesuits were involved in agitating the Dreyfus Affair to promote anti-Jewish sentiments in Europe. Now, according to Eric Jon Phelps and other sources, the Jesuits were definitely involved in the Franco-Prussian war of the 1800’s. That’s true. Since, "The Affair" deeply divided the country into Dreyfusards (supporters of Dreyfus) and anti-Dreyfusards. Generally speaking, royalists, conservatives and the Catholic Church (the "right wing") were anti-Dreyfusards, while Dreyfusards were socialists, republicans and anticlericalists, though there were exceptions. Edmond Paris' book about the Jesuits conclusively prove that the Jesuits agitated anti-Semitism as an excuse to convict the innocent man of Alfred Drefyus. The "Civilta Cattolica", which is the Jesuits' official publication, under the article title of "Il caso Dreyfus" pretty much bashed Jewish people in a hardcore anti-Semitic way (This article even called for Jewish people to be sent away from various European nations). This injustice lead to the strengthening of the modern Zionist movement. The lesson is here is that anti-Semitism

is wrong and what happened to Alfred Dreyfus was of course a grave injustice in our society. The hatred of Jewish people is Satanic and the elite want us to hate Jewish people (including Israel). Well, I won’t hate Jewish people or Israel. I will love all human beings equally.

The Boule
The Boule is a Secret Society. It’s apart of the Black Elite of the establishment. The Boule has been very popular in discussion among the alternative media. The Boule in its history tries to control the growth of the black community. The Boule is also called the Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity. Many of its founders were Prince Hall Freemasons or have Masonic affiliations. Freemasonry is a famous Secret Society that was modernized in 1717 in the Grand Lodge. They have death oaths, they embrace the concepts from the Mystery Schools, and they work with people who worship false gods. The Blue Degrees of Masonry are the lower degrees from 1 to 3. The higher Degrees are from 4 to 33 in the Scottish Rite and to 13 in the York Rite. There are tons of forms of Freemasonry worldwide from the Grand Orient, Memphis-Mizraim (with 90 degrees), etc. Famous Freemasons throughout history

include Edwin E. Aldrin, Louis Armstrong, Neil Armstrong, Gene Autry, Catholic Jesuit preist who started Masonry in Costa Rica Francisco Calvo, Jak Dempsey, King Edward VII, John Wayne, and others. Now, like the Boule, Freemasonry vets their candidates before a person joins their organizaiton. Therefore, I wanted to create a simplistic, yet hard hitting mention of this mysterious organization. These black men try to stir the black community into their direction of globalization, compromise, and control. Black Freemason Zachary P. Gremillion wrote a book entitled "African Origins of Freemasonry." In the book on page 167, he wrote that: "...founders of nine Black Greek Fraternities and Sororities were Freemasons and Eastern Stars...Alpha Phi Alpha first initiation was held in a Masonic Lodge." The Boule can pose as Freedom Fighters during the Civil Rights era, but they promote submission unto the elite. The Boule work with the same factions that promote the new world order. The Boule (as Sigma Pi Phi ) was created by

Dr. Henry Minton and others in was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on May 15, 1904. Sigma Pi Phi is generally considered to be the first African-American Greeklettered organization. He joined the Alpha Phi Alpha. Alpha Phi Alpha was the first collegiate African American fraternity being founded in December 4, 1906. Alpha Phi Alpha has tons of black doctors, lawyers, politicans, scientists, and other leaders of the black community then and now. Hinton invited 5 of his colleagues to create the Boule.
Their names were Dr. Eugene T. Henson, Edwin Clarence Howard, Dr. Algernon Brashear Jackson, Robert Jones Abele and Richard John Warrick. This occurred in Philadelphia. They desired to create a social organization that would: “bring together a select group of men with a minimum degree of superior education and culture-men who were congenial, tolerant, and hospitable.” Minton was educated and married into the Wormley family of

Washington, D.C. Minton was responsible for opening the first 2 hospitals in Philadelphia called Douglass and Mercy. In ancient Greece there were the Solonian and Athenian Boule cliques. The Athenian Boule, with its distinctive advisory function, is thought to have been established by the archon Solon in 594 BC. Originally it was made up of 400 men, 100 from each of the four traditional tribes of
Athens. The Boule was a council of citizens that was appointed daily to run affairs of the city in ancient Greece. The Boule once advised the King. Later, hereditary Boule cliques formed. The Boule today is known as Sigma Phi Phi. Steve Cokely is a leading black researcher of the Boule. Steve tells a lot of things that are true, but is caught up in anti-Semitic rhetoric at times. To recall, the Boule extended itself into 4 black fraternities and 4 black sororites. These fraternities are:

Alpha Phi Alpha: This fraternity has many well known African American figures.

The Great Sphinx of Giza was the original logo of the Fraternity. They used ancient Egyptian motiff, because they wanted to represent their African heritage including relations to Ethiopian tradition according to Alpha Phi Alpha member Charles H. Wesley. Its famous members are Jamaican Premier and Rhodes Scholar Norman Manley, WEB DuBois, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Paul Robeson, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. U.S. Vice President ironically Hubert Humphrey, Olympian Jesse Owen, Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young, and Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson. It was formed in the campus of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York in December 4th, 1906 as the first intercollegiate fraternity established by African Americans. The crest is a symbol of European Knighthood.

-Kappa Alpha Psi-The shield has a handsign that looks very Masonic, an arm holding spear, and Greek letters. This fraternity was created in January 5, 1911 at Indiana University Bloomington. It's mostly African America, but includes people of other backgrounds as well. It has chapters in America, the UK, Germany, the Caribbean, South Nigeria, Korea, and other places. It's known for cane stepping or step show celebration. It's the first mostly black American Greek letter society that was founded west of the Appalachian Mountains being still in existence. The group rejects hazing, but it still goes on in the GLO world.

-Omega Psi Phi-This fraternity was crated in November 17, 1911 at Howard University in Washingotn D.C. Its founders were three undergraduate students and one faculty advisor. The founders were Howard University juniors Edgar Amos Love, Oscar James Cooper and Frank Coleman. The first faculty advisor of the fraternity was Dr. Ernest Everett Just, who early on was accorded the status of founder by the three undergraduates. This group has many programs and chapters nationwide. Its member list include many prominent figures in black history like Roy Wilkins, Freemason NAACP head Benjamin Hooks, Vernon Jordan, Freemason Jesse Jackson. ex-Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder, MIchael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Richard Aitken, and even Vince Carter. It's apart of the NPHC or the National PanHellenic Council. It's coat of harms has wreath, a Knight's help, and swords spreading around it. It has a star, Greek letters, and other images.

-Phi Beta Sigma-This fraternity is based in Howard University. It was created in January 9, 1914. On hand sign of the Phi Beta Sigma is the horned Il Canuto handsign. That sign is famous among globalists, occultists, and people claiming to “rebel.” Yet, it’s a emblem of being enclosed in the maze of confirmation and brainwashing ideals.

These sororoties in the Boule are:

- Alpha Kappa Alpha- AKA was the first and the most famous of the black sororities. Alpha Kappa Alpa call themselves a moral organization for women to join. Their coat of arms have the Greek mythological Titan Atlas holding up the world. The Bible on the other hand says that the Earth is of the Lord's and the fullness thereof. Also, Job 26:7 says that God holds the Earth on nothing. Altas hence represents the lies that the ancient Greeks believed in. Atlas was punished for his rebellion. The scales of justice is present in the logo of AKA as well. The origin of the Goddess of Justice goes back to antiquity. She was referred to as Ma'at by the ancient Egyptians and was often depicted carrying a sword with an ostrich feather in her hair (but no scales) to symbolize truth and justice. The term magistrate is derived from Ma'at because she assisted Osiris in the judgment of the dead by weighing their hearts. She is called Themis to the ancient Greeks. They (or the AKAs) are quoted as saying: "...To thee O Alpha Kappa Alpha! We pledge our hearts, our minds our strength. To foster their teachings, obey thy Laws and make thee supreme in service to all mankind" (from pg. 39 of their ritual book). Page 5 of the Ritual Book- “I think I shall never know another love that thrills me so, Dwells in my heart by night by day, as does my love for A.K.A.” The Bible is clear that we should love God beyond a sorority. There are other parts of the AKA ritual book on page 18 with sick praise of the sorority as the source of all delights, happiness, etc. Alpha Kappa Alpha is associated with Qadesh or Qetesh. Qetesh is actually a Semitic nature goddess, not necessarily Egyptian. Now, Faye Wattleton is the famous once 14 year President of the murderous Planned Parenthood group. Faye is an AKA woman, who is responsible for the millions of babies being murdered. Faye received the 1986 American Humanist Award. She received other accolades, so Faye Wattleton is a woman of the establishment.

-Delta Sigma Theta-Of course Delta Sigma Theta praises Minerva, which is the goddess of Wisdom (It's symbolized with as an owl also. Minerva is also called Athena and Isis). Minerva is on the Delta Sigma Theta's coat of arms. Delta Sigma Theta Inc. The Grand Chapter, Membership Intake Program from 1990 from pg. 106 admitted that: "...That is why Minerva the goddess of wisdom is our sorority mentor..." I will never embrace a false goddess as a mentor at all. Hence, the false goddess of Minerva overshadows Delta Sigma Theta. Mary Church Terrell assisted in the formation of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority at Howard University in 1914, accepted honorary membership, and wrote the Delta Creed. Mary Church Terrell did many good things like protesting against forced segregation of businesses. She was especially close to Frederick Douglass and worked with him on several civil rights campaigns. Mary Terrell worked in the suffrage movement to give women the right to women (as found in the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. She was active in the Republican Party. His father Robert Church was the first black millionaire overtly in America who lived in Memphis). Her husband Robert H. Terrell became the Grand Master of the Washington, D.C. Prince Hall Lodge in 1895. There is nothing wrong with helping people, but there is something wrong with being in the Prince Hall of Freemasonry. In 1940, she wrote her autobiography, A Colored Woman In A White World. She lived a long life form 1863 to 1954 at age 90 (2 months after the 1954 Supreme Court decision of Brown vs. the Board of Education, which ended school segregation of public schools). She studied in Europe for two years, where she became fluent in French, German, and Italian. This doesn’t justify the Delta’s rituals, but it’s background on a person’s history. So, these groups are selective on who they pick.

-Zeta Phi Beta

-Sigma Gamma Rho-Ex-Sorority member (of Sigma Gamma Rho) and Christian Helene Previl gave her story to another Christian named David Williams. Previl is an expert since she was apart of that fraternal culture in college. Helene was apart of Florida International University. She (or Helene) pledged in the sorority. A pledge is a person who has been accepted for membership in a fraternity (or similar group) and has promised to join, but this person hasn't been initiated yet. She even went into National Boule conferences. A Boule is a legislative council of advisors. Boule comes from the advisors to ancient Greek kings. Helene watched pagan Haitian voodoo rituals. Now, Helene said that she saw rituals performed as a soror that were similar to those done in the practice of voodoo. Voodoo is a powerful form of witchcraft. Most GLOs have oaths of secrecy that candidates do before they receive full entry (This is similar to Freemasonry definitely with their secret death oaths). Helene said that she was required to repeat their oath constantly. She said that those wearing a ΣΓΡ shirt who isn't a member can be sued (since it's a trademarked image). GLOs use a recruitment tool of partying, bonding, community activism, etc. as a means to get new members. Yet, these groups incorporate hazing and other sick, occult rituals. This is done behind the scenes including incantations. The pinning ceremony is about being a soror and wearing an object (along with holding candles. You have to wear all white, use prayer, say 1 Corinthians, etc.). There are false Greek gods mentioned in such GLOs, which is a violation of Exodus 20:4. Sigma Gamma Rho was created by 7 female school teachers. from November 12, 1922. They were from Indianapolis, Indiana. Of course, ΣΓΡ claims to be all about public service, a non-profit group, and they want to improve the quality of life inside of many communities. Each new members of ΣΓΡmust know of their history as well. Previl was once a leader in the ΣΓΡ Helene Previl defined a

sorority or fraternity as an organized group that is composed of pagan beliefs plus rituals. There logo or coast of arms is blatantly occultic and complex. There is the image of the cadaceus (coming from the Hermetic doctrine representing wisdom, medicine, and the equilibrium of opposites). There is the fasces, which relates to dominant control over a people. Fasces were embraced by the ancient Romans, the Nazis, and the American Congress in their Capitol building. There is a lamp, 2 stars, a flame, and a Skulls and cross bones. . Boulé history book, about why one of it’s founding member’s, Minton, (who also owned the first

wanted to create an organization which would partake in the tenants (basis, or root) of Skull & Bones at Yale.” Why would any black man would want to mimic the Skulls and Bones when their ilk was involved in the slave trade, secretive & wicked ceremonies, drug running, and aiding the Nazis. Even thousands of black people were murdered by the Nazis (who were funded by the Skulls and Bones like Bonesman Prescott Bush including Rockefeller’s Standard Oil One) during World War Two. That is a historical fact that few people know about. The Skulls and Bones are an
occult order that is an entry level group into the CFR, the Pilgrim Society, and the various Knighthoods (like the Knights of Malta, the Constantinian Order, Order of Francis I, etc.) that run most of the policies politically of the world. Skulls and Bones have a coffin ritual where individuals . In the Boule' history book, written by Charles H. Wesley, it also states,

black drugstore in the United States), wanted to create such an organization: “Minton

"...the Round Table can live through us!" That quote tells it all of the agenda of the Boule right there. What many don’t realize is that the Round Table was invented by Freemason Cecil Rhodes. Rhodes based his organization on the Order of the Jesuits. Very little is known about how the Boule functioned at this time and its existence has even been doubted. However, evidence for its existence is as secure as evidence for other sixth century institutions. The Boule today is a black Greek Secret Society that was based upon the Skulls and Bones Secret Society of Yale University. Charles H. Wesley, a Boulé member, wrote on page 28 of his of the logos of the Nazis was the skulls and crossbones confess their sexual secrets. The Skulls and Bones have been complicit in the funding of the Nazis, the Opium trade of the 19th century, the Manhattan Project, and other wicked endeavors. The Skulls and Bones is nicknamed the Brotherhood of Death. Charles Wesley had written historical book also for the Alpha Phi Alpha, the Elks, and Prince Hall Masons and founded Central State University in Ohio

Sometimes that couldn’t stand each other, because of ideological differences. Both WEB Dubois and Booker T. Washington were Prince Hall Freemasons. Booker T. Washington was an educated man who founded Tuskegee University. He graduated from Hampton University, which is not too far form where I live at.
Booker T. Washington wanted technical training among black Americans. He headed the Tuskegee Institute and his successor was Robert Morton. Henrietta Vinton Davis

criticized Morton for saying that blacks must take the inferior position in life (which is ludicrous). Also, Steve Cokely accuses Robert Morton of spying on Marcus Garvey’s activities. DuBois promoted the Talented Tenth theory (or that 10% of
the black population should learn liberal arts from universities and college as apart of higher learning in order to use that knowledge to help out the black community). This concept is found in his book entitled, “The Souls of Black Folk.” DuBois said that the Boule was created to “keep the black professional away from the ranks of Marcus Garvey.” Freemason Robert Sengstacke Abbott was the founder and publisher of the

"Chicago Defender." Robert Abbott wrote a letter to the Attorney General Harry M. Daugherty to criticize the agenda of Marcus Garvey (the first black Rhodes Scholar & Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity member Alain Locke opposed Garvey’s agenda). They wanted to deport Marcus Garvey for just expressing his First Amendment rights. He and others (including William Pickens, Chandler Owen, and Robert Bagnall) promoted the “Garvey Must Go” campaign. Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association (U.N.I.A.) was reaching into great heights during the early 20th century. The UNIA was created in 1924 and McGarvey was arrested for mail fraud in 1925.Some believe that these charges were utilized against him in order to force Marcus Garvey to leave America. I don’t agree

with all of the views of Marcus Garvey, but even him has his rights. During this
time of the early 1900's, Marcus Garvey's Back to Africa movement was reaching its peak. It was reaching a million people without television or radio. Garvey wanted the industrialization of Africa to be achieved by black people, so European multinational corporation won't exploit its resources. Garvey wanted this to occur in Liberia where that nation can control and produce their own rubber crops and other industries in natural resources. Garvey said, “If the oil of Africa is good for Rockefeller’s interest; if iron is good for Carnegie trust; then these minerals are good for us. Why should we allow Wall Street and the capitalist group of America and other countries exploit our country when they refuse to give us a fair chance in the countries of our adoption? Why should not Africa give to the world its black Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Henry Ford?” The Rothschilds are Keepers of the Vatican Treasury according to Tupper Saussy's book entitled “Rulers of Evil.”

The Jewish Encyclopedia., Vol. 2, p.497 states, "It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure." Today the large banking and financial business of the Catholic Church is an extensive system interlocked with the Rothschilds (whose members have been well known figures in Freemasons and other elite groups) and the rest of the International Banking system. Troy found some interesting information about the

Rothschilds. He found that the Rothschilds received Papal and Royal knighthoods. For example, Lord Jacob (the 4th Baron) Rothschild received the Queen's Order of Merit in 2002 and the Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire in 1998. The Queen of England is Sovereign of the Order of St. John. The Queen is apart of the Saxe-Coburg Gotha family that had one member in the Bavarian Illuminati (whose name was Ernest II, Duke of SaxeGotha-Altenburg. He was a Freemason and his Illuminati code name was Quintus Severus and/or Timoleon. In 1787, Ernst II gave Adam Weishaupt refuge in Gotha. Karl of Hessen-Kassel was another Illuminist & Freemason), funded the Nazis, and promote population control to this very day. One famous Saxe-Coburg Gotha family member of Prince Philip said racist, sexist, and xenophobic comments before. He is also a strong supporter of population control. He’s slick, sinister man to me. The Rothschilds are very powerful, but not more powerful than the Vatican or even the Saxe Coburg Gotha families of the UK (including the secret Black Nobility families of Europe). These Black Nobility families include the Krupps, the Bohlens in Bavaria, the Wittelsbachs, the Farnese, the Burgundy family, the Wettin family, the Orsini/Maximus, the Guelphs, Breakspear, the Grimaldi family, the Hozhenzollern family, the Aldobrandini, the Somalgia, the Savoy family, and the Borja.

WEB DuBois was a founding member of the New York City chapter of the Boule. W.E.B. Dubois advocated the blacks should pursue a classical and/or Liberal Arts education.

DuBois wanted black professionals to reject Garvey's philosophy because he accepted a compromise of blacks to the white elite establishment (during the early 20th century). WEB DuBois is a race traitor. Some accuse DuBois and Alain Locke (another race traitor being the first Rhodes Scholar. Rhodes Scholar was created by the racist Freemason Cecil Rhodes who wanted the British government to rule the Earth in an one world government. Rhodes believed in the lie of eugenics and white supremacy) demonizing Garvey in disrespectful terms. The Round Table Group was created by Rhodes as well (Lord Rothschild supported this organization). Today, the Round Table Group is known as the Pilgrim Society. WEB DuBois followed Margaret Sanger and both agreed with a depopulation of the black population under the guise of "birth control."


The following quote has Sanger wanting to kill infants: "The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it." (Margaret Sanger, Women and the New Race [Eugenics Publ. Co.,] 1920, 1923). Margaret Sanger was a wicked woman indeed. She even wanted a Plan for Peace proposal, which desired to segregate people by force who were mentally disabled (including restricting legal immigration). According to Canadian columnist Michael Coren: “Margaret Sanger believed in the existence of so-called ‘dygenic races’ or ‘human weeds’. There unfortunates were blacks, Hispanics, Amerinds, fundamentalist [Christians], and Catholics as well as Slaves, Latins, and Jews. Sanger though such people were a ‘menace to civilization’. They simply had to ‘stop breeding’. Her magazine, The Birth Control Review, favoured immigration restrictions based upon race and published a glowing review of a book

called The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy; a fascist rant particularly popular with the later National Socialists in Germany.” (The Toronto Sun, Jan. 7th, 1999) Sanger would go to a Klan rally in the 1920’s. The Klan is a bigoted hate group. That shows what kind of person she was. Today, some of the biggest supporters of abortion have been
members of sororities and fraternities. Even today, organized institutions are trying to prevent people from having real self-improvement. So we find in the same period as the founding of the Boulé, the founding of the four black male (Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, and Phi Beta Sigma) and four black female (Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta, and Sigma Gamma Rho) college-based fraternities and sororities. The NAACP and the Urban League today were founded in that time period of the early 20th century. Ironically, the NAACP was co-founded by WEB DuBois and many white people in 1909. Other early members and founders of the NAACP include: W. E. B. Du Bois, Ida

B. Wells, Archibald Grimké, Henry Moscowitz, Mary White Ovington, Oswald Garrison Villard, Jane Addams (She was apart of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority), William English Walling, Julius Rosenthal, Lillian Wald, Rabbi Emil G. Hirsch and Rabbi Stephen Wise. The National Urban League is another early civil rights organization as well. Many NAACP members have done a lot of good for black Americans and all Americans. Yet, they are controlled by the Elite unfortunately. In other words, the NAACP to this day is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. In THE ROCKEFELLER FILES, by Gary Allen, Rockefeller speaks of the power of "not owning a corporation but controlling it through money." Money dictates power on many levels. Some believe that WEB Dubois slightly began to see the errors of his ways in the
1960's just before he died. About that time, he moved into the African country of Ghana. DuBois was the first black man to write for the Round Table Group's offspring the Council on Foreign Relations magazine called Foreign Affairs. There is the story of Dr. George GM. James. Boule member Carter G. Woodson is called the Father of Black History. GM James (although a Mason) wrote a controversial book entitled, "Stolen Legacy." It was published in 1954. Shortly after the book was released, James died. Some said that his death was a Masonic death. His book described how Greek philosophy was stolen from African, specifically in Egypt. This book took Afrocentric history into another level (although similar book existed even in the 1800's in America). It doesn't take a rocket scientist to decipher that many Greek philosophers like Socrates and Plato were taught in ancient Egypt by priests.

Pictured here in 1917, are the founding members of the Atlanta Branch. Five of the founders would become charter members of Kappa Boulé three years later. Front row (l-r) Archon Harry Pace, Archon Dr. Charles Johnson, Dr. Louis T. Wright, and Walter White. Standing (l-r) Peyton Allen, Archon George Towns, Benjamin Davis, Rev. L.H. King, Archon Dr. William Penn, Archon John Hope, David H. Sims. Presidents of these fraternities are called Archon. Archon is Greek for ruler. Ironically, archon in Gnosticism refers to God’s angels since Gnostics hate the Creator God (which the Gnostics call the Deimurge in a blasphemous way).
Carter G. Woodson became well known for his infamous quote, "When you control a man's thinking, you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder, he will find his proper place and stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit." Woodson became controversial and wrote his bestselling Miseducation Of The Negro, years after being exiled from the Boule' along with DuBois. Malcolm X is claimed to have called the Boule as the Big 6. The logo of the Boule is the Sphinx. A sphinx is a third part woman, one-third eagle and one-third lion (notice the breasts and wings) among Greek mythology. The Sphinx was there to guard something. Collectively, the 4,000+ members of the Boule represent the wealthiest and most powerful politically group of black men on the planet Earth. The Boule is a Greek organization since Boule is a Greek term meaning "advisor to the King." Who is this King? This King is the highest levels of the new world order as found in the Vatican/Jesuit network, the Pilgrims, high level Freemasonry, and the elite bloodlines of Europe. These are the same people that have organized Revolutions, raped people, stole land, murdered people in various Holocausts, and have colonized people of color globally for centuries. Even Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had connections with the Boule. MLK did tell

Harry Belafonte that he is afraid he has led his people into the fire just before Dr. Martin Luther King was murdered. Dr. Martin Luther King opposed the Vietnam War and desired to deal with problems in a national and international basis. The Boule have regional conferences every year and a national conference every 2
years. Each May, as a mandatory ritual, each member must read the Boulé history book from front to cover. So we know that each member has read pages 28 and 38 and know of the basis of their organization and its false acceptance of the Greeks being the founder’s of civilization. What was interesting about the LA Times article was the association of the Boulé with Skull & Bones. Bilderberger Vernon Jordan is a famous Boule member. Vernon Jordan is a famous

Trilaterialist. Vernon Jordan was the one who assist Bill Clinton in his travel into the exclusive Bilderberger Group. Therefore, he is one of the most powerful black people in the world today.

The incoming Grand Sire Archon, New Orleans banker and financier Charles Teamer, says the Boule "is unique because no other organization brings together so many talented leaders-- sometimes you have in the same room the mayor and the biggest educational and economic leaders in town- -and no other organization provides such an unparalleled opportunity to mentor, change structures, and build bridges." A writer in Ebony Magazine who authored and article titled,“1904-2004: the Boule at 100: Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity Holds Centennial Celebration” stated, “What makes the Boule's success all the more interesting is that it was founded as a secret or quasisecret organization and did not seek public notice until the 1960s and 1970s”
The Boule wants to infiltrate the black community as usual. The banking establishments and Foundations are involved as well in controlling the cities greatly. They include Exxon Mobil, the Rockefeller Foundation, JP Morgan, Proctor and Gamble, etc. Some of these corporations are headed by the elite Knighthoods like the Knights of Malta, the Knights of St. John, the Knights of St. Gregory, and the Constantinian Order. These Boule members serve these elite institutions. Again, a lot of these Greek Lettered Organizations have an origin from Freemasonry:

"The most direct line of descent from Greek societies to America is the Freemasons (called Masons). Historians of American fraternities and sororities trace most of our rituals, ceremonies and rites to the Masons. An examination of Masonic rituals open to scholars suggest that our Founders were also influenced by Masonic ritual, symbolism and initiation experiences." (DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC., GRAND CHAPTER, CANDIDATE SYLLABUS, 1987, p.30.) Carter G. Woodson was a member of Omega Psi Phi. Woodson was found receiving money from the Carnegie, Lord-Spellman, and Rockefeller Foundations to help his education programs. It’s a known fact that Masonic Orders have occultism, death oath, and praise false gods in their rituals. James Cone, who is one architect of Black Liberation Theology, was part of Alpha Phi Alpha. Freemason Rev. Dr. Otis Moss Jr.-is part of Alpha Phi Alpha. His son Otis Moss III is a Pastor of the Pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Langston Hughes, who was a great poet and a Christ denier was a member of Omega Psi Phi. Kappa Alpha Psi member Tavis Smiley is a proponent speaker and leader in the black community. Smiley suffered through some controversy in his legitimate critique of Barack Obama. Steve Harvey, Tom Joyner and Rickey Smiley are omega psi phi. Pastor Jamal Bryant is a humanist and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi according to Minister Hatchett. Ms. Vashti McKenzie is a member of the national Chaplain of Delta Sigma Theta and promotes sexually immorality according to Minister Hatchett. Minister Hatchett said
that the connection between McKenzie and Bryant made McKenzie the first ordained Bishop in the AME Church. Other famous Boule members include Douglas Wilder, Freemason Jesse Jackson, Prince Hall Freemason Al Sharpton, the late John L. Johnson (who once headed Ebony Magazine), Lynn Swan, Bill Cosby, Dinkins, etc. More members include Kenneth

Chenault (He is the CEO of American Express since 2001. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations), Kase L. Lawal (who owns the 2nd largest black owned company), Ralph Bunche (who was the United Nations ambassador), Bobby Scott,

Arthur Ashe, Ron Brown, Earl Graves (who is apart of Black enterprise magazine), Clarence Otis Jr. (CEO of Red Lobster/Oliver Garden), and Rodney Slater. Attorney
General Eric Holder Jr. is again another famous member of the Boule. Holder once supported the D.C. gun ban, which even banned law abiding citizens in Washington, D.C. from fully having the right to bear and own guns. Holder is aligned with President Barack Obama. Jack

& Jill is another famous organization. These entities exploit wars and our economy on the backs of people in the world (in order to centralize wealth). The rejection of oligarchic elitism, imperialism, and these secret societies are very wise things to do. There are still tons of heroic black American men, women, and children fighting for real liberty though. So, I want to make that perfectly clear. Well, I’m inspired more than ever to fight for the truth and keep on believing in God.

Walt Disney
Bread and circus are common themes of the elite. It has been done in Mystery Religions and European royalty. Bread and circus means that if the masses of people are given entertainment and food, then they would be easier to control. The World Future Society in a book review in their publication called, “Future Survey Annual,” 1993, (ed. Michael

Marien, Bethesda, MD: World Future Soc., p. 91) describes Disney as having a: "Control of commodities [such as entertainment] and access to commodities translates into control over people. ‘The postmodern US is a massive rush of disconnected commodities, each seeking a moment of our attention." Walt Disney’s friend the Masonic leader H.G. Wells in his book A Modem Utopia mentioned that there would be lots of shows in the New World Order. Disney used entertainment parks and other facilities to benefit their company for decades. Walt Disney's early cartoons were so blatantly racist, that some of them aren't sold in America at all today. There were black people portrayed as savages with their facial features exaggerated in order to humiliate people of black descent. Racism must be confronted head on in order to improve our world. Disney used a cartoon with crows that talked with a stereotypically black American accent (when black people don't even talk like that back then or today) in the Dumbo movie. The Jungle Book came about in 1967. It has a gorilla singing around and it has a character of King Louie (which is mocking Louis Armstrong, which is a musician). The King Louie character is an orangutan. Doot Doot Doot is slang in Jazz music. This is a subliminal association to falsely place African Americans with apes (along with the use of the orangutan dancing. King Louie talks about jazz). King Louie talks about wanting to be a man, which means he is looked as being sub-human. You couldn’t make this stuff up. King Louie plays the trumpet. So, this character is mocking Louis Armstrong as well since he plays the trumpet and is a famous jazz musician. Louis Armstrong is known for his scatting. This is blatant racism. Other examples exist of this. In some cartoons, Asian false stereotypes are promoted in cats and other characters. There is a movie of Roustabouts talking about how they don't read, write, and they are satisfied working. They are people without a face in a dark image. Disney deleted some scenes of Fantasia (which include an exaggerated image of a black woman in a body of a animal or centaur shining the hooves of a similar white woman in an animal's body). Disney even thought of that scene as too racist. Even the recent Aladdin film have stereotypes about Arabic people. The crow in the Dumbo film stereotypes the mannerism of black people in a song about an elephant flying. It has one crows dancing. It mocks the accents of black people. The crows use scat singing. They use stereotypes in the routine. Back then, there was Disney showing a scene with the words of the "Jungle Barber Shop" (There's no need to define why that name is racist) with a image of a figure (which is a stereotypical image of a person of color protrayed in a disrespectful way) walking near a barber image. Even in some of Disney's modern films, racism is a big central theme. Racism, sexism, pedophilia, and Satanism (as found in Fantansia) have been big themes in the old and modern Disney films. Even Fritz Springemeier have exposed this for years. Pedophilia is sick of course. Walt Disney is a reputed pedophile according to many people like Fritz. For instance, Kenneth Anger in his book Hollywood Babylon II, p. 192, "Some animators stated that the boss [Walt Disney] seemed to have fallen in love with the boy. There may be some truth in this..." This boy was named Bobby Driscoll who signed up in 1946 with Disney. What we do know is that Disney is a pedophilic institution since its inception in the 1920's. They lasted over 85 years. Disney's film have influence in its message for decades. Disney have used that influence to falsely overtly claim to project the image of family values and a moral form of entertainment. Yet, Disney tries to act as a transmitter of family values on some occasions (instead of the parents themselves). Some parents allow Disney to manipulate their children. Walt Disney was in the Masonic group of the Demolay. Most people of his ilk had to achieve this kind of people with assistance or approval of the establishment. Today, propaganda about unabashed materialism is existing in the world (some elitists want men to accept a more feminine look [with lip gloss, jewelry, eye brows changes, male "purses", etc. This was unheard of even 20 years ago], while females are bashed in losing their femininity [in over sexualization, the bashing of motherhood, etc.]). Some worldly people fear motherhood since they embrace whoredom. In other words, Disney and the entertainment world want to promote the lie that whoredom and sexually loose women are a true representation of womanhood. Likewise, the Hollywood crowd use the false idea unto men that sexually loose activities are really apart of a courtship process, which is false. True manhood consists of strength, meekness,

intelligence, integrity, protection of their fellow human beings, honesty, and taking care of children if they are married. These are forms of indoctrination in order to
brainwash people in how to make them famous. Many Disney movies and on TV promote satanic

ideas, curses, magic, sorcery, witchcraft, human plus animal sacrifices, séances, homosexuality, etc. even on the youth when some of these things are too young for them to discuss about. One example of this is how Disney's 1985 cartoon movie called “the Black Cauldron” had a ritual occurring that is occultic with skulls everywhere. This movie was created for children. Skeletons of people rise and attack people. A person places a person in a cauldron. It glorifies evil. Disney's "The Haunted Mansion" in 2003 shows a similar theme where skeletons try to attack a little girl. The switching up of the man and female's natural roles can ruin the family unit. The family unit is attacked by the new world order crowd since it's one of the functions in how to stabilize civilization, create fruitful populations (which is a commandment from God) and promote goodness in the world. Some believe that Disney since its beginning functioned as a means to attack the family unit via the promotion of racism, violence, parental irresponsibility, pedophilia, and other nefarious things. Some musicians might not even know what Disney's real history is like Rihanna where a shirt with the image of Mickey Mouse on it. Walt Disney was 18 in 1920. He worked in Kansas City, Missouri. Disney created Laugh O Gram cartoons in 1921. He soon created Little Red Riding Hood. His brother was named Roy Disney. Walt Disney goes into Los Angeles to work in the cartoon business. Walt Disney married for a while. Walt Disney created cartoons relating to Alice. Alice is played by Virginia Davis, who was a 4 year old girl. It merged a child with hand drawn animation. Some believe that the Alice film serious have pedophilic undertones. Alice is independent of her parents' guidance (or she is interacting with people that she never met). She spoke to a man that she has never met. Pedophile used the sick logic of children being independent and responsible as their evil excuse to do molestation and rape of children. In other words, Alice is falsely portrayed as an adult. Walt shows Alice an animated series of images (like a dog and a doghouse). Alice comes to Walt without any parental supervision at all. Alice wears unnecessary makeup, dresses up as an adult, etc. in the false portrayal that she is in an adult. Alice is forced to rubbed herself and the animator is joyful. The animator rubs Alice on her shoulder before the story ends. Then, Walt relies more on pure animation. Disney assembled young male writers. They are pictured with hanging out with a girl. They form entertainment (or go in and hold the attention of the mind or a way for person tries to use media to try to control the human mind) for children.

This is the 21st century fruit of the Walt Disney Empire. Britney Spears is a follower of the Kabbalah (like her friend Madonna) and has lived a very turbulent life. There doesn’t need to be anything further said. The apostle Paul predicted the times that we live in. He wrote that: “…This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall

come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters,

proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. For of
this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith. But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as their's also was. But thou hast fully known my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, longsuffering, charity, patience,…” -1 Timothy 3:1-10
The fruits of Disney are Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Christinia Aguleria, etc. Britney Spears have been more overt with her sexualization. She acts in her videos almost like sexual ritual. Spears was once a dancer as a girl in Disney. Now, "Alice in the Jungle" is a Walt Disney film from 1925. M. J. Winkler was apart of that enterprise. There is a person looking like a stereotyped black American with the sign of "Jungle Barber Shop" rubbing a barber's poll. The character is a "Sambo" carcicture. Disney made the racist Alice's "Egg Plant" cartoon back then. They use humanness in the cartoon character in other to promote connections in the story. It promotes racism and classism as well. It premiers in 1925. The black cat is given human qualities by reading and walking upright. The words of "He's a mean Papa" (the lyric is shown from the female hen house. The hens are subliminal refering to black women since the female hens are giving the human quality of singing lyrics and that lyrics is common in a blues song. This cartoon is talking about black music) relates to lyrics from blues lyrics as song by Bessie Smith, who was very popular back then. The cat says that this is another hen party, which can be subliminally interpreted as this is another black female party. The black cat is an overseer of the hen in the cartoon to oversee the eggs of the hens. This scenario is very similar to a slave plantation. That is why the black cat oversees opens the door and physical assault the hens after the cat hears music. The hens protesting in a strike toward Alice because of their conditions. Disney promotes racism is clearly shown. Racism is always evil regardless of the era of history. It was wicked in the 1920's as it is today. The African Americans suffered pain by racism and they rejected it. Here's more history on Walt Disney and his company. Fritz Springmeier wrote that Disney washed his hands constantly even several times an hour each hour. Walt Disney popularized witchcraft and other occult practices to a certain degree in America. One example is how Mickey Mouse played the leading role in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." Disney's movie called "Alive" promoted cannibalism. Disney's Touchstone Producer Robert Watts concerning Disney's "Alive" involving cannibalism as "triumph of the human spirit..." Cannibalism is never the triumph of the human spirit at all. In Disney’s "The Little Mermaid" the castles look like male sexual organs. Reddy loved the Catholic Notre Dame football team. There is a debate on whether Walt Disney was an FBI informat. Mark Eliot's new biography, "Walt Disney: Hollywood's Dark Prince" accused Disney of being that. To support his contentions, Eliot cites documents obtained from the FBI under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), including part of a letter J. Edgar Hoover sent to Disney in July, 1936, as "one of many attempts the Bureau had made as part of an ongoing campaign to recruit him." Some in the Disney family decry Elliot's book as fiction. The Disney family on Monday released letters by ex-FBI director William Webster and two exagents declaring there was no evidence Walt Disney was an FBI informant. The debate continues. Disney met with Bob Hope as well. Walt Disney has been funding Kabbalist Mandonna for a while

now. Disney's subsidiary Hollywood Pictures' Evita has it star Madonna. She is called a mind controlled slave by Fritz Springmeier. The Arsenio Hall show featured Madonna and Fritz wrote that the cameras picked her kissing her Baphomet ring. In Evita’s case they are marketing hats and other items, as just one more of Disney’s countless artificially generated consumerism campaigns. In Ruth Stein’s interview of Madonna, Madonna appeared bored with plugging Disney’s consumer products. When asked about the tango dresses and hats inspired by Evita that popped up in stores after the film, Madonna said, "Believe me, I have nothing to do with it. Disney is pushing the whole thing." (San Francisco Chronicle, 12/29/96, Datebook section). Walt Disney kept a tight shift in his company back then. He wanted men and women to work in well dressed clothing and not speak profanity. Disney utilized this policy in order to kept his image untarnished. Walt Disney worked very hard at maintaining a great image for himself and his company. An example of this, is how he exploded in rage and wrote an angry memo when a Disney character was placed in a beer ad. (The Memo mentioned in Thomas, Bob. Walt Disney An American Original. Hyperion, 1994, p. 7.). Disney was allied with John Reddy (Joe Reddy was a cigar smoking Irish man who tried to build up Walt's image), Ronald Reagan, and others. The Illuminists and the elite put their weight in favor of Disney. That is why 33rd Degree Freemason Ronald Reagan aided the agenda of Demolay Freemason Walt Disney. Both Disney and Reagan are Masons or belong to a Masonic group, both were accused of being FBI informants, etc. Ronald’s mother was Eleanor Roosevelt’s best friend, & Walt’s Dad was a socialist leader according to Fritz Springmeier. Reagan served as the emcee for the opening day of Disneyland on July 17, 1990. He returned with Illuminati TV host Art Linkletter for the 35th anniversary. Ronald Reagan & Art Linkletter both pumped Disney publicly.

The pedophile link to the Walt Disney company in recent years is easy to decipher.

One of Disney’s directors, Victor Salva, was convicted of molesting a boy and filming one of the sexual molestations. Recently Disney Director Salva produced the Disney movie "Powder". (Victor Salva’s sexual molestation conviction was covered by newspaper articles such as Robert W. Welkos of the LA Times, in newspapers such as The Oregonian, Weds. Oct. 25, 1995, A sect.). Salva's victim as Nathan Winters. He still worked in Disney after he was convicted of pedophilia. There are other controversial aspects of Disney. Disney hired Kevin Smith to produce the film of "Dogma" which mock and attacked Christianity as a myth nearly. In Pocahontas, Disney censored the historical fact that the heroine in the story converted from paganism to Christianity. Instead, the film glorified pagan earth-worship.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a famous book. It has many interpretations according to many individuals. It was originally a novel from 1865 that was written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. Ironically, Charles Dodgson was a Reverend. He and Rev. Robinson Duckworth rowed a boat up the Thames river with 3 little girls. These girls were daughters of Henry George Liddell (Their names are Lorina Charlottee Liddell, Alice Pleasance Liddell, and Edith Mary Liddell). Henry Liddell is the Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University and Dean of Christ Church as well as headmaster of Westminster School. Most of the book's adventures were based on and influenced by people, situations and buildings in Oxford, England and at Christ Church, e.g., the "Rabbit Hole" which symbolized

the actual stairs in the back of the main hall in Christ Church. So, Reverend Dodgson told the girls a story about Alice looking for an adventure and they loved it. So, Alice Liddell asked Dodgson to write it down for here. He did it over 2 years. The work originally was sold out quickly. Queen Victoria and a young Oscar Wilde love the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland book. It has been translated into 125 languages including Esperanto and Faroese. There are more secrets about Lewis Carroll that many individuals don't realize. Carroll was a photographer and 50% of his surviving work depicts young girls, though as high as 60% of his original photographic portfolio is now missing. Therefore, any firm conclusions are difficult to ascertain. Carroll was known for the controversial practice of studying nude children (they were presumed to be lost, but 6 have surface and 5 of them have been published). There is an image of Carroll and Alice kissing each other, so this is pedophilia since Carroll is a grown man kissing a little girl. The 1999 film of Alice in Wonderland show Alice being interviewed. A man say that he can make Alice being dry after being wet. The man in white in the scene looks at Alice up and down. The man teaching in the movie shows the horned Il Canuto hand sign. Some point to mathematics to the work (including Through the Looking Glass which was created by 1871) since Carroll was a mathematician at Christ Church. In Chapter 2's "The Pool of Tears," he used multiplication in different bases and positional numeral system (i.e. 4 times 5 equals 12 in base 18 notation, 4 times 6 equals 13 in base 21 notation). Disney have made a movie about Alice in Wonderland as well. The story is about a girl named Alice who falls into a rabbit hole. She later experiences a fantasy world which is populated by peculiar and anthropomorphic creatures (or non-human creatures like rabbits given uniquely human characteristics in the story). The story have allusions to Dodgson's friends. This fantasy genre deals with the concepts of logic and that is why it is popular among adults and students. So, Disney presents a front, while hiding its true nefarious agenda in the public.

The Fabian Society and the Coefficients
The Fabian Society is another wolf in sheep's clothing organization. HG Wells admitted in this 1939 "The New World Order" book that: "This new and complete Revolution we contemplate can be defined in a very few words. It is outright worldsocialism scientifically planned and directed..." Some have made connections between the Fabian Society, communitarianism, and the new world order. Ironically, the Fabian Society's emblem is a world in sheep's clothing. There are the letters of F. and S. standing for of course the Fabian Society. This group was created in 1884 and was chartered by the Crown (who are allies of the Vatican for centuries). They use gradualism instead of immediate, violent revolution in order to create the one world collectivist state. They are the “Left wing” of the fake left/right paradigm Hegelian Dialectic so to speak. This is the basis of Fabian Socialism today. The word Fabian comes form the Roman general Fabius. Fabius utilized carefully planned strategies to slowly wear down his enemies over an extended period of time. This is similar to how the Fabian Society (with its fabian socialism) works. They want to gradually create a global socialist state. That is why their international symbol for Fabian Socialism is a turtle (with the motto of "When I strike, I strike hard"). Some of the Fabian Society's earliest members include H.G. Wells, of course the famous George Bernard Shaw, Sidney Webb, Beatrice Webb, Annie Besant (of the Theosophical Society), Graham Wallas, etc. Many Fabian socialists like HG Wells wrote about the new world order in Utopian terms, yet the new world order is certainly about violating national sovereignty plus individual liberty as an excuse to form a globalized system. HG Wells in his 1933 "The Shape of Things to Come" predicted that a 2nd world war would come in about 1940 over the Germany/Poland border dispute. He was off by a year off.

Today, ex-UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is the most famous member of the Fabian Society in the 21st century. Blair is pictured standing next to a Fabian window. The window has great symbolism (of 2 people hammering the Earth into the shape on an anvil below the Fabian Society's wolf in sheep's clothing emblem). Tony Blair converted to Romanism, promote Ecumenicalism, and has aspirations to be the President of the EU. Above the window (of a picture of the Fabian Socialists) has the words of "Remould it nearer to the heart's desire" when the Bible says that the human heart is wicked. This group promotes socialism. Socialism claims to promote economic equity, but it is still about the government controlling as much activities of the people as possible. In other words, socialism restricts economic liberty and doesn't permit citizens to not be involved with the government if they desire. There is nothing wrong with legitimate government existing in the world, but it’s wrong for the government to control every aspect of the lives of individual citizens. George Bernard Shaw made this evil point made by saying: "...Under Socialism, you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodges, taught, and employed whether you like it or not. If it were discovered that you had not character and industry enough to be worth all this might possibly be executed in a kindly manner; but whilst you were permitted to live, you would have to live well."

Researchers believe that the Fabian Society came forth the British Labour Party, the London School of Economics, and the International Court of Justice at the Hague. Fabians did play a key role in creating the League of Nations. The League was a forerunner to the United Nations. Some Fabians were involved in creating the U.N. itself. The globalists funded socialism as an antithesis to capitalism in the dialetics. This forms the synthesis of each philosophy into a system that is neither fully capitalist or fully socialist. They is called the Third Way or communitarianism. Communitarianism means that individualism is to be relinquished for the "greater good" of the state. This is a fascistic system that is administered via a form of scientific socialism (This is similar to the system promoted by the Theosophic lie filled movie Zeitgeist Addendum. That films promotes the Venus Project and has propaganda that is similar to pro-NWO Alice Bailey's words plus the U.N.). Communitarianism believes that celebrating individual freedom have broke the bonds of community and the rights of the individual must be balanced against the interests of society as a whole. They in essence want community organization to control individual liberty. According to Dana Milbank, communitarian thinker Anitai Etzioni said that Bush's inaugural address has communitarian words like "civility" and community in it. Communitarianism is promoted by Barack Obama when he calls for the establishment of a civilian national security force that is just as powerful as the U.S. military.

There is a Fabian Socialist connection to the Coefficient Club. This group was created by Beatrice Webb who was an early leader of the Fabian Society with her husband of Sidney Webb. The Coefficients wanted to bring together the most powerful movers and shaekers of the British Establishment with social critics and idealists to chart the future of the British Empire. In other words the Coefficients wanted to promote interests of British elite under the guise of socialism and "social reform." Therefore, the Coefficient Club wanted a world state in a “Pax Britannia” format. Even Club member H.G. Wells articulates this globalist vision in Experiments in Autobiography: “…The British Empire . . . had to be the precursor of a world-state or nothing . . . It was possible for the Germans and Austrians to hold together in their Zollverein (tariff and trade bloc) because they were placed like a clenched fist in the centre of Europe. But the British Empire was like an open hand all over the world. It had no natural economic unity and it could maintain no artificial economic unity. Its essential unity must be a unity of great ideas embodied in the English speech and literature…” (Experiments in Autobiography 652) The power Cecil Family are linked with this crowd as well. This balance-of-power stratagem had been British foreign policy since the time the Cecils assumed control (i.e. William Cecil established the British Secret Intelligence Service as Queen Elizabeth's I Secretary of State), with the backing of the Italian Jesuit Pallavicini family in the time of Tudor England. Lord Robert Cecil thought WWI would end in a few months. According to the book entitled, "Experiment in Autobiography" by H. G. Wells, on page 652, tells that the British Empire was having its hand worldwide and it had no natural economic unity. Coefficient member Edward Grey want Britain to go into WWI since of the German violation of Belgian neutrality. Some Coefficient members hated Germany building up its military in the early 20th century. According to Carol White, the Coefficients utilized tactics in order to make America to into wars including make European nations to fight each other. Other Coefficient members wanted British world supremacy in an oligarchy. Bertrand Russell was another Malthusian ideologue and a Club member (include pro-war with Germany proponent in 1902 Leo Maxse. Other member were Lord Robert Cecil, Lord Alfred Milner, Leo Amery, Halford Mackinder, and HG Wells). The Coefficients Club was a powerful think-tank in Britain. The Jesuits even had connections with the Cecils for centuries. The Fabian Socialists were key in promoting the British Labor Party including aiding the Russian Revolution (of whom Lenin readmitted the Jesuits in Russia at 1922). The Coefficient Club ended in 1908 and most of their member went into the Cliveden Set or the Round Table Group in 1909. They promoted "gradualism" in order to achieve globalism. Today, global warming hysteria is a means to promote this communitarian/Fabian socialist dream. The eco-extremists' premise is that we must give up our individuality and unite to serve the "greater good" in order to save "Mother Earth."

The United Nations' Agenda 21 program even set international requirements on how people must live, learn, eat, travel, and communication. This has nothing to do with saving the environment, it has to do with controlling societies. That is why Harvey Ruvin (a Vice Chair of the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives) said that: "individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collective." Bashing individual rights is a key goal of the new world order.

Transhumanism is a real agenda. Dean Takahashi from VentureBeat on April 14, 2009 described about a possible virtual reality via a nano-bot inject. As for virtual travel, Kurzweil estimates that flawless virtual travel will be doable around 2030. Ray Kurzeil believes that this is the truth. Kurzeil believes in transhumanism. Transhumanism is belief about the merging of man and machines into possible godhood basically. It's the dehumanization of man in essence, while the praise of robotics at the same time. Kurzeil is a futurist who thinks that we can create an illusion so convincing that you can't tell the fake from the real. He desires virtual travel to be possible. Ray believes that this faux imagery or fake reality can be formed by injecting nanobots into the human brain. Kurzweil speculates in an interview with Good magazine that nanotechnology could simulate travel because an injection of nanobots could trick your neurons into thinking that you’re really traveling someplace you aren’t. This experience can be similar to taking psychedelic drugs. They can have the same effect on the human mind, but they want nanobots or microscropic robots to engineer this effect without drugs. Nanotechnology is new and are just approaching its 2nd generation of advancement. Virtual worlds have been experimented for a while now. Kurzweil supports the Singularity view.

Singularity believes that nanotechnology can expand human lifespans so much that man can be immortal biologically. Singularity is of course a new age tenet since they believe that man can be like God via science. Now, transhumanism has been one of the long term goals of the new world order crowd also. Science is advancing rapidly. People realize that all things in the universe vibrates and oscillates. Researchers are using that reality to try to create artificial life. Dr. Dan Burisch, David Wilcock, and others have discovered a way to create a medium for spontaneous DNA in a vacuum (with quartz crystal, electricity, and water). Now, there is recombinant DNA technology. Some scientists are trying to create a transgenic organism by using the genetic material of one species to altered by the transfer of a gene (or genes) form another. Researchers don’t know all of the results of doing this procedure, especially how genes would react in another species (how would the modified animal look like, etc.). Similar acts being done now with human/animal hybrids being formed, so the human embryos can produce stem cell lines for research. President Barack Obama signed an executive order to allow embryonic stem cell research on March 9, 2009. One team wants plans to create a hybrid rabbit and human embryos and other chimera embryos (by mixing human and cow genes). This is sick and the Newcastle and Durham universities I in the Uk desire this reality. Ironically, transhumanists support the use of new sciences in other to genetically modify people and enhance their abilities to be post human. National Geographic Magazine speculated in 2007 that within 10 years the first transhumans would walk the earth, and legendary writer Vernor Verge recently stated that we are entering a period in history when questions like “what is the meaning of life?” will be nothing more than an engineering question. “Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence,” he told H+ Magazine. “Shortly thereafter, the human era will be ended.” the Director of the Future of Humanity Institute and a Professor of Philosophy at Oxford University, Nick Bostrom supports transhumanism. He wants re creating humans with animals, plans, and other synthetic life forms. Bostrom wrote about information in support of man with beast merging (since some animals‘ levels of perception are beyond man like hearing, smell tumors, etc.). Leon Kaas criticize these aims as ruining human nature, promoting eugenics, and seeking to not preserve humanity. Kaas was the former chairman of the President’s Council on Bioethics. Some Christians believe that transgenic technology is being created that can herald the arrival of the Antichrist and the Nephilim. The lesson here is that technology can be used for good things. It can also be utilized for wicked purposes. We should be very careful on how we apply technology in our 21st century world. People deny that we live in futuristic times, but we do. We have genetically modified foods, poisons in our water supply, microscopic devices, international satellites, etc.

Appendix A: Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol” Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" delves more into the history of Freemasonry than just the Illuminati. The Book is a fictional tale on early American history, but it does have truth mixed with falsehoods in it. “The Lost Symbol”’s book cover has a red wax seal over the Capitol Building. The book accuses George Washington of being a traitor by working with the British government during the Revolutionary war. In the fictional story, Washington admitted to this in a deathbed confession, while his fellow Masons concealed this information. The confession was concealed in his coffin. What is true is that Freemason Benedict Arnold was a real traitor Arnold desired to surrender the fort at West Point to the British, so the tide of war could be won in the British military's favor. Washington was to meet Arnold on the day when the plot was discovered, but George Washington wasn't a traitor. Historian Robert Cooper, curator of the Grand Lodge of Scotland and a world authority on Freemasonry doesn't want the Rossayln effect (or treasure hunters going in to research the grail or other objects). Secret Societies did have an influence in the American Revolution in real life as the following sources prove:

“The very struggle for independence seems to have been directed by the Masonic brotherhood, and, some historians insist, had even been started by them.” –David Ovason, “The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital” “Freemasonry was the driving force behind the ideals and tenets … of the American Revolution. What is less well known is the fact that there was a very close connection between the French and American Masonic lodges at that time … In those days Freemasonry in America was regulated by United Grand Lodge in England, which appointed ‘Provincial Grand Masters’ in various regions of the North American Continent.” -Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, “Talisman” Dan Brown's fiction is interesting and popular since he mixes real history with fiction in order to inspire inquiry among people. Surprisingly, Freemasons are so fearful of this new book that they are using websites to Dan' Brown's "The Lost Symbol" accurately portray George Washington as becoming a Mason in 1752 at age 20. George Washington would later go on to expose the agenda of the Illuminati. Some people believe that Washington didn’t go into much Masonic meetings in the late 1700’s (and some disagree with this opinion). Washington died in 1799. Now, many people used the historical fact that many Masons were Founding fathers as the excuse to promote the lie that there was no Christian influence in early American society. There was. Even the First Great Awakening occurred in the mid 1700‘s. That event wasn‘t in a vacuum. James Madison and Benjamin Franklin are also Freemasons. According to Cooper, Scottish Masons took the principles of Freemasonry over to America in the first place. Cooper mentioned that: "Scotland is different from the rest of the world in that we go back before Freemasonry as an 18th century organization. We were ordinary working guys craft guilds - with our own ancient knowledge and rituals. It was the original egalitarian society, and that's what we took to America." He says the first known Freemasons in North America were Scotsmen from Aberdeen and Melrose. According to Robert Cooper: "That was in 1648, a hundred years before George Washington. A hundred years after George Washington, during a Masonic ceremony, a Scotsman laid the foundation stone for the Statue of Liberty. Not a bad bit of continuity..." It's not a secret that Scottish Freemasonry had a serious role in the creation of the Revolutionary War era. Some from the Lodge of St. Andrew met in the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston plus on St. Andrews's night on November 30th, 1773. This was done to coordinate the Boston Tea Party (where men dressed up as Mohawks to throw tea in the Boston Harbor). Paul Revere was another Mason involved in the Revolution. After the war, stonemasons from Scottish help build buildings across Washington D.C. The building included the White House and the Capitol Building. Dan Brown's story have Robert Langdon

trying to find the secret buried about Washington in his coffin (Robert finds Masonic codes of reference and the researcher can't make sense of the symbolism he knows is a significant find). Langdon talks with a high level Freemason with knowledge of the symbolism of his Order. Dan Brown writes that the FBI and the CIA team up with the Craft in order to suppress the truth. Langdon is murdered before he can explain his findings. The CIA and the FBI are trying to find the confession in the fictional story in order to safeguard America's integrity plus its founding father. Probably, the most accurate portion of Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" is that Washington D.C. is filled with Masonic and occult symbolism.

This Seal is on the cover of “The Lost Symbol.” The backdrop of the cover have Zodiac and alchemical symbols also. You see a crown on top of the double headed eagle emblem. This logo is common in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and other civilizations spanning thousands of years. The double headed eagle have many meanings from basic authority to equilibrium within the confines of Nature as Manly P. Hall wrote about. The eagle is found in the Dollar bill. Manly P. Hall and others believe that the eagle on the Dollar bill is a modified Phoenix bird (which represents resurrection and a Messiah figure. Christians believe that the Phoenix is a representation of the false Christ or Antichrist). The One Dollar bill outlines the plan of Secret Societies to form the new order of the ages, which New Agers call the new Aquarian Age after the Pisean Age (which we now live in according to occultists). The number 33 no doubt relates to the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite. Ordo Ab Chao means “Order out of Choas” in Latin. Historically, governments and secret orders for eons have used choas as an excuse to form their version of “order” in the world. In recent years, facts about how the real world works are steadily coming about.

The book admits that a Pentagram pattern does exist in the street layout north of the White House. Ironically, the Washington Post called D.C. The Pentagram City. The Pentagram with one side missing is still a specialized Pentagram according to 33rd Degree Freemason Manly P. Hall. The book accurately points out that the 1 Dollar Bill isn't just a picture. It has the All Seeing Eye hovering over the unfinished pyramid. As many realize the All Seeing Eye is a representation of the Masonic version of God (which is called the Eye of Providence or the GAOTU) or the Eye of Horus. That is the reason that this Eye isn't Almighty God since Almighty God isn't an eye at all. It admits that the Washington Monument is an obelisk, which it is. The obelisk is a representation of the sun god Ra, Baal or the masculine principle in the esoteric world. Back in the Old Testament days, God told the Israelites to destroy the pillars or obelisk in their lands since they represented old sun worship and paganism. Wayne Herschel (who is a blogger researching Dan Brown) lies and said that the obelisk have no link to Masonry when Masonry used the obelisk on gravestones of dead Freemasons. Wayne also lied and said that the Washington Monument is not Masonic when its major architect were Freemasons and it was celebrated with a Masonic cornerstone. Therefore, the Washington Monument is Masonic as proven by the excellent film of “Riddles in Stone.”

Pope Pius IX sent a special stone to the builders of the Washington monument indicating his complete approval of the project. The All Seeing Eye existed as the Eye of Horus from the ancient Egyptians. Horus is the son of Osiris (the god of the Underworld, which describes Satan as Satan is of the Underground). The false sun god of Horus is a known archetype of the Antichrist. This image definitely existed in the pre-Flood era or what esoteric call the era of Atlantis. Esoterics want to revitalize Lost Atlantis via their Great Work. Sir Francis Bacon and others believed that America is the new Atlantis.

Even the Pentagram is a Masonic symbol as it is found in Lodges worldwide. The Pentagram to Freemasons have many meanings like the Masonic Five Points of Fellowship, etc. 33rd Degree Freemason Rex Hutchins wrote of the Pentagram as it: “…is the symbol of the Divine in man…The fiver pointed star with a single point upward represents the Divine. It also symbolizes man for its five points allude to the five sense, the five members (head, arms, and legs) and his five fingers on each hand, which signify the tokens that distinguish Masons…” Rex wrote that this symbol: “…is the symbol of the Microcosm, the universe where humans dwell. Since the pentagon encloses the pentagram may be formed by connecting the five points of the human body, for many centuries the symbol was also used to represent humanity in general…” Albert Pike in his Morals and Dogma book wrote that the Pentagram relates to the Blazing Star in Masonic Lodges. The Eastern Star uses an inverted Pentagram. "The Lost Symbol" has truth mixed with spin. What is interesting to point out that Masonic cornerstone rituals occur in D.C. like the Capitol (in the Corn, Wine, and Oil ceremony). The Corn, wine, and oil ritual relates to paganism, but Masons claim it is about joy and celebration.

It's no secret that Freemasonry and the Papacy have infiltrated the Anglican Church for

centuries. King George VI was a member of Freemason. In 1953, about 16 Anglican Bishops were Masons. Archbishop Geoffrey Fisher was a Mason and even the Grand Chaplain for the Lodge of England plus the Archbishop of Canterbury (from 1945-1961). Rowan Williams stood against Freemasonry, but later apologized for his remarks. Anglican Archbishop Charles Owen Leaver Riley (1854-1929) is another famous Freemason. Freemasonry is very prominent in American Congress centuries ago and even today in 2009. Autoro Dehoyas is a Masonic historian who omits that 33rd Degree Freemason Albert Pike promotes deception and lying on the Blue Degrees. Senator Chuck Grassely, Seantor Mike Ensley, and John Tester are Masons. Senator Nick Rahall and Robert Byrd are famous Freemasonry. Masons accept the Kabbalah and other forms of mysticism. There is definitely a Jesuit connection to the building of D.C. that John Daniel‘s “The Grand Design“ conclusively proves. That‘s something that some people in the alternative media won‘t show. We know their names. Ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!! “The Lost Symbol” is certainly a piece of literature that will inspire people to look at the secret history of early America. The arrival of this book is a great opportunity to educate people on real history. In the future, I will still present a wide spectrum of information even in 2010 and beyond. Thank you for reading my words.

By Timothy