Word List ---------22/12*obloquy [ OB-luh -kwee ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. condemnatory, derogatory or abusive language 2.

disgrace or denunciation suffered due to abuse USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The amount of censure heaped upon Indian cricket coach Greg Chappell fol lowing his team's debacle in the 2007 World cup was enough obloquy for one lifet ime. *justiciable [ juh-STISH-ee-uh -buh l, -STISH-uh -buh l ] [ adjective ] MEANING : capable of being solved or settled by a court of law USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The plaintiff s plea for statutory reliefs was granted by the Court as the litigation was a justiciable matter. *amuck [ uh'-muh'k ] [ adjective, adverb ] MEANING : 1. (adv.) in a murderously violent or frenzied manner 2. (adj.) crazed, mad or possessed with a violent or murderous frenzy USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The stable hand ran amuck through the pastures disturbing the grazing co ws. *nihilist [ NAHY-uh'-list ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. one who rebels against established laws and institutions 2. an anarchist 3. one who advocates that the destruction of existing political or social instit utions is necessary for future improvement USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The unruly mob led by the nihilists started destroying the council hall. *resuscitate [ ri-SUHS-i-teyt ] [ intransitive verb, transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. (tr. v.) to revive from unconsciousness or from apparent death 2. (tr. v.) to restore to consciousness 3. (intr. v.) to regain consciousness USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Paramedics resuscitated her as soon as the lifeguard brought her ashore. -26/12*impregnable [ im-PREG-nuh -buh [ adjective ] MEANING :

l ]

1. unassailable, invincible or unconquerable 2. capable of being impregnated USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The impregnable Daulatabad fort has only been captured by treachery. *brackish [ BRAK-ish ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. salty, saline or briny 2. nauseating, repulsive or distasteful USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The brackish nature of the water made it impossible to drink. *jabberwocky [ JAB-er-wok-ee ] [ noun, adjective ] MEANING : 1. (n.) nonsensical talk or gibberish 2. (adj.) meaningless or senseless USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Jabberwocky is the first language spoken by babies. *bravado [ bruh'-VAH-doh ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. a false display of bravery 2. a pretentious show of courage 3. defiant behaviour 4. a disposition toward defiant behaviour or false display of bravery. USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The bravado of the striking workers was effective as management conceded to most of their demands. *sepulcher [ SEP-uh'l-ker ] [ noun, transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. (n.) a tomb or burial vault 2. (n.) a receptacle for sacred relics, as saints or martyrs 3.(n.) a burial place or chamber 2. (tr. v.) to bury or place in a tomb USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : They destroyed the sepulcher in their search for buried treasure.

-27/12*insurrection [ in-suh -REK-shuh n ] [ noun ] MEANING : a rebellion, uprising or revolt against authority USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Mahatma Gandhi's popular insurrection against the British broke the back of the British empire. *beholden [ bi-HOHL-duh' n ]

) under-developed 3.) bereaved .[ adjective ] MEANING : indebted or obligated USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He was a proud man. lacking. the radial distance from the tip of a gear tooth to the pitch circle of the g ear USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The author felt that the story ended rather abruptly so he wrote an adde ndum to the last chapter. death or necrosis of soft tissue due to obstructed circulation USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The patient went into shock after the doctor told him that his left foot was infected with gangrene.) a child or youth 5.) a book meant for children USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : At the initiation program the Dean informed the students that juvenile b ehaviour would not be tolerated in the college. having an insipid or nauseating taste USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The writer's mawkish novel about an orphan boy met with a tepid response .) pertaining to or of children 4.) immature. *juvenile [ JOO-vuh -nl. death and decay of body tissue due to insufficient supply of blood ca used by bad circulation 2. (n. a man beholden to no one. (adj. (adj. childish or young 2. (n. an addition or something to be added 2. -nahyl ] [ noun. appendix or a supplement to a book 3. sentimental.(adj. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. -28/12*mawkish [ MAW-kish ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. adjective ] MEANING : 1. (adj.) deprived of. devoid of or robbed of something 2. *addendum [ uh'-DEN-duh'm ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. (adj. *bereft [ bi-REFT ] [ adjective. *gangrene [ GANG-green ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. emotional or mushy 2.

a statement or act that is corroboratory USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : After the corroboration of all the facts presented by the district attor ney the jury was convinced that the accused was in fact guilty as charged.-WUHN. the principle of total abstinence from alcoholic drinks 2.] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1.) a burrowing mammal like a bandicoot or its fur 2. *teetotalism [ tee-TOHT-l-iz-uh'm ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1.-WOHN-. damnation or ruin 2. (tr. *corroboration [ kuh -rob-uh -REY-shuh n ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. (n.3. 30/12 *perdition [ per-DISH-uh n ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. not customary or habitual 2. One who studies the scientific relationships between organisms and th eir environments 2. *badger [ BAJ-er ] [ noun.v. hell USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Not learning from history will seal our perdition.) past participle and past tense of bereave USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : His character is the book was depicted to be bereft of all happiness.v. *ecologist [ i-KOL-uh'-jist ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. (tr. verification or ratification 2. *unwonted [ uhn-WAWN-tid. destruction. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. the practice of avoiding intoxicating drinks USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He believed that teetotalism was good for the health and well-being of t he individual. not accustomed. a person who studies relationships between human groups and their physical an d social environments USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : People seem to take the estimates of ecologists about global warming rat her lightly. unused USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The strictest teacher started treating the students with unwonted kindne .) to pester. confirmation. urge or nag someone USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : His face resembled that of a badger.

quintessence or ideal representative USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : It was of essence to get the archetype right to avoid further complicati ons. pertaining to the kitchen or used in cooking 2. (tr.v. that cannot be challenged.ss because an official visit from the faculty inspector was due. dictatorial or imperative 3. assertive in behaviour 5. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. prototype or original model 2. equitable or fair treatment to all USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Nobody could fault the evenhanded decision of the umpire.) to offset or compensate 3.) to avail or match with equal force USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The ruling party came up with a novel procedure to effectively counterva il the objections raised by the opposition. changed or denied 4.v. *oracular [ aw-RAK-yuh'-ler ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. (tr. refused or changed 2. like or pertaining to a person considered to be capable of prophetic opinions 2. -tohr-ee ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. displaying impartiality 2. *evenhanded [ EE-vuh'n-HAN-did ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. 31/12 *peremptory [ puh -REMP-tuh -ree. spoken as if infallible or as if divinely inspired USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He claimed that his predictions were based on facts and figures and were .v. *countervail [ koun-ter-VEYL ] [ intransitive verb. *archetype [ AHR-ki-tahyp ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. pertaining to cookery USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Her culinary expertise covered a wide variety of mouth-watering delicaci es. *culinary [ KYOO-luh'-ner-ee ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. PER-uh mp-tawr-ee. urgent or commanding in nature USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The District magistrate issued a peremptory command to the police to que ll the riots.) to counteract or avail against 2. (law) one that cannot be questioned. (intr.

. (intr.C. -tohr-ee ] [ adjective ] MEANING : threatening.) an exceptionally long speech or a series of such speeches for th e purpose of causing obstruction or a member of a legislature who makes such a s peech 2. a revolt of any peasant USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The nobles scoffed at the jacquerie by the peasants. (of a tax or other charge) Extremely high. intention.retributive 2/1 *minatory [ MIN-uh -tawr-ee.) the use of obstructive tactics by a member of a legislative assembly to prevent the adoption of a measure generally favoured or to force a decision agai nst the will of the majority 3. disposition. *jacquerie [ zhahk-uh'-REE ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1.(n. v.) to use irregular or obstructive tactics to impede legislation USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : They used a filibuster to block the motion that favoured the disbursemen t of sops to farmers. intransitive verb. Synonyms: penal . animating spirit or purpose 3. hatred.) an irregular military adventurer who engages in an unauthorized military expedition into a foreign country to foment or support a revolution 2. (as per psychology of G.not of an oracular nature.) to impede legislation by irregular or obstructive tactics as by maki ng long speeches 3. alarming or ominous USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The minatory way in which the young men approached the elderly man signa lled their intentions. *animus [ AN-uh'-muh' s ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. *filibuster [ FIL-uh'-buhs-ter ] [ noun. v. (n. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. Jung) the masculine component that is present in a female's personality USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The animus seen throughout the novel between the major characters is ner ve-racking. enmity or animosity 2. -pu·ni·tive Adjective: Inflicting or intended as punishment. (tr. (n. the revolt of the peasants of france against the french nobility in 1 358 2.

*inadvertent [ in-uh d-VUR-tnt ] [ adjective ] MEANING : heedless.v. anchor support . (intr. physical. a played game that involves rolling balls into holes 3. "the keystone of campaign reform was the ban on soft money". v.something providing immaterial assistance to a person or cause or inte rest.) to bid less than that of a competitor 2. careless or not intentional USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : His inadvertent remarks during the meeting earned him a censure from his boss. (tr.*anthropologist [ an-thruh'-POL-uh'-jist ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1.) to spread over a wide area USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Their back yard was strewed with garbage as they were lazy and did not w ant to clean it up. a short composition of music that is especially played on the piano USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The entire ceremony was reduced to a bagatelle due to this atrocious beh aviour. mainstay. social and cultural aspects USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The child stated that he would like to be an anthropologist when he grew up. *underbid [ uhn-der-BID ] [ intransitive verb. *solemnity [ suh'-LEM-ni-tee ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1.v. keystone. gravity or impressiveness . *strew [ stroo ] [ transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. linchpin. "he is the l inchpin of this firm" backbone. (tr. (tr.) to make an unnecessarily low bid for the value of something USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He underbid the offers of the competitors by cutting his profit margin a nd won the prestigious contract. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. "faith is his an chor". v. a trifle or something unimportant or trivial 2.a central cohesive source of support and stability. a person who specializes in the scientific study of the development o f humans.) to scatter 2. like origin. 4/1 *lynchpin . *bagatelle [ bag-uh'-TEL ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1.

*madrigal [ MAD-ri-guh'l ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. 6/1 *impassive [ im-PAS-iv ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. a secular part song for four to six voices and making abundant use of contrapuntal imitation usually without musical instruments 2. serene or calm USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The Headmaster's impassive face did not reveal what punishment he had in store for the errant school boy. to harass or trouble USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : As the news of their engagement spread. *beset [ bi-SET ] [ transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. placid. to assail. they were beset with well-wisher s. characterized by longing or yearning 2. 9/1 *incongruity [ in-kuh'n-GROO-i-tee ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. the quality of being incompatible or inharmonious USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He was asked to resign because of the incongruity in his performance at work. a short love poem that can be set to music . the state of being out of keeping or place 2. expressionless or insensible 2. surround.2. to stud 2. apathetic. *wistful [ WIST-fuh'l ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. pensive or forlorn USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Because of the intense pressure of his work. 8/1 *pro·pen·si·ty Noun: An inclination or natural tendency to behave in a particular way. a formality that renders an act or document valid USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The fun and frolic of the celebration contrasted with the solemnity of t he prayer service. hem in or attack 3. any part song 3. wishful thinking 3. he had a wistful desire to return to the happy and carefree days of his childhood.

) serving to impress favourably 2. legal obligations overshadowing advantages USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He found the onerous duties of being a Prime Minister too taxing and was secretly relieved when his party lost the parliamentary elections. a melody. arduous.) to preoccupy the mind blocking out other thoughts or feelings USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The girls flocked around because of his prepossessing personality. record or journal that contains reports of the activities transpiring in an o rganisation USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The annals of the war were very well documented.) pleasing or attractive 3.v. *cloture [ KLOH-cher ] [ noun. air.) a procedure of the parliament in which the debate over an ongoin g matter is closed and the matter is subjected to an immediate vote 2. Air-ee-uh' ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. (tr. *prepossessing [ pree-puh'-ZES-ing ] [ adjective. (adj. (n. 10/1 *aria [ Ahr-ee-uh'. USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : At the start of the new term the teacher addressed the children in an ur bane tone so as to befriend rather than intimidate the class. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1.) to apply cloture to USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Since consensus was unlikely despite an extended debate. (tr. burdensome or oppressive 2. refined and sophisticated in manner. OH-ner. yearly chronological record of events 2.USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : A few choir boys got together and sang a madrigal for the pretty girls a t the village school. tune. (adj. a striking melody that is sung solo with accompaniment USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He is an expert at singing arias often haunting in nature. v. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. oratorio or a cantata 2. chronicles or historical account or record 3. a motion for cl oture was adopted after a majority vote was obtained. 11/1 *onerous [ ON-er-uh s.] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. *annals [ AN-lz ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. *urbane [ ur-BEYN ] [ adjective ] MEANING : polite. .

v. (n.) a piece of armour that is placed on the back of a horse 4.) to place bards on a horse *testator [ TES-tey-ter ] [ noun ] MEANING : . indubitable or authentic USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The incontrovertible evidence gave the judge no choice but to convict th e accused. a noisy merry-making or celebration 2. *jamboree [ jam-buh -REE ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. *disenfranchise [ dis-en-FRAN-chahyz ] [ verb ] MEANING : 1. disfranchise USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The lawyer argued that they could not be disenfranchised merely because they were illegal immigrants.] [ adjective ] MEANING : indisputable. (tr.) a celtic poet who played the lyre or harp while reciting poems 2. to deprive of a privilege or a right 2.v.) a poet 3. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. 12/1 *missive [ MIS-iv ] [ noun ] MEANING : written correspondence or letter USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The missive received by the Indian cricket team was from the Prime Minis ter congratulating them for winning the inaugural T20 World cup.) to moderate or to lessen the intensity of 2.*katabatic [ kat-uh -BAT-ik ] [ adjective ] MEANING : pertaining to wind currents blowing down a slope USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The village located in the valley bore the brunt of the icy katabatic wi nds. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. (n. *bate [ beyt ] [ intransitive verb. (tr. an assembly esp. (tr. v.) to make less or take away som. (n. *bard [ bahrd ] [ noun. one of boy or girl scouts USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : A jamboree was held for the students after the final examinations were o ver.

) to arrange (strings of characters) into a chained list 3. IN-kuhl-keyt ] [ transitive verb ] MEANING : to instil. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. *concatenate [ kon-KAT-n-eyt ] [ adjective. teach or impress by repeating frequently USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The Prime Minister exhorted the teaching community to inculcate virtue i n the young. (tr. v. v.) connected or linked in a series USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The items on his list were separated into two categories and concatenate d. 16/1 *inundate [ IN-uh n-deyt. v. one who makes a will 2. v. v. to overwhelm or engulf especially with work USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The meteorological department has warned that heavy rains may inundate M umbai this week. in-UHN-deyt ] [ transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. -uhn-.) to express strong disapproval of 3. (tr.) connect or unite in a series 4.) to link in a series or chain 2. 17/1 *modicum [ MOD-i-kuh m ] [ adjective ] MEANING : a moderate or small amount USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : . (adj.) to regret deeply or to feel or express deep grief for 2. 15/1 *inculcate [ in-KUHL-keyt. (tr. (tr. deluge or to flood 2. *deplore [ di-PLAWR ] [ transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. anyone who has died leaving a valid will USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The testator took every precaution to make a valid will so that it could not be contested after his death.1. v. (tr. *bicameral [ bahy-KAM-er-uh' l ] [ adjective ] MEANING : having or composed of two legislative branches or houses USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The newly democratic country decided to have a bicameral legislature.) to express sorrow for USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The Prime Minister deplored terrorism as a dastardly act of cowardice. (tr.

confuse or perplex in an argument USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : His captious remarks earned him the displeasure of his friends.v. critical or difficult to please 2.v. Fr. biv-wak ] [ noun. (n.) a temporary military encampment having practically no shelter 2. (n. he would admit that the war i n Iraq was not intended to free the Iraqi people from an oppressive and murderou s regime but simply for US companies to take control of Iraqi oil assets. *urchin [ UR-chin ] [ noun ] MEANING : a mischievous.) to encamp or take shelter in a bivouac 4. (adj. LEE-uh'-zon. intransitive verb ] MEANING : 1. *bivouac [ biv-oo-ak. 18/1 *captious [ KAP-shuh' s ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. an illicit sexual relationship or an adulterous relationship USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The radio officer had provided efficient liaison between the commanding officers of the units engaged in the two pronged attack. usually dirty or ragged. fault-finding. congealing.) an animal having patches of black and white 4. (n. adjective ] MEANING : 1. (intr.) to provide with shelter temporarily USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The troops decided to vacate the bivouacs after facing heavy enemy fire. entrap. the contact maintained by communications between units of the armed f orces in order to ensure concerted action 2. anyone who initiates and maintains contact between two sides or a go-between or an intermediary 3. (tr. lye-ZAWN ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. *piebald [ PAHY-bawld ] [ noun. lee-EY-zuhn.If George Bush had a modicum of integrity. *coagulation [ koh-AG-yuh -ley-shuh n ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1.) the place that is used to set up such camps 3. intended to ensnare. boy USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The urchin was picked up from the streets and sent to a remand home.) an animal having spots or patches of two colours USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : . (adj.) having two different colours 2. *liaison [ lee-ey-ZAWN. (n. clotting or the process of transformation from a liquid i nto a solid or gel by a succession of chemical reactions USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The autopsy revealed that the coagulation of blood in the arteries was c aused by poison which was administered to the victim intravenously.) having patches of black and white or any two colours 3.

(tr. bagatelle or something has little or no importance USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : In 19th century England. silliness or lightness 2. *frivolity [ fri-VOL-i-tee ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. (tr. 12/2 *licentious [ lahy-SEN-shuh s ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. obstinate or unyielding 2. lewd.) to knot 3. *arroyo [ uh'-ROI-oh ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. (tr. *discountenance [ dis-KOUN-tn-uh ns ] [ noun.) disapproval or disfavour USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He discountenanced his children by talking about their childhood antics. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1.) a complication or a tangle USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The mystery was ravelled by the author so that the truth was obscure up to the end of the novel. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. frivolity was frowned upon. ignoring or disregarding rules and laws USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : . frippery.) to entangle 2. v.v.Raymond said that he would like to ride the piebald pony. rivulet or brook USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The hard push sent him sprawling face down into the arroyo. a dry gulch.) to become confused 2. stubborn. immoral or promiscuous 2. 20/1 *pertinacious [ pur-tn-EY-shuh s ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1.) to express disapproval 3. 9/2 *ravel [ RAV-uh'l ] [ noun. resolute or tenacious USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Her pertinacious. a creek.) to embarrass or abash 2. (intr. triviality. (intr. v.v. v. in an arid region 2. (n. gully or channel esp. stream. pro-communist views irked the audience. v. (tr.) to tangle or become entangled (of threads)< 3. intransitive verb. (n.

*ecclesiastical [ i-klee-zee-AS-ti-kuh' l ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. churchly. *abscission [ ab-SIZH-uh'n ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1.) an awkward foolish person USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : His poor results prompted his parents to ask if did any studying in coll ege or spent the time gawking at the pretty girls. 22/2 *lithe [ lahyth ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1.) to gape or stare foolishly at 2. creative power or very productive USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The biggest problem for the farmers in the region is the fecundity of ra bbits. appropriate or suitable for a church USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Ecclesiastical architecture was included into the building's interior de sign during refurbishment. effortlessly graceful or flexible USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The athlete's lithe muscles are a result of regimented training. v. intransitive verb ] MEANING : 1. capacity to produce young in great numbers 3. 27/12 *fecundity [ fi-KUHN-di-tee ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. *gawk [ gawk ] [ noun. clerical or pertaining to the church or clergy 2. a sudden termination or the act of cutting off 2. morally or socially objectionable USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : . flowers and leaves from a plant USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The botanist was working on an experiment to delay the abscission in the petals of the rose so that it would remain fresh for a long time. (n. the natural separation of a fruit. supple or slender 2. flexed. distasteful or offensive 4. *unsavory [ uh'n-SEY-vuh'-ree ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. not tasty or insipid 2. disagreeable or not appealing 3. the quality of being fertile or fruitful 2.His licentious lifestyle gave his wife no recourse but to file for a div orce. (tr.

(adj. *knight-errant [ NAHYT-ER-uh nt ] [ noun ] MEANING : a wandering knight who travels in search of adventures so as to exhibit his military skill or chivalry USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He travelled around the world seeking adventure just like a knight-erran t of ancient times.) one belonging to the Rome 4. (n. *toga [ TOH-guh' ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. urgency or an exigent state. *exigency [ Ek-si-juh' n-see. a tendency to be hostile 2.] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. ig-Zij-uh' n. condition or quality 2. a need or requirement in a particular situation 3. adjective ] MEANING : 1.His most unpleasant memory was of his days at the orphanage.) one who is coarse or USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : His plebeian manners to or of common people (especially in Rome) lower class or common people especially in ancient vulgar elicited scorn. *pugnacity [ puhg-NAS-i-tee ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. a loose one-piece outer garment worn by male citizens of Rome in anci ent times 2. (n. a ceremonial or professional gown or robe USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He wore a toga to the costume party. where unsav ory gruel was the daily fare. (adj. crisis or urgent situation USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The exigency of the situation requires a contingency plan to be in place . aggressiveness USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He was the quiet and unassuming type.) pertaining 2. *imbecility [ im-buh'-SIL-i-tee ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. an emergency. but when cornered by the bully he reacted with pugnacity. stupidity or silliness 2.) vulgar or coarse 3. 28/12 *plebeian [ pli-BEE-uh n ] [ noun. an instance of absurdity or incapability 3. foolishness USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The staff at the shopping arcade complained about the imbecility of the .

new manager to the directors. v.) a domesticated descendant of the european polecat 2. prediction or intuition .] [ adjective ] MEANING : sad. a bluish or green sheen which forms on copper. insuperable or that which cannot be surpassed or overcome 2. PRES-ij. search. (n. intransitive verb. discover or bring to light 4.] [ intransitive verb ] MEANING : to be engaged in the misuse of funds. -FAWL. 3/3 *lugubrious [ loo-GOO-bree-uh s. 2/3 *ferret [ FER-it ] [ noun. PRES-ij. 1/3 *deliberations plural of de·lib·er·a·tion (Noun) Noun: Long and careful consideration or discussion.v. (n. *defalcate [ di-FAL-keyt. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. impossible to pass over or conquer USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles by determination and hard work. embezzlement USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The man was arrested on charges of defalcating the charity funds.) to intensively search about the place *verdigris [ VUR-di-grees ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. (tr. intransitive verb. pri-SEYJ ] [ noun.) to rummage. brass or bronze surfac es which are exposed to the atmosphere over a long period of time 2. (intr. *insurmountable [ in-ser-MOUN-tuh'-buh'l ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1.) an omen. -GYOO.v. gloomy or mournful USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : A lugubrious cloud seemed to settle over the mansion with solemn faces b eing visible everywhere. 6/3 *presage [ n. Slow and careful movement or thought. (n. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1.) a persistent or an avid searcher 3. a bluish or green powder consisting of basic cupric acetate used as a fungici de* paint pigment USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : His job was to remove the verdigris by polishing the brass buckles and e paulets before the parade.

the art of correct spelling 2. ik-STANT ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. v. having an irritating or acrid sensation 2.2. (intr. in existence or not destroyed 2.) to predict. *propensity [ pruh -PEN-si-tee ] [ noun ] MEANING : an innate tendency. warn or foretell 3. v. his friends told him that he should live and let live. adjective ] MEANING : blameworthy or deserving rebuke USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The reprehensible act must not go unpunished. a fervent and militant proponent of something USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : When he denied that he was a zealot. the part of language study related to letters and spelling 3. conspicuous. preference or inclination USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : . sharp. *zealot [ ZEL-uh t ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. shaped into alternating ridges and grooves in parallel format USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The entire consignment of watches was packed in a single corrugated card board carton. protruding or standing out USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He was horrified to find out that the files were still extant when he ha d ordered them to be destroyed. 9/3 *pungent [ PUHN-juh nt ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1.) to have a premonition or to foretell USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Hearing the presage sent chills down everyone's spines. (tr. a fanatic 2. caustic or penetrating USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The pungent smell made every one ill. *corrugated [ KWAR-uh'-git-ed ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. *extant [ EK-stuh' nt. *orthography [ awr-THOG-ruh'-fee ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. the method of representing the sounds of a language by written symbols or spe lling *reprehensible [ rep-ri-HEN-suh -buh l ] [ noun.

) the material used to seal crevices USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The seam between the window frame and the wall had to be caulked to prev ent the rain water from seeping into the room. (n. the tendency or ability of an organism to maintain internal equilibri . the state of being very touching or profoundly moving 2.) to feign or hide behind a false appearance USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The boisterous behaviour of the youth was dissembled by his innocent fac e. 11/3 *homeostasis [ hoh-mee-uh'-STEY-sis ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1.) to make airtight or watertight by filling seams or sealing 2.v. discontented or grumbling 2. -RAH-. POIN-uh'n ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1.] [ noun ] MEANING : something that is highly desired or considered essential USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The commonplace desideratum of any work of fiction is to keep the reader glued to the novel.v. *caulk(calk) [ kawk ] [ noun. an emotional moment or event USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Many viewers were moved to tears by the poignancy of the soap opera. *desideratum [ di-sid-uh'-REY-tuh' m.) to feign or simulate 3. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. -zid. 10/3 querulous [ KWER-uh -luh s. (tr. (intr.v. *deviance [ DEE-vee-uh ns ] [ noun ] MEANING : aberration or deviant behaviour or state USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Guidance counsellors look out for deviance in the behaviour patterns of school children. v.) to apply a waterproof material to crevices 3. v.His propensity to lie is becoming a bigger problem day by day. peevish or complaining USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : She was admonished for her querulous nature.] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. *dissemble [ di-SEM-buh l ] [ intransitive verb. intransitive verb. *poignancy [ POIN-yuh'n-see. (tr. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. (tr. (intr. KWER-yuh .) to disguise or conceal or hide behind a false appearance 2.

(tr.v.um by adjusting its physiological processes 2. 12/3 *propinquity [ proh-PING-kwi-tee ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. the state of psychological equilibrium attained when tension has been reduced or eliminated USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The diagnosis was that he suffered from metabolic abnormalities which we re caused by impaired homeostasis. (n. (intr.v. (n.) to rankle or embitter 4. *moratorium [ mawr-uh'-TWAR-ee-uh'm ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. sore or ulcer USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The wound had festered and had to be cleaned and bandaged. a blood relationship or kinship 2. (n. picnic. *fester [ FES-ter ] [ noun.) pustule. *junket [ JUHNG-kit ] [ noun.v. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. a suspension of the ongoing performance of an obligation USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The finance minister sought a moratorium from the World Bank so that the money could be diverted and spent on disaster management instead.) a party. feast or party USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The children at the orphanage would get junket for dessert only on Sunda y. an authorization to a debtor permitting the temporary delay or suspen sion of payments 2. unfavourable or not conductive to good health 2. (tr.) to go on a junket 4. trip or outing 3. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. a period of delay agreed to by parties who are in the process of negotiating 3. rot or putrefy 3. (intr. ulcerate or generate pus 2. not wholesome USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Many elderly people moved out of town because of the insalubrious condit ions caused by pollutants.) to suppurate. proximity or closeness in terms of time or space USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Children are discouraged to have propinquity with strangers.) to decay. intransitive verb. similarity 3.v.) to fete. *beguile [ bih-GAHYL ] . intransitive verb. (intr.v.) a custard-like dessert that's made of sweetened flavoured milk t hat has been set using rennet 2. *insalubrious [ in-suh'-LOO-bree-uh's ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1.

] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. kwahy. is an initialism of the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum. *reprove [ ree-PROOV ] [ noun.[ transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. inactive. intransitive verb ] . not showing symptoms or causing any trouble USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : He was a quiescent child who loved to daydream. (tr. 18/3 *epoch [ Brit. division into two contradictory parts or opinions 2. a point in time or instant that becomes memorable due to the happening of a p articular event 4.) to rebuke or find flaws in USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : She was reproved for her shoddy work. 15/3 *dichotomy [ dahy-KOT-uh'-mee ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. 19/3 *quiescent [ kwee-ES-uh nt. a division of a period in geology USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The fall of the empire signified the end of an epoch. to take away from by deceiving or cheating 3.. division into two mutually exclusive contradictory groups 3. (intr.) to admonish or criticize 2. 20/3 *Q. divert or distract 4. an era or brief period in history which is of some particular importa nce 2. EE-pok. to pass time in a pleasant manner USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The old couple were beguiled of their savings by the sweet talking fund manager. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. EP-uh' k ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. to amuse or delight 5. motionless or quiet 2. subdivision into pairs of halves USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The judge was faced with the dichotomy of doing justice in the strict se nse of the law or of being lenient in a deserving case. to charm. v. to deceive by trickery or influence by flattery 2. an event or incident that marks the beginning of a new era or period 3.E. which tran slates as "which was to be demonstrated" or "as was to be expected".v. 21/3 *resplendent [ ri-SPLEN-duh nt ] [ adjective.D.

*plutocracy [ ploo-tok-ruh-see ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. a defect which prevents clear enunciation USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The general made it clear that all impediments to the peace process had to be dealt with. *elixir [ ih-LIK-ser ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. to prohibit. 2. a class or group ruling. the rule or power of wealth or of the wealthy. a short-lived romantic affair 4. garish or splendid USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The resplendent fireworks dazzled the crowd. a narrative of a sequence of events in verse or prose 2. an alchemic preparation believed to be capable of prolonging life. 3. a sweetened aromatic solution of alcohol and water. a sentimental musical composition USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : She narrated their life story in the form of an idyll. *dissident [ dis-i-duhnt ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. by virtue of its w . a sovereign remedy or universal cure 2. or exercising power or influence. a government or state in which the wealthy class rules. *impediment [ im-ped-uh'-muh'nt ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. an episode of idyllic appeal 3. *idyll [ ahyd-l ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1.MEANING : 1. serving as a syrup base f or medicine USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The prince and his trusted servants set off for the enchanted forest in search of the elixir of eternal youth. a procedure believed to be capable of transmuting base metals into gold 3. 22/3 *proscribe [ proh-SKRAHYB ] [ transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. an obstruction to progress 2. to announce a person as outlawed USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The thief was found guilty and proscribed to imprisonment for five years . condemn or banish 2. shining luminously or radiantly 2. dazzling. a person who disagrees a opinion or an attitude USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The king issued an edict that all dissidents would be hanged.

transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. seditious(sedition is overt conduct. quiet *lectern [ LEK-tern ] [ noun ] MEANING : a stand that has a sloping surface on which a speaker can place books.) to move about spiritedly or spring from the hind legs (of a horse) 3. agile 2. v. (intr. (n. silent. v. . *adroit [ uh'-DROIT ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. speak childishly or babble 3. resourceful USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : His adroit debating skills helped our college secure the first rank in t he debating competition. (tr. v.ealth. *factious [ FAK-shuh' s ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. (intr. dissentious or causing faction 2. a display of disrespect for God 2. such as speech and organization. USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : It is almost de riguer for US Presidents to make speeches from a lectern . *prance [ prans. USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The pheasants called for an uprising against the reigning plutocracy.) to caued through means other than words 2.) to dance or move in a lively manner 2. v. childish manner 2. that is deemed by the legal authority to tend toward insurrection against the e stablished order. *impiety [ im-pahy-i-tee ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1.) to talk or chatter in silly.). (intr. intransitive verb. dextrous. his act of impiety would have resulted in him being flogged publicly. prahns ] [ noun. intransitive verb. related or pertaining to or characterized by faction USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : It was his factious nature which infuriated his family. v. skilful.) silly talk or a chattering sound USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : She prattled till they asked her to stop talking. transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. (tr. 24/3 *prattle [ PRAT-l ] [ noun.) to chatter. n otes etc. an act of irreverence for sacred items USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : A hundred years ago.

. to disregard the importance or value of someone or something 3. *immure [ i-MYOO R ] [ transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. to surround or enclose within walls. imprison 2. courageous USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : A bold and intrepid spirit is necessary to join the armed forces of our country. to make black USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : One should not denigrate the efforts of ordinary Indians and Pakistanis in bringing the two countries closer. forbidding USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The perpetually dour expression on his face made him unpopular. sullen. to malign or defame someone. blacken. commonplace or ordinary. extremely strict and harsh. to belittle. to build into or entomb in wall USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The dreaded terrorist was immured in a high security prison. brave. bleak 2. characterised by abstinence USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The secret to a long life may very well lie in being abstemious. DOU-er ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1.3/9 *dour [ doo r. occurring daily 2. 12/9 *quotidian [ kwoh-TID-ee-uh n ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. to criticize in a derogatory way 2. *abstemious [ ab-STEE-mee-uh's ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. gloomy. douuh' r. obstinate 3. in eating and drinking 2. *intrepid [ in-TREP-id ] [ adjective ] MEANING : resolutely fearless. nothing unusual USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Due to his impecunious state he was finding it difficult to meet his quo tidian needs of three meals. moderate or sparing esp. stubborn. *denigrate [ DEN-i-greyt ] [ transitive verb ] MEANING : 1.

first thing. Mar 30th 2006 *somnambulist [ som-NAM-byuh -list ] [ noun ] MEANING : one who walks whilst asleep USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The doctors identified her to be a somnambulist. offensive or bad smell USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The malodorous garbage vat nearby made us cross the road. we turned out last year s volume to see what ad vice we had given to the nation twelve months ago. to repeat it. * . and we were inclined. USAGE EXAMPLE 2 : Every Monday. Valedictories past.*mutatis mutandis [ moo-TAH-tees moo-TAHN-dees. myoo-TEY-tis myoo-TAN-dis ] [ adverb ] MEANING : having all the necessary changes or adjustments incorporated USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Every Sunday we heard the same sermon mutatis mutandis repeated. *malodorous [ mal-OH-der-uh s ] [ adjective ] MEANING : having a foul. mutatis mutandis. Eng. Economist.