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This is my dream institution a hospital with a school which expertise is to provide exceptional quality service and education in the field of health care and other allied courses. IMCCN will be the premiere as the main hospital for the student’s clinical placements. By combinin modern technolo y! state"of"the"art facility! top caliber professors and clinical instructors! world"class premiere base hospital and a stron advocacy for academic excellence # International Medical Center Colle e of Nursin is made of the country’s best.

OUR MISSION To become a center of excellence and a lobal trendsetter in nursin education throu h$
• •

Innovative teachin "learnin experience %i hly qualified faculty & staff

• Inte rated information system! resources & new infrastructure with up"to" date technolo y 'ell"developed research pro ram Continuous improvement of administrative capabilities (ynamic student services )ctive lin*a es locally & internationally )ctive alumni & parents’ involvement +inancial viability )ctive participation in community development • • • • • • • OUR VISION International Medical Center Colle e of Nursin is a center of excellence and a lobal trendsetter in nursin education.cience in Nursin pro ram! the raduate is expected to$ • • • )bide by Christian morals and values. . (emonstrate leadership qualities in health care delivery in various health settin the nursin process in the delivery of health care service to individuals! family and community. • • • • • . -spouse culture and tradition expected of a +ilipino.cience in Nursin . Collaborate and coordinate with other members of the health team in the delivery of health services. 0elate effectively with others in wor* situations related to nursin in health. )t the completion of the Bachelor of . OBJECTIVES: The Colle e of Nursin aims to prepare its raduates to function as a be innin professional upon completion of the four"year Bachelor of . Initiate and participate in research and/or use research findin s in nursin practice. )ssume responsibilities for self"improvement and professional rowth.

0ecruit and retain faculty qualified to support the school2s academic pro ram. )ctively en a e faculty and staff in the on oin development and overnance of the colle e.• (emonstrate competence in utili1in state"of"the"art technolo y. b. Maintain a physical learnin environment to support research/creative activities! teachin ! service and community en a ement. f. d. . c. Maintain fiscal stability supportive of initiatives that advance the school’s mission. +acilitate the continuin professional development of faculty! staff! and students. e. -n a e students in community"based initiatives and/or laboratory"based experiences to enhance their ability to address contemporary health challen es. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: a.