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Tell me about yourself or brief your CV – this is the most common question irrespective of any job opening.

You can start with your education background (if your score is good then mention percentage else not required :--) Your certifications (not mandatory) Your knowledge on Business Analysis Activities you carried / involved during your college days (like seminars, workshops) Your knowledge on domains (if you know else not a problem!!) Your academic projects (do not explain in-detail, you can explain in-detail when specific question is asked to explain your project). Some personal details (only at higher level like your family and hobbies. Note: keep it simple, do not tell stories) [When this question is asked, interviewer will be interested to know – your education, mainly your communication level, team player and knowledge level.] What are your strengths and weakness? Explain your strengths like (if you are) punctual, flexible, smart working, smart thinking. You may be asked with one more question to defend your strengths with an example. So be prepared, just do not tell punctual, smart etc for answering sake. Weakness –very important thing you should keep in mind. NEVER EVER bluff by portraying your strength as weakness. Like ‘I am hard worker – I cannot sit idle’, ‘I am very punctual and when others are not punctual I get irritated’ these sorts of things will be told you in soft skill classes but it is very wrong. You should mind that, interviewer would have passed all these stages and he/she will know all the gimmicks. Interviewer can easily make out that you are bluffing. So be honest for this question. Like – I was bad in time management and I am working constantly to improve my time management from past 3 months and I am improved as of now and shortly I will overcome this weakness. You should tell your weakness and followed by your actions to overcome that weakness. Explain your projects? You know the answer. You can be cross-questioned on the projects as well so be prepared. Whats the key differentiating factors that you have, that makes you eligible? This question sounds like again asking strengths but you need to answer smartly. You need to portray your Business Analysis skills, team player skills, domain knowledge and strengths. The overall Idea is to know how you stand out from other candidates.

solid communication. Team or people management. Name the skills which Business Analyst should have? Good Listener . For now you can search in Google you will get results) What do you think about challenges faced by Business Analyst? . What are the roles and responsibilities of a Business Analyst? I have written article on this (in same website – you can refer) or if you have different information on this question you can go ahead with that. tech savvy (can keep updating what are the latest technologies released in market and how those are important). activity diagram. and data flow diagrams very shortly. (I will write about use case. problem solving approach. I am running xyz business and I want to build software.Do you know SDLC / Explain SDLC in brief? You need to be perfect for this question. team player. This will be scenario based question like. Name different types of SDLC models? Waterfall. Again. Iterative Methods. Please refer Google or any standard books for this else the page you are reading will become 100 pages J . Do know QA or testing cycle? I have written article on this (in same website – you can refer) or if you have different information on this question you can go ahead with that. I have already written on SDLC you can go through or if you have referred some other books as well. So understand SDLC properly it will help you in interview. Quick & continuous learner. Preferably with requirements plot use case diagram. You can be told some scenario or business case and asked to write possible requirements on a sheet of paper. Important point is reading the SDLC in books if different and understanding the SDLC is different. devising new solutions. Agile methods You can be asked to explain any particular SDLC model or can be asked to explain the difference between any of the SDLC models. this depends on scenario so be prepared for this. Prototyping. activity diagrams. You can be told some scenario and asked to act as Business Analyst and collect requirements (interviewer will act as client). Spiral Model. it is fine to say that answer. Analytical skills. documenting skills (written English). as a business analyst what do you suggest? So you need to be prepared for these sorts of questions. market research etc (if know some more you can add). V-Model. thinking beyond the box. use case diagrams.

Communication problems – In real time this can happen. neatly shaved. . Be prepared. Be prepared. Some managerial sort of questions will be asked to test your management skills. Be dressed well. by working alongside PM What is CMMi and explain the levels? This is there in your college syllabus.Change management is the biggest challenge because this happens in real time as well. After requirements stage when development is started client will come-up some changes or enhancements. Have pen with you. Also individuals. Risk which happened is called Issue. There will be contingency management or issue management to solve issue. What would you do if you haven't received all the required signoffs on phase documentation submitted for approval? Highlight risk management process .of such scenarios. Be prepared. How do you handle the situation? On repeatedly telling – one of your team member is not punctual due this your team is facing the problems. Also do not forget the Interview basics. BUT sometimes it happens like Different people across the globe speak different style of English. You might be good in speaking and understanding the English language. Switch-off your mobile to flag these? Resolution . What is your understanding on – Risk and Issue? Risk is something which can be forecasted and can be handled by formulating mitigation plans. have wrist watch. Guys with Formals. Basically we will be not solving the issue but will try making Damage control and take it as learning for other projects. How will you handle? There can be N number of such cases. Romans speak different English. Like – you had a project delivery and your team was not able to meet deadline. Cross departmental or cross team management – like conflict management between teams. In USA itself Mexico people speak English differently. This requires soft skills and smartness. What is Project management? Do you have any idea? This is there in your college syllabus. So at initial level to understand the accent can be a challenge but after some time you will become perfect.

These are some question. Leadership .Business Analyst Interview QuestionDear Friends.Basically an interviewer may ask different questions but he/she will try to check outsome of the following skills only: Confidence level Logical thinking Consistency in your answers. whichdefiantly help you out in BA Interview.I am sharing you my interview exp with you.

How do you ensure the real requirements13.database concepts . H o w d o y o u d o r e q u i r e m e n t gathering. brief your role in each andevery phases clearly and what documents you prepared in every phase.Why you are looking for change. butnow the client has changed the requirements.Introduce yourself including your main job responsibility in last organization.What documents you prepared.1. are the essential qualities of a e commerce website.45.As a BA which function you found the most crucial /difficult to handle.51.31.How do you do gap analysis.Give me a real example of business process from your daily life12. 2 .What your future plan.Please brief me your role in material mgmt.52.How do you define the costing of any work?38.What is requirement elicitation process5.Which is the most important feature of a online shopping portal to attractcustomers.What is USE cases17.And how will you contribute in our organization30.Why should I select you?29.For a business analyst what are the essential skills?7.53.How do you handle the change requirements14.What is your strength and weakness?28.How will you react in deadlock situation /33.What is business process?11. Temperament Business understanding Ability to prioritise activities as per situation.What is Gap Analysis? 34.How do you interact with your technical team? 37.47.In which module you worked.48.How you rate yourself in programming.What are the phases in ERP Impleme ntation?32. What would be your strategy?49.If you have to launch a product for online sale which is no longer available for online shopping.What satisfied you?40.19. can you describe through example.35.43. W h a t i s b u s i n e s s ? steps you follow in requirement gathering4.Can you draw the DFD of online shopping model?36. 22.How many employees were in your last organization.Which is the most exciting moment of your life.Please describe your role in ERP Implementation.if you have to launch a pen ( of avg quality and no brand name ) throughMLM . how do you handle the situation.What is multi tenancy? 2 4 .What is e-commerce?46.Suppose you have developed the software as per the client’s requirements.Which was your most difficult assignment you worked and why it wasdifficult for you .What are the contents in SRS?21.As a BA how many SDLC phases you involved.What are the methods of requirement e l i c i t a t i o n ? did you handle it.Which tool you used as a BA. W h a t i s S a a S . .Brief me about SDLC.Which documents you prepared during requirement gathering and what are there contents.Problem solving skills.Are you a team player? pls justify with an Example.41.8 .What are your hobbies?39. What would be your strategy?50.42.15. W h a t i s t r a c t a b i l i t y m a t r i x ? 9 .26.What documents you passed to the technical team.What is Actor? (May ask do draw use case diagram of a particular system)18.

) in an efficient manner.Last but not the least BAs could be domain specific as well.A BA is someone who is able to bring in improvements. activity diagrams. changes (technology. process. What is business analysis? One should not restrict the BA role to only being a link between Non-It and IT or only for development projects. workflow .For more BA Questions. peopleetc. Or he could be someone involved during the Requirementgathering/analysis once the project is initiated. So a BA could be part of the marketing team who helps themarketing team in providing estimates/high level solutions for a said project which is under the process of procurement. What analysis and modeling techniques do you use to translate business objectivesinto system requirements? Create project-initiation diagrams including business use cases.1. Sample Resumes and Open Jobs – please visit 5. Or he could be someone who brings profit to thecompany by performing process improvement activities ROIs at process level.

and decomposed dataflowdiagramsDetermine when to use which modeling technique. creating diagrams)But a lot of bigger organizations have been using Rational Software. keep a working knowledge of MS SharePoint. I would say.diagrams.Mention some of the tools commonly used by business analyst? There might be various tools that you as a business analyst would be using depending upon thework environment. at least.Sometimes you might end up being a BA com QA. Sample Resumes and Open Jobs – please visit:http://futurethoughtsllc.aspx 6. Rational software licensingis expensive so you might not find it being used everywhere. detailed design entity-relationship diagrams. it is nice to have a workingknowledge of creating Test cases.The primary tools are:MS-Office (Especially Word)MS-Visio (for visualizing the concepts. QTP etc. domain class diagrams. including the other relevant types of UML diagrams. As flowchartsDetermine project scope and derive context diagrams and project use cases from the business diagramsDetail the use cases by using activity diagrams or other techniques Create high level analysis dataflow diagrams. using Load Runner. . and understand which diagrams are derived from othersUnderstand the basic concepts of normalization and decomposition so can converse intelligently on the topic and review diagrams that have been normalized or decomposedFor more BA Questions.Rational Requisite Pro (for Requirement Management)Rational ClearCase/ClearQuest (For change management)I have also found that some places like using MS-SharePoint. telelogic DOORS and other toolsfor document collaboration. and entity-relationship diagrams from the use cases or other high level diagramsRecognize and understand the various design models. following them through a project life cycle.

com/InterviewQuestionsandAnswers.aspx 8.Explain equivalence class? Equivalence class a mathematical concept is a subset of given set induced by anequivalencerelationon that given set. some OOP.) Elements of an equivalence class are said to beequivalent under the equivalence relation to all the other elements of the same equivalence class.Equivalence classes and their corresponding equivalence relation are defined in set theory a vitalfoundation for mathematics and those fields that use mathematics.g. Sample Resumes and Open Jobs – please visit:http://futurethoughtsllc.aspx 7.The Project Manager responsibility (usually) identifies the stakeholders determine their needsand expectations and more important must manage and take their help for the project success.Rules governingstructure3)Manipulation part:.) Accounting (Business Planning Ledger maintainingForecasting) Mortgage (Local banking rules Knowledge about compliancy of applications forms/applications that needs the authorizations of the local Government bodies or countiesUnderwriting conditions (How flexible the Loan lending organizations at the individuals creditcheck or History)So The SME’s help the Project Manager or BA to help them understand about the necessities or needs of the Business Users or Stake holders like/interests. More details can be found in astudy of equivalence relation. a normal database Ithas 3 main parts1)Structural part:.For more BA Questions. going from A to C instead of going from A to B. Sample Resumes and Open Jobs – please visit:http://futurethoughtsllc.operators used to select. Any two differentequivalence classes are disjoint and the union over all of the equivalence classes is the given set.update. (You should Understand them well to provide them with right service for the right success of the project).For more BA Questions.For each equivalence relation there is a collection of equivalence classes.querry that data.update. Notes: (Business Users: are the individuals who work in organizations in different departmentslike Logistics accounting finance Inventory) in the company who wanted the software in Placefor them to work on to help the Customers.egselect.aspx 9. Oracle.Indirect stake holders: management etc. otherwise the equivalence relation and its concomitantequivalence classes are all non-empty.For more BA Questions. it is always a plus. (If the given set is empty then the equivalence relation is empty andthere are no equivalence classes.SME’s: are the Subject Matter Experts who know about that project and have indepthknowledge about that software application used and that particular business domain knowledgelike Finance (terms and permutations etc.(How the Project help save time for the transactions or? how much secure/security is needed the application wise or profitable over long run) and SME’s explain How the Stakeholders or Business Users want the application to beor appear to be for the Customers or Business Users)..Stake Holders: Someone who is related to the Project? 2 types of People are involved:Direct Stake holders: business end users customers developers tech for these tools if you have knowledge of data is structured2)Integrity part:. Sample Resumes and Open Jobs – please visit:http://futurethoughtsllc.delete commands in sqlTo furhter add Data Modelling is when we add this .What are the problems solved by business analysis? As a BA the most critical part is in gathering requirements (we should understand them very wellfrom a Business User /stake holder point of view!!!)Reason: There might be a chance for the whole project to go in the wrong path due to wrongunderstanding of the Business users/ Stake holders’ needs and the gathered requirements createdfor the work following that step… i. What is the difference between data model and an entity relationship diagram ? A data model is a model which shows how data is stored and used for e. different operatingsystems.

as IT people use this document as keyfor the building of the application and Non .aspx 10.theoryto Live instance. Sample Resumes and Open Jobs – please visit:http://futurethoughtsllc.ENTERPRISE DATA MODEL(ENTERPRISE RELATIONSHIPMODELING) :.It captures howtwo or more entities are related to each other3)Attributes:.Who uses the output produced by business analyst? The output will be used by the Both IT and Non-It People.Every entity has its own sets of attributes (e. .com/ employees. PAN no in India for each employee or SSN in US)To clarify the point look at egA employee is an entity belonging to entity sets(All employees) which has a relationship withdepartment.It is an object.g.This can be called as an conceptual model or semantic model The sub parts of an ERM are1)Entity:.It people use those document where they can see prototype of their application.computer2) Relationship:. and attributes is emp codeFor more BA Questions.