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In reply, Bhishma answers his considered opinion that it is the recitation, meditation of and prayers to the names of Sri

Mahaa VishNu that can bestow the desired results "dhyaayan, sthuvan, namasyamscha yajamaanas tamEva cha" 4. Why only 1000 Naamas? There are millions of naamas of Sri VishNu and they definitely fall short of the actual qualities of Bhagavaan. Even the Vedas are reported to have attempted and returned crestfallen unable to complete the enumeration of Bhagavaans glories. � "yatO vaachO nivartantE apraapya manasaa saha" In his infinite mercy, Sage Vyaasa compiled a few out of them to help us meditate at least these 1000 names!. 5. NarayaNa, the greatest thief! Vaamana PuraaNa cleverly brands Sriman NarayaNa as the known dacoit (KD)! What does he steal? He steals the insurmountable burden of our sins accumulated over several lives, the moment he hears our mentioning his name. "NarayaNO naama narO naraaNaam, prasiddha chowrah kathitha prithivyaam/ anEka janma aarjita papa sanchayam harati arishTaan sruta maatramEva//" Hari gets his name from "Harir Harati Paapaani!" 6. What do these 1000 names signify? Each one of these 1000 names points to a particular quality of Bhagavaan. Let us see a few examples: - GajEndra, when caught by the crocodile cried out Aadhi moolamE, none other ��

deity could boast of a claim to that honorific and it was Lord NarayaNa who sent his Chakra to save the pachyderm by cutting the

he did NOT appear in person. In fact. it was �� his "name" that saved her honor.Sri AnjanEya crossed the ocean by merely reciting the "Name" of Sri Rama whereas Sri Rama had to physiaclly build a bridge to cross over to Lanka.Draupadi while she was about to be disrobed.these naamas denoting qualities were praised by one and all . Thus. every single name of the Lord exhibited his unique quality of accessibility and compassion (Soulabhyam and Souseelyam) That is why. But. The "dooravaasi" that he was.throat of the crocodile like an expert surgeon taking care to see that the foot of GajEndra was not affected! It was thus the "name" that really saved GajEndra! . Rama � naamam proved more powerful than � Sri Rama himself! Thus. cried aloud the name of the Lord as GOvindaa. Lord KrishNa regretted later saying: Her cry wrenched my heart so deep and I feel eternally indebted to her like an � unsatisfied debt that carried usurious rate of interest � "GOvindaa! Iti yat aakraandat krishNa maam doora vaasinam RiNa pravruttamiva mE hridayaat na apasarpati" .

Parama Rishis. We thus have a cornucopia of delectable fare that presents different facets of the qualities of Bhagavaan to delight our intellect. Sri VidyaaraNyar and many others also wrote commentaries according to their own view points. Commentaries on Sri VishNu Sahasra naamam There are over 40 commentaries of Sri VishNu Sahasranaamam. Besides the above Sri NilakanTar. AndaaL and many others and secured instant relief Yaani naamaani gouNaani vikhyaataani mahaatmana:/ Rishibhi: pari geetaani taani vakshyaami bhootayE// 7. Azhwaars. Adhi Sankara. Sri Paraasara BhaTTar.� Celestials. a disciple of Bhagavad Ramanuja based his commentary on VisishTaadvaita philosophy according to which the Paramaatma and the Jeevatmas were both real and Paramaatma being SaguNa Brahmam is having all auspicious qualities like Souseelyam and Soulabhyam and was prepared to suspend his Paratvam and subordinate his Supramacy to the dicatates of his sincere devotees. The Madhva Saint Satyasanda Yatiswara commented based on Dvaita philosophy. 8. These commentaries are complementary and NOT contradictory. and the person to be constantly . the earliest to commentator based his work on the Advaita philosophy according to which only "NirguNa Brahmam" (Paramaatma without qualities) was real and others were mere illusion. Aadi Sankaras Advice � Aadhi Sankara in his Bhaja GOvindam advises that it is Bhagavad Gita and Sri �� VishNu Sahasranaamam that should be sung.

He took it as an order of Lalitaa (His aardahaka dEvata) that he should write commentary on VishNu. Upanishads. Bhagavad Gita (called Prastaana Trayam) he desired to write a commentary on Lalitaa Sahasranaamam and asked his �� disciple to bring that book from his personal library. Why Sankara wrote commentary on VishNu Sahasranaamam? �� The story goes that after completing his commentaries on Brahma Sutram. she had disappeared. When Sankara went in to check. The prohibition . it was NOT the one on Lalitaa but was on Lord VishNu. �� Thus. the word Sahasranaamam even when it isstand alone came to mean ���� exclusively Sri VishNu Sahasranaamam �� 10. When he opened the book. Can women recite Sahasranaamam? This is a FAQ that has been raised and answered a million times. He sent him back but ���� again the disciple brought another copy of Sri VishNu Sahasranaamam and told him that a spinster ordered him to take only this book.meditated upon is none other than the Svaroopam of Sriya: pathi (Consort of Mahaalakshmi) gEyam gitaa naama sahasram dhyEyam Sreepathi roopam ajasram �� 9.

they were EXEMPTED from recital of Vedas. Bhagavad Gita and Sahasranaamam are integral part of this Itihaasa. there appears to be no such restrictions in reciting them There is a SlOkam that permits this: Sthree Soodra Dvija bhandoonaam trayee na sruti gOcharaa:/ � iti Bhaaratam aakhyaanam kripayaa muninaa kritam// (Vide page 29 Sri VishNu Sahasra naama StOtram by Keezhaatur � Srinivasaachariar published Lifco) 11. So. however. advised to read Itihaasas and PuraaNas that explain the purport of the Vedas. It is NOT correct to say that they were prohibited. They are. Why Naama Samkeerthanam is so important? �� There is a SlOkam that says: What one can obtain only by YoganishTa or Dhyaana . Mahaabhaarata is an Itihaasa.relates only to the recital of Vedas because they are required to be practiced without break during the years of adhyayanam in Gurukulam extending to several years and women being subject to biological disabilities would not be able to do so.