Deep and Underground


June 3-5, 2010




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Published by the American Society of Civil Engineers


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ChuanPing Liu. and Biao Wu 24 Design and Research of Circular Diaphragm Wall for Deep Excavation of Shanghai Tower Jian Jia. Dmitriy Malinin 55 Mitigation of Sheet Pile Movements during DDC by Open Trenches Yong Tan. Sompote Youwai. 62 Tanapong Rukdeechuai. Deformation and Retaining Structures 1 and Construction of Reinforced Steel Chain Wall and Akihiro Kitamura Pit with Confined Water during Excavation and Chunlin Ding and Xiaohong Meng Model Tests and of Passive Piles Regularity and Simplified Calculation Method for Foundation Dewatering Numerical Simulations on 9 File-Soil Interaction 17 Jian Zhou.Contents Deep Excavations Design Kepha Abongo. Shahin. M. X. and Fa-Yun Liang A Combined Yuwen Retaining Structure and Its Application in Deep Yang Excavation 84 Interaction Effect of Retaining Wall and Existing Foundations in Braced Excavation H. 92 Zhang V . Xiao-liang Chen. Y. Uetanti. Feng Chu. and F. Kikumoto. M. and Xiao-zhou Xi Experimental Research of Jet-Grouting Parameters in Different 49 and Soil Conditions Alexey Malinin. Nakai. Makoto Kimura. Bolton on Method of Load-Displacement Curve for Tension Anchors Hyperbolic Load-Transfer Function 43 Wei Liu. Long-zhu Chen. D. and Shaoming Liao Deep Excavation Induced Pile Movement in Bangkok Subsoil—A Numerical Investigation Pornkasem Jongpradist. and M. and Yu Zhang Analysis Analytic Based of Case Histories on Deep Excavations in Marine Clay 37 S. and Jutha Sunitsakul 70 A Case Study of Retaining Wall with Soil-Cement Mixing Reinforcement for Korean Urban Site YoungSeok Kim and YongSang Cho A Preliminary Study on the Behavior of Axially Loaded Single Pile Subjected to Lateral Soil Movement behind a Retaining Wall 76 Feng Yu. Attasit Sawatpanich. T. Fangle Peng. Y. Ilya Gladkov. XiaoLin Xie. Lam. Warat Kongkitkul. JieQun Zhai. Qing-you Zeng. Ma.

Xiaohui Liu. Rui Chen. Yongqin Yao. Su. Y.1) E-chuan Yan. Song. Z. H. W. X. Weishen Zhu. Z. Xie. and Qingwen Ren 164 Application of Single Pass Tunnel Lining with Steel Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete on the Ventilation Shaft of Mount Motian Tunnel 170 L. Wang Numerical Analyses and Elasto-Plastic Behavior Study on Surrounding Rock Mass of the Underground Caverns in a Hydropower Station during Deep Excavations Yong Li. Yun Bai. He-hua Zhu. and Shaoming Liao Study on Shiziyang Tunnel Engineering Geology and Shield Tunneling Xinan Yang. Bo S. K. and Peixu Ye 176 182 191 vi . Liao. and Ting-ting Zhang Three Dimensional Performance Observed in in an Irregular Deep Excavation 107 Shanghai Soft Hua Yuan Clay and Qinghe Zhang on Evaluation of Stability of Tailings Dam Based Neural Network Zai-hong Li.Deformation Prediction of Deep Excavation Based on Unequal Interval 100 Grey Model GM(1. Xing. and Wei-dong Lei Identification of Landslide Susceptible Slopes a Evolutionary Artificial 114 and Risk Assessment Using 120 Coupled GIS-FEA-Module Franz-Xaver Trauner. Ning. and Staffan Hintze Centrifuge Model Study of Impact on Existing Undercrossing Induced by Deep Excavation X. in Granular Soil Tunnel Zhi-guo Yan Analysis of Influence Factors Determination of Stress Release Coefficient and 158 Zhuang Li and Shun-hua Zhou Study on Rock Mass Stability Effect of High Water Pressure Tunnels by Hydraulic Fracturing Failure Zongli Li. and F. Liu. Conrad Boley. and Linfeng Sun Study on Mechanism of Simultaneous Backfilling Grouting for Shield Tunneling in Soft Soils Zhiren Dai. Y. Yu-lei Li. and Eva Nuhn 126 Deformation of Anchor-Sheet Pile Wall Retaining System at Deep Excavations in Soft Soils Overlying Bedrock Jianqin Ma. Fangle Peng. J. Ying Zhang. X. Hakan Stille. Z. and S. P. Ying Li. R. J. Liu 132 Tunneling and Underground Construction Effectiveness of Ground with a Improvement for a on Cut-and-Cover Tunnel 144 Backfill Slope Based Finite Element Analysis Hong Yang Reconstruction of the Temperature Distribution and on the Vertical Direction - of Tunnel in Fire Accidents 152 Yin-gang Fang. Berggren.

Nuan-dong Wen. H. Torn Shimada. Duveau. Jin-hua Zhang. Heng Lou. G. and Makoto Kimura vii . and Ai-jun An Study on Maintenance Technology of Shield Tunnel in Soft Ground Yi Rui. F. Shu-cai Li. Wei Zhu. Mei Tin. B. and Junhua Wu Analytical Study on the Control of Ground Subsidence Arising from the Phenomenon of Accompanied Settlement Using Foot Reinforcement Side Pile 307 Ying Cui. and Xiao-jing Li Study on Evaluation Method of Fire Safety of Tunnel Lining Structure 288 Zhiguo Yan and Hehua Zhu Investigation into Artificial Ground Freezing Technique for a Cross Passage in Metro Dayong Li and The Studies in Shanghai on 294 Hui Wang Pre-Control of a Intelligent Construction Foundation Pit 300 Ming Wang. Jia. and Xiaojun Li Seismic Response of Large Span Shallow Tunnels in Dilative Rocks Xiao-Li Yang and Bo Huang 265 274 Experimental Study Rock Mass on Anchoring Effect of Rock Bolts to Fractured 280 Wei-min Yang. Shao on the Influence of Mix Proportioning on Cemented Mortar Engineering Properties for Tail Void Grouting of Shield Tunnel Yuewang Han. and Xiaochun Zhong 198 Study 206 Experimental Test on Communication Cable Tunnel Constructed by Shield Tunneling Method for Maintenance Linxing Guan. Jian-Guo Peng. Youliang Chen. Hiroshi Irie. and J. Hehua Zhu. Quanwei Liu.Numerical Analysis of the Thermo-Hydromechancial Behaviour of Underground Storages in Hard Rock Y. Bian. and Atsushi Koizumi The Determination of Geometric Characteristics of Irregular Underground Bodies Mehdi Zamani 218 224 Stability Analysis of the Front Slope of Small-Distance Highway Tunnel with Very Large Section Based on 3D Monitoring Dongwu Xie and Wenqi Ding Research on 3D Numerical Model of 232 Segment Lining for Large-Section 243 River-Crossing Shield Tunnel An-long Jiang and Zhao Yang Upper Bound Solutions for the Face Stability of Shallow Circular Tunnels Subjected to Nonlinear Failure Criterion Fu Huang and Xiao-Li Yang 251 Analytical to the Issue of Spherical Cavities Expansion with the Non-Linear 257 Mohr-Coulomb Failure Rule Jinfeng Zou. Kiyoshi Kishida.

Yunmin Chen. Hongwei Huang. and Wensheng Gao The Gas Application of F&EI Method in Risk Assessment Explosion Jifei Wang. and Dongmei Zhang The River Tunnel of Large-Diameter 327 Technological Issues of Health Monitoring in Wuhan Yangtze Operations Haitao Dou. Hongwei Huang. Hongwei Huang. Renpeng Chen. Hehua Zhu. and Daosheng Ling An Improved Pseudo-Static Seismic Analysis for Underground Frame Structures 355 363 Huiling Zhao and Yong Yuan Indexes Author Index 371 373 Subject Index viii . and Xiongyao Xie of lunnel 320 Analysis on Ground Deformation Caused by Tunnelling Tunnel Boring Machine Zhiyong Yang. and Qunfang Hu of 335 Safety Influenced by Combined Action to Shallow Highway Tunnel Rong-rong Yi and He-hua Zhu Sulphate and Chloride 343 Numerical Simulation of EFB Tunnel Face Instability in Dry Sand by Discrete Element Method Lyjun Tang.3D Numerical Simulation on the Failure Mechanism of Tunnel Working Face 313 by Particle Flow Code Chengbing Wang. Yadong Xue.