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er Products Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally managed company engaged in manufacturing of pharmaceutical rubber closure ceutical packaging products.

Since our inception in 1992, we have incessantly worked to achieve highest quality pharmace onents with clean formulations, world class manufacturing facilities, validated procedures, backed by latest and best q stems & skilled labour. e have installed capacity to produce 5 MILLION rubber closures per day adapting ISO 9001 ality management.

#ssurance system has only one motto


!e Li"e o" Li"esaving #rugs$


wn fact that the ma%or culprit for contamination in in%ectables is often the rubber stopper. #nd we are very w ell aw are of ology from one of the pioneers in the field of rubber stoppers manufacturer M%S Nani& a Ru bber 'o. Ltd.( )a*an and b uipped world class manufacturing facilities combined with highest quality raw&materials sourced from reputed multi&nati ure you that each rubber stopper we make is one of its kind' # superior, almost magical product with unmatched, unpa e and superb quality at an unbelievably low price.

)roducts founded in 1992, is a professionally managed company by technocrats who have rich & vast e*perience in al rubber closures. Sagar adapts an $S+ 9,,1&2,,, quality management system.

work to achieve highest quality pharmaceutical rubber components with clean formulation, world class manufactur cedure & processes backed up by good quality assurance system & skilled manpower.

of highest quality standards from -uropean multinationals. !his is because correct combination of these ingredients with p n & stable compound. !his goes with sagar.s philosophy +,-S INP. /I0-S ,-S O. P. + .

ssurance system has only one motto +S10IN/ LI2- O2 LI2- S10IN/ #R./S+ .

Rubber '3osures 4Sto**ers5 #vailable in/ Si0e (ubbe r 4olour 11mm, 2,mm, 22mm, 23mm, 12mm, 11mm & 4ustomised 5utyl, 5romobutyl, 4hlorobutyl, 6itrile, Silicon, 7ate*, 4hloroprene, S5(, )5( etc. 8rey, 5rown, 5lack, 5lue and 9arious )harma 4ode 4olours

Also available Lyophilization (Freeze Drying) & Ready For Sterile (RFS) Rubber Stoppers

8rey.& )) 13-P3astic Mu3tica* Available in: Si0e (ubbe r 4olour 'o7bisea3s #vailable in/ Si0e (ubbe r 4olour #enta3 P3ungers Available in: . 22mm.Rubber 6ads Available in: Si0e (ubbe r 22mm. 7ate*. 5romobutyl. 22mm. 6itrile. S5(. 4hloroprene. 5lue and 9arious )harma 4ode 4olours 4olour Measu ring 'u*s #vailable in/ Si0e )lasti c 22mm. 23mm & customised 5utyl. )5( etc. 23mm & 7:). 4hlorobutyl. Silicon. 5lack. 1.

aterial 1. 8rey 5romobutyl. -uro!ead 'a*s - Mirror 6e3ding Available in: Si0e .mm )olyethylene 'o7*ositions 4onventional formulation and non conventional Sulfur and 0inc free formulation <ree from .mm 6atural. 5utyl.. 4hlorobutyl 4ream.ercapto and its derivatives Re"ining o" 'o7*onent -*trusion to have proper shape and si0e and minimum air contamination .ott3e Pac8 '3oser #vailable in/ Si0e (ubbe r 4olour 1.

i*ing mill 0acuu7%In9ection 7o3ding )roper tonnage presses #utomatic S?S!-. hydraulic and degassing )recision 4ontrol )anel ri77in g 8ang cutting with pneumatic and hydraulic power presses Ins*ection :ual $nspection system 4onveyor belt inspection follow ed by manual table inspection Si3icon isation 'oating >igh viscous coating : Su r"ace (!9 silicon rubber coating silicon oil .#ua3 'o7*ou nding Process =neading >omogenous dispersion by . Specially designed vacuum conveying system to avoid hand free mobili0ing material Pac8ing 4lass 1. "##$ Regular te h Stopper. asper %P as per %P & & )P )P A idity/Al0alinity '12ml o+ '12ml o+ '12ml o+ '1$ml o+ '19ml o+ -3L (P-) '1'"m -3L '1'"m -3L '1'"m -3L -3L & '1'$ & '1'9 o+ or '14ml o+ or '14ml o+ or '14ml o+ o+ 6a76a7'1'"5 '1'"5 '1'"5 (6eutral) (6eutral) 6a76a76a7Re8uired Re8uired Re8uired Light Absorption 65* &1' 65* 91' 65* 91' '1& '1" (at &&' 4$':m) (*ype..6as!ing and c3eaning Specially :esigned SS 11@ 7 . laminar )acking under class 1. background Anloading under class 1.!!) . laminar by #septic gow n packers Pharma opoeia !ndian %uropean )ritish *ypi al *ypi al Parameter Pharma opoeia Pharma opoeia Pharma opoeia Finding o+ Finding o+ &''( &''' our our-igh..ake washing machine having forward & backward rotation 4leaning by (+ <iltered water Sample )ort <acility !reatment contains acid and alkali treatment followed by non ionic detergent wash Materia3 'on ve.!!) (*ype. Stopper.

B not only supplies to ma%or pharmaceutical companies in $ndia. #t present BSagar (ubber )roducts )vt.!) (*ype. 2..!!) (*ype. 4ipla 7imited 6ovartis $ndia 7td. 65* 41' (*ype. is comparable to the top&of& the&line products. +ur rubber stoppers confirm to !ype & $ Standards. 5ut e*ports all over the world.!) 65* . currently available globally. ?ou are requested to check the suitability..!) 65* $1' (*ype.1'ml Redu ing (*ype.!!) *urbidity . 7td. +rchid >ealthcare .65* '1& 65* '1& (*ype. 1.1'ml 65* . .. #isc3ai7er< !he results displayed above are indicative of tests performed by us. prior to use.!) Fragmentation ( ma<1 ( ma<1 ( ma<1 "1' '1( &1' 41' '1( "1' Re7ar8s< 1.!) (*ype. e provide a unique surface coating on rubber stoppers for high speed stoppering so that peak productivity can be achieved.1' ml Substan e 65* 41'ml 65* 41'ml (*ype. e are not responsible for any resultant loss arising out of the above information. !he >igh&tech range we have shown above..!!) 65* .

#$6 . 7td.any .CS 6aniwa (ubbers & )lastics. $)4# 7aboratories 7td. 6icholas )iramal $ndia 7td. .edicare 8ulf $n%ect #nd . has entered into a strategic technical collaboration with . $ncluding :eveloped 4ountries Sagar (ubber )roducts )vt. 4laris 7ife Sciences 7td. 7td.ore #ll over the orld. Dapan to avail cutting edge technology in the field of pharmaceutical packaging. #lembic 7td.#lbert :avid 7td. (aptakos 5rett & 4o.

the company was reorgani0ed as a corporate enterprise. Since artificial kidney blood tubings set etc. $n 19E3.7td. . plastic infusion sets.6aniwa (ubber 4o. the production and development have been concentrated on pharmaceutical and medical devices such as closures. <rom 19F@ onward. started in 19.%p for more information . )lease visit www.naniw a&rubber. the company has been manufacturing various kinds of rubber goods for pharmaceutical and house&hold use together with industrial molded rubber goods for electrical appliances and automobile parts.) standards and highest priorities are given to research and development of materials meeting pharmaceutical requirements and making use of latest and advanced production technology and adhering to strict quality control.r.@ with the production of rubber water pillows as a private enterprise founded by the first ow ner. baby nipples.5unnosuke +shima. !he factory equipments and quality control systems have been modified to meet 8.