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Safety Bracelet Supplier, Silicone Bracelet Manufacturer, Color Changing Bracelet Supplier The democrats used their cultural resources in adroit ways to promote their vision of the way Athens should be ruled. The public rituals were a facilitator for democratic ideals to be articulated to the Athenian citizens and a way to reinforce the commitment of Athenians to democracy. They now had irrefutable empirical evidence that wealth was no guarantee of reliability in the ruling class and should not have significance to power in creating an oligarchy. After the war in 403BC when Athens regained control of her own government it was mandatory for Athenians to swear the oath of reconciliation in which each citizen publicly demonstrated his assent to democratic rule and to forget past wrongs, meaning the oligarchic revolutions. We derive the word 'amnesty' from the ancient Greek 'amnestia' which translates as 'not remembering' and played a key role in the Greeks moving forward from 403BC. Even thought there was a significant impact on Athenian democracy from the second revolution, the impact of the first decreed that an oligarchy would never again take control in Athens by the will of the people. Bibliography Aristotle, The Athenian Constitution, Penguin Classics, 1984 Balot, Ryan K, Green and Injustice in Classical Athens, Princeton University Press (15 Oct 2001) Oxford Journals, ( ) Roberts, John, Oxford Dictionary of the Classical World, Oxford University Press, 2007 Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War, Penguin Classics, 1972 Xenophon, Hellenica (Kindle Addition), Amazon Media Xenophon, History of My Times, Penguin Classics, 1979 Are you a nursing graduate and you want to upgrade your credentials? Do you want to learn how to get accepted into accelerated nursing programs? Of course there are lots of institutions out there that offer this kind of program, but before choosing one, you should know about requirements and the basics to give you an idea of how this program works. Here's a quick guide that talks about the prerequisites of earning a bachelor's degree in nursing: 1. Accelerated nursing programs also refer to 2nd degree programs, which means, these programs are offered to individuals who already have a bachelor's degree, or those who graduated from universities. This program is not for RNs only; it is also available to others

individuals, provided they have completed their degrees in their respective fields. 2. Some institutions that offer this program search for additional requirements. One additional requirement is to have a 3.0 minimum GPA. This ensures these institutions that prospective nurses were able to complete their courses well, proving that they are ready for the demands of being in the nursing field. This is essential when choosing to venture into a nursing field because it requires knowledge bridging, from basic to completed level. Nursing skills and core knowledge will be learned, after completing the program in 10 to 12 months, depending on your skills. 3. Taking specific courses is also a requirement for some institutions. Enrollees who have attended classes in psychology, anatomy, biology, communication, and others have greater advantage. Those who have taken these social science subjects can bypass these classes when aiming for a bachelor's degree in Nursing. These fields have influence in the responsibilities of being a nurse, which is why these are prerequisites before joining accelerated nursing programs. 4.