AURA Construction Guidelines Table of Contents

Part 1 Pre ! Construction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Part " #ra$in% Sub&ission and A''ro(al . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Part ) Construction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Part * Air condition Guidelines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Part + Arc,itectural Guidelines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Part - Electrical Guidelines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Part . /itc,en and 0PG Guidelines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Part 1 Sanitar2 and Plu&bin% Guidelines. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Part 3 S'rin4ler Guidelines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Part 15 6entilation Guidelines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Part 11 House Rules and Re%ulations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Anne7 1 0EE# for Core and S,ell Tenant Guidelines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

1!1 "!1 )!1 *!1 +!1 -!1 .!1 1!1 3!1 15!1 11!1 11!1


Part 1 Pre ! Construction


1. Sub&it colored storefront 'ers'ecti(e on 1+:7"5: illustration board; scale 1 +5 to 0easin% Mana%er at S,o''in% Center Mana%e&ent Cor'. ! SM Cor'orate Offices; 8uildin% A; <.=. #io4no 8oule(ard; Mall of Asia Co&'le7; Pasa2 Cit2. Once a''ro(ed; tenant &a2 'roceed $it, detailed dra$in%s to be sub&itted to t,e Mall Ad&inistration Office. Sub&it ei%,t >1? sets of t,e follo$in% @ Arc,itectural @ Electrical @ Mec,anical >aircon; s'rin4ler; e7,aust? @ #etails of si%na%e @ Structural load co&'utation >if an2? @ Plu&bin%Asanitar2 >if an2? P0EASE REBER TO ARCHITECTURA0 STAN#AR#S BOR #ETAI0S. A00 P0ANS SHOU0# 8E SIGNE# AN# SEA0E# 8C 0ICENSE# PROBESSIONA0 ARCHITECTS AN# ENGINEERS. ". Once 'lans are a''ro(ed; 0ESSEE &ust obtain t,e follo$in% and sub&it to t,e MA00 A#MINISTRATION OBBICE A. 8uildin% Per&it fro& 8uildin% Official; Cit2 Hall sub&ittin% .A Bi(e >+? sets of SM ! E## a''ro(ed 'lans .A Bi(e >+? sets of dul2 co&'leted a''lication for& .A Bi(e >+? sets of s'ecifications $ritin% and detailed bill of &aterials. .A Electrical =irin% Per&it .A Sanitar2 A Plu&bin% Per&it >for $ater connection? .A =ater sub!&eter $it, M=SS certificate of calibration. .A Meter can be 'urc,ased fro& M=SS or ,ard$are store. 8. Contractors All!Ris4 Insurance See Section III!E. .A 0ist of construction $or4ers $it, I# 'ictures >Colored 1:7 1:? dul2 endorsed b2 t,e 0ESSEE. C. Pa2&ent of Securit2 #e'osit and Construction 8ond. #. Necessar2 ta''in% 'er&its for utilities 'ri&aril2 $ater; electrical; e7,aust; aircon and se$er and 4itc,en line &ust also be secured.

1!1 Part 1 Pre ! Construction


PERMIT TO CONSTRUCT s,all onl2 be issued b2SCMC A#MINISTRATION u'on sub&ission of A00 reDuire&ents.


1. 8uildin% Per&it. A co'2 to be 'osted on a cons'icuous 'lace. ". Bire E7tin%uis,ers. Nu&ber reDuired $ill de'end on (olu&e of ,aEard at construction site. Mini&u& of T=O units; 15 lbs. dr2 c,e&ical >A8C?. ). Certificate of Binal Electrical Ins'ection >CEI? 0ESSOR $ill 'ro(ide te&'orar2 electric 'o$er to 0ESSEE. A &eter and bill de'osit $ill be reDuired fro& 0ESSEE. *. Construction 'lan a''ro(ed b2 SM!E##. a(ailable at Fob site. A co'2 s,ould be


G1.Ma2orHs Per&it ". BOR PERCENTAGE RENT 0ESSEE ON0C. Installation of electronic cas, re%ister A Point of Sales connected to 0ESSORHs net$or4. T,e last &ile connection $ill be for t,e account of 0ESSEE. Note ECR A POS s,ould be dul2 re%istered $it, 8UREAU OB INTERNA0 RE6ENUE and &ust 'ossess t,e 8IR 'er&it > stic4er ? $,ic, aut,oriEes t,e 'rintin% A issuance of sales in(oice. G).Certificateof Occu'anc2 G*. Mec,anical; sanitar2 A 'lu&bin% 'er&it. +. Bire and 0i%,tin% Insurance $it, ot,er 'erils co(era%e. Co&'re,ensi(e General 0iabilit2 Insurance >CG0I? Co(era%e for bodil2 inFur2 and 'ro'ert2 da&a%e to t,ird 'arties $it, a &ini&u& co(era%e of P+55; 555.55. Sub&it co'2 of 'olic2 and official recei't. -. 0ist of e&'lo2ees assi%ned to t,e branc,; I# 'ictures >colored 1: 7 1:? dul2 endorsed b2 t,e 0ESSEE.

1!" Part 1 Pre ! Construction

eir store la2out. $it. 0ESSOR .5I #INING and )5I /ITCHEN in t. Bor restaurants. AsD.. 6iroc 8oard and BiCe&?.ene(er a''licable. After co&'liance $it. PHCSICA0 CON#ITION OB 0EASE# PREMISES 1.e 're!o'eratin% reDuire&ents. ). 0ESSEE to %et enclosure at t. s. Ceilin% ! o'en ceilin% *. 1. continued .ics on at least . #. lease line e7tend u' to botto& of aAc %rille fascia. rou%.e de%ree of deficiencies sti'ulated in t.e end of construction.e final ins'ection re'ort. 1!) Part 1 Pre ! Construction . GGo(ern&ental Per&its.all reDuest in $ritin% to SCMC A#MINISTRATION for BINA0 INSPECTION of t.eduled at least t.. Storefront ! none +. $.t to restrain store o'enin% de'endin% u'on t. 0ESSEE s. 3.ould be sc.ould 'ro(ide stic4er %ra'.as t.C.1 Constructin% Tenants ! 0ESSEE $ill 'ro(ide Enclosure.ree >)? da2s before t. Tenant s. +. SCMC $ill issue clearance for 0ESSEE to start o'eration. POST CONSTRUCTION A PRE ! OPERATION.e dr2$all enclosure.e construction $.ould be ali%ned $it. Bloor ! concrete floor desi%ned to carr2 a &a7i&u& load of -5 lbs. double $all board 'artition &ade of non!co&bustible &aterials. ft.5I of t. ce&ent to 0ESSEE.e ri%." Non!Constructin% Tenants ! 0ESSOR $ill 'ro(ide enclosure and $ill be c. >E7a&'les are G2'su& 8oard.ic. Enclosure ! dr2$all enclosure s. +. t. =all Partition and Ceilin% ! &ust be fitted $it. BOO# TENANTS &ust &aintain a ratio of . ".e intended store o'enin%. 0ESSEE s.all be reDuired to 'ut CH8 fro& floor to slab soffits and fire bric4s for all surroundin% $alls of coo4in% area.

corrections and notations &ade b2 0ESSOR on =or4in% #ra$in%s are dee&ed acce'table. 0ESSEE s.all return to 0ESSEE t$o >"? sets of APPRO6E# 'lans.e 0ESSEE. 8. 0ESSOR s. and . ".a(e to be i&'le&ented b2 t. One co'2 to be 4e't at Fob site.J INTRO#UCTION 0ESSORHs a''ro(al of #esi%n and =or4in% #ra$in% is reDuired before 0ESSEE can start construction.t >1? sets of #esi%n and =or4in% #ra$in%s for re(ie$ and a''ro(al. &easure&ents "!1 Part " #ra$in% Sub&ission J A''ro(al . =OR/ING #RA=INGS >Scale 1 +5 & at "5 K 7 )5 K? 0ESSEES are reDuired to (isit actual site and ta4e actual PRIOR to 're'aration of 'lans.all sub&it to Mall Ad&inistration ei%. a''ro(ed. A. #ESIGN #RA=INGS 1. It is understood all co&&ents.

e construction $or4s of t. draina%e.e store can o'en. *. to lessee.all be as4ed to codes bein% i&'le&ented b2 $ill ser(e as an inte%ration of (arious sections into a unified conce't $.e feelin% of ele%ance and s'aciousness to t.e sa&e ti&e. -. All corrections and additional notations on t.all not be attac.? $.all be free of obstructions and easil2 accessible. E6ERC TENANT IS RE9UIRE# TO O8SER6E AN# COMP0C =ITH THE CONSTRUCTION GUI#E0INES.e latest %o(ern&ent re%ulations.all be re'aired b2 Ad&inistration office and corres'ondin% e7'enses s. #urin% construction and before t.ed or anc.e a''ro(ed s.aust. An2 de(iation fro& t. All de(iations fro& t.all ins'ect t.aracter and Identit2. s. Han%ers and su''orts of lesseeHs ceilin% and utilities >'i'es.INTRO#UCTION 0ESSEE s. etc. T. aircon fascia.all $ill %i(e t..all be follo$ed. and ot.e $or4 site at all ti&es.all i&'ro(e t.all be 'resent at t. ".er accidental of intentional. t. neutral 'iers. .e lessee.e &allHs e7istin% utilities and concrete bea&s or colu&ns.? s.o''in% center de(elo'&ent . e7. +.anical Codes.e latest trends in s. s'ace &aintainin% its o$n c.all .an%ers onl2 to concrete slab soffits. b2 t. eac.all be in accordance $it. 1. Ad&inistration office s. 1. said stubouts s.a(e s'ecial a''ro(al b2 t.ored to t. (iroc $all 'artitions.ile at t. $ater source. $.e return air 'assa%es and %rills of aircon s2ste&. Bire Code. GENERA0 PRO6ISIONS ).all be c. 8uildin% Code. #o not co(er or bloc4 stubouts >cleanouts.e a''ro(ed 'lan s.e consu&ers. 0essee s.en not needed.eir .e 'lans s. All a''ro(ed 'lans s. se$er. )!1 Part ) Construction . ducts.e &ost &odern facilities t. usin% t.e leased 're&ises follo$in% t.e Ad&inistration officeASM E##. Electrical and Mec. and co&&on area. etc. All $or4s s. #o not co(er or bloc4 lessee. a''ro(in% bodies. #a&a%es done but not li&ited to e7istin% utilities.

e leased area at least t. Ad&inistration office s.e lessee.ed or anc.e construction $or4s of t.ored to t.all not be attac.e $or4 site at all ti&es. #a&a%es done but not li&ited to e7istin% utilities.all . Bire Code. e7.e a''ro(ed 'lan Mall ad&ini! stration for tec. #o not co(er or bloc4 t.e &allHs e7istin% utilities and concrete bea&s or colu&ns. #o not co(er or bloc4 stubouts >cleanouts. t.all attac. and ot.all be re'aired b2 Ad&inistration office and corres'ondin% e7'enses s. etc. aircon fascia.e store can o'en.nical ins'ection of t. b2 t. draina%e. All de(iations fro& t.eir .? $. ducts.all be c.e t2'e of AC eDui'&ent to be used >A''ro(ed refri%erantLsee co&&ents fro& 0EE# consultant? =OR/ING #RA=INGS >Scale 1 +5 & at "5 K 7 )5 K? @ @ 0ESSEES are reDuired to (isit actual site and ta4e actual &easure&ents PRIOR to 're'aration of 'lans. neutral 'iers. S'ecif2 t.e latest %o(ern&ent re%ulations.all reDuest in $ritin% to SM!E## t.e Ad&inistration officeASM E##.e 'lans s.all be free of @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ All a''ro(ed 'lans s.anical Codes. $ater source. Electrical and Mec.? s. (iroc $all 'artitions.e lessee. #urin% construction and before t.all ins'ect t.e a''ro(ed a''ro(in% onl2 to concrete slab soffits. 0ESSEE s. 0essee accidental of intentional.ree >)? da2s 'rior to an2 'roFected store o'enin%.all be as4ed to redo.all be follo$ to lessee.all be in accordance $it.e return air 'assa%es and %rills of aircon s2ste&. *!1 Part * Air condition Guidelines .a(e s'ecial a''ro(al b2 t. An2 de(iation fro& t. All corrections and additional notations on t. etc.e 0EE# reDuire&ent for t. $. se$er. 8uildin% Code.Air 8ASIC RE9UIREMENTS @ All $or4s s.aust.all be 'resent at t.en not codes bein% i&'le&ented b2 ot. Han%ers and su''orts of lesseeHs ceilin% and utilities >'i'es. s. obstructions and easil2 accessible. Instead. said stubouts s. and co&&on area.

Air Conditionin% Plan P0AN 6IE= >SHO=ING? @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ #uct $or4 Main duct 8ranc.M isolation (al(es.illed $ater 'i'in% to re&ain Ne$ c.o$in% siEe and slo'e of all 'i'in% fro& fan coil units to drain .illed $ater 'i'in% to be installed SiEe of all 'i'in% s. ite& of eDui'&ent Ban coil units >e7istin% to re&ain and ne$? #etailed dra$in% of . C!strainer and te&'erature %au%es.o$n on dra$in% 0ocation of all 'i'in% accessories >i. 'ressure .AEDui'&ent >$it. *!" Part * Aircondition Guidelines .e.illed $ater 'i'in% Main c. control (al(es.illed $ater su''l2 and return 'i'in% 8ranc. ducts to re&ain Ne$ ducts to be installed SiEe >= 7 H? for all duct$or4 s. etc. c.o$n on dra$in% 0ocation of &anual balancin% da&'ers Point of connection for ne$ duct to e7istin% duct C.ACondensate 'i'in% and su''orts @ @ REB0ECTE# CEI0ING Plan s.o$in% coordination of su''l2 air diffusers and return air. uniDue &ar4 for eac.? Pro'osed ta''in% 'oint to &ains .

co&'lete $it. =it. E9UIPMENT SCHE#U0E COO0ING 0OA# ESTIMA! TION #ATA Bor eac. s'ecification of all &aFor co&'onents. Indicate siEin% infor&ation >C6? for all control (al(es.CONTRO0 SCHEMATIC Bor all fan coil units. air conditioned area sub&it a co&'leted KCoolin% 0oad Esti&ation #ata: for&. co&'lete s'ecification for all fan coils. *!) Part * Aircondition Guidelines .

at t. etc. duct$or4 andAor ceilin% diffusers to be at 0esseeHs e7'ense and &ust be clearl2 indicated on sub&itted 'lans for 0essorHs $ritten a''ro(al in ad(ance. Modifications to branc.e buildin%.? to be at 0esseeHs e7'ense and &ust be clearl2 and full2 s'ecifiedAindicated on sub&itted 'lans for 0essorHs $ritten a''ro(al in ad(ance.all be at t.illed $ater &ains >su''l2 and return?.%. =.e electrical ser(ice to t.e 0esseeHs sub!&eter and be c.M fan coils.all 'ass to t.e 0esseeHs e7'ense. as condensers s. @ @ *!* Part * Air condition Guidelines .e 0essee 'ro(ide electric dri(en direct e7'ansion coolin% eDui'&ent for use durin% t.ese 'eriods.ic.all be desi%nated b2 eDui'&ent and an2 &odifications to t. Heat %eneratin% eDui'&ent suc. line 'i'in% and eDui'&ent >e. t.ic. location of $. control (al(es.rou%. T. s.e 0essee.ours in $. All electric 'o$er used b2 t.iller 'lant is not nor&all2 a(ailable. it s. Coolin% $ater to be 'ro(ided be 0essor fro& ta's to c.e 0essor . t.e cost of t.illed $ater branc.RE9UIREMENTS @ Coolin% air fro& centraliEed air!conditionin% s2ste& to be 'ro(ided b2 0essor fro& &ain duct ta's.e 0essee s.all be installed outside t.e 0essorHs o'tion to reDuest t.all be t. All c.e central c.en a 0essee 'lans to o'erate >and need air!conditionin% ? durin% .is eDui'&ent s.

round bar and "+&& 7 "+&& 7 +&& an%ular bar catc.e connection s. Attac.all be a desi%ned and constructed to confor& full2 to local codes and t. T. t.all be at *+N ta4eoff and 'ro'erl2 sealed.I.ere fle7ible duct is used to connect to su''l2 air diffusers. co&'lete insulation and G.anical cli's or 'lastic stra's for e(er2 &eter run of ducts. 'ro(ision.e &ost current SMACNA Guidelines KH6AC #UCT CONSTRUCTION STAN#AR#S L META0 AN# B0EOI80E: for 1IN=G Pressure Class or %reater.e reDuire&ents of t. of fle7ible ducts s. and for e(er2 t$o>"? &eters run of duct.e &ain ducts s. All air!conditionin% branc. Pro(ide &anual adFustable Ko''osed (olu&e da&'er: >O6#? 'er onl2 to e7istin% slab soffit. Ta''in% to t.e &ain ducts. #o not ta' to duct elbo$s and duct reducers. @ @ @ @ @ @ *!+ Part * Air condition Guidelines . All fle7ible duct s. SMACNA %uide! lines and sus'ended to 're(ent 4in4s and air fro e(er2 duct bend.all be + &eters. No s'litter da&'er $ill be allo$ed on ta's to t. dro' collar. for fle7ible ducts s. botto& ta''in% is not allo$ed. corner beads.e side of t. All duct $or4s &ust be 'ro(ided $it. duct$or4 s.Air BOR TENANTS =ITH AIRCON #UCT PRO6ISION @ @ @ @ @ @ @ Ta' onl2 to t.e &a7i&u& allo$ed len%t.ard s. Pro(ide &ec.eet!&etal collar to 're(ent 4in4in%. su''ort. .all be installed in strict co&'liance $ &ade of 15&& dia. =.all be + &eters. Ma7i&u& allo$ed len%t.e nearest branc. Install tra'eEe t2'e of duct . Install duct .all be &ade to a .



All branc, ducts >and ta's to e7istin% &ain ducts? s,all be 'ro'erl2 sealed to 're(ent air lea4a%e in e7cess of t,at reDuired b2 SMACNA 0ea4a%e Class C $it, C0P"* CBMA155BT " at 1.5 IN=G. All branc, ducts s,all be adeDuatel2 insulated to 're(ent condensation and $ater da&a%e to t,e s'aces t,rou%, $,ic, t,e2 'ass. All insulation used s,all confor& to local code reDuire&ents for fla&e s'read and s&o4e densit2 but s,all not e7ceed a Bla&e S'read Inde7 of "+ or a s&o4e densit2 of +5 $,en tested as a co&'osite installation includin% insulation; facin% &aterials; ta'es and ad,esi(es as a''lied.



@ @ @ @ @

Ta's for c,illed $ater >su''l2 and return? branc, lines s,all be 'ro(ided $it, isolation (al(es located at t,e connection 'oint. BCU installed abo(e ceilin% or concealed t2'e s,all be 'ro(ided $it, air return 'lenu& ducts $it, ceilin% t2'e %rills. BCU s,ould not be installed near e7,aust s2ste& or directl2 abo(e t,e 4itc,en coo4in% area. Install te&'erature and 'ressure %au%es on 'i'es before and after t,e Ban Coil Unit >BCU?. t,e c,illed

Pro(ide condense drain 'i'e to all BCU $it, &ini&u& siEe of "+&&; $it, '!tra's and s,all be ter&inated in condense drain stub out t,rou%, an indirect connection >air %a'? and $it, insulation. Install a $2e!strainer and %ate (al(e before t,e BCU. All c,illed $ater >su''l2 and return? branc, lines s,all be adeDuatel2 insulated to 're(ent condensation and $ater da&a%e to t,e s'aces t,rou%, $,ic, t,e2 'ass >sa&e fla&e s'read inde7 and s&o4e densit2 li&itations as ite& Q15 abo(e?. All Ban Coil Units >BCU? s,all be installed $it, "!$a2 control (al(es 'ro'erl2 siEed for t,e C 6 corres'ondin% to t,e flo$ t,e2 ser(e and a $ide o'en 'ressure dro' of 15BT=G. C,illed $ater strainers and &a7i&u& flo$ li&itin% (al(es are not reDuired and not encoura%ed 6ibration isolator s,all be 'ro(ided for all rotatin% eDui'&ent.
*!Part * Air condition Guidelines

@ @


@ @


@ @

Condensers and ot,er ,eat e&ittin% eDui'&ent s,all be installed outside t,e buildin% on an a''ro(ed location b2 SM. Pi'in% la2out s,ould be ti%,tl2 sealed $it, rubber insulation and $ra''ed $it, blue 'ol2et,2lene ta'e. 8orin% of ,oles for t,e 'i'in% la2out s,all be a''ro(ed b2 SM. =ater'roofed concrete slab affected b2 t,e 'i'in% la2out s,ould be totall2 restored b2 t,e tenant.




T,e 0essee $ill 'ro(ide an e7,aust air s2ste& for all co&fort roo&s. E7,aust air Duantities s,all be in accordance $it, local codes but s,all not be less t,an +5 CBM 'er $ater closet or urinal. All Bood; Medical Clinic; Pets,o's; Internet Cafes; S'a and =ellness Centers; and Hair Salon Tenants s,all su''l2 and install its o$n fan Coil Unit >BCU?. T,e 0essor s,all 'ro(ide t,e c,illed $ater line stub!out.


*!. Part * Air condition Guidelines

Testin% J Co&&issionin%


U'on co&'letion of t,e $or4; and before acce'tance b2 SM; 0esseeHs Mec,anical contractor $ill sub&it a KCertificate of Co&&issionin%: for all air conditionin% s2ste&s. 0essor s,all ,a(e t,e ri%,t to $itness an2 or all of t,e final &easure&ents s,o$n in t,e certificate of co&&issionin%. T,e certificate of co&&issionin% s,all include at least t,e follo$in% ite&s >RBinal: readin%s after all balancin% adFust&ents ,a(e been &ade?.


Conduct s&o4e test of duct$or4s 'rior to ta''in% to &ain duct and installation of insulation


Static and total air 'ressure in t,e 0esseeHs duct$or4 for eac, 'oint connection to t,e AC su''l2 air &ain ducts. Measured air flo$ at eac, su''l2 diffuser >Air 8alancin%? .


@ @ @ @ @ @ @

C,illed $ater 'ressure enterin% and lea(in% eac, fan coil unit C,illed $ater te&'erature enterin% and lea(in% eac, fan coil unit Te&'erature of su''l2 air lea(in% eac, fan coil unit Electric current dra$ of eac, fan coil unit Bor ducted s2ste&s! &easured air flo$ at eac, su''l2 air diffuser and static and total air 'ressure at t,e disc,ar%e of t,e fan coil unit Bor free blo$ s2ste&s L &easured air flo$ at eac, fan coil unit Sub&it ManufacturerHs Certificate and 0iterature co&'lete $it, s'ecifica! tions of BCU


*!1 Part * Air condition Guidelines

et.e leased area at least t.all reDuest in $ritin% to SM!E## t. Bire Code. (iroc $all 'artitions.ored to t.all be in accordance $it.nical ins'ection of t. 8uildin% Code.e store can o'en. Instead. #o not co(er or bloc4 t.Part + Arc.e construction $or4s of t.anical Codes. b2 t. An2 de(iation fro& a''ro(in% bodies. $. $ater source. draina%e.ree >)? da2s 'rior to an2 'roFected store o'enin%.? s.e return air 'assa%es and %rills of aircon s2ste&.all be 'resent at t. All de(iations fro& t. 0essee s.e lessee.? $. =OR/ING #RA=INGS >Scale 1 +5 & at "5 K 7 )5 K? &easure&ents @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ 0ESSEES are reDuired to (isit actual site and ta4e actual PRIOR to 're'aration of 'lans.itectural Guidelines .all attac. Han%ers and su''orts of lesseeHs ceilin% and utilities >'i'es. said stubouts s.e Ad&inistration officeASM E##.itectural Guidelines 8ASIC RE9UIREMENTS @ All $or4s s.e latest %o(ern&ent Mall ad&ini! stration for tec. Ad&inistration office s. and ot. aircon fascia. Electrical and Mec. e7.e $or4 site at all ti&es. and co&&on area.all not be attac. neutral 'iers. #o not co(er or bloc4 stubouts >cleanouts.all . s. t. t.all be re'aired b2 Ad&inistration office and corres'ondin% e7'enses s. All corrections and additional notations on t.e lessee.all be follo$ed. +!1 Part + Arc. #a&a%es done but not li&ited to e7istin% utilities. #urin% construction and before t.ed or anc. etc.e a''ro(ed s.e 'lans s. All a''ro(ed 'lans codes bein% i&'le&ented b2 ot. accidental of intentional.a(e s'ecial a''ro(al b2 to lessee.e a''ro(ed 'lan s.e &allHs e7istin% utilities and concrete bea&s or colu& onl2 to concrete slab soffits. se$er.en not needed.all be free of obstructions and easil2 accessible.all ins'ect t.eir . 0ESSEE s.all be c.all be as4ed to redo. ducts.

e S.ould 'ro(ide rest roo& for t.eir custo&ersH use. &. #etails and S'ecifications Bloor Bra&in% Plan to include detail of connection to e7istin% structures. if an2. a leased area of at least 15 sD. dinin% area and $ t. Note Bood Tenants $it.itectural Guidelines . location of 're&ises $it. STRUCTURA0 P0AN @ @ @ @ #esi%n and Structural load co&'utations >dul2 certified b2 a StructuralACi(il En%ineer? SubFect to re(ie$ and a''ro(al b2 SM ! E##.& ARCHITECTURA0 #RA=INGS @ @ @ @ @ /e2 'lan s. s. Bloor Plan 0on%itudinal and Cross Sections Bour >*? Ele(ations > if a''licable? Refelcted Ceilin% Plan and additional details of s'ecial 'ro(isions. #O NOT PROCEE# =ITH #ETAI0E# #RA=INGS UNTI0 PERSPECTI6E IS APPRO6E#. Structural load co&'utation for &eEEanine.o$in% 'ers'ecti(e of storefront.o''in% Center. +!" Part + Arc.

itectural Guidelines .ould not e7ceed -5I of s. s.A .ere $it.o' front $ t. Pro(ide self!ti&er s$itc. Use onl2 non!co&bustible &aterial for si%na%e bo7 A band.A . GENERA0 Te7t of &ain si%na%e s.t bo7 si%ns Non!illu&inated letters Painted si%ns Bull!$idt. 8. se'arate circuit brea4er. si%na%e band is not allo$ed. Dualit2.ibited si%na%es are Si&'le. Preferred si%na%es &aterials are . flat or bo7 t2'e si%ns Si&'le li%.A )!di&ensional indi(idual letters .all be li&ited to storeHs trade na&e.A Internall2 illu&inated or bac4!lit letters @ .A .SIGNAGE A. Additional $ordin%s &ust be be.e desi%nated si%na%e Eone. SIGNAGES @ @ @ Si%na%e $idt. Si%na%e &ust be i&a%inati(e and . +!) Part + Arc.A @ @ @ Pro.ind %lass 'anels.i%. and &a2 occur an2$. $it.

o's . 0essee usin% roll!u' doors s.15 &eters.e 4itc. ducts. (al(es. Construct -5c&S-5c& ceilin% &an.55 &eters and a &a7i&u& . /itc.eir s.ei%. #o not attac. 0essee .a(e a &ini&u& . ins'ection. All %lass A %laEin% s.a(e a &ini&u& .55 &eters s'acin%..itectural Guidelines .t o'enin% of ).or .an%ers &ade of 15&& round bar at ".all be 1" && t. Pro(ide .en $it.t o'enin% of ). and e&er%enc2 'ur'oses.all .? Attac.o' front..ei%.5I of t. $it.t of ".an%ers onl2 to ceilin% slab. a &ini&u& of 1.e s.BOR ENTRANCE #OOR AN# G0ASS PANE0S @ @ @ @ @ 0essee t.en $alls fro& floor line to ceilin% line.ic4 te&'ered %lass.oles at storefront and strate%ic area for &aintenance. SM reser(es t. or anc.e total s.all 'ro(ide %lass A %laEin% of at least +5I of t. o'en ceilin% is not allo$ed.e o'tion to deter&ine t.ei%.55 &eters and &a7i&u& of .e. .e ri%. 'i'es. Construct double $all Install firebric4s on t.5 &eters transo&.o' front entrance $idt.e desi%n and construction of all s. #o not &a4e an2 to e7istin% utilities >i.*5 &eters and 5.all .etc. 0essee usin% %lass doors s. BOR =A00S @ @ +!* Part + Arc. BOR CEI0ING @ @ @ @ @ Use onl2 non!co&bustible ceilin% &aterials.&ent to e7istin% (iroc $all 'artitions.t to a''ro(e t.o' front $idt.

o' front tile ter&ination. @ @ @ @ OTHERS @ @ @ Install %au%e 15 or bi%%er steel &attin% at storefront abo(e t.i%.all not be e&bedded in of t.e stuboutsAcleanouts s. Pro(ide t$o >"? co&'onent fle7ible ce&entitious $ater'roof ! in% &e&brane. +!+ Part + Arc.all be of t.e sa&e le(el as t.e re&o(able co(er of t. E6ERC TENANT IS RE9UIRE# TO O8SER6E AN# COMP0C =ITH THE CONSTRUCTION GUI#E0INES.e ceilin% for securit2 reasons. Pro(ide four >*?&& 'ol2ester reinforced $ater'roofin% &e&brane >or its eDui(alent?. T.ea(2 installations for a''ro(al of SM!E##.all not be sealed or co(ered $it. Uses of . Pi'es s.all e7tend to 15c& . Sub&it load co&'utations for .e allo$able li(e and dead load is -5 'sf. =ater'roofin% s. Bor draina%e outlets.BOR B0OORING @ T. on t. C.e floor slab. Bor &all draina%e stubouts or cleanouts t. said draina%e cleanouts J stub outs s..e &allHs floorin%.e base of t. Pro(ide ) to + && alu&inu& stri' at &all tile and s.e $alls.i''in% on floor slab is not allo$ are located inside a tenantHs 're&ises. tiles or floor finis.a&&ers e7ceedin% 1lbs.all be e7'osed. are not allo$ed.e storeHs floorin% s. T.itectural Guidelines . use drills to bore a .ole.

all be as4ed to redo.all be accessible and free fro& obstructions. draina%e.ored to t.ree >)? da2s 'rior to an2 'roFected store o'enin%.all attac. accidental of intentional.eir . #a&a%es done but not li&ited to e7istin% utilities.all .anical Codes. (iroc $all 'artitions. etc? s. $ater source.e construction $or4s of t.e return air 'assa%es and %rills of air!con s2ste& s.Electrical Guidelines . neutral ' onl2 to concrete slab soffits. =OR/ING #RA=INGS >Scale 1 +5 & at "5 K 7 )5 K? 0ESSEE s. Electrical and Mec. t. aircon fascia. s.all not be attac.all be follo$ed.ed or anc. An2 de(iation fro& t. T.a(e s'ecial a''ro(al b2 t.all reDuest in $ritin% to SM!E## t. Bire Code.all not be co(ered or bloc4ed >for Non!food tenants?. and co&&on area. 0essee ad&inistration for tec.all be 'resent at t.e $or4 site at all ti&es. tenant desi%ners A consultants A contractors s. b2 t.all be c. t. All corrections and additional notations on t. Ad&inistration office s. a''ro(in% bodies.e store can o'en. etc.e 'lannin% sta%e.all be re'aired b2 Ad&inistration office and corres'ondin% e7'enses s.Part Electrical Guidelines 8ASIC RE9UIREMENTS @ All $or4s s.e a''ro(ed s. Prior to 're'aration of 'lans .e lessee. se$er.e 'lans s.e latest %o(ern&ent re%ulations.all be in accordance $it. Han%ers and su''orts of lesseeHs ceilin% and utilities >'i'es. and ot.e leased area at least t.e &allHs e7istin% utilities and concrete bea&s or colu&ns.nical ins'ection of t.ould (erif2 on site actual confi%uration of t. All a''ro(ed 'lans s. All de(iations fro& $. #urin% construction and before t.? s.e Ad&inistration officeASM E##. Mall @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ -!1 Part . ducts. 8uildin% Code.e area J location of utilities for accurac2 in to lessee.aust.all ins'ect t.e lessee.e a''ro(ed 'lan codes bein% i&'le&ented b2 ot.e stubouts >cleanouts.

@ @ @ Use of &ore t.e tenant contractor s.ase Circuit 8rea4er. seal . )5 AT.all be usin% $eldin% &ac.e &ain 'o$er su''l2 connections for te&'orar2 'o$er s.Electrical #ra$in%s RE9UIREMENTS @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ E0ECTRICA0 GUI#E0INES BOR TEMPORARC PO=ER OB MA00 TENANTS Sin%le line riser dia%ra& Sc.e &ain 'o$er su''l2 of te&'orar2 'o$er s. @ %roundin% and 'rotected $it. ".e &ain 'o$er s. -!" Part .all be re&o(ed u'on co&'letion of t.e 0essor s.e follo$in% 1.all be ). If one $eldin% &ac.all not be 'er&itted.all be su'er(ised b2 en%ineerin% 'ersonnel.e tenant s'ace ta''ed to te&'orar2 $irin%s s.e &ain 'o$er su''l2 to t.1!'ole.+&&" THHN stranded.all 'ro(ide a te&'orar2 calibrated 4=HR &eter $it.all be ). t.e 'roFect or if t. SiEes of t.all be 1* && " THHN stranded 'rotected $it. t.tin% la2out S'ecifications 0e%end Si%ned J sealed b2 a dul2 re%istered Professional Electrical En%ineer T.ine?.e &ain 'o$er su''l2 s.1!'.Electrical Guidelines .e tenant contractor s.1!'. T. If t.tin% and 'ortable electrical eDui'&ent >e7cludin% $eldin% &ac. Ta''in% s. T.ine.e 'er&anent 'o$er su''l2 $ill be &ade a(ailable and 'ro'erl2 &etered.all onl2 utiliEe li%.ine s. )5 AT.1!'ole.+ && " THHN stranded $it.edule of load Po$er la2out 0i%.ase Circuit 8rea4er.all be deter&ined b2 t.

e 'anelboard and its branc.e load side.ould be reDuested >$A a $ritten reDuest? fro& SM $.-.ould i&&ediatel2 identif2 in t. Si%ned J sealed b2 a dul2 re%istered Professional Electrical En%ineer Bacilities Connection RE9UIREMENTS @ SM >0essor? $ill 'ro(ide Main brea4er J 4=HR &eter for basic electrical feeder line 'ro(ision fro& &ain ta''in% 'oint u'to to t.. 0i%. Beeders and subfeeders d.tin% and Rece'tacle Outlet 0oads b.+. SM $ill 'ro(ide a line for cas.e outlet to t. Additional reDuire&ent s.tin% and con(enience outlets c. 0i%.Electrical Guidelines @ @ @ . Tenant s. -!) Part . Po$er la2out I. Motor loads b. $ill be c.Electrical 0oad ReDuire&ent for > *55 A ")5 (olts Electrical S2ste&? A. 0oad center I. Tenant is res'onsible for t. Motor loads c. Ot. re%ister>s? . SM $ill 'ro(ide a Co&&unication line > 1!(oice and 1!data? fro& I#BATTC u' to loads I.e ter&ination bo7 in t.? I.".e 'ullbo7 in t. includes ta''in% fro& t. S'ecifications I. Sc.e Function bo7 abo(e ceilin%.eir 'lan t. Tenant to 'ro(ide )A*: dia&eter P6C conduit >$A 'ull$ire? fro& t.1 Sin%le 0ine Riser #ia%ra& a.eir internal electrical s2ste& $or4s M t.e s'ecific location. 0e%end I. Plan Sub&ittal RE9UIREMENTS Plan Sub&ittal >Co&'lete $it.*.e 'ullbo7 > 'oint of ta''in% 'ro(ided b2 SM? to t.e Tenant >0essee? area.edule of load a.).ic.tin% la2out I.e Tenant area.e Tenant. circuits distribution u' to t.

Mini&u& siEe of $ire s.all be ). 1 P.i%. 1 P. Installation of Blat cord. &a7i&u& ) &eters s'acin% and s. circuits L )5AT. Co&'lete 'i'e fittin%s loc4nut bus.+ &&" THHN stranded.e cable. of )55 && s.GG Co(er all Function bo7es and 'ull bo7es.all be 'ro(ided on Function bo7es and 'ull bo7es.e o(er current de(ice and a&'acit2 of t.+ && stranded. circuit L -5AT. Use .e escalators. .all be 'ro(ided.ase " THHN s. Mini&u& siEe of $ire )55&& fro& bo7es or connectors.all be used for co&&unication installation.all be 'ro(ided.Electrical #esi%n Criteria CONNECTE# 0OA# @ Actual load s.ers s.all be 1* && " THHN stranded. Use &ini&u& 15&&!dia&eter round bars .an%ers $it. indi(idual electrical branc. GG P6C s. Mini&u& siEe of $ire s. Bor /ios4 and Carts.G Use co&'ression t2'e connector. Ri%id su''ort s.all be located not &ore a&on% ot.ould not e7ceed 15I of t.all be 'ro(ided.all not be 'er&itted.all be 'er&itted .ase s.all be in RSC. 8O $ire and P6C conduit s. te&'erature ratin% THHN $ire and s. IMC or EMT conduit.all be +. @ CON#UCTORS A =IRES J CON#UIT @ @ @ @ @ @ Notes Gfle7ible conduit $it.e ratin% of t. electrical branc. @ Bor Tenant belo$ t. &a7i&u& len%t.

Electrical Guidelines .PANE0 8OAR# @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ S.e buildin%. Circuit brea4ers s. Nu&ber of o(ercurrent de(ice s. Pro(ide co(er for unused brea4er slots J 4noc4outs.ould be 'ro(ided. Neutral bus J %round bus s. circuits s. Enclosure s. Per&anent label of branc.all be used for branc.all be 'ro'erl2 siEed. 0i%.all not be 'er&itted. 0ocation s. 8us bar s.all confor& to code standards. circuits ser(in% 'o$er outlets for co&fort roo&s. Cri&'in% of bus bar s. Multi'le $irin%s s.ould be bolt!on t2'e.all not be 'er&itted.ould not e7ceed &ore t.ould be in 'lace.all be siEed and cut based on standard a&'acit2. #ead front co(er s.ould be 'ro'erl2 connected to %round $ire.ould be siEed based on 4AIC s2ste& calculations of t.all not be less 1*4AIC.ould be accessible for o'eration J &aintenance. -!* Part . coo4in% eDui'&ent and outdoor electrical loads and si%na%es. %round fault circuit interru'ter >GBCI? *"!'oles and construction s. 8rea4ers $it.tin% and 'o$er outlets s.

Use $all outlet $it.ase 0oad? @ Bor li%. S=ITCHA CON6ENIENCE OUT0ETS @ @ All con(enience outlet s. T. #E6ICES @ @ @ All soc4ets J con(enience outlet s.tin% fi7tures s.all be used. Enclosure s. neutral J %round =ire?.all be in a &etal bo7 enclosure. %round $ire.i%. Bluorescent 0a&' s. @ @ Color code neutral $ire >$.-5. 'o$er factor ballast and s.ite? J %round $ire >%reen? 0ine1 >red? or 0ine" >2ello$? or 0ine) >blue? MOTOR CONTRO0 @ Use &a%netic starter or solid state soft starter.tin% fi7tures s. All li%.=IRING #ETAI0S =irin% #etails >1 s. %round fault circuit interru'ter >GBCI? ! for Co&fort Roo&s . circuit. T. 0IGHTING BIOTURES @ @ @ @ =irin% of li%. circuit $it. Bor Mi7ed 0oads )156.all be )!'ron% > for . use 1156 coil (olta%e contactors $A a )156 A1156 control transfor&er.all be )!'ron% > for line.all be used @ @ Color code neutral $ire >$.t >ni%. -!+ Part . GBCI.ite? J %round >%reen? 0ine1 >red? or 0ine" >2ello$? or 0ine) >blue? =irin% #etails >) P. circuit s.t li%.-5.ould be 'ro(ided $it.all be 'ro'erl2 %rounded. 8ranc.ase 0oad? @ Bor &otors ! use )156.ed!on after &all o'eration and nor&all2 off durin% &all o'eration. Bor &a%netic starter.all be line to neutral $it.-5HE >)?line T neutral T %round s. neutral J %round?. no GBCI .Electrical Guidelines .E lie neutral T %round. %round fault circuit interru'ter >GBCI? in lieu of branc.E >)?line T %round s.tin% J 'o$er ! use ")56.all .tin%? $it. Use $all outlet $it.all be s$itc. a dedicated branc.e 0ESEE s.a(e . outdoor load J si%na%es.all 'ro(ide at least one >1? lo$ $atta%e li%.ould be 'rotected $it.coo4in% eDui'&ent. %round $ire.ot.

tin% circuit BI00ING UP OB RETAI0 #ESIGN MANAGEMENT 9UESTIONNAIRE @ Tenant &ust 'ro(ide t.!off durin% Mall O'eration.e necessar2 a''ro' s. 'anel for connection of circuit neutral conductors. includin% li%. circuit . SIGNAGE @ @ @ @ Pro(ide dedicated branc.ould be 'ro(ided for transfor&er.ould be connected to %round $ire. Metal bac4in% s. Pro(ide a se'arate %round bus &ar4ed $it. An insulated eDui'&ent %roundin% conductor s.!on after &all o'eration and nor&all2 s$itc. GBCI. a dedicated branc. circuits. T. circuit. -!Part .ould be s$itc. to -!1? for SM to &a4e t. circuit s.all be 'ro(ided in all feeder and branc.e Retail #esi%n Mana%e&ent 9uestionnaire >'lease refer to -!.e necessar2 electrical reDuire&ents b2 ans$erin% T.NIGHTAPI0OT 0IGHT @ @ Pro(ide at least one >1? lo$ $atta%e li%. Metal 'arts s. GROUN#ING @ @ @ Pro(ide an isolated neutral bus in eac.t $it.Electrical Guidelines . 8ranc.ould be 'rotected $it. %reen stri'e alon% its front and bonded to steel for connectin% %roundin% conductors.

-5 HE 155 AT. SCMC s.o'.ase +!$ires >)!line. Po$er Su''l2 Please c. >)? P. Part . neutral J %round? =e acce't t. SHOP AREA /indl2 co&'lete t.ase b =atts c A&'s -!.e follo$in% Duestionnaire and return it $it. Non Bood tenant t.ase T. Bood tenant t. >)? P.e follo$in% basic feeder line 155 AT. *55 6. 0i%.ree P. ")5 6. neutral J %round? SCMC s.tin% 0oad S'ecifications 9uantit2 Sin%le P.ase.e 'o$er su''l2 to be 'ro(ided for our s. >1? P.all 'ro(ide eac.SHOPPING CENTER MANAGEMENT CORP.ase. Retail #esi%n Mana%e&ent 9uestionnaire SHOP NAME MA00 SHOP NO. neutral J %round? +!$ires >)!line.ec4 t.e a''ro'riate ans$er =e reDuire additional 'o$er su''l2 at A&'s Sin%le P. -5 HE >o(er *+5 &"? )!$ires >line. *55 6. ". -5 HE 1.ase a T.ase. 2our BINA0 #ra$in% sub&ission.Electrical Guidelines .e follo$in% basic feeder line -5 AT.ree P.all 'ro(ide eac.


Electrical Heat 0oad S'ecifications 9uantit2 P P P P P P P =atts

General Pur'ose Outlets Su''le&entar2 Aircon Hot =ater S2ste&s O(ens Cool Roo&s Hair #r2ers Ot,ers

Note Bor tenants $,o occu'ies &ore t,an one >1? tenant &ar4etin% s'ace and reDuires a 'o$er 'ro(ision &ore t,an t,e basic electrical feeder line s,all utiliEe t,e basic feeder line fro& indi(idual leasable s'aces if alread2 installed as 'art of tenant a$arded total leasable area. • T,e tenant electrical desi%ner s,all desi%n t,e tenant electrical s2ste& based on &ore t,an one >1? 'o$er su''l2 >&ulti!electrical feeder line?. • Bor %uidelines stated abo(e; 'lease see OPC released &e&o; AS!-55!"51" LTenant Multi Electrical Beederline. Sub&itted b2 UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Tenant Re'resentati(e Pls 'rint and si%n #ate UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU #esi%nation 0and line Nu&ber Mobile Nu&ber
-!1 Part - Electrical Guidelines

Testin% J Co&&issionin%


Tenant electrical contractor s,ould sub&it a KCertificate of Co&&issionin%: of t,e electrical s2ste& . T,e 0essor s,all ,a(e t,e ri%,t to $itness an2 or all of t,e final &easure&ent s,o$n in t,e certificate of co&&issionin%. T,e certificate of co&&issionin% s,all include at least of t,e follo$in% ite&s >KBinal: readin%s after all balancin% adFust&ents ,a(e been &ade? @ 8A0ANCING OB 0OA# @ CURRENT REA#ING #URING 0EAN AN# PEA/ 0OA# > MAIN AN# 8RANCHES ?

@ MEGGER TESTING > MAIN AN# 8RANCHES ? 6O0TAGE REA#ING >line to line ; line to neutral J line to %round ? @ TAGGING >0abelin%? OB 0OA#S USING MANUA0 OR E0ECTRONIC #CMO MACHINE.


@ @

All electrical $or4s s,all be under t,e direct su'er(ision of dul2 Re%istered Master Electrician >RME? or Re%istered Electrical En%ineer >REE?. En%ineerin% Personnel; $,o $ill inter'ret and e(aluate t,e dra$in%s and s'ecifications; s,all ,a(e t,e 'o$er to reFect an2 $or4 and &aterial $,ic, in t,eir Fud%&ent are not in full accordance t,ere$it,.

-!3 Part - Electrical Guidelines

Part . /itc,en J 0PG Guidelines



All $or4s s,all be in accordance $it, t,e latest %o(ern&ent re%ulations; 8uildin% Code; Bire Code; Electrical and Mec,anical Codes; and ot,er codes bein% i&'le&ented b2 ot,er a''ro(in% bodies. All corrections and additional notations on t,e 'lans s,all be follo$ed. An2 de(iation fro& t,e a''ro(ed 'lan s,all ,a(e s'ecial a''ro(al b2 t,e Ad&inistration officeASM E##. #urin% construction and before t,e store can o'en; Ad&inistration office s,all ins'ect t,e construction $or4s of t,e lessee. All de(iations fro& t,e a''ro(ed s,all be as4ed to redo. #a&a%es done but not li&ited to e7istin% utilities; (iroc $all 'artitions; neutral 'iers; aircon fascia; and co&&on area; b2 t,e lessee; $,et,er accidental of intentional; s,all be re'aired b2 Ad&inistration office and corres'ondin% e7'enses s,all be c,ar%ed to lessee. Han%ers and su''orts of lesseeHs ceilin% and utilities >'i'es; ducts; etc.? s,all not be attac,ed or anc,ored to t,e &allHs e7istin% utilities and concrete bea&s or colu&ns. 0essee s,all attac, t,eir ,an%ers onl2 to concrete slab soffits. #o not co(er or bloc4 t,e return air 'assa%es and %rills of aircon s2ste&. #o not co(er or bloc4 stub!outs >cleanouts; $ater source; e7,aust; se$er; draina%e; etc.? $,en not needed. Instead; said stub!outs s,all be free of obstructions and easil2 accessible. All a''ro(ed 'lans s,all be 'resent at t,e $or4 site at all ti&es. 0ESSEE s,all reDuest in $ritin% to SM!E## ad&inistration for tec,nical ins'ection of t,e leased least t,ree >)? da2s 'rior to an2 'roFected store o'enin%. =OR/ING #RA=INGS >Scale 1 +5 & at "5 K 7 )5 K? &easure&ents t,ru Mall area at





@ @

@ @


0ESSEES are reDuired to (isit actual site and ta4e actual PRIOR to 're'aration of 'lans.

.!1 Part . /itc,en J 0PG Guidelines

P# 111+.RE9UIREMENTS @ @ Pro(ide CH8 and fire bric4s A fire insulation surroundin% $alls of coo4in% eDui'&ent. / for 4itc.!" Part .en J 0PG Guidelines . >fro& floor to slab? of all Pro(ide adeDuate and a''ro'riate fire e7tin%uis. .en in accordance $it.

rou%. Gas &eter s.all ta' to t.eir coo4in% s.o $ill use %as for t.all 'ro(ide t. SCMC Ad&inistration Office on t.e %as &eter t.all be installed si&ultaneousl2 $it.Gas RE9UIREMENTS @ A centraliEed %as s2ste& is installed b2 t. t.e s2ste& t. @ .e 0ESSOR. /itc.edule of Ta''in%.e &allHs %as contractor.e sc.e ta''in% of 0ESSEEHs s2ste& to t. t. Coordinate $it.rou%.!) Part .e 0ESSOR. All food 0ESSEE $. 0ESSOR s.en J 0PG Guidelines .e &allHs. a stub!out 'ro(ided b2 t.

Use . etc.ose or &etal braided . sc. All 'i'eline seated on su''orts s.tl2 usin% u!bolts. Install Anti!lea4 Safet2 #e(ice at &ain &anifold and branc. 0e&on Cello$ on Pi'es. and flan%e connec ! tions suc.e floor 15 c&. ASME 1+5 lbs. tees. Gas .edule *5 fro& 1 st sta%e re%ulator to eDui'& -5 c& fro& t.!* Part .. 8rac4ets s. . Pro(ide ri%id su''orts for e(er2 'i'e bend and for e(er2 &eter run of 'i'e. @ @ Gas lines s. B0ANGES!=eld Nec4 ASME )55 lbs before 1 st sta%e re%ulator.. re%ulators.all be installed $it. @ B0ANGE TCPE 8A00 6A06E!ASME )55 lbs before 1 st sta%e re%ulator.oses or fle7ible connectors s. THREA#E# TCPE 8A00 6A06E ! 1555 =OG Ratin%s Stainless Steel Sin%le 'iece bod2. /itc. Paintin% of %as line ! 9#E Paint L t$o >"? coats.all not be e&bedded in $alls and floors. GAS/ET!S'iral =ound Gas4et.en J 0PG Guidelines @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ .old ti%. Sea&less. TAN/ BITTINGS >elbo$s.ose rated at )55 'si. After 1 st sta%e re%ulator. as ball (al(es &eters. tool steel. STU# 8O0TS ! 8. PIPING =OR/S !PIPES!8.all . sc. 8ranc.all be full $elded e7ce't for t.all be )5 c&. a &ini&u& distance of ) &eters or as 'er reDuired. outlets s. ASME 1+5 lbs after 1st sta%e re%ulator.all not sa% &ore t.ea(2! dut2 .edule 15 fro& tan4 to 1 st sta%e re%ula! tors.edule *5 fro& 1 st sta%e re%ulator to eDui'&ent. etc.edule 15 fro& tan4 to 1 st sta%e re%ulator.ose for connection to coo4in% eDui'&ent. outlets.Gas RE9UIREMENTS @ All 'i'eline Foints s. Pro(ide 'ressure %au%e at &ain &anifold. outlet. Ma7i&u& len%t.. of fle7ible connector s.all be not lo$er t. #o not use rubber .? ! sc. Pro(ide ball (al(e for e(er2 branc.8lac4 on Pi'e Su''ort. PRIMER L T$o >"? coats.

and 155 'si% after 1 sta%e re%ulator &anifold for a &ini&u& 'eriod of " .!+ Part .out t. 0ESSEE s.e safe o'eration of t. usin% nitro%en.e &all and 0ESSEEHs %as contractors. Sub&it certificate of lea4 testin% fro& 0PG 'i'eline J 0PG Guidelines . t.eir %as s2ste& under%oin% lea4 testin% and a certificate sub&itted to SCMC Ad&inistration Office.all sub&it to SCMC office a certification on t. . /itc. @ @ E6ERC TENANT IS RE9UIRE# TO O8SER6E AN# COMP0C =ITH THE CONSTRUCTION GUI#E0INES. 0ESSEE s.eir %as s2ste& si%ned b2 bot.all not be allo$ed to o'en $it.& @ st 0ea4 test 'i'eline before 1 re%ulator &anifold at 1+5 'si% for a &ini&u& st 'eriod of 1" .rs.

et.e lessee. #o not co(er or bloc4 t. 0ESSEE s. s. neutral 'iers.e lessee.all be free of @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ All a''ro(ed 'lans s.all attac. Electrical and Mec.all . b2 codes bein% i&'le&ented b2 ot.e leased area at least t. to lessee.e &allHs e7istin% utilities and concrete bea&s or colu& onl2 to concrete slab soffits. obstructions and easil2 accessible.e a''ro(ed 'lan Mall ad&ini! stration for tec.anical Codes.e a''ro(ed s. Ad&inistration office s. All corrections and additional notations on t.e construction $or4s of t. All de(iations fro& t. Instead. =OR/ING #RA=INGS >Scale 1 +5 & at "5 K 7 )5 K? &easure&ents @ 0ESSEES are reDuired to (isit actual site and ta4e actual PRIOR to 're'aration of ' a''ro(in% bodies. Bire Code. etc. draina%e. An2 de(iation fro& t. (iroc $all 'artitions.ored to t.Part 1 Sanitar2 J Plu&bin% Guidelines 8ASIC RE9UIREMENTS @ All $or4s s. said stubouts s.e Ad&inistration officeASM E##. ducts. and co&&on area.nical ins'ection of t.ree >)? da2s 'rior to an2 'roFected store o'enin%.e 'lans s.e $or4 site at all ti&es.all ins'ect t. Han%ers and su''orts of lesseeHs ceilin% and utilities >'i'es.all be as4ed to redo. t. 1!1 Part 1 Sanitar2 J Plu&bin% Guidelines .e latest %o(ern&ent re%ulations.all be follo$ed.a(e s'ecial a''ro(al b2 t. $.er accidental of intentional.all not be attac. #o not co(er or bloc4 stubouts >cleanouts.e return air 'assa%es and %rills of aircon s2ste&.all be 'resent at t.? s.all be re'aired b2 Ad&inistration office and corres'ondin% e7'enses s.all be c.all be in accordance $it.eir . and ot. #urin% construction and before t. $ater source.e store can o'en. aircon fascia. 8uildin% Code.en not needed.ed or anc.all reDuest in $ritin% to SM!E## t. 0essee s. etc. #a&a%es done but not li&ited to e7istin% utilities. se$er. e7.? $.

(al(es.o$n 0ocation of &ain stub!out Slo'e of sanitar2 line u' to t.e ta''in% 'oint 0ocation of floor cleanouts #etailed dra$in% and s'ecification of %rease tra' 0ocation of floor drain #etailed dra$in% of . etc. %rease tra'.Plu&bin% Plan P0AN 6IE= >SHO=ING? @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ #esi%n t. Iso&etric dra$in%s >cold $ater and sanitar2 line? Cold $ater and sanitar2 line la2out 0ocation of $ater & and su''ort 0e%end 1!" Part 1 Sanitar2 J Plu&bin% Guidelines . of Pi'e and s' includes 0en%t. SiEe of 'i'in% s.

e %rease tra' s. 8? T. 'artition %uide.e 'lan location of $ater &eter.ec4 stub!out 'ro(isions >'otable $ater line.all not be allo$ed. 4itc.a(e at least *!c. Indicate on t.ite? for cold $ater line.aftin% for co(er .e 'lan location of $ater &eter.e %rease tra' s.Plu&bin% A Sanitar2 #esi%n Criteria RE9UIREMENTS @ @ @ 0esseeHs sanitar2 s2ste&. for bod2M "" %au%e stainless steel for 'artition. C.all . Pro(ide Grease Tra's for e(er2 sin4s $it.edule *5 'i'e or Vero lea4 fusion t2'e 'i'e for cold $ater line. (ent and do&estic $ater 'i'in% s.ed .all be 'ro(ided durin% installation of %rease tra'M B? A clearance of at least 1"!inc. t.andle and strainer . t.*5 s. Use G. GI 'i'e sc.a(e solid tra'Ainterce'torsAstrainerM #? T. for to' co(erM 11 %au%e stainless steel an%ular d$arf le%sM )A1: dia&eter stainless steel s.a&bers and ) 'artitionsM C? T. (ent.all .e follo$in% s'ecs A? T.e sin4 s.all be 'ro(idedM and 1!) Part 1 Sanitar2 J Plu&bin% Guidelines @ @ @ @ .ould . Sc. Indicate on fro& botto& sin4 s.I.a(e stainless solid strainersM E? Clean out s. Pro(ide four >*?&& 'ol2ester reinforced $ater'roofin% &e&brane >or its eDui(alent?.en $aste and do&estic $aste ? on!site before 're'aration of dra$in% 'lans. and 'erforated collection bas4etM "" %au%e stainless steel local .airline finis. Use Eero lea4 fusion t2'e 'i'e >''r!color $.all be &ade of stainless steel &aterials $it.e %rease tra' s.ould confor& to all local reDuire&ents and code standards.airline finis.andleM " 1A": dia&eter stainless steel outlet e7tension tubeM and ": dia&eter stainless steel cou'lin% for inlet and outlet fittin%s.e follo$in% s'ecifications "5 %au%e stainless steel local . Pro(ide t$o >"? co&'onent fle7ible ce&entitious $ater'roofin% &e&brane.

a&bers and )! 'artition s. in(ol(e %rease...1: 0 O >"+5&&? 3. sin4 $.e &ain stub!out U'on co&'letion of $or4.ic. li4e la(ator2 for .ose non!food tenants $it.11: HM @ @ @ To for&s of sanitar2 fit!out $.)*: = O >)55&&? 11.1: = O >)"+&&? 1".1: 0 O >"+5&&? 3.e certificate of co&&issionin%.e 4itc.all . ta''ed to t. de(elo'in% fil&s and ot.e accurac2 of t. E6ERC TENANT IS RE9UIRE# TO O8SER6E AN# COMP0C =ITH THE CONSTRUCTION GUI#E0INES.and $as.e final testin% s.t to ins'ect and $itness an2 or all of t.ec4 t. t. &edical clinics and .e sin4 in ter& of inc.)*: = O >)55&&? 11.a(e t. t.55)M and @ C2lindrical %rease tra'sAstrainer $ +!%'& based on t. 0essor s.all be installed $it. oils and c. 0esseeHs contractor $ill sub&it a KCertificate of Co&&issionin%: for all 'lu&bin% $or4s. t. A &ini&u& of +!%'& %rease tra' s. a &ini&u& of 1+ %'& of %rease tra' 'er sin4 s. sin4 of less t.air salons. at least *!c. t.e di&ension of >+55&&? 13.en $aste line..o$n in t.-3: 0 O >)+5&&? 1).e di&ension of >)+5&&? 1).in% .all be installed $it. 0AC OUT @ @ @ Conduct "*!.Testin% J Co&&issionin% @ Bor food tenants includin% cafeteriasAcanteens.e for&ula under ite& Kd:.e ri%.e&icals.all be a''lied for t. 1!* Part 1 Sanitar2 J Plu&bin% Guidelines .e follo$in% for&ula >0 O = O H? O 5.e di&ension of >)+5&&? 1).all be installed $it.ours flood testin% of $ater 'roofin% 'rior to floor to''in% .11: HM Bor food cartsA4ios4s $it.15: HM Bor non!food tenants. a &ini&u& of +!%'& %rease tra' s.2drostatic lea4 test of 'i'in% $or4s 'rior to ta''in% to t. Conduct .all be used di&ension of t.e %rease tra' siEe.

se$er. said stub!outs s.e latest %o(ern&ent codes bein% i&'le&ented b2 Mall area at @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ 0ESSEES are reDuired to (isit actual site and ta4e actual PRIOR to 're'aration of 'lans.nical ins'ection of t. $ater accidental of intentional.all not be attac.e &allHs e7istin% utilities and concrete bea&s or colu&ns.ree >)? da2s 'rior to an2 'roFected store o' etc.all .all reDuest in $ritin% to SM!E## ad&inistration for tec.all attac. neutral 'iers.all be as4ed to redo. An2 de(iation fro& onl2 to concrete slab soffits. =OR/ING #RA=INGS >Scale 1 +5 & at "5 K 7 )5 K? &easure&ents t.ored to a''ro(in% bodies. #a&a%es done but not li&ited to e7istin% utilities. Electrical and Mec. e7. Instead.e leased least t.all be free of obstructions and easil2 accessible.e 'lans s. t.all be 'resent at t. t. and co&&on area.a(e s'ecial a''ro(al b2 t. #o not co(er or bloc4 stub!outs >cleanouts.e a''ro(ed s.anical Codes. All corrections and additional notations on t. 0essee s.? s.e a''ro(ed 'lan s. 8uildin% Code. aircon fascia. and to lessee.e store can o'en.all be re'aired b2 Ad&inistration office and corres'ondin% e7'enses s. ducts.en not needed.e return air 'assa%es and %rills of aircon s2ste&. #o not co(er or bloc4 t.Part 3 S'rin4ler Guidelines 8ASIC RE9UIREMENTS @ All $or4s s. 3!1 Part 3 S'rin4ler Guidelines . All de(iations fro& t. (iroc $all 'artitions. b2 t. etc. Han%ers and su''orts of lesseeHs ceilin% and utilities >'i'es.ed or anc.all be follo$ed. 0ESSEE s. #urin% construction and before t. s.all be c.all ins'ect t.all be in accordance $it. All a''ro(ed 'lans s.e Ad&inistration officeASM E##. $.? $.e lessee.e $or4 site at all ti&es. Ad&inistration office s. Bire Code.e lessee. draina%e.e construction $or4s of t.eir .

P0AN 6IE= >SHO=ING? @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ #esi%n >indicate distance bet$een s'rin4ler .an%ers and su''orts #etailed dra$in% of s'rin4ler .ead #etailed dra$in% of .ead and lease line? J s'ecifications.eads 0ocation of additional s'rin4ler .t and 'endent? 0e%end 3!" Part 3 S'rin4ler Guidelines .eads. line E7istin% location of s'rin4ler .eads Pro'osed ne$ location of s'rin4ler . Iso&etric dra$in% 0ocation and siEe of cross &ain line 0ocation and siEe of branc. and bet$een s'rin4ler .eads ter&ination to 'i'e >u'ri%.

3!) Part 3 S'rin4ler Guideline . An2 &odificationAadFust&ent to be lesseeHs e7'ense and &ust be clearl2 indicated on t.e lessor.e sub&itted 'lans for lessorHs a''ro(al.System RE9UIREMENTS @ 8asic s'rin4ler 'ro(ision to be 'ro(ided b2 t.

units installed b2 &all s&o4e detector su''lier.I. o'en ceilin% and 'endent Ma7i&u& distance bet$een s'rin4ler . B s'rin4ler . ceilin%.t s'rin4ler .eads and su''orts. desi%n a nu&ber of s'rin4ler .e s'rin4ler .ence. Radius co(ered b2 s'rin4ler .all be t.ead is 1.all be 'ro(ided 'er area for tenants areas $it. @ @ @ @ @ @ 3!* Part 3 S'rin4ler Guidelines . $it.ould be )!& >4itc. 'i'e is not allo$ed Pro(ide ri%id .e sa&eAco&'atible $it.+!&eterM .ould be Sc. IMC conduit.eads to co(erAser(e all t. 0essee $ill Pro(ide rou%.en area? detectors for Bood tenants and s&o4e detectors for Non!Bood tenants.ead for tenant $it. 'artition floor to slabAceilin%.ead for 4itc. S'rin4ler 'i'e s. S&o4e and .edule *5 and 'ainted red. B for dinin% and sellin% area.e area. Pro(ision of s&o4e >dinin% area? and .RE9UIREMENTS @ @ @ Use "1" de%. Pro(ide ri%id .all be in EMT. 8rand of s&o4e detector s. Use u'ri%. Use TB or t$isted $ire and s. 1": fro& t.en area and 1-+B de%.ead for tenant s'rin4ler .ead. detectors ins for& ta''in% 'oint to desi%nated area.

e final testin% s. 0essor s.all . E6ERC TENANT IS RE9UIRE# TO O8SER6E AN# COMP0C =ITH THE CONSTRUCTION GUI#E0INES.e stab!out 'ro(ision.e certificate of co&&issionin%.& @ @ Conduct .2drostatic lea4 testin% 'rior to ta''in% fro& t.t to ins'ect and $itness an2 or all of t. U'on co&'letion of $or4. 0esseeHs contractor $ill sub&it a KCertificate of Co&&issionin%: for all s'rin4ler $or4s.e ri%.o$n in t.a(e t. 3!+ Part 3 S'rin4ler Guidelines .

Han%ers and su''orts of lesseeHs ceilin% and utilities >'i'es.anical Codes.e $or4 site at all ti&es. aircon fascia. Instead. All corrections and additional notations on codes bein% i&'le&ented b2 ot.ree >)? da2s 'rior to an2 'roFected store o'enin%.nical ins'ection of t.e latest %o(ern&ent re%ulations. neutral 'iers.e Ad&inistration officeASM E##. All a''ro(ed 'lans s.e leased least onl2 to concrete slab soffits. #o not co(er or bloc4 t.all . a''ro(in% bodies. ducts. 15!1 Part 15 6entilation Guidelines . #urin% construction and before t. 0ESSEE s. se$er. #a&a%es done but not li&ited to e7istin% utilities. (iroc $all ' to lessee.ored to t.all be free of obstructions and easil2 accessible.eir .? s. An2 de(iation fro& t. b2 t. and co&&on area.e a''ro(ed 'lan s. etc.e construction $or4s of t. e7. t. 8uildin% Code.all be as4ed to redo.all attac.ed or anc.e return air 'assa%es and %rills of aircon s2ste&. draina%e.? $.all be follo$ed.e &allHs e7istin% utilities and concrete bea&s or colu&ns.Part 15 6entilation Guidelines 8ASIC RE9UIREMENTS @ All $or4s s.e store can o'en.en not needed. 0essee s.all not be attac. $.aust.all be in accordance $it.all ins'ect t.e Mall area at @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ 0ESSEES are reDuired to (isit actual site and ta4e actual PRIOR to 're'aration of 'lans. etc. #o not co(er or bloc4 stub!outs >cleanouts.all be re'aired b2 Ad&inistration office and corres'ondin% e7'enses s.e lessee.e 'lans s. s. $ater source.all be 'resent at t. Bire Code.e a''ro(ed said stub!outs s. =OR/ING #RA=INGS >Scale 1 +5 & at "5 K 7 )5 K? &easure&ents t.a(e s'ecial a''ro(al b2 t. All de(iations fro& accidental of intentional.all be c. Electrical and Mec.all reDuest in $ritin% to SM!E## ad&inistration for tec. and ot. Ad&inistration office s.

anical A 6ent A E7.aust and fres.en Hood #ata: for& 15!" Part 15 6entilation Guidelines .en . air fan /ITCHEN HOO# #ATA @ Bor eac. Section of #uct 0ocation and siEe of all %rease duct cleanout access 0ocation of Grease Reser(oirs Slo'e of botto& of duct for all sections Point of Connection for ne$ duct to e7istin% duct #etailed dra$in% of Han%ers and su''ort E9UIPEMENT >=ITH UNI9UE MAR/ BOR EACH ITEM OB E9UIPMENT? @ @ @ /itc. duct to e7.ic.aust and fres. E9UIPEMNT SCHE#U0ES @ =it. sides are o'en for air Blo$ E7.aust duct %rease reser(oirs EOHAUST #UCT CONNECTION TO MAIN @ #etail 'lans and ele(ations s.en .oods L indicatin% di&ensions and $. co&'lete s'ecification for all e7.o$n on dra$in% Air 6elocit2 in Eac. #ucts to Main Ne$ #ucts to be Installed SiEe >=7H? for all duct$or4 s.aust branc.aust Plan #UCT=OR/ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ Main #ucts 8ranc.aust &ain. 4itc. air fans E7.ood sub&it a co&'leted K/itc.Mec.o$in% connection of e7.

COO/ING E9UIPMENT #ATA @ 8TU load 'er 8urner and Total 8TU load. 15!) Part 15 6entilation Guidelines .

e buildin%Hs air conditionin% s2ste&s. 15!* Part 15 6entilation Guidelines .austed air. (a'ors.aust s2ste&s s.e &all and into t.General Criteria RE9UIREMENTS @ All stea&. TCPE 1 ! desi%ned to collect and re&o(e all t2'es of coo4in% effluent fro& t.all be desi%ned to 're(ent (a' (a'ors.!.i%. TCPE " ! desi%ned to collect and re&o(e onl2 stea&. .anical e7. odors and &oisture 'roducin% areas and . odors. odors and &oisture fro& &i%ratin% and @ @ @ S'ecial .e 'roducin% eDui'&ent &ust be e7.austed b2 s'ecial &ec. .aust s2ste&s.

unconditioned &a4eu' s.e duct$or4. A &ini&u& of .aust .e e7. Co&'lete $it. all Foints and sea&s &ade $it.ood and t.!air duct s2ste& &ust be adFustable t2'e t.aust air flo$ &ust be &ade u' $it. Ri%id ceilin% &an.ood inside li'. All fans used in e7.A GA.aust s2ste&s &ust be at least 1.A GA.ole and cat$al4 alon% t.e e7.e e7ternal surface of t.aust airstrea& and 'ro(ided $it.all not e7ceed *!feet. .aust duct s.ousin%.A GA.e .all be 'ro(ided $it."" SS 8affle T2'e Grease Bilter and Bra&e .all be &aintained bet$een a &ini&u& of +55 BPM and a &a7i&u& of ".aust Hood Cano'2 $A Bres.e 4itc."5 SS To' Plate .%a%e carbon steel or 11 %a%e stainless steel $it.e (ertical distance bet$een t.5I of t. No da&'ers &a2 be installed in %rease ducts.A GA.A SS Oil Cu' 6a'or Proof 0a&' $it.oods >E7.aust fan &otor s. ."5 SS Grease Bilter #i(ider .11 SS Hood 8od2 .t $elded on t. air introduced directl2 into t.e direction of air flo$.aust duct s. clean out o'enin%s.+55 BPM.e coo4in% surface on all o'en sides. .e lo$er li' of t.e duct entr2 or disc. T. Air (elocit2 in sections of e7. 15!+ Part 15 6entilation Guidelines @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ .oods s.all be located outside t.A Ro2al Cord Hea(2 #ut2 Plu%. continuous liDuid!ti%. .A GA. All duct$or4 used on e7. Air? 'er&its adFust&ents to ca'acit2 durin% final testin% and balancin%.A GA.e .all e7tend a &ini&u& . E7. Use stainless KSelf!Co&'ensatin% Hood: t2'e of .aust duct s2ste&s and fres.6entilation #esi%n Criteria RE9UIREMENTS @ @ Connection to &ain e7. All e7.all be an%led b2 *+N to$ards t.ould be 'ro(ided. An2 'ortion of t.aust duct blo$er s.A Cli'sal S$itc.ood e7. #istance &easured fro& .e coo4in% eDui'&ent surface s.11 SS Grease Bilter Holder . (ibration isolators.e ed%e of t.en ..e ductin% t. Air #i(ider .oriEontal distance of 1+5&& >-:? be2ond t."5 SS is inaccessible fro& t.

@ @ @ Use fire!rated and lea4!'roof &aterials for &ac.e duct $it.tin% fi7tures installed inside e7.all be installed at an an%le not less t.e 0ast Pa%e. E7. HoriEontal ducts s. co&fort roo&s. Pro(ide *5&& t.aust for eac.ood filters s.? @ All . slo'ed to t.>Refer to attac. Install indi(idual e7.all not be used on t. O @ @ @ @ @ @ Pro(ide duct .ood it ser(es $ co&&ercial coo4in% . 15!Part 15 6entilation Guidelines . dro' collar.oriEontal and s.esi(e to 'aste t. 0i%.ould be baffle t2'e and s.e use of non co&bustible ad. Po' ri(ets.all be secured in 'lace b2 nonco&bustible su''orts.ood. a dri' side %utter and oil collector tra2.ine connection and for e(er2 T$o >"? &eters run of duct.A at t.e . t. KBor use $it.a'e.all be 'ro'erl2 &ini&u& of "N.e . &etal scre$s .aust Hood Cano'2 $A *+ fro& t.e .aust . or ot.e insulation.oods:.all be &ar4ed.aust ducts &ust be c2lindrical in for e(er2 duct bend. or eDui(alent e7'losion 'roof fi7ture.e internal surfaces of t.ic4 alu&inu& foil coated acoustic duct insulation around t. Hoods s.oods s.all be eDui''ed $ si&ilar e7'osed fasteners s.ine fle7ible duct connector a''ro(ed b2 SM. dra$in% of SS E7. &ac.

e a''liance (ent. Solid fuel.e .is section. odor or . U0 .ines and si&ilar eDui'&ent.e e7. T.Co&&ercial /itc.ood for use o(er solid fuel!burnin% coo4in% eDui'! &ent s.15 s.oods.e t2'e of eDui'&ent and 'rocesses.ood 'ro(isions s.oods tested in accordance $it.oods.all confor& to all of t. stea&.15 s.en Hood #esi%n Criteria =HERE RE9UIRE# Hoods s.all be 'ro(ided $it.e t2'e of coo4in% a''liance ser( 'roduces %rease (a'ors or s&o4e.all disc. #o&estic coo4in% a''liances used for co&&ercial 'ur'oses.oods as reDuired for t.ere (ented fuel!burnin% a''liances are located in t.&ent s.e &anufacturerHs installation e7. T2'e I . Included are dee' fat fr2ersM broilersM fr2 %rillsM stea&!Fac4eted 4ettlesM .ood s2ste& fro& interferin% $it. nor&al o'eration of t.oods.all installed at or abo(e all co&&ercial food .in% &ac. T2'e I or II .er t2'e .aust s2ste&s. U0 . t.e .ereof used for!'rocessin% eDui'&ent installed $it.all include an2 buildin% or a 'ortion t. Part 15 6entilation Guidelines .e!'rocessin% eDui'&ent t.e sa&e roo& or s'ace as t. #o&estic coo4in% a''liances utiliEed for co&&ercial 'ur'oses s.all be desi%ned to confine coo4in% (a'ors and residues $it. Bactor2!built co&&ercial a d$ellin% unit.ot!to' ran%esM o(ensM barbecuesM rotisseriesM dis.ood!'rocessin% eDui'&ent t. BACTORC!8UI0T COMMERCIA0 /ITCHEN HOO#S.aust . @ @ @ @ BUE0 8URNING APP0IANCES =. a food!'rocessin% establis.ood.oods t. A T2'e I or T2'e II .ood s. 15!.ar%e to an e7.aust s2ste& is de'endent of ot. Ot.all be desi%ned for t. E7ce'tion Bood .e reDuire&ents.ood s. and s.e 'ur'ose of t.e 'rocessin% of food. Bor t.aust .$as. T2'e I and T2'e II .at 'roduces fu& t.all be &ade to 're(ent t.aust .eat!'rocessin% eDui'& are not tested in accordance $it.all be installed in accordance $it. T2'e I . BACTORC!8UI0T COMMERCIA0 HOO#S SHA00 COMP0C @ A''ro(al of .all be installed at or abo(e all co&&ercial food .all be installed at or abo(e all co&&ercial food . 0isted and labeled factor2!built co&&ercial e7.

Grease %utters >)5+ &&? fro& ceilin% or $all s.ic4ness of is not less t. a clearance to co&bustibles of not less t.ic4! ness of 5.all be of co''er s.ood "* ounces 'er sDuare foot >.ood.5) inc. C0EARANCES BOR TCPE I HOO# @ T2'e I .oods or 'ortions t. "" %au%e?. Co''er for t.1 &&? >No. 15!1 Part 15 6entilation Guidelines .a(e a &ini&u& t.ood construction s. nonco&bustible &aterials .ere t.ood 11 inc.all co&'l2 $it.ic4ness of 5. cleanin% of ) inc.all drain to an a''ro(ed collection rece'tacle t. "" %au%e?. Stainless steel for t.a(in% a &ini&u& 1!. &&?. desi%ned and installed to be accessible for cleanin%.ood construction s.e reDuire& >5. @ @ A .all be desi%ned to 'ro(ide for >. >5."* inc." or >*+.all . Hoods located less t.e construction of . 4%A& "?.a(e a &ini&u& t. #1 Gal(aniEed steel. <OINTS AN# SEAMS C0EANING AN# GREASE GUTTERS E7ternal Foints and sea&s s.all be $elded liDuid ti%.ereof 'enetratin% a ceilin%. "* %au%e?.rou%.all . Gal(aniEed steel for T2'e I .oods s.our fire!resistance ratin%. #" Stainless steel and co''er. Gal(aniEed steel for T2'e II .all .a(e a &ini&u& t.all be secured in 'lace b2 nonco&bustible su''orts.eets $ei%.1 &&? >No.all be flas.e construction of .a(in% a &ini&u& 1!." or nonco&bustible &aterials .e co&bustible &aterial is 'rotected $it.1 or #. @ SUPPORTS Hoods s.e . or not less t. >5.oods s.oods s. all t. @ HOO#S PENETRATING A CEI0ING T2'e I .e entire .all be constructed of &aterials confor&in% #.1 J 1" inc. $all or furred s'ace s.&&? $.our fire!resistance ratin% on t.ed solidl2 $it.MATERIA0S @ @ T2'e I and II .er a''ro(ed &aterial. &aterials s'ecified in #.5) inc.&&? >No..ood s.all be installed $it.

GREASE BI0TERS T2'e I .all be accessible for cleanin%. suc.all be installed in fra&es or .e .es >1+" &&? be2ond t. Mountin% Position Bilters s.e s2ste& is eDui''ed for suc.e coo4in% surface s. Bilter units s.olders so as to be readil2 re&o(able $it. Grease!collectin% eDui'&ent s.e (ertical distance bet$een t.t s' condensate fro& dri''in% into food or on food 're'aration surfaces. Re&o(able filter units s.e Coo4in% Surface or t. unless desi%ned and installed to be cleaned in 'lace and .inc.oriEontal distance of not less t.t abo(e coo4in% surface >feet? " " )W Criteria Bilters s. T.ood s.e li' of t.ine or 'ot sin4.e .$as.all be of suc.e 0o$est Ed%e of a Grease Bilter and t.all be located a &a7i&u& of ) feet >31* &&? abo(e t.e coo4in% broil!t2'e Bor SI 1 foot P )5*.e coo4in% surface.out t.e .arcoal and c.all o(er. on all o'en sides.e ed%e of t.oods s.all be arran%ed in 'lace or 'ro(ided $it.e& to be cleaned in an &ac.all be not less t. NON CANOPC SIVE AN# 0OCATION Non cano'2!t2'e . Mini&u& #istance bet$een t.e s'ecific 'ur'ose. Bilter units s. dri'!interce'tin% de(ices to 're(ent %rease or ot.oriEontal and s. a dri' tra2 beneat. T.e filter or unit $as desi%ned or a''ro(ed. T2'e of Coo4in% EDui'&ent =it.all be eDui''ed $it. t2'e and arran%e&ent as $ill 'er&it t.all be of a siEe t.e use of se'arate tools. units at rates not e7ceedin% t. siEe.oods s.e coo4in% surface s.e coo4in% surface. T. 15!3 Part 15 6entilation Guidelines . a''ro(ed %rease filters desi%ned for t.out e7'osed fla&e E7'osed fla&e and burners E7'osed c.all not e7ceed * feet >1"13 &&?..rou%.oods s.e ed%e of t.e filters. CANOPC SIVE AN# 0OCATION T. t.ose for $.e lo$er ed%e of t.e reDuired Duantit2 of air to 'ass t.e inside ed%e of cano'2!t2'e co&&ercial coo4in% $ill allo$ or e7tend a .e ed%e of t. cleanin% in 'lace. t.all be installed at an an%le %reater t.all be eDui''ed $it.e .3 rad? fro& t.ei%.ood and *+ de%rees >5.all be set bac4 a &a7i&u& of 1 foot >)5+ &&? fro& t.e Heatin% Surface.e lo$est ed%e of a %rease filter located abo(e t.1 && Hei%.

e 'eri&eter of t. =.ood.ood t.all be No. %rease!burnin% c. Of E7'osed Sides Bor&ula * >island or central .ood? ) or less Alternate for&ula Bor&ula 9 P 1+5A 9 P 155A 9 P 155 P# Bor SI 9 P 5.! te&'erature a''liances suc.ere "?.ood and t.e for&ula for a &ini&u& of t.ree sides e7'osed.oods s.")A 9 P 5.)1A 9 P 5.1-P# Hi%.e . t.*-A 9 P 5. 9 P Duantit2 of air.aust s2ste&s used for solid fuel!burnin% coo4in% eDui'&ent.oods.oriEontal surface area of t.e &ini&u& airflo$ for e7. T.all be deter&ined as follo$s No. as dee'!fat fr2ers s.1-A 9 P 5. in sDuare feet >& # P distance in feet >&&? bet$een t. t. $.aust a &ini&u& Duantit2 of air.all be in accordance $it.1-P# 15!15 Part 15 6entilation Guidelines . Solid fuel ! burnin% coo4in% eDui'&ent.arbroilers and si&ilar eDui'&ent s.e airflo$ reDuired s.e reDuire&ents for lo$!te&'erature a''liance .e &ini&u& airflo$ for T2'e I . in cubic feet 'er &inute >0As?.ood. te&'erature ! T.ere coo4in% eDui'&ent is installed bac4 to bac4 and is co(ered b2 a co&&on island!t2'e . Of E7'osed Sides * >island or central .oods s.e .all 'art of t.ood? 9 P )55A ) or less 9 P "55A Alternate for&ula 9 P 155P# Bor SI 9 P 5. A P t.e lo$er li' of t.e coo4in% surface P P t.e . in feet >&&?.e .CAPACITC OB HOO#S Cano'2!t2'e co&&ercial coo4in% .oods used for .all be calculated usin% is o'en. Airflo$ reDuire&ents for T2'e II .

ood and fres. 4itc. air &ain of eac. fanA blo$er O'eratin% RPM of eac.e 'oint of connection to t.en .e 0esseeHs duct$or4 at t.& SMO/E TESTING @ Conduct s&o4e test of duct$or4s 'rior to ta''in% to &ain duct and instal ! lation of insulation AIR B0O= MEASUREMENT @ Measured air flo$ at eac. fanA blo$er Static and total air 'ressure in t.e e7. E6ERC TENANT IS RE9UIRE# TO O8SER6E AN# COMP0C =ITH THE CONSTRUCTION GUI#E0INES. air deli(er2 'oint MEASUREMENT OB @ @ @ Static and total air 'ressure at inlet and disc.aust A fres. fanA blo$er Electric current dra$ of eac. 15!11 Part 15 6entilation Guidelines .

of Self 15!11 Part 15 6entilation Guidelines .

After $. s. Use t.e necessar2 issuance of SCMC I#.e s.o'.ic. t.Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations It is understood t. store .e a''earance of eac.ance t.e Pre&ises.e issuance of suc.ree >)? da2s in ad(ance if it intends to close t.a(e t.andise to be carried. 11!1 Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations . I#ENTIBICATION CAR#S @ 0ESSEES s. OBBICIA0 8USINESS HOURS @ S.eir indi(idual air!condition c.are of co&&on area &aintenance ser(ice c. identification ta%s. s.eir res'ecti(e 'osition and 1: 7 1: color '. if a''licable and t.eir s.eir store o'enin% for t.e Contract of 0ease.e 0ESSOR na&es of t.e total conce't of t.e billin%. co&'lete $it.all be fro& 1" 55 noon ! 3 55 '.e MA00 $it.ours dail2.all furnis.e 0ESSOR.e s'ecified ite&s and &erc.eir 'ersonnel $ear 'ro'erl2 coordinated unifor&s t. T. General Res'onsibilities USE OB THE 0EASE# PREMISES @ All 0ESSEES are ad(ised to strictl2 ad. t.e 're&ises and t.all be issued if no 'a2&ent is recei(ed.e conditions and 'ri(ile%es of t. disconnection order &a2 not be construed as a $ai(er of t. on All Saints #a2 and Election #a2.&.ere to t. An2 dela2 in t.ite bac4%round at least fi(e >+? da2s before t.all secure t.eir e&'lo2ees assi%ned at t.e MA00.o's &ust be o'ened for business fro& durin% re%ular &all .at t. t.oto in $.is sa&e 'rocedure for an2 ti&e de(iation. UNIBORM OB SHOP PERSONNE0 @ To en. 'eriod. a ser(ice of disconnection order s.ours s.eir res'ecti(e 0ease Contract re%ardin% t.o' o$ners are stron%l2 ur%ed to .e follo$in% House Rules s.all for& an inte%ral 'art of 0ESSOR at least t.e due date indicated in t. Ho$e(er.e 0ESSEE s.o' and de(elo' better i&a%e for t. @ UTI0ITIES AN# SER6ICE CHARGES @ All 0ESSEES are ad(ised to 'a2 blend $it.e $ritten a''ro(al of on or before t.e use of t.

e blaEe.e 'resti%e and standard of t.e MA00 SECURITC. @ @ REPORTING AN# COM8ATING BIRE @ 0ESSEES are reDuested to re'ort i&&ediatel2 t.ere 2our e&'lo2ees 'ur'ose.eir stoc4s are re'lenis.ed to assure t.oice. assure t.borin% t. in cases $.e brea4do$n of t.I#ENTIBICATION $ill ensure t.e&sel(es $it.e MA00.e continuous 'atrona%e of s.e 'olic2 of KNO I#. E&'lo2ees s.eir nei%.eir dis'osal to e7tin%uis.all be surrendered to SCMC A#MINISTRATION.eir o$n installations if t. @ SHOP #ISP0AC AN# STOC/ING @ It s.e sa&e 'oses incon( %oods for sale are reasonabl2 and co&'etiti(el2 'riced. 0ESSEE t. ado't 'ricin% &ec.o''ers of (ariet2 of c. NO ENTRC: s.o's at t. 0ESSEES &ust also re'ort t.e 0ESSEE to see t.all use onl2 desi%nated e&'lo2ees entrance before re%ular o'eratin% .all be strictl2 follo$ed b2 t.e MA00. fire!fi%. 0ESSEES and t. T. All store e&'lo2ees are reDuired to $ear t.eir area and to a''l2 necessar2 &easures $it. SCMC A#MINISTRATION &a2 'eriodicall2 call fro& ti&e to ti&e. continued @ @ 0i4e$ise.all. are dee&ed to be a (iolation of la$.tin% orientation and 'artici'atin% in fire drills $. t.e I#s s. in order to &aintain t.ours.all be t.eir SCMC I# durin% store .e MA00 or its custo&ers.ic.e res'onsibilit2 of t.aEard to t. @ 8REA/#O=N OB BACI0ITIES AN# INSTA00ATIONS @ @ 0ESSEES are reDuested to re'ort i&&ediatel2 an2 brea4do$n of co&'an2 facilities and installations $it.ic.e outbrea4 of fire in t.eir staff are reDuired to fa&iliariEe t.tin% 'rocedures b2 attendin% fire!fi%. Bor t. are transferred or ter&inated.ibited fro& sellin% unta7ed i&'orted %oods $.ic. 11!" Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations . T.eir 're&ises and t.ours. 0ESSEES are 'ro. t.anis&s $.

andise on dis'la2. securit2 incidents &ust be re'orted to CUSTOMER RE0ATIONS SER6ICE OBBICE i&&ediatel2.t li%.o' o$ners are enFoined to 'ursue t.o's &ust be 'ro(ided $it. ni%.e res'onsible 'arties to deter t. 11!) Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations .o'liftin% and ot.NIGHT 0IGHT @ S.e &erc.ts $.e sa&e.e co&'laints or file le%al action necessar2 to 'unis.ours for securit2 reasons and to 'ro(ide continuous (ie$in% of t. REPORTING OB SHOP0IBTING AN# OTHER INCI#ENTS @ @ S.e re'eated occurrence of t. S.en not o'en for business and after store .

all 'ro(ide rece'tacles and sufficient containers for tras. SCMC A#MINISTRATION &ust be infor&ed so t.e entr2 and use in t.e dis'osal of sa&e s.e nature of t. Dualit2 and old s.andise bet$een 0ESSEEHs stores in t.e leased 're&ises of suc.t to 'ass u'on.e &o(e&ent of $or4ers and it &a2.all be underta4en onl2 after 'rior notice and a''ro(al fro& SCMC A#MINISTRATION. affect t. said re'air s. %oods. $ares and &erc. 0ESSEE s.e leased 're&ises.all first secure a''ro(al fro& SCMC A#MINISTRATION at least t.e 're&ises onl2 suc.&ents to loo4 into t.e 're&ises.e sa&e.ic. SCMC A#MINISTRATION or its re'resentati(e reser(es t.ic. 0ESSEE &ust attend i&&ediatel2 to an2 re'air o$n e7'ense.e ri%.all be done at suc.e s. 0ESSEE &ust at all ti&es 4ee' t. @ 0ESSEE s.en and co&fort roo&s of food establis.e 'ro%ress of t. t.e sanitar2 condition of t. t. and e(en refuse t. ti&e. $.e leased 're&ises. 0ESSEE a%rees to use onl2 brand ne$ or co&'letel2 reconditioned fi7tures. t. In an2 e(ent.all $are. and eDui'&ent $it. 0ESSOR reser(es t. T.ere t. s.e &allHs o$n installations.ree >)? da2s before an2 re'airAreno(ation is to be done. 'lace and &anner as &a2 be fi7ed b2 0ESSOR.e 4itc. in an2 &anner. 'articularl2 t.t to enter an2 of t.i'.of GUI#E0INES @ 0ESSEE s. store andAor stoc4 in t. @ @ @ 11!* Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations .at t.e re'air conte&'lated is suc.e ri%.all be underta4en at .e 're&ises clean and in sanitar2 condition. &aterials and eDui'&ent $.e &etro'olitan area.e Fob &a2 be controlled and 'ro'erl2 su'er(ised on 'ro'er safet2 and securit2.andise as 0ESSEE intends to offer for sale in t.o' needs. are e(identl2 sufferin% fro& 'oor $or4&ans.ouse. and a%rees t.all not 'reclude bonafide transfers of &erc.

eard outside t. nor &a4e alterations. or $or4 of an2 4ind.e leased 're&ises.e leased 're&ises.t to re%ulate t. in an2 'art of t.&ents. &ec.all be for t. its o$n acti(ities in t. i&'ro(e&ents or c. 'i'ed!in &usic are ad(ised to 'la2 t.e effect of $. 'ro(ision t. . $it.e SCMC A#MINISTRATION reser(es t. 0ESSEE s. &all.t to re&o(e &erc. unusuall2 t. etc.e buildin% s.o's $it.all not 'lace or allo$ an2bod2 to 'lace an2 &erc. coo4in% of an2 4ind and b2 an2 &eans is strictl2 'ro.e account of t.e ri%. interferes $ in%ress or e%ress. 0ESSEE s. 0ESSEE s. suc.e (olu&e $.andise or install.all %i(e t.out 'rior $ritten a''ro(al fro& t.e li%. t. @ @ @ @ @ @ 11!+ Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations .e sa&e for ille%al 'ur'oses.all not use or e&'lo2 an2 audio!(isual ser(ices. $ill be 'er&itted 'ro(ided strict sanitation is obser(ed and s.all not 'aint.e leased 're&ises.t and flas. dri(e nails.e custo&ers. &a2 be seen or .ould not be in full (ie$ of t.ic.anical or &o(in% dis'la2 de(ices. 'rotrudin% fro& t. 'assa%es.e leased 're&ises.ibited $it.e $alls or fra&es.e 0ESSOR t. . Eatin% $it.all not use or 'er&it t.out need of notice. T.e MA00. nor 'ost an2 store 'ersonnel for an2 ot.e sa&e at re%ulated and &oderate (olu&e.@ E7ce't for food establis.o$e(er.e 're&ises as slee'in% or li(in% Duarters or use t. or incor'orate an2 structure anne7. i&&oral or obFectionable inscri'tion. and all e7'enses incurred s.e 0ESSOR.ts and si&ilar de(ices. scre$s or abut&ents on t. as but not li&ited to loud s'ea4ers. structure.andise.e use of an2 'ortion of t.all$a2 and corridors of 'ur'ose ot.. Entries.e 0ESSEE. 6iolation of t. includin% electrical installation. 0ESSEE fi7tures $it. 'lu&bin% and ot.e Pre&ises..all not be used b2 0ESSEE or .in t.

ers.ic.e 0ESSOR andAor its ot. suc.ibited. Ga&blin% in an2 for& andAor %a&es $.in t.e (olu&e of fire .e s. Stora%e of &ac.e co&&on areas is strictl2 'ro. (iolation &a2 cause t. @ @ 11!+ Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations .in t. In addition t.aEards. and ot.e buildin%. 0PG safet2 de(ice and s&o4e and fire alar&s to &ini&iEe and a(oid fire .e leased 're&ises to fire or increase t.all not be conducted $it.all i&&ediatel2 furnis.iner2. as fire e7tin%uis. T.e leased 're&ises infla&&able or e7'losi(e &aterials or %as!fueled a''liances in an2 for& or Duantit2. reasonable safet2 de(ices $.e leased 're&ises adeDuate safet2 de(ices suc.@ 0ESSEE s. suc.ic. &a2 e7'ose t.e 0ESSEE s.e 0ESSOR or its a%ents of its a''liances.all not use or store in t. .e leased 're&ises.e 0ESSOR or its a%ents.all 'er&it re%ular ins'ection b2 t.ere su&s of &one2 are at sta4e s. it bein% understood t. In all cases. eDui'& to insurance rate of t.ould 0ESSEE do s.e lease liabilities under t.all be res'onsible for all 0ESSEES aside fro& 0ESSEEHS ot. 0ESSEE s.e da&a%es $.er 'ro'erties of 0ESSEE in t. RESTAURANTS $.en reDuired b2 t. and s.all 'ro(ide and install $it.aEard or c.all not 'erfor& an2 act or t.

and eDui'&ent are brou%. to 1" 55 noon for nonfood tenants dail2 $ 1+ &inutes.oriEed si%natories s.oriEed si%natories and t.o' o$ners s. a.andise. bld%.M.all be subFect to 'ro'er safet2 and securit2 'olic2 of t. Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations .ea(2 &aterials. U'datin% of aut. #eli(eries t. Tenants can use t. subFect to t.e follo$in% %uidelines. &ust secure 'ro'er clearance fro& SCMC A#MINISTRATION before entr2.ould be done ' &aterials s.'!ed%ed.e floorin%. @ @ @ @ @ 11!.e SCMC A#MINISTRATION na&es of 2our aut.555 $ould stain and &ess t.e base&ent ser(ice ele(ator for deli(eries not e7ceedin% 1. bul42. #eli(eries s.of INTRO#UCTION & #eli(er2 of &erc. 4indl2 'ro(ide t. at an2 %i(en ti&e. s.tl2 sealed 'lastic sanitar2 ba%s or st2ro containers.all be fro& . furniture. #eli(er2 carts &ust . O(erloadin% of deli(er2 carts is not allo$ed. In%ress of brea4able.all$a2s are not allo$ed. Ite&s s.t in or out of t.55 A.out need of a %ate 'ass.e MA00. =et deli(eries s.e &all and . tan4 container. Bor&s are a(ailable at SCMC A#MINISTRATION and &a2 be re'roduced for 2our reDuire&ents.55 A. su''lies and ot.ould obtain 'er&ission fro& SCMC A#MINISTRATION before s& cor'orate offices. to ) 55 P. Moreo(er.ould be 'laced in ti%. 8ase&ent ser(ices area can onl2 be used for loadin% and unloadin% of &erc. GUI#E0INES @ @ @ Use onl2 desi%nated entrances for all deli(eries.ould not be allo$ed to be dra%%ed da&a%in% t. for food tenants. and fro& .e 're&ises be2ond s'ecified ti&e.eir corres'ondin% s'eci&en si%natures for better control and securit2. . construction lu&ber and &aterial su''lies.a(e rubber rollers.andise of not &ore t.

out an2 'rior a''ro(al or clearance fro& SCMC A#MINISTRATION. for use in all co&&unications.e facade of eac.&.&.e ri%. Tenants s. ad(ertisin% &aterial for&s. circulars.all afford eDual e7'osure to t.THE SM 0OGO @ All 0ESSEES are reDuired to use t.e fl2er ! #ates of distribution Ti&e of distribution s. GUI#E0INES ON THE #ISTRI8UTION OB 0EAB0ETSAB0CERS @ @ Onl2 tenants are allo$ed to distribute fl2ers to 'ro&ote t.ould secure a''ro(al fro& SCMC A#MINISTRATION on t.e 'ro&otion of SM MA00 as a sin%le entit2. for food tenants and fro& ) 55 ! + 55 '.er 'rint &edia ad(ertisin% of 2our 'roducts or ser(ices. 0ESSEE s. T.e Ad&inistration reser(es t. 'ro&otions.oriEed store si%n.ic. SA0E SIGNS AN# POSTERS @ E7ce't for in 'ro'osed si%ns and 'osters.eir 'ro&otions and ad(ertise&ents. for nonfood tenants.all be reDuired to ad(ertise in at least one leadin% ne$s'a'er to announce t.e dul2 areas s.eir o'eration in SM MA00 in all si%ns and 'osters s. no ot. or an2 ot.all be fro& 11 55 a.o' $it.&.is store at t. Persons assi%ned to distribute fl2ers s.e lo%o is necessar2 to 'ro(ide a unifor& loo4 in t.e follo$in% ! Contents of t.all be installed on t. T. @ @ @ 0ESSEE &aintainin% branc.e MA00.e sales ca&'ai%n &aterials and ot. not stationar2 and in 'ro'er unifor& or in &ascot costu&e. @ @ 11!1 Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations .e nature and 're'aration of t.e o'enin% of .e SCMC A#MINISTRATION.eir storesAoutlets at t. standard desi%n is readil2 a(ailable at t. ! " 55 '.e s2&bolic SM lo%o of $.t to re(ie$ t.e utiliEation of t. Said lo%o &ust be used in all &aterials adFacent to.ould be &obile. s. i&&ediatel2 abo(e or belo$ 2our storeHs na&e in ne$s'a'er ad(ertise&ents. &ailers.

ic. it $ould not obstruct t. 11!3 Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations .all be in a &anner b2 $. continued @ #istribution s.e flo$ of custo&ers inside t.e &all.GUI#E0INES ON THE #ISTRI8UTION OB 0EAB0ETSAB0CERS.

ould be re&o(ed fro& t.e date of 'a2&ent o(er t.e first fifteen >1+? calendar da2s after t. t. All arreara%esAun'aid c.irt2 >)5? da2s. @ If full 'a2&ent is not &ade at t.e 0ESSEE s. t.e account. T.e rental state&ent of account s.all send a letter to t.2 t. T.e t. If c.e follo$in% &ont.all &onitor all sales transactions and collect fort2 >*5I? 'ercent of t.e end of e(er2 calendar &ont. T.e reason $.ier s.e dail2 rate of t.e ite& s.e lease contract s. @ @ @ @ 11!15 Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations .e be%innin% of s.ier in 2our 're&ises s. on all un'aid c.e rental state&ent of account corres' rec4onin% fro& t. t.ier $ill be 'osted in 2our area on t.e rental state&ent of account is bein% contested. or on a later da2.all cease onl2 u'on full 'a2&ent of 2our rental arrears..e 0ESSEE is encoura%ed to reconcile t. If 'a2&ent is &ade on t$o >"? $ee4s fro& recei't t.e SCMC A#MINISTRATION statin% t.all be considered conclusi(e a%ainst t..e 0ESSEE s. T. u' to t.e SCMC A#MINISTRATION on a re%ular basis.Pa2&ent Guidelines GUI#E0INES @ Per our Contract of 0ease.ic.e corres'ondin% credit $ill be &ade.e cas. t.e &ont. T. If a 'articular ite& in t..e total dail2 cas.e rental state&ent of account $it. it is su%%ested t.e cas.all be c.all be c. 'a2&ent of rental and ot.e first da2 of t. If full 'a2&ent is still not &ade after t$ent2 fi(e >"+? da2s of cas.e correctness of t. and credit sales.e end of t.e reason is found to be (alid.ree 'ercent >)I? 'er &ont.all be subFect to ter&ination. an interest of t.e si7teent. >1-t.e account in full and 'referabl2 on ti&e.all be &ade $it.e 0ESSEE 'a2 t.ree 'ercent >)I? 'er &ont. t. to $.ar%ed an interest of t.ereof.e correctness of t.e & s.all be reflected in 2our account. a cas. Unless $ritten e7ce'tion is &ade b2 t.e 0ESSEE.ier 'ostin%.e &ont.eir accounts $it.? da2 of t.e 0ESSEE on t.ier 'ostin% s.

e Duarter $it.e Certificate of Creditable Inco&e Ta7 =it..e follo$in% (enues ! An2 8anco #e Oro branc.e 0ESSEE underta4es to re&it to t.e 8ureau of Internal Re(enue >8IR? all ta7es $it.e 0ESSEE s. A'ril 1+ A'ril ! <une <ul2 1+ <ul2 ! Se'te&ber October 1+ October ! #ece&ber <anuar2 1+ Bailure to sub&it said Certificate s. ta7 $it.eld not su''orted $it. $. @ Bor t.. interest at )I 'er &ont. Duarter.e Pa2&ent Sli' attac. as corres'ondin%l2 for 'a2&ents on or before t.e &ont.GUI#E0INES.ree >)? co'ies of t..eld fro& .all be billed accordin%l2.ic.. In addition.all li4e$ise sub&it to t.e end of eac. 'a2&ents &a2 be &ade at an2 of t. $it.eld fro& 'a2& fifteen >1+? da2s after t. s.all be c. nearest to t.all be co&'uted fro& t. >15t..eld at Source >8IR Bor& ")5..ed in 2our State&ent Of Account? ! An2 SM Mall Treasur2 Office 11!11 Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations .e tent.? of t.e 0ESSEE.e &ont.all be construed as non re&ittance to 8IR. s..? <anuar2 ! Marc.oldin% ta7 certificate.e con(enience of t.eld s.? for t.e SCMC A#MINISTRATION t. 9uarter #eadline for Sub&ission >on or before. t. T. continued @ T.e ta7 $as $it.e eDui(alent a&ount of ta7 $it.e 0essee >8rin% t..

ic. CreditAc.en title 'asses. 0ESSEE s.e sa&e ti&e of t.e sales re'ort s.Sales Re'ortin% >Bor Non!Bi7ed Tenants? GUI#E0INES @ 0ESSEE s. @ 11!1" Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations . &ust be re'ortedA s.e COIN Sales Re'ortin% S2ste& on or before 15 55 a.ed in to 2our POS &ac.&.ar%e sales s.ould be treated as a sale for t.ould sub&it a dail2 sales re'ort t.e certified &ont. and sales fro& in(entor2 'ull!out.ould sub&it a certified &ont.o$n in t. All sales transactions and sales related transactions.ree >)? da2s after to e&'lo2ees. T. include but not li&ited to a''ro(edAuna''ro(ed discounts. CreditAc. re%ardless of t. $. of t. 'recedin% & t. in(entor2 losses t.e transaction. Re%ister Mac.ine>s? A Cas. calendar &ont. e&'lo2ees &eals.e full 'rice at t...ould state t.l2 sales re'ort $it.e total %ross sales &ade durin% eac.e end of eac.e follo$in% sales are to be 'unc.l2 sales re'ort.e ti&e of 'a2&ent or $.e first t.ine>s?.

and all ot.ensi(e %eneral liabilit2 insurance co(era%e. 11!1) Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations . and an adeDuate co&' 'erils.all be a%ainst fire andAor li%.otoco'2 of t.ensi(e General 0iabilit2 Insurance Co(era%e GUI#E0INES @ 0ESSEE s. t. &erc.e insurance s.tnin% andAor ot.Sub&ission of Bire Insurance J Co&'re. T.e insurance co(era%e of 2our i&'ro(e&ents.e 0ESSOR a '.all 'ro'erties inside 2our leased 're&ises.

all be sc. Onl2 e&er%enc2 and &inor re'airs not to e7ceed one . s'ecificall2 in relation to $or4 t.INTRO#UCTION One of our 'ri&e obFecti(es is to 'ro(ide assistance to our A &ini&u& ser(ice fee 'er call $ill be c. electrical. Unless it is an e&er%enc2.ourHs $or4 s. Confir&ation b2 2our AUTHORIVE# SIGNATORC of t. $or4 s.a&'er store o'erations.all be referred to outside contractors. @ @ @ Secure and fill u' a for& in * co'ies a(ailable at SCMC A#MINISTRATION.eduled in order not to . @ @ 11!1* Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations . MaFor re'airs s.e needed ser(ices and fill u' a SER6ICE RE9UEST for&.e ser(ice needed and cost acce'tance.all be attended to b2 our &aintenance %rou'. GUI#E0INES Please infor& our office of t. and air!conditionin% $ould reDuire EMERGENCC re'airs of e7istin% 'lu&bin%. Materials to be su''lied b2 0ESSEE.

edules.en t.e leased 're&ises is not allo$ed.e collector arri(es at 2our outlet. Please brin% directl2 to desi%nated du&' site.all be collected b2 t.t out onl2 $.oriEed %arba%e contractor at s'ecified 'ic4!u' sc. Garba%e s.e follo$in% %uidelines @ Place all tras.ould be brou%. Garba%e fro& BOO# ESTA80ISHMENTS s. our continuin% &aintenance 'ro%ra&. 0ARGEA8U0/C GAR8AGE is not included. in 'ro'erl2 sealed sanitar2 ba%s. $it. GUI#E0INES All concerned are reDuired to obser(e t. se'aratin% $et fro& dr2.& INTRO#UCTION In line $it.e Mall. 8urnin% of tras.e aut. @ @ 11!1+ Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations . %arba%e collection for NON!BOO# ESTA80ISHMENTS $ill be done b2 collectors assi%ned at t.

s.Pest Control Pro%ra& >S'ra2in% A Mistin% A Bo%%in% A Rat J Mice Control? GUI#E0INES To ensure control 'ro%ra& i&'le&entation. sanitation and safet2.all 'artici'ate in t.e 0ESSORHS &all!$ide 'est control &aintenance and ser(ice of t.ic.e a''lication of 'est control 'ro%ra&.e 'resence of dead rats and foul odor.ould be 'ro'erl2 4e't and stored.e follo$in% @ To a(oid c.e leased 're&ises. I&&ediatel2 re'ort t.e 'ro%ra& i&'le&entation. food ite&s and utensils of all food 'ossible infestation of an2 4ind. Identif2 and re'ort ot. as a result of t.all be c.e&ical conta&ination. $.e 0ESSEEHs to t. @ @ @ 11!1Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations . 0ESSEE s. Moreo(er.&ents s. e(er2one is . To i&&ediatel2 infor& SCMC A#MINISTRATION of an2 unto$ard incident. durin% t.ereb2 enFoined to coo'erate in t.

e KP.: a''ro(al of t. C classes of fires >MONOAMONIUM PHOSPHATE? $it.all be conductin% safet2 ins'ection.A.e follo$in% %uidelines in acDuirin% BIRE EOTINGUISHERS $ould be to 2our ad(anta%e. at least one 2ear $arrant2. Institute 'eriodic ins'ection of all units to ensure t.ould .aEard 'resent in 2our area. not onl2 in co&'liance $it. @ 11!1.a(e PASSE# t.Fire INTRO#UCTION Please be re&inded of t.e Bire Code but &ore 'articularl2. 8. a re'utable su''lier to ensure after!sales ser(ice. #eal onl2 $it. Bire e7tin%uis.e&ical content &ust be suitable to A.S. our lease contract and t. C.all be installed in unobstructed location.e safet2 of li(es and 'ro'ert2.e need to install BIRE EOTINGUISHERS in 2our res'ecti(e store. for t. t.ers s.a(e not e7'ired. (iE @ @ @ @ Product s.e #e'art&ent of Trade and Industr2. easil2 accessible and (isible in case of e&er%enc2. Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations . GUI#E0INES 0i4e$ise. 'articularl2 of (arious (olu&e of fire .at contents . 8uildin% Ad&inistration $ill assist 2ou and s.

andled $it.e s2ste& . e7tra care. I&&ediatel2 re'ort an2 lea4 found andAor &isali%n&ent t.e safet2 %uidelines.e 'i' a HC#ROSTATIC PRESSURE.erefore s. I&'ro'er utiliEation of t. e(er2one is enFoined to obser(e and strictl2 follo$ t. T. . to $it @ S'rin4ler t. @ @ 11!11 Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations .GUI#E0INES Bor our &utual benefit.ould be . as it &a2 result in &alfunctionin% in cases of fire and 're&ature $ater s' t. causin% $ater da&a%e.e abo(e %uidelines &a2 'ro(e detri&ental to 2our o'eration.ould al$a2s be free fro& an2 obstruction. and t.andise is strictl2 'ro. Practices of &erc.eads and 'i'es 2ou &a2 notice.

SM!ENGINEERINGHS STAN#AR# SABETC PROCE#URES. 0ESSEE to t. a''ro(al on Dualit2.ould be strictl2 obser(ed. or U. filters.&ents? INTRO#UCTION To safe%uard our li(es and (aluable 'ro'ert2. GUI#E0INES 0i4e$ise.E7.e 0ESSEEHs account.ood cleanin% ser(ice of t. and ducts to be free fro& oil residues and ot. =ee4l2 cleanin% of all e7.aust . =ee4l2 c. ca'acit2 of A8C!#RC CHEMICA0 TCPE or CAR8ON #IOOI#E or 8CB ! HA0ON TCPE of fire e7tin%uis.0.all be c.aust #uct Cleanin% J Safet2 Measures >Bor Bood Establis.all 'artici'ate in t.ers $ fla&&able ele&ents.A. P. A(ailabilit2 of at least four >*? units of 15!1+ &atter &ust be %i(en ut&ost i&'ortance as follo$s @ @ @ @ Re%ulate . s.e leased 're&ises. $.ea(2 coo4in% 'ractices.ec4!u' and 'ro'er installation of all reDuired e7.S.aust duct and .aust blo$er ca'acit2. Moreo(er.e 0ESSORHS &all!$ide e7. subFect to SM!En%ineerin%Hs a''ro(al.ic. 'articularl2 on t. 11!13 Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations . fire 're(ention &easures as e&bodied in our 0ease Contract s.

11!"5 Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations . e&er%enc2 'o$er $ill auto&aticall2 acti(ated to su''l2 'o$er to &all and tenant loads. #urin% 'o$er interru'tion.e buildin% is su''orted b2 155I bac4!u' 'o$er >e&er%enc2 'o$er?.on GUI#E0INES @ T.

an +555 4%.e frei%.all onl2 be used for loadin% and unloadin% of su''lies and & 'ro'ert2A(e.e2 &a2 cause to t.e follo$in% %uidelines @ @ @ #eli(er2 (e. not to e7ceed 1+ &inutes.t of &ore t. TenantsAcusto&ers s. usin% t. #eli(er2 area s.icles inside t.GUI#E0INES T.e 'ar4in%Adeli(er2 area. &ust secure entr2 'ass fro& SCMC A#MINISTRATION.t ele(ators under t.e car'ar4.ose t. @ 11!"1 Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations . TenantsAcusto&ers a%ree to follo$ rules and re%ulations and obser(e traffic si%ns in t.icles $it.e 'ar4in%Adeli(er2 area or to its accessories or to 'ersons or an2 ot.eld liable for an2 da&a%e &a2 be acco&&odated at an2 %i(en ti&e. %ross $ei%.all be .e deli(er2 'ar4in% area is o'en for tenants deli(er2 ser(ices. #eli(er2 (ans and truc4s $ill be li&ited to onl2 t.

GUI#E0INES @ @ It is our obFecti(e to 'ro(ide i&&ediate su''ort assistance to all our tenants.ould be able to decide on &atters nu& &a2 co&e u' in cases of e&er%enc2. to%et. All tenants are reDuired to 'ro(ide SCMC A#MINISTRATION $it. address and tele'.e $it. t.e res'onsibilit2 of our Mall Mana%er.e abo(e infor&ation $ill be 4e't in strict confidence under t. T. T.oriEed re'resentati(e s. 11!"" Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations .e na&e of 'erson>s? to contact. es'eciall2 in cases of e&er%enc2.

Additionall2. T. solicit and en%a%e t.e follo$in% rules are strictl2 enforced and i&'le&ented to t. in addition to its 'ri&ar2 function of securin% t. bio!data and 1 7 1 I# 'icture. T.oice and a''ro(al of an2 'articular securit2 a%enc2M and 'ro(ided furt. and e(er2 action in co&'liance $it. su''le&entar2 rules and re%ulations for $it.e letter.2sical buildin% facilities. T. it s.e 'ro'er obser(ance of t. t. 0ESSOR reser(es t. t.e '.e entire center.all be t.e coordination of t.e abo(e res'onsibilities.e e(ent t.t to for&ulate suc. is c.e securit2 a%enc2 s. in an2 &anner be res'onsible for an2 losses andAor da&a%es sustained b2 0ESSEE relati(e to o$n 'ur'oses. .&anHs a%enc2 for .e MA00HS HOUSE RU0ES. T.e s. co'2 of license.ould sub&it co'2 of 8usiness Per&it to O'erate.e c.all see to it t.e 'ri(ate securit2 s2ste& in t.ould sub&it .e 'arties for t.e Securit2 Borce to re'ort in $ritin% to SCMC A#MINISTRATION t.e ser(ices of a 'ri(ate securit2 %uard or $atc.e MA00.e securit2 %uard s.e res'onsibilit2 of re'ortin% (iolations of t.ould follo$ t.GUI#E0INES @ indi(idual Ma2orHs Per&it.ould re'ort to SCMC A#MINISTRATION for orientation.ire and en%a%e t.all not. @ In t.e 0ESSEE s.e follo$in% 'rocedures @ @ @ T.all onl2 .e2 s.e securit2 %uard s. 11!") Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations .e ri%.e Securit2 Borce of 0ESSEE decides to .e 'rior $ritten a''ro(al of 0ESSORM 'ro(ided.e ser(ices of re'utable securit2 a%encies acce'table to and subFect to t.e dut2 of 0ESSOR s.

oriEed 'eo'le. and &olestations fro& unaut. @ @ @ 11!"* Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations .l2 $it.e %uardHs res'onsibilit2 lies 'ri&aril2 in t.e 'ar4in% areas are o'en to t.e li4e t.eld accountable for da&a%es or losses incurred e(en $.is 'ur' t.all see to it t.e SCMC A#MINISTRATION t.e re%ulations of SCMC A#MINISTRATION re%ardin% traffic.e desi%nated entrances. T. 0oadin% and unloadin% Eones s. cannot be . As suc.GUI#E0INES @ T.a(e s'ecificall2 infor&ed t. Securit2 %uards &ust see to it t.e MA00 and &ust 'olitel2 reDuest car o$nersAdri(ers to 'ar4 'ro'erl2 in desi%nated 'ar4in% areas.e securit2 %uards on dut2 direct t.e ro(in% %uard on dut2 of its ' its securit2 ser(ices.all be 'ro'erl2 identified for t. Custo&er Relations Ser(ice Office t.e enforce&ent of t. t.e deli(er2 of construction &aterials and t.rou%. t.en dri(ers or o$ners .e %eneral ' traffic flo$s s&oot. 'ar4in%.

t.e enforce&ent of t.el'in% co&bat fire t.e Fanitorial ser(ice en%a%ed b2 $ &a2 occur.e House Rules in(ol(in% sanitation.GUI#E0INES T. AN# THE 8EST INTEREST OB THE MA00. E6ERC TENANT IS EN<OINE# TO O8SER6E AN# HE0P ENBORCE THESE HOUSE RU0ES.e SCMC A#MINISTRATION to an2 (iolation of t.e attention of co&e to its attention. @ Re'ortin% and .e Mall is c.e sa&e res'onsibilit2 in t.e Custo&er Relations Ser(ice Office and t. 'articularl2 enu&erated as follo$s @ I&'ro'er %arba%e dis'osal @ 0itterin% in co&&on areas. 11!"+ Part 11 House Rules J Re%ulations .e House Rules t. BOR THE MUTUA0 8ENEBIT OB MANAGEMENT AN# THE 0ESSEES. @ Callin% t.

1: for Core and .

Sustainable Sites >SS? =ater Efficienc2 >=E? Ener%2 and At&os'. 0EE#!CI for Co&&ercial Interiors Scorecard >sa&'le? C.PART A PART 8 GENERA0 PRO<ECT INBORMATION 0EE#!CS AN# 0EE#!CI CERTIBICATION 1."? . Resources for Tenants PART C APPEN#IO TENANT SPECIBICATION AN# PRO#UCT SUGGESTIONS SUPP0EMENTA0 INBORMATION A. ". *.. IA9 Mana%e&ent Plan for base buildin% #. ). +. Tenant 0a2out for 6ie$s Co&'liance >IE9c1. -. 0EE#!CS Scorecard >co&'leted? 8.ere >EA? Materials and Resources >MR? Indoor En(iron&ental 9ualit2 >IE9? Inno(ation in #esi%n >I#? .

To do and lea(e a s&aller foot'rint on t.i%. &a7i&iEed standard $it. i&'ro(ed indoor air Dualit2.ese %uidelines are intended to . +"1.i%.2.ese features in t. $ater sa(in%s. .at tenants can reinforce set a %oal of ac.ealt.e $a2 buildin%s and co&&unities are desi%ned. . Its &ission is to transfor& t.i' in Ener%2 and En(iron&ental #esi%n? is a (oluntar2.e cit2Hs resources.e intent of 0EE#!CI is to assist in t. 0EE# addresses all buildin% t2'es and e&'. 8onifacio Global Cit2. consu&e less $ater.e Ci(ic Center . tenants $ill benefit fro& e7cellent indoor air Dualit2 and a&'le (ie$s. Green 8uildin% Council >$$$. durable.e Ci(ic Center . *)* ft" +1-.a(e a re&ar4able o''ortunit2 to .S.e Dualit2 of life. .i%.e Tenant Guidelines t.e buildin%. and in t.ift to sustainabilit2 in buildin%s. It is u' to our tenants to fit it out and o'erate it in an en(iron&entall2 friendl2 $a2.eir o$n $or4'laces.e Ci(ic Center .or%? is a non'rofit or%aniEation co&&itted to e7'andin% sustainabilit2 in t. and 'ros'erous en(iron&ent t.o$e(er.i%. T.tin% and lo$er ener%2 costs.e!art strate%ies for sustainable site de(elo'&ent. ProFect #ata Bloor area 8ase&ent and Podiu& Office To$er Nu&ber of stories Occu'anc2 %rou' Construction t2'e 8uildin% address ". and to 'ro(ide %uidance in $a2s t.e indoor en(iron&ent for all e&'lo2ees.!'erfor&ance. 82 locatin% in a 0EE# Gold 0EE#!CS and 0EE#!CI address follo$ su&&ariEe t.!'erfor&ance tec. &aterials and resources selection.e base buildin% usin% 0EE# for Core and S. sustainable buildin%s. T.e co&&ercial office real estate &ar4et for i&'ro(es t. T.e Ci(ic Center . SM Aura at t. built and o'erated. . 511. Ta%ui% . ener%2 efficienc2.e Ci(ic Center Tenants at Aura at t.ell >0EE#!CS?.asiEes state!of!t. 3") ft" )5 Mi7ed Use T2'e 1 Concrete and Steel Structure Station SDuare East. ft" total ". T. )+. enablin% an en(iron&entall2 and sociall2 res'onsible.ealt.e Gold for t.!'erfor&ance features of t. To%et.ese and set a .rou%.e Aura at t. $e reco&&end 2ou use t.ealt.el' lead t. 0EE# is a (oluntar2 ratin% s2ste& for %reen buildin% desi%n and construction t. Aura at t.!'erfor&ance. and indoor en(iron&ental Dualit2. T. consensus!based national ratin% s2ste& for de(elo'in% .e U.e 0EE# for Co&&ercial Interiors ratin% s2ste& >0EE#!CI?.e creation of .ier $or4'lace and i&'ro(e t.e U. #e(elo'ed b2 USG8C.e 'rocess define a ne$ 4ind of $or4'lace.e &easures Aura at t. affordable and en(iron&entall2 sound co&&ercial interiors. =e can onl2 desi%n and build use less 0EE# Gold certification. 0EE# >0eaders.el' tenants understand and ta4e full ad(anta%e of underta4en to 'ro(ides i&&ediate and &easurable results for buildin% o$ners and occu'ants.i%.S.e buildin%.e built en(iron& ele&ents co&bine to create a .is. In addition. de(elo'ers and tenants enablin% si%nificant benefits t. Green 8uildin% Council and 0EE# T.nolo%ies t.e .

oosin% to be a tenant in t. Pedestrians also . $ater$a2 sedi&entation and airborne dust %enera! tion.e use of &otor (e. 0EE#!CI. and 'reser(e . Tenants benefit fro& t. .e en(iron&ental i&'act fro& t. Sustainable Sites >SS? T.ese features in t.B: 8ase 8uildin% Certification at Aura at underta4en to ac. It $ill also 'ro(ide tenants $it.rou%.e local en(iron&ent in ter&s of loss of soil.e location of a buildin% on t.!'erfor&ance features of t.e buildin%.el' to reduce 'ollution caused b2 0EE# certification under t. e7istin% infrastructure to 'rotect %reenfields.e Ci(ic Center .icles.e site.e 0EE# reDuire&ents for ten basic co&&unit2 ser(ices. Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t. SS'1 Erosion and Sedi&entation Control Intent Reduce 'ollution fro& construction acti(ities b2 controllin% soil erosion.e .ad &ini&al ne%ati(e i&'act on t.el' tenants understand and ta4e full ad(anta%e of t.e construction 'rocess of t.e Sustainable Sites cate%or2 are 'redo&inantl2 base!buildin% res'onsibilities.e &easures t.e Ci(ic Center $ill earn si7 0EE#!CI 'oints t.e Ci(ic Center $ill earn fi(e 'oints for locatin% in a 0EE#!CS buildin%.eir o$n $or4'laces. 0EE#!CI No related 0EE#!CI credit. SSc" #e(elo'&ent #ensit2 and Co&&unit2 Connecti(it2. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefits Tenants benefit b2 4no$in% t.e Ci(ic Center is located on a 're(iousl2 de(elo'ed site. Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.i%. $it.a(e eas2 access to all co&&unit2 ser(ices.alf &ile of a dense residential Eone and $it. T. and to 'ro(ide %uidance to assist tenants in reinforcin% t. 0EE#! follo$ su&&ariEe t.e Aura at t. and localiEed air 'ollution.e 0EE#!CS buildin% .e Ci(ic Center T. SSc" #e(elo'&ent #ensit2 and Co&&unit2 Connecti(it2 Intent of 0EE# for Co&&ercial Interiors >0EE#!CI?.is is associated $it. It is intended to . s.ood and co&&unit2 ser(ices .o''in%.annel de(elo'&ent to urban areas $it.e close 'ro7i&it2 of t. %uidance and infor&ation on ac. A(oid de(elo'&ent of ina''ro'riate sites and reduce t.abitat and natural resources.e Ci(ic Center. and close 'edestrian access to &ore t. sedi&entation of local stor&!se$er s2ste& one! . SSc1 Site Selection Intent.e close 'ro7i&it2 of nu&erous ser(ices suc. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefits Aura at t.e Tenant Guidelines t.e 0EE# for Core and S. 0EE#!CI SSc1 Site Selection. T.ell >0EE#!CS? ratin% s2ste&.e 0EE#!CS buildin% at Aura at t. A tenant a''l2in% for 0EE# for Co&&ercial Interiors >0EE#!CI? certification auto&aticall2 %ains fi(e credits si&'l2 b2 c. as restaurants.

T.ere is no related 0EE#!CI credit. Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t. 0EE#! Roo&s >0EE#!CI SSc).e Ci(ic Center &a2 be able to earn t$o 'oints for 0EE#!CI SSc).1? Intent 0ocate 'roFect near 'ublic de(elo'&ent for 'ar4in%. SSc*.e road and to reduce land de(elo'&ent for 'ar4in%.e base buildin% &eet t.o$erin% facilities to encoura%e buildin% occu'ants to bi4e to t. 0EE#!CI T. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefits Aura at t.e nu&ber of (e. 'ollution and de(elo'& also reduces t.1 Alternati(e Trans'ortationXPublic Trans'ortation Access >0EE#!CI SSc).a(e been installed and are a(ailable for tenant use. A total of "11 bi4e rac4s and -5 s.e Ci(ic Center $as desi%ned $it.o$ers .an%in% Roo&s. Restorin% a site $it. T.e site.1 Alternati(e Trans'ortationXPublic Trans'ortation Access in t. an e&'.e con(enie nce of 'ublic transit access.icles Intent Encoura%e t. t.o$ers are onl2 to be used b2 tenant e&'lo2ees.icles on t.e 0EE#!CI ratin% s2ste&.e bi4e rac4s and s.o$erin% facilities for an esti&ated 5.e s. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit . Aura at t.ere is no related 0EE#!CI credit.e Ci(ic Center is located on a 're(iousl2 de(elo'ed site and restored o(er +.e a&ount of $ater needed for irri%ation.I of t.e Ci(ic Center $ill earn si7 'oints &eetin% t.e Ci(ic Center is located $it.o$ers 'ro(ided in t.1 Site #e(elo'&entXProtect or Restore Habitat Intent Conser(e nati(e .icles.abitat in an effort to 'ro&ote biodi(ersit2. 0EE#!CI T.e 'roFect site $it." Alternati(e Trans'ortationX8ic2cle Stora%e and C. 0ocatin% in close 'ro7i&it2 to &ulti'le bus lines is beneficial to tenants and t.e total 'ar4in% ca'acit2.e road and to reduce land Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefits Aura at t.e need to dri(e cars to t.e nu&ber of (e. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefits. 0EE#!CI 'roFects &ust 'ro(ide bi4e rac4s for +I of tenant occu'ants and s.e use of lo$!e&ittin% and fuel!efficient >0EABE? (e.e reDuired nu&bers for 2our tenant s'ace.icles on t.e credit reDuire&ents of SSc).in one!Duarter &ile $al4in% distance of t$o bus lines.ould (erif2 t.asis on sustainabilit2 and aest.1)I of t. nati(e and ada'ted (e%etation not onl2 encoura%es biodi(ersit2 but also reduces t."? Intent Include bi4e rac4s and s. SSc+.) Alternati(e Trans'ortationX0o$!E&ittin% and Buel!Efficient 6e.ereb2 reducin% en(iron&ental i&'acts associated $it." Alternati(e Trans'ortationX8ic2cle Stora%e and C.+I of BTE. SSc*.+I of full!ti&e eDui(alent >BTE? occu'ants.e Ci(ic Center 'ro(ided bi4e rac4s for an esti&ated )I of all buildin% users and 'ro(ided s. nati(e and ada'ted (e%etation. A total of 155 'referred 'ar4in% s'aces . . Aura at t. in an effort to reduce t.e landsca'e at Aura at t. 0EE#!CI.e Ci(ic Center 'ro(ided 'referred 'ar4in% s'aces for +. Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.a(e been 'ro(ided for 0EABE (e. trans'ortation to reduce t. t.eir (isitors because of t.SSc*.o$ers for 5.e site. Ho$e(er.icles and are a(ailable for tenants. Cou s.icles b2 'ro(idin% 'referred 'ar4in% s'aces for 0EABE (e.

e Ci(ic Center 'ro(ides tenants $it. Tenants $ill benefit fro& &ore efficient o'erations of t.e Guidelines .e (e%etated roof co(ers of )*.e Guidelines .eir tenant i&'ro(e&ent build!out.e sa&e nu&ber of 'ar4in% s'aces and island effects.e buildin%.el's i&'le&ent sustainable desi%n and constructions features in t. 82 'lacin% t. educates and ." Site #e(elo'&entXMa7i&iEe O'en S'ace Intent Pro(ide a .e a&ount of o'en s'ace reDuired b2 local Eonin% b2 o(er .e tenants in reduced ener%2 costs.e H6AC s2ste& in island effect.e Ci(ic Center increased bot.e Ci(ic Center to desi%n and i&'le&ent sustainable .ere tenants earn fi(e 'oints for locatin% in a 0EE#!CS buildin%. SSc. t.-1I.el' in coordinatin% 0EE#!CI and 0EE#!CS certifications. $.. and .eat island effect is co(ered under 0EE#!CI SSc1 Site Selection. $. . 0EE#!CI No related 0EE#!CI credit.e o(erall . Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefits Tenant #esi%n and Construction Guidelines >suc.e .e total roof area and reduces t." Heat Island EffectXRoof Intent Reduce . a descri'ti(e tool t.-. $.e ones 2ou are readin% no$? benefit t. and Dualit2 of life for buildin% occu'ants.alt reDuired for island effect is co(ered under 0EE#!CI SSc1 Site Selection.ere tenants earn fi(e 'oints for locatin% in a 0EE#!CS buildin%.e Ci(ic Center . SSc3 Tenant #esi%n and Construction Guidelines Intent Pro(ide tenants $it. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t.I of t. Birst. 0EE#!CI T.e Ci(ic Center is able to reduce 'laced at 155I of t.e &aForit2 of 'ar4in% s'aces under co(er in a stac4ed 'ar4in% %ara%e t.e .er&al %radient differences bet$een de(elo'ed and unde(elo'ed areas? to &ini&iEe i&'act on &icrocli& island effect >t.1 Heat Island EffectXNonroof Intent Reduce . 0EE#!CI T. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefits Aura at island effect. Increasin% t.erefore &ini&iEe local .e a&ount of (e%etated o'en s'ace at Aura at t.3.ealt. %reen buildin% interiors %radient differences bet$een de(elo'ed and unde(elo'ed areas? to &ini&iEe i&'act on &icrocli&ate.i%.e Aura at t.e a&ount of as'.e total 'ar4in% ca'acit2 under co(er in an effort to reduce t.e .e .abitat.ese %uidelines are a tool to enable tenants of SM Aura at $ill benefit t.abitat. T.e 0EE#!CS certified 'roFect for t$o i&'ortant reasons. T. and . added a&enities and 'ar4 s'ace. 0EE#!CI island effect >t. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefits Aura at t. SSc. t.e Ci(ic Center installed a (e%etated roof.u&an and $ildlife .ic.u&an and $ildlife . ratio of o'en s'ace to de(elo'&ent foot'rint to 'ro&ote biodi(ersit2. as t. is 'assed on to t.el' tenants desi%n and build sustainable interiors and ado't %reen buildin% 'racticesM second.SSc+.ere is no related 0EE#!CI credit.

urinals t. 82 e&'lo2in% si&ilar strate%ies for t.e burden on &unici'al $ater su''l2 and $aste$ater s2ste&s.. =ater Closets > tenants $ill be usin% and can ta4e ad(anta%e of in co&'liance $it.$as. lo$!flus.e core buildin%Hs 'lu&bin% fi7tures include lo$!flo$ la( 'rereDuisite addresses onl2 u' to 11 'oints for =Ec1 =ater Use Reduction $it.e 0EE#!CI ratin% s2ste&. lo$!flus.1 %'f? =aterless Urinals or Pint Blus.eir s'ace suc.ers >1. toilets and lo$! t.o$ers. =e encoura%e tenants to e&'lo2 $ater efficient fi7tures in ot. =as.e tenant . lo$!flo$ s.e o''ortunit2 to ac. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefits Aura at t. Goals for Tenant =ater Bi7tures 0o$ Blo$ =ater Closets >1. T.1"+ %'f? Ultra 0o$ Blo$ 0a(atories > installed lo$!flo$ la(atories. toilets and lo$!flus.+ =B>%allonsAft )Ac2cle?? .e "5I $ater use reduction 'rereDuisite. 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.) %'f? or #ual Blus.+ %'&? in 'antr2 la( su''ort t.o$ers. as installin% lo$ flo$ faucets >5. T.e Ci(ic Center .e reduction of $ater use.o$er Bi7tures >1.en and <anitorial Sin4s >1. 'rerinse s'ra2 (al(es and s. lo$!flo$ t. la(ator2 faucets. Aura at t.e tenantHs 'artici'ation in buildin%s to reduce t.eads.5 %'&? Ultra 0o$ Blo$ S.+ %'&? Ultra 0o$ Blo$ /itc. 0EE#!CI.=ater Efficienc2 >=E? =E'1 =ater Use ReductionX"5I Reduction and =Ec) =ater Use Reduction Intent Ma7i&iEe $ater efficienc2 $it..e Ci(ic Center $ill also need to &eet areas of >. Urinals >5.e Ci(ic Center installed base buildin% fi7tures to ac.e tenant s'ace.5 %allonsArac4? Co&&ercial Clot.%'f A 5. credit %uideline could furt. t.%'&? Co&&ercial #is.e 'rereDuisite of "5I $ater reduction for t.e 'roFect. urinals.o$er.

$.ere tenants earn fi(e 'oints for locatin% in a 0EE#!CS buildin%.nolo%ies and lo$!$ater consu&in% 'lantin%s.nolo%ies are co(ered under 0EE#!CI SSc1 Site Selection. Inno(ati(e $aste$ater tec. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t.e Ci(ic Center installed no turf %rass and drou%.e use of . =Ec" Inno(ati(e =aste$ater Tec. in addition to 'ro(idin% dri' irri%ation t.ere tenants earn fi(e 'oints for locatin% in a 0EE#!CS buildin%.rou%.t!resistant 'lants.e 'roFect is reusin% treated $aste$ater for all irri%ation needs. =ater!efficient landsca'in% is co(ered under 0EE#!CI SSc1 Site Selection.ese &easures . T.e $aste$ater to tertiar2 standards. t. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefits Aura at t.en reused for landsca'e irri%ation.e Ci(ic Center installed an onsite $aste$ater treat&ent 'lant t.a(e resulted in a 155I 'otable $ater use reduction for irri%ation. 0EE#!CI.=Ec1 =ater Efficient 0andsca'in% Intent Reduce $ater 'otable $ater consu&'tion for irri%ation t.e treated $aste$ater is t.e i&'act on &unici'al $aste$ater treat&ent 'lants. .nolo%ies Intent Reduce $aste$ater %eneration and &ini&iEe t. $.at treats 155I of t. 0EE#!CI.i%. T.!efficient tec.

contains CBC!based refri%erants.e oEone. R!*)1A.rou%.eric oEone de'letion. t.anced Co&&issionin% >0EE#!CI.A.e s2ste&s 'erfor& in accordance $it. Acce'table substitutes for CBCs for &e$ li%. R!-55a. R!*5.anced co&&issionin% >EAc"?. R!*5. EAc" Intent Bunda&ental To (erif2 fi(e 'oints if t.e base buildin% s2ste&s but $ill not be auto&aticall2 %uaranteed credit co&'liance. tenants can ac.a.ereb2 reduce t. THR!5). do&estic .is 'rocess . as $ell as reduce connected li%.A.t co&&ercial air conditionin% include a&&onia absor'tion. i&'ro(ed occu'ant 'roducti(it2 and (erification t. contained no C.e Ci(ic Center ener%2 si&ulation de&onstrated an i&'ro(e&ent of 1".e &ini&u& le(el of ener%2 efficienc2 for t. and R!*5.B . and install Ener%2 Star a''liances for at least +5I of eli%ible eDui'&ent. R*""C. t.e Ci(ic Center are reDuired to 'erfor& funda&ental co&&issionin% for t. calibrated and 'erfor& accordin% to t. R!*"*A.1!"55.eir ener%2!related s2ste&s. better buildin% docu&entation. R!*)*A.e Ci(ic Center installed ne$ H6AC s2ste&s $. R!+5. 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.ere >EA? EA'1 Bunda&ental Co&&issionin% and En.e Ci(ic Center 'erfor&ed $.e buildin%s i&'act on t. 0EE#!CI Mini&u& Ener%2 Perfor&ance of t. t. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t. EA'" Mini&u& Ener%2 Perfor&ance Intent To establis. basis of desi%n and construction docu&ents.e Ci(ic Center 'erfor&ed en. /##-. Additionall2.el'ed to assure all ener%2!related s2ste&s are o'eratin% as 'rereDuisite t.e &andator2 'ro(isions and 'rescri'ti(e reDuire&ents of ASHRAE t.C.tin% 'o$er densit2 b2 15I fro& ASHRAE 35. contain no CBC!based refri%erants or u'%radin% of e7istin% eDui'&ent $.tin% s2ste&s and controls and buildin% &ana%e&ent s2ste&. 8enefits of co&&issionin% include reduced ener%2 use.1!"55. Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.e 'roFectHs ener%2!related s2ste&s are installed.ole buildin% ener%2 si&ulation usin% ASHAE 35. R!+5.1!"55. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t.ic. A''endi7 G and .e desi%n 'rocess and e7ecute additional acti(ities after s2ste&s 'erfor&ance (erification is co&'leted. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t. R!*1.e o$nerHs 'roFect reDuire&ents. R!*5.e buildin% en(elo'e $as desi%ned to i&'ro(e ener%2 efficienc2 and reduce t.. e7cessi(e ener%2 use.e 'urc. Aura at t.e Ci(ic Center $ill benefit fro& t. T.e reDuire&ents for ener%2 'erfor&ance.e cost of ener%2 for t.e Ci(ic Center are reDuired to co&'l2 $it. includin% base buildin% H6AC s2ste& and controls.3I o(er ASHRAE 35.1! "55. R!"35.Ener%2 and At&os'.ot $ater s2ste&.e 0EE#!CI ratin% s2ste& EA'".anced To be%in t.ic.e o$nerHs 'roFect reDuire&ents.e tenant. Tenants occu'2in% s'ace in Aura at t. R!*). t. R!*""8. t.e ener%2 efficiencies of t. R!*5*A.e2 elect to 'erfor& en.A. core and lobb2 li%. En.e 'ro'osed buildin% and s2ste&s to reduce en(iron&ental and econo&ic i&'acts associated $it. R!1"+.e Ci(ic Center are reDuired to co&'l2 $it. reduced contractor callbac4s. EA') Bunda&ental Refri%erant Mana%e&ent Intent To reduce stratos'. lo$er o'eratin% costs..e entire buildin%.lorofluorocarbon >CBC?!based refri%erants $. T.anced co&&issionin% of all base buildin% ener%2 s2ste& t.anced Co&&issionin%? EAc) En. Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t. 0EE#!CI. RS!**.as &et t.ase of ne$ H6AC eDui'&ent $. t. e(a'orati(eAdessicant coolin%. R!*15A.ic.e co&&issionin% 'rocess earl2 in t.ese sa(in%s are 'assed on to t.. R!*"1A. t. HBC!1)*a.e tenant s'ace is a 'rereDuisite in t. R!*158.

ere is no related 0EE#!CI fluorescent. o Custo& o(er. .er t.e 'roFect. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t.ic. Reco&&endations for Tenant H6AC S2ste&s o Hi%. Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.* O'ti&iEe Ener%2 Perfor&ance ! EDui'&ent and A''liances. 0EE#!CI T.adin% on t.alo%en. $. as da2li%.1!"55. increased H6AC eDui'&ent efficiencies and a''ro'riate Eonin% and controls.eatin% o Electronicall2 Controlled Motors >ECM? in fan coils o sensors #e&and (entilation controls $ 1+ feet of $indo$s and under en. result in H6AC 'erfor&ance abo(e ASHRAE 35.ile &ini&iEin% direct contributions to cli&ate c..e Ci(ic Center can earn 'oints for furt. or 0E# la&'s rat.1!"55.t and occu'anc2 sensors can ac. 0EE#! %ain EAc1. &ini&iEe 'u&' . Points are ac.alide. EAc* En.1 O'ti&iEe Ener%2 Perfor&ance ! 0i%. T. SEER condensin% units L &ini&u& 1* SEER o Air source .an .t res'onsi(e controls in all re%ularl2 occu'ied s'aces $it.ese co&bined strate%ies $ill contribute to$ard $.ancin% ener%2 efficienc2. ProFects can ac.ree 'oints in and contribute to$ards increased ener%2 conser(ation. t. Selectin% ener%2!efficient eDui'&ent and a''liances.) O'ti&iEe Ener%2 Perfor&ance ! H6AC. ProFects t.ade $indo$s fro& . as Dualified b2 EPAHs Ener%2 Star Pro%ra&.er reductions in en(iron&ental and econo&ic i&'acts for t. lo$ oEone de'letion 'otential and &ini&al direct %lobal $ar&in% ' across different areas of ener%2 related s2ste&s as follo$s EAc1.e Montreal Protocol $.e Ci(ic Center selected refri%erants $it.ead u' to t. CO" EAc1.e 'rereDuisite standard and to reduce en(iron&ental and econo&ic i&'acts associated $it." O'ti&iEe Ener%2 Perfor&ance ! 0i%.e e&ission of co&'ounds t.tin% Controls o Install da2li%.ic.tin% 'o$er densit2 belo$ ASHRAE install reductions in li%. e7cessi(e ener%2 use.tin% &etal .tin% controls suc. can contribute to u' to * ' increasin% le(els of ener%2 'erfor&ance be2ond t.ts EAc1. T.EAc1 O'ti&iEe Ener%2 Perfor&ance Intent To ac. Reco&&endations for Tenant 0i%..tin% S2ste&s o #is'la2 li%.rou%.tin% u' to fi(e 'oints for furt. 'roFects are eli%ible for u' to 15 'oints.e e7teriorM to contribute to oEone de'letion and %lobal cli&ate c.itectural s. Reco&&endations for Tenant 0i%.anced Refri%erant Mana%e&ent Intent To reduce oEone de'letion and su''ort earl2 co&'liance $it.tin% Po$er.

e International Perfor&ance Measure&ent J 6erification Protocol. EAc.e buildin%.ree 'oints in 0EE#!CI >EAc) ! Measure&ent J 6erification?.as 'ro(ided t. Burt. 0EE#!CI EAc*.ours 'er sDuare foot of tenant s'ace.e base rent. .e base buildin% s2ste&s $ill be &ade s.e Ci(ic Center can earn 'oints b2 'ro(idin% on%oin% accountabilit2 and o'ti&iEation of t. 'ro(idin% )+I of t.Green Po$er >0EE#! ener%2 sa(in%s are not bein% ac.nolo%ies on a net!Eero 'ollution basis Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t. EAc*? Intent To encoura%e t. T.rou%.e base buildin%Hs electricit2 fro& rene$able sources.e ener%2 consu&ed in t.e de(elo'&ent and use of %rid!source.e tenant s'ace or for at least 1 4ilo$att . rene$able ener%2 en%a%ed in a t$o!2ear Green!e rene$able ener%2 contract.eir s'ace.e contract a&ount &ust be for at least +5I of t. 0EE#!CI. A tenant MJ6 'lan .e on%oin% accountabilit2 of buildin% ener%2 consu&'tion o(er ti& 1 2ear of 'ost construction occu'anc2 and correcti(e actions of t.e tenant and not included in t. See t. t.e tenant eli%ible for 'lan $ill be in effect for a 'eriod of not less t.e Ci(ic Center .ese &easures. t.e abilit2 to easil2 install sub!&eterin% de(ices $it.eir ener%2 and $ater consu&'tion o(er ti&e. 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.e Ci(ic Center .as been de(elo'ed to %uide tenants in t.EAc+ Measure&ent and 6erification >0EE#!CI.ould t.e Ci(ic Center can earn fi(e 'oints b2 en%a%in% in a "!2ear rene$able ener%2 contract t.e MJ6 'lan indicate t. Aura at t. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at Ci(ic Center . i&'le&ented a &easure&ent and (erification 'lan in accordance $it.e i&'le&entation of t. Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.e Aura at t. &a4in% t.e Ci(ic Center .e tenants a lease a%ree&ent in $.ic. EAc)? Intent To 'ro(ide for installed a centrall2 &onitored electronic &eterin% net$or4 ca'able of acco&&odatin% sub! &eterin% for tenants of t.e base buildin% central &onitorin% s2ste& allo$s tenants t.e tenant MJ6 'lan for &ore detail. O'tion # Calibrated Si&ulation of t. ener%2 costs are 'aid b2 t.

an easil2 accessible dedicated are for tenant rec2clin% >'a'er. and trans'ortation. of tenants related to 0EE#!CI.+I of t.e Ci(ic Center are encoura%ed to 'ursue a ten!2ear lease.+I of construction. de&olition. Aura at t. cardboard. Redirect reusable &aterials to a''ro'riate sites. Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.e en(iron&ental i&'acts &ateri! als.auled to and dis'osed of in landfills. Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t. corru%ated cardboard. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t.e reduction of $aste %enerated b2 buildin% occu'ants t.e base buildin% and tenant occu'ants.e Ci(ic Center can de(elo' and i&'le&ent t. To encoura%e c.e construction of t. reduce $aste and t.el' earn 0EE#!CI Mrc1.1.e en(iron&ental i&'act of ne$ construction b2 sal(a%in% &aterials. 'lastics and &etals. Tenants are stron%l2 encoura%ed to create a dedicated rec2clin% area on eac.1 Construction =aste Mana%e&ent.e &anufacturin% 'rocess.Materials and Resources >MR? MR'1 Stora%e and Collection of Rec2clables Intent Bacilitate t. 0EE#!CI. for t.e Ci(ic Center i&'le&ented a Construction =aste Mana%e&ent Plan t. and 'ac4a%in% debris. Ci(ic Center can resulted in di(ertin% . MRc1. &anufacturin%.e Ci(ic Center 'ro(ides a centrall2 located. 'lastics and &etals?.e buildin%. or sal(a%e )5I of t.e rec2clin% stora%e area is located at t. easil2 accessible area for rec2clin% of 'a'er. and b2 rec2clin% +5I or . floor to facilitate efficient sortin% and rec2clin% of $aste &aterials.e 'roFectHs construction and de&olition $aste fro& bein% dis'osed in landfills.1 Tenant S'aceX0on%!Ter& Co&&it&ent >0EE#!CI Onl2? Intent." Materials ReuseXBurniture and Burnis. T. reuse.e 8ase&ent 1 of t. Redirect rec2clable reco(ered resources bac4 to is a 'rereDuisite in >0EE#!CI Onl2? Intent To reduce t. #oin% so $ill . Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefits Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.e tenant s'ace. %lass.eir o$n construction $aste &ana%e&ent 'lan durin% t.e 0EE#!CI ratin% s2ste& >MR'1? and 0EE#!CI 'roFects $ill auto&aticall2 earn t. T.e furniture cost to earn an additional 0EE#!CI 'oint. 0EE#!CS. %lass.oices t. 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t. tenants can Dualif2 for u' to t$o 'oints for MRc". MRc).e Ci(ic Center are 'ro(ided $ ' conser(e resources. MRc" Construction =aste Mana%e&ent Intent #i(ert construction and de&olition debris fro& dis'osal in landfills and incinerators..eir total .at is .

ose &aterials are also e7tracted. and $. as structural in an on%oin% and sustainable fas. 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.e Ci(ic Center can s'ecif2 "5I of t. tenants earn an additional 'oint under MRc+.rou%.e use of a &ini&u& of "5I of buildin% &ateri! als >b2 cost? as rec2cled &aterials.! rec2cled content. and concrete to .in +55 &iles of incor'orate rec2cled content &aterials.e use of indi%enous resources and reducin% t. MRc+ Re%ional Materials Intent Increase de&and for buildin% &aterials and 'roducts t.e Ci(ic Center s'ecified t. MRc* Rec2cled .in%s to be &anufactured re%ionall2 >$it.e Ci(ic Center can s'ecif2 15IL"5I of &aterials to .ion. stra$board. %2'su& board. O'tion ".ereb2 su''ortin% t. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t. Consider s'ecif2in% 'roducts suc.e site?.a(e rec2cled or reco(ered fro& $it. t. eit. out of t. i&'acts Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t. .e co&bined (alue of construction &aterials and furnis.eatboard are all e7a&'les of ra'idl2 rene$able resources. MRc.e ' t. rubber. Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t. $. cor4.a(e .e use of a &ini&u& of "5I of buildin% &aterials >b2 cost? to be re%ionall2 e7tracted and &anufactured >$it.i%. $ool car' t$o 0EE# 'oints t.Ra'idl2 Rene$able Materials >0EE#!CI Onl2? Intent To reduce t.e Ci(ic Center are encoura%ed to s'ecif2 a &ini&u& of +I of t.e site? to earn a 0EE#!CI 'oint for MRc+ Re%ional fiber or ani&al.ereb2 reducin% resultin% fro& e7traction and 'rocessin% of (ir%in &aterials.e total a&ount of construction &aterials and furnis. Ra'idl2 rene$able &aterials are a%ricultural 'roducts. 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at +55 &iles of t. containin% 'ost!consu&er or 'ost!industrial rec2cled are e7tracted and &anufactured $it.e total (alue of all buildin% &aterials fro& ra'idl2 rene$able sources to earn a 0EE#!CI 'oint t. 8a&boo.e re%ion. .MRc* Rec2cled Content Intent Increase de&and for buildin% 'roducts t. t.a(e lon%!c2cles of %ro$t.e Ci(ic Center s'ecified t.e en(iron&ental i&'act of finite ra$ &aterials t.e en(iron&ental i&'acts resultin% fro& trans'ortation. If 15I of t.Ra'idl2 Rene$able Materials.e tenant can ac. 0EE#! +55 &iles of t. ta4e ten 2ears or less to %ro$ or raise and are t.en . MRc.

e buildin%. s&o4in% is not allo$ed $it.e entire buildin%.e &ini&u& rates reDuired b2 ASHRAE -".a(e been 'ro(ided on t. 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.e location of t. Si%na%e indicatin% t.e Ci(ic Center $ill auto&aticall2 co&'l2 $it. ot. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at contributin% to t. IE9'" En(iron&ental Tobacco S&o4e Control Intent To &ini&iEe e7'osure of buildin% occu'ants. Tenants are 'ro.rou%.e occu'ants.ibited s&o4in% inside b2 increased 'roducti(it2.ers $ill need to 'ro(ide (entilation in t. tenants &a2 need to 'ro(ide adeDuate (entilation for t.a(e 'ro(ided tenants $it.ibited fro& s&o4in% $it. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t. outdoor air inta4es and o'erable $indo$s. $ell! bein% and 'roducti(it2. and %oes be2ond t.e Ci(ic Center .eir s'ace b2 'ro(idin% increased (entilation for eac.e base buildin% s2ste&s . of ASHRAE Standard -". ASHRAE -". t.1!"55. . .ie(e one 'oint.ic. 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.e tenants benefit fro& t.e ASHRAE standard.e base buildin% H6AC s2ste& su''orts t.e abilit2 to ac. 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t. o$n s'aces.rou%. Eone. 0EE#!CI IE9c" Increased 6entilation. IE9c" Increased 6entilation Intent To 'ro(ide additional outdoor air (entilation to i&'ro(e indoor air Dualit2 >IA9? and 'ro&ote occu'ant co&fort. 6entilation for Acce'table Indoor Air 9ualit2 for t. a''ro'riate &ec.e tenant build! in% $ill auto&aticall2 co&'l2.e Ci(ic Center are reDuired to su''l2 &ini&u& le(els of (entilation t.eir s'aces to &eet 0EE#!CI IE9'1 Mini&u& Indoor Air 9ualit2 Perfor& desi%n b2 'ro(idin% at least "5 cubic feet 'er &inute of outside air 'er 'erson. are at least "+ feet a$a2 fro& buildin% entries.Indoor En(iron&ental 9ualit2 >IE9? IE9'1 Mini&u& Indoor Air 9ualit2 Perfor&ance Intent To establis.e Ci(ic Center can ac. t.e buildin% %rounds.e tenant s'ace.anical or natural (entilation desi%n t.e tenant s'aces. and 'ro. 0EE#!CI IE9'" En(iron&ental Tobacco S&o4e Control. for t.e 'rereDuisite to 'ro(ide )5I &ore (entilation t. based on standard occu'anc2 increased breat. &ini&u& indoor air Dualit2 >IA9? 'erfor&ance to "+ feet of entries.e base Eone outdoor air (entilation rates to all occu'ied s'aces b2 at least )5I abo(e t. due to t. co&'liance $it. outdoor air inta4es and o'erable $indo$s.e buildin% and 'rereDuisite.e base buildin% . #esi%nated s&o4in% areas . IE9c" Increased 6entilation $ 'ro(ided t. t. and (entilation air distribution s2ste&s to en(iron&ental tobacco s&o4e >ETS?.e abilit2 to easil2 facilitate increased (entilation $it. indoor surfaces.e buildin%Hs no s&o4in% 'olic2. t.e (entilation rates reDuired b2 reDuired b2 t. t.e co&fort and $ell!bein% of t.e Ci(ic Center .e base buildin%.1!" &et t. b2 'ro(idin% additional air (entilation t. #e'endin% on t. T.e reDuire&ents of Section * t.1!" "+ feet of all entrances $ill be 'ro(ided for t. t. T. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t.a(e been 'ro(ided desi%nated s&o4in% areas $.ie(e 0EE#!CI.ibited s&o4in% on t. So&e s'aces in t.e Ci(ic Center .e 'ro'ert2 fro& $it.ance indoor air Dualit2 in 'ro.

ar&ful to t.e a''licable 6OC li& one 'oint b2 'erfor&in% a buildin% flus. 0EE#!CI IE9c).e Ci(ic Center . t. IE9c*.er barrier for t.ealt.2 indoor en(iron&ent.ases for one 'oint.1 Construction IA9 Mana%e&ent PlanX#urin% Construction.ealt. t.esi(es and sealants installed $it.e $eat.1? Indoor Air 9ualit2 Mana%e&ent PlanX#urin% Construction >0EE#!CI.e co&fort and $ell! bein% of installers and occu' 'ro(ided a .as co&'lied $ barrier for t.e Ci(ic Center . 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.e tenant s'ace co&'l2 $it.e tenant s'ace. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t.e2 co&&ence occu'anc2 in t. Measures ta4en as 'art of t.e base buildin% . Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t. 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.2 indoor en(iron&ent for tenants as t. 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.esi(es J Sealants Intent To reduce one 'oint b2 ensurin% t.e2 co&&ence occu'anc2 in are odorous.e construction and 're!occu'anc2 '.in t. t.e IA9 'lan included enclosed s'ace (entilation. t.2 indoor en(iron&ent for tenants as t.e base buildin%. one 'oint b2 ensurin% to t." 0o$!E&ittin% MaterialsXPaints and Coatin%s Intent To reduce t.eir s' co&'lied $it.e Ci(ic Center &a2 ac. 'rotection of absor'ti(e &aterials fro& &oisture da& t. a&on% ot." Construction Indoor Air 9ualit2 Mana%e&ent PlanX8efore Occu'anc2 Intent To reduce indoor air Dualit2 >IA9? 'roble&s resultin% fro& construction or reno(ation to 'ro&ote t.eir s'ace.e co&fort and $ell! bein% of installers and occu'ants. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t. irritatin% andAor .e base buildin%. t.e co&fort and $ell!bein% of construction $or4ers and buildin% occu'ants.ealt. As a result. 'ro(ided a . re'lace&ent of filters 'rior to occu' all ad.e tenant s'ace to ensure a .e base buildin% .e Duantit2 of indoor air conta&inant t.2 indoor en(iron&ent for tenants as t.1 0o$!E&ittin% MaterialsXAd.e co&fort and $ell!bein% of construction $or4ers and buildin% occu'ants.ealt.e Ci(ic Center &a2 ac. for de(elo'in% and i&'le&entin% t.e Ci(ic Center . IE9c).e $eat.e a''licable (olatile or%anic co&'ound >6OC? reDuire&ents for all ad.e Ci(ic Center &a2 'ro(ided a . 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.e2 co&&ence occu'anc2 in t.IE9c) Construction IE9c).e Duantit2 of indoor air conta&inant t. irritatin% andAor . t.e tenant s'ace co&'l2 $ de(elo'ed and i&'le&ented an IA9 &ana%e&ent 'lan for t.e base buildin% . As a result.!out or air testin% t.e a''licable 6OC li&its.e base reDuire&ents.eir o$n IA9 &ana%e&ent 'lan for t. . IE9c*. Intent To reduce indoor air Dualit2 >IA9? 'roble&s resultin% fro& construction or reno(ation and 'ro&ote t.esi(es and sealants installed $it.e a''licable (olatile or%anic co&'ound >6OC? reDuire&ents for all 'aints and coatin%s installed $it. As a result.eir s' all 'aints and coatin%s installed $ are odorous.e Ci(ic Center &a2 ac.e construction and 'reoccu'anc2 '.ases of t.

) 0o$!E&ittin% MaterialsXBloorin% S2ste&s Intent To reduce t.tin% control for at least 35I of occu'ants of t.e abilit2 for tenants to co&'l2 $it.e base buildin%.e $eat. As a all s2ste&s furniture and seatin% installed $it.e Ci(ic Center &a2 ac.e a''licable standards for all floorin% s2ste&s installed $ one 'oint b2 ensurin% t. t.e Ci(ic Center $ill to t.e reDuire&ents of ASHRAE!++!"55*.e assess&ent of buildin% occu'antsH co&fort o(er ti&e. desi%ned and installed t.e H6AC s2ste& and buildin% en(elo'e to &eet t.2 indoor en(iron&ent for tenants as t.e Ci(ic Center can ac. 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.e base buildin% . IE9c.+ 0o$!E&ittin% MaterialsXS2ste&s Burniture and Seatin% >0EE#!CI Onl2? Intent To reduce t. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t. 0EE# CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.IE9c*.e Duantit2 of indoor air conta&inant t.tin% Intent To 'ro(ide a .e tenant s'ace and for all &ulti!occu'ant s'aces.e tenant s'ace co&'l2 $it. co&'lied $it. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t.u&idit2 le(els $it.1? Intent To 'ro(ide a co&fortable one 'oint b2 &eetin% t.e a''licable t..e Ci(ic Center &a2 one 'oint b2 de&onstratin% buildin% 'erfor&ance &eets t.e H6AC s2ste& &eets t.e2 co&&ence occu'anc2 in t.1 Controllabilit2 of S2ste&sX0i%. 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at barrier for IE9c.i%. t. classroo&s and conference areas? and 'ro&ote t. t. ASHRAE!++ reDuires t. IE9c*.e re%ulation of te&'erature and .s after occu'anc2 . irritatin% andAor .at 'ro&otes occu'ant 'roducti(it2 and $ell! all floorin% s2ste&s installed $it. irritatin% andAor . 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at one 'oint b2 ensurin% 'ro(ided a are en(iron&ent to t. t.e follo$in% reDuire&ents Ac.e Ci(ic Center &a2 ac. T.e Ci(ic Center .in t. 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t. IE9c. T.eir s'ace.eir tenant s'ace..e base co&fort sur(e2 of tenant s'ace occu'ants $ are odorous.e buildin% based on cli&ate Eone.e tenant s'ace co&'l2 $ t.e Duantit2 of indoor air conta&inant t.e desired co&fort criteria Conduct a one 'oint b2 'ro(idin% indi(idual li%.ealt.eir 'roducti(it2.e a''licable Co&fortX6erification >0EE#!CI Onl2? Intent To 'ro(ide for t.e co&fort and $ell! bein% of installers and occu' 'ro(ided Co&fortX#esi%n >0EE#!CI." T. co&fort and $ell!bein%. le(el of t.tin% s2ste& control b2 indi(idual occu'ants or %rou's in &ulti!occu'ant s'aces >e.e reDuire&ents of ASHRAE!++!"55* for t.e Ci(ic Center .e co&fort and $ell! bein% of installers and occu'ants.e base buildin% .e reDuire&ents of ASHRAE ++!"55* durin% build!out of t. t.1 Pro(ide a 'er&anent &onitorin% s2ste& and 'rocess for correcti(e action to ensure -!11 &ont.

e base buildin%.eir fit!out does not co&'ro&ise t.t in areas $.as ac.e (ie$s 'ro(ided b2 t. .e Ci(ic Center $ill ac.ould consider usin% an o'en 'lan. (ision %laEin% for at least 35I of re%ularl2 occu'ied areas.e outdoor en(iron&ent one 'oint b2 'ro(idin% direct (ie$s to t.e calculation of (ie$s for tenant s'aces $as done usin% a feasible tenant la2out 'er t.e outside are 'ossible. and %lass 'artitions around co&&on &eetin% areas.e introduction of da2li%.e default occu'anc2 counts. (ision %laEin% for at least 35I of re%ularl2 occu'ied areas.e buildin%. des4 'artitions less t. *": in .e re%ularl2 occu'ied areas of t. 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.ere (ie$s to t. Tenants s.e outdoors t. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefits Aura at t.rou%.rou%.rou%. T.e outdoor en(iron&ent t. a connection bet$een indoor s'aces and t.ei%." #a2li%.t and 6ie$sX6ie$s Intent To 'ro(ide occu'ants $it. To do so tenants &ust be sure direct (ie$s to t.e Ci(ic Center .t and (ie$s into t.

-1I o'en s'aces?. T. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t.e reDuire&ents set b2 0EE# and to de(elo' inno(ati(e ideas in %reen buildin% cate%ories not s'ecificall2 addressed b2 0EE#.nolo%ies >155I treat&ent of $aste$ater?.i%. it Dualifies for Pilot Credit ". I#c" 0EE# Accredited Professional Intent To su''ort and encoura%e t.e a''lication and certification 'rocess. creati(e desi%n and &ana%e&ent of t.e desi%n and &aterial s'ecifications for t.rou%.e Ci(ic Center are encoura%ed to ac.e o''ortunit2 to be a$arded 'oints for e7ce'tional 'erfor&ance abo(e t.e establis.Inno(ation in #esi%n >I#? I#c1 Inno(ation in #esi%n Intent To 'ro(ide desi%n tea&s and 'roFects t.e desi%n inte%ration reDuired b2 0EE# %reen buildin%s and to strea&line t.e desi%n tea& for t.e desi%n tea&.e base buildin% $ill 'ro(ide an ad(anced ener%2 &eterin% >under Pilot Credit ".e use of an ad(anced ener%2 &eterin%.e Ci(ic Center .ed t.e base buildin% and an2 tenant i&'ro(e&ents $ill . Tenants can ac.Ad(anced Meterin%?.e 0EE# Accredited Professional e7a&.3.e 0EE# I# cate%or2. • T.e &ini&u& desi%n criteria under Credit SS c+. all fi(e I# credits t.e Ci(ic Center are encoura%ed to include at least one 'rinci'al 'artici'ant on t.e use of 0EE#!AP as a res'onsible &e&ber of one 'oint for 0EE#!CI.rou%. • T.e base buildin% e7ceeds &ini&u& desi%n reDuire&ent under Credit =E c" Inno(ati(e =aste$ater Tec.e base buildin% $ill e&'lo2 t. 'ercenta%e >based on cost? of &aterials $ successfull2 co&'leted t.e follo$in% • T.e 'roFect tea&. 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t.e 'roFect $ill 'ro'erl2 address t.e 'roFect.ed sustainable desi%n criteria for t." Ma7i&iEe O'en S'ace >. Reconcile #esi%ned and Actual Ener%2 Perfor&ance 0EE#!CI Tenants atte&'tin% 0EE#!CI at Aura at t. Tenant O'erationalA En(iron&ental 8enefit Aura at t. • T.el' ensure fi(e 'oints in t. .e base buildin% e7ceeds t.e 'artici'ation of t$o 0EE# Accredited Professionals on t.o .as acco&'lis. $.eir built!out s' t. rec2cled content and re%ional content. Points .e buildin% $ill contain a . • 8ecause t.a(e been a$arded for t.e Ci(ic Center .at t.

or%A T.%bci. ".SUSTAINA80E #ESIGN RESOURCES T.e G8CI is a t. 0EE#user L $$$. USG8C also 'ro(ides education and Green 8uildin% Council >USG8C? L $$$.co& 0EE#user 'ro(ides 'ractical credit!b2!credit ad(ice for 'roFect tea&s $or4in% $it. GreenS'ec #irector2 L $$$.e 0EE# Ratin% S2ste&s. Green 8uildin% Certification Institute >G8CI? L .0EE#user.e follo$in% is a 'artial listin% of &aFor resources for sustainable desi%n and 0EE# 1.ird!'art2 certification entit2 t. ad(ocac2 related to %reen 'ro(ides re(ie$s of 0EE# 'roFects.S.e GreenS'ec director2 'ro(ides %reen 'roduct infor&ation and resources. .e standard!$ritin% bod2 for t.%reens' T. *.tt' AA$$$. ).or%USG8C is t.e 0EE# ratin% s2ste&.